Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 6 Recap

Our leading man realizes that he cares for her more than he thought.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 6 Recap 

In the past, 1850 something…

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) is swept out of the clutches of Dae Young’s mistress just in the nick of time. Dam Ryung’s friend takes Sim Chung to a cave and tells her to stay put until he returns with Dam Ryung. As he exits Dae Young’s men spot him and chase him to the edge of a cliff. He falls off.

Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) finds his house trashed and Sim Chung gone. He doesn’t know where Sim Chung is and no one can tell him. He searches into the night but can’t find her. Present day Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) waits in vain at Namsan Tower for Sim Chung.

Present day…

The ambulance whisks Sim Chung to the hospital. Joon Jae’s step brother, Chi Hyeon, runs into the emergency room after her. I’m glad to see he did not abandon her. He called for help and stayed with her. The doctor watches an unconscious Sim Chung. She has no identification so the doctor calls her “Jane Doe” decides to wait until she wakes. What? Doctor, she was hit by a car. Don’t you know that? Do you let all unconscious patients go untreated until they wake?


Joon Jae drives past the flyers. He stops and realizes upon inspection they are Sim Chung’s flyers. He finds her phone lying on the grow. He realizes something is wrong. He calls to find out which hospital someone hurt in that area would be taken to. Smart! But the influx of accidents due to the snowy roads mean many hospitals could be the location. He thinks about the care Sim Chung gave him as he drives to the hospitals. He combs an emergency room and calls another searching for her. I loved it when he said the girl he was looking for was beautiful.

Seo Hee gives her husband’s assistant a black tie for her husband (Joon Jae’s father) to wear. The assistant is surprised she knows about her husband’s change in plans for the evening. Seo Hee says her husband called her. Back at the office the assistant is surprised to learn his boss did not call Seo Hee with the news. Ah, she must have been listening to his phone or has a listening device in his office.

Joon Jae searches another emergency room and finds an unconscious Sim Chung. He feels her head. He calls to the nurse and asks if she’s aware of her temperature. The nurse blandly states a basic exam was done and the fracture exam is next. That doesn’t sit well with Joon Jae who calls the nurse over. She’s shocked by Sim Chung’s below normal temperature and calls for the doctor. He can’t believe the reported temperature. She’s cold as ice. Afraid she’s almost dead, he administers CPR. Sim Chung dreams of a past Joon Jae. He watches in horror as she flat lines. He takes her hand and holds it to his face. She opens her eyes and says his name. Stunned he looks at her. She tells him she had a dream about him holding her hand and saving her. He stares at her, knowing he almost lost someone that was more important to him that he knew. Lee Min Ho’s realization that she mattered was lovely. He made that scene special.

Jo Nam Doo and the ever-silent Tae O wonder where Joon Jae is. Jo Nam Doo speculates Joon Jae is at a club. When Joon Jae calls, Jo Nam Doo calls him a jerk. When Joon Jae requests a fake ID and insurance papers, Tae O sneers. But when Jo Nam Doo hears Sim Chung was in a car accident, they leap into action to help. Love it! They care for our little mermaid too!

Sim Chung is thrilled that Joon Jae was worried about her. She ignores his scolding about getting hit, instead reveling that he held her hand and fretted about her. Ha! Jo Nam Doo smacks Joon Jae’s head and tells him to stop scolding. None of this would have happened if Joon Jae hadn’t kicked their sweet Sim Chung out of the house. Tae O glares at Joon Jae. Ha! Jo Nam Doo is solicitous to Sim Chung. Not happy with that, Joon Jae confirms Jo Nam Doo has the ID card and insurance card and rushes them away claiming the doctor doesn’t want Sim Chung to talk too much. Jo Nam Doo doesn’t understand how an injured leg would limit speech. Joon Jae is vague and continues to push them away. Ha! Jo Nam Doo stops by the nurse’s station and provides Sim Chung’s ID and insurance card. Jo Nam Doo overhears the doctors saying that they thought Sim Chung was dead.

Chi Hyeon tests negative for drugs or alcohol. The police urge him to settle with the victim. The police ask where the victim is. Chi Hyeon points to the emergency room. The doors open and Joon Jae stares at his step-brother. Chi Hyeon stares in surprise.

Joon Jae asks if Chi Hyeon if he hit Sim Chung. Chi Hyeon reminds him he’s the older brother. Joon Jae scoffs stating their family is nonexistent just like their relationship. He asks again, did Chi Hyeon hit Sim Chung? Chi Hyeon claims it was chance accident. Those words trigger Joon Jae to remember when they were teenagers and Chi Hyeon breaks a frame with a picture of his mother and father. Joon Jae bluntly states that Chi Hyeon intended to break the picture. Chi Hyeon claims otherwise though his face confirms it was intentional. Joon Jae’s father doesn’t care. He tells Joon Jae that old photo of their former family is hurtful to his wife and Chi Hyeon. He orders Joon Jae to clean up the mess. As he leaves, Chi Hyeon shoots Joon Jae a triumphant smile knowing his lies were believed. Incensed, Joon Jae pounces and hits him. His father intervenes. He sees that Chi Hyeon is injured and hits Joon Jae. A stunned Joon Jae stands alone in the room. He is also injured but that went unnoticed. He cries the cry of a son that is no longer cherished. Wow, that was effective and certainly puts Chi Hyeon in another light. I’m no longer thinking he’s a good guy. I’ll say what we are all thinking, Joon Jae’s father is a jerk.

Joon Jae tells Chi Hyeon there are no accidents when it comes to him, the past taught him that. Chi Hyeon can’t believe Joon Jae thinks he hit a woman he doesn’t know on purpose. Joon Jae counters that Chi Hyeon never drives so he was going somewhere he didn’t want anyone to know about. Joon Jae guesses that Chi Hyeon was tracking him. If not Chi Hyeon, then Joon Jae guesses it was his mother. Chi Hyeon can’t let his mother be suspected, so he tells Joon Jae to leave his mother alone, stating Joon Jae isn’t important. Joon Jae counters he’s his father’s real son. Ouch! Joon Jae pats Chi Hyeon and tells him to return to father and serve him well. Pretend to be the real son to his fake father. Double ouch! As Joon Jae walks away, Chi Hyeon gets a phone call from Joon Jae’s father. Chi Hyeon assures him the investigation is closed and he’s fine. Chi Hyeon stares at the silent still Joon Jae. He walks away. Good scene! The wounds of these two step-brothers won’t be healed anytime soon. Whether or not Chi Hyeon is still the insecure jerk he was in the flashback is still TBD. We know he searched for Joon Jae. His true intentions are unknown. I’d prefer Chi Hyeon not to be the jerk Joon Jae remembers him to be. Joon Jae already has the step-mother from hell and a loser father.

Joon Jae watches Chi Hyeon put his father in the car and stare at him before getting in the front seat. His father’s assistant sees Joon Jae walk into the hospital. Joon Jae is disturbed by the encounter.

With a fresh cast on her lower leg, Sim Chung hops back into the hospital bed and asks Jo Nam Doo and Tae O if she’ll live at the hospital now. She remembers Cha Si A saying marriage was living with someone. Sim Chung asks Jo Nam Doo if she’s married to the others staying in the room. That gets the room’s attention. Sim Chung claims this is better than freeloading. Ha! Jo Nam Doo and Tae O stare at each other. Sim Chung asks the room’s occupants if they are married. She’s thrilled today is the day she marries. She declares next she’ll marry Joon Jae. Hearing her outrageous logic, the doctor orders an MRI. Ha! Tae O steps into the hallway. He utters that she’s cute. You got that right our nearly silent Tae O!

Sim Chung offers commentary as every meal is delivered to each occupant in the room. When she is not offered a meal, she asks where her food is. When she’s told she’s fasting, she doesn’t understand. She states fasting should be delicious and promises to eat it all. She’s horrified to learn fasting means no food. Ha!

Sim Chung calls Joon Jae. With sorrow in her voice, Sim Chung explains to Joon Jae that was has to fast while others eat. Joon Jae tells her if she needs surgery, she must have an empty stomach. He tells her to sleep. She mournfully tells him she can’t stop thinking about spicy stew. Ha! Joon Jae hangs up on her. Sim Chung shakes the phone wondering why Joon Jae left. Sweetly, Joon Jae calls the hospital to try and get Sim Chung a meal. He’s quite passionate in his demand that her mental state not spiral down because she’s hungry. Later he smiles as he watches Sim Chung serves spicy stew. Sim Chung relishes every bite. Joon Jae can’t believe he’s thrilled because she’s eating the spicy stew he convinced the doctor to provide. He wonders what is happening to him. Sim Chung calls him and reports that she got spicy stew. He smiles. He claims to be too busy to talk and hangs up.

As he walks down the hospital steps, he meets his father’s assistant. When they talk outside, the assistant scolds him for moving out of the house and never looking back. Joon Jae apologizes. The assistant gives him the citrus tea his wife still makes. Sweet! Joon Jae remembers the assistant giving him the citrus tea while he cried for his mother. The assistant promised to protect him. We see a second instance when the assistant cares for Joon Jae’s wound he got fighting with Chi Hyeon over the broken photo of his family. Joon Jae declares he’s moving out to find his mother. Joon Jae tells the assistant that he can take care of his father. In present day Joon Jae rues that the assistant accomplished his assignment but he failed to find his mother. The assistant tells Joon Jae his father is wants to reconnect. Joon Jae stands to leave, not willing to open that door to his father. The assistant presses saying that his father wants to apologize but his pain over Joon Jae’s departure makes it hard. He reminds Joon Jae that his father isn’t getting younger. Joon Jae smiles, tells him to take care, and leaves. The assistant stares at Joon Jae’s retreating back. Unbeknownst to him, other men watch Joon Jae go too. Ah, Seo Hoo’s men have found Joon Jae. Did Chi Hyeon alert them? Did Seo Hoo overhear something via her listening devices?


Sim Chung watches the kdrama with another lady in the hospital room. She’s surprised when the lady correctly guesses that the father is the CEO. The lady claims this kind of revelation is standard in kdramas. Then the lady correctly predicts the mother will throw water in the girlfriend’s face when she rejects an envelope of money. Sim Chung is amazed. She claims she’d be in trouble if someone threw water in her face. Why? She’s a mermaid. Water is like air. The woman explains family is people taking care of each other. She views the warm around the room.

Jo Nam Doo tells Cha Si A that Sim Chung cheating death is amazing. He wonders if she’s a zombie. Cha Si A shudders that Sim Chung bit her finger. Cha Si A doesn’t understand why Joon Jae is acting as her guardian. Jo Nam Doo shares that Joon Jae believes the Joon Jae thinks he and Sim Chung are connected by what happened in Spain. Cha Si A wonders who Sim Chung really is. Jo Nam Doo wonders too.

Sim Chung wheels herself outside and sees a woman holding a sign demanding to know the truth about her daughter’s death. Sim Chung sees the hospital chief drive up and order his assistants to get rid of the woman before the important person sees this. Sim Chung wheels herself to the chief, stands, spins in the air and knocks him over with her leg with a lower cast. She tells the hospital chief that making that patient starve is awful.

When the doctors view the CCTV video, they can’t believe that Sim Chung was able to run and hit the hospital chief with her injured leg. The hospital chief declares Sim Chung must be a martial arts master to make that move. Sim Chung declares the hospital chief hit his assistant in the leg, so she did the same. She declares that is “give and take”. Ha! The doctor declares they will administer an MRI. The hospital chief declares Sim Chung should be put in jail. Sim Chung asks if the food is good in jail. Ha!


Sim Chung talks to the protesting mother who explains her daughter died during a routine surgery. The woman cries her pain. Sim Chung takes the woman’s hands and offers to erase her painful memories of her daughter. The woman realizes the memories of her daughter are precious even though they are painful. Sim Chung doesn’t understand why the woman wants memories that bring her pain. The woman says those memories allow her to love her daughter. Loving and remembering her daughter is worth the pain. Lovely!

Joon Jae, Jo Nam Doo and Tae O watch the hospital CCTV footage of Sim Chung laying out the hospital chief. They are impressed with her skills in making the move. Jo Nam Doo notes the hospital chief is threatening to sue. Joon Jae suggests they make the hospital chief pay for his rude threats to Sim Chung. It’s operation payback!

Tae O makes the hospital CEO believe that the chief did NOT greet his son at the airport as expected. The hospital chief hurries to the greet the CEO’s son who Joon Jae is impersonating. He apologizes for the mix-up at the airport. Joon Jae declares his phone is dead. The hospital chief offers his own, which Joon Jae passes to Tae O while using his own phone to “call” his father and tell him while annoyed at the mix-up the hospital chief should not be fired. Meanwhile Tae O accesses the office. Meanwhile Jo Nam Doo greets the real CEO’s son at the airport. Tae O discovers proof that the hospital chief ordered the mother’s daughter’s records sealed. Joon Jae tells the hospital chief he stinks. The man explains he has chronic bad breath. Joon Jae asks him to stop talking.

Next, we see Joon Jae lay out the evidence of the hospital chief’s wrong doings. He threatens to tell Tae O release the information to reporters via email. Tae O spins his laptop and hoovers his finger over the send button. Joon Jae claims that Tae O has a hand tremor. Ha! Tae O glares. Joon Jae suggests that the hospital chief can make this go away if he does a good deed. Joon Jae wants and to go easy on Sim Chung. The hospital chief readily agrees. Joon Jae also wants a couple of other concessions. We see the hospital chief apologize to the man he kicked and give the protesting mother the original surgery records. The hospital chief admits to malpractice. He promises compensation and apologizes. The woman cries tears of vindication and relief at finally knowing the truth. The hospital chief turns and looks to see Joon Jae and Tae O watching him. Joon Jae offers the thumbs up. Tae O sends the files to the reporters anyhow. They both laugh about the hand tremor that he can’t control.

lbs_ep6_47a lbs_ep6_47c

Sim Chung decides she loves the hospital. It is warm and the food is good. The doctor declares Sim Chung is well enough to be discharged. When Sim Chung learns that means she must leave, she asks if she at too much food. Ha! She tells the doctor she doesn’t have a home. Joon Jae declares she will leave with him. Sim Chung stares at Joon Jae who is looking dreamy in gray. She’s thrilled and runs to him. Joon Jae asks the doctor if she can be on her foot. The doctor says her foot could withstand a marathon. Joon Jae is pleased. He tells Sim Chung it’s time to go home. As he drives away from the hospital, Sim Chung sees the protesting mother, smiles at her and waves.

Sim Chung asks Joon Jae when the first snow fall will occur. Joon Jae says that already happened. He states she’ll have to wait a year for the next first snow fall. Disappointed, Sim Chung says she’ll not be able to see that snow fall. Joon Jae wonders why she won’t be around. Sim Chung asks why people want to remember pain associated with those they love. Joon Jae flashes back to hearing “I love you” as he woke on the beach. He shakes his head at the memory. A wonderful thought occurs to Joon Jae. He tells Sim Chung while she missed the first snow fall in Seoul other of locations have not had their first snow. He asks if she wants to find one together. She loves the idea.

Jo Nam Doo provides a false power of attorney to get a copy of Sim Chung’s medical records and x-rays. Rats. Is he doing this for Cha Si A?

The assistant tells Joon Jae’s father that he spoke with Joon Jae. He tells him that Joon Jae is not ready to talk to his father right now. But with more time, he might be able to convince Joon Jae to see his father. He’s grateful for the news. Little do they know that Seo Hoo is listening to their discussion. She looks like a woman that wants to change the outcome. Before Joon Jae’s father enters his house, he tells his assistant that he is grateful for the help. There’s much he wants to say to Joon Jae.


As the assistant returns to the car he spots the listening device. He realizes how the wife knew about the need for the black tie. She was listening to their conversation in the car. Someone taps on the car’s window. It’s Dae Young (Sung Dong Il) and he’s smiling an evil smile.

Joon Jae takes Sim Chung to a snowy ski hill. She’s amazed at the snow. He claims to have worked hard to find the most snow, just for her. She’s grateful. They change into ski clothes. She looks terrific in her ski outfit. He’s blown away by her beauty. I love when she takes his breath away. Lee Min Ho makes me believe his heart skips a beat when he sees her.

He doesn’t like other guys noticing her and takes her to a bench where he helps her put on boots. He flashes back to putting shoes on someone. He tells Sim Chung he is having a déjà vu. She says nothing.

He offers her basic instruction. She starts down the hill and quickly gathers more speed than she’s comfortable with. She calls for Joon Jae to help her. He takes off after her. He gets in front of her and stops her by allowing her to run into him. They tumble to the ground. He laughs in pleasure at the crazy moment. I love his smile! He tells her that he just saved her life. Sim Chung says she knows. He asks her to confirm something. He asks her to repeat a phrase he will say. She’s willing. He hesitates then says “I love you”. The music swells. She looks deeply into his eyes. She knows this is a big moment. I know this is a big moment. You know this is a big moment. To underscore this magical moment, it begins to snow. Yes, the snow is from snow blowers, but let’s not quibble, it’s snow.

lbs_ep6_57a lbs_ep6_57b
Epilogue in the present:
Sim Chung muses to the kdrama watching lady in the hospital that family is wonderful. The lady tells her that families aren’t all sugar and spice. They are also difficult and painful. Chi Hyeon enters the room. He takes her to the hospital coffee shop. Two waters are placed on the table. Sim Chung eyes them suspiciously. Recall she saw the kdrama mother toss the water in the girlfriend’s face after she rejected the envelope of money. He tells her this was his first injury accident and he’s chagrined to learn that she knows his brother. Surprised she questions this. Chi Hyeon confirms he and Joon Jae are family. She grabs his glass of water and drinks it quickly. The waitress refills it and Chi Hyeon pulls it to him. He pulls out the envelope of money. She grabs it. He smiles at her lightning reflexes. He tells her the money is compensation. Once again, she guzzles his glass of water. She stares at him. He asks why she is staring. Sim Chung states she does not want to get hit with water. Though she took the money, she won’t break up with Joon Jae. Chi Hyeon is mystified. Sim Chung declares that she loves Joon Jae. She wheels away leaving a stunned Chi Hyeon behind. Love it!

My thoughts

Could this couple be any more charming? Sim Chung endears herself to everyone. Joon Jae had the realization that she means more to him than he knew. Joon Jae had encounters with his step-brother and surrogate father, the assistant, underscoring the theme that family and love isn’t always sunshine and roses. When I watch this show I know I will be charmed and I will laugh. I hope as the series progresses and perhaps things get more serious as the stakes increase, that there are still moments of charm.

Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) realized he cares for Sim Chung. He was frantic with worry when he realized she was in an accident. He was unstoppable while he searched for her. You knew he wouldn’t rest until he found her. When he found her, she woke up but then she almost died during CPR. That’s when he knew. Sim Chung matters emotionally. She wasn’t just a lost waif that he was helping. She was in his heart and he didn’t want to lose her. Lee Min Ho has nailed every scene when Joon Jae realizes he cares for her or she’s stunningly beautiful, or that she makes him smile like no other woman ever has. I see Joon Jae falling in love with Sim Chung. She was already there so it’s his dive into love that enthralls me. I liked the murky nature of his encounter with Chi Hyeon. I am not entirely convinced Chi Hyeon is evil. His mother, the witch step-mother, is evil, but I think he has a heart. Was he jealous of Joon Jae when they lived together? Yes. Did he want to hurt Joon Jae like Joon Jae’s presence hurt him? Yes. But Chi Hyeon called the police and ambulance and took responsibility for causing the accident. That was a measure of the man moment. He stepped up, accepted responsibility, and didn’t try and use his wealth to avoid due process. All that being said, do I think Joon Jae should trust him? No, I don’t. Joon Jae can’t be that naïve when past actions showed Chi Hyeon to be jealous and willing to hurt with Joon Jae loved. And who does Joon Jae love now? Sim Chung. And Chi Hyeon knows she loves him as she admitted. The focus was on Joon Jae and rightly so. He lives in the present. His family’s tentacles are still wrapped around him. He’s drawn to Sim Chung but can’t ignore he feels their past in Spain. The déjà vu moment drew him closer to the truth of their shared past. It is just out of his reach. What will trigger the memories to return?

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) saw the Joon Jae cared for her. That was a dream come true for her. Her sweetness combined with her nativity, make men want to take care of her. Joon Jae, Jo Nam Doo, and adorably Tae O worried and were willing to extract revenge on her behalf. Jo Nam Doo continues to have nebulous moments. He cares for Sim Chung but he was willing to get the hospital records after speaking with Cha Si A. I feel the same as the men in Sim Chung’s orbit. I want her protected. I don’t want anything to happen to her. She has me under her power too! I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but Gianna Jan’s performance never fails to bring a smile. I watch these kdramas to be entertained. She succeeds.

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6 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 6 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I’m also hoping Chi Hyeon has matured and that’s why he kept evil stepmom from getting Joon Jae’s address.

    Joo Jae’s dad – grrrrrr.

    About Sim Chung saying she’s worried if the glass of water were thrown on her, I’m guessing it might cause her legs to disappear and her tail-fin to come out?

    And I was glad to see, for once in a K-drama, somebody’s assistant refusing to do their evil work. The chief of staff doctor’s assistant (I thought he was just a security guard) may realize he has no power on his own (and might even get fired) , but he stood up to try to say “that is a grieving mother. I’m not going to help you harass her”. Well, he didn’t get a chance to say all of that before Chief Doctor kicked him in the shins, but I was glad to see a character like that for a change.

    I LOVE that Joon Jae and Tae O sent the Chief Doctor’s evil doings to the media anyway! Too many times I’ve watched these deals in Kdramas and just grit my teeth! I’m always mentally screaming to the character to use the knowledge, if not right then, then later when the villain is doing something else horrible, but they never do. (Case in point: Jeha and the incriminating email in The K2.)

    Lee Min Ho’s character allows him to be so expressive in this role. Whenever he comes up in fan discussions, I always note what a good actor I think he is, but everyone is usually too fixated on his looks to acknowledge it. (I bet that’s become frustrating for him now that he’s moving beyond just being a flower boy.) As you guys know, while I can see that he’s very attractive, I’m all about rugged-looking men so I’m impervious to whatever it is about him that makes his fans so obsessed. (We’ll see if that changes if he comes out of the army buffed up (but he’ll probably get desk duty due to his previous serious injuries so…) ).

    I just think that whatever roles given him, he does it well (I haven’t seen more than Ep 1 of Heirs though.) He won me over when in BOF, first I hated him and thought I’ll NEVER like his character no matter what, but then after the female lead drop-kicked him, he won me over with a goofy smile when he decided that must mean she likes him. lol. He’s not on my bias list, but I’ve liked him ever since. (Still hate BOF but I recognize it’s a Kdrama newbie rite of passage.) lol

    Sorry, kjtamuser, for rambling off topic, but since I have nothing to complain about LOTBS… 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      Good point that the Hospital Chief’s assistant dared NOT to do as ordered. That was unusual.

      It was refreshing when Tae O sent the incriminating evidence to the press. You are so right, if they don’t expose the evil doer, others will continue to be hurt.

      Lee Min Ho’s character allows him to be so expressive in this role. Whenever he comes up in fan discussions, I always note what a good actor I think he is, but everyone is usually too fixated on his looks to acknowledge it.
      Lee Min Ho is a good actor. I fell for him in BOF (concur he has a darling smile) and have enjoyed him since. He’s not beautiful in the way many kdrama actors are and I like that.

      I’m thrilled that in this series both leads, Lee Min Ho and Gianna Jun, are skilled actors. That seems to be unusual. Many of the kdramas have only one skilled lead. e.g. Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Uncomfortably Fond, The K2, etc.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Let’s hope Chi Hyeon is not on Team Evil

      The drama describes Joon Jae as a cold con man, but I find him to have a cold exterior, but seems to have a warm gooey center for innocents and the unfortunate and a sense of justice. Even the hospital con was to help the woman who lost her daughter. Even in Spain Joon Jae gave the spoils of the church con to the real minister.


  2. mycinemaz says:

    Sim Chung is really cute and innocent. no wonder that boys in that drama liked her….


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