Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 7 Recap

Our leading lady has a time limit she must deal with.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 7 Recap 

In the past, 1850 something…

While searching for Sim Chung, Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) finds his friend at the bottom of a cliff.

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) waits in the cave unaware that Dam Ryung’s friend who left her there with the promise to get Dam Ryung and return is now unable to fulfill that promise. She sees a light at the cave’s entrance, but it’s not Dam Ryung’s friend, it’s Dae Young’s men who are not going to be kind to her.

Dam Ryung learns from the doctor that his friend was beaten after he fell from the cliff. That’s cruel. The poor guys falls from a cliff THEN gets beaten? Dam Ryung realizes that his friend hid Sim Chung and has paid the price.

Dae Young (Sung Dong Il) pleads with Dam Ryung to forgive his girlfriend’s bold search of his home. He feigns dismay over the village unrest. Dam Ryung notices an expensive tangerine on the table. Dae Young claims the fruit came from a local ship from Jeju Island. Dam Ryung remembers that the captain of the ship that was killed last ate with Dae Young. The captain’s corpse had a tangerine near it. Dam Ryung informs Dae Young that the second examination of the body reveal the poison the captain ingested from his dinner with Dae Young. Nervous, Dae Young feigns ignorance at what Dam Ryung is implying. Dam Ryung calls his men who enter with a jar poison found in Dae Young’s home, and it’s the same poison that killed the captain. Dae Young weeps and claims he’s been framed. Dae Young’s girlfriend is taken by Dam Ryung’s men. Dam Ryung makes her an offer, if Sim Chung is found alive her life will be spared. She blusters but saving herself wins out.

Dam Ryung finds Sim Chung tied up in a shack. She has bruises on her face. She has a basket of pearls next to her. Dam Ryung knows (and we know too) that Sim Chung’s tears form pearls. The amount of pain Sim Chung must have suffered to cry that much appalls Dam Ryung (and me). Dae Young’s girlfriend calls to the villagers that Dam Ryung is saving the mermaid that has cursed the village and caused death among them. Dam Ryung throws the pearls to the ground distracting the villagers as they gather them.

Dam Ryung apologizes to Sim Chung from coming so late. He carries her out of the shack. As he carries her, he explains a dream he had. In the dream, there were born again, with a second chance at love. I’m loving this! Brilliant! Dam Ryung explains that in his dream she comes for him from far away. Even though he doesn’t know her, she’s already in his heart. So true! Writer, you just scored big with me! Terrific tie in of the past and present stories.

Present day…

lbs_ep7_10b lbs_ep7_10a
Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) tells Sim Chung he need to confirm something. He asks her to repeat these words, “I love you”. She stares at him, the snow falls, and she figures her dream has come true. She asks if he’s admitting his love for her first. Joon Jae doesn’t understand. She falls to the ground thrilled that he said “I love you” first even though she intended to let him know how she felt about him at the first snow fall. She reminds him that surrendering means believing the other person implicitly. That saying “I love you” means you belong to the other person. But Joon Jae doesn’t remember (recall his memory with their past interactions is wiped) that he told her that. He scoffs at her words and begins to walk. He asks who told her such silliness. Sim Chung says it was a guy. Joon Jae says the guy is a sleazy womanizer. She doesn’t know exactly what that means. Joon Jae warns her not to spend time with the guy that told her that. Sim Chung explains the guy held an umbrella to keep her dry and made her ramen to warm her belly. Joon Jae isn’t impressed. Sim Chung defends her mystery man as a good guy. Joon Jae explains he didn’t say “I love you” admit feelings but rather he wanted to hear her say the words. Sim Chung says “I love you”. Joon Jae stares, Sim Chung stares, he starts walking away. Sim Chung follows and asks if he wants her to say it again. Joon Jae declines. The writer did a good job of taking what I thought was going to be a big moment in their relationship and twisting it to another experience point but not a big moment. Certainly, Sim Chung who’d hoped to confess her love got thwarted again.

Joon Jae and Sim Chung return home. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O are waiting. Jo Nam Doo hears where they’ve been and declares they were on a date. That irks Tae O who passes Joon Jae with a glare. Ha! Jo Nam Doo offers Joon Jae a tangerine. Nice tie in with the past flashback. He declines and stalks to his bedroom. Jo Nam Doo asks Sim Chung if they had a fight. She eats the tangerine and says they did not fight.

Joon Jae can’t sleep. He calls to Sim Chung in the loft. She opens the door. They stare at each other. Joon Jae’s heart beats faster. He wants to know if Sim Chung is still seeing her mystery man. Has the green-eyed monster of jealous risen up in Joon Jae? Looking into the eyes of her mystery man, Sim Chung confirms she is still seeing him. Joon Jae doesn’t like that. He asks how her mystery man looks. Staring in his face, Sim Chung describe what she sees, he’s got a pretty face and sparkling eyes. Joon Jae scoffs that pretty boys are not to be trusted. Joon Jae wants to know if she told the mystery man what she told him at the ski resort. Sim Chung asks if he means “I love you”. Joon Jae confirms this. Sim Chung remembers telling Joon Jae that she loved him, so she admits she told her mystery man those words. Joon Jae does not like that. He sends her upstairs commenting that he was worried she was in love with him. He wishes her luck with the mystery man. She confirms that she came back to work things out with her mystery man. Irritated, he lays on his bed wondering why she is with him when she wants to work out things with her mystery man. Nice scene. She’s talking about him but can’t tell him that. He doesn’t realize that she’s talking about him and is jealous of the other man who is himself.

Joon Jae dreams of his past self-searching for Sim Chung. He’s wearing the jade bracelet. He finds his friend. Joon Jae wakes and jerks out of the dream.

Meanwhile his father’s assistant’s car is driven into a tree.

Joon Jae wonders what the dream means. He remembers his father’s assistant’s pledge to be there for him. Joon Jae calls him. Of course, he can’t pick up the phone. We see Dae Young pull the assistant’s bloody head away from the steering wheel. The phone rings. Dae Young sends the call to voicemail. He walks away from the scene of the crime.

During breakfast Joon Jae’s father learns that his assistant drove drunk and got into an accident. Chi Hyeon eyes his mother and tells his father that his assistant wasn’t a drinker. Seo Hee claims these things happen. She asks if they need to visit the assistant in the hospital. Joon Jae’s father says his assistant is unconscious. They agree to go to the hospital together. Chi Hyeon sees his mother smile. Yes, I don’t think that Chi Hyeon is the jerk he was in the past. I do think that he sees his mother for what she is. But can he stop her?

Detective Hong believes that Dae Young lost his temper and killed the neighbor next door to Joon Jae’s house. His coworkers note their boss doesn’t want them to expose that for fear of the public outcry. Their boss tells them to find the person that erased the CCTV and called the police. Detective Hong thinks if they find that guy, then they can catch Dae Young.

Joon Jae, Jo Nam Doo and Tae O plot how to scam Joon Jae’s mother’s employer, Ahn Jin Joo. While she drives to an event, Tae O will call her and lie that her daughter has won a competition. In her excitement (and limited driving skills) she won’t keep an assured safe distance from the car in front of her. When the car suddenly stops, Ahn Jin Joo Jae will rear end the car. And the car’s driver? None other than Joon Jae. He’s looking swell in a turtleneck and jacket. He will hand her his car and split. But they will meet at the seminar she’s driving too. As they talk through their plans, Sim Chung startles him when she appears and asks what they are doing. They all jump to their feet and claim to be heading to work. Sim Chung asks what kind of work they do. Initially at a loss to explain it, Joon Jae tells her their job is to make someone regret their wrongdoing, someone that was never punished. Joon Jae claims to do it for the good of the country. Ha! Sim Chung asks if they are public workers because they work for the country. Joon Jae says they aren’t public workers but still work for the country. Sim Chung is impressed imagining them elevator to a high plain of public service. Ha! She skips away thrilled that Joon Jae is a top-notch man. Joon Jae admits he doesn’t understand why he tells her these things. He doesn’t want to tell her they are con men.

lbs_ep7_25b lbs_ep7_25a
As they drive away, the police start searching the area. They see the marks Dae Young put on the houses he surveyed to find Joon Jae. Dae Young sees Sim Chung leave Joon Jae’s house. He starts to follow Sim Chung. The police spot Dae Young and start to follow him but their ringing cell phone alerts Dae Young and he runs. He loses the police easily.

Sim Chung roots through the donation bin for clothes.

A mini mean girl bullies our sweet little girl (from the past and present) Seo Yoon Ah. As she’s about to hit her, Sim Chung intervenes and lifts mini mean girl high in the air. She wants the mini mean girl to promise not to bully again.

The mini mean girl is Ahn Jin Joo Jae’s daughter Elizabeth and she cries to her mother about the treatment she suffered. Ahn Jin Joo Jae strides outside with her daughter to find Sim Chung. Jo Nam Doo wonders what’s holding Ahn Jin Joo Jae up from leaving for her appointment.

As they have a snack together, the Seo Yoon Ah explains to Sim Chung that divorce means two people that married have fallen out of love. Seo Yoon Ah sagely states lots of married people have fallen out of love but don’t divorce instead electing to quietly suffer. Seo Yoon Ah explains she works hard in school so her mother won’t fall out of love with her. Ah, that’s sad. I know not every parent loves their children. But if a parent loves their child, it should be unconditional. So, Seo Yoon Ah equating the evaporation of her parent’s romantic love as potential that their parental love could also evaporate is dead. An angry Ahn Jin Joo Jae finds Sim Chung. They glare. They stare. Go, Sim Chung, I’m rooting for you to dress down Ahn Jin Joo Jae!

, as Sim Chung strides towards Ahn Jin Joo Jae, she wonders where Sim Chung got her hair done. At her daughter’s prompting, Ahn Jin Joo Jae demands to know if Sim Chung spoke harshly to her daughter. LOL, Ahn Jin Joo Jae wonders who coordinated Sim Chung’s weird yet attractive outfit. Ahn Jin Joo Jae tells Sim Chung she has no business scolding her daughter. LOL, Ahn Jin Joo Jae sees Sim Chung’s mismatched shoes and thinks it is cutting edge fashion. Sim Chung tells Ahn Jin Joo Jae that’s she’s Seo Yoon Ah’s friend and won’t let her be bullied. She reminds Elizabeth that she promised not to bother Seo Yoon Ah again. As she takes Seo Yoon Ah’s hand and begins to walk away, Ahn Jin Joo Jae calls after her with only one question…”who is your dermatologist”? LOL! Ahn Jin Joo Jae wants Sim Chung not to lie and say her skin is naturally beautiful. She wants answers and now! Sim Chung recalls applying a facial mask while she floats in the sea. Sim Chung tells Ahn Jin Joo Jae she doesn’t go locally, it’s far away. She strides away with Seo Yoon Ah in tow. Ahn Jin Joo Jae bristles at the cryptic response. That was the funniest scene so far in this episode!

Joon Jae calls Jo Nam Doo asking where Ahn Jin Joo Jae is. Jo Nam Doo sees her stride back into her house. Jo Nam Doo checks her Facebook post that states she’s in for the rest of the day. She asks when a mashup of designers became fashionable.

As Joon Jae, Jo Nam Doo and Tae O walk back to the car. Joon Jae’s mother walks down the sidewalk. Jo Nam Doo peels off to run an errand. Joon Jae’s mother stares in shock as Joon Jae walks to the driver’s side of the car, gets in and drives away. She runs after the car, but to no avail. She tells herself it can’t be her Joon Jae.

Joon Jae tells Tae O that he could use his talents in better ways. Tae O asks how Joon Jae got started scamming people. Flashback to a young Joon Jae searching for his mother by posting for help. The man (a young Jo Nam Doo) that meets him, offers bogus information, but Joon Jae doesn’t know this. For further help, more money is needed. An innocent Joon Jae offers all his money, which Jo Nam Doo takes. But he never finds his mother. With perseverance Joon Jae tracks down Jo Nam Doo and warns a new client away calling him a conman. Joon Jae retrieves money from Jo Nam Doo. Later over food, Jo Nam Doo has to respect Joon Jae’s tenacity in tracking him down. Jo Nam Doo suggests they partner. He tells Joon Jae that once he finds his mother he’ll need money to take care of her. Joon Jae suggests that Jo Nam Doo stop scamming poor people and start scamming rich people instead. Jo Nam Doo is impressed with Joon Jae’s thinking. Joon Jae declares that they’ll work together until he has enough money to buy his mother a house. Present day Joon Jae smiles at the memory. Tae O comments Joon Jae has enough money for the house. Joon Jae counters that he hasn’t found his mother yet. Meanwhile Joon Jae’s mother sits on the curb sad and wondering if she’ll ever have another chance to see her son.

Jo Nam Doo is at the doctors having Sim Chung’s x-ray analyzed. The doctor says it is unusual that Sim Chung’s bones are healing before expected. He explains an average bone takes up to 16 weeks to reform. Jo Nam Doo can’t believe that Sim Chung healed in only 1 week.

He tells Cha Si A about Sim Chung’s rapid bone heal. Cha Si A can’t get the possibility that Sim Chung is a zombie out of her mind. They both agree there is something different about Sim Chung. Cha Si A gets a call informing her that the vase’s original owner was Dam Ryung. Jo Nam Doo flashes back to the name on the jade bracelet. Cha Si A tells Jo Nam Doo she’s got to go. The owner of the shipwrecked relics has been identified. Jo Nam Doo asks if Dam Ryung was the owner’s name. Cha Si A confirms this stating Dam Ryung was the town head of seaside village. As she leaves she reminds Jo Nam Doo to make sure that Joon Jae and Sim Chung don’t become romantically involved. Jo Nam Doo wonders about Dam Ryung’s connection between the relics and the bracelet.

Sim Chung scans the Han River for food. Just as she’s about to dive in a worker stops her. Hey it’s Cho Jung Seok from Oh My Ghostess and King 2 Hearts. They recognize each other.

He takes her to his work place and offers tea. She tries to speak to him with her native language but he asks her to speak, it’s been too long since he’s spoken her language. I’m on board with Sim Chung having a buddy from the past. Joon Jae has buddies, she deserves one too. Yoo Jeong Hoon says he can’t believe he met a mermaid in Seoul. She can’t believe she meet a mermaid in Seoul. Wow! He’s a mermaid too! A man mermaid?! She explains that she was looking for food because she had no money. Yoo Jeong Hoon shows her a small bag with his pearl. He tells her the pearls are like money. She is surprised. Yoo Jeong Hoon recommends she cry the biggest tears she can because bigger pearls are worth more money. Love it when he drapes the bag over his ears to show her how he catches his tears/pearls. Sim Chung says she should cry a lot and give her pearls to Joon Jae. She explains that Joon Jae is a good guy that works harder than a public worker for the country’s sake. Ha! Yoo Jeong Hoon is startled that Sim Chung came to Seoul for a man she likes, not “the light”. He asks how long she’s been in town. He warns her that she has a time limit. The moment she became land based, her heart begins to harden. The only way she can breathe on land after her time limit is reached is if the person she loves, loves her back. That’s a relief! This can be accomplished. I was imagining her dying and their cycle of parting beginning again. He tells her to return to the sea. Sim Chung stares blankly. Yoo Jeong Hoon asks what Joon Jae promised her. Marriage? Co Habiting? Sim Chung says that Joon Jae offered her good food and fireworks. Ha!

Yoo Jeong Hoon shakes his head and offers to tell her tips to speed Joon Jae into falling in love with her. He recommends that she use jealously to make Joon Jae fall for her. He says she needs a makeover. He says they need to make money to shop with. LOL! With identical bags over their faces they watch a sad kdrama. He urges her to hold back her tears. Then they begin weeping together. Ha!

Dressed in a stylish pink suit with an odd hat, Yoo Jeong Hoon escorts Sim Chung back to Joon Jae’s house. Joon Jae is stunned to see Sim Chung in the outfit and is taken aback to see the man. He introduces himself as Yoo Jeong Hoon. He admits he was concerned once he heard his sweet Sim Chung was living in a house of men, so he had to check it out. Yoo Jeong Hoon says he feels assured now that he’s seen his face. Joon Jae laughs at that. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Yoo Jeong Hoon pulls Sim Chung’s hair off her neck and asks her to pull it back tomorrow. She’s agreeable. Joon Jae is not happy with his familiarity. Yoo Jeong Hoon tells her to go inside, Joon Jae agrees and pulls her inside. But Sim Chung steps out and she and Yoo Jeong Hoon go back and forth on who should leave first. Disgusted Joon Jae pulls Sim Chung inside again. Yoo Jeong Hoon stops Sim Chung and says “click” like he’s taken a mental picture of her. I really laughed out loud at that one! She is playful with him. He’s playful with her. Joon Jae is irked and shuts the door in his face. Operation jealously is on!

Joon Jae’s father stares at his assistant. He tells his assistant’s wife that drinking and driving wasn’t something he’d do. The wife agrees. She thinks it was an intentional accident. Seo Hee pipes up and says the police are clear, it was drunk driving. Seo Hee urges the wife to accept the truth of the matter.

Jo Nam Doo approaches Joon Jae as he sleeps hoping to look at the jade bracelet. But Joon Jae wakes and demands to know why Jo Nam Doo wants to look at the bracelet. Jo Nam Doo explains that Cha Si A identified ship wrecked items as belonging to Dam Ryung, the same Dam Ryung he thinks is on the bracelet. Joon Jae is surprised. Jo Nam Doo begs him to have the bracelet appraised. Jo Nam Doo thinks it is worth a lot of money. Joon Jae says he’s keeping the bracelet for Sim Chung. He doesn’t want people like Jo Nam Doo scamming her for it. Jo Nam Doo can’t believe that Joon Jae is choosing to be ethical. Joon Jae is evolving into someone he doesn’t know anymore. At Joon Jae’s instance he leaves. Yes, there’s a fissure between those two. At first I thought that Jo Nam Doo was not Joon Jae’s friend. Now I see that Jo Nam Doo’s priority is money and as long as Joon Jae’s priority was the same they worked toward a common goal in harmony. But Joon Jae’s no longer that straight forward in his motivation. This doesn’t make Jo Nam Doo happy.

Joon Jae remembers the dream of searching for someone in the past while wearing the bracelet. He looks to the loft. He can’t believe how his life has turned upside down since he met her.

The next morning Sim Chung strolls out looking dynamic in a yellow outfit. Her hair is pulled back just like Yoo Jeong Hoon asked her to do. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O are gob smacked. Joon Jae pulls the hair tie out of Sim Chung’s hair. Love it! He tells Sim Chung some clothes are meant to stay in the closet and be admired, not worn. Ha! He orders her to change out of her short skirt. She flounces away. Ha!

At breakfast Jo Nam Doo offers Sim Chung a ride. Sim Chung starts to say she has plans but Joon Jae interrupts and says she needs to clean the house to earn her keep. He specifically wants her to dust. Sim Chung is agreeable. She’s watched Tae O dust. In fact, Tae O offers to help but Joon Jae shuts him down. Joon Jae notes there’s a fan in the attic that will be dusty. Jo Nam Doo says it’s silly to clean the fan they won’t use until summer. Joon Jae tells her to clean the fan or she won’t be able to go out. Jo Nam Doo calls Joon Jae the evil step mother in a fairy tale. Ha! Joon Jae warns she must clean everything before leaving for the day. Sim Chung nods.

Joon Jae, Jo Nam Doo, and Tae O go to the car. Joon Jae forgot his phone and heads back into the house.

Sim Chung stares at the indoor pool wanting to jump in.

As Joon Jae comes up the stairs, Sim Chung swims in the pool. She’s in full mermaid mode. As she floats beneath the surface of the water she remembers Yoo Jeong Hoon telling her that mermaids are almost extinct because they don’t change. He says that humans evolve, but they don’t and they pay the price with their lives. Yoo Jeong Hoon shares that the woman he loved changed. Though she’d pledged to love him forever, once she found out he was a mermaid, she left him. Yoo Jeong Hoon tells Sim Chung that no human can accept a mermaid as they are.

We see Joon Jae enter the house. We know Sim Chung is floating below the surface of the water in the pool.

lbs_ep7_57b lbs_ep7_57a
Yoo Jeong Hoon’s voiceover tells Sim Chung to keep her act together and never let Joon Jae know she’s a mermaid. She floats to the top of the pool and starts toward the hand rail. Joon Jae spies her through the window. She spies him. Gosh, she looks great with slicked back hair. Is she busted?

lbs_ep7_58b lbs_ep7_58a
Epilogue in the present: 
Joon Jae asks to speak with Yoo Jeong Hoon as he leaves. Joon Jae asks Yoo Jeong Hoon what he does for a living. Yoo Jeong Hoon says he’s a public worker. Ha! Yoo Jeong Hoon reminds Joon Jae while he doesn’t make big money, he’s got a job for life with a pension. Yoo Jeong Hoon turns the tables and asks Joon Jae what he does for a living. Joon Jae doesn’t have an answer. Yoo Jeong Hoon smiles and asks him to take care of Sim Chung. Irritated Joon Jae says he and Sim Chung will figure things out together. Yoo Jeong Hoon asks Joon Jae if he thinks he’s got all the time in the world with Sim Chung. Yoo Jeong Hoon looks at him soberly and tells Joon Jae that time is limited not endless. He leaves. Joon Jae stares after him irritated at his advice. As Joon Jae sleeps we see his research on the computer to become a public worker. Sweet!

My thoughts

Not as much humor but that’s to be expected as more serious topics like Sim Chung’s expiration date are dealt with. The writer, Park Ji Eun, excels at drawing parallels from their past experience to the present. How great is the reveal that Dam Ryung was the one that wanted them to meet again in the future? I loved his explanation that even though he wouldn’t know her, she’d be in his heart. That’s spot on with what we all saw. Writer Park also excels at revealing just enough of the past that we see the impact in the episode. The epilogues are bonus material. I’m a believer in the motto “if it isn’t on the page, it isn’t on the stage”. Writer Park has provided solid scripts with an interesting plot with reveals every episode. Our leads have breathed life into this couple. I’m all in. I love her. I love him. I love them.

Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) felt the sting of jealousy. Wasn’t it great to see? He’s like anyone. He assumed Sim Chung was his and his alone. But when Yoo Jeong Hoon showed up (skillfully portrayed by Cho Jung Seok a favorite of mine with a killer voice, loved his stint in The King 2 Heart in a standout character) Joon Jae realized that the he might be the other man that Sim Chung admitted she loved. That’s all it took for his heart to start yelling and his mind to seethe with jealously.

I enjoyed the background story of Jo Nam Doo and Joon Jae. Jo Nam Doo is a simple man – all actions should maximize the money made. He’s thrown by Joon Jae’s dip into ethics. And Joon Jae can’t blindly go with what Jo Nam Doo wants. So, they are at a cross roads. I haven’t felt that it was real friendship between Jo Nam Doo and Joon Jae. Now that I know the backstory, I believe there is more friendship there, but their mutual goal has been to make money. Just like a married couple, if someone changes, their relationship can fall apart. This could happen to Jo Nam Doo and Joon Jae. The minute someone changes in a relationship, the other person gets uncomfortable and wants them to change back.

Tae O’s sweet support of Sim Chung has been low key and I’m glad about that. I don’t want Tae O falling madly in love with Sim Chung and then being jealous. Sim Chung can’t be any clearer, her heart belongs to Joon Jae.

The reveal that mermaids can be men is HUGE! Some have speculated that Joon Jae could be a mermaid. Right now, I don’t see that BUT the reveal makes it a possibility. I like the star-crossed lover idea, he’s human and she’s a mermaid. But if he could evolve to one to save her or live with her in the end, I’d prefer to see that than them being torn apart by her death or his.

Joon Jae didn’t know it but he had the near miss with his mother. He’s looked for her for so long. What will Seo Hee do once she find out Joon Jae’s mother is alive? I can only think she’ll send Dae Young after her. I shudder at the thought because it will cause Joon Jae pain.

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) found another mermaid to hang with. I couldn’t be happier for her. Sim Chung has managed quite well with the homeless lady, Seo Yoon Ah, her hospital buddies as her posse but adding Yoo Jeong Hoon into the mix gives her solidarity and friendship from someone that knows exactly what she’s going through. How funny was their kdrama crying jag to elicit pearls to go shopping with?! Gianna Jun and Cho Jung Seok had a terrific chemistry. Their bantering and cooing in front of Joon Jae was perfection. I especially liked when Yoo Jeong Hoon told Joon Jae he didn’t have all the time in the world with Sim Chung. Now we know that Sim Chung’s heart will harden the longer she stays on land. Now her flat lining at the hospital makes more sense. Her heart is hardening. Will stints in the pool or river reverse that hardening? Yoo Jeong Hoon gave Sim Chung lots to think about. She naively believed her love for Joon Jae and his love for her (though not fully realized yet) would have them live happily ever after. But others told her otherwise. Seo Yoon Ah told her about her parent’s falling out of love and divorcing.  Yoo Jeong Hoon shared that his reveal to his girlfriend about being a mermaid torpedoed his relationship. Finally, every interaction Sim Chung has with the Seo Yoon Ah is wonderful. They are comfortable with each other. Seo Yoon Ah is wise beyond her years. I have to give a shout out to the funny moments when Ahn Jin Joo Jae sized up Sim Chung’s beauty distracting her from taking Sim Chung to task about reprimanding her daughter.

The pretty fifth song of the OST “Someday, Somewhere” by Sung Si Kyung has been released.


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17 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 7 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser, I haven’t seen the dramas that you mentioned, but Jealousy Incarnate has made me a fan of Cho Jung-Seok, so now I plan on watching them. His appearance and some of his quotes are totally meta from Jealousy Incarnate.

    And the sad video the merfolks are watching to produce pearls is Master’s Sun. I thought that was an odd drama to pick when there are soooooooo many much more melo tearjerkers out there, but turns out the director of Legend of Deep Blue Sea directed that also.

    Still liking this show. I wish it and Goblin were not running at the same time because I feel guilty because I can’t help going “Mermaid’s really good, but Goblin’s better”. If they aired a few months apart, then maybe I could stop myself from unnecessary comparisons.

    I’m still enjoying LOTDBS, but the excitement I had anticipating it every week has transferred over to Goblin. I’m so fickle. 😦

    • kjtamuser says:

      Fickle, thy name is Beez.

      Goblin is young in your heart and an excellent show. But it’s completely different. Separate it and enjoy both.

      Legend of the Blue Sea has a couple to die for. They are compelling and jacked with chemistry.

      Glad you mentioned Jealousy Incarnate which I have not seen but wondered about. Appreciate the meta tie in. So many times unless you’ve seen the referenced drama the meta is not understood. But it doesn’t lessen my enjoyment either. I like the clever plotting of Writer Park.

      Ah, but it’s Friday so tonight I turn my attention to Goblin, which I know I will enjoy as well.

      Watching Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin is an embarrassment of riches.

      • Beez says:

        @kjtamuser – I know. You’re so right! *stop being fickle, Beez. Stop it!*

        Other personality: *but it’s GONG YOO!”

        • kjtamuser says:

          Other hidden personality: “but it is LEE MIN HO!”

          • Beez says:

            lol. I’m totally a “Goo” girl. All personalities agree. Goo is my nickname for Gong Yoo because when I first started watching Kdramas, I really had trouble with the names.

            Plus, the picture of Gong Yoo that AsianWiki had up, he looked just like Goku (Dragon Ball Z).

            He’s so high on my bias list which consists of mostly the older guys born in the late 70’s and about 3 of the young pups.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      So true “Watching Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin is an embarrassment of riches” It is amazing that two excellent shows are airing at the same time! I’ve been watching Kdrama for 4 years and I think this years has had the best crop of great dramas than any other year I have watched!!

  2. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser – btw, Cho Jung-Seok totally made Jealousy Incarnate sooooo good. When I see an actor interject so much fun and personality into a role, I wonder – did the director tell him to do that? And how does a director even imagine a person doing that? So it must be the actor’s choice? Would I have found it funny if another actor had been cast? Because I can’t imagine anyone else bringing “that” to it.

    Yes, totally a Cho Jung-Seok fan now.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Sometimes I wonder how much a director influences we see on the screen. The arched eyebrow, the half smile, the gleam in the eye, those have to be from the actor even if the director tells him to place his hands gently on her face and stare meaningfully into her eyes for 5 seconds. Irregardless, you are right. Certain actors make a role theirs and stamp it with their charisma.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I was so relieved that both Dam Ryeong’s friend and Joon Jae’s dad’s secretary Ahjusshi Nam were not killed. I ❤ Dam Ryeong for casting the pearls (before swine?) to distract the people from the mermaid.

    I find it interesting Dam Ryeong and Joon Jae are dreaming about each other. Dae Young left his DNA with his fingerprint in Ahjusshi Nam’s car or did he wipe it away before he left?

    Ahn Jin Joo completely forgot about defending her daughter when she was mesmerized by Shim Chung’s fashion sense! Her hodge podge style cracked me up as I have seen similar ensembles in fashion show still shots!

    Jo Nam Doo doesn’t exactly have motivation to find Joon Jae’s mom—he would lose his extremely intelligent partner in crime. He has found motivation to delve into Shim Chung’s life. I wonder if he or Joon Jae will discover Shim Chung is a mermaid first.

    I am enjoying the epilogues, they really add to the story

    • Beez says:

      “Dam Ryeong for casting the pearls (before swine?) to distract the people from the mermaid.”

      @JaneTilly – ha! Excellent!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I was surprised the assistant wasn’t killed. Dae Young struck me as a guy that would go for the kill. For Joon Jae’s sake, I was relieved the assistant who was his surrogate father was not killed.

      I find it interesting Dam Ryeong and Joon Jae are dreaming about each other
      I’m impressed how accepting Joon Jae was of this. The fact he went to see a doctor (like Do Kyung saw a doctor in Another Miss Oh ) was impressive. And the doctor wasn’t a quack.

      Ahn Jin Joo…mesmerized by Shim Chung’s fashion sense!
      That scene cracked me up. This writer’s humor works for me!

      Jo Nam Doo makes me wary. I hope Joon Jae figures the mermaid truth out first.

      I am enjoying the epilogues, they really add to the story
      So true, they offer additional story material, and are not throw away scenes.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        The modified pink Devo hat also cracked me up!

        Cho Jung Seok’s cameo made a big impact on the story. The green monster is helping Joon Jae realize that he cares for Shim Chung. ❤

      • Jane Tilly says:

        🎼Now whip it
        Into shape
        Shape it up
        Get straight 🎶
        Go forward
        Move ahead
        🎤 Try to detect it
        It’s not too late
        To whip it
        Whip it good 🎵

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