Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 1 Recap

This series starts well immediately showcasing our leads’ potential.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 1 Recap

In the past, 1850 something…

lbs_ep1_1blbs_ep1_1a After a great storm, people from a fishing village find a mermaid, Sim Chung (Gianna Jun). Wow, she’s pretty. Great lips. They bring her back and store her in a pond. Ma Dae Young (Sung Dong Il) village leader elects not to touch her as the legend is that a mermaid can wipe a man’s memory when he touches her.

The new town head Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) arrives. Lee Min Ho is looking handsome as ever though the hat isn’t the most flattering to his face. He’s not shy about proclaiming his good looks when the Dae Young compliments him. Dae Young comments that Dam Ryung is a widower at a young age. He mentions Sim Chung but no one from Dam Ryung’s party believes him. Dae Young offers to prove his claim. When he spots her, Dam Ryung is transfixed by the beautiful mermaid who is bound in a small pound in the village. Dam Ryung comes closer. He asks the Dae Young what he plans to do with Sim Chung. Press her for precious mermaid oil is the response. Dam Ryung curbs Dae Young’s plans. He knows that Dae Young overtaxed the citizens of the town and pocketed the difference. Dam Ryung says it’s a shame the penalty is death. Eager to avoid this, the Dae Young eyes Sim Chung and asks Dam Ryung if there’s anything he’d like. Dam Ryung is indeed interested in Sim Chung and chuckles that there may be something he’d like as he turns to look at Sim Chung.

Dam Ryung deposits Sim Chung back into the sea. He watches her from the boat. That was nice of him to return her to the sea!

Dae Young is not happy being called out by Dam Ryung. He vows that he will catch Sim Chung again. He also vows to get rid of Dam Ryung.

Sim Chung swims near the boat. She offers her hand to Dam Ryung.

Dae Young and his cohort watch from the beach. It’s best not to get mixed up with mermaids. What good could come of it? They declare they wouldn’t take Sim Chung’s hand. Will Dam Ryung?

Dam Ryung stares at Sim Chung. He reaches out and takes her hand. They stare at each other. I think she’s prettier than him, but that’s not a slam on him. The framing of this moment is lovely.

In the present…

lbs_ep1_4a lbs_ep1_4b

Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) is a lawyer, ladies’ man, and a con artist. I like his swagger! Neat treat turning items to roses after flaming the previous item. When the con team arrives to fix the broken elevators, a guard stops and asks for the normal repair man. Joon Jae quickly does a visual assessment of the man (I love those that can read nonverbal signs) and uses his lighter to hypnotize the guard into believing the normal repair man is standing by the elevator (he’s not it’s a girl instead). The guard sends the con team on their way.

Instead of fixing the elevator the con team takes over an office, and two them Jo Nam Doo and Joon Jae do this while Tae O sits on the roof’s edge (yikes) and monitors communication. That’s a bold plan, hijack someone else’s office to do in broad daylight.

Their prey enter the office to make a deposition. The woman’s son name was written on the suicide note from another boy. The mother isn’t happy that her boy is dragged into the morass left by the boy that killed himself. Tae O keeps the real prosecutors away by controlling the crosswalk lights. Tae O tells Nam Doo and Joon Jae that the prosecutors will be back in the office any minute. Nam Doo and Joon Jae invite their prey to lunch. The mother tells them she only cares about her son being cleared as they get on the elevator together. Joon Jae besmirches her secret account in the Virgin Islands. Ha! As they walk out of the building they pass the present day Dae Young who is handcuffed. He stares at Joon Jae as he passes. Joon Jae doesn’t notice him. Instead Joon Jae proposes that the mother allow him to move her money to a more secure location, an island in the Mediterranean. Hmm, isn’t not about the island but the banking system, right?

lbs_ep1_5a lbs_ep1_5b lbs_ep1_5c

Our con team arrive at the airport. Nam Doo assures the mother via phone all is well. Tae O strolls away without a goodbye irking Joon Jae. Then he takes off, leaving Nam Doo to comment that Joon Jae is the rude one.

Joon Jae flirts with the flight attendant. When she opens the blinds to the view she comments that islanders say that mermaids still live in the water. I’m betting that’s true.

We see 8 mermaids swimming through the sea. Sim Chung, Sim Chung we met in the past, breaks to the surface after finding a bracelet in the sea and putting it on her wrist.

A storm is approaching. Sim Chung fells the storm in the sea. Joon Jae watches the storm from a pier. Sim Chung gets caught up in the underwater churning.

lbs_ep1_6albs_ep1_6b Sim Chung wakes on the beach. She stands. She steps. She realizes she has legs! When she dives into a pool, her mermaid lower half reappears.

lbs_ep1_7a lbs_ep1_7b

Joon Jae wakes and strolls to the perch (next to the pool) he watched the storm from. Sim Chung spots him. He doesn’t see her. Joon Jae wakes from a nap. He hears something. He investigates and finds food strewn in a path to his closet. In the closet clothes are on the floor. He sees two legs. He pulls away clothes and it’s her! She’s wearing his sweatshirt (and it’s still hanging on a hanger). He asks what nationality she is. Sim Chung opens her mouth but nothing comes out. He comes close and she kicks him away sending him sprawling. He approaches trying to wrest her out. Sim Chung kicks him again and he goes flying. Having removed the hanger, she exits the closet with her fists in a defensive position. He doesn’t want another round of her kicks, so he tells her to put down whatever is in her hands. Sim Chung looks through the window and sees the sea. Escape is on her mind. Sim Chung dashes to the sea but doesn’t realize the window is solid. Smack into the window she goes. Ha! Sim Chung falls to the floor knocked out.

Sim Chung wakes bound by his ties. Joon Jae calls the hotel and reports an intruder. He pries open her hands wanting to know what she is clutching. It is a maraschino cherry. Ha! He tosses it to the floor. Sim Chung eats it. Her face says it wasn’t that tasty. Ha! When the police come, they lead her away in handcuffs. Joon Jae asks why the handcuffs. Flight risk is the police reply. They suspect she’s been committing burglary throughout the neighborhood. Joon Jae doubts that. He sees her bare feet with cuts on them. He watches the police take her away.

Back in his suite, Joon Jae looks at the photos he took of Sim Chung. He notices the bracelet she’s wearing.

lbs_ep1_8a lbs_ep1_8b

Sim Chung is riveted by the sights the ride in the back of the police car offers.  Sim Chung is startled by the automatic door into the police station. Joon Jae is dressed and tells someone on the phone the girl’s bracelet could be valuable. He says she’s weird.  At the police station, she doesn’t (and can’t) answer any of the questions. Sim Chung finds a box of tissues fun. The police aren’t happy that she avoids responding. When one of them yells at her, Sim Chung punches him and he goes flying. She picks up his gun and innocently aims it. The police flatten to the floor. Sim Chung puts the gun down and returns to her seat pulling tissues from the box. If the police didn’t think she was a bit off before, they should now.

Joon Jae is flirting with the flight attendant when he receives a text saying the bracelet is old, rare, and expensive, approximately $62K. Joon Jae is stunned. He realizes he let the bracelet slip through his fingers. The flight attendant gets his attention. She asks if the necklace he made magically appear is for her. Joon Jae’s eye is on the bracelet now so he shuts her down saying the necklace is for his mother and he has to leave. Ha! He strolls away leaving a stunned woman wondering why he changed from flirty to uninterested.

As Joon Jae walks to the police station, he learns the bracelet’s characters spell Dam Ryeong (his name in his past life) and give the wearer powerful kicks. Love that his name is on the bracelet! Joon Jae enters the police station and sees Sim Chung on the floor asleep clutching the tissue box in the jail cell. The jerk police officer asks why he’s there. Joon Jae asks that she be released as she didn’t steal anything. No way is the officer’s response. Joon Jae reads him. He whips out his lighter. He tells him the girl isn’t a stranger. She’s actually his wife! He suggests that the she’s wearing a wedding dress in the jail cell. The police officer hallucinates this. Then he hallucinates he’s outside with our couple. He unlocks the cell. Joon Jae offers the police officer her bouquet of flowers. Our couple walks away. In real life, the other cell occupants try and exit the cell and are locked by in another officer.

Outside the police station Joon Jae apologize to Sim Chung. He offers his hand in apology. She stares and doesn’t take it. Joon Jae motions to her bracelet. Sim Chung holds up her arms in a defensive stance. He holds up his hands to signal no aggression and tells her the bracelet is pretty. Sim Chung tries to mouth the word pretty. He offers to buy her present to make things right. He decides not to take her wrist and instead pulls are her sweatshirt to get her to follow him. at the crosswalk, she begins to cross on red and he pulls her back. Sim Chung assumes to pose of the character in the crosswalk light. Ha! he pulls her across the crosswalk when the light goes green.

lbs_ep1_10blbs_ep1_10a Joon Jae takes her to a mall. Sim Chung can’t cope with the escalator. Joon Jae sweeps her up into his arms. Nice move! Joon Jae notices the cuts on her feet and takes her to a shoe department. Sim Chung watches as he picks out ridiculous high heeled shoes and a sensible pair of flats. Sim Chung puts the shoes on her hands. Ha! Joon Jae puts them on her feet. Sim Chung is mesmerized by that.

When Joon Jae takes her to try on dresses, Sim Chung steps out of the dressing room with the dress on her head. Pink sequins, really? That’s the initial dress? Joon Jae gets a phone call and steps away. Sim Chung exits the dressing room (nice flair for comedy with the faces) and looks for him but he’s not around. Sim Chung walks the mall in the pink sequin dress that does not serve her well other than covering her body. Sim Chung is fascinated by juggling clowns and follows them. Joon Jae returns to the store but she’s gone. Joon Jae rushes to find her.  Joon Jae goes to the missing children location and finds her there licking a sucker. He’s relieved and a bit charmed. Joon Jae scolds Sim Chung for leaving without a word. He puts his arm on her shoulder and asks if she’s okay. He spots the bracelet. He’s relieved. Sim Chung stares at him and smiles. He smiles. Joon Jae offers to get her something to eat.

lbs_ep1_11a lbs_ep1_11b

Dining al fresco, Sim Chung shoves the spaghetti in her mouth. He’s embarrassed and people stare. Joon Jae shows her how to use a fork. As Sim Chung revels in two fists full of chocolate cake, Joon Jae makes his play. He whips out the lighter which startles her because of the flame. Joon Jae whips out the necklace and puts it on her declaring it pretty. He’s removed the bracelet but she doesn’t know it.

Having gotten what he wanted, Joon Jae takes her back to the mall and tells her to wait while he goes and does something. Joon Jae looks a bit guilty but still leaves her alone. Sim Chung watches him as he gets on the elevator and leaves. Sim Chung waits. She looks at her shoes.

Joon Jae tells his phone partner that he’ll be home in a week after he visits the world’s end, which appears to be a tower at the end of the island. He grabs his suitcase. He stares at the maraschino cherry on the floor before he strides out of the suite.

Meanwhile Sim Chung waits hoping the elevator will bring him back but it doesn’t. The mall closes. She’s told to leave.

lbs_ep1_21albs_ep1_12b Joon Jae drives in the rain and stops at a cross walk. He remembers Sim Chung’s stance at the cross walk.

Sim Chung sits in the lost children area. That’s sweet. A cleaning lady finds her. Two ladies push her out of the mall and into the rainy night.

lbs_ep1_13d lbs_ep1_13e lbs_ep1_13f

Sim Chung crouches hesitating to step into the rain. Joon Jae sees her and walk to her. Joon Jae holds the umbrella over her head. Sim Chung looks up and smiles. Sim Chung offers her hand. Joon Jae takes it. We’ve come full circle and established a likeable couple!

Epilogue of sorts…Sim Chung is waiting for Joon Jae at the missing children location. She grabs a girls sucker and speaks for the first time when she says wait. She thinks about the word wait and how it calms her knowing in the chaos, he’ll come for her. When Joon Jae does comes he’s irked but relieved she’s ok. Sim Chung thinks that he doesn’t want her to be hurt. That makes her smile. She knows something good will happen. Nice touch, revisiting the scene from her perspective and giving us her thoughts via a voiceover.

My thoughts

Good first episode. It’s often hard for a first episode to be engaging or create instant chemistry between the audience and the characters. But Legend of the Blue Sea caught my fancy. I liked the leads in meeting in the past. I liked the leads in the present. Our couple has potential. I like him. I like her. This is a good start.

Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) was a charming cad. His smile, his ability to read nonverbals (which reminded me of Beautiful Mind‘s leading man’s ability to do the same), his ability to hypnotize, his sleight of hand, all in all, I liked the package Joon Jae offered. The stylist gave him two awful shirts on the island. Thank goodness he switched into the cool suit. Lee Min Ho drew me to this character, made me see that he wasn’t heartless, he was affected by her. I am glad he’s graced a kdrama again. It’s been too long.

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) was appealing from the first moment in the cave. She’s lovely. I’ve never seen this actress before and she has presence even without saying a word. Her comedic timing was good. Her flexibility, her body movements, her trusting vulnerability, her cluelessness, all made me like her and want him to take care of her. That’s perfect and exactly what I should be feeling after the first episode.


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27 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 1 Recap
  1. ndy says:

    have been waiting for this latest lee min ho drama cant wait to watch it. Great recap

  2. RL says:

    Yes- I was also really looking forward to Lee Min Ho back in a drama-
    That was what brought me to watch this.
    From the first episode, looks like we are off to a great start.
    Their relationship is believable with great chemistry already in the air when they (the leads) really haven’t don’t much.

    I have always liked Lee Min Ho, but this time I am going to say the actress is the one who stole the episode for me and had me watching. I also have not seen anything of hers before.

    I agree with your statement:
    “:She’s lovely. Her comedic timing was good. Her flexibility, her body movements, her trusting vulnerability, her cluelessness, all made me like her and want him to take care of her.”

    She simply portrayed the complexity of a smart non-human’s confusion with simple things, as she encounters Lee Min Ho’s world ( with her acting this episode). That cross walk waling, the Cherry in her hand being pried out, and her tissue box fascination; they all bring her to life as a character, and had me laughing and very amused. Given how the moment could have been very corny or come off as her being slightly stupid had it not been enacted so well, I really felt she made the role and the drama’s premise hers via her portrayal.

    Despite her odd behavior, I felt she was a very innocent but sharp and smart person…… but it was this new world that made her seem clueless, not lack of brains . Her simple acting belies great vision on her part, on how to bring alive this character.She was enchanting in a powerful yet weirdly innocent way. You could feel there was more to her, that you had to protect her, and yet there was mystery- attraction and power behind all that somewhere in her. She brought all that out using several simple scenes. And we haven’t even had a scene to show us she has power or smarts yet- but I suspect we will soon see that in her as we go.

    However, because of her character creation, Lee Min Ho’s actions make sense and the finer nuances of his character come out beautifully. That was why in this episode, I felt it was her that made even Min Ho’s character come out to us as an audience..
    He’s a very smooth Harry Potter of a con man, but his interactions with her bring about that he feels her mystery and power, and understands her innocence and wishes to protect it despite himself, and knowing that he shouldn’t get involved. You almost see his regret (well acted Min Ho -Shi) as the cops take her away. It was as if the bracelet gave him an excuse to validate to himself why he had to get her out. I suspect while he interacted with her at the mall, he mentally told himself that it was just for the bracelet- but given the brief intro to him, I doubt he ever bought shoes or went so much out of his way in terms of caring for any job before. He showed us he could have stolen that bracelet sooner than he did, had he really wanted to. Once the bracelet is in his possession however, his real reasons come out; and he could not use it as an excuse anymore. It was what takes him back to check up on her, as he holds the umbrella over her at the end. Deep within him, there is more to her and such innocence is rare and should be protected ,and he is attracted to it despite himself. His inability to leave her in the end comes from that part of him. But such things are very hard to bring out without back thought words- which were not given to us. Yet , it was poignant and understood well. I believe it was because of her character being so well brought out by her acting. We didn’t need back thoughts or words to explain his actions, as we ourselves understood what was in his mind- because it was also what we felt and had on our minds as well. It was not pity that takes him back to her, but that instant attraction of her powerful mystery and innocence.

    We will see how he handles this or if I am wrong on this call as we await Episode 2.

    Bravo! – It was a great start.
    Lets hope they continue getting everything right.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad you enjoyed the first episode too!

      I have always liked Lee Min Ho, but this time I am going to say the actress is the one who stole the episode for me and had me watching.
      She was compelling and the driver for the episode.

      we haven’t even had a scene to show us she has power or smarts yet- but I suspect we will soon see that in her as we go
      The ending scene when we got to hear her thoughts solidified our intuition that she’s smart. I almost missed this scene as I don’t watch previews and stop watching an episode at the end of it. I mistook the Umbrella scene as the final one. When I was doing the screenshots, I saw the additional scene. Glad I saw it because it gave us her perspective.

      Once the bracelet is in his possession…he could not use it as an excuse anymore…as he holds the umbrella over her…there is more to her…and he is attracted to it despite himself…It was not pity that takes him back to her, but that instant attraction of her powerful mystery and innocence
      Well said. You shone the light on the fact that she wasn’t the only one that conveyed much without words, he did as well.

      Lets hope they continue getting everything right.
      Fingers crossed. The writer, Park Ji Eun, is decent and good actors can elevate her words.

      • Beez says:

        @kjtamuser – I avoid previews too. I’ve only recently started letting episodes run all the way out because I either miss little things at the end, epilogues, or I miss cute ad-ons or BTS stuff. 😦

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I agree Gianna Jun stole 😼 the episode with her comedic timing. Our handsome con man broke the cardinal rule – don’t fall for the mark! Can’t wait to see where this goes!

  3. RL says:

    “:She’s lovely. Her comedic timing was good. Her flexibility, her body movements, her trusting vulnerability, her cluelessness, all made me like her and want him to take care of her.”
    The Lead actress surprisingly became the defining character for me in watching episode one.

    I was also eagerly awaiting Lee Min Ho’s new drama, and that was really the reason I started to watch this. I had also never seen the lead actress before.
    However after watching episode one, I have to say- She has defined both her character, its role and thereby Lee Min Ho’s character actions for me in this drama.

    As I watched episode one, I was finding myself cringing with Min Ho-Shi and laughing at her antics. She acted a complex role very simply. I say this because I felt that while this episode we saw her at her worst, due to her new exposure to human land life,which made her appear clueless, she is far more complex than that. It was that shimmer and bare glimmer of high intelligence, curiosity, power, mystery and attraction that truly gives her her attraction, and all of that is wrapped up in a deep honest innocence.

    This actress was able to show that , and that was why we found it so believable that the Con Man character of Lee Min Ho would go find her again. Had it not been played well, her character could have come off as simple minded, stupid or not connectable. Instead I found it believable that she had not realized until beached, that she could get to land. Then her curiosity with tissues, and attempts to make sense of the traffic signs while amusing and appearing clueless, show us she is very much smart, and attempting to make sense of things. Even when given shoes- which she has no idea what to do with, she tries. Most of use would hide and cower. This shows despite innocence there is a strength in her character, and an innate curiosity about the world and things, that she is able to face such odd difficult moments. She may be innocent, but not enough to not steal a lollipop from a child to get to have that experience. I was impressed that without any back thoughts or voice thoughts, or words, she was able to, in several simple scenes convey this to me.

    Therefore, I found Lee MIn Ho’s actions to find her again very explainable. Because I myself didn’t want to lose getting to know her, and what made her tick, and how smart she really could be go.

    Min Ho’s character (and his acting) showed well his regret as she was hauled off by the police, but his character was one who would not have gotten involved. It was almost as if he was awaiting a reason- Given by the bangle here, to go after her. ANd once he did, we are made aware how smooth he is at stealing- it was something he could have done much earlier than he did. He also (in the brief into we had to his character) was not someone who did as much as he did for her normally when after a female target. That was why after he got the bangle, and the excuse was no longer valid- and her power and attraction (from interacting even move with her all day) had grown, he found himself back tracking to find her. However all his actions for me were based on her depiction of her character and the attractive and mysterious force it set up. I don’t think it was simple protection of innocence that led the male lead back (he is a bit jaded and wordly for just that to have got him) – it was that plus a gut awareness there was more to her, and a powerful pull towards her attraction for him. Their chemistry is awesome for the fact nothing has happened really. And I loved the older age world scenes- they were choreographed beautifully.

    I am eager to see as the series goes forward if she is as smart as I think she is, and how that will attract a very smart man like our male lead.

    For now, great start. Can’t wait to see Episode 2 tonight.

    • RL says:

      Yikes- I am having issues- sorry , it looked like it didn’t load the first time.
      SO a double review.
      Ha. Good times.

  4. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser – I’m surprised this is your first exposure to Gianna Gun (I never know most of the actors and especially never know the actresses other than my few biases). But Gianna Gun is just mega star power (moreso for films) but I thought you would’ve seen her because of the movie she made with Jang Hyuk called Windstruck. (I know you’ve seen a lot of Hyukie’s stuff so thought you would’ve seen that.)

    Also there’s her drama “You from Another Star” which was about as big as Descendants of the Sun as far as international recognition goes. (I only watched it around 8-9 months ago but felt obligated because it was so HUGE and everybody was ALWAYS talking about it. It was okay, although my opinion was probably the result of it being hyped so much that my expectations were over the top. She was very good in that as well. I felt she carried it because the actor’s role was necessarily stoic (He’s very famous too, but as usual, I can’t remember his name). (I saw ET and Star Wars late during their original runs late so I had the same kind of reaction of “Yeah. Ho hum. It was good” to them even though with later viewings I realized how great they were. Maybe one day I’ll rewatch Love from the Star and view it differently too.)

    On Legend of the Sea, I’m loving her childlike wonderment in this mermaid drama and how animated she is. I’m enjoying LMH as well and the imagery – wow! Although I can’t help but think DOTS famous shoe-tying scene inspired somebody to give us these awesome shots. I’m glad.

    Oh, btw, you mentioned “she’s prettier than him.” haha! I’m so glad. My person opinion is women should be prettier than men but a lot of the flower boys don’t make that possible. 🙂 I hope with LMH back on the scene and the guy from Jealousy Incarnate being so popular, we’ll see a trend for masculine guys coming back.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I haven’t seen any of Jang Hyuk’s films which aren’t as accessible as his drama series via dramafever and viki, my go to sources.

      I’ve heard the accolades about You from Another Star but have never watched it. I like the male lead, Kim Soo Hyun (Producers, Dream High).

      So true that women have a hard time being prettier than their male counterparts in kdramas. LMH has a more mature look now. How Gianna Jun looks so beautiful wet out of the water is beyond me.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Kim Soo Hyun was the male lead in My Love From another Star, which I really liked!

      Beez, I also ❤ Shim Chung's "childlike wonderment". This series is visually stimulating! I'm all for more manly men!!!

      • Beez says:

        Yes, while I acknowledge LMH is probably considered THE original flower boy, he never came off as overly made up or feminine (despite his BOF curls – lol).

        I just hope colored lipstick on male actors is going out of style. Sometimes it’s just so glaringly obvious and for me, it’s very offputting. I can’t pay attention to the scene if I’m looking at obvious pink or orange lipstick on guys.

        (The pink on LMO in some episodes of Personal Taste; the hideous orange on Rain in Come Back Ahjusshi: again with the pink on the Jealousy Incarnate guy- how can I seriously focus on a romance with the male lead if he has on lipstick! *I know, my issues are showing*

        • kjtamuser says:

          The pink lipstick that Jae Hyeon sported while portraying Hyun Min was distracting to me. Sometimes the male characters lips are more colorful than the female characters. You do not have this in US based dramas. I wonder if US male actors wear natural lipstick or do not wear it.

          • Beez says:

            I don’t think US actors wear it (unless it’s more of a clear balm), but I loved the natural color of male Kstars’ lips. I’m so glad most of my older biases go au natural. 🙂

  5. A.D. DO! says:

    Tore myself away from everything JANG HYUK to take a peek at LEGEND. Unlike most people, I don’t find LMH handsome or sexy, but in this he is likeable and charming. The girl is amazing…loved ep. 2 bicycle scene to the music of “Clair”…delightful!
    @Beez…glad to see you survived your move (when last I heard of you)! Agree about men wearing lipstick…such a turnoff💋

  6. A.D. DO! says:

    I don’t think my comment got posted! Why?

    • kjtamuser says:

      Not sure why, good to hear from you though.

    • A.D.DO! says:

      Don’t have a clue how this one will end …hanging in there, but never a big fan of moving back and forth in time., but very well done.
      @Beez. ..Hail Matey! Glad we’re all aboard again!🛳🛳🛳

      • kjtamuser says:

        At least the back in time is done in the front of every episode. Plus the back time story ties into what we’ll see in the present day story of the episode. As you said it is well done.

      • Beez says:

        I’ve enjoyed the first few episodes so much that I was thinking I should just record them now to save myself the trouble of downloading hours of episodes back to back. But then I remember so many dramas that I loved but they later tanked so I’ll wait it out.

        I have learned to just enjoy the ride and if the end fizzles…oh well. (I kinda remember sex being like that in my 20’s. I never gave up on it and just like Kdramas, sometimes the end was great! Just relax and enjoy the interim without expecting a spectacular ending every time. 😉

  7. Rosy Arenas says:

    It´s been three years since his last drama, and I can´t hardly wait to watch this one.thanks for your wonderful recap.

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