Would I Date Him? Cinderella and Four Knights (part 2)

This time on Would I Date Him? I reflect upon the second leading man of Cinderella and Four Knights. The 2nd Knight, Kang Hyun Min, initially gave Prince Charming a run for his money with Cinderella with his copious charm and chemistry.

Our candidate: Kang Hyun Min portrayed by Ahn Jae Hyeon from the series Cinderella and Four Knights.

His Background: Charming self centered cad.  Hyun Min did not apologize for living life with all the trappings money could buy; cars, women, clothes, etc. He wanted to get his Grandfather’s attention by paying Cinderella to be his fake financee. Little did he know, that set the ball in motion that would change his world.

Pluses: Hyun Min was amusing and fun. His “don’t take life serious” attitude added to his breezy appeal. If he cared about you, consider yourself lucky.

Minuses:  Hid from the past with a no strings lifestyle. Once the past reared its head, Hyun Min took to his bed, literally. He went into a depression unable to deal with his past actions that he had suppressed for many years. He didn’t win the parent lottery and had a self centered mother (a plus, she does not interfere in his life).

Would I date him? Yes. Hyun Min is charming and appealing. Once he dealt with the past, he was ready to engage in a real relationship. I’d be willing to see if we connected.

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2 comments on “Would I Date Him? Cinderella and Four Knights (part 2)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Kang Min Hyun was such a cutie. He has looks, charm and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. I would go out with this knight in a heartbeat!

    I agree that Min Hyun dealt with his past he would be ready for a long term relationship. I would be happy to push aside Ji Hye (let her go to Paris) to snag this handsome prince.


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