The K2 Episode 16 (Final) Recap

This is a satisfying final episode.

The K2 Episode 16 (Final) Recap


Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) learns from Assemblyman Park’s assistant that Anna is headed to Cloud Nine and the bomb that is ticking down to zero cannot be defused (and oo Jin’s half-brother, Choi Sung Won does not know this).

Bomb reads 38:20

Frantically Je Ha drives to JSS. He’s struggling to keep it together. He looks dreadful with half his face covered in blood.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) tells her half-brother Sung Won to stop being stubborn and give up. She’s got the memory card. Sung Won pats the bomb and declares he’s ready to die with her today. Yoo Jin asks how Sung Won got involved with Kumar-gate. Sung Won explains he was friends with the President’s Son who did medical work in Kumar, even tending to the President. Sung Won got President’s Son to introduce him to the President and interacted for the consortium which his father-in-law coordinated. He quit the consortium but the President’s Son still associated Sung Won with the consortium. Yoo Jin believes Sung Won was the master mind behind Kumar-gate. Sung Won confirms this. Sung Won wants to know how Yoo Jin discerned that. Yoo Jin says mirror and thinks Je Ha. Sung Won claims he wants mirror for himself.


Assistant Kim walks down the JSS hallway like it’s her runway. With the awesome “I’m a badass” sounding background music, it fits her and this moment! The JSS agents fight against the police (I see a second of my honey Agent So) and seem to be winning.

Bomb read 33:29

Yoo Jin tells Sung Won to take his bomb and go home. She wants him to sign over half his shares to her. He refuses. If he has to give up too much, he’d rather choose to die, with her, today. He smiles, she smiles. She tells him it won’t be that simple. The police officers pound on the door. They want to leave before the bomb blows them up. Yoo Jin wonders if she should let the police back into the room. She says the police will do what it takes to get the code for Sung Won. She asks him if he wants to learn that there are worse things than dying.

Assistant Kim calls and tells Yoo Jin the lobby is secure. That puts a smile on Yoo Jin’s face. Assistant Kim states there are still stragglers to eliminate and they are working on that now. Yoo Jin tells her take her time. Mr. Song rushes to Assistant Kim and tells her Anna is loose in the building. That gets the attention of Assistant Kim, Yoo Jin and Sung Won. Yoo Jin wants to know why Anna was brought to the building. Agents J4 and K1 burst into the lobby and tell Assistant Kim that Anna was removed from the plane by the police. They think Assemblyman Park is behind this. Yoo Jin can’t believe this. Sung Won smiles. Agent J4 says Je Ha cannot be contacted right now. Assistant Kim worries that Anna could become a hostage for Assemblyman Park and the police. Ironic isn’t it? Ever since her mother died Anna’s been someone’s’ hostage. Assistant Kim orders the agents to find Anna Assemblyman Park. Yoo Jin is relieved that Anna is loose and not a captive. Sung Won smiles enjoying the moment of panic the other side is having.

Assemblyman Park’s men search for Anna but can’t find her. Little do they know she’s on the other side of the post (shades of Episode 1 hiding in the subway behind a post). The leader reports to Assemblyman Park that Anna is gone. Assemblyman Park is not happy and wants to know if Assemblyman Jang knows this. The leader asks Assemblyman Park to buy them time should Assemblyman Jang call. Assemblyman Park yells to stop talking and start searching for Anna now! He yells that Je Ha is on his way there too. Assemblyman Park has a temper tantrum in his office (banging a coat rack on his desk). Don’t you enjoy seeing the smug smile wiped off Assemblyman Park’s face?

k2_ep16_3b k2_ep16_3a

Sung Won laughs that Assemblyman Jang may not cooperate and give Yoo Jin the memory card once he learns Anna is at risk. Sung Won is relieved he didn’t defuse the bomb for nothing. He plans to sit and wait until reinforcements arrive. Yoo Jin decides to send the police officers away. When she tells them to leave, they sprint to the elevator. She tells Assistant Kim to remove the police officers that will exit the elevator. Assistant Kim’s agents wait for the police officers and along with the other police officer are escorted out of JSS.


Assemblyman Jang and Col Jo arrive. They learn from Assistant Kim that Assemblyman Park’s men attacked JSS but they are reclaiming the building. She says Anna is loose in the building and they are searching for her. Assemblyman Jang is not happy to learn his daughter is being hunted by Assemblyman Park’s men. Yoo Jin calls and urges Assemblyman Jang to come to Cloud Nine and bring the memory card so he can trade it for Anna’s life. Assemblyman Jang agrees. Yoo Jin tells Assistant Kim to escort Assemblyman Jang and Col Jo to Cloud Nine.

Je Ha arrives at JSS and literally falls out of his vehicle. He brushes off Agent So and shocks the doctor and Agent K1 with his haggard beaten body. He demands to know where Anna is. Agent K1 says they are looking for her. Disgusted Je Ha runs to the communication room to see what the building’s CCTV camera reveal.

Assemblyman Park’s men are searching for Anna and she’s still hiding behind the post. One of the men grab her. Anna, bless her heart, bends his fingers and kick him where it hurts. She runs…straight into Je Ha. They both fall to the ground. Assemblyman Park’s men pull their weapons. The leader directs them to switch to knives so they don’t alert the JSS agents where they are. Je Ha walks to Anna and offers his hand to help her up. They look at each other. He turns to face the men with the knives. Je Ha fights two of them with blood spurting as he uses the knives against them. But it’s all for naught when one of men puts a gun to Anna’s head and tells Je Ha he’ll kill Anna if Je Ha doesn’t cooperate.

k2_ep16_5b k2_ep16_5a

Je Ha stares at Anna. She stares at him. He makes the hand signal to stay. LOVE IT! Je Ha then makes the hand signal to sit. Anna falls to the ground and Je Ha pulls his gun out and shoots the man. That’s teamwork! Everyone in the lobby hears the gun shots. Assistant Kim sends the JSS agents to find Je Ha.

Je Ha collapses to the ground his body and the end of its adrenaline-fueled limit. Anna rushes to him and begs him to get up. He tells her to get to safety. He collapses onto her lap and passes out.

Assemblyman Jang and Col Jo see the smear of blood on the ground as they enter Cloud Nine. Sung Won welcomes his brother in law. Assemblyman Jang looks at him with disgust and joins his wife in the conference room. Yoo Jin tells Col Jo to return and block any attacks for Assemblyman Park’s men. Col Jo leaves the room.

Now it’s just the three of them. I love the setup. Let’s see what happens next.

Yoo Jin tells mirror to turn off communication to the outside. Yoo Jin asks for the memory card. Assemblyman Jang holds the memory card up and asks if this is what she wants. Assemblyman Jang says he must use the card to save Anna. Yoo Jin tells him he’ll lose his chance at becoming president. Assemblyman Jang doesn’t care. Excellent! Have the glimmers of concern for Anna blossomed into selfless love? Yoo Jin is stunned. Sung Won raps on the door.

Bomb reads 21:00 minutes


Yoo Jin asks Assemblyman Jang if he’s willing to toss the presidency for his daughter. In a bold move, Assemblyman Jang strides to Yoo Jin looks her in the eye and declare for him becoming president was about having more power than Yoo Jin so he could destroy her. Bam! Nice line! Yoo Jin tells Assemblyman Jang that he should have been this bold earlier in their relationship. Then she would have seen his potential not just seen him as a puppet. Assemblyman Jang says that wouldn’t have mattered because he’d despise her no matter what. Ouch! Unfazed, Yoo Jin agrees with him. Yoo Jin confesses she DID NOT KILL Anna’s mother. Bam! Yoo Jin states she DID NOT ORDER anyone to kill Anna’s mother. Bam! Assemblyman Jang stares at her. He holds up the memory card and asks if she’s lying to gain control of the memory card. Yoo Jin says if she wanted she could have the memory card easily. Assemblyman Jang asks THE question “why did you pretend you killed Anna’ mother all this time?” Yoo Jin says she was afraid he’d leave her. Then she realizes that’s not the answer. She confesses she didn’t want to admit she’d made the wrong choice in choosing him. She decided she could never back away from him and admit her mistake. Even if she made a mistake, she wanted to make her choice right by whatever means she had to. Wow! Yoo Jin screwed herself, Assemblyman Jang, Anna, et all because she couldn’t bear to admit her mistake. I believe her. But the ripple effect of that single decision…good grief.  Assemblyman Jang looks at his wife with pity and says “you acted clever all by yourself. But you are stupid.” Bam! Excellent! Yoo Jin looks at him and admits that he’s right. Nice! With tears in her eyes, she says she was stupid. She never had to prove she was happy. They could have avoided the dreadful way they lived. She apologizes to him. Stunned, Assemblyman Jang turns away and laughs the laugh of a man that just realized his life was ill spent. He stares in Yoo Jin’s eyes and his voice teaming with emotion and disbelief he asks if she just said she was sorry.

Wow! LOVE IT! Best moment of the episode so far. Cho Song Ha and Song Yoon A brought it!

Anna runs next to the stretcher as Je Ha is wheeled into the infirmary. Assistant Kim grabs Anna and tells her she’s coming to Cloud Nine. Anna refuses, she’s staying next to Je Ha. Assistant Kim order her two henchmen to grab Anna. Assistant Kim calls Yoo Jin saying Anna is now being escorted to Cloud Nine. Assemblyman Jang can hear his daughter yelling for Je Ha. He sighs.

Yoo Jin looks at Assemblyman Jang and asks if she can borrow the memory card for moment. She directs mirror to call her Sung Won’s father in law. He happens to be in the dark conference room with the rest of the consortium members. He puts her on speaker. Yoo Jin tells the members she’ll text them the bank account numbers of their slush funds to prove she has the memory card. Simultaneously everyone get the text. I enjoy that trick. Adds instant personal communication and flare. Yoo Jin tells the consortium that she’ll release more data unless they have Assemblyman Park’s men vacate the building within 10 minutes. She wonders if the president got her text too. Nice! She hangs up leaving the consortium in her grasp.

Bomb reads 18:19

Assistant Kim and Anna arrive at Cloud Nine. Sung Won smiles cordially as they skirt around him, the bomb, and the blood smear. Just as Anna and Assistant Kim begin up the stare to the conference room, Sung Won whips out his gun and shoots Assistant Kim in the leg. Wow! That surprised me! He grabs Anna and puts the gun to her head. He orders Yoo Jin to open the door. Yoo Jin has the “don’t want to” look. Assemblyman Jang orders Yoo Jin to hurry and open the door. Yoo Jin tells mirror to open the door. Sung Won enters with the gun at Anna’s head and asks Yoo Jin if she was surprised he had a gun. Yoo Jin smiles and says no, she knows only people below them use such crass tools. Bam! Sung Won smiles and reminds her his lineage isn’t as pure as hers. He pushes Anna into a chair. Assemblyman Jang and Anna lock eyes. Assemblyman Jang gives her the “just cooperate” look. Sung Won orders Assemblyman Jang to give him the memory card. Yoo Jin tells Assemblyman Jang not to do that. She starts to order mirror to shut down the elevator but Sung Won shoots her in the belly. OMG! I did not see that coming! Yoo Jin stares at the blood stain on her skirt. She finishes ordering mirror to deactivate the elevator. She falls to her knees. Assemblyman Jang kneels next to her. Assistant Kim freaks out watching this unfold.

Calmly Sung Won orders Assemblyman Jang to give him the memory card. Yoo Jin shakes her head. Sung Won puts the gun to Anna. He tells Assemblyman Jang he’ll shoot Anna. Assemblyman Jang throws the memory card to the floor. Sung Won laughs.

Terrific scene! The tension is ratcheting up beautifully! Will Yoo Jin die?

The police chief calls Assemblyman Park and says he’s withdrawing the police from the JSS building. Assemblyman Park immediately understands the consortium ordered the withdrawal.

Assemblyman Park calls Sung Won’s father in law. He’s on speaker so the consortium can hear. Assemblyman Park asks if Yoo Jin direct the police to be withdrawn. This is confirmed. Assemblyman Park tells the consortium that in 10 minutes the bomb in Cloud Nine will go off and it can’t be defused. Assemblyman Park tells the consortium everyone in Cloud Nine and that damming memory card will be blown to bits. Then he’ll be the last man standing with proof of Kumar-gate. Bam! Nice move!

Assemblyman Park says he’ll be the last Presidential candidate standing. He asks the consortium if they realize what that means. They do, they do. Father in law asks Assemblyman Park what he wants. Assemblyman Park directs them to cut power and communication to the JSS building. He declares that’s the only way the consortium and he will survive.

I love the rotation of power that is occurring. Now Assemblyman Park holds the cards. What’s next?

Je Ha wakes and sits upright much to the doctor’s irritation. He tells them they must leave the building Assemblyman Park. Mr. Song asks why. Je Ha declares there is a bomb in Cloud Nine set to explode in 10 minutes. That gets everyone’s attention.

Col Jo calls Assemblyman Jang. Assemblyman Jang has propped up Yoo Jin on the bed Je Ha was in earlier. When Col Jo calls, Sung Won approves Assemblyman Jang taking the call. Col Jo tells Assemblyman Jang that the bomb cannot be defused. Assemblyman Jang repeats Col Jo’s words that the bomb cannot be defused. That gets everyone’s attention.

Col Jo tells Assemblyman Jang that Assemblyman Park lied to Sung Won. Realizing he must find out if this is true, Sung Won runs to the bomb and tries to defuse it. But it won’t stop!

Bomb reads 15:51

k2_ep16_8ak2_ep16_8c k2_ep16_8b

Sung Won calls Assemblyman Park an expletive. Well-deserved may I say. He screams his fury. Sung Won runs to Yoo Jin and tells her to reactivate the elevator. With the blood spurting through her clothing things are looking dire for Yoo Jin’s survival chances. Sung Won tries to tell mirror but Yoo Jin tells him that mirror only responds to her. Sung Won begs his half-sister to not let them die. That’s rich coming from the man that just shot her! Yoo Jin has the same reaction and calls Sung Won a “brazen bastard”. Nice line! She stares at her half-brother than starts to talk to mirror…then the power goes out! Excellent! Mirror switches on emergency power and tells them main power has been shut off.

Tension ratchets up yet again!

Je Ha who appears to be restored and Col Jo stare at each other as the emergency power kicks on.
Mirror tells Yoo Jin the elevator is out and cell reception is gone too. Yoo Jin stares at her half-brother and tells him that they finally know that Assemblyman Park was the one behind all of it. Sung Won runs out of the room.

Assemblyman Jang puts his tie over Yoo Jin’s wound. He asks Anna to put pressure on the wound so he can assess the situation. Anna looks stunned at his request. Yoo Jin can’t believe that Assemblyman Jang would make such a request from Anna. She tells him he’s shameless. She tells Anna she does not have to help her. Assemblyman Jang implores Anna with his eyes. Anna thinks about it. She walks over and takes over putting pressure on Yoo Jin’s wound. Assemblyman Jang runs out of the room.

Where is Assistant Kim? Wouldn’t she crawl to Yoo Jin to help her?

Yoo Jin looks at Anna and says her wish has finally come true. Anna tells her to save her strength. Yoo Jin sees the blood flow. She says she’s going to die. Yoo Jin tells Anna her mother was dying too. She says when she arrived at their house, Anna’s mother was dying. Yoo Jin says it’s too late but she had a father just like Anna. Yoo Jin says father are never there when you need them, but always show when you don’t need them. We see a flashback to a man with a flashlight. She tells Anna that her father took an action against her mother that was not requested. In fact, she begged her father not to kill her mother. But to no avail because one of her father’s men killed Anna’s mother. Anna asks if Mr. Song killed her mother. The flashback reveals Mr. Song approaching Anna’s sleeping mother. Present day Yoo Jin is surprised that Anna knew about Mr. Song. Flashback Mr. Song covers Anna’s mother’s mouth and injects her. She grabs Mr. Song’s hand hitting the sleeping pill bottle whose contents scatter to the floor. She falls to the floor. The sleeping pills are in front of her. Mr. Song apologizes and picks up his flashlight. He hears Anna calling to her mother. He hides behind the door. Anna find her mother on the ground. She senses someone and turns. Mr. Song flashes the light in her eyes, then grabs her covering Anna’s mouth just like he covered her mother’s. Then Yoo Jin arrives on the scene. Anna passes out in Mr. Song’s grip. Present day Yoo Jin says after she learned that her father ordered her mother killed she went to the house but it was too late.  Yoo Jin says she guessed Mr. Song had Anna behind the door but she couldn’t look. She didn’t want to see Anna’s face. She turned to leave but Anna’s mother grabbed her arm and begged her to save her. Tears running down her face, Yoo Jin admits she considered calling 911 but didn’t. In the flashback, we see Yoo Jin apologize and tell Anna’s mother “love isn’t meant to be shared.” Now we know the context of that statement. Present day Yoo Jin admits she coldly left her mother to die and she left. She says in the end, by not saving Anna’s mother, she killed her. She admits she lived her life as her father had. She amends that she was worse than her father.  Now both Yoo Jin and Anna are crying. Yoo Jin states she followed the evil in her heart when she walked away from Anna’s dying mother. She looks directly at Anna. She tells her to stop applying pressure to the wound. She stares into Anna’s eyes and declares she is Anna’s enemy, her mother’s killer.

Tour de force moment! WOW! Superb!

Bomb reads 12:29

Mr. Song tells Je Ha and Col Jo they need to head to the basement for the closest access to Cloud Nine. Je Ha tells Col Jo to get more agents to extract those in Cloud Nine. Col Jo calls Agent So.

k2_ep16_9f k2_ep16_9e

At the basement level, Je Ha forces open the elevator door. As he prepares to repel down the elevator shaft he tells Mr. Song to stay and help extract those in Cloud Nine. Agents K1, J4, So, and the other guys arrive. Everyone seems to think the wounded Je Ha going down solo is a good idea as they hear tell them to stay put to extract those in Cloud Nine. Turning his brain off my honey Agent So says “Got it Je Ha. Be careful”. What? Je Ha is injured and needs assistance. Flashlight in his mouth, Je Ha repels solo down the elevator shaft. Mr. Song utters that Je Ha is fearless. I turn my brain off yet again and grant Je Ha superhero powers.

Assemblyman Jang looks at wife fighting for her life.

Sung Won roams the hall gun in hand. He stares at his watch. He spots Je Ha open the elevator doors and runs back to the conference room. He rushes past Assistant Kim who hovers near the steps. He puts the gun to Anna’s head.

Je Ha rushes into the room and surveys the situation. Blood on the floor, ticking bomb, the woman he loves with a gun to her head, as he walks towards Sung Won. He tells Sung Won that he’s finally revealed his true colors. Sung Won yells that he and Anna are leaving Cloud Nine first. The memory card falls on the step. Anna sees it. Je Ha sees it. Sung Won does not see it. Je Ha moves towards Sung Won and Anna kicks the memory card off the step. Sung Won warns Je Ha that Anna will be hurt. Assemblyman Jang pipes up and tells Je Ha to send Anna and Sung Won up first. He tells Je Ha that Yoo Jin will need to be lifted out. Sung Won tells Je Ha to lead them to the elevator. Je Ha exits the room. Sung Won and Anna follow.

Sung Won holds the gun on Anna while he attaches the rope to himself. He tells Je Ha that Anna will be next. Je Ha demands that Anna be first. Sung Won takes the direct approach to stopping the argument and shoots Je Ha in the leg. Ouch! That surprised me! Sung Won pushes Anna into the hall. He yells at the agents to lift him up.

Sung Won stuns the agents when he disconnects the repel rope after he is safely at the basement level. Wow! That surprised me! He runs away. The Agents wonder what they are going to do next. Via his ear piece Je Ha tells the agents he has a plan. He wants them to shoot the elevator cable. He asks Anna to help him up. They struggle down the hall back to Cloud Nine.

When they arrive Anna picks up the memory card and Je Ha point to an office chair to transport Yoo Jin. He tells them they must leave Assemblyman Park. Yoo Jin tells Je Ha to leave without her. Je Ha refuses yelling that they must leave now. Assemblyman Jang prods his wife. Yoo Jin mutters she has no place to go. She tells everyone she wants to rest. She tells Je Ha to take Assistant Kim and leave. A tear falls down her face. She admits to Je Ha she was wrong. She tells Assemblyman Jang to save Anna. Je Ha stares at her knowing she won’t be swayed.

Je Ha runs to the bomb which read 6 minutes. He orders Assemblyman Jang to get into the elevator with Assistant Kim and Anna. Assemblyman Jang hesitates to leave Yoo Jin. She tells him to go.
Assemblyman Jang and Anna help Assistant Kim down the hall. Poor Je Ha needs help too but he struggles to hobble down the hall explaining that the elevator has a safety feature for a free fall. He falls and Anna rushes to help him. He states, it’s just a guess, but if they manage to plunge to the bottom of the shaft, they may survive the explosion. LOL! Love the line “that’s just my assumption”.

Je Ha, Anna, Assemblyman Jang and Assistant Kim get into the elevator. Je Ha orders the Agent to fire at the rope. They open fire.

Bomb reads 5:24

Assemblyman Jang stands in the elevator and realizes he can’t do this. He opens the door and steps into the hallway. Anna and Je Ha look at him in shocked horror. He tells Anna “I can’t save you like this. You’ve lived fine without me for all this time. You’ll be fine. You don’t need a person like me in your life.” He tells Je Ha to take care of Anna. He forces the doors to close as Anna yells at him not to do this. As the doors shut, Anna falls to her knees calling for her father. Awk! Tears! Je Ha puts his hand on Anna to comfort her.

Assemblyman Jang runs to Yoo Jin, the woman that loved him for years, but didn’t’ know how to reach out for fear of rejection. Awk! Tears!

k2_ep16_11c k2_ep16_11b

Assemblyman Jang runs into Cloud Nine. He stares at the bomb. He stares at his wife. She asks why he came back. He drags the bomb into the conference room claiming it will lessen the impact. What? He says the glass room will contain the explosion some. I see now. Wow! Selfless at the end. Way to go out strong Assemblyman Jang! He deserves his name at the end…Se Joon.

Se Joon turns to Yoo Jin after the bomb is in the conference room. Yoo Jin tells him to go so she can tell mirror to close the door. He pauses and tells her to close the door now. Awk! Tears! They stare at each other. Yoo Jin tells mirror to close the door as tears stream down her face. Se Joon walks to his wife and asks “won’t you be my companion on the road to the underworld?” Awk! Sobbing now! He gently hugs her. He cries. She cries. I was already crying. Yoo Jin says “we almost seem like a happy couple, acting like this.” Se Joon agrees.

Bomb read 25 seconds

k2_ep16_12b k2_ep16_12a

The agents are still blasting away at the elevator cords as time ticks down. Agent So takes the last shot and snaps the cable free. The elevator plunges down. Je Ha grabs Anna and holds her to his body.

Bomb reads 5 seconds

Yoo Jin and Se Joon hug each other. The bomb implodes the room.

The elevator plunges down the shaft. A fireball from the bomb shoots up the elevator. All the agents are pushed back. The building is rocked. Agent So looks down the elevator shaft. He calls on the earpiece “K2, K2”! Every agent with an earpiece hears Agent So calling to K2 and demanding a response. But there’s no response. Agent So yells for K2 and the other agents start crying. Agent So says “Je Ha, answer me.” They all hear a crackle. Then Anna’s voice “This is K2”. Agent J4 asks about K2. There’s a pause, then they all hear “Get me out of here. I’m in pain.” It’s Je Ha! He’s alive! All the agents explode in joy and relief. You have to smile at the over the top moment, it’s loads of fun! Once again the director milks a happy scene too long. At least he’s consistent.

Je Ha walks into a room where Bruce, Liam, and Chuck are there to question him about the Blackstone civilian massacre. Je Ha swears to tell the truth.

Agent J4 puts a facial mask on a smiling Agent K1. Agent Housekeeper looks at them in disgust. Agent J4 wonders what will become of them. Agent Housekeeper says that Anna inherited everything and lives at the main house now. Agent J4 says they haven’t seen Anna since the joint funeral for Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang.

Anna enters the main house. The JSS agents line up to greet her. She looks around the living room.

Still stuck in the dark, the consortium discuss that Anna is the only heir of Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang. Sung Won tells his cohorts that without Anna can’t hurt them. Father in law notes that Anna has the memory card. They wonder how she’ll use it and whether she’ll fall prey to the allure of power. Someone comments that Yoo Jin was once an innocent girl. He says that when girls grow up, they turn into witches. They all laugh, except Sung Won.

Anna walks into Yoo Jin’s office. She sits at her desk.

Assemblyman Park sits in his car and tells the caller that Anna is a young orphaned girl. What harm could she cause them? He boasts that Anna will soon call and make a deal. He laughs. The driver gets in the car. Assemblyman Park tells him to go. We see the driver is Je Ha. Assemblyman Park sees the driver is Je Ha. The look on his face…priceless. Assemblyman Park finds the doors are locked. Je Ha tosses a bound and gagged Assemblyman Park into the trunk. Je Ha drives and meets Assemblyman Park’s assistant. He gets out of the car. Assemblyman Park’s assistant walk to the trunk and opens it. He bows to Assemblyman Park and says he may have suffered. He removes the gag. Assemblyman Park is thrilled to be alive. The assistant stares at him sternly.


Sung Won strolls through the parking garage all smiles. When his man open the back seat of the car, he’s stunned to see Assistant Kim putting a silencer on her gun. LOVING IT! She looks fierce! She gives him the smile that tells him it’s payback time. He’s shoved into the back seat. It only takes Assistant Kim 5 seconds to put several bullets into him (which we see from a distance as the car’s interior flashes from the firing of the gun). Assistant Kim gets out of the car. We see that Sung Won is dead.

k2_ep16_15b k2_ep16_15a

Assemblyman Park and his assistant walk the river to a tree. Assemblyman Park sees a noose waiting for him. He tells his assistant that he never thought he’d be forced to commit suicide. He assistant bows and asks what can they do considering the world changed overnight. Assemblyman Park nods in agreement and stare at his destiny…the noose.


Je Ha meets Anna at a subway. She asks if his phone call went well. He confirms this. She asks if he got identification papers. He tells her they can go where ever they want whenever they want. He asks if she had a good day. Anna says she tried Yoo Jin’s life for a day but it wasn’t any fun. She can’t believe Yoo Jin’s life was that dull.

At the house Je Ha asks Anna if she’s sure. He tells her that she’ll have to give up all the power Yoo Jin left her. Anna tells him to stop. She says Assistant Kim has been pressuring her to change her mind. Dramatically Je Ha explains that once she hits enter. Impulsively Anna hits enter without waiting for the remainder of the explanation. We see an email is being sent undoubtedly with all the secrets from the memory card. Je Ha stand up miffed that Anna didn’t savor the moment with him. She can’t believe he’s whining about his. He can’t believe they didn’t press the button together. He stares at her. She stares at him. She smiles. She approaches him. She gives him a kick peck of a kiss. He complains that once again she does what she wants without considering his feelings. She kisses him again. Sorry her attempt is a lip press. Ji Chang Wook, can you show her how it’s done? Je Ha takes control of the kiss and deepens it, holding her head and drawing her close.

The scene dissolves into the final scene…

k2_ep16_17c k2_ep16_17a

We are in Spain…Je Ha and Anna are cuddly and kissing at on overlook at sunset. In voice over, Je Ha asks if she regrets not being able to restore her mother’s reputation. Anna says she does not because she gained her father in the end. She tells Je Ha she loves him. He says I know. She asks his real name. He starts to tell her…and the show ends.

My Thoughts

Excellent final episode. Satisfying in every regard. Whatever I didn’t like, or made my roll my eyes at, was inconsequential. The writer produced a tight script. The director produced a tight, tense finale. The actors who played Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang gave their pinnacle moments and frankly overshadowed the younger actors. Evil paid a price. The consortium can come out of the dark conference room and into a well-lit jail cell. We ended the show with a sweet moment between our couple.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) went superhuman one last time. The writer did him no favor having him shot two episodes prior then having to do as much action as he did. It came off as ridiculous. But so what? Je Ha was a hero. He saved the girl. He helped the Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang to find their last shred of morality. He was no longer a loner agent but a valued team member. He testified in front of three dudes with silly names and got his record expunged. He drove Assemblyman Park to his final encounter with life. He helped Anna free herself from the chain of the memory card and disperse the information into the world. He walked into the sunset with the women he loved. Ji Chang Wook did a stellar job with the evolution of this character from hardened loner to caring person. Ji Chang Wook’s character was the driving factor in the evolution and redeemption of Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang and he made Je Ha’s treatment of this two, often despicable people, palatable. I liked Je Ha and I enjoyed how Ji Chang Wook breathed life into this character.

Ko An Na (Yoona) was a pawn yet again. Not much else for this character to do but be a pawn. Her pivotal moment was with Yoo Jin when she agreed to put pressure on the wound. Finally, she learned the truth about how her mother died. It was a story worth knowing. I was pleased to see the hand signals used this final episode. That was one of my favorite things this couple had between them. This actress did a nice job in role that often involved crying and being a pawn. In the end, I was happy to see Anna and Je Ha together.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) redeemed himself. I was sobbing when he went back for Yoo Jin. He didn’t walk to her; he ran to her. He dragged the bomb into the conference room to lessen the impact. He told his wife he was there to die with her. Then he gently hugged her and let their last moments be tender and together. Simply superb what a good actor can do with a scene like that. He delivered!

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) was the star of this episode and this series. Yoo Jin is my favorite character of this series. Her cruelty repelled me but her vulnerability drew me to her. Her strength and strategy made me root for her. She ruled a male dominated piece of this world. And I loved her for it. Song Yoon A was masterful the entire series. But today, she topped all prior scenes. Each encounter was important. I was shocked when Sung Won shot her but immediately understood this would be her redeemption opportunity. She took the ball and ran with it. Her goodbye to Je Ha was sweet and firm. Her confession to Anna about what really happened the night her mother died answered all the questions. Her final moments with her husband let her finally feel loved and cherished. Nice way to go out of this world if you ask me.

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode?

Je Ha. My wish He continues his super human strength and vanquishes all the bad guys to extract his beloved Anna from the fray. They both live. They walk off into the sunset together. The outcome – Granted, hit the nail on the head!

Anna. My wish She finds out the complete truth about the night her mother died. Je Ha saves her. They walk off into the sunset together. The outcome – Granted, hit the nail on the head!

Yoo Jin. My wish I’m okay if the bomb takes her out and her smiling half-brother too. Barring that, I’d like her to pay for her misdeeds. Having mirror blown to smithereens by the bomb would hurt her soul. The outcome – Granted, but it was even better because she found her soul and love at the end. Her brother pays when Assistant Kim takes him out personally proving she’d be the best female agent JSS could ever hope to have.

Assemblyman Jang. My wish I’m okay if the bomb takes him out and his dreadful opponent Assemblyman Park. Barring that, I’d like to see him be a real father to Anna. He does NOT deserve to be president.  The outcome – Granted, but it was even better because he found selflessness and gave love to the women that loved him at the end. Assemblyman Park pays for his sins with his life and justice was served.

The others. My wish I want Agent So to have a heroic moment (and live). I want Mr. Song not to have done something awful that night because I like him and want to see him get together with the doctor. The outcome – Partially granted. Agent So fired the final shot that sent the elevator plummeting. He dramatically called for K2 then switch his call for Je Ha, his friend. Mr. Song did something awful by killing Anna’s mother.

The background music was a plus for this series. I loved the choral aspect to the background music. Take a listen.

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39 comments on “The K2 Episode 16 (Final) Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    K2 had a solid, satisfying ending! The redemption of Yoo Jin and Se Joon was so much more than I ever could have hoped for…WELL DONE! Justice was served, Je Ha exonerated, and Je Ha and Anna were finally free to go wherever they wanted and love each other!


    • kjtamuser says:

      I was surprised and pleased too. First and foremost the writer must be congratulated on penning a superb episode. The director framed the scenes. The actors brought it to life. I respected every character.
      I am getting spoiled with back to back final episodes. I may start to expect this instead of cautiously hope for it.


  2. diana says:

    Such a beautiful closure! This is the best way to end the story. Happy moments for Je Ha and Anna. They’re so cute when together. And LOL, they actually walked off the sunset!!

    Our Queen has fallen!! Cried a lot in Yoo Jin – Se Joon scene. As much as I really love Yoo Jin character and want her to get happy ending, I couldn’t think anything better than this. She admitted being bad and ready to take responsible for it. Song Yoon Ah portrayed her character really well. Still being queen till the end! And for once in lifetime, Jang Se Joon did the right thing. Being a good father to Anna and being good husband to Yoo Jin.

    A bit sad they didnt really explain what happen after Anna revealed the memory card to the public. What happen to the assets Yoo Jin left her, what happen to the politicians related to the memory card, and for the biggest question, with Assemblyman Jang and Park being dead, who will be the next president?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      THE QUEEN/WITCH AND HER MAGIC MIRROR – Despite Je Ha’s best urging: “as long as you are the witch that rules Cloud Nine, you’ll be its slave” last episode, Yoo Jin simply could not walk away from the power of her mirror. I was surprised she didn’t demand the flash drive from her Assemblyman husband. Je Ha was a good influence on her. Yoo Jin and Se Joon had the most honest conversation of their entire marriage in the cone of silence. Life would have been less miserable for both of them if they had been honest with each other earlier.

      Yoo Jin spilling the whole truth about Uhm Hye Rin, seemed to be cathartic for Anna and Se Joon. The truth was more or less exonerated for the death of Anna’s mother, but then she keep going and took the blame back. I am saddened 😦 Master Song did the deed; although I do think he regretted his action.

      REDEMPTION FOR YOO JIN AND SE JOON – I admire Se Joon for going back to Yoo Jin, when he could have escaped with our OTP. His action gave his daughter a better chance for survival by putting another barrier, the cone of silence, in between the bomb and the elevator car. I wondered why this wasn’t done before the gang took off for the elevator.

      I was touched by Se Joon’s genuine words to Yoo Jin “Won’t you be my companion on the road to the underworld?” Not only did he have a good idea of where they were headed, but these were the only loving words he had for Yoo Jin during the entire series. I was glad Yoo Jin felt loved ❤ in her last moments. This scene was beyond my expectations for these formerly morally bankrupt characters. Their interaction buried the animosity between them, gave them honor and allowed them to die in peace.


      • kjtamuser says:

        Yoo Jin and Se Joon had the most honest conversation of their entire marriage in the cone of silence.
        Yes, and you saw that they could have had a much happier life.

        I am saddened😦 Master Song did the deed; although I do think he regretted his action.
        That bummed me out too, Beez won’t be happy about that.

        was touched by Se Joon’s genuine words to Yoo Jin “Won’t you be my companion on the road to the underworld?” Not only did he have a good idea of where they were headed, but these were the only loving words he had for Yoo Jin during the entire series
        The tears flowed when he asked her that. It was touching, beautiful, and wry.

        This scene was beyond my expectations for these formerly morally bankrupt characters. Their interaction buried the animosity between them, gave them honor and allowed them to die in peace
        Perfectly put. It was the highlight of the entire episode.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m so glad you loved the ending too. Episode 14 was an excellent episode too but the final one put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The emotion rang true and sucked me in.

      Glad I wasn’t alone finding the ending scene with Yoo Jin and Se Joon moving. I loved that they found their own absolution with each other.

      While they didn’t reveal the answers to any of your questions, it gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself what happened. I can’t think of any characters in the show that would have made a good next president.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I was too tired last night to fully express myself, so here comes more…

    FINDING ANNA— Why is Je Ha without a cell phone, so he could simply call Yoo Jin to warn about the bomb? Je Ha’s super human strength is almost laughable given the near death experience they gave him a couple of episodes ago. At least they took him to the infirmary for a few minutes. What kind of a security company is JSS that they didn’t use the surveillance room to look for Anna? A bedraggled Je Ha is the only one who thought to use surveillance?
    It was nice to see Anna use the techniques she learned from Master Song in an earlier episode to escape Park’s henchmen. I’m with @KJT about Je Ha and Anna using the hand signals. “LOVE IT!”

    SUNG WON’S MURDEROUS RAMPAGE – Sung Won became out of control as he shot Chief Kim and then gave Yoo Jin a gut shot. When Sung Won held Anna at gunpoint Je Ha aptly stated that his true colors came out. When the selfish creep shot Je Ha, escaped the elevator shaft, and then removed the rope, I just kept hoping real justice would catch up with him very soon!

    AND JUSTICE FOR ALL – All the baddies got taken out one way or the other. If Park had not committed suicide, the release of the flash drive contents would have done him in. I got the feeling even though Je Ha delivered Park to his henchmen; the minions were following the instructions from the ‘Smoking Consortium’. I was not at all surprised Chief Kim took it upon herself to personally put two slugs into Sung Won ending his smarmy life; one for Yoo Jin and one for herself.

    ENDING EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS – This episode was done the way every final episode should be done, including wrapping up the loose ends! How wonderful for Je Ha to be exonerated for crimes he did not commit, even if it was done by “Bruce, Liam, and Chuck”. My only complaint was yet another tasteless, unnatural Subway product placement. This product placement has ensured it will be a LONG time before I eat there again.

    I ❤ , ❤ , ❤ our OTP happily walking off into the sunset. Three or four episodes ago, I never would have thought we would have such an excellent ending…I am such a sucker for happy ending! 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      It was nice to see Anna use the techniques she learned from Master Song in an earlier episode to escape Park’s henchmen.
      * Ah, I didn’t catch that nuance. Thanks for pointing that out. It’s obvious now that you mention it.

      This episode was done the way every final episode should be done, including wrapping up the loose ends! How wonderful for Je Ha to be exonerated for crimes he did not commit, even if it was done by “Bruce, Liam, and Chuck”
      * Truly this was a superior final episode. It was the best episode of the series. Finally the emotional content was there as well as resolving all the questions and providing redemption, justice, and a happy ending.

      “I am such a sucker for happy ending!🙂 I’m a lifetime member of the happy ending club too! I watch these kdramas for a fun escape. The K2 delivered!👍


    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly

      I was ROTFLMAO every time Sung Won walked by the leg-shot Secretary Kim. She kept desperately trying to grab him. The look on her face just told you what all types of nasty she would’ve done to him had he walked just six inches closer. lol

      I also enjoyed the look of fear on Sung Won’s and Giggles’ faces when Yoo jin told Mirror to send the feed of what’s happening to Secretary Kim’s cell phone.


    • Beez says:

      Help with the reference “Bruce, Liam, and Chuck”?


  4. diana says:

    Oh and also I’m really curious about The Blackstone. They mentioned it multiple times and I really thought it would give such an impact to the story. Apparently not. Season 2 perhaps? Ah, too much hopes.

    Although, I would love to see the story continues, there many question unanswered, like how the mirror was made, what’s the truth behind the tragedy in Iraq, how would Blackstone react after Je Ha testified in court regarding their activity, what happen to South Korean after losing their two candidates of president, and so on. I’m not really satisfied with Assistant Kim, looking at her personality I would have to imagine she’s taking control of JSS now (after Anna decided to let it go), planning to get revenge for her master’s death (and possibly being the new villain roles to our hero)…. Again, too much hopes 😦

    But of course, it wont be that great without our queen, Yoo Jin, and I miss her. I miss K2 already..


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes, there are questions the show did not answer. In my mind I’ve told myself that the consortium were the drivers of Blackstone. When Anna & Je Ha sent the email which exposed all their activities, they were sent to jail. Iraq was a cover up by Blackstone for an illegal weapons deal which Je Ha was framed for. The memory card email sent those responsible to jail. South Korea found another presidential candidate as there are always second choices ready to go for political parties.

      Assistant Kim, looking at her personality I would have to imagine she’s taking control of JSS now (after Anna decided to let it go), planning to get revenge for her master’s death (and possibly being the new villain roles to our hero)

      Your after the series ideas for Assistant Kim work. She’d be good at managing JSS. She’s ruthless and determined. As far as revenge for Yoo Jin, as the consortium (which included her half-brother’s father in law), her half-brother, and Assemblyman Park were all put in jail or dead, per my thinking, she’d need to take care of her father’s second wife, who actively worked against Yoo Jin.

      As I stated Yoo Jin was the best character in the series. But knowing she experienced love at the end was a nice way to say good bye to this fascinating character.

      If you haven’t watched Young Pal, it was written by the same writer and also has a strong female lead. If you want the action adventure, then maybe IRIS would hit the mark for you. If you want Ji Chang Wook’s best role to date, check out Healer, a perfect mix of romance and action.


  5. Well It’s over,I will happily say I called it when I mentioned that Yoo Jin would rather die instead of live life as a powerless person and she did go out in style. I am happy she and her husband finally had a moment of honesty and forgiveness between them,those two actors are phenomenal,I loved them both.

    Politician giggly got a fitting ending although I wish understood who authorized such an ending for him( Anna? The old men seated in the dark?) and why his loyal assistant had to do the dirty, Obviously missed something here,could someone explain please?

    Okay, I am glad that Je ha and Anna ended up happy together but honestly this has just been the most wooden romance ever. After enjoying couples like Park So Dam and Jung II Woo on Cinderella and the four Knights or Ko Bok Shil and Louie in Shopping King Louie this couple fell a little flat.

    Those Subway PPLs, the less said the better 🙂

    Assistant Kim avenged her employer well but I am shocked that she did not opt for a week long torture session before throwing his body into a tank full of piranhas she only looked the type to enjoy stuff like that.

    I would have loved to know Je Has real name and his backstory but I guess we can’t have everything. I would watch a sequel just to know this stuff.

    @ KJT as always thank you for the recaps,your time and dedication is very much appreciated.


    • kjtamuser says:

      …I called it when I mentioned that Yoo Jin would rather die instead of live life as a powerless person and she did go out in style…she and her husband finally had a moment of honesty and forgiveness…those two actors are phenomenal,I loved them both

      You called it correctly RB. Yoo Jin did choose to die on her terms. She had the unexpected pleasure of her husband finally being her husband and not her adversary. Their scene together was a favorite, if not the favorite, scene of the series.

      As far as Assemblyman Park’s end, it is a murky plot point. Considering that Je Ha drove him to his destiny, I would assume Anna also knew about his upcoming fate. Perhaps Assemblyman Park’s assistant wanted to be there at the end, for a final show of loyalty. Whether or not the consortium knew is unknown.

      Assistant Kim avenged her employer well but I am shocked that she did not opt for a week long torture session…

      She did look bad ass in the car with the silencer. She has all the makings of a ruthless leader.

      Thank you for all the insights, correct calls, and discussion throughout this series.

      If you are watching Legend of the Blue Sea, I’ll be recapping that next along with Goblin when it starts in early December.


    • Beez says:

      @redbutterflys – “why his loyal assistant had to do the dirty, Obviously missed something here,could someone explain please?”

      I’m wondering as well. Why does the assistant get off scott free and is the executioner as well? They should’ve shown us a deal being struck with him or something that if he kills the Assemblyman, he won’t be prosecuted or something. As much as I love Master Song, do you mean to tell me he got off without any repercussions too?

      It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially Anna’s last line of the series that she’s okay with her mom’s legacy being labeled a blackmailing slut because she got her Appa out of the deal. WHAT???!!! Your useless excuse for a father? Whom if he weren’t so sniveling weak, Yoo jin said she never would have done the things she did to him (which included caging you) in the first place? Yoo jin even wanted to see him stand up for Anna because, even though she resented Anna, his lack of backbone made her realize just what she had fallen in love with, sacrificed everything for, and married. That probably made her hate herself a little bit too.

      Yes,I’m happy Jeha got a happy ending (didn’t care about Anna one way or ta’other); yes,I’m happy with the scene of Yoo jin and Sejoon (they deserved each other); I really enjoyed the face off of the siblings, but that last line was just oh so stupid and not, in my opinion, what that character would say about her beloved mother whom she’s grieved over the entire series and absentee neglectful father (regardless of the fact that she did love him. She was never blind to his shortcomings ever since she was a little girl waiting and knowing he wasn’t coming (just like her mother waited).)

      Now I’ve made myself madder about this show. Let me stop and quietly meditate on Jeha and Anna slow-mo in a beautiful field of flowers – SCREECHING INTERRUPTION as they pull out Subway sandwiches and start to talk about why they like it sooooo much because they just love rubber chemicals in their bread. *yech*


      • @Beez 😀 I can see you will need some time to get over how this drama ended especially unfortunate subway PPLs .Laughing so much right now


        • Beez says:

          @RB – yeah, now if the romance had been BIG, I could focus on that and ignore some of the stupider plot lines (like people all voluntarily running to converge on a place where they know there’s a ticking bomb). *sheesh*

          I think because some parts were elevated to feeling like movie standards (thanks actress who played Yoo jin), that when it was weak writing, it really stood out and felt like “what are you doing here stupid plot hole or scene that doesn’t make a lick of sense”.

          I guess my expectations were too high.

          You gotta have big chemistry romance or a good story. Both is icing on the cake. Having neither just won’t cut it.


  6. Jane Tilly says:

    I hear you RB, Anna and Je Ha did not have the sweetest romance by a long shot; I would have been fine without a romance, but Je Ha’s concern for Anna seemed to be his impetus for superhero strength.

    While it would be awesome to reveal Je Ha’s real name, I’m not sure a sequel would have would be received the same without Yoo Jin. Song Yoon Ah’s portrayal of Yoo Jin was amazing! How often do you have a character with such a lack of regard for human life, that you not only detest, but yet found yourself feeling empathy for and rooting for her redemption. I don’t think that many actresses could pull off portraying Yoo Jin as well as Song Yoon Ah did! I hope she wins an award for her acting! 🤗

    Kjtamuser as usual, your recaps and everyone’s comments add a richness and comrodery to watching The K2. Thank you!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Song Yoon Ah’s portrayal of Yoo Jin was amazing! How often do you have a character with such a lack of regard for human life, that you not only detest, but yet found yourself feeling empathy for and rooting for her redemption. I don’t think that many actresses could pull off portraying Yoo Jin as well as Song Yoon Ah did! I hope she wins an award for her acting!

      I concur. Yoo Jin was the sun that all the other characters revolved around. I’m not sure I’ve ever had that much empathy for a ruthless and self centered cougar, but Song Yoon Ah made me care. My hat’s off to her.

      I love the comment section interchanges. Comradery it is. I feel like I’m watching then talking about the series with a group of friends. Nice!😁👍


      • @JT you are right a sequel without Yoo Jin would not have quite the same impact, she was the center of the show but the frustration of not really getting a feel of Je Has backstory is what would drive me to watch a sequel even without Yoo Jin in it 🙂 Like you, I really do hope she wins plenty of awards for her performance.

        As for Ji Chang Wook I do hope he picks roles opposite actors who will bring out the best in him.@KJT you once pointed out it does seem like an actor does bring their A game when faced with a stronger actor and his scenes with Soong Yoon-A made him stand up a little straighter and emote in very strong yet and subtle ways that never really shone through when he was opposite other cast members.I hope they will work together again in future.

        The comments and recaps are what make it even more fun to watch these dramas. Imagine how boring it would be to watch them in a vacuum!


        • kjtamuser says:

          I think you are right about JCW being focused and direct in his scenes with SYA.

          Concur that recaps/comments make drama watching a team sport!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur knowing Je Ha’s back story would have been nice and Song Yoon Ah’s performance did impact other’s performances as well. 😊


  7. Beez says:

    *siggggggh* Master Song.

    You know, I would love to see the rules and regulations regarding kissing in K dramas. I know the ones that come on after 10pm must have different rules because of the subject matter that I see allowed (not to mention the kisses in Jealousy Incarnate *whew!*) But JeHa’s kisses were blahoring (blah-boring) until the very last kiss. Is there a rulebook that says you’re allowed one good kiss for the entire series so you’d better make a decision on where you’ll placed it? (I wish they gave that much thought to Subway placement.)

    I totally get it (and admire) when one of the actors is married and so that’s why the kisses are closed-mouthed with no head movement, but I want to see that guidelines manual. And while it’s being procured,I want to see that one that relates to when, where, and how often we can see abs too.

    Back to my Curmudeonly Cuddles, I had mentioned before that I wanted to see his history with Yoo jin and her family and JSS’ beginnings Show me that he acted over zealously out of his being overly protective of the young girl (Yoo jin) he remembered. And more importantly, if any character every deserved to have a scene owning and confessing his crime, after being close to all of the main characters – Yoo jin, Jeha, the JSS agents (and assumedly Yoo jin’s brother), is him. I think we deserved to see that, otherwise it’s too pat just to say, “let’s pick the least likely character to be the killer”and call that a twist.

    I am mad.


    • kjtamuser says:

      it’s too pat just to say, “let’s pick the least likely character to be the killer” and call that a twist
      I agree. I think the writer choose the easy path in having Mr. Song be the killer. Proximity was the driver for that decision but it didn’t really make sense with the present day Mr. Song we got to know. Mr. Song had opinions and was more than willing to share them with anyone and everyone. Plus Mr. Song had ethics and fair play in his core behaviors. All that adds up to my conclusion that the writer took the easy path in picking Anna’s mother’s killer. It doesn’t ring true and that reveal was brushed under the rug (probably because it was a throw away solution). That was the flaw in the final episode.

      I want to see that guidelines manual.
      I bet there is one for each network. I’d love to see too.


    • @Beez ,it was not just the kisses, that relationship was just boring! A snooze fest that should never have happened. It was really all about them just looking pretty next to each other as fan service. To be honest they may have been the drama’s second worst PPL after subway. Those two just had no chemistry going on. Not really their fault though,I feel the writer tried to force a relationship without trying to write it in naturally,there was no initial attraction,no moments of slow realisation and awareness of each other. It was more like bam you gave me mouth to mouth now I like you and you better like me back….how does that even make sense? Now I am the one starting to rant. I’d better stop 😦


      • Beez says:

        @RedButterflys – so glad I’m not alone.

        I’ve seen JCW produce (through acting) chemistry with middle- aged pudgy ahjummas (of which I am one) at fan meets so…

        I’m a sucker for romance – it doesn’t have to be steamy or sparks flying (although I ain’t complaining when that’s there), it just has to work. The director should be made to sit down and watch Moonlight Drawn from Clouds. There was no deep story going on there and everyone groaned at the thought of another tiny pixy Korean woman supposedly fooling everyone into believing she’s a man. But those two leads spent long moments with no dialogue, no background music, just staring at each other or into each other’s eyes. We viewers were captivated. Was it the timing of knowing when to cut that type of scene? I don’t know (but I think so).

        Liked by 1 person

        • kjtamuser says:

          I agree that producer often overlook to leads simply staring into each others eyes and letting the viewers feel the chemistry. Good actors can make a nonverbal scene just as strong if not stronger than a heavy dialogue scene.


      • kjtamuser says:

        the writer tried to force a relationship without trying to write it in naturally,there was no initial attraction,no moments of slow realization and awareness of each other
        Yes, this was a romance of proximity and lacked zip. It reminded me of puppy love.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Yup, the relationship between Je Ha and Anna was “blahoring”. The action, Yoo Jin, the quest for justice and Ji Chang Wook drew my interest. I gave up on having a nice romance when the PD kept beating 💔 the tiny sweet moments to death.

      I agree with Beez about Anna being complacent about her mother not being exonerated as a “blackmailing slut” because she got her 💩 father? HE DIED! Maybe Anna meant that she realized her dad chose to stay away from her to protect her and didn’t really abandon her. The fact that Anna did get to hear the whole truth and Yoo Jin and Se Joon were redeemed in their last moments made me overlook restoring Uhm Hye Jin’s legacy.

      As for you “Curmudgeonly Cuddles” being Uhm Hye Jin’s killer also make me mad 😠 and think “let’s pick the least likely character to be the killer” I would have preferred to have Yoo Jin or Chief Kim be the killer – you know either one was capable.


      • Beez says:

        @Jane Tilly – I actually could’ve been okay with Master Song turning out to be the killer IF they had shown us that the reason he had come to Anna and JeHa’s rescue a few times was because he made mistakes/bad decisions when he was younger and regretted it now. I knew he had to have done some shady stuff in the past to be JSS’ martial arts trainer. They didn’t need to spend a lot of time on his character’s past. Even without showing backflashes of his past, I just needed to see him explaining how he got involved and shedding some tears in apology to Anna. Any other time Kdrama has people snotting and shedding tears at the drop of a hat.


        • kjtamuser says:

          It’s unfortunate the writer treated the reveal (and aftermath) of Anna’s mother’s killer as a throw away plot point. It could have been so much more.


  8. Beez says:

    Wow! you guys, read this interview with Ji Chang Wook. He apparently feels the same way we do about most of the drama – good and bad.

    I hope he can get a really good project before he goes into the military. My understanding is that we foreigners (including Asians outside S. Korea) love his work and he’s really popular with us. But he (and his shows) don’t experience as much popularity in S.K. (They didn’t like Healer!) I really want that to change so he continues making series/movies so I can continue to watch him.


    • @Beez Thanks for the link I am glad to know that he does think about the scripts he chooses. I also hope he gets a good project before his military service.

      Liked by 1 person

    • kjtamuser says:

      JCW made several good points in that interview:

      ‘The K2’ is a work that I became regretful over. I wanted to show lots of interesting things about the character.
      I’m guessing he wanted more evolution for his character than what the writer delivered.

      ‘There was something unsatisfactory in the flow of the love story. There needed to be a reason to convince the audience at some point how Anna (YoonA) and Jae-ha (Ji Chang Wook) became attracted to each other.
      Yes, this romance was forced. I appreciate JCW calling this out as an issue.

      I thought that it was not just an action drama. I thought that the composition and relationship between the people was interesting; I had determined that it would be an attractive work just by that. I think the action is one of the highlights. However, it was too much. I think that for right now, I am probably not going to act in action again.
      I take this to mean he felt the action was out of balance with the character development. The action did lessen the time for the writer to do character development. However I’m not sure the writer could have created the character development JCW wanted (and deserved). I did enjoy the action aspect of this series but it isn’t what I’ll remember. I’ll remember to the buildup to the final scene between Yoo Jin and Se Joon. While JCW was the lead of this drama, his character was not the riveting one. That’s the writer’s fault.

      I think the (army) notice will arrive around the end of February next year
      I will miss JCW. The mandatory service can be cruel to these male actor’s careers. They all have to make a “come back” when they are done. Sometimes that works, like for Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun, and sometimes it does not, like for Rain in My Lovely Girl.

      I would like to appear in another work before going to the army.
      What ever he chooses, I’ll watch.


      • Beez says:

        I’ll say one thing for these Korean stars, they come right out and lay out of there. My understanding is Hollywood stars would fear repercussions by way of no scripts or work coming their way. (Unless the words picked in the translation (i.e. “regretful over”) always makes their words seem more harsh than they actually are. But I don’t see any way we can take it wrong about the “unsatisfactory about the flow” of the romance when that’s exactly what we all observed while watching.

        I feel bad for actors because they really don’t know until the end of the project what it will actually look like. And it doesn’t matter if they’ve done a stellar job if the editing, directing, lighting, sets, etc. aren’t up to par.


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November 2016

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