Goblin Episode 3 Recap

They can’t stop thinking about each other. Do they do anything about it?

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God  Episode 3 Recap


The loan sharks have kidnapped Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) to force her to reveal the bank book which her debt-ridden aunt claims has life insurance money from Eun Tak’s deceased mother. Eun Tak denies having the bank book but the loan sharks don’t believe her and it looks like it may escalate to violence. A voiceover says call out and maybe a soft-hearted god will hear your pleas. The car comes to a stop. The street lights turn like dominos. Two gods, the Goblin/ Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and the Grim Reaper Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook), stride towards the car. They don’t look soft hearted. They look determined. The loan sharks should get a solid reprimand. Eun Tak stares in surprise. Loving the choral background music!
The loan sharks wonder if the two men are “Men in Black”. The loan sharks start driving towards the men. The car is literally split in half! Classical music overlays the crazy scene of the two divided parts of the car. One side has Eun Tak and the other has the loan shark. She doesn’t know what is happening and cries her terror. When the car comes to stop, the Wang Yeo stands casually by the car but Eun Tak is scared of him too (most people probably aren’t comfortable with the Grim Reaper). Kin Shin drops his blue powered massive sword (that thing screams masculine power) and walks towards his woman. He opens her car door and tells her to exit. She grabs her stuff, takes his offered hand, and stumbles out of the car. Kim Shin holds her upright and asks if she’s hurt. The searching look he gave her – mini swoon! Bored, Wang Yeo walks away and the car falls over! Eun Tak buries her head in Kim Shin’s chest. She gets a grip and manages to ask how he’s concerned about her when he just cut a car in two. Kim Shin takes Eun Tak’s precious red scarf and wraps it around her. He tells her to wait. She runs after him and asks if he’ll kill the loan sharks. Kim Shin says he won’t. She doesn’t believe him and notes the Grim Reaper isn’t there to save her. Wang Yeo says that saving is more in Kim Shin’s realm. Kim Shin tells Eun Tak he’ll show the loan sharks his anger and make them wish they were dead, but he won’t kill them.

The loan shark are stuck in the tipped car. Kim Shin approaches and tells them for 2 days they will not be found. Then the police will find them. He tells the loan sharks they are lucky he’s doling out the punishment. He walks away. Wang Yeo (looking fierce) tells the loan sharks they won’t remember anything but that they were fighting. He adds they’ll never reconcile for the remainder of their days.

goblin_ep3_8b goblin_ep3_8a

As they walk down the road, Eun Tak asks why they didn’t bring a car. Kim Shin says as gods, they don’t use cars. Love Wang Yeo’s confirming nod. Eun Tak asks if she’s dead. She asks if she’s a live prisoner. She asks if they will kill her. Disgusted, Wang Yeo looks at Kim Shin and thinks “when is she going to thank us for saving her?” Ha! Good question. Kim Shin thinks that Eun Tak is young and still upset. Eun Tak doesn’t understand why the Grim Reaper came to save her. Wang Yeo is irritated and thinks again that she should thank them. Kim Shin snaps out loud for him to be quiet. Eun Tak thinks Kim Shin yelled at her. She yells that no cars are on this road. Wang Yeo thinks no cars will be on the road for 2 days. Kim Shin thinks that he should be quiet. Ha! The bromance between our gods is wonderful!

Later Kim Shin explains the he knew she was in trouble when he heard her pleas. She’s surprised because she thought that but did not say it out loud. Kim Shin says she thinks loudly. Ha! She says that the Grim Reaper was right, she should not be alive. She knows he saved her mother 19 years ago. She was pregnant? I thought she died when Eun Tak was 8 years old. Eun Tak declares she knows she’s not his bride. She claims not to be angry at him. He doesn’t believe her. Eun Tak hopes that he finds a pretty girl that can see the real him to be his bride. She stands to leave. He tries to convince her to stay and share the meal. She won’t. He comments that he knew she was still mad at him. Ha!

Duk Hwa reports on Eun Tak’s mean aunt and cousins. He says the whole neighborhood knows that Eun Tak is not treated kindly in that house. Duk Hwa asks why he wanted the information. To punish them. Two gold bars appear on the table. Duk Hwa tells him this isn’t the way to punish money obsessed people. He whines to his Uncle that he’d like to be punished with gold bars too. Ha!

goblin_ep3_14b goblin_ep3_14c

The aunt is tired of waiting for an update from the loan sharks. She rifles through Eun Tak’s belongings. She’s stunned when she finds two gold bars. Her children run in the bedroom. They all touch the gold reverently. Immediately they become suspicious that one of them will try and steal it. They try and stay awake. In the morning, mother and son wake to find the daughter gone. They race to find her.

Kim Shin observes them dash into a taxi. Duk Hwa tells his grandfather he’s taking good care of “my lord”. Kim Shin stares at the TV screen. He remembers protecting a young 17-year-old King. He recalls the hatred he felt due to his personal pain. It’s been so long, he wonders if the hatred was towards himself or the King.


At home Kim Shin shows Wang Yeo and Duk Hwa the current incarnation of his 1000-year-old grudge.  Wang Yeo doesn’t believe him. Kim Shin asks him if it’s wonderful not remembering anything about his past. Someone mentioned Wang Yeo’s memory wipe but I didn’t realize that until now. Wang Yeo counters that he’d know if he touched him. Duk Hwa wants to know what happens when Wang Yeo touches someone. Both men ignore him. Ha! Duk Hwa is like the yappy dog you tune out. Wang Yeo gets up to leave. Kim Shin watches the kpop groups perform on TV.


Wang Yeo meets other Grim Reapers (some in training) at a local hospital. He’s careful not to touch any humans as he walks through the halls. A young Grim Reaper asks Wang Yeo why he never checks his “ReaperMail”. Ha! They spot “her”. It’s perky Reaper Kim. Holy Smokes! I’m loving this alternative reality that exists among humans but we don’t know it.

Wang Yeo reads off his card and tells a young doctor his time has come and that he died from overworking. The young doctor is stunned and watching his body rolled by on a gurney with his coworkers weeping around him. Wang Yeo tells the young doctor the last patient he worked on lived.

Product placement with Subway is never seamless.
As Wang Yeo eats he stares at information.

Eun Tak rides her bike and sees banners for the “Legend of the Goblin” exhibit. Then she sees the goblin toy store, goblin bus, etc. you get the idea. Goblin is everywhere, she can’t escape it.

The next morning Eun Tak tears up thinking about moments with Kim Shin. Meanwhile Kim Shin is feeling melancholy too. They both think about each other and miss the other. Lovely camera work on that scene. Gong Yoo looks so handsome in that scene. Eun Tak tells herself it doesn’t matter what Kim Shin does. We know she doesn’t mean that.

goblin_ep3_26a goblin_ep3_26b

She returns to the book store to retrieve the laminated leaf she put in one of the books on goblins she was reading. But the book isn’t there. She wonders if someone bought it. Duk Hwa is at the counter trying to return the book saying it was someone’s memories in it. Eun Tak sees her leaf in his open book. She interrupts and says she’ll buy the book. Duk Hwa asks if the leaf is hers. She says it is. He asks her to prove it by naming the neighborhood she found the life. She starts to say Quebec but stops herself saying he wouldn’t recognize the neighborhood’s name. He tells her that’s the correct response and returns the life. She thanks him. She asks why he bought the book. He tells her he knows a goblin. That surprises her. Reluctantly she pays him. He snatches the money with relish.


Duk Hwa’s Grandfather stops by the house and is surprised to see Wang Yeo who he assumes is a house guest. When Kim Shin walks out of his bedroom, Wang Yeo forces himself to admit that he’s a friend of Kim Shin. Ha! Duk Hwa tells Grandfather that Kim Shin’s friend stopped by to say goodbye. Wang Yeo waves goodbye to Kim Shin and offers multiple snarky comments. Kim Shin waves goodbye quipping that they aren’t close friends anyhow. Ha! Duk Hwa tells Kim Shin they are good friends. Kim Shin tells Duk Hwa he can leave too. He waves goodbye. Ha! Duk Hwa and Wang Yeo sit on the front porch, bummed they were both kicked out of the house. Kim Shin Invites Want Yeo back into the house after saying “1 to 0” which seems to irk Wang Yeo. Duk Hwa is not happy that Kim Shin blabbed to his Grandfather about him. Kim Shin says it serves him right for renting his home out for underneath him. He’s got a point! Kim Shin is startled when he finds writing on his pajamas that says “Wang Yeo 1 to 1”. He yells to Wang Yeo that he’s sorry and asks him to clean this up. I don’t know exactly what’s going on but I love bromance!

Kim Sun (Yoo In Na) asks Eun Tak if she’s sleeping at the store. Eun Tak admits it. She asks how Kim Sun knew. Kim Sun shows her a toothbrush and a note that Eun Tak wrote admitting she was sleeping at the store. LOL, the multiple notes that we see Eun Tak write and discard. Kim Sun gives the weekly salary to Eun Tak. She asks Eun Tak to bath at a bathhouse while she’s sleeping there. Eun Tak thanks her. Kim Sun points out she need not be grateful for the money she’s owed for working. Eun Tak says she’s thanking Kim Sun for her cool kindness not the money. Nice!


goblin_ep3_34a goblin_ep3_34b

Neither Eun Tak or Kim Shin can get the other out of their thoughts. Eun Tak is distracted and inadvertently burns the squid she’s cooking for Kim Sun. When she blows it out, she realizes she’s summoning Kim Shin and tries to rescind the call. But Kim Shin has been waiting for her to call and appears before her. She explains she didn’t mean to call him. They bicker. Finally, she asks what is that she’s supposed to be able to see so she can marry him. They bicker. He invites her to eat with him, then rescinds the offer. She accepts. Cute!

They eat and go for a fruit drink after. Wang Yeo shows up startling Eun Tak who hides behind Kim Shin. As they drink their drinks, Eun Tak worries that she’s going to die soon, that’s why Wang Yeo is there. Wang Yeo assures her that he’s on her side. He thinks and stares at her “you will see the sword. You will pull the sword out.” But she doesn’t hear him. Wang Yeo has a prior engagement and leaves. Eun Tak relaxes impressed that Wang Yeo just came for a drink. She asks what they were murmuring about. Kim Shin says that will stay between the two gods. She declares that Wang Yeo is handsome which irks Kim Shin. She spies another man in the shop she declares is handsome. When the man gets up to leave, an attractive woman enters the shop. Kim Shin uses magic to make them get tangled together multiple ways until the attraction between them hits them. Eun Tak loves it!

Kim Shin says that he knew that man in a former life and knew that woman was someone the man had to meet. Eun Tak wants to know about the man’s former life. Kim Shin explains the man was evil and robbed his farmers. Eun Tak is taken aback that he’d help someone evil. Kim Shin explains he’s actually helping the man and woman’s significant others. He says the man is a lying coward and the woman is vain and ungrateful. He says they’ll become each other’s living hell on earth. Eun Tak is impressed.

Eun Tak wonders if she did something wrong in a past life so she was born as the Goblin’s Bride. Kim Shin says the past doesn’t matter because she’s not the Goblin’s Bride. He asks if she can see it or not. She sidesteps once again. She leaves. He stares after her. There’s hunger in his gaze. He’s a beautiful man, not a boy, but a man. She turns and stares at him. They stare at each other. I could watch Goon Yoo all day! The cinematographer has crafted some lovely transitions between scenes.

Duk Hwa muses that maybe one day he’ll become a grim reaper too. Unthinkingly Kim Shin tells him grim reapers have a huge past sin that qualifies them to become grim reapers. Kim Shin wants to know how Duk Hwa knows that Wang Yeo is a grim reaper. Duk Hwa chides Kim Shin that it’s too late to ask that question. He reminds Kim Shin that he and Wang Yeo discussed that he was the grim reaper right in front of him. He describes Wang Yeo’s pale face, dark clothes, and is startled to see Wang Yeo staring at him. Duk Hwa beats a hasty retreat. Ha! But Wang Yeo gets in front of him and wants to know how he knows he’s a grim reaper. Duk Hwa tells both gods they don’t do a good job hiding their abilities. Wang Yeo points at Kim Shin and calls him a blabbermouth that talks about people behind their back. Kim Shin counters that Wang Yeo could have been a murderer in his past life. Low blow! Wang Yeo is taken aback. He can’t remember, so he can’t counter. He strides away, his feelings hurt.

Later Wang Yeo ponders what his past sin might be. Kim Shin apologizes. Wang Yeo asks him if he knows about his past sin. Kim Shin is clear – he doesn’t care about Wang Yeo’s past actions. Kim Shin says he’d hate Wang Yeo no matter what. That makes Wang Yeo laugh. He gets control of himself. It’s wonderful to see joy on Wang Yeo’s face. I love their interactions!

Duk Hwa tells Grandfather he’s surprised Wang Yeo and Kim Shin get along so well. Grandfather says one can’t remember his past and one can’t forget his past. For that reason, they don’t want to depend on each other. LOL, Grandfather does old school punishment of Duk Hwa who pouts.

Duk Hwa tells Grandfather’s assistant that he plans to sell the eatery he owns (which happens to be the one Kim Sun runs) to make money. Grandfather’s assistant tells him someone owns and operates the store so he can’t sell it. Duk Hwa begs for a new credit card. The stare tells Duk Hwa the answer is no.


Kim Shin joins Wang Yeo while he shops. He doubts Wang Yeo around Eun Tak. Wang Yeo assures him he hopes that Eun Tak is the Goblin’s Bride because that means that Kim Shin would disappear forever from the planet. Kim Shin asks Wang Yeo to promise that he’ll leave Eun Tak alone if she is able to free him from his immortality curse. Wang Yeo is surprised. He asks if Kim Shin is leaving the house. Kim Shin assures Wang Yeo that he’ll come back to the house if he bothers Eun Tak. Wang Yeo wants to know when Kim Shin will leave. He promises to leave the day after tomorrow. As Kim Shin exits the grocery he’s whisked via a portal to Eun Tak’s house. She’s startled to find him and pulls him to the street. She wants to know if anyone saw him. Kim Shin is unconcerned. She wants to know why he’s there. Kim Shin admits to thinking about her and appearing. She wants to know why he’s thinking about her. She’s not his bride. She’s not pretty. She causes trouble. Kim Shin admits he wanted to see her. Love it! He informs her the house is empty. She tells him just stopped by for some things. What things? We see the dried flowers that he gave her when she first summoned him on her birthday. Sweet! He walks away. She watches him go.

Kim Shin packs his belongings. He looks at his belonging.

goblin_ep3_58a goblin_ep3_58b

Wang Yeo crosses a bridge and granny/lady in red asks him if he wants a hair pin. He declines. She suggests his girlfriend would like one. He tells her he does not have a girlfriend. She holds up a hair pin and tells him if buys this is will stay with him. She holds up a mirror and reflects the sun into his eyes. He looks down and sees the jade ring among her wares. As he goes to pick it up. Kim Sun snatches it and asks how much it is. Wang Yeo stares at Kim Sun and a tear comes down his cheek. She’s taken aback. He’s surprised by the tears. She asks if he wants the ring. He confirms this. She thinks and says she’ll need his phone number in exchange for the ring. He says he doesn’t have a cell phone. She doesn’t believe him and starts to put the ring on. Wang Yeo interrupts her and asks for her number. He asks her to write her phone number down and place it on the table next to the ring. She introduces herself as Sunny and hold out her hand. Another tear runs down his face. They stare at each other. The lady in red asks who will be paying for the ring. Now in the mirror we see the old lady’s face. Excellent! We see the granny say “both of you will end up paying quite a high price for the ring”. I don’t like the sound of that! I like these two. I don’t want anything bad to happy. But that’s not where this story is going is it?

Kim Shin stares at the picture of his Queen, his love from the past. He recalls finding the body in the past. He recalls finding a portrait of the Queen. As he stares at the portrait, he cries. He recalls burning the palace to the ground. As he walks from the burning building he remembers her assurance that if she was to die, then this was her fate. Present day Kim Shin cries.

Kim Sun can’t believe that Wang Yeo hasn’t contacted her yet. She asks Eun Tak if she’s less pretty than she used to be. LOL, how she always flicks her hair a certain way. Kim Sun looks at her empty hand and mourn giving up the pretty ring.

Wang Yeo stares at the paper with Kim Sun’s phone number. He recalls her giving it him with the flourish of kissing the paper. The ring sits on the table next to him.

Eun Tak stops by the house to find it being emptied. She learns her aunt put the house up for sale. She’s told to take anything that belongs to her.

goblin_ep3_105a goblin_ep3_105b

Eun Tak stares at the dried bouquet of flowers. She recalls Kim Shin giving them to her. The night wind blows the flowers. She presses two flowers into a book. She stores the book in her duffle bag which she stores in a locker.

At school her teacher tells her to empty her backpack. When she sees the lighter the teacher says other students (aka the mean girls) have reported that she smokes. The teacher smells her hands but there is not odor or stains from nicotine. The teacher tells her that she’s the worst kind of person. She acts innocent but she’s really a schemer. Unfounded low blow!

Wang Yeo and Kim Shin share a beer before he leaves. He tries to leave but instead loops in and out of the door. Finally, he admits that he can’t find Eun Tak and its driving him crazy. Wang Yeo asks why he doesn’t call her. Kim Shin admits he doesn’t have her phone number. He takes his umbrella and leaves. Wang Yeo says “so you found her”.

goblin_ep3_115a goblin_ep3_115b

Eun Tak stares at the sea. She talks to her mother. She cries that she’s alone and unhappy. It starts to rain. She puts her head down. She turns. Kin Shin is behind her holding an umbrella over her head. He tells her he’s sad so it’s raining. He asks how she’s been. The rain lets up. He tells her he feels better. She tells him she didn’t call him. He tells her he’s been busy. She says from now on when it rains, she’ll think of him and worry that he’s sad. She admits she’s sad too. She assures him she didn’t tell him that to stab him with guilt. He says he doesn’t like the word stab. Ha! She laughs. He stares. She tells him about the four phases of a human. He says that what a grim reaper would say. She admits that various ghosts have told her that. She complains that her life is stuck in the first phase.

She offers him the pressed leaf from their trip to Quebec. He takes it. She says it’s pretty. He agrees. He strokes her hair. Wow, he’s offering her the comfort she craves and needs today. Awk! Tears! She asks what he’s doing. He says it’s a gesture to say he hopes she’ll be well.

She’s not dumb, she realizes he saying good bye. He stares at her with longing. It begins to rain again. Lovely scene!


Kim Shin and Wang Yeo () share the couch though on opposite sides. When the doorbells rings Kim Shin realize it’s the first time it’s been rung in 60 years. This makes them nervous. The doorbell rings again. Wang Yeo opens the door. Eun Tak asks if this is the Goblin’s house. Wang Yeo says this is his home. He approaches her and she spins away. She runs into Kim Shin. Wang Yeo asks if he told her where he lived. Kim Shin waves him away. Kim Shin asks Eun Tak how she knew he lived there. She explains that she asked ghosts where he lived. She doesn’t understand why the Grim Reaper is there. Wang Yeo takes his leave.

Eun Tak asks if Kim Shin lives with the Grim Reaper. Kim Shin tells her only through today. He asks why she’s there. She asks what happens if she can see it. He says it doesn’t matter because she cannot see it. She asks if she sees it, will he stay? She asks him to stay. He asks if she can see it. She asks what happens if she can. He wants her to prove she can see it. She wants to know what she gets. He counters she can’t see it. She counters she can. She points to something and says she sees the blade. Wow! Is this real? Is she faking this based on what the ghosts told her?


! The sword appears thrust through him! She points at the sword. She stares at him. He stares at her. Does she really see the sword?!

My thoughts

This story is complex and simple. He wants to be freed from immortality. If she is his bride, this can be accomplished. The proof in the pudding, so to speak, is whether or not she can see the sword, a sword that is buried in him. That’s the simple part. The rest is more complex. It’s a world where Grim Reapers work and train. It’s a world where the granny/lady in red is more than she seems. Is she good? Is she evil? It’s a world where Wang Yeo can’t remember his past and he wants to. It’s a world where everyone seems to want what they can’t have. Hmm, maybe it isn’t that different from the world we live in.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) missed Eun Tak and sought her out. That was wonderful. He teleported to her when he left the grocery. That seemed to be unconscious longing. Then he deliberately went to her as she mourned the loss of her mother. When he put the umbrella over her…swoon. When he stroke her hair offering comfort and goodbye in a single stroke…wow. Gong Yoo’s eyes bore into you. I feel his longing. Eun Tak feels his longing. But he holds himself back. He cares for her. Does he really want her world changed to help him achieve his dream of death?

The bromance, the bromance, the bromance. I’m loving the interactions between Kim Shin and Wang Yeo. Duk Hwa is still growing on me but he seems more like a petulant child at times. But our friends have a mild grip on friendship. But it’s there. I love them living together. I love Wang Yeo unsettling Eun Tak and Kim Shin consistently intervening on his lady’s behalf. Wang Yeo knows that she’s the one.

I loved the initial meeting between Wang Yeo and Sunny. Her interest, his tears, the phone number, etc. Now he has the ring. She was drawn to the ring too. I like the idea of Wang Yeo having a love interest. He’s growing on me every episode. He matters in this story.

Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) tried to live without him but couldn’t. Her aunt left the house and left Eun Tak behind. I feel for her. Her mother died, she doesn’t know who her father is (will that be another piece of this puzzle or does it mean nothing in the story), her aunt only wants money from her, she’s disliked by the means girls, she sleeps at her place of employment, yes Eun Tak has a list of challenges and events that have shaped her into a woman that’s ready to take a chance on an attractive lonely Goblin. Why? Because in many ways they have the same issues. He just has that pesky immortality thrown into the mix.

The second song of the OST “My Eyes” by 10cm is out. Check out this breezy song below:


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13 comments on “Goblin Episode 3 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    Wow what a great episode. So beautiful.

    First to answer something for you. The mother was pregnant in the first episode when she was hit. Kim Shin stated she wasn’t pleading for her own life, and she moved her hand to her stomach. When Wang Yeo came to collect her, he had two cards, one with ninname and age because she wasn’t supposed to be born.

    I realized something while reading your review. It hit me like a bombshell. Wang Yeo had to commit a terrible sin to be a Reaper, and he doesn’t remember it. He and Kim Sun both were attracted to the jade ring. The Queen wore the ring. Wang Yeo cried and didn’t know why. They are the reincarnations of the King and Queen, the ones Kim Shin was looking for to settle his grudge. Boom!

    Also, that’s why the bromance between the two will be ever more important. Wang Yeo already had some sadness with him leaving. I can only imagine how their relationship would be even more complicated with that knowledge.

    Duk Hwa is an intriguing character. He seems child like most of the time, then his thoughtfulness and intelligence shows his age.

    One thing I saw as very important is the scene after them eating where they are walking. When Eun Tak is leaving, she turns around like she normally does, expecting him to have left. Seeing him still standing there was beautiful, and probably shocking to her. Shows how much he’s caring for her.

    My friend and I were talking about the sword. She doesn’t believe she can actually see the sword. She’s used the ghosts before and could have gotten information from them to make Kim Shin stay. She was desperate for him not to leave. She made some compelling reasons why Eun Tak didn’t see the sword. I’m inclined to agree with her.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Wow, I absolutely love your insight about the Grim Reaper being the King and Sunny being the Queen! I’m reading this AFTER watching episode 4, so I didn’t have that in my head which would have helped.

      I wondered as well if Eun Tak was just saying she could see the sword when she could not.

      Appreciate the clarification on Eun Tak’s mother being pregnant when Kim Shin saved her. There have been a couple of times I wish the timeline were labeled, that was one of them.

      Duk Hwa grows on me every episode. He certainly gets to deliver good comedic moments!

  2. Beez says:

    “…Kin Shin drops his blue powered massive sword (that thing screams masculine power)…”

    SQEEEEEEEEE! It sure does. I have been squeeing non-stop. The decibel getting louder as we saw the blue light slice the car in half.

    The two spirits walking towards the loan sharks’ car was sooo cool (only thing that could’ve been better would’ve been if Reapers pants were longer or if they’d given him some cool boots. I had to laugh at how his ankles and shoes looked with the uber-cool coat flapping around his ankles.😎)

    Kelli has some good insights cause I’ve been trying to figure out what Gong Yoo’s relationship was to that princess/queen. I don’t know why but I’d be glad if she’s right cause I can’t see a great past love for the Goblin.

    I’m glad to see that I wasn’t crazy in thinking the nephew wasn’t supposed to know but had found out about Reaper without Goblin or Reaper realizing it. Those two are the coolest goofballs ever! lol

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes, if Kelli’s correct then we’ve got plenty more to learn about the past between all these characters. So far we don’t know exactly what happened between the King, Queen, and General Kim. I look forward to the reveal.

      I’m glad to see that I wasn’t crazy in thinking the nephew wasn’t supposed to know but had found out about Reaper without Goblin or Reaper realizing it.
      You aren’t crazy. It seemed odd to me that Duk Hwa wouldn’t know their secret identity.

  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Just finished episode 3. Seriously can this show get any better? I am really loving it so far. The chemistry in this show is just simply amazing. Really had to laugh at the opening scene with the car that was split in two 😂 The scene with the umbrella was just so touching, I loved it. My god,where is this show heading to though. Really wondering where the storyline will take us next. Episode 4 has almost finished translating, but I am just saving it a bit. These recap posts are great by the way !

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    AUNTIE STANK’S DEBT AND BRATS – I’m with @raistlin that Kim Shin slicing the car in half cracked me up! The slow Mo and the look on the loan shark’s faces as their half of the car moved forward faster was hilarious! I still can’t quite figure out why the Reaper came along as nobody died. Was it simply to comradely of the bromance?

    I was incensed that Auntie Stank ambushed Eun Tak with the loan sharks. At least she seemed a little concerned, but she was not remorseful. Who knew gold could be a punishment? But when Auntie Stank and her equally greedy brats are involved…the Goblin must be able to see what kind of people they are…and he is looking out for his Eun Tak

    QUIRKY COUPLE OR GORYEO ROYALTY? – I like the exchange between Wang Yeo and Sunny. Isn’t this the same ring Eun Tak’s mother got from the granny in the first episode, which was worn by the young queen back in the Goryeo days? Hmm what kind of price will these two pay? What type of being is granny turned vamp? Did granny curse this piece of jewelry? Its previous owners have all had early deaths, the young queen and Eun Tak’s mom. I had the same thought as @Kelli: Wang Yeo could be the young king – the misery Yeo experiences living with Shin could be a “just reward”. LOL Are Sunny and the Reaper the young king and queen as @Kelli suggests?

    @ Kelli suggested Kim Shin had a grudge against both the young king and queen. It seems to me that Kim Shin was in love with the young queen. Was the shrouded body in the Goryeo flashback the Queen’s?

    THE GOBLINS BRIDE – I was on the same wavelength as @KJT about Eun Tak seeing the sword “Wow! Is this real? Is she faking this based on what the ghosts told her?” Did she hear the Reaper’s nonverbal thoughts earlier in the episode when he urged Eun Tak to see the sword? At this point I could see the truth going either way, but I lean towards her actually seeing the sword.

    Either way, I don’t know if she will be up to the task of removing the sword, if she is aware of the consequences. I think she already likes him too much to dispatch him. ❤

    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly
      “At least she seemed a little concerned, but she was not remorseful.”
      I thought Auntie Stank showed some concern about Eun tak too, until immediately after she said something about the bank book being the real reason she was worried.

      I have the same questions too.

      • kjtamuser says:

        Ditto on the questions. Did the past curse the ring? We will don’t know enough about the King, the Queen, and Kim Shin to understand the dynamics at play and why in the opening episode the Queen urged General Kim Shin to NOT stop and to approach the King. That’s nagging me.

        • Beez says:

          I read somewhere recently that the Queen was identified as the Goblin’s sister in preview and promotional materials. But, I’ve seen early stuff be wrong a lot of time.

          And if it was his sister, all the more reason to ask “why did he keep moving toward the king (and the death of his loved ones) if there was no chance of doing anything?”

      • Jane Tilly says:

        While I thought it was romantic love between the young queen and the general, I can reconcile with them being siblings. When Kim Shin reminisced over her painting it was very clear to me that he loved her. The general going after the king would release his beloved sister from the hell of being married to the young tyrant–either by her death or that of her husband. The king seemed to be using the queen as a pawn in his strategy against the knight .. err .. I mean general.

        • kjtamuser says:

          could be, the writer has left this open ended at this point, so either way could work.

        • Beez says:

          @JT – Ahhhhhh, that makes sense. (And we don’t know 100% that she’s his sister yet, just read it on Dramabeans that the previews said she was.)

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