Goblin Episode 4 Recap

He falls for her as we knew he would.

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 4 Recap

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) goes to the house (recall he’s leaving town the next day). She points to Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and says she sees the blade. The sword appears thrust through him! She points at the sword. She stares at him. He stares at her. He asks why she didn’t tell him that she could see it before. She was afraid of the consequences, but now she’s more comfortable being the Goblin Bride. Does he acknowledge her as the Goblin Bride? He does. He tells her to wait for him to get back with her about the next steps.

Amazed, Kim Shin rushes to tell the Grim Reaper Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) that Eun Tak is the Goblin Bride. He can die now. Wang Yeo asks if that makes Kim Shin happy or afraid. A little of both is his response. Wang Yeo offers to escort him when the time to die comes. The doorbell rings.

Kim Shin tells Eun Tak she needs to be patient. She explains that fate has brought them together. Fate has made her homeless. Can she live in their house? Surprisingly Wang Yeo is okay with this. Kim Shin says she can stay in the living room for now but she’s not to snoop.

goblin_ep4_10b goblin_ep4_10a
Kim Shin offers Eun Tak $5M as he slides the money envelope across the table. She refuses. She didn’t know everything then that she knows now. This house is perfect to raise children in. She suggests they have children and a happy life in this house. She asks if he wants her to be sexy, professional, or wise? She offers to switch it up. Kim Shin is taken aback. He thought she didn’t like him. Through her thoughts, she tells him he’s good looking. Kim Shin is taken aback when she tells him she knows he can hear her thoughts. Looks like he might be getting more than he bargained for! Kim Shin tells her he lied when he said he could hear her thoughts. She asks how he knew she was in trouble with the loan sharks. He thinks the birthmark on her neck altered him somehow. She’s not happy that she monitored her thought unnecessarily. She asks if she can unpack now. Kim Shin tells her to give him back the money and unpack.

Yoo Duk Hwa finds Eun Tak speaking with his Grandfather in her new room. He asks why she’s there. Grandfather tells Eun Tak that Duk Hwa will attend her needs. Duk Hwa starts to protest but Grandfather’s offer to activate a charge card, brings him on board. Cash is the great equalizer!

Eun Tak explore her suite with glee. As she lays on the bed she realizes that she’s alone in a large room and it frightens her.

Grandfather tells Duk Hwa that Eun Tak’s choices will impact the health of his credit cards. He doesn’t understand the connection between his credit cards and a high school girl.

Duk Hwa finds Kim Shin in a daze over all the recent happenings. He takes some pills to come him down. Duk Hwa is taken aback. Wang Yeo approaches in a daze muttering about crying after meeting a woman for the first time. Duk Hwa is taken aback.

Kim Shin is having a hard time accepting that he might die now. He has highs and lows are this. Wang Yeo listens and comments that Kim Shin wanted to die before. Irritated, Kim Shin orders Wang Yeo to tell Eun Tak to kill him immediately. Wang Yeo shakes his head at his emotional friend.

Kim Shin stares at the laminated leaf that Eun Tak gave him. It rains. Eun Tak watches the rain and deduces that Kim Shin is sad. She’s irked that learning that she’s his bride, he’s upset and crying. Duk Hwa arrives to drive her to school. A man watches them. Who is he? When the convertible pulls up in front of the school, Eun Tak is mortified. There’s no place to hide. Everyone is watching. The mean girls watch her slink out of the car and say her name. Duk Hwa, who didn’t know her name (this confused me but considering she was at the hotel not the house it must be so), now realizes who she is. He wonders if her Aunt’s punishment from his Uncle is done. Eun Tak doesn’t understand who Duk Hwa is referencing when he says Uncle.

goblin_ep4_20b goblin_ep4_20a
Eun Tak’s Aunt and her two cousins are at the jewelry store trying to sell the gold bars. The Aunt lies that she gold bars are her inheritance. The jeweler claims to need more equipment from the back of the store to make a better assessment. Next, we see the gold digging trio at the police accused of stealing. The Aunt claims she didn’t steal, she only took the bars from her niece’s drawer. Her son helpfully points out that’s a perfect description of stealing. But they can’t remember Eun Tak’s name or their house’s address. The police get frustrated, they get frustrated, it is satisfying!

Wang Yeo is bummed out about Sunny. They met, she flipped her hair, she pursed her lips, and he can’t get her out of his mind. Duk Hwa recommends pursuit. Wang Yeo returns to the bridge where he met her in hopes she’ll walk by again.

An old man in a hospital room dies. Kin Shin puts on a black suit. He tells Wang Yeo he may need his help tonight.

Eun Tak returns to her hotel suite. It’s lonely. She goes to Kim Shin’s house. She pounds on the door. No one answers. She can’t believe he’s ignoring her. Where is he, she wonders.

goblin_ep4_30b goblin_ep4_30a
Kim Shin is at the tea room. An old man morphs into a young man and enters the room. Ah it’s the young man he saved in Paris. Kim Shin tells the boy that he made his life a successful one. The boy explains that he wanted to help others as Kim Shin helped him. Kim Shin smiles and says he was a rare person. Most people he helped wanted his support again, greedy for another miracle. The boy asks where he goes now. Kim Shin tells the boy to go through the door again. The afterlife is a U turn. The boy stops at the door, morphs back into the old man, opens the door, and walks up a long line steps into heaven. Wang Yeo walks into the tea room. He asks Kim Shin why he did this. Kim Shin says it was the right and respectful thing to do for this man. He thanks Wang Yeo for his support. That was a strangely sweet scene, that encapsulated the concept of pay it forward. The friendship and support that Wang Yeo provided and Kim Shin asked for was nice to see.

Kim Shin is summoned by Eun Tak. She’s not happy. He avoided her when she couldn’t see the sword. He’s avoiding her when she can see the sword. He wasn’t at his house. He doesn’t have a job. Where was he? That is an impressive array of candles. The prop department must have fun lighting them all. Kim Shin gives a vague answer which does not satisfy Eun Tak. When she sees that he won’t answer her questions, she agrees to eat with him. Her cravings put them in a convenience store. Oh my, he’s drunk. She can’t believe he’s wobbly on only two beers. As they walk back to the hotel she wonders if he likes her. He says not. She sagely notes that a no from him isn’t always the truth. She asks what his effect on weather is when he’s happy. He doesn’t reply. She asks if there have been other Goblin Brides. He tells her she’s the first and the last. I imagine she’ll be horrified once she learns he will die because of her. He tells her that he can’t remove the sword, but she will be able to. He lies that once she does, he’ll become handsome. She relays the frog prince fairy tale. She says she’ll pull out the sword next time. He laughs and says he must be crazy for laughing in this moment. She suggests she remove the sword on the first snowfall of the season. They smile in concurrence. It’s laughable the lame excuse that once the sword is removed, Kim Shin becomes handsome. He already is and can’t get much better. I loved the bittersweet wistfulness that Gong Yoo showed in that moment. Kim Shin longs to end his immorality but he doesn’t want to leave the sweet Eun Tak.

The next day Eun Tak sees the cherry blossoms blooming. Duk Hwa tells a hung-over Kim Shin that though it’s autumn, it’s acting like spring out there. Kim Shun believes it wasn’t the alcohol but the anxiety medicine he took.

Duk Hwa and Kim Shin sit at a table in a coffee shop. Wang Yeo is there (to watch his dramas, ha!) but Duk Hwa can’t see him. They eat their hangover soup. Kim Shin asks Duk Hwa is he bought him snacks last night. That’s interesting. Does Kim Shin really not remember last night? Duk Hwa not being able to see Wang Yeo makes sense. I love the different plains of existence in this story. LOL, when everyone in the store reacts to a huge reveal on the show! Outside the coffee shop, Kim Shin has a flashback to being with Eun Tak last night. He can’t believe he spilled the beans about her pulling the sword out of him. Wang Yeo chuckles and leaves.

goblin_ep4_45b goblin_ep4_45a
Sunny/Kim Sun (Yoo In Na) can’t believe that Wang Yeo hasn’t called her. She returns to the bridge in hopes that he’ll come. Wang Yeo walks and sees visions of Sunny. It freaks him out. At the eatery, she waits hoping that he’ll come. Eun Tak is sympathetic. I imagine she’ll be shocked once she learns the man Sunny pines after is the Grim Reaper.

Eun Tak stares that the business card Duk Hwa’s Grandfather gave her. She recalls that Kim Shin’s grave does not have the date he died marked on the gravestone. The mean girl’s leader snatches the business card. As she taunts Eun Tak about all the men in her life (implying she’s a prostitute) the business card morphs into a cigarette. Eun Tak stares in surprise. The teacher comes up surprised that the mean girl boldly hold a cigarette in class. Once the mean girl sees the cigarette she claims it isn’t hers. She claims it belongs to Eun Tak. Another student pipes up and says that Eun Tak doesn’t smoke. The mean girl is sent to the office. The ghost quartet watch and laugh. Eun Tak gives them a small wave.

After school the ghost quartet walk with Eun Tak thrilled to have taken down such an unpleasant girl. Kim Shin drives up to give Eun Tak a ride. Goodness, Gong Yoo looks yummy in his cashmere coat and shades!

As they drive, Kim Shin asks if he did anything weird yesterday when he was drunk. She’s surprised he can’t remember. She explains she likes to eat together as part of being together. He drives her to Canada! Sign me up for one of those cars, stat! He says he wants to repay her for the gift of the maple leaf. She asks if this is their honeymoon. He takes her to a fancy restaurant. He asks her what the hilt of the sword looks like. She realizes he doubts her ability to see the sword. That’s okay, I doubt it too. Eun Tak says there’s a tiger on the hilt of the sword. Eun Tak notes that none of the research mentioned a sword stuck in him. She asks how it got there. He says someone he never suspected put it there. Not wanting him to relay a difficult story while they eat, she switches subjects and asks how old he is. 939 is his age. She tells him that it must be great to live forever. He asks if she’ll like it. Eun Tak says with him by her side, living long will be good. He stares at her knowing they won’t be living a long life together.

goblin_ep4_54c goblin_ep4_54b
Outside Kim Shin tells Eun Tak that love doesn’t last forever. She recites the facts she knows about him – bad temper, likes dark places, etc. He tells her no one if forcing her to be the Goblin Bride. Eun Tak notes that it feels like that he’s secretly hoping she won’t go through with being his bride. She chases him a bit saying she’ll remove the sword. He’s not ready for that and scampers out of her reach. He makes a sword appear from a fountain of water amazing her. Kim Shin has to smile at her gob smacked reaction. He flicks water on her. When she tries to do the same he pops to a spot out of her reach. She wonders if she’ll get special powers once she becomes his bride. She tells him to stay put because she’s got an errand to run. As she scampers off, he smiles. He’s happy. It’s been so long. But will it be fleeting happiness?

Eun Tak writes a note and puts it in a mailbox asking the mailbox to deliver this for her.

Kim Shin reads until he hears her call for him. She loves the bit of magic he does for her as she crosses the sidewalk.

He stares at her and thinks “an object doesn’t have to be large to have great mass. That girl, tiny as a violet, drifts in the sky like petals of a flower. She draws me to her with a force greater than gravity. In a single moment, I fell for her.”

goblin_ep4_100a goblin_ep4_100b
Eun Tak rushes to him thrilled. He stares at her intently. He thinks “my heart bounced from the heavens to the earth in a pendulum motion. Such was the moment I’d first fallen in love.”

My thoughts

Love finds Kim Shin. He falls her as we knew he would. It was clear that her sweet sunny disposition would warm his heart. She found out that waiting wasn’t her favorite thing to do. Wang Yeo and Sunny can’t get each other out of their heads. All in all, this episode felt a bit more disjointed, but my opinion could be due to the fact that I’m watching this late at night.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) falls for his bride. One of the best moments of love, is the initial tumble. That’s why we love watching romance, the rush we all get watching love happen. The adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin surge in the attraction stage is like a drug that we as viewers get to experience vicariously watching these shows. Kim Shin has not loved another woman for a long time. He hesitated to do so. But in the end, he couldn’t fight it. Eun Tak won him over. Now the stage is set. He loves her. She’ll have to kill him. He wants to die to be released from the chains of immortality but he’ll want to stay with her too. With the rules of this world at play, he won’t be able to have his cake and eat it too.

The bromance focused on support. Kim Shin went to Wang Yeo with joy and terror once he realized Eun Tak could see the sword. Wang Yeo had a surface blasé reaction but knew this was indeed the answer to Kim Shin’s quest. He went with Kim Shin to the tea room allowing him to guide his friend to the other side. These two snip at each other in a way that only long standing friends can. I love their interactions even though I cannot do them justice in these recaps.

Wang Yeo and Sunny are intrigued and want to meet again. The more Wang Yeo is fleshed out the more I want to see him in a relationship too. Sunny is more of an enigma at this point. I look forward to learning more.

Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) didn’t like waiting for Kim Sin. Her initial joy at living in the luxurious hotel sweet vanished when Kim Shin didn’t contact her. She assumed being the Goblin Bride meant she’d be with him. But he had things to do and she found out patiently waiting for him wasn’t in her repertoire. She playfully jokes with him about removing the sword, not knowing that once she does, that will be the trigger for Kim Shin to die. Kim Go Eun is like a breath of fresh air on screen.

The third song of the OST “Hush” by Lasse Lindh is below:


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9 comments on “Goblin Episode 4 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    Another well done episode. I agree on it feeling a bit off, but it’s nit picky things for me.

    Again their outfits are amazing. They are doing a great job with each character.

    You asked who the guy watching Eun Tak and Duk Hwa was. I think he’s the secretary of the chairman who was talking with him in the last episode. Probably making sure he’s following directions.

    Honestly, I’m still on the fence whether she sees the sword or not. The part that believes her thinks that she first thought he was a ghost. If she saw him walking down the street with a sword in his chest, she would think he’s dead. The part that doesn’t believe her goes back to that female ghost quartet. They seem to be meddling with Eun Tak, and she’s been relying on their information a lot.

    Next episode seems to answer that from the previews. She’ll either admit she can’t see the sword, or not be able to move it yet. I would think she would have to love him back for her to be able to remove it.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with your thought that the ghosts posse may have given her intel on the sword. I don’t think she can see it. As I don’t watch previews, if we get the answer next week, that’s good.

      Makes sense that Grandpa’s guy was the one watching.

      The costume person is excellent. All facets of production make this an aesthetically pleasing show.

      Glad I wasn’t the only one that felt the episode not quite as slippery smooth as the other three. As I stated, I watched this quite late at night and I was tired. Not always the best position to accurately judge an episode, but it couldn’t be helped.

  2. raistlin0903 says:

    I honestly can’t remember a time that I had to laugh so hard about a scene in a Korean dramaseries, as the scene outside the coffeeshop. Kim Shin shouting at the invisible Grim Reaper, just as someone walks by, it was priceless. The look on the face of the pedestrian was seriously funny. I have absolutely and completely fallen in love with this show. I am glad I have broken my regular pattern of only watching shows when they have finished, but now I have to keep waiting for the next episode…just like everyone else lol 😂😂 Great overview as always!

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    AUNTIE STANK ET AL – I ❤ how the Goblin put gold in Eun Tak’s drawer and let the nature of this greedy trio takes its course, which ended them up in the police station. Imagine my best Nelson (from the Simpsons) voice saying “Ha Ha!” Although I do wonder if the trio's memory issues might be courtesy of the Goblin.

    I also ❤ Eun Tak’s ghost posse punishing the bully at school. See, Eun Tak is not alone, she has Duk Hwa, the chairman along with the ghost posse and gods looking out for her!

    QUIRKY COUPLE – Wang Yeo and Sunny just couldn’t see to get together this episode despite their yearning for each other. The scene where Wang Yeo saw Sunny’s face on all the women he was around cracked me up! It seems like granny turned vamp put a spell on them either with the blinding flash of the mirror last episode or maybe with the ring itself.

    THE GOBLIN’S BRIDE –I wasn’t sure if Kim Shin was reading poetry in the last scene or if he was using his own words to describe how he was falling for Eun Tak—it was so sweet and I could feel the love! I still question if Eun Tak really sees the sword. Since she described the sword’s hilt, it makes me inclined to think that maybe she does…if not, is it the lady ghost posse feeding her the information?

    Kim Shin is beginning to struggle with the dichotomy of wanting to be released from immortality but will want to stay with Eun Tak. @KJT put it very aptly with “the rules of this world at play, he won’t be able to have his cake and eat it too.”

    Oh … Eun Tak is not going to be a happy camper when she finds out the consequences of removing the sword from Kim Shin. It is cruel to ask her to do such a thing to the man she is falling in love with.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I like how the ancillary characters, Eun Tak greedy relatives, the ghost posse, etc. are being fleshed out a bit more.

      Can Eun Tak see the sword? I dtill lean towards no. She wants to. He wants her to be able to.

      Sunny and the Grim Reaper interest me. I am ready for more of their story.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yup, I have doubts she can actually see the sword. Both Eun Tak and Kim Shin want it to be true. The preview looked like we might get clarity with the next episode.

        I’m ready for a Grim-Sunny day–enough of them missing each other, it is time for them to make a connection.

  4. Holly Moon says:

    Gong Yoo manages to have a tragic face, without it being an alarming face. And even when he is smiling, there is a touch of tragedy about this face. This adds tremendously to the character he is portraying here.

    I Love that look. I Love the character. I Love the interaction between the two male leads, and between the two love couples as it has been playing out.

    Lee Dong Wook also is extremely watchable in his role. The banter is entirely believable. His reaction to Sunny is so in character for the character he is building here. A cool twist in the story that ensures his character is not just a leaden one. I mean really, the gathering of dead souls could definitely be a drag on a character.

    Great job by the writer! And well directed.

    Altogether a very satisfying drama by TVN.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with you. As you noted, the characters are watchable. one of the strengths of this writer is appealing secondary leads. It takes a bit of time to get them going but they add depth and interest. You said it would not take long to catch up and you were right!

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