Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 5 Recap

Our couple push apart but are drawn back to each other.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 5 Recap 

In the past, 1850 something…

Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) fights the attackers and once they are disabled he grabs the hand of Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) and they flee. More attackers show and give chase. Our couple avoid the attackers by hiding behind bushes. Dam Ryung asks Sim Chung if she’s uninjured. She confirms she’s fine. He tells her he missed her. Sweet! He says it with tenderness. That darn peacock feather on his hat is scoring with me. She stares and smiles. He stares and smiles. They walk along and she admires a flower. He picks it for her and tells her it symbolizes something she has that he does not…memories. As they walk back into the village Dae Young’s man observes them. Just as they get ready to enter his home, Sim Chung pauses and seems to hear the 3 mermaids circling off shore. She goes inside with Dam Ryung.

Ma Dae Young (Sung Dong Il) learns that the mermaid is with Dam Ryung. He and his mistress are thrilled. Once villagers learn that the mermaid is in their midst, panic and anger will ensue. The captain of blocked ship visits and says he can accept the fee Dae Young has levied but he cannot accept Dae Young taking all the profit from their hard work circling the globe for trade. The captain turns over the table Dae Young in front of him and leaves. Needless to say, Dae Young doesn’t like the captain’s actions.

The next morning the village fishermen find the captain dead. Dam Ryung is brought in to investigate. The doctor states there is no visible cause of death. One of the official notes that some are saying the mermaid has cast a curse, and this is an example of the misfortune that will befall the village. Dam Ryung closes his eyes knowing he’s got a problem on his hands. Dae Young arrives and smiles broadly at the panicked people. Dam Ryung states whether this was caused by a mermaid or by someone to use the people’s fear (and he looks directly at Dae Young when he says this), it is unknown for now. Dam Ryung decrees the doctor find out the cause of death before they bury the captain.

Ratcheting up the fear, Dae Young’s mistress brings a shaman that claims to know that the evil mermaid is in Joon Jae’s home. They want to search Dam Ryung’s home. A man rushes to find Dam Ryung and inform him of the situation. He rides back to the village with haste.

lbs_ep5_3c lbs_ep5_3b lbs_ep5_3a
Sim Chung stares at the vase painted with a picture of Dam Ryung and her kissing. Recall we saw that vase last episode among Sim Chung’s underwater stash of treasures. Sim Chung flashes back to Joon Jae telling her he painted the vase from a dream he had about them living in a strange world. I love that Dam Ryung painted the vase. Dam Ryung voiceover intones as the they begin to search the house with Dam Ryung riding back to the village “fate will repeat again”. We see not only past Sim Chung facing the villagers but present day Sim Chung facing Dae Young at the doorway. In both scenarios, Dam Ryung is speeding to Sim Chung’s side by horse or car. Will he get there in time?

What a terrific past flashback. These introductions are not benign. They set the stage for the entire episode. The sweetness between Dam Ryung and Sim Chung is as palpable in the past as it is in the present. Dam Ryung’s concern for the woman he loves is wonderful to see. His awareness that Dae Young is the root of all evil may not stop it, but at least he’s not clueless.

Present day…

Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) breaks through the police barrier and parks. Dae Young and Sim Chung hear the commotion. Joon Jae rushes down the steps and Dae Young averts his face. Joon Jae demands to see his police badge, then notices he’s alone and without a radio. When Dae Young hears the other police coming down the steps he takes off. Joon Jae tries to get the police to go after Dae Young but they can only focus on why Joon Jae ran the police barrier. Joon Jae explains he heard about the murder next door and was worried about his girlfriend. He claims she’s a fearful person. Sim Chung disagrees. Joon Jae looks at her meaningfully and says she is a fearful person. LOL! The police ask to see their identification. Joon Jae offers his identification and hears the steps of other officers. He spots Detective Hong (who has a grudge against Joon Jae) and turns his back. Detective Hong senses he may know the man with his back to him. As he slowly walks down the steps to get a look, Joon Jae braces himself. But the encounter is averted when another officer arrives stating Dae Young has been spotted. Detective Hong takes off to investigate. We see that Jo Nam Doo called the police and gave them the fake report to get them to vacate. I hereby take this moment to note that Jo Nam Doo did something helpful for Joon Jae. While I still consider him more of a user than a friend, he was helpful in this instance. The police officer hears there are no prior on Joon Jae who smiles broadly. The police officer tells him a fine for breaking the police barrier will be coming his way. Joon Jae agrees to pay the fine promptly. He tells Sim Chung that she can stop being upset and they can go into the house. Sim Chung claims she wasn’t upset. Joon Jae shoos her back into the house.


Sim Chung isn’t happy to see a scrape on Joon Jae’s hand. Joon Jae isn’t happy that Sim Chung opened the door to a stranger. Joon Jae tells Sim Chung that humans are dangerous creatures, more dangerous than sharks, because they hurt and kill each other in staggering numbers. She cares about his hurt hand. He is firm, she must protect herself first then consider others. He can’t believe he’s lecturing her about this and spins away. He plops on the couch. Sim Chung asks if Joon Jae can make the people in the black box (the television) come back. He smiles. She acts out the final scene from the kdrama “and your father is…” and says the announcer said to return next week. Joon Jae laughs. He claims he knows the people in the black box as they pay him rent to live in his home. He calls them. Sim Chung strains to hear the conversation. Joon Jae actually calls Jo Nam Doo and asks him who his father is. Jo Nam Doo comments that he’s an orphan. Joon Jae hangs up. Sim Chung looks at him in anticipation. Joon Jae says he’ll tell her AFTER she tells him what happened in Spain. Ha! Sim Chung asks Joon Jae to tell her without her reciprocating. Joon Jae explains that the world is about give and take. Ha! Sim Chung asks if she can only take in this situation and not give. Ha! Joon Jae refuses. She declares she’ll wait return next week to find the answer. LOL! Joon Jae can’t believe she won’t tell. He tells her if she doesn’t answer his question tomorrow, he’ll ask her to leave. He walks away. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to kick her out but he needs answers.

Seo Hee asks Dae Young if he’s behind the police investigation. He claims not to be involved. She doesn’t believe him and reminds him that she has information he does not want released. Her son, Chi Hyeon, overhears her asking if Joon Jae was found. She instructs Dae Young to text her the address. Chi Hyeon interrupts her and asks her to make him a snack. Seo Hee agrees and puts her phone down before heading into the kitchen. When the text comes in Chi Hyeon reads the address but does not delete the text. He takes the phone to his mother in the kitchen and drops it in a bowl of water pretending it was an accident. He chides his mother for having an old phone that wasn’t waterproof. He tells her he’ll get her another phone.

Sim Chung scares Joon Jae when she puts only her head out of the access door to the attic (reminiscent of a horror film). She chuckles when she learns that she and Joon Jae are alone in the house. She does the thing with her head again. He tells her this isn’t a Sassy special (recall she was in My Sassy Girl). She offers to join him. He offers to escort her out of the house if she does. She closes the access door. These two have the cutest vibe and playful exchanges!

Sim Chung frets that she wishes tomorrow won’t come.

lbs_ep5_6albs_ep5_6c lbs_ep5_6b
Sim Chung opens the door the next morning to Cha Si A who is not happy to see her there. She asks if Joon Jae is there. Sim Chung says she’s not to open the door to strangers. LOL! Cha Si A counters she’s not a stranger. Sim Chung counters she’s a stranger to her. Cha Si A tries to force the door open. Sim Chung blocks it until she doesn’t and Cha Si A ends up sprawled on the floor. She’s outraged and Sim Chung strides away. LOL! Cha Si A follows Sim Chung into the house. Cha Si A asks where Joon Jae is. A jog is the response. Cha Si A asks where Jo Nam Doo and Tae O are. Out is the response. Cha Si A is not happy. She claims to be engaged to marry Joon Jae. Sim Chung asks what marriage is. Cha Si A explains it’s about taking care of each other. Sim Chung counters that is exactly what she and Joon Jae are doing. Ha! Cha Si A refutes Sim Chung’s claim. She states the Sim Chung is a parasite who has latched her to Joon Jae. She points to the door and tells Sim Chung to get out. Sim Chung bites her finger! Cha Si A screams in pain! LOL!

Joon Jae stares at Sim Chung whose head is down and avoiding eye contact. He asks Sim Chung if she’s crazy. Sim Chung counters that Cha Si A told her to leave. Joon Jae retorts that unless she gives him what he wants to know then she must leave. That gets Cha Si A’s attention. She asks what Joon Jae wants to know. Joon Jae offers to get her a taxi. They leave. Sim Chung wonders what to do next.

As Joon Jae walks with Cha Si A looking for a taxi he half listens as Cha Si A explains about the unusual relics she’s been working with. She gets her phone out to show him the pictures but he flags down a taxi, tells her to get in, and jogs away. Cha Si A watches him go and then looks at the photo of the mermaid and the man kissing on the vase.

Sim Chung watching a couple on TV discuss confessing love on the first day of snow. They kiss. She hears Joon Jae return. She scampers to the attic loft. He enters the bedroom and sees the snack on the floor and the couple kissing on TV. He comments she can handle the racy material. He lures her to the balcony with grilled food. After eating he gives her a cell phone. He shows her how to speed dial him. He gives her a transit card. The time has come, keep her promise and tell him what he wants to know or leave. She recalls him saying that promises are meant to be kept. She asks him to promise the first snow to be the next time they meet. He doesn’t understand why. She says she’ll tell him something on the first snow. He wants to know now. She won’t tell him. She points to Namsan Tower and says they’ll meet there on the first snow (that’s a nod to Boys Over Flowers). He doesn’t want to. Sim Chung says if he promises to meet her, she’ll leave. He promises. She leaves. He won’t meet her eyes when she walks past him. But he does watch her go from the balcony. He hurries back to the phone. He turns on the locator application. LOL! Her phone’s GPS location is being displayed on his phone. Got to love technology! Joon Jae vows to find out what she’s about.

Sim Chung explains to fish in a container that she traveled far to be next Joon Jae, live with him and love him, not be a parasite in his life.

LOL, Jo Nam Doo and Tae O (who silently holds up the cold weather report), can’t believe Joon Jae kicked Sim Chung out into the cold. Jo Nam Doo can’t understand how Joon Jae saved her yesterday only to kick her out today. LOL! Jo Nam Doo and Tae O (who silently holds up the increase in violent crimes statistics) can’t believe Joon Jae sent Sim Chung into the violent city alone. Joon Jae smacks Tae O’s head and tells him not to glare. Jo Nam Doo tells Joon Jae that he can’t let a clueless Sim Chung wander alone. Joon Jae checks the app and sees Sim Chung is heading across the bridge. He leaves the house to follow, stumping Jo Nam Doo and Tae O why he is leaving the house.

Jo Nam Doo tells Tae O he’s just found a new mark to fleece, a car with an elite sticker. Ahn Jin Joo (Joon Jae’s mother’s employer) happens to be the woman in the car. Turns out Jin Joo holds onto money and is the perfect pigeon to fleece. LOL, when the dog car employees think that Joon Jae’s mother is the customer. At home, an irritated Jin Joo fires Joon Jae’s mother. As she walks to the clothing bin, she slumps down, not knowing her husband’s second wife, Seo Hee, is driving by in her car. Seo Hee visits Jin Joo thanking her for the food (cooked by Joon Jae’s mother) that her finicky husband (Joon Jae’s father) lapped up. She leaves before Joon Jae’s mother returns. Happy that her rich friend liked the food gift, Jin Joo rescinds the firing claiming she only wanted her to drop the clothes off. Jin Joo is conciliatory and Joon Jae’s mother gives in to the soothing words.

The homeless lady tells Sim Chung that it is getting cold and to pick warm clothes. Sim Chung wishes she had a home like the ladies across the street (Joon Jae’s mother and Jin Joo). The homeless lady explains they don’t own the house, the bank does. The homeless lady sagely states they have no debt unlike most people. They only have to worry about the air, warmth, and hunger. When Sim Chung wants to know how to make money, the homeless lady shows her how to hand out flyers. Joon Jae spies her and hides. He looks divine in black leather pants and a mustard suede jacket. He doesn’t like it when the flyer manager berates Sim Chung’s lack of progress. Joon Jae has the man’s car towed! Joon Jae pays people to take the flyers. Joon Jae pays a woman to give Sim Chung a scarf and a snack. As she’s getting paid the woman asks if Joon Jae plans to marry the flyer girl. Joon Jae denies this. The woman laughs, she knows love when she sees it. When a man asks Sim Chung for her phone number, she is confused. When he asks to see her cell phone she pulls it from her pocket. Just then Joon Jae calls her. He warns her that if a man asks for her phone number, he’s a bad man. Sim Chung shoots a looking at the man who asked for her number. LOL! This show has charm! Joon Jae encourages her to bite the man. Sim Chung bares her teeth and the man leaves. Ha! She spots him when the cart he was hiding behind moves. Ha! She asks if he’s following her. He turns it around and asks if she’s following him. She denies it. He pretends to be busy and start to leave. She stops him and whispers that she’s earning money and will give it all to him. Sweet! He can’t help but be captivated as she scampers off with a smile and continues to hand out flyers. The look on his face when she whispered to him…perfect. Did he just swoon? She’s genuine and cares about him. He feels this and he’s like a moth to her flame. I love these two!

Joon Jae’s father walks with Chi Hyeon and talks business. As he takes his leave, Chi Hyeon asks if he should search for Joon Jae. His father admits he’s already looking for Joon Jae. Chi Hyeon recommends that he keep that fact a secret. Clueless to his wife’s hatred of Joon Jae, he doesn’t understand. Chi Hyeon tells him to keep it quiet and smiles. Hmm, I’m thinking that Chi Hyeon isn’t a bad guy. Am I right?

Dae Young approaches Sim Chung as she hands out flyers. Even though he doesn’t look at her straight in the face, she recognizes him. It begins to rain and she runs for shelter. Dae Young realizes that she knows his face.

Sim Chung ducks under an awning.

Chi Hyeon sits outside Joon Jae’s home and listens to a weather report saying the rain will turn to snow.

Joon Jae stands inside the house and listens to the weather report that this will be the first snow of the season.

lbs_ep5_11ab lbs_ep5_11aa
The little girl that Sim Chung took money from sees her. The little girl asks if Sim Chung if hassling kids for money. Sim Chung shows the flyer and declares she’s earning money. She asks if this is the first snow. The little girl confirms it. Sim Chung asks how to get to Namsan Tower. The little girl asks if she is going to meet Joon Jae. It seems the little girl heard Sim Chung’s “real voice” surprising Sim Chung. The little girl advises Sim Chung take a taxi if she has money or a bus otherwise. Sim Chung thanks the little girl and dashes away. Terrific that the writer featured the little girl again. Their exchange had a sweet tenor. Nice!

Joon Jae bemoans the snow and how his life has changed since Sim Chung arrived. He checks the phone app and sees Sim Chung is headed to Namsan Tower. He stares at Namsan Tower. He dresses and takes off for Namsan Tower in his car. Sim Chung is going by bus. Chi Hyeon is following Joon Jae in his car.

When Sim Chung gets off the bus, she starts to cross the street just after Joon Jae drives by. They don’t see each other. Sim Chung stands in the cross walk and stares at the tower. No! She’s hit by a car! It looks like Chi Hyeon’s car!

Joon Jae drives off unaware that Sim Chung is lying in the cross walk only yards behind him.

Chi Hyeon gets out of the car and stares at the alive but not moving Sim Chung.

Sim Chung stares at the tower. She rolls to her back. She cries.

Joon Jae waits for Sim Chung wondering what’s taking so long. The app shows she’s nearby so he waits.

Epilogue in the past: Sim Chung is captive in the village pool. The children stare and then run off. But Sim Chung call out telepathically and one little girl hears her plea. Yep, it’s the little girl we know in the present. Nice!

Epilogue in the present: The little girl stand on her porch and tells her mother that the lady is asking for help. Her mother brings her inside.

My thoughts

This writer is producing superb scripts that the actors are doing a stellar job bringing to life. I love how the past is now being woven into the episode multiple times, not just the front segment. I love how the initial past segment sets the stage for what happens in the episode. I love the humor. I love the sweet and tender caring between our leads. I like almost all the secondary characters. Before I resented them for stealing air time from our leads but they are contributing to the story now and enriching it. This show is working on all levels!

Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) saved her, kicked her out, and saved her again. He does care for her. He’s affected by her. She’s kind and openly enamored of him. She’s like the sparkly diamond in his life. He’s memorized. His step brother Chi Hyeon hit Sim Chung. Crosswalks in kdramas are death traps. You tense up every time a character crosses a street in a kdrama. What will Chi Hyeon do? Will he run or will he take care of Sim Chung? I don’t think Chi Hyeon is evil like his mother, but this is a measure of the man moment. Did I feel sorry for Cha Si A when Joon Jae brushed her off after finding the taxi? No, but it was too bad he didn’t see the picture of the vase. Will that trigger a reaction? We found out he painted the vase in the past, so that begs the question if it will cause a response in the present. Lee Min Ho has the harder role. He has to walk the line of caring but pretending not to care for Sim Chung. He’s the one in the dark and is trying to figure it out. He’s drawn to her but doesn’t want to succumb without the information she has. Lee Min Ho is playing this role perfectly. He’s appealing, caring, cool, but still on guard.

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) avoided danger at the beginning of the episode but not the end. Will this hurt her legs? Last episode they noted a land based mermaid’s Achilles Heel were her legs. I don’t want her injured. I love this character. Her exchange with Cha Si A – not letting her in the door and biting her finer – was terrific. I figured she could handle Cha Si A. She did. Both actresses brought it in that scene. And wasn’t the revisit with the little girl perfect? The writer has it going on! Even Jo Nam Doo and Tae O like Sim Chung. They berated Joon Jae for kicking her out of the house. Didn’t you love Tae O silent echoes of the verbal points Jo Nam Doo made when he held up the tablet? It was nice to see Jo Nam Doo act as a friend to Joon Jae. But I digress…back to Sim Chung. She lights up Joon Jae’s life with her love. She wanted to make money because she knows HE loves money. When she told him, the money was for him, he knew she spoke without guile. She captivates him. She captivates me. Gianna Jun is knocking this role out of the park. She’s perfection.

The fourth song of the OST has been released. Check out “Shy Boy” by Ha Hyun Woo in the video below.

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7 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 5 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I’m totally enjoying this, too kjtamuser. I know I’m the first to gripe about plot holes and supporting character storylines brought up and then abandoned; but for me, this doesn’t need to get any deeper or wrap things up in a meaningful way. It’s just fun. I’m along for the ride. 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      Good point, this is a fun show with appealing leads. I love knowing that I’m going to sit down and enjoy an episode when I watch. It makes me smile.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    This series is very enjoyable. I ❤ the parallels of the Joseon and contemporary stories,

    I few things I found to be noteworthy:
    • The Joseon incarnation of Joon Jae, Dam Ryeong, painted the mermaid vase Shi Ah has been working on.
    • Nam Doo has targeted Shi Ah’s sister-in-law (?) as their next mark.
    • Shim Chung recognized Dae Young from the night before, which likely put her life in danger.
    • The little girl (Yuna?) and her Joseon incarnation can hear Shim Chung’s mermaid voice.
    • Cha Hyun, Joon Jae’s step brother is not on his evil mother’s side.
    • Cha Hyun now has a connection with Shim Chung.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Excellent point on the parallels of the Joseon and contemporary stories. This writer ties the past and the present to each other. Each episode weaves the past and present closer and closer. All good observations. Let’s see how they play out.


    • Beez says:

      JT,I’m still not sure about step brother but I hope you’re right

      And the little girl is so cute…I could just squeeze her for days!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Well at least for now Cha or is it Chi Hyun is keeping Joon Jae’s address from his mother, although killer Dae Young knows, stepbrother must have his own agenda. Whether or not is evil has yet to be discovered.

        Beez, I totally agree the little girl is absolutely 💖 adorable! From her moxy to scold an adult (Shim Chung) for trying to mug her to feeding Chung and being the one who can hear the mermaid’s voice.


      • kjtamuser says:

        Ditto. The writer is clever to have a bigger arc for the little girl than a one-off encounter. That takes time to plot and I appreciate it.


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