Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 2 Recap

Our leads potential becomes even clearer.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 2 Recap

In the past, 1850 something…

Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) finds Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) on the rocky shore late at night after chasing an errant wish lantern. The voiceover tells us they have a fated bond. But the voice is actually someone telling Ma Dae Young (Sung Dong Il), village leader who has a grudge against Dam Ryung, that Dam Ryung and Sim Chung will meet again. Dae Young realizes if he wants to capture Sim Chung he need only follow Dam Ryung. That puts an evil smile on his face.

lbs_ep2_1blbs_ep2_1a Sim Chung surprises Dam Ryung by speaking. He asks why she didn’t speak the first time they met. Sim Chung tell him she did. Flashback to when they first locked eyes on each other and she thought “save me”. Sim Chung explains that mermaids are telepathic so they don’t need to speak. Dam Ryung asks if humans can ever hear a mermaid. She tells him once a boy loved a mermaid and heard her voice. How did that turn out he wonders? Sim Chung doesn’t tell him because villagers are approaching. Dam Ryung wants to meet again. They agree the wish lantern will be their signal to meet.

Dae Young’s spy tells him that Dam Ryung made an unusual request of his soldiers.

Sim Chung breaks the surface of the cove and finds the sky lit by many wish lanterns. Dam Ryung comes toward her standing on a boat. The visual was great but it struck me odd that Dam Ryung’s boat was drifting without aid of a paddle. How does she look that good wet?

In the present…

lbs_ep2_3blbs_ep2_3a Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) Joon Jae puts the umbrella over Sim Chung’s head and she smiles at him offering her hand. He pulls her up and put the umbrella over both of them. He claims he came back because it is rude to leave without saying goodbye. He claims after this conversation he’s gone. As she wraps her arms around herself, he knows she’s cold. He can’t leave her behind. As they drive through the rain, Joon Jae notices she’s cold even with a blanket and his jacket draped around her. He stops and gets her some hot tea to drink. He blows on the hot drink. She blows on the hot drink. She downs the drink quickly. He can’t believe she’s got no one. He can’t believe she’s wormed her way into his existence.

lbs_ep2_4blbs_ep2_4a They arrive at World’s End Hotel. They are shown into an opulent castle suite. Sim Chung is fascinated with how the hotel access card turned the lights on in the room. As Joon Jae leaves to get a shower and freshen up, Sim Chung stares at the access card. She can’t resist and pulls it out. The light turn off. She pushes it in. The lights go on. She repeats this many times until Joon Jae exits the shower. Clad in a robe he wants the access card. She puts it behind her back. He has to press close to retire it. When he turns the lights on he stares into her eyes and wonders if she’s playing him. Her face confirms this. Joon Jae tells her he likes smart women. Sim Chung just stares at him with her big eyes. He can’t take it and tells her to stop. He wants her to understand. She was alone on a rainy night and he took pity on her. This is a one night favor. She’s not to assume he’s personally interested. She looks down. Joon Jae declares it is futile to want a personal relationship. She stares at his sliver of his chest exposed by his robe. Feeling her eyes, he closes his robe, heads to his room, and locks the door. LOL, he’s usually the predator with women, not the prey. I enjoy his discomfort at the role reversal. I enjoy her pleasure at unnerving him.

lbs_ep2_5a lbs_ep2_5b
As Sim Chung strolls through the suite, Joon Jae’s phone has an incoming call. Sim Chung stares at the device, interested. On the other side of the phone call is Cha Si A, a girl that went out with Joon Jae before? Kang Seo Hee chides Cha Si A for being ignored. An older woman watches their exchange. Cha Si A declares she’s heading back to the lab. She tells her sister her work extends cultural heritage and is important. She leaves. Kang Seo Hee talks to the older woman who brags about her beautiful son. Kang Seo Hee wonders how he could come into the earth so blessed from such small stream. The mother counters he came from the wide, blue sea. She smiles as she leaves the room. Kang Seo Hee gets a phone call that Jin Ok is unable to visit because she was scammed.

Ah, Jin Ok is the woman that Joon Jae offered to transfer the money from the Virgin Islands to the Mediterranean island. Jin Ok is embarrassed that she got scammed. She orders her gaggle of men to find the con men. Her son is still in trouble, she’s embarrassed and her husband is under a tax audit. She tells her men catch the con men, especially the one that pretended to be the prosecutor (Joon Jae). She surprises her men when she says killing him is ok with her.

Joon Jae is watching a video on his laptop when Sim Chung crawls over the back of the couch to sit next to him. Sim Chung has no concept of personal space, she’s close to him. Joon Jae shifts away from her but she follows. Sim Chung grabs his laptop fascinated by the moving picture on the screen. Joon Jae stand and says he’s going to bed and she can watch as many videos as she’d like to. He heads to bed.

Sim Chung watches hour after hour of movies, some happy, some sad, and in between. The documentary about the sea catches her attention as she lovingly draws her hand over the screen.

The location of the hotel is stunning. Where was this filmed? I’ve got to google this.

The next morning Joon Jae finds Sim Chung still watching movies on his laptop. She looks at him blearily. He can’t believe she stayed up all night. Joon Jae gets a phone call from Nam Doo. He tells Joon Jae that they are in trouble. The people they scammed are looking for them and they aren’t happy. Joon Jae worries the Nam Doo has been caught. Not me, you, Nam Doo tells Joon Jae. They are closing him on him via his GPS location on his phone. Before Joon Jae ends the call Nam Doo offers to take the rare bracelet off his hands. Joon Jae’s response is to hang up. He runs to his room and packs. He rushes to the living room and snatches the laptop from Sim Chung. He says this is where they part, something urgent has come up. He rushes out of the hotel suite. Everything is quiet. He rushes back into the hotel suite. They’ve found him. He frets that he’s trapped.

The gaggle of men spread out to find him. Joon Jae locks the door. They burst into the room. It looks like Joon Jae’s bedroom. There is a makeshift bomb on a table. The men, at least 20 of them, fall to the floor. But when the clock counts down to zero, a silly song is played and nothing explodes. The men find sheets tied together to form a rope that Joon Jae lowered himself to the ground with. The leader rallies his men to search for Joon Jae.

Joon Jae and Sim Chung run down the beach with the gaggle of men in hot pursuit. Per google the filming location is in Goesan, Chungbuk, a mountainous yet scenic region in South Korea. They got the scenic part right!

lbs_ep2_7a lbs_ep2_7b
Joon Jae and Sim Chung run up the castle. Sim Chung kicks the men a couple of times toppling them like dominos. Joon Jae grabs a bike and beckons Sim Chung to get on the back. Sim Chung realizes this means she gets to be close with Joon Jae. She gets on the bike and wraps her arms around waist. Her smile is a mile wide. Love it! Seems only fair that she can ogle him.

lbs_ep2_7c lbs_ep2_7d
As they ride down the hillside, Sim Chung enjoys every moment. When two men come beside them on bikes, Sim Chung kicks one and swats at another effectively jettisoning them from their bikes. Joon Jae is none the wiser how easily Sim Chung dispatches the men. At the bottom of the hill, Joon Jae brags that he was so fast, the men couldn’t keep up with him.

lbs_ep2_8a lbs_ep2_8b
When they come face to face with a van full of men, Joon Jae pushes Sim Chung to the side and starts to fight. When more men come from behind Sim Chung dispatches them by flinging, kicking, etc. Mimicking the Bruce Lee film, she faces the remaining men. LOL! Love the split screen of Sim Chung and Bruce Lee. Brilliant, Mr. Director! Next she channels the boxing skills of Muhammad Ali and dispatches more men. Meanwhile Joon Jae is fighting completely unaware the Sim Chung is dispatching more men than he is. For the last man, she reverts back to Bruce Lee and gives the man a waggle her finger, ha! and then jettisons him with a hard quick. Bruce Lee would be proud! Joon Jae beats all his men and turns to find Sim Chung patiently waiting. He raises his fists in victory. But when a man holds a gun on him, his hands go up in surrender. Joon Jae tries to hypnotize the man into dropping the gun, but the man resists. The man tells Joon Jae he doesn’t want to involve the police. Joon Jae agrees involving the police are not needed. He allows himself to be put into the van. Sim Chung realizes that Joon Jae is leaving without her. Sim Chung runs to the van as it pulls away. Joon Jae looks at her through the window and shakes his head no, stopping her from following.

But Sim Chung won’t let Joon Jae leave without her. Sim Chung grabs a bike and pedals furiously catching up with the van. The men are shocked she can pedal that fast. She pulls up parallel. They hit the gas. Sim Chung cuts around and in front of the van. The men intend to run her down so Joon Jae grabs the wheel and it runs into a telephone booth not Sim Chung. Joon Jae exits the van and stands on the back of Sim Chung’s bike as she pedals away.

But the chase isn’t done yet. The men chase Joon Jae and Sim Chung into a maze. Joon Jae tells Sim Chung he’ll handle the men should they meet. Sim Chung sees the men behind them and allows Joon Jae to go ahead while she drops back and dispatches the men. Joon Jae realizes she’s no longer behind him and circles back scolding her to stick close so he can protect her. Ha! He’s clueless but isn’t an idiot. He’s cute puffed up in his ability to protect her not knowing she’s doing the heavy lifting in the protection department.

lbs_ep2_9a lbs_ep2_9b
Sim Chung takes Joon Jae’s hand and leads him out of the maze. He’s impressed. Cute how he calls her ding-dong. He picks the leaves out of her hair. She feels a pull. Does he? He takes her hand (love it!) and they bike back to town.

She stops for ice cream ice cream. He buys. She loves it, even the brain freeze.

Joon Jae calls someone for help. He’s surprised where they tell him to go.

Joon Jae and Sim Chung enter the church. The parishioners assume he’s the pastor. Joon Jae lets them believe it. Does the main greeter really know him or just his reputation? Joon Jae sees the curious stares on Sim Chung. He takes her hand and introduces her as his wife. Subliminal wish? He tearfully explains that she was in an accident and isn’t mentally 100% and cannot speak at this time. He longs to hear her voice again. This tugs on the heart strings of the parishioners. Sim Chung stuns Joon Jae and everyone else when she softly and clearly tells them she’s pleased to meet them and comments on the weather.

lbs_ep2_11a lbs_ep2_11b
Joon Jae takes her outside and asks why now did she start talking. Sim Chung replies that Joon Jae wished for her to speak, so she did. She wants to know why he claimed she was his wife. He backtracks and claims he meant friend not wife. He wants to know why she hid her ability to speak. She says until she pulled the all-nighter with the video box (laptop) she hadn’t fully grasped the language, but now she has. She stares at his eyes and says they are sparkling. He is pleased and says his eyes have always sparkled. He stares at her. She stares at him. Gosh, she’s pretty. Great lips. He claims his eyes have always been pretty. I love the role reversal this couple experiences intermittently. It is charming. He claims his mother always bragged about his natural appeal. Ah, the older woman before must have been his mother. She smiles while he talks and takes his grammar corrections without comment.

The guy in the church confirms that he is Joon Jae’s contact. He’s a member of CMC – Con Artists from Mensa Club. LOL! He’s there to help his fellow member. But there’s a catch. Joon Jae has to help scam people that attend a special service. Looks like the entire church is in on the scam! Joon Jae only has to sing a song that “numbs a person’s rationality and touches their heart”. Ha!

Joon Jae sings a pretty song and has the audience in the palm of his hand with his sweet song. Sim Chung loves it! The audience loves it!

After the service as an elderly man walk them to their lodgings, Sim Chung asks for water. She’s directed to the blue bottle water dispenser. Not understanding how to get the water she shakes the bottle. Joon Jae asks the man to pray for his fragile wife. They look over and see Sim Chung chugging the water while holding the big blue bottle. Ha! Joon Jae quickly amends his statement saying he’s thrilled his wife is getting stronger every day.

lbs_ep2_12a lbs_ep2_12b
In their room, Joon Jae can’t believe Sim Chung drank the entire bottle of water. She notes he sang about love. She asks what is love. Joon Jae says love is dangerous. He recommends she avoid it. She wants to know why. Joon Jae explains that love is surrender. You lose yourself when you love another. You believe whatever the person you love tells you. Sim Chung looks into Joon Jae’s eyes and says “I love you”. Taken aback Joon Jae tells her NOT to say that. Sim Chung then says she’s hungry.

While she eats noodles, Joon Jae wonders if she has amnesia. He tries to hypnotize her with the lighter but it doesn’t work. I like how smoothly Joon Jae rotates the lighter then flicks it on. It’s kind of mesmerizing. He explains what birth parents are. Sim Chung says she doesn’t have birth parents. Believing she’s an orphan, he tells her not everyone has birth parents. She asks about his parents. Joon Jae says his father is a nonentity in his life. He wishes he had a mother. What? Isn’t the older woman his mother? Are they separated from each other? He asks her name. She says she doesn’t have a name. That doesn’t faze him. He accepts her statement. Sim Chung asks if she was normal and had a name, could she be with him all the time? He backs away from calling her not normal. He claims he’s weird. He wants to go to the end of the world. She says he’s a good person. That makes him chuckle. He tells her she knows nothing about who he really is. She points out the obvious, he could have left her many times, but he took her hand and helped her. He has been a good person to him. She’s correct in that statement.

While Sim Chung sleeps, Joon Jae watches her. He looks at the bracelet. He puts it back on her wrist. Sweet! He comments that he grabbed items and run many times but this is the first time he’s returning something he’s taken. He tells her they will go together. To the end of the world.

The next morning, Joon Jae and Sim Chung walk with the other con man who gives Joon Jae money and a cell phone. Joon Jae thanks him. The con man thanks Joon Jae for increasing the offerings at the service yesterday. The con man tells Sim Chung that’s she’s his style. He hopes they’ll meet in Seoul one day. Sim Chung asks where Seoul is. The con man and Joon Jae laugh. The con man likes her sense of humor. He offers her his private number. Joon Jae takes her by the hand and whisks her away. The elderly gentleman thanks the con man for his generous contribution to the children that Joon Jae made on his behalf. The con man smiles a pained smile.

In a cute convertible Joon Jae calls someone and tells them he will see them in Seoul. After he hangs up Sim Chung asks where Seoul is. Joon Jae says that’s where he lives. Sim Chung closes her eyes and listens to the call of the ocean ask they drive the scene road along the sea.

lbs_ep2_13a lbs_ep2_13b
At the end of the world, they enjoy the vista. They walk to the edge. Sim Chung doesn’t understand why it’s called the end of the world when the start of the ocean is right in front of them. Joon Jae looks back to the tower and remembers himself as a young boy and his mother telling him that this spot was once believed to be the end of the world. His mother explains the lighthouse was built so Hercules could find his mother from the sea. She tells her son that people that are separate at the end of the world, will meet again. We see a young Joon Jae write his name on a monument. Adult Joon Jae shows Sim Chung the writing and says not many people now his real name. Sim Chung asks if separating her means a future reunion. Joon Jae says no, he separated from his mother and he’s not seen her since. He flashes back to a young crying Joon Jae looking for his mother but she was not found. Joon Jae says his mother left without a word, showing bad manners.

lbs_ep2_14a lbs_ep2_14b
Sim Chung notes his name written in another place. He stares at the Greek writing that says “I love you Joon Jae”. Flashback to his mother etching those words while crying. Joon Jae wonders if these words came from his mother as her way of saying goodbye. Sim Chung ask what the writing says. Joon Jae says the words are “I love you”. Sim Chung asks his mother lost and surrendered herself. Joon Jae has to laugh at her memory of his words. He confirms his mother lost and surrendered. He laughs. She smiles. He watches her smile at him with a kind of longing and hunger for what she innocently offers. Great look! He said a lot nonverbally! The meaning behind the “end of the world” location was richer than I expected.

lbs_ep2_15a lbs_ep2_15b
The gaggle of men arrive. Their leader calls Hercules. Joon Jae pulls out his gun. All the men pull out their runs. Joon Jae grabs Sim Chung’s hand and they run. The gaggle of men give chase. They run down the path, through the fields, and to the edge of the sea. They run to the cliff. The men have them trapped. Joon Jae drops his gun and raises his hands in surrender. Joon Jae tells the men to let Sim Chung go. The boss says the girl followed Joon Jae all day yesterday. Joon Jae claims she only followed him because he stole her bracelet. He holds up her wrist with the bracelet. Joon Jae pushes her toward the men and tells her to go. Sim Chung returns to his side stating she’s his wife. Angry, all the men point their guns at the couple. Joon Jae explains she doesn’t understand what wife means. The leader tells him to be quiet. Joon Jae asks Sim Chung why she didn’t leave when he told her to. He says they have few options. She stares at the swirling sea over the edge of the cliff. Joon Jae asks why she’s looking at the sea. Joon Jae says he’s afraid of heights and water. He’d rather be shot. Sim Chung doesn’t want him shot. He’ll die. Joon Jae counters he’ll drown in the water and die. She looks at the men. She looks at Joon Jae. She takes his hand. She jumps into the sea taking him with her. The men run to the edge but no one surfaces.

lbs_ep2_16a lbs_ep2_16b lbs_ep2_16d
Joon Jae floats down. Sim Chung turns into a mermaid and swims to him. He opens his eyes and sees her tail. He’s surprised. He recalls all the oddities about her that have no explanation. She kisses him.

My thoughts

Good second episode. This was lighter but still focused on building the bond between our couple. This is crucial. If they are going to return to “normal life” Joon Jae must be invested in Sim Chung and vice versa. These episodes that focus on building their relationship without distractions (other than the men chasing them) is important. What I like about this couple is their own kind of honesty and vulnerability with each other. The way she looks at him. The way he looks at her. He sees her faith in him. She found her voice and spoke to him. He shared the loss of his mother with her. This isn’t a surface only relationship they are building. I like the piece of the past’s puzzle at the beginning of each episode. This help heightens the fact that their relationship is one of fate and able to cross time boundaries.

Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) protected Sim Chung not knowing how much she actually protected him. You could argue all that was a bit silly but it mattered. She wanted to protect him just like he protected her. When she initially told him he was good, he rejected her words. But her simple explanation rang true and he saw it. He was good to her. She brought out something in him that hadn’t been tapped into in a long time. That’s why he felt comfortable sharing the loss of his mother. While I enjoy the charming cad con artist part of Joon Jae, I’ve also enjoyed the softer caring side that this episode revealed. He looks into her eyes or watches her sleep and you see it…she affects him…and he cares for her. Lovely!

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) protected Joon Jae while allowing him to believe he protected her. This showed that she was sensitive to his need to be the protector. But she didn’t give away her right to help. That’s what I’m enjoying about Sim Chung. She is not a cowering helpless female. She is capable and willing to help her man. And it is obvious she considers Joon Jae her man. She knows she affects him. She flirts. She wants him. She wants him to be hers. She’s starting to convince him that she’s right about them. I was happy to hear her speak this episode. I’m drawn to Sim Chung. I like her a great deal. She’s full of strength. I look forward to learning even more about her. Consider me a fan.

The first song of the OST is released. Check out “Love Story” by Lyn.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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8 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 2 Recap
  1. Review Leaver says:

    Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) and Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) really did further build both their characters and their relationship this episode.

    I loved that Sim Chung kicked butt more than Joon Jae, but lets him think otherwise. I loved that she didn’t gets to save him by riding a bike so fast that professional mafia dudes are aware of her ability to hand them their A–.
    She didn’t hide her attraction to Joon Jae, and is quite open about it. I loved that she is smart and strong, and in fact she brings out better strengths in Joon Jae. He gives back an item he stole for the first time, because he doesn’t wish to lose what she sees in him- something good. She has inspired him with her faith of what she sees in him.

    I also loved how smoothly he twirls the lighter, and Min Ho- Shi must have practiced that for months to get it so effortlessly.

    The flashes of the past are beautifully done and keep building a mysterious back story that is obviously very fate driven and important to this future they are in. I am so eager to hear it that I wish I could brain drain it out of the writer- it is that interesting and so romantically and beautifully cinimatographed.. Obviously it also seems like its going to be tragic past back story- so perhaps its better that I don’t know it yet.

    You summarized our leading lady’s effect very well with this paragraph:

    “She wanted to protect him just like he protected her. When she initially told him he was good, he rejected her words. But her simple explanation rang true and he saw it. He was good to her. She brought out something in him that hadn’t been tapped into in a long time. That’s why he felt comfortable sharing the loss of his mother. While I enjoy the charming cad con artist part of Joon Jae, I’ve also enjoyed the softer caring side that this episode revealed. He looks into her eyes or watches her sleep and you see it…she affects him…and he cares for her. Lovely!”

    It was. Great second episode. The Female lead continues to hold my fascination, and therefore I am totally invested in Joon Jae’s own attraction to her and their relationship going forward.

    Till Next Week!


    • kjtamuser says:

      she didn’t hide her attraction to Joon Jae, and is quite open about it…she is smart and strong…she brings out better strengths in Joon Jae…he doesn’t wish to lose what she sees in him- something good. She has inspired him with her faith of what she sees in him.

      You brought out the fact that he cares about her good opinion of him, subtle but important for him, her faith in him will spur his evolvution to be a better man.

      back story that is obviously very fate driven…I am so eager to hear it….seems like its going to be tragic past back story

      I like the structure of the episodes; an upfront next snippet of their back story, then the dive into the present for the remainder of the episode. This is clear and intriguing. I look forward to both parts of their story, the past and present.

      I agree that she is excellent (you cannot ignore that they play off each other wonderfully).

      Does she know who he is in the present?


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I enjoyed this episode. We learned more about Joon Jae and our OTP grew closer together. Hard to say what Joon Jae thinks about Sim Chung being a mermaid.

    The Joseon on flashbacks are helping with the backstory, but the final scene with removing the mud from the Joseon vase raised many questions for me. The man intertwined with the mermaid seemed to be modern, he had a short hair cut and seemed to be wearing a button down shirt, although we could not see the buttons. Why would this scene be on a piece of Joseon pottery? Are we going to have time travel back and forth? Is the modern mermaid the same merperson as the Joseon mermaid, a descendant, or a reincarnation? The Joseon mermaid spoke in private, but the modern one didn’t seem to have the ability until she she watched videos all night. By the way, I want a laptop with a battery that would stream videos all night and still have power. Sim Chung (modern) has the jade bracelet that was given to the Joseon mermaid by the magistrate. If she is the same mermaid, why didn’t she recognize Joon Jae as resembling the magistrate or be able to speak? Inquiring minds want to know.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Excellent questions. I look forward to finding out the answers.

      The flashbacks add a richness to the series story as it grounds the present day story and invests us in our couple quickly.


  3. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser – you mentioned a split screen of our heroine and Bruce Lee (I’m a Brice Lee fanatic) so I went back and rewatched that scene and still didn’t see the split screen of him. I wonder if you watched the director’s cut that’s being talked about?

    I am not a fan of all these different versions. If not for the recaps of Scarlet Heart Moon Lovers, I wouldn’t have known there were missing scenes to go find the full versions of the episodes. 😦

    Oh, I know, I’ll go try OnDemand Korea to see if they have that missing scene!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Beez, I watched this on Viki. I went back to watch the scene again and the video inserts of Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali were NOT there. As you know, I write the recap as I watch. Therefore I wrote what I saw. Now the Viki version no longer has those video inserts. I don’t know why. I’m not sure why they’d remove the video inserts. I remember trying to get a screen shot of the split screen of Sim Chung with Bruce Lee but wasn’t able to get a clear picture.


  4. Rosy Arenas says:

    Omo, this is the best drama of my prince Lee Min Ho. I just love him !!!!!


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