The K2 Episode 15 Recap

Je Ha goes superhuman this episode.

The K2 Episode 15 Recap

Yoo Jin’s half-brother, Choi Sung Won, strolls through the JSS lobby in giddy glee at the fighting between his guys (the police) and the JSS agents. Guys in hazmat suits arrive and begin spraying down the entryway. What’s that about?

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) tells Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) that she doesn’t want him to worship her. Je Ha interrupts and says Yoo Jin wanted him to become her slave.

It’s a bit embarrassing how easily JSS is breached and the agents are subdued. The doctor and Mr. Song watch from a distance. Mr. Song save us!

Assemblyman Park waits to hear news.

The JSS President leads Sung Won et all where Yoo Jin and Je Ha are. She looks shocked as the JSS President ushers her half-brother in. Sung Won looks around and declared it cool. Yoo Jin tells mirror to lock the cone of silence conference room doors. Sung Won can’t open the doors. He tells Yoo Jin he has a bomb. Yoo Jin can’t hear him from the sound proof conference room. Je Ha realizes Sung Won has a bomb. Yoo Jin offers an expletive.

Yoo Jin tells mirror to turn on communication with the outside room. She strolls towards her brother. She’s looks good with a cut away sleeve coat over a ruffled blouse. Je Ha holds his side. He’s in no shape for physical engagement aka fighting to my eyes. Yoo Jin tells the JSS President he should have told her about the incoming intruder. The President pretends to apologize but Yoo Jin isn’t having any of his lies and yells at him to be quiet. The men feign offense at her strident tone.

The doctor ducks out of sight to avoid detection. Mr. Song is in the location she darted into. She wants to know what’s happening. He tells her to follow his lead to get out of the building.

Sung Won takes create pleasure in arming the bomb. He sets the timer to 2 hours. He sits on the couch ready to make his demands as he appears to hold all the cards.

Je Ha tells mirror to turn off communication with the outside room. Je Ha asks Yoo Jin where Anna is. Yoo Jin can’t believe her ears. They are facing a deadly bomb and Je Ha is only concerned about Anna? Yoo Jin tells Je Ha that Anna is likely on her way to spend time with the fashion designer that declared her his muse. Je Ha surprises Yoo Jin when he says that’s the best thing she’s ever done for Anna.

Assistant Kim leads Ko An Na (Yoona) and the trio of Agents – Housekeeper, J4 and K1 – through the airport.

Je Ha turns on communication with the outside room. Sung Won is impressed that Je Ha is alive. Je Ha comments that his idea of family fun is unusual. There’s an incoming phone call. Sung Won declares it is his partner. Mirror states it is Assemblyman Park. Grinning like the smiling snake he is, he tells Yoo Jin that his Knight (Sung Won) has come to capture the Queen (Yoo Jin). Assemblyman Park tells Yoo Jin that he’s having more fun now that he has the power versus their last encounter where she wielded the power. Yoo Jin asks what he wants. Assemblyman Park says he wants President Son’s memory card. Recall Je Ha left it in the grass after he got shot. But he’s the only one that knows it’s location. Sung Won pipes up that all he wants is Cloud Nine.

Je Ha turns off communication with the outside room. He suggests they be honest that they don’t have the memory card. He states he’ll have to get him.

Je Ha turns on communication with the outside room. Yoo Jin tells Assemblyman Park she doesn’t have the memory card. That surprises Assemblyman Park and Sung Won. The JSS President declares that Je Ha can be made to reveal the memory card’s location. Assemblyman Park asks Je Ha if he turned over the memory card. Je Ha indicates the police ruined his escape to Assemblyman Park, otherwise Assemblyman Park would already have the card. Je Ha asks Assemblyman Park why he turned on him. Assemblyman Park back peddles and declares he knew nothing about any plan to hurt Je Ha. Assemblyman Park tells Je Ha that he and the Police Captain let things escalate between them. Sung Won and the JSS President try to grasp that Je Ha is working with Assemblyman Park. Yoo Jin isn’t happy when Assemblyman Park laughs that she inadvertently lied to the consortium. Je Ha apologizes to Yoo Jin. She calls him a traitor. She wants to know the plan. Je Ha says with Anna out of harm’s way he can focus on getting Assemblyman Park. The JSS President feigns empathy for Yoo Jin over Je Ha’s betrayal. Assemblyman Park asks Je Ha if he has the memory card. Je Ha confirms the he has the card. He wants to know if Je Ha will the memory card to him. Je Ha asks about payment. Assemblyman Park guarantees a bonus beyond the agreed upon payment. He bids Yoo Jin adieu. Can Je Ha maneuver so soon after his surgery?

Bomb time 1:52.

Agent K1 hands Anna her ticket and passport. Her bags are checked. Anna thanks the agents. Ah, she’s going solo. Assistant Kim glares at Anna.

k2_ep15_3b k2_ep15_3a
Je Ha manages to put on his suit jacket. He tells mirror to turn off communication with the outside room. He and Yoo Jin turn their backs so no one can read their lips. Yoo Jin asks if Je Ha can manage given his weakened state. He tells Yoo Jin to send Col Jo to the site. He informs Yoo Jin he won’t be back. He recommends that she walk away from Cloud Nine. He thinks she’ll be happier if she does. Yoo Jin smiles at his concern but tells him she can’t walk away from mirror. She declares mirror is her. Je Ha takes that statement in stride believing Yoo Jin’s association with the all-knowing mirror. He knows she can’t give up the power. Yoo Jin agrees. Yoo Jin notes she gave him access to the power of mirror. Yoo Jin looks at her half-brother and comments that he’s head of a huge corporation but is willing to go to these lengths to control mirror. Je Ha tells her those that experience the all-knowing mirror want exclusive access. Je Ha says as long as Yoo Jin is the Queen that rules mirror, she’s actually mirror’s slave. Good line! He urges her to walk away. He tells her he’ll handle Sung Won and Assemblyman Park on his own. Je Ha starts toward the conference room door. Yoo Jin wishes that they’d met under better circumstances or at another point in their lives. She spins and looks at Je Ha’s back. She flashes back to him holding the gun to her head, him saving her from the burning car, him saving her using sprinklers and an umbrella. Yes folks, that’s the greatest hits between Yoo Jin and Je Ha. She wants him. He wants Anna.

Je Ha tells mirror to turn on outside communication. He tells the police to back away. They comply. He tells mirror to lock the door once he exits. She confirms she will. Without another word to Yoo Jin, Je Ha exits the room. He tells the sneering police captain to follow him. Yoo Jin watches him go tears in her eyes. Why is she crying? Because the man that saved her multiple times is no longer her knight in shining armor. That dream she had of them as a team has dissolved. It hurts.

Sung Won tells Yoo Jin it is time for them to complete their deal. She stares at him.

Anna prepare to get on the plane. Assistant Kim tells Anna someone will meet her when she arrives. Agent Housekeeper tears up feeling badly that she helped keep Anna captive for so long and now that Anna is free, they have to say goodbye. Agent J4 tells Agent Housekeeper that Anna can spread her wings now. She tells Anna to live the life she wants. She apologizes for her part in keeping Anna a prisoner. She cries. That’s actually sweet. Anna tells Assistant Kim that her father isn’t coming with her. She asks her to take care of Je Ha. Assistant Kim can’t believe the request reminding Anna that she tried to kill Anna and Je Ha. Anna promises to try and forgive her for that. Nonplussed, Assistant Kim tells her to get on the plane. She’s just like Yoo Jin, she can’t fathom kindness. Anna walks towards the plane.

Je Ha direct the police captain to drive him to the hospital parking lot.

k2_ep15_4b k2_ep15_4a
Yoo Jin asks mirror if Je Ha safely exited the building. Mirror confirms this. Yoo Jin directs mirror to lock down the room and cut off cell phone reception. The police can’t leave the room and their communication doesn’t work. Yoo Jin smiles at her half-brother. He chides her. Yoo Jin tells mirror to connect the room’s CCTV feed to Assistant Kim’s phone. Assistant Kim sees the situation and directs the agents to hurry to JSS and send reinforcements. When in doubt, call your trusted loyal assistant.  Yoo Jin smiles and says the live broadcast is functional. Let the games begin.

Anna waits outside the plane.

Yoo Jin asks mirror where the JSS’s Presidents grandchildren live. Mirror provides the location. Yoo Jin tells mirror to send the location to their hitmen and offer cash if they kill no questions asked. Yoo Jin states since she has only 2 hours to live, she’ll double the fee if the hitmen finish the job in 1 hour. Cold, cruel, and perfect! This is when you love Yoo Jin. When her powers are turned on someone deserving. The JSS President falls to his knees and begs for mercy. Yoo Jin stops mirror from executing the order. The JSS President tells her to give up her fight with her half-brother. Yoo Jin isn’t happy that the JSS President sided with her half-brother. The JSS President begs her. He states he took care of Anna’s mother per her father’s orders. Hmm, that’s interesting. This appears to be new information for Yoo Jin and her half-brother. Yoo Jin asks if doing that task got him the role of JSS President. She’s not happy at all. The JSS President offers his life in exchange for his grandchildren. He begs for mercy. Yoo Jin must agree the grandchildren are innocent. She offers him one option. He kills himself right now, right here and she spares his grandchildren. The JSS President agrees. He stands, thanks Yoo Jin, and declares he’ll get her in the afterlife. He grabs a police officer’s gun and blows his brains out. Sung Won stares at his half-sister. Cool as a cucumber Yoo Jin asks her half-brother if he saw that. She declares that is the power of Cloud Nine. He applauds her tenacity. She warns him that he’s next.

Yoo Jin looks at the three police officers and tells them the first one that shoots Sung Won gets $1B in their bank account. One officer picks up the gun next to the JSS President’s body and aims it at Sung Won. Yoo Jin tells the police officers that everyone gets $1B if they all shoot Sung Won. Three guns are immediately trained on Sung Won.  I love it! Yes, I feel a bit weird saying that but these folks are scum. Sung Won stands horror on his face. He offers the police officers more money than Yoo Jin has offered. He walks to the bomb and says he’s the only one that has the password. He says if he dies it will automatically explode. The police officers realize the truth of that statement. Yoo Jin tells them to stand down. Sung Won waggles his finger at Yoo Jin and tells her she almost had him. But he outsmarted her. Calmly, Yoo Jin states he’ll end up dying. She direct the police officers to step outside the room and take the JSS President’s body with them.

Yoo Jin looks at her half-brother and says even though he had a solid plan, his limited people skills will be his downfall. She warns him that the police officers will force him to defuse the bomb before it explodes. Then they’ll kill her for a way to exit Cloud Nine. Yoo Jin states her half-brother signed his death warrant when he came because there is no way out. They both smile.

The bomb reads 1:26

k2_ep15_6b k2_ep15_6a
Je Ha arrives at the hospital parking lot and retrieves the memory card. The police captain punches him and takes the memory card. The police captain calls Assemblyman Park and tells him he has the memory card. Assemblyman Park is thrilled. The police captain asks what he should do with Je Ha. Assemblyman Park tells the captain to get rid of Je Ha. He puts a silencer on his gun and aims it at Je Ha. He tells Je Ha goodbye. A shot rings out but it isn’t the police captain. As expected it is Col Jo. He strides to Je Ha and helps him up. Je Ha’s side wound begins to bleed. Je Ha grabs the captain’s phone. He hears Assemblyman Park calling out. Je Ha asks Assemblyman Park where he should meet him to give him the memory card. Assemblyman Park’s face is one of complete shock. Assemblyman Park asks what happened to the captain. Je Ha replies that the captain just died. Je Ha asks if the money is ready. Assemblyman Park claims the money is ready. He tells Je Ha to come to his house. He hangs up and stares at his assistant. He can’t believe the Je Ha has the memory card.

k2_ep15_7ak2_ep15_7c k2_ep15_7b
Je Ha gets into a backseat of a car. Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) is there. Assemblyman Jang asks if Je Ha retrieved the memory card. Je Ha confirms this. Assemblyman Jang is grateful. Je Ha tells him the memory card won’t be given to him. He must use it expose what is happening at JSS. He tells Col Jo (in the front seat) that Sung Won has taken over Cloud Nine and has a bomb set to explode. Je Ha says the only way to eliminate Assemblyman Park and Sung Won is to expose content of the memory card to the world. Col Jo says if they do, Assemblyman Jang’s career is over. He urges Je Ha to give the memory card to Assemblyman Jang. He wants the memory card to save JSS and Assemblyman Jang’s political career. Je Ha retorts justice will be served if they take down Assemblyman Park and Sung Won. He’s also worried about Yoo Jin. Col Jo couldn’t care less about Yoo Jin. He tells Je Ha that sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. Je Ha scoffs that Col Jo is still the same. He still spouting that small people must sacrifice for the greater good. Col Jo fires back that he’s not asking Je Ha to sacrifice himself this time. Assemblyman Jang says if he has the chip Je Ha can get the revenge he desires. Je Ha ask how Anna or Anna’s mother will get justice. Je Ha tells Assemblyman Jang he’ll handle this. He starts to exit the car but Col Jo stops him by pointing a gun at Je Ha. He utters the classic line “don’t make me shoot you.” Je Ha smiles and reminds Col Jo that he’d told him their clients were formidable. Je Ha tells Col Jo that by siding with Assemblyman Jang he’s tossing the last of his morality. Col Jo reminds Je Ha that he was a paid killer. Je Ha confirms he was a killer for hire. Je Ha clarifies he never killed civilians. Col Jo starts to put his gun down. Assemblyman Jang tells him that they will lose Cloud Nine. Without the memory card, his power is almost nothing. Je Ha tells Assemblyman Jang that being a father to Anna is more important. In disgust, Je Ha retrieves the memory card and gives it to Assemblyman Jang. What? Je Ha declares he is sick of this. He originally wanted to protect Anna from Yoo Jin and kill Assemblyman Park. He declares he’s off to kill Assemblyman Park. He gets out of the car. Assemblyman Jang stares at the memory chip. Something isn’t quite right in this picture.

Anna gets on the plane. She finds her seat. What coach seating? Not first class?

k2_ep15_8b k2_ep15_8a
Je Ha walks to the waiting car. He opens the trunk and sees the C4 explosives. Col Jo stares at Je Ha in surprise. Je Ha gets in the car. Col Jo asks if he plans on blowing himself up too. Je Ha drives away without answering.

Sung Won suggests they share mirror. He suggests she gave up on the company when she married Assemblyman Jang. He tells her he was impressed by her courage to marry the man she loved. Yoo Jin tells him his mother stole the company from her. Sung Won claims that he was always jealous that Yoo Jin was a legitimate child not a bastard. He admits he lacked the courage to marry the woman he loved. Yoo Jin tells him if she were more gullible she’d believe his lie. Sung Won laughs. Yoo Jin laughs. He admits their father had more faith in her. He asks if the JSS President admitted that he covered up the fact the Yoo Jin killed Anna’s mother. She won’t admit to anything. He offers they split the company and split mirror. Yoo Jin tells him that his only option is to defuse the bomb or they both die. She suggests that he defuse the bomb before she calls back the police officers. She promises not to kill him if he defuses the bomb. Why isn’t this riveting?

Assemblyman Jang’s assistant can’t believe he’s going to tell the press everything. He only stuck by Assemblyman Jang because of his power. Assemblyman Jang asks Col Jo what he thinks. Col Jo says that Yoo Jin should get a voice in the matter. Assemblyman Jang directs Col Jo to call Yoo Jin. Col Jo hands him the phone. Yoo Jin smiles when mirror tells her Assemblyman Jang is calling. She comments it took him long enough. She answers the phone. Assemblyman Jang comments the bomb hasn’t exploded. She has to laugh at that. He laughs too. He asks if she has time to discuss something with him. She tells him to continue. He shares that Je Ha left a gift with him, the memory card. That gets Sung Won’s attention. Yoo Jin smiles. Assemblyman Jang says that Je Ha told him to release the memory card contents to save her. That surprises and pleases Yoo Jin. She thought that Je Ha walked away from her and didn’t care what happened to her. Assemblyman Jang asks if he should release the memory card contents. Yoo Jin tells him not to release the memory card contents. She assures him that her half-brother won’t allow the bomb to go off. Yoo Jin suggests an alternative plan. Control Assemblyman Park and the consortium. She tells Assemblyman Jang to call Assemblyman Park and tell him he has the memory card. She recommends he threaten exposure unless Assemblyman Park and the consortium bend to their will. She laughs. He laughs. He tells her he expected nothing less than that from her. She asks about Je Ha. He tells her he didn’t look good. She starts to ask for details but stops herself saying that she’ll see him at home. That was weird. Assemblyman Jang didn’t share what Je Ha did and Yoo Jin didn’t press for details.

Yoo Jin tells Sung Won that Assemblyman Park will soon volunteer to leave the race for the Presidency. She asks if they should destroy the company and let her rebuild it.

Assemblyman Jang tells his assistant to cancel the press conference and get Assemblyman Park on the phone. Assemblyman Jang tells Assemblyman Park he happens to have the memory card. He tells Assemblyman Park to calm down and gather the consortium members together. He wants a face to face. Assemblyman Park sputters in surprise and tells his assistant this is bad. Assemblyman Park’s assistant guesses the Je Ha gave Assemblyman Jang to the memory card. Assemblyman Park surmises that Je Ha is a double agent, working for both Yoo Jin and him. He orders his men to capture Je Ha. He orders his assistant to tell the police to capture Anna. He declares he will destroy Assemblyman Jang and Je Ha tonight!

The stewardess asks Anna to turn off her phone.

Je Ha is sweating while he drives. He pulls over and calls Anna but her phone is off. He smiles thinking she’s flying to a safe destination. He takes a deep breath and steels himself for what he must do.

A police officer asks the stewardess where Anna is. He approaches Anna and asks he to come with him.

The bomb reads 59 minutes.

Je Ha’s car slams into the barrier at the safe house. Assemblyman Park’s agents surround the car. They open the driver door. They find a brick on the accelerator pedal and a seat belt around the steering wheel. Je Ha appears with the C4 on his body. He disarms the agents. He takes one agent as a human shield as he makes his way through the house. He tells the agent to put the C4 on the door to Assemblyman Park’s secret room. The door blows. Je Ha enters and finds an empty room. The agent tells Je Ha that if he wants to save his girlfriend he’d better give Assemblyman Park the memory card. Je Ha can’t believe what he’s hearing. The agent insists that Assemblyman Park captured Anna just as she was leaving the country. He demands the agent tell him where Anna is.  Je Ha fight through the pain and manages to escape from Assemblyman Park’s agents. Why isn’t this riveting?

k2_ep15_12d k2_ep15_12b
Je Ha calls Agent J4. He tells her Anna has been kidnapped. Agent Housekeeper and Agent K1 can’t believe Anna has been snatched.

Assemblyman Park calls Assemblyman Jang (video call). Assemblyman Park says he wanted to talk about the life at risk. Assemblyman Jang thinks Assemblyman Park is talking about himself. Assemblyman Park says it isn’t him. He turns the phone on Anna. Assemblyman Jang sees a bound and gagged Anna. Assemblyman Jang calls to her. Assemblyman Park turns the phone back to himself. He tells Assemblyman Jang to bring him the memory card. He tells him he’ll trade Anna for the memory card. He wants to meet at Cloud Nine. Doesn’t he know that Sung Won has a bomb there? Assemblyman Park states he’ll have to use the enemy’s lair this one time. He tells Assemblyman Jang he doesn’t want to kill Anna. Assemblyman Jang assure him he’ll cooperate. Assemblyman Park warns him not to fool around with the memory card. Assemblyman Jang, Col Jo and his assistant he not happy. Assemblyman Park tells his assistant to take Anna to Cloud Nine. It’s time to end this. I agree Assemblyman Park, let’s end this!

The bomb reads 48:28.

Agent J4 calls Je Ha and confirms that the police snatched Anna from the plane. Je Ha is livid.

k2_ep15_13c k2_ep15_13b
Je Ha drives to the construction site. He gets out of the car. There a many construction workers. He stupidly approaches. They beat him to the ground. He gets up and fights. No way with that injury. Turn your brain off now! He struggles to his feet. He grabs a stick from the fire and beats his way through the men with sparks flying every time he hits someone with the stick. He enters the parking garage and disarms another 5 guys, this time using a pipe as his weapon. He hears a sound. He thinks it’s Anna. He’s right. She’s being put into the car. He tries to reach the car but can’t. They stare at each other. Je Ha flashes back to the moment in Spain when she was in the car begging him to save her. The car pulls away just he gets close enough to touch it. He and Anna stare at each other as it pulls away.

Je Ha turns and 5 fresh guys are waiting to take him down. Assemblyman Park’s assistant order the men to kill Je Ha. Not so fast. Je Ha fights with abandon and disarms all the men. He stares at Assemblyman Park’s assistant.

The bomb reads 44:23.

Mr. Song disarms the agents holding the JSS. Then he and the other agents take out the agents holding Agent So (my honey!) and another JSS agent. They are surprised and impressed with Mr. Song. I am too! Did you see Mr. Song hit ’em where it hurts…twice?! Anna is brought into the lobby. The JSS agents disarm the agents escorting her. She’s relieved to see Mr. Song and Agent So, who gently asks if she’s okay. Anna confirms this.

But not so fast, the police arrive. Another fight breaks out. Mr. Song shoves Anna to the parking garage. She starts to run through the garage. Other agents come after her. She sees the flashlights of the men searching for her. Mr. Song grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth. Anna flashes back to the night she found her mother on the floor of her bedroom sleeping pills strewn around her. The man behind the door…MR. SONG! OMG! This is the one of the few interesting things that happened this entire episode!  Anna stares at Mr. Song in disbelief. Mr. Song apologizes for startling her. Anna stares. She asks on that night was it you? The person that covered my mouth and flashed a light on me? She backs away from him. Mr. Song starts to explain.

Assemblyman Park’s assistant tells Je Ha they can settle this without violence (says the man that just ordered 5 guys to kill Je Ha). Je Ha asks him where Anna is. The assistant sputters that Anna is at Cloud Nine. The assistant is surprised when Je Ha orders him to drive him to Cloud Nine. The assistant says that the bomb will go off soon and everyone at Cloud Nine will die. Je Ha tells him they’ll defuse the bomb. The assistant says there one catch…the bomb cannot be defused once it’s been set. The assistant states Sung Won is unaware of this fact. Je Ha stares at the sky with blood dripping down his face.

The bomb reads 38:21.

Je Ha screams his frustration.

My Thoughts

This episode can be summarized with a two words….set-up…filler. After coming off a good episode last week, this episode didn’t work as well. Two things surprised me. First, the JSS President blew his brains out. Second, Mr. Song was the man in Anna’s mother’s room. It’s the latter surprise that matters. The interchanges in Cloud Nine started well but it seemed to go too long and lose luster. It would be difficult to keep the bulk of an episode in one spot and have it work flawlessly. Plus that mix of action and strategy and angst, was not in balance as strategy took the forefront.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) turned superhero this episode. Fresh off surgery he fought valiantly too many times to count. It was super human. It was ridiculous. I was surprised they didn’t have Je Ha leap over a building in a single bound. At the beginning of the episode I thought to myself, how disappointing that any fights will have to be muted because Je Ha is just recovering from surgery. I believed that was a stupid position to put the lean mean fighting machine Je Ha in. But no worries. Suspend logic and just go with it. Je Ha leaving Yoo Jin in the conference room was fitting. But he argued for Assemblyman Jang to help her. That was nice. He was sad but relieved when Anna got out of the country. He was livid to learn that she had been snatched. I understand Je Ha flashing back to Anna in the car in Spain, but it seems a bit forced.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) proved her brain is her weapon of choice. Yoo Jin refused to give up mirror’s power because mirror was her. That makes sense. Yoo Jin’s top priority has been power throughout this series. She operates in a world controlled by men. She imposes her power on them. From a feminist stance, I say “Go Girl!” I love that all the powerful men hate and fear her. But the cost to Yoo Jin is enormous. Her soul has been sold in exchange for power. She was touched when she learned Je Ha told Assemblyman Jang to save her. I did enjoy some of the bantering between Yoo Jin and her half-brother but it got draggy for me.

Ko An Na (Yoona) was a pawn yet again. There just hasn’t been much for this character to do but be someone’s pawn this entire series. Best moment of the episode was when Anna remembered Mr. Song was there the night her mother died. Does that mean Mr. Song was sent in to clean up after Yoo Jin killed Anna’s mother?

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) got the memory card. Je Ha gave him the memory card. He agreed to Yoo Jin’s suggestion that he meet with and blackmail Assemblyman Park and the consortium. But Assemblyman Park snatched Anna and shifted the balance of power away from Assemblyman Jang. At least it appeared that Assemblyman Jang had genuine concern for Anna.

Only one more episode to go. What’s my wish list for the final episode?

* Je Ha. He continues his super human strength and vanquishes all the bad guys to extract his beloved Anna from the fray. They both live. They walk off into the sunset together.

* Anna. She finds out the complete truth about the night her mother died. Je Ha saves her. They walk off into the sunset together.

* Yoo Jin. I’m okay if the bomb takes her out and her smiling half-brother too. Barring that, I’d like her to pay for her misdeeds. Having mirror blown to smithereens by the bomb would hurt her soul.

* Assemblyman Jang. I’m okay if the bomb takes him out and his dreadful opponent Assemblyman Park. Barring that, I’d like to see him be a real father to Anna. He does NOT deserve to be president.

* The others. I want Agent So to have a heroic moment (and live). I want Mr. Song not to have done something awful that night because I like him and want to see him get together with the doctor.

The background music is a plus for this series. We’ve all waited for this one to drop. Take a listen.

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10 comments on “The K2 Episode 15 Recap
  1. diana says:

    I cried along with Yoo Jin when Je Ha left her alone. She’s the best, strong, powerful woman every girl would’ve want to be ( I mean which girl doesnt want to lead all the powerful men and feared by them). From the first episode till now I’d never think she’s the scumbag despite all of the dirty things she did. Like she said, she’s the actual victim, from her father, her beloved husband (who never loved her back). She’s always alone, only surrounded by her men pawns, and finally when someone she really thought as her friend betrayed her, I can feel what she felt. Heartbroken.

    I dont think it was Yoojin who killed Anna’s mother. I think it’s the truth when she said that herself. Maybe there’s some plot twist behind it, I dont know. One more episode tonight and I hope everyone will get happy ending. Kim Je Ha, Anna and even Yoo Jin, whatever it might be. She really deserves it.

    Oh I forgot, this is TvN. My hopes went up for a moment and suddenly went down. They dont usually give endings like audiences hoped to. But we’ll see. This show went really well up to this point, so it should be ended with the best closure, right?

    Anyway, thank you for the recap kjtamuser. I also hope your wishlists happen (except for the Yoo Jin part :D). Aah and the song… The music play and I got goosebumps already…


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yoo Jin is my favorite character of this series. I love strong women. Yoo Jin is strong. I love smart women. Yoo Jin is smart. I love it when women are equal to men. Yoo Jin is tactically superior to the men in this series. They wait for her moves then respond.

      All that said, she’s a wounded character, which tugs at my heart. What a lonely life she has.

      But she has a cruel streak because she doesn’t respect and value other people. Everyone in her world is a pawn and therefore expendable.

      She clings to power as her security blanket. Je Ha recommended she walk away from mirror. She declined. Mirror is her alter ego. I don’t want her to blown up. But part of me thinks that it would almost be poetic if she, her brother, and Assemblyman Park died grappling over mirror. The other part of me would like her to release her need for power and find values in others. I don’t know if that’s possible in the remaining episode given the setup of this episode.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I also appreciate Yoo Jin for being an intelligent, strong woman…this character has been a big draw to watching the series. That being said, I concur she has a cruel streak without any regard for innocent human life. Yoo Jin continued to choose power over leaving Cloud Nine. @KJT aptly stated “She clings to power as her security blanket.”

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    • Beez says:

      @Diana – I agree with everything you said about what is to be admired about the character Yoo jin, however, like Jeha said, she is perfectly willing to sacrifice the innocent – correction – to order the killing of innocents to serve her greedy self purpose. Chief Giggles should’ve known that and never crosses Yoo jin.


  2. shamrockmom3 says:

    Many thanks for the BGM video. Show may play fast and loose in the logic department, but the awesome music makes me forgive a lot. I hope there will be a full release of all the instrumental tracks for The K2.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    ATTACK ON CLOUD NINE— 대박, Giggly truly betrayed Yoo Jin to her stepbrother by an attack on Cloud 9. I was relieved Yoo Jin rethought about killing Giggle’s grandchildren when Giggles plead to leave the innocent along…finally Je Ha’s admonition paid off with offering Giggles the option of killing himself immediately. Giggles did not giggle this episode, nor will he the rest of this series…

    I wondered where TL Seo and the assault team were, but then I realized they were captured first. I think the Hazmat guys spraying something were creating a guise to keep others out of the building. I would have thought Cloud 9 would have had a failsafe for sealing the occupants in the inner room and gassing the outer room occupant to become unconscious or dead.
    When Yoo Jin said “this is already yours” at 15 minutes into the episode, they were talking about Cloud 9 so I wasn’t sure if she was referring to her heart, as she had her hand on her chest, or was she referring to the Mirror? Je Ha gave us more fairy tale analogy with “as long as you are the witch that rules Cloud Nine, you’ll be its slave”.

    Is it just me or did anyone else think it was believable for Je Ha to be fighting so fiercely after almost dying on the operating room table the day before? @KJT, your “superhero” description was very apt. I suppose some of it could be chalked up to adrenaline, especially when he was fighting to rescue Anna, but I agree it is unrealistic. I know our healthy Je Ha “can take a licking and keep on ticking”, but 24 hours earlier he nearly died. Additionally, Je Ha seems to have gotten over his PTSD, since he was able to shoot Park Team Evil.

    The whole time Anna was at the airport, I kept thinking “she’s going to change her mine and not leave the country”. I kept thinking why didn’t at least one security team member with her? Who knew she would stay on the plane until the police took her? How could the security team from Anna “secret” house be on the road at the same time Anna was Park Team Evil’s headquarters?

    When Master Song and the doctor escape Park Team Evil during the initial onslaught of JSS Headquarters, I thought our curmudgeonly martial arts master would come to the rescue, I was glad to see he did. I did not want Master Song to be the one with Anna the night her mother died. Master Song cleaning up after the fact would be bad enough. Ohhh don’t let our sweet curmudgeon to be the murderer! No! No! NO!

    I could hardly believe Park’s security chief told Je Ha “don’t overreact, let’s settle it with words” after he sent his whole team after Je Ha, who is recovering from a gunshot wound and surgery? A bomb that cannot be defused seems like Assemblyman Park’s style. Rather than having a flashback to Anna in Spain, I thought a flashback to Raniya being killed would have been more relevant.

    I echo your wish list; let the baddies all die! I would add the “secret” house team, K1, J4 and Agent Housekeeper all survive, can happily go their own way, and never to work for such a heartless employer again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      @JT quoting you: “Is it just me or did anyone else think it was [un]believable for Je Ha to be fighting so fiercely after almost dying on the operating room table the day before?”

      I did, but hey, if Song Joon ki can do it within 10 minutes after open heart massage and defibrillation (DOTS)…I’ll let Ji Chang Wook have his super hero moment after 24 hours of having bullets removed and his side stitched up. 😉

      Even with the truth being revealed that Master Song was in the room at the scene of Anna’s.mins death, my brain still didn’t (couldn’t) go there to even THINK he might be the actual killer. NOOOOOOOOO, JT, NOOOOOO! How could you even THINK that about my Sweet Curmudgeon?!


      • kjtamuser says:

        if Song Joon ki can do it within 10 minutes after open heart massage and defibrillation (DOTS)…I’ll let Ji Chang Wook have his super hero moment after 24 hours of having bullets removed and his side stitched up

        Excellent point about DOTS, I’d forgotten about that. I guess leading men must be granted super hero powers as needed.

        How could you even THINK that about my Sweet Curmudgeon?!

        Believe me, I didn’t want to think that about Mr. Song.


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