Goblin Episode 2 Recap

Our leading man is drawn to our leading lady, even if she doesn’t fit all his requirements.

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God  Episode 2 Recap

Awesome watching the credits and knowing all the characters but one. Will we meet her tonight? I like the theme music too. It suits this show.


We begin with Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) surprising Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) by following him through the time portal. When she realizes she’s no longer in Korea it’s her turn to be surprised. She’s impressed Kim Shin can time travel to Quebec, Canada, it makes her wonder what other fabulous powers he’s got. She’s decides they must marry and declares “I love you”. He stares. She pipes up that maybe she’s first person to tell him that. She declares this is their honeymoon and begins exploring Old Town Quebec. He can only trail after her. She loves exploring. Her enthusiasm is wonderful to watch. When she explores a Christmas shop he enters and she treats him to a dazzling smile. I don’t know how he isn’t drawn to her immediately, I am!


They walk the streets with the lovely fall foliage around them. She sees a sign that he explains mean fairies are near. She smiles and says he’s got his own fairy, her, because she’s Tinker Bell. Yes, I see it, he almost smiles. She’s darling! She tries to catch a falling leaf, which he does with ease. She tells him that if you catch a leaf then the person with you will be who you fall in love with. He won’t admit to being a goblin. She dashes to a cute guy. But he turns out to be a ghost which upsets her.

Kim Shin takes her to the Fairmont Hotel Le Chateau Frontenac but doesn’t check into a room. Kim Shin says he has a meeting. She doesn’t want to be left alone in a country that she doesn’t know the language or anyone. Kim Shin says she was doing fine exploring just moments ago. Eun Tak says she was brave because he was by her side. Kim Shin is undeterred and leaves for a meeting with Eun Tak upset that he ditched her.

goblin_ep2_10b goblin_ep2_10a

A co-worker and the God of Death Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) discuss the final papers for staying in the house. Wang Yeo has several special clauses that confuse the co-worker. Wang Yeo states that what humans call “miracles” a god calls a “special case”. The co-worker complains that god of death like them shouldn’t need a place to live. Hmm, he’s got a point. A couple comes into the coffee hours arguing as if their life depends on it. Wang Yeo stares at them. The co-worker recognizes Wang Yeo was waiting for them. Wang Yeo puts on his hat and approaches the couple. Love his shoes! He reads off his card and confirms who the couple is. We see that the couple are both dead from a car accident.

In the tea room, he offers the forgetting tea to the woman. He explains the tea is tangible proof that the gods are being merciful so she forgets her past life. The man asks why he doesn’t get any tea. Wang Yeo is blunt. The man must remember his past sins. Wang Yeo notes this isn’t the first time the man killed someone. We see that he was the man that ran into Eun Tak’s mother in the parking lot. Wang Yeo promises the man that he’ll regret not being able to drink the forgetting tea. His afterlife will be a living hell. Wang Yeo details the man will be in eternal pain. Wow! Sucks to be him. The woman quickly downs her tea. The man falls to his knees and begs for mercy. Wang Yeo says he knows someone else that can’t forget and his life is a living hell. Undoubtedly Wang Yeo is referring to Kim Shin. Wang Yeo says that man must have begged for mercy but to no avail.

goblin_ep2_15b goblin_ep2_15a

We see Kim Shin bring flowers to his friend from long ago. Is it the old man that died in episode 1? It is because Kim Shin says he’s buried many of his grandsons here so they could be together. Kim Shin admits immortality isn’t a reward but a punishment. We see Kim Shin impale himself with his sword but he doesn’t die, though he wants to. The music was perfect giving you the feel of his utter sorrow at not being able to die or forget his past. He puts flower on his friend’s grave and tells him and the grandsons that he’s been unable to rest in peace like them. You feel his burden.

Eun Tak explores the Fairmont Hotel Le Chateau Frontenac and then takes a walk enjoying the vistas of the St. Lawrence River. She spies a couple kissing. She spots Kim Shin looks at the grave stones. She lets him have his moment and doesn’t interfere. Nice and that’s sensitive to give him space. When he finally stands to leave, he spots her. He chides her for not staying quietly at the hotel. She quips she was perfectly quiet because he didn’t even notice her. She introduces herself to his gravestone stating that she’ll marry Kim Shin in 200 years. He counters she won’t. She states that even though he’s a bit crabby he’s still cool. She walks away and he stares after her. The setting was beautiful. Quebec is a gorgeous city and the show showed it to its best advantage.

They walk along the street. He tells her she’s late for school. She upset to realize it is 10am in Korea and she’s missing homeroom. They return to Korea. Let me tell you if I could travel that easily, I’d relish the ability to explore anywhere and everywhere. She thanks him for the trip and scampers to school. He watches her jog away. He’s intrigued, she’s so fresh and fun.

At school the teacher is not kind or understanding.

Waiting at the bus stop Eun Tak flips through the book on Quebec and she looks at the leaf she pressed between the pages. Ah, that’s sweet! Eun Tak looks at the leaf and remembers their moment together in Quebec. You know just by watching them that they are a good match, that this can turn into love.

goblin_ep2_25b goblin_ep2_25a

Back at the house Kim Shin asks Wang Yeo to follow him. Wang Yeo isn’t excited about being disturbed but agrees. Kim Shin steps through a door which is a time portal and ends up in the field where he heard Eun Tak making her birthday wish. But Wang Yeo doesn’t follow him. Instead Wang Yeo went through the door and is standing in front of the house wondering where Kim Shin went. Kim Shin returns and tells Wang Yeo that a god can’t follow him through a time portal but she can. Wang Yeo wants to know who Kim Shin is talking about. Kim Shin brushes him off. Wang Yeo get right behind Kim Shin starting him. He says Kim Shin sparked his competitive side. Ha! Kim Shin yells at him to leave him alone. He strides away. Wang Yeo yells that Kim Shin was the one that asked him to follow.

Before he can get in the house, Yoo Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) appears. He asks about his uncle but doesn’t want to see him. He goes to slap Wang Yeo on the shoulder but Wang Yeo moves out of his reach. Duk Hwa recalls that Wang Yeo doesn’t like to be touched. Duk Hwa finally gets to the point, if his Grandfather appears, he asks Wang Yeo not to mention that he rented the house out from under Kim Shin. LOL, how he calls Duk Hwa Mr. Tenant, the Uncle Tenant, then Uncle at the end of the Hall. Wang Yeo puts his hand to his head and goes inside. You can see him thinking “These humans are so tiresome”.

Eun Tak stands outside the door that was the time portal to Canada. She tells herself that she’s going to Canada when she opens the door. But no, she ends up in the ladies’ bathroom staring at the lady in red (recall this is who the old woman morphed into). The lady offers her spinach that a guy just gave her. She tells her to share it with her family. She leaves.


Eun Tak arrives home to a surly aunt and whiny male cousin who both want her to make supper. She eyes the spinach and makes dinner. Her female cousin bursts out of the bedroom with her Quebec book. The aunt shouts the Eun Tak is planning to flee to Canada with the insurance money. Eun Tak tells her aunt the book is merely a souvenir. The aunt asks why she has a souvenir of someplace she’s never been. Her aunt hits her repeatedly with the book. Her cousin goes into the kitchen, cuts into dinner with a knife and cuts herself. She screams for her mother. Male cousin goes into the kitchen takes a bit of dinner and chokes. Eun Tak walks goes into the kitchen grabs some dinner and walks outside to eat in peace. She looks at the book and wipes away tears while she eats.

Kim Shin can’t understand how Eun Tak touched him, followed him through the time portal but cannot see his sword. He thinks back to her declaration of love and marriage. He realizes if she is the Goblin’s bride, he’s in a difficult position. Stating curiosity beats decorum, he rushes out to confront her. Nice almost playful scene for Kim Shin.

Eun Tak walks the streets clutching her book. She sees Kim Shin. He tells her to stop summoning him. She assures him she didn’t summon him. To cover, Kim Shin claims that if she thought about him, he heard it and came. Eun Tak asks if she can summon him by thinking about him. Kim Shin backtracks and says they’ll have to watch and see if that is always true. She explains she was thinking about Canada. She doesn’t understand how he has so many beautiful things but he’s not happy. Eun Tak explains she was waiting to go inside until her step family fell asleep.

They walk the streets together. He reminds her he’s only doing this because walking is good for the digestion. She reminds he she’s perfectly fine walking alone and he can leave. A mean girl texts the other mean girls that Eun Tak is hanging out with an older man. She speculates the man could be a client. As she tries to take a picture with her phone, the car door she is leaning on opens and she falls to the ground. She startled when she gets up and the car is empty. She runs home.

goblin_ep2_36b goblin_ep2_36a

Eun Tak walks into an eatery looking for a job. Ah, there she is, our last main character. Eun Tak tries to interview for the job but Kim Sun (Yoo In Na) is distracted and bemoans the lack of customers. Eun Tak says that Kim Shin was right about the part time job at a chicken shop. Kim Sun bemoans that it has been forever since anyone asked her to make chicken.

Eun Tak walks home thrilled as she stares at her name tag. She talks to Kim Shin in her mind but he doesn’t appear. She’s confused. He said he’d appear if she thought about him. But he did not. She pulls out a match, lights it, then blows it out. Kim Shin appears with a fork of steak in his hand mid-bite. He says they need to swamp phone numbers and simply call each other when needed. Ha! He strides away.


Kim Shin arrives home irritated at the situation he’s in. Wang Yeo watches him fret. He thinks Kim Shin is a bit crazy. As Wang Yeo crawls into bed, who stands on the bed frame then gingerly lowers himself onto the bed, Kim Shin bursts into the room. He asks if his new outfit looks better. Wang Yeo doesn’t understand why he’s asking this. Kim Shin claims that he’ll leave once he knows the outfit is good. That gets Wang Yeo’s attention. He claims to love Kim Shin’s outfit hoping he’ll leave. But Kim Shin doesn’t leave instead he comes back with various books, CDs, painting to use as accessories. This drives Wang Yeo crazy and he plead to be left alone so he can sleep. But Wang Yeo gets his revenge when he taunts Kim Shin with his underwear the next morning.

Duk Hwa arrives and Kim Shin tells him to brace himself, he’s got big news to share. Duk Hwa asks if the news is the fact that he’s a goblin. Duk Hwa shares that he’s know this since he was 6. Kim Shin isn’t happy and elevates himself. His irritation turns into sudden rain outside.

goblin_ep2_45b goblin_ep2_45a

Eun Tak cleans tables for customers that don’t come. Kim Sun says customers never come. Eun Tak frets that she’ll get wet because she has no umbrella. Kim Sun offers one of hers. Eun Tak is thrilled. Recall her cousin refused to let her have an umbrella. Kim Sun tells Eun Tak to be lazy while she steps out.

Kim Sun goes to a fortune teller who asks why she’s there. Kim Sun asks shouldn’t the fortune teller know this? She explains her business is bad. The fortune teller tells her business is bad and her love life is dreadful. Kim Sun adds that she’s old too. The fortune teller says she’s alone in the world. Kim Sun wishes she had a man by her side. The fortune teller says to watch out for a man in a black hat. Hmm, is she a match for the God of Death? The Kim Sun states as long as the man in the black hat is handsome, she’s available. Ha!

Wang Yeo prepares to leave to take his black hat to the dry cleaners. Kim Shin says the hat gives those heading into the afterlife a good laugh. Ha! Irked Wang Yeo declares that the hat makes it so humans can’t see him. Kim Shin quips it is a good thing that humans can’t see him with that ugly hat.

Kim Shin waits impatiently for Eun Tak to summon him.

Eun Tak laminates the leaf from Quebec as a gift for Kim Shin to thank him for the part time job. She summons Kim Shin but Wang Yeo appears. She’s immediately nervous. Wang Yeo says she saw him 10 years ago, and she can still see him now. Eun Tak tries to leave but Wang Yeo blocks her. She calls Wang Yeo a stalker. She asks if she’s going to die. Wang Yeo says she’s a special case because she’s been off the grid for 19 years. She could have died 10 years ago, but someone protected her. He asks who will protect her now. Kim Shin appears. Eun Tak runs to him and blocks his sight telling him that the man in the black hat is the god of death. Kim Shin sees that she is trying to protect him. Nice! He lowers her hand and pulls him behind her. Nice! He says it’s okay, he and the man in the black hat know each other. Wang Yeo says the girl is his next job. Kim Shin says the girl isn’t. Wang Yeo says involving himself with a human isn’t smart. Kim Shin doesn’t care. Kim Shin stares at Wang Yeo and thinks “don’t mess with me or else”. Eun Tak tries to pull him away. She says the man has been searching for her for 10 years. Kim Shin says it doesn’t matter because she wants to freely marry a goblin. That surprises both Wang Yeo and Eun Tak. Wang Yeo wonders and Eun Tak declares that she is the Goblin’s Bride. Wang Yeo hears an ambulance. He says he has other business to attend to. He tells Kim Shin they’ll talk about this later. He tells Eun Tak he’ll see her later too. He leaves.

Eun Tak says she knew he was a goblin. Kim Shin says he didn’t know their lives would become intertwined so he saw no need to admit it. He doesn’t think that she is the Goblin’s Bride. She wonders who she is. Ghosts tell her she’s the Goblin’s Bride. The God of Death says she should be dead. She tears up and asks if he lied about being a goblin because she’s not pretty. Kim Shin tells her she’s pretty. He says after 900 years alive, he doesn’t care about beauty. He only cares if the woman can see a certain something (his sword). He says Eun Tak did not see it. She’s not happy. Kim Shin says not seeing it is a blessing because if she did, she’d eventually despise him. He says he’s telling her now so she won’t have false hope in him. He’s leaving. She asks where he’s going. She claims not to care. She claims not to want to marry at 19. She claims she was only curious what a goblin was like. She claims she’ll never summon him again. She walks away. Kim Shin watches her go. Gosh, he looks so handsome in that moment. Eun Tak turns but Kim Shin is gone.

When Kim Shin gets home Wang Yeo asks if she’s his bride. Kim Shin says she can’t see the sword. Wang Yeo says it may take time for her to be able to see the sword. Kim Shin tells Wang Yeo to leave her be. Wang Yeo wonders why Kim Shin is protecting her if she’s not his bride. Wang Yeo says he’d be happier if Kim Shin left. Kim Shin says Wang Yeo can leave if living with him is awful.

Eun Tak is bummed out. Kim Shin is bummed out. Eun Tak studies goblins by reading children’s fairy tales. She tells a little girl that find her in the children’s book section that her boyfriend is from a fairy tale but he’s not the prince. She takes her laminated leaf and shoves it into one of the books. She reshelves the book. Someone takes the book with the leaf.

Kim Shin catches Duk Hwa smoking. Kim Shin sits in the house upset and the humidity rises. Wang Yeo and Duk Hwa worry that he’ll make it rain inside and ruin the interior of their home. Wang Yeo notes that Kim Shin is upset about his fight with his girlfriend. Duk Hwa is impressed Kim Shin has a girlfriend. He suggests that Kim Shin apologize to his girlfriend. Kim Shin doesn’t want to hear it. Wang Yeo decides to leave. Duk Hwa apologizes for Kim Shin’s behavior. He pushes Kim Shin to apologize. He ends up tied up. Ha! There is no way I can do justice to the perfect pacing and humor of that scene.

Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin he’s going to the dry cleaner. Kim Shin says he’s going to the supermarket. They both end up where they last saw Eun Tak. Kim Shin asks if Wang Yeo killed her. Wang Yeo takes offense. Kim Shin says he plans to tell her to move so Wang Yeo can’t find her. Wang Yeo realizes Kim Shin might be right. They both wonder where Eun Tak is.

Eun Tak makes her bed at the eatery. But she can’t sleep. She runs out into the night to find the ghost that told her she was the Goblin Bride. That ghost leads her to another who tells her the goblin saved her mother life (and hers too). The ghost says the God of Death came for her mother but she was gone. Eun Tak realizes that she owes her life to Kim Shin. She wonders what to do. Unbeknownst to her, Kim Shin watches her talk to the ghosts.

Eun Tak’s aunt goes to the eatery and demands to know if she works there. Kim Sun confirms this. Step mother asks why she employed Eun Tak without her approval. Kim Sun says that Eun Tak is alone in this world. The aunt wants to wait for Eun Tak to show for work because she’s run away from home. Kim Sun threatens to get a man to remove her. The aunt flees.


When the aunt arrives at her house, she’s startled when the loan sharks come for money. She promises to repay once she finds Eun Tak’s bank book. The loans sharks doubt the insurance money even exists. She’s positive her sister set her daughter up with life insurance. But the dratted bank book vanishes before her eyes. She’s sure Eun Tak has the bank book. The loan sharks decide to look for Eun Tak.

As Eun Tak exits the school, the loan sharks grab her and put her in their car.

Oh good, a dinner scene between Kim Shin and Wang Yeo!

Kim Shin asks where Wang Yeo got the cash for 20 years of rent. Wang Yeo says he takes the money families leave at the funeral alter. Wang Yeo says after 300 years of savings now has a 20-year lease and he’s not leaving. Kim Shin says he has more money than he knows what to do with and saving is a foreign concept. He smiles. Wang Yeo flings the pepper but Kim Shin catches it. Wang Yeo flinger the dinner plate out the window. Kim Shin barks the plate is from the French Dynasty era.

The loan sharks drive Eun Tak away. One of them searches her backpack for the bank book. She tries to blow out the lighter one of them uses to summon Kim Shin but can’t do it.

Wang Yeo rotates a fork over Kim Shin’s head. Ha! Kim Shin tells him to put the fork away. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin to put the knife away. The camera pulls away to show multiple objects spinning in the air over the dining table. Ha!

Eun Tak tells the loan sharks she does not have a bank book. She says her aunt has the bank book. The loan shark says one of them is lying and he’ll have to determine which one. Eun Tak ducks her head. We see the birthmark on her shoulder light up.

Kim Shin senses something is wrong. All the objects over the dining room table crash to the floor. Wang Yeo asks if he wants to fight.

The loan shark grabs Eun Tak and shakes her. She yells she doesn’t have the bank book her aunt does. The loan shark warns her that what happens next won’t be fun. The car stops. The loan sharks and Eun Tak watch all the street lights turn off culminating with the ones near them exploding.

Two men walk toward the car. Yes, it’s Kim Shin and Wang Yeo come to rescue Eun Tak. Love it! Love it! Love it!

My thoughts

What a difference an episode makes. Now that I’m jacked into this series I loved, loved, loved the 75-minute episode. More story, more fun, more bang for the buck. I am in love with this quirky drama. I am in love with the bromance between Kim Shin and Wang Yeo. I am liking Duk Hwa more. I’m intrigued by Kim Sun. But top of the list is the magic, and yes for this fairy tale magic is the right word, between our couple. Kim Shin and Eun Tak feel each other. They were miserable apart. And she summoned him with her birthmark. How cool was it to watch Kim Shin and Wang Yeo walk purposefully to the car? The relief on Eun Tak’s face. The steely stare on Kim Shin’s face. LOVE IT!!!!

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) has a melancholy air but Eun Tak pumps fresh air into his world. Their time in Quebec was lovely. The tourist board of Quebec City should be grateful to the cinematographer. Kim Shin went the grave. His cottage is gone and the Fairmont Hotel Le Chateau Frontenac is now there. Kim Shin was disappointed Eun Tak couldn’t see the sword. He wanted her to see the sword. His initial reaction if she saw the sword was that he could die but something tells me it’s more than that. There someone in the world that cares for him. He’s not alone because Eun Tak cares for him. His dark world has a bright spot. She tried to protect him from Wang Yeo. He protected her from Wang Yeo. He will protect her from the loan sharks. He doesn’t fully understand, but she’s the one for him, whether or not she’s the Goblin Bride.

Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) handles the fairy tale world easier than her human reality. Her aunt wanting the bank book to pay back debt is cliché as kdramas are riddled with debt and loan sharks, but it works. Her aunt isn’t the brightest bulb. She would take the loan. I love that the bank book eludes her. There is some kind of magic going on there. When Eun Tak met Kim Sun, you had to think the Kim Sun was a bit unusual. But Eun Tak was so thrilled to get the job that she didn’t seem to realize how Kim Sun seemed to know about her. I look forward to finding out more. But it was the time in Quebec where we got to see the magic of our couple. Simply lovely. There are lots of perky kdrama heroines. While Eun Tak puts on a bright smile at times, she’s grounded in a harsher reality. She relished the time in Quebec. She was like a kid in the candy store. I loved that she gave Kim Shin the time to commune with his dead friend without interruption. She was genuinely hurt when Kim Shin rejected her after saving her from Wang Yeo. But when she learned that Kim Shin saved her mother and thereby saved her, Eun Tak knew their fates were intertwined. She knew that Kim Shin would save her from the loan sharks if only she could summon him. Unbeknownst to her, she did summon him through her birthmark. What girl wouldn’t be thrilled to have two other world men stalk her way with the intention of saving her?

My hats off to the writer, Kim Eun Sook, for creating a world with rules and characters that I’m able to understand and enjoy in just two short episodes. The first episode struck me as dark but this episode took that ground work and added a layer of light to the characters. The humor was clever and consistent. No way my recap can capture the comedy embedded in this episode. Suffice it to say, I loved episode 2. Consider me a fan of The Goblin!

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35 comments on “Goblin Episode 2 Recap
  1. studiomarie says:

    I love the banter between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper when the poor Reaper wanted merely to sleep in peace. I laughed aloud then and again the next day when the Reaper taunted the Goblin.

    No doubt the cinematography is outstanding but props should also go to the costume designer. The Goblin looked hot in everything he wore. I want a pair of those socks and white shoes.

    Each clothing style matches each character’s personality. I was grinning like a fool as the Goblin and Grim Reaper strutted down the street in their coats.

    To modify a line from the joker in the first Batman movie, ” where does he get such cool clothes”.

    I am definitely a fan girl. The mixture between humor and pathos has me wanting more. Waiting for the next episode will be torture.


    • kjtamuser says:

      You raise an excellent point about the costume designer rocking outfits that fit each character. Goblin is snazzy, Grim Reaper is classic conservative, Duk Hwa is trendier, etc. This is a beautiful show to watch. Love your line from Batman!

      You are not alone being a fan of this show. I’m loving it too!


  2. Kelli says:

    That’s it. I’m totally in love with this series. What they have done with the first two episodes are great. Pacing, humor, character, mystique, and storytelling are on point. They can keep these 75 minute episodes if they’re going to be like this.

    Kim Shin should watch out for the warning lights over his head, because he is falling hard for Eun Tak. It should be like “Warning: 900 year old man is reverting to adolescent tendencies over a 19 year old who has crept into his life”. He’s not realized it yet, but this episode showed he has it bad.

    Eun Tak is a refreshing spunky leading lady. Even though she is human, she fits well into the fairy tale world with her ability to see the dead. Her respectfulness towards Kim Shin in Quebec at the park was beautiful. Actually that whole scene was.

    The relationship between our resident gods is increasing with great humor. Their banter back and forth had me rolling. Then that scene with them and Duk Hwa, oh my goodness, you are right that any review wouldn’t do that scene justice.

    The only other scene that tops it is the ending. I agree loan sharks are over used in Kdramas, however these fit in the story. Once they took her, I thought ‘you won’t be alive much longer when her guardian finds out’. Boy was I not disappointed. Kim Shin and Wang Yeo walking down that dark street together…… Wow.

    Few things I’m anxiously waiting for answers that I hope they take their time in fleshing out the right way:

    1. Who took the library book?

    2. Who has the bank book? My money is on granny lady who seems to have taken a liking to her.

    3. Who is granny lady?


    • Kelli says:

      I answered number 1! I watched the episode again because it was great. It was Duk Hwa. The very next scene showed him in the exact same clothes. Now why was he there is the next question.


    • kjtamuser says:

      That’s it. I’m totally in love with this series.
      I’m there with you. Goblin, j’adore!

      Kim Shin…warning lights over his head…he is falling hard for Eun Tak…”warning: 900 year old man is reverting to adolescent tendencies over a 19 year old who has crept into his life”. He’s not realized it yet…he has it bad.
      Perfectly stated. I concur!

      Eun Tak is refreshing yet she has her own sadness just like Kim Shin. They are well matched.

      I’m relishing the humor. It’s impossible to properly capture but so easy to enjoy.

      Once they took her, I thought ‘you won’t be alive much longer when her guardian finds out’. …Kim Shin and Wang Yeo walking down that dark street together…… Wow
      You nailed that too. They exude power and determination as they walk. Don’t nobody mess with their human!

      Who has the bank book? I wondered if the bank book has a spell on it that makes it disappear when the aunt goes to grab it. She can see it but can’t touch it.

      Who is granny lady? Yes, she’s the old lady with the Queen’s ring who protected Eun Tak when her mother died AND she’s the hot lady in red who gave Eun Tak the spinach “to share with her family”. Fairy godmother?


    • Hod did you know that the Reaper’s name was Wang Yeo? And that he was the king?


      • kjtamuser says:

        wikipedia page for Goblin identified the Grim Reaper as Wang Yeo. I referenced that page when I started recapping the series to get the names straight. Yes, it does appear that Wang Yeo was the King.


      • Beez says:



  3. Beez says:

    So you guys all coveted pretty much everything I was thinking. One question though:

    Since when does Duk Hwa know that Uncle Down the Hall knows about Shin being a goblin? And does that mean Duk Hwa knows Uncle Down the Hall is other worldly too?


    • kjtamuser says:

      Duh Hwa said he figured it out when he was 6 (if I recall correctly). I assume he knows the newest tenant is the God of Death.


      • Beez says:

        Right, I got that he knows about his Uncle Goblin, but I’m asking about how does he knows it’s okay to talk about Uncle Goblin being a goblin in front of Uncle Down the Hall?


        • kjtamuser says:

          Maybe I’m not seeing the nuance of your question, but it seems that both gods are open with Duk Hwa about who they are.


          • Beez says:

            I’ll ask you a question that I think will make you realize what I’m asking:

            At what point did you see the nephew get it revealed to him that Reaper is anything other than a normal human being?

            As far as I could see, he’s under the impression Reaper is just a man. So when Goblin is having his emotional outburst (*hee hee*) and the nephew is saying “don’t make it rain inside”, are we to assume he’s talking in front of Reaper about this because he knows Reaper is a reaper?

            But it’s moot because I’ve since read on Dramabeans that during that conversation, the Goblin carelessly blurted out that Reaper is a reaper and the nephew was shocked. (The stuff we miss by not speaking Korean and having to rely on the subtitles😐).


  4. Beez says:

    I forgot to add…I’m so glad that the show is not making it be “they’re fated” [although we know they are] by having Eun tak confirm she’s the bride by seeing the sword. It looks like he’ll fall for her despite telling himself “Don’t! She’s not the one. Keep looking.”

    And Eun tak with those totally insincere but too cute “I love you”‘s. lol I don’t know what to think because for her, it seems like he’s her escape from poverty a la Cinderella and the rest of the faery tales where the prince never had a personality (that we were shown). So what’s she going to do with this full blown personality “real” prince…er, goblin?


  5. Racs says:

    It’s the Fairmont Hotel Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City not Auberge Saint-Antoine hotel.


  6. Cdorta says:

    A have a question we know that Grim Reaper has lost his memory, did he drink the Tea? That death people drink to forget their lives, if he did was on purpose or when he was human? What about the fortune lady one of three sister which one is dead because we saw her talking to ET when she was asking the lady ghost about her been the goblin bride. Too many questions😁, I’m so hooked with this drama.


    • kjtamuser says:

      The Grim Reaper losing his memory got past me, so I don’t have a response. Maybe someone else can respond to that.

      Glad you are loving this drama too!


    • Beez says:

      @Cdorta and Everybody else:
      Quoting Cdorta
      “…we know that Grim Reaper has lost his memory…”

      Huh? When did that happen? Did I miss an episode?


      • Kelli says:

        The 3rd episode talks about him not having memories of his past life.


      • kjtamuser says:

        I wondered the same thing.


      • Kelli says:

        I just commented when they talked about it, and the comment seemed to have some confusion. I’ll let you all sit in confusion from now on.


        • Beez says:

          Ohhhh Kelli, wait! I am so sorry. I just realized that I should have directed that “no spoilers please at Cdorta”. I thought you were the same person (bad memory) just because you commented on the same upcoming scene.

          Please, please accept my apology.

          @Cdorta, hopeful you also saw the note about please keep upcoming scenes in the appropriate thread.


  7. raistlin0903 says:

    I just finished episode 2 (reading these after the episodes, so I can pretty much relive the episode again), and oh boy it is absolutely great. I am really loving the performance of Kim Go Eun. There is just something so natural in the way she acts 😀 It was today that I actually realised I had seen her before in the movie Memories of the Sword. It was one of my earliest reviews on my blog, and I was very impressed by her acting in that one as well. As for this show it is fantastic. The humor is great, the storyline is unique, the chemistry between all the characters is terrific, in short it has become one of my favorite K-dramaseries. I hope this quality will be maintained for the entire show 😀 Great posts these, nice to have something to read after each episode !


    • kjtamuser says:

      Natural is a great word to describe Kim Go Eun. I think I’ve used fresh. She seems comfortable as our leading lady. Eun Tak may be young in years, but she’s wise in perspective and Kim Go Eun portrays that with ease. This is the first time I’ve seen this actress and I’m enjoying her too.

      The writer has created a world I love visiting each week too! Glad you enjoy the recaps. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      Ohhhh wow! I just recently watched Memories of the Sword and I didn’t even recognize her. Good actress because, it’s not that she looks different here, she’s just so cutesy and needy in this whereas the movie role she was badazz and serious that I couldn’t reconcile the two as one and the same.

      Thanks for pointing that out.

      Liked by 1 person

      • raistlin0903 says:

        Haha, you are definitely not the only one. When I saw Goblin, I had the feeling I had seen her before, but I could not place her. It was only when I (by pure chance) looked at the back of the dvd cover, that I realised where I knew her from. Her role in Memories of the Sword is so incredibly different from this one, that it’s not a real,surprise that one does not recognise her. It only goes to show that she is a very talented actress 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Jane Tilly says:

    I recently saw Kim Go Eun for my first time in Cheese in a Trap. She had a totally different look—I had to keep looking at her to believe it was the same person.

    My guess about the bankbook “having legs” is a ghost or god hiding it from Auntie Stank. I don’t think it is Eun Tak’s mother’s ghost, as the Grim Reaper already escorted her. Maybe it is Granny turned Vamp, who I think may also be a god; she is definitely more than a spirit. I wonder if the chicken lady, Sunny, has a special designation (is a God) as well. The fortune teller told her to beware of the man in the black hat—will the Reaper be coming for her or falling for her?

    I wondered why the Reaper showed up with Shin to rescue Eun Tak. I thought he could not follow the Goblin–is the Reaper there to pickup the loan sharks or Eun Tak?


    • Beez says:

      @JT “I wondered why the Reaper showed up with Shin to rescue Eun Tak. I thought he could not follow the Goblin–is the Reaper there to pickup the loan sharks or Eun Tak?”

      I don’t know the reason but that walk in their long overcoats was all types of awesome, wasn’t it? (I think Reaper has grown fond of Goblin and Eun tak, maybe?)

      Did I mention Gong Yoo is workin’ those overcoats? And it would be supercool if no mention was made of it, but since we’ve seen how conscious he is of his appearance (especially should he be summoned by a particular 19 year-old), it’s just funny instead of supercool. lol

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      The Goblin and the Reaper strode down the road with swagger! I ❤ their frienemy bromance!

      Liked by 1 person

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