Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 4 Recap

Our couple begins to gel again, but evil lurks nearby.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 4 Recap 

In the past, 1850 something…

Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) and Ma Dae Young (Sung Dong Il) learn that last night someone took clothes and shoes left a valuable pearl as payment. Dae Young tells his girlfriend that if he caught a mermaid, he’d force her to cry again and again and watch the pearls flow. He believes the clothes thief was a mermaid. His man says when a mermaid falls for a human, she’s unable to return to the sea. For a mermaid only loves once in their life, and they bet their life on that love. Dae Young realizes the mermaid loves Dam Ryung and therefore he has a unique opportunity to catch her because she will come. Dae Young asks his girlfriend to spread lies about the mermaid so the villagers fear her. This will force Dam Ryung to deal with the problem and the mermaid. That’s a cruel plan, to force Dam Ryung to deal harshly with the mermaid who he loves. It’s clear that Dae Young isn’t just greedy, he’s got an evil slant. The rumors work and the villagers demand that Dam Ryung take care of the evil mermaid.

Dam Ryung only cares that she came because he asked her to so they could watch the first snow together. Just like that the snowflakes begin to fall. Dam Ryung hold his hand and looks at the snowflake. Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) holds out her hand and looks at the snowflake. Dam Ryung tells his assistant that if Sim Chung risked her life to come to him, then he must do the same. He rides to find Sim Chung. His hat is growing on me.

Sim Chung walks along a path. Three men come up behind. Dae Young sent the men to hurt her legs (her weak spot). As they push Sim Chung to the ground and prepare to injure her legs, Dam Ryung appears and pushes the men away from Sim Chung. As he holds the men at bay, he turns and stares at Sim Chung.

Present day…

Dae Young’s whereabouts have been unknown for three months. We see him working at a construction site.

Ahn Jin Joo gets food from Joon Jae’s mother. She calls Seo Hee, the real estate developer’s second wife, Kang Seo Hee. We see Seo Hee, her husband (Joon Jae’s father?), and her son, Chi Hyeon, enjoying the delicious food. When the husband eats the crab, he flashes back to a family dinner with his first wife and a young Joon Jae. We have confirmation that he is Joon Jae’s father! His wife notices his wool gathering. He snaps out of it and tells his wife and Chi Hyeon to enjoy the crab too. Chi Hyeon reminds his step father that he has a shell fish allergy. This emphasizes the fact that he is not the biological child.

Later in the car, Joon Jae’s father asks his assistant if he knows Joon Jae’s whereabouts. His assistant comments that it’s only natural to think about Joon Jae on his birthday. The assistant says he doesn’t know where Joon Jae is currently living. His assistant encourages him to bridge the gap with his son. Joon Jae’s father admits that he only considers Joon Jae his son. Unbeknownst to him, his wife is listening in on their conversation. That surprised me! She’s not happy to hear her husband ask his Assistant to find Joon Jae. She calls Dae Young and tells him that Joon Jae will visit the museum today. Hmm, is she the present-day counterpart Dae Young’s girlfriend in the past? That’s low, sending a murderer after Joon Jae with instructions to make him disappear.

As Dae Young enters the aquarium, Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) is in another corridor searching for Sim Chung. Joon Jae spots Sim Chung. She sees him. He approaches. Loads of stare time between our couple. He asks if she knows him. She doesn’t answer but the tears in her eyes indicate he means something to her. The men chasing Sim Chung call to Joon Jae to secure Sim Chung to they can apprehend her. She tries to go past Joon Jae, but he holds her near. The men thank Joon Jae. Using his inner pocket rolodex of identity cards (love it), Joon Jae selects the police one, and claims that he’s there to take Sim Chung into custody. Sim Chung gives Joon Jae a knowing smile. The men watch Joon Jae lead Sim Chung away.

When they are clear of the men, Joon Jae draws Sim Chung aside, shows her the picture of them on his phone, and asks why they were together. She doesn’t understand how she’s inside a phone with Joon Jae (she doesn’t understand the concept of photographs). Joon Jae asks why she knows him, why there’s proof they were together in Spain, but he doesn’t know her. Joon Jae asks her name. Sim Chung says she doesn’t have a name but she’s been told she’s not strange. Didn’t Joon Jae tell her that? Joon Jae peppers her with questions, but he stops when security guards approach. When he sees them he puts his arm around Sim Chung and they stroll like they are a couple. Realizing it would be better to speak with her AFTER they leave the museum, Joon Jae takes her hand and they run through the aquarium. Sim Chung smiles remembering running down the beach to escape their pursuers. I like that he instinctively takes her hand. I like that the cliché wrist grab is not used.

lbs_ep4_5b lbs_ep4_5c
Outside the aquarium, Joon Jae drops Sim Chung’s hand. I love how she feels the loss of his touch. He wants to know what happened in Spain. Why can’t he remember her? He tells her if she refuses to share, then he won’t waste his time with her. He strides away. Sim Chung shadows Joon Jae. He tells her unless she wants to share information, she must stop following him. She says nothing. Joon Jae strides away and loses her as he enters an underground passage way to the Han River public area. She looks around but doesn’t see Joon Jae. Instead she is approached by a man who claims to be a Buddhist ascetic (the subtitle notes he is a con man pretending to be a Buddhist). He claims he can understand her past ancestor who are resting in the ground. Sim Chung says her ancestors aren’t in the ground. Ha! She’s right. Her ancestors are in the sea. He tells her that he’s able to tell that fortune will come her way. He starts to guide Sim Chung to the parking lot but they run into Joon Jae. Sim Chung is happy to see him. The con man asks who Joon Jae is. Joon Jae quips that he’s an ancestor come to stop him. It takes a con man to know a con man! Joon Jae pick pockets the man’s wallet. The man claims he’ll call the police but Joon Jae knows that is a bluff. Instead the man promises to leave if Joon Jae returns his wallet. Call me petty but I liked Joon Jae holding the wallet just out of reach of the man.

lbs_ep4_7blbs_ep4_7c  lbs_ep4_7a
As Joon Jae strolls down the walkway, Sim Chung holds onto his coat. He lectures that some men only exist to trick her. When a group of skateboarders zip by, Joon Jae pulls Sim Chung into him, so she won’t be hit. She stares at him with longing. Joon Jae is startled to see her looking at him like that. When fireworks go off, she knocks him to the ground and covers him. She says she’ll protect him from the gun fire. Joon Jae manages to push Sim Chung away and gently tells her to look at the sky because it isn’t gun fire she heard. He tells her that before protecting another, she must protect herself first. He tells her reversing the order is a bad idea. She’s mesmerized by the fireworks. She wonders if the explosions in the sky are hot. Joon Jae asks if this is her first time seeing fireworks. Sim Chung recalls Joon Jae telling her about the fireworks at the Han River. She confirms this is her first fireworks display. They watch together. Joon Jae marvels at the innocent wonder in Sim Chung’s eyes. She notices everyone taking pictures with their phones and asks Joon Jae what is happening. He can’t believe she is that ignorant. But he doesn’t look at her disdain, but surprise. Joon Jae snaps a picture of the fireworks. Looks like he’s carrying a Samsung edge. That’s the subtler product placement I prefer. He shows Sim Chung the picture. She asks why he doesn’t take pictures like everyone else. Joon Jae says he’ll remember the moment. Sim Chung takes his hand and puts it over his heart and asks if he’ll keep the moment in his heart. He recalls his mother taking him to the fireworks display and taking his hand, putting it on his heart, and telling him to remember this moment whenever he’s sad. His mother said he’d think about the beautiful fireworks, the happy day, and that would make him feel better. Shaken by the memory, Joon Jae asks Sim Chung why she speaks to him informally. He tells her he’ll do the same. But Sim Chung does not listen, she’s enraptured by the fireworks display. Joon Jae has to smile and switches gears and enjoys the fireworks display too.

Joon Jae’s mother watches the fireworks, a wistful look on her face. Jin Joo and her boyfriend notice. The boyfriend wants to watch golf. Joon Jae’s mother tells him to wait. When she is doing with the fireworks she tells him to switch the channel to golf. Jin Joo can’t believe that her boyfriend did as the maid directed. Her boyfriend says her demeanor demands that he do as she requests.

lbs_ep4_6b lbs_ep4_6a
Dae Young reports to Seo Hee that he’s watching Joon Jae at the fireworks display. He asks how she knew he’d come. Seo Hee tells him coming to the fireworks is a habit that Joon Jae will never break. She flashes back to telling Joon Jae as he was leaving for the fireworks, that his mother would not meet him there are she hoped. Instead, she told him that his father paid his mother bit money to stay away. Seo Hee taunts him that his mother would have to return the money IF she saw him again. She cruelly tells Joon Jae that his mother liked money more than she liked him. Ouch! That’s mean to say something like that to a child! When Joon Jae’s father enters the room, Seo Hee makes it look like she was comforting Joon Jae not hurting him with hateful words. She directs Dae Young to determine where Joon Jae lives. Dae Young agrees.

Sim Chung asks Joon Jae if she can come to his house. He tells her that’s not proper. Joon Jae presses her for details of their joint past. She won’t talk. He writes something on her hand and starts to leave. Dae Young starts toward Sim Chung. Joon Jae stops the car. He can’t leave her alone. Yes!

As Joon Jae drives Sim Chung gazes out the window. He has a flashback to their car ride. When he puts up the window, she looks at him and says she likes being with him. He has a flashback to hearing her say “I love you” and waking on the beach. Wanting to compare the voice in his head to her voice he starts to ask her to say “I love you” but he can’t get the words out as she stares at him. He notices someone is following them. He manages to elude Dae Young who is angry that he lost Joon Jae.

Cha Si A stares at an ancient vase with a picture of a mermaid kissing a man underwater. She thinks of Joon Jae.

Joon Jae brings Sim Chung into his home shocking Jo Nam Doo and Tae O. She spots the outdoor pool and runs to it. She points at the pool and asks why there isn’t anything to eat in there. Ha! Joon Jae tells her to come to kitchen if she wants something to eat. She watches as Tae O reheats noodles. She carefully blows on the noodles and wraps them around the fork (like Joon Jae taught her in Spain). Jo Nam Doo asks where she lives. Sim Chung says it is far away. Jo Nam Doo doesn’t want her there. Joon Jae reminds him it is his house. Besides that, he’s curious about what she’ll say about the bracelet. He pulls the jade bracelet out of his pocket, slides it to Sim Chung, and asks if she recognizes the bracelet. She tells him she gave it to him because he liked it. Jo Nam Doo says she can’t give away things like that. He reaches for the bracelet. Joon Jae stops his hand. Sim Chung claims she has many things like that at her house. That gets their attention. Jo Nam Doo says he’ll help her adjust to living in Seoul. In return, she’ll give him at item from her home. Jo Nam Doo is all about money! Joon Jae doesn’t understand how he recognizes the bracelet but not her. Sim Chung looks down and won’t answer. Jo Nam Doo asks her name. She says she doesn’t have a name. Seeing this is important, she asks Joon Jae to name her. Jo Nam Doo suggests a name that sounds like Audrey Hepburn. Joon Jae counters with Shim Cheong Yi which matches her clueless state. Jo Nam Doo chides Joon Jae for that but Sim Chung loves it. Everyone smiles now that she has a name.

lbs_ep4_10b lbs_ep4_10a
She dashes to the couch and introduces herself to Tae O. The doorbell rings. It’s Cha Si A come to stalk Joon Jae into romance. Cha Si A immediately spots Sim Chung when she walks into the room with a birthday cake for Joon Jae. Sim Chung quickly realizes Cha Si A wants Joon Jae. She approaches, stand next to Joon Jae and introduces herself to Cha Si A. LOL, her stance, her stare, her firm “don’t mess with me” voice! The robot vacuum startles Sim Chung and she wraps herself around Joon Jae surprises him, amusing Jo Nam Doo and irritating Cha Si A. That was a bit silly. When the birthday cake candles are lit, Sim Chung can’t control herself. She blows out the candles and grabs the cake with her hand and begins to eat. That stuns everyone. Joon Jae tells her to eat slowly. Cha Si A cuts a sliver from the cake and urges Joon Jae to eat off her fork. He doesn’t want to but Jo Nam Doo intervenes telling Joon Jae not to hurt Cha Si A’s feelings. They definitely seem to be working together to get Joon Jae to fall for Cha Si A. Remember how money passed between them in a previous episode? I don’t think Jo Nam Doo is Joon Jae’s friend for the right reasons. Sim Chung watches Cha Si A’s delicate eating she tries to mimic this (as much as she can eating out of her hands). Sim Chung can’t help but notice Cha Si A’s flirting with Joon Jae (though to his credit, he does not response in kind).

Jo Nam Doo and Cha Si A talk outside the apartment. She’s not happy Sim Chung is there. Jo Nam Doo says that the girl isn’t all there mentally and Joon Jae feels sorry for her. Cha Si A demands that Jo Nam Doo watch Sim Chung closely. He agrees.

But where will Sim Chung sleep? Turns out there is an enclosed loft room that requires ladder access. Sim Chung is charmed. Joon Jae says she can stay while he’s trying to figure out their mystery connection. Of course, the loft is in his bedroom. That’s a good thing for Sim Chung. Proximity is key. She jumps on her bed until Joon Jae says he can hear everything and tells her to go to bed. He smiles to himself, her charming innocence is capturing him. I love that even though he doesn’t know her in his head, he feels her in his heart. Lovely!

Dae Young walks through neighborhoods looking for Joon Jae. He sees the tower in the distance and smiles.

Sim Chung wakes, bounces out of her bed, opens her access door, spots Joon Jae sleeping in his bed, and calls for him to wake to they can eat breakfast together.

LOL! Sim Chung tells the food prep machine to hurry. That never works for me. She’s startled again by the floor vacuum.

Dae Young goes door to door in the neighborhood looking for Joon Jae and Sim Chung. He doesn’t spot Joon Jae drive past him. When a man is suspicious of him and gets his phone out to call the police, Dae Young looks at him with menace.

At a mall Joon Jae has flashback to snippets of his mall shopping with Sim Chung though he never sees her face, but he remembers the dress shopping, the shoe shopping and the elevator. Frustrated, he can’t believe he remembers but doesn’t remember enough for this to make sense. Ah, he can’t remember HER because she erased herself from his memories. It took me a second to recall that.

Driving home in the rain, Joon Jae has more flashbacks to being pursued but he’s alone in these flashbacks. He calls Jo Nam Doo who tells him to stop before he’s at the house. Joon Jae stops the car and Jo Nam Doo comes outside point to the police questioning the driver in the car in front of him. Jo Nam Doo tells him their neighbor next door was murdered and the police are questioning everyone about it. Jo Nam Doo says he told Tae O not to return home. Jo Nam Doo warns Joon Jae that Detective Hong, who has a grudge against Joon Jae is leading the police inquiry. Joon Jae realizes Sim Chung is alone in the house and worries. Hey Joon Jae, what was it you told her about taking care of yourself first, then others? Jo Nam Doo tells Joon Jae to leave or the police will notice the car and want to question him. Detective Hong tells another officer he’s sure the murderer was Dae Young because the murder weapon was a hammer. The officer counters that the victim was a loan shark, it this was likely a revenge crime. A man in a yellow police rain gear watches the officer talk and walks away. Is it Dae Young?

Sim Chung wonders why Joon Jae hasn’t come home. She accidently turns on the TV and is transfixed by a kdrama. I know the feeling. When the episode ends on a cliff hanger she’s frustrated. We see the man in the rain coat walk to the front door. His shoes look like Dae Young’s shoes. I don’t like this. He rings the doorbell. Sim Chung wonders if Joon Jae is at the front door.

Joon Jae recalls telling Sim Chung that one must take care of himself first, then others later. He stares at the waiting police. What will he do?

Sim Chung opens the door and sees Dae Young. He’s surprised and pleased to see her. He smiles.

Joon Jae decides he’ll must save Sim Chung. He drives toward the police officers looking like he intends to drive through them.

Epilogue in the past: Joon Jae’s mother directs Jin Joo to open all the jars to the air. The camera pulls back and there are many jars. Jin Joo isn’t excited but agrees to do so. When she’s almost done, Joon Jae’s mother directs her to put all the lids back on. Ha! It’s better to be the person with power! Jin Joo’s boyfriend offers to help but Joon Jae’s mother directs him to deliver a letter instead. Before Jin Joo’s boyfriend leaves, Jin Joo complains about their treatment and hopes that if they meet in another life, they’ll be a couple. Jin Joo’s boyfriend promises to be rich in his next life. He asks what she wants to be in the next life. As Jin Joo hears Joon Jae’s mother call for her, she grimaces and declares she wants to reverse roles and be the master! LOL! That happened!

My thoughts

This couple has chemistry even when one of them doesn’t remember the other. This episode made the other characters more important. Before I’d seen them as obstructions to our couple. And in many ways, that’s what they are. Cha Si A obviously wants Joon Jae. Jo Nam Doo and Cha Si A seem to be working together. Dae Young is being paid by Joon Jae’s father’s second wife to find Joon Jae because she’s jealous that her husband considers Joon Jae his true son and discounts her son (who is not blood related). Dae Young took a menacing turn this episode. He oozed evil. I was not happy to see sweet Sim Chung come face to face with evil Dae Young at the end of the episode. Will Joon Jae save her or will he get caught by the police before he can reach her?

Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) couldn’t shake his past memories of the time in Spain. Those memories don’t include Sim Chung because she erased herself from his memories with that kiss underwater (last episode). He can’t deny the pull to Sim Chung. He couldn’t leave her at the Han River even though he’d slipped away from her undetected. He couldn’t let that con artist take advantage of her. He dealt with that guy effectively. He chided her for protecting him before protecting herself when she thought the fireworks were gun fire. But when he was faced with the same situation, Sim Chung potentially being in danger, he acted based on his emotions and did exactly what he told her not to do. Just like the past flashback, he went to her rescue. He may not be able to remember her with his head, but he remembers her with his heart. The chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Gianna Jun is excellent. They have a vibe that is comfortable but the underlying yearning between them is there. I like this couple!

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) managed to get Joon Jae to agree to take her to his house. She is delightfully charming as she experiences new things. I wasn’t wild on her fear of the robotic vacuum because that seemed forced and silly, but that is a nitpick. What I am wild on is the pull Sim Chung has on Joon Jae (and vice versa). They are like magnets drawn together. She won’t tell him what he wants to know. She confirmed the jade bracelet was a gift from her. But she’s not divulging the rest of the story. Now she’s come face to face with evil incarnate. Will Joon Jae come to her rescue? Will she deliver a hard hit if Dae Young threatens her?

The pretty third song of the OST is released. Check out “Lean On You” by Jung Yup.

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5 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 4 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    The moment I saw the actress playing the step mother (Hwang Shin-Hye), I cringed. I told myself “C’mon now. Be logical, just cause she’s played irredeemable characters in the past, that’s the role, not her. This will probably be different”. But it’s the exact same role of golddigging mistress who pushed out the wife that I’ve seen her in at least 4 times. Although, I suppose she’s cast because she’s good at it but I would so like to see her in a different role do I can quit having such an immediate strong lip-curling reaction to seeing her.

    BTW, what was up with the little boy who ran into the mermaid’s arms at the acquarium?


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Beez has a good point wondering about the implication of the child who ran into Sim Chung’s arms at the aquarium–it had an air of significance to it..

    STEPMOMMY DEAREST – I’m not familiar with the actress playing the step mother (Hwang Shin-Hye), but I can understand Beez’s irritation with seeing certain actors/actresses playing the same type of part over and over again, it makes you wonder if they are typecast or have a limited range of acting. I truly respect actors/actresses who believably play diverse parts.

    When stepmom was introduced at the golf course we learned she kicked out Joon Jae’s mother. Which I think also reveals the poor character of his father, even though we know stepmom is a piece of work. We are just beginning to fathom the depth of stepmom’s depravity as we discovered she has the escaped murderer’s cell number on speed dial. We have seen this piece of…work try to manipulate young Joon Jae and his dad, bug her husband’s car and put a hit on Joon Jae. She wants to literally eliminate any competition for being his dad’s beneficiary…hmm…how long will it be before she eliminates the husband?

    BLAH CHA SHI AH – I do not care for Cha Shi Ah, even though she is not as nasty as her sister-in-law. She is scheming, manipulative and trying to use his associates to snag him. The air with thick with jealousy as Shi Ah encountered Sim Chung at Joon Jae’s house. Get a clue Shi Ah, you have known him for many years and he has yet to nibble on your bait…time to cut bait. However, Shi Ah will likely be the connection that brings Joon Jae back to his mother and her expertise in material culture may come in handy.

    YOO RAN’S KARMA – I laughed at Joon Jae’s mom getting karma from her Joseon life at the hand of her present day employer, who was her Joseon servant. I can hardly wait to hear Yoo Ran’s backstory, discovering her motivation for abandoning Joon Jae (one could assume protecting him from evil stepmommy) and finding out if she is a mermaid. Ultimately, I hope Yoo Ran will reunite with her son and the ex-husband realizes what he dope he was for letting the gold-digger take over his life.

    JOON JAE’S DÉJÀ VU – Joon Jae continued to have déjà vu moments in regards to Sim Chung and Spain he does seem to “remember her with his heart”. I ❤ our OTP and concur with @KJT they have great chemistry and there is an “underlying yearning between them”. I like where this story is going!

    GETTING A NAME AND KICKING BUTTS – Sim Chung happily accepted the name Joon Jae gave her in jest. Sim Chung may be naive, but I think she will kick murderer Dae Young’s butt. Her kick seems to be a reflex and she has martial arts skills, courtesy of Bruce Lee, but having Joon Jae as a backup is not a bad idea. I hope she is not taken off guard and reacts quickly.


    • kjtamuser says:

      reveals the poor character of his father
      Disappointing to see Joon Jae’s father be a subpar person. But he considers Joon Jae his heir. I was surprised the evil stepmother bugged her husband’s car/phone. Good grief, who thinks about doing this? An insecure person. And what can an insecure person want to do? Remove the obstacle that makes them insecure. With a father and stepmother like that, I understand why Joon Jae has gone underground and plays off the social grid.

      I do not care for Cha Shi Ah…She is scheming, manipulative and trying to use his associates to snag him
      Agreed. I think Sim Chung can take her down and I look forward to that. That Shi Ah’s a user and Joon Jae’s associate Jo Nam Doo is willing to be used saying a lot about him. I like the word associate. I don’t think he’s really Joon Jae’s friend.

      Sim Chung may be naive, but I think she will kick murderer Dae Young’s butt. Her kick seems to be a reflex and she has martial arts skills
      I hope so. I’m a bit nervous because the past flashback made the point that a land based mermaid’s weakest point is her legs. That seems counter intuitive to the massive power Sim Chung has shown in her legs. Bottom line, I don’t want her injured.


  3. Beez says:

    Almost forgot – The subs I watched on Viki added a nice bit of meta – the con man trying to take the mermaid over to his van is the actor that starrred with Giana Gun in her breakout role “My Sassy Girl” (the original. There have been tons of sequels and rip offs). And he uses the word “sassy” while talking to her. I saw that movie years ago and the sassy girl irritated me and I always forget it was Giana Gun until somebody reminds me.

    Last night, I watched Assassination (Netflix has it) which is starring Giana Gun. I had heard it was good and after watching GG in mermaid, I thought I’d check it out. It was very good but it’s a serious movie and I prefer rom-coms.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I read that Giana Gun did My Sassy Girl which I have not seen. I enjoy when shows reward actor’s fans by nods to their previous works. Fated to Love You did many nods to both stars’ past works and it was enjoyable to spot them or have others point out the ones I missed.

      I don’t seem to watch that many movies now a days. I went on a streak last year, but I’m off them now. Sometimes the 2 hour movie versus the 1 hour kdrama finds me feeling the movie takes too much of my time.


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