The K2 Episode 12 Recap

Je Ha is given something that confirms Yoo Jin’s trust in him.

The K2 Episode 12 Recap

Assemblyman Park welcomes Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) to the party. They smile broadly while quietly telling each other one of them will die during the Presidential race. Assemblyman Park’s assistant reminds Col Jo that he became a coronel because of Assemblyman Park. Col Jo reminds the assistant he had to leave the military because of Assemblyman Park. Nice that there is a backstory between Assemblyman Park and Col Jo. It’s a small world.

Ko An Na (Yoona) and Yoo Jin’s half-brother visit her mother’s grave. The press is there watching as Anna places flowers on her mother’s grave, kneels and cries apologizing for taking so long to visit. She tells her mother to rest in peace. Anna tells her mother that father won’t visit which confuses the press.  The television reporter calls Yoo Jin’s brother with information that makes him smile.

Mr. Song whines about being underutilized in last night’s mission. Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) asks about Yoo Jin’s brother. Mr. Song says that many wanted Yoo Jin to take over her father’s company. But Yoo Jin’s terrible taste in men was her downfall. Her father tried to tempt her with better men but Yoo Jin’s fixation on Assemblyman Jang angered her father. Yoo Jin’s brother dutifully married their father’s choice. Mr. Song declares that Yoo Jin’s brother is more aggressive than Yoo Jin. Good grief, and I thought Yoo Jin was aggressive. Mr. Song explains that as a former bodyguard for the family, he knows them well.

Yoo Jin’s brother takes Anna to a prison to meet her uncle (honorific term I’m assuming, let’s see about that). As Anna stares her uncle tells her they met on the night her mother died, in her mother’s bedroom. Is he the man that grabbed Anna from behind the door? He tells Anna he shined a light in her face. Anna flashes back to finding her mother on the floor, a man behind the door, a flashlight in her eyes, and the man grabbing her. Anna is uneasy. Yoo Jin’s brother smiles and watches Anna. The uncle explains that he broke into the house that night unaware that a famous movie start lived there. He pilfered the jewelry in the bedroom then hid when he heard noises. He hesitates wondering if Anna should hear what really happened. Anna tells him to continue. The burglar says someone got on top of her mother while she slept and put a needle in her neck. Yoo Jin’s brother asks if he remembers the prepetator’s face. With a smile, the burglar says he does, for a price. Yoo Jin’s brother’s lawyer states they can reduce his prison term by 4 years. Yoo Jin’s brother asks who was the man. The burglar looks to Anna and says it was the woman by her side when she did the interview. Yoo Jin’s brother is surprised. Anna is surprised. She can’t believe Yoo Jin murdered her mother. That’s big! Yoo Jin’s brother grins with glee. Anna grimaces in pain. Yoo Jin’s brother asks if he’ll testify in court. If he’s protected. Yoo Jin’s brother guarantees his protection. The burglar grins and says he’ll testify. It was creepy how much “the uncle” smiled during that exchange. If it’s true that Yoo Jin killed Anna’s mother, with a witness to testify to that fact, that will have major ripple effect.

Je Ha calls Agent J4 for Anna’s whereabouts. She tells him that Anna is at the beauty salon without her.

Anna asks Yoo Jin’s brother why they can’t have Yoo Jin arrested for the crime of killing her mother. Yoo Jin’s brother says that information would destroy her father’s presidential hopes. Anna doesn’t care. Yoo Jin’s brother reminds her that the power of the Presidency will keep her safe. They must no blemish Assemblyman Jang with this revelation. Yoo Jin’s brother plans to make people feel sympathetic towards her father. He assures her he has a plan that will do this. He warns her to keep this a secret and tell no one, not even Je Ha. Anna declares that Je Ha wouldn’t reveal their plans to Yoo Jin. Her uncle shakes his head and tells her that even though Je Ha loves Anna, Yoo Jin pays him and his loyalty is to her.  Anna mulls that over. Her uncle says they must get to the beauty salon before Je Ha.

Je Ha meets Anna at the beauty salon. How come she doesn’t look any different? Je Ha tells her not to discharge J4 without a backup agent by her side. Anna promises not to do that again. The hair stylist notices the familiarity that Je Ha speaks to Anna. She asks what kind of relationship they have. Anna declares that Je Ha is her boyfriend. The hair stylist pushes Je Ha into the salon chair telling him it would be bad form to look uncool at tonight’s event. Je Ha asks Anna is he looks uncool. Anna soothes his ruffled feathers. LOL!

k2_ep12_4bk2_ep12_4c  k2_ep12_4a
Je Ha is sporting an upswept hairstyle and Agent J4 giggles seeing him dolled up for the event. Yoo Jin’s brother asks Anna if she took the medication. She tells him she did. That surprises Je Ha who looks at her sharply. Yoo Jin’s brother tells her he has more if she needs it. He stares at Je Ha. I bet he’d like to loosen the hold Je Ha has on Anna. Turns out that Anna will be modeling that evening. She gets nervous and asks for more medicine. Yoo Jin’s brother gives her the pills. Je Ha snatches them and takes Anna aside. He’s worried that she’s becoming addicted. Anna says this is a big event and she needs the pills to get through this major social event. Recall that Anna has a social phobia. Anna tells Je Ha that this fashion show is to honor her mother. She asks for his support. Hmm, is Yoo Jin’s brother addicting Anna to pills like her mother was? Anna pleads with Je Ha, she needs the help of the pills. She takes the pills out of his hands and walks away. Je Ha is not happy. Je Ha grabs Yoo Jin’s brother and asks what he’s doing to Anna. Yoo Jin’s brother says that Anna must publicize her mother to make the public interested in how Anna’s mother died. He says this is something he and Anna agreed upon.

Je Ha is not happy being cut out of Anna’s decision making process. J4 brings him a bottle of water with a note from Anna asking him not to worry because she’ll be awesome on the runway. He gets a goofy grin on his face.

Anna appears in a pretty lace dress. It’s almost bridal. The designer declares she looks like her mother. K2 grins a goofy besotted grin.

k2_ep12_5b k2_ep12_5a
Anna does well introducing the fashion show in honor of her mother. Je Ha is proud of her for facing her fears. Anna thinks to herself that her mother’s killer will be revealed. Je Ha tells Anna she did well.

Anna’s outfit for the runway is a knit dress with angel wings. She takes another round of pills. Je Ha isn’t happy with that.

Anna struggles walking down the wet runway. Je Ha watches with concern. Yoo Jin’s brother cues a light man to beam a spotlight on Anna. She’s dazed by the bright light. Je Ha runs onto the wet runway and spins her toward him and away from the light. Yoo Jin’s brother sighs his disappointment.

The next morning Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) reads an online article about the fashion show. When she looks at the picture of Anna, she zooms tight on Je Ha a besotted look on her face. She puts the tablet face down when Assistant Kim enters. Assistant Kim says there’s an online article that might upset Yoo Jin. The article suggestes Anna is Yoo Jin’s daughter. Yoo Jin laughs at the absurdity of the supposition. But wait there’s more. The article suggests that Anna’s mother returned to Korea after she learned Yoo Jin was Anna’s real mother. To suppress this, Yoo Jin killed Anna’s mother. The article suggests that Yoo Jin’s marriage to Assemblyman Jang is a sham. The article finishes that Anna is under the care of her real uncle, Yoo Jin’s brother. Want to guess who planted that article? The smiling snake, Yoo Jin’s brother, comes to mind immediately. Yoo Jin seethes that article is sympathetic to Assemblyman Jang while crucifying her. Assistant Kim asks if they should cancel the charity event. Yoo Jin refuses, she won’t look like a coward to the public.

Anna isn’t happy that the article was unflattering to her mother. Yoo Jin’s brother calms her stating this article will cause the police to investigate her mother’s death, and they will look seriously at Yoo Jin as a suspect. Yoo Jin’s brother promises when the time is right, the other shoe will drop against Yoo Jin. He promises to orchestrate the whole thing so Anna won’t have to worry. He promises Anna’s mother will be exonerated during the investigation. Yoo Jin’s brother is pleased when Anna assures him she did not tell Je Ha about their plans. He laughs that the article is spreading like wildfire.

Yoo Jin’s spin doctor refutes the articles claim’s during a TV interview. But he states that Yoo Jin should go to the police and either confess or explain what happened the night Ann’s mother was killed. Yoo Jin asks Assistant Kim if the man works for her or her brother. They both realize the man works for Yoo Jin’s brother and look decidedly unhappy.

The reporters swarm Anna and Yoo Jin’s brother as they arrive at the police station. Yoo Jin’s brother declares the article false and promises to determine who is pulling his family through the mud with this article and sue them.

The police chief meets with Anna and Yoo Jin’s brother. He understands their desire to prosecute for slander. Yoo Jin’s brother gives him the papers so he can arrest the culprit. Yoo Jin suggests that as the police chief investigates Anna’s mother’s death, he’ll be surprised at the connection to other cases too. Yoo Jin’s brother looks at Anna.

Yoo Jin is helpful at the charity workday. All the other workers openly talk about her.

The police chief tells Assemblyman Park that Yoo Jin’s brother is targeting Yoo Jin. Assemblyman Park utters “rich people play dirty to keep their money”. The police chief asks what he should do. Assemblyman Park all but slaps the man’s head through the phone line and tells him to investigate Anna’s mother’s murder. Assemblyman Park is giddy when he tells his assistant this investigation of Yoo Jin is like manna from heaven. His perma-smile is ear to ear!

A reporter asks the prosecutor if Assemblyman Jang and Yoo Jin will be disgraced with the investigation. The prosecutor says the investigation is run by the police, so he looks forward to the results. He does say that Yoo Jin will be investigated. The reporter is thrilled that Anna’s mother’s death is being reinvestigated. He declares he’ll get the news online and quickly. The prosecutor tells him he has 30 minutes. The reporter runs to his computer.

Yoo Jin’s brother is thrilled that his plan is going well.

Yoo Jin’s charity event is disrupted when a gaggle of reporters arrive. She approaches the reports who fire questions about the article. Yoo Jin stares at them, holds her head, and faints.

k2_ep12_8c k2_ep12_8b k2_ep12_8a
Yoo Jin is whisked to the hospital. The JSS security team watches in concern. Mr. Song isn’t happy. Yoo Jin’s brother laughs at the diversionary tactic of his sister.

The JSS president doesn’t believe Col Jo when he says that Yoo Jin actually fainted and it wasn’t an act.

The two reporters discuss the situation. They see the online netizens are sympathetic to Assemblyman Jang and want Yoo Jin to pay for her misdeeds. They note that Anna’s name will be sullied.

Assemblyman Jang arrives but Anna refuses to see him. Agent J4 whispers to Agent Housekeeper the irony of Assemblyman Jang visiting but Anna not wanting to see him.

Assemblyman Jang knocks on Ann’s door but she refuses to see him. He tells her he’ll be back. Anna cries.

k2_ep12_9b k2_ep12_9a
Mr. Song arrives at the hospital to visit Yoo Jin. The guards try to send him away but he gets vocal. Yoo Jin asks Mr. Song to enter the room. He expresses his concern and gives her juice. Yoo Jin smiles that he brought her favorite juice. They both smile as she sips. Yoo Jin sends Assistant Kim and the guards out of the room. Yoo Jin thanks Mr. Song for coming. She tells him to use informal speech. He recommends that she not pursue Anna anymore. That wipes the smile from her face. Mr. Song states that if you kill the mother animal, you leave her babies alone. Yoo Jin doesn’t like what he’s saying. Mr. Song states her late father would agree with him. Yoo Jin really doesn’t like what he’s saying. Mr. Song tells her to comply or he’ll have to follow his conscience. She stares at him, purses her lips in anger and flings the juice to the ground. Assistant Kim and the guards rush into the room. Yoo Jin demands Mr. Song be removed. He leaves of his own volition. Is Mr. Song Yoo Jin’s father? Was that inferred? What does he know that Yoo Jin wants suppressed?

Assemblyman Jang arrives to see Yoo Jin’s brother, mother, and father in law. He hears them laughing inside before he enters the room. He comments that the house is on fire, but they are having a party. LOL! Father in law agrees it is a party, but Assemblyman Jang doesn’t realize who the party is for. He says Assemblyman Jang may no longer need to worry about his wife. Yoo Jin’s brother preens that he left Assemblyman Jang out of this mess, so he could rise to the top and win the Presidency. Father in law urges Assemblyman Jang to ditch Yoo Jin. Assemblyman Jang looks at their happy faces, considers, and smiles. Will he drop Yoo Jin or will he play the supportive husband?

k2_ep12_10b k2_ep12_10a
Still sporting the upswept bangs, Je Ha visits Anna in her room. He wonders why she refused to see her father. Anna says she doesn’t need her father. Je Ha says that Anna is trusting Yoo Jin’s brother but he feels that Yoo Jin wouldn’t murder anyone, she’s too smart to do the deed herself. Anna does not tell Je Ha about the burglar that claimed Yoo Jin murdered her mother. Anna asks if Je Ha is on her side or Yoo Jin’s side. Je Ha says he’s on her side. Anna asks why he still works for Yoo Jin when the other Agents (Housekeeper, J4, and K1) now work for Yoo Jin’s brother. Je Ha says he’s not telling her why he’s still working with Yoo Jin because it’s best that she doesn’t know. Ouch! That sounds like a lack of faith. Anna stares at Je Ha. He thinks to himself, he can’t tell Anna about planning to kill Assemblyman Park.

The JSS President and police chief drink together. The police chief asks if the JSS President needs information about Yoo Jin. He comments that won’t be easy to come by. The JSS President confides as long as Assemblyman Jang is elected President, Yoo Jin can be besmirched. The JSS President tells the police chief to stick to Assemblyman Park like glue and switch to Assemblyman Jang when the time is right. The JSS President laughs they’ll win if either Assemblyman Jang or Assemblyman Park become president, if they play their cards right. More laughter and drinking ensures.

Je Ha visits Yoo Jin and tells her he won’t be shocked if she admits to killing Anna’s mother. He wants her to be honest with him. Yoo Jin asks why he wants to know. Je Ha admits it’s for Anna. That’s throwing fuel on a fire! Je Ha wonders if he should let Anna pursue her vengeance against Yoo Jin who she believes killed her mother. Yoo Jin sighs and says Anna should pursue the path she wants. Je Ha asks Yoo Jin if she killed Anna’s mother. Yoo Jin says she’ll tell him the truth. She didn’t kill Anna’s mother. She didn’t order anyone to kill Anna’s mother. Je Ha asks why Yoo Jin let Anna and Assemblyman Jang believe she killed Anna’s mother. Yoo Jin explains that belief gives her the power to threaten to kill Anna and Assemblyman Jang will believe her. She says that threat kept Assemblyman Jang by her side. Yoo Jin admits she knows who killed Anna’s mother. But she can’t say who it is. Hmm, that is fascinating. Was it her father? Was it Assemblyman Jang? Who would Yoo Jin be willing to protect? Was it Mr. Song? Yoo Jin encourages Je Ha to talk to “mirror” (the artificial intelligence computer in Cloud Nine), she knows everything about Yoo Jin. She tells Je Ha that “mirror” will respond to his voice. She says he’s the only other person that can command “mirror”. Wow! She does care for him. She does trust him. Is that her way to draw him closer to her? Yoo Jin says she’ll cooperate with the police investigation. She worries her enemies will try and take her down, that’s why he need to be able to access “mirror”. Je Ha asks why she trusts him with “mirror”. Yoo Jin tells him he trusted her and deleted the video email. She says the incriminating video email was his guarantee. Yoo Jin says “mirror” is her guarantee. She says she’s entrusting her life and “mirror” into his care. She’s doing everything she can to bind Je Ha to her.

Yoo Jin’s brother barges in the room and notices the intensity between Je Ha and Yoo Jin. He asks why they are so serious. Yoo Jin tells Je Ha to leave. Je Ha stares at Yoo Jin’s brother as he leaves.

Yoo Jin tells her brother that his writing skills suck. LOL! He laughs. She warns him not to do something he’ll regret later. Did he kill Anna’s mother? Is she protecting him? She threatens to destroy the company if he makes a misstep. He asks her to give him Cloud Nine. Yoo Jin says she’s been thinking why their father gave her JSS and him to the company. She guesses initially they needed the support from the man who is now Yoo Jin’s brother’s father in law, but their father knew they’d need leverage to block a hostile takeover. Yoo Jin’s brother tells her he does not trust his father in law. He says “mirror” blocked his ability to swallow father in law’s company. Yoo Jin dead pans that she’s relieved he doesn’t take after his traitor mother. He laughs. He tells her to pick subsidiaries of the company she wants or face being arrested to Anna’s mother’s murder. That wipes the smile off her face. He grins in glee.

Je Ha heads to Cloud Nine. He enters the cone of silence conference room. He sits in Yoo Jin’s chair. He addresses “mirror”. She responds. She confirms she will answer any question, even ones about Yoo Jin.  What will he ask “mirror”?

Assemblyman Jang comes to Yoo Jin’s hospital room and asks why she wanted to see him. Yoo Jin says it would look better if they went to the police station together. She asks for his support. He can’t believe she’s asking for support. He offers a body guard. She looks at him with disgust at his lack of support.

The reporters are like a pack of jackals when Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang arrive at the police station. Assemblyman Jang carefully assists Yoo Jin, who is still in her hospital attire, out of the car. Yoo Jin refuses the wheel chair that is offered. She stops and says to the reporters “I apologize for withholding the truth. It’s my shortcomings that created this situation.” Anna and the agents watch, Je Ha watches from Cloud Nine, Assemblyman Park watches with a big grin on his face, Yoo Jin’s brother is joyous too. Yoo Jin says Anna is her real daughter and like a real daughter to her. What? Yoo Jin delivers the final line of the episode, ”Anna is the blood related daughter of Assemblyman Jang”. OMG! Better to reveal the information yourself than let the other continue to hold it over her head. Assemblyman Jang closes his eyes at her statement. The reporters go wild. Anna stares. Assemblyman Park stops smiling. Yoo Jin’s brother loses the grin too and looks completely confused. Je Ha stares at Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang, this wasn’t what he was expecting either.

My Thoughts

Who is Yoo Jin protecting? Inquiring minds want to know. Let’s admit it, Yoo Jin was the star of this episode. She is the sun that every other character revolves around. The compelling parts of this episode involved Yoo Jin.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) worried about Anna. I can’t blame him for worrying about her dependency on pills. Three doses in one day and the last two doses close together, there’s a problem. He realizes the bigger problem is Yoo Jin’s brother, the smiling snake. At least Je Ha admitted he was keeping secrets from Anna. But no woman wants to hear their man is keeping secrets from her (and sharing them with her arch enemy). Again, Yoo Jin opens herself to Je Ha and offers him “mirror”. She trusts him. Should she? Doesn’t his loyalty lie with Anna?

Ko An Na (Yoona) kept secrets from Je Ha. Her uncle asked her to not tell Je Ha about their plans and she complied. The visit to the prison and listening to the burglar describe how her mother was killed was harsh. She bore that better than expected. Her uncle suggested Je Ha’s loyalty was to Yoo Jin. Anna was naturally concerned about this. When Je Ha admitted he was keeping something from her, it didn’t help. The blind trust in her uncle, shows Anna is desperate for someone to treat her right after all the abuse from Yoo Jin. The pill popping made me think of Anna’s mother’s dependency on pills.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) was outed as Anna’s father. He was offered the opportunity to ditch Yoo Jin. What will he do? Anna refused to see him when he finally went to her. He deserved that.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) was cornered and came out swinging with the reveal that Assemblyman Jang is Anna’s father. Yoo Jin’s scenes dominated anything interesting that happened this episode. Her vulnerability with Je Ha and Assemblyman Jang is fascinating. She trusted Je Ha with “mirror” and all her secrets – huge. Her reveal that she did not murder Anna’s mother and was protecting the real culprit – huge. There’s a short list of who she’d protect. Assemblyman Jang has to be at the top of the list. Yoon A ruled this episode with compelling nuanced scenes. Is she Anna’s real mother? Is Mr. Song more than a bodyguard?

The background music of this series is often lovely. Below is a fan made compilation. I hope some of these are included in the compilation OST for this series. I personally dig the choral voice music.

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24 comments on “The K2 Episode 12 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I wondered about Yoo Jin’s innocence in Anna’s mother’s death–was Yoo Jin being truthful and protecting someone else? Outing Assemblyman Jang as Anna’s dad was a HUGE 💣💥 bombshell! Inquiring minds want to know who Yoo Jin is protecting and how Master Song is involved! Does this mean Yoo Jin is deserting her husband? I wonder how this will shake out.

    Is Je Ha’s unprecedented access to the mirror what Yoo Jin told Chief Kim to keep 🙈🙉🙊 secret from Je Ha, or is there something else? Get what you need, while the getting is good!

    Naïve Anna continued to foolishly follow her devious “uncle’s” advice, take unknown drugs and cause havoc for Yoo Jin, who turned it all back on Anna’s beloved Dad. She has no clue of what he is capable of and willing to do. Hopefully Anna will learn he words and actions have consequences.

    • kjtamuser says:

      If Yoo Jin did not kill Anna’s mother and knows who did, who would she protect. Yoo Jin isn’t the kind of woman to sacrifice herself. Back then who did she care about enough to allow herself to be blamed?

      Adding Mr. Song into the mix surprised me. Well done by the writer on that plot point.

      Je Ha should mine the mirror while Yoo Jin is out. I liked Je Ha observing the new coverage of Yoo Jin just like she’d observed the news coverage of her husband or Anna in the past.

      Anna is being used and manipulated. Je Ha must have to muzzle his opinions on the this constantly.

  2. Rei says:

    Some outlandish theories I could think of:
    1. Anna could be YJ’s child and as she might have complications giving birth, she approached Anna’s late mom as a surrogate parent but the actress broke the deal by approaching Anna’s dad directly.

    2. YJ should be the president and both scumbags: Park and Jang should be expelled from the race and presidential seat. Then YJ will get her deserved life and rewards.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Anna being YJ’s child seems unlikely considering how Anna has happy memories family memories of family outings. As you note, YJ would have had to give up the child to be raised by Anna’s mother. Why would she give up her daughter when she had a relationship with the father? Is YJ’s fainting at the clammer of the press similar to Anna’s social phobia? The writer has effectively made me curious and eager for the next episode to reveal more details.

      YJ would likely be better than either Park or Jang as President. Since she can’t have Je Ha will she be able to find happiness?

      • Shuerei says:

        It does seem unlikely that YJ is the real mom unless there’s some sinister plot that has taken place.
        And YJ’s previous attempts to kill Anna are certainly not motherly …

  3. shamrockmom3 says:

    Thanks for the BG music compilation. Both the instrumental and the choral music elevates this show to another level and even makes me overlook things that I would grouse about in any other show! I really hope all the BG music makes it onto the OST.

  4. Beez says:

    Really, you guys? You’re suspicious of my sweet, curmudgeonly, just-want-to-wrap-him-up-in-a-hug Master Song? The only thing I suspect him of is being too honest and having delusions of grandeur of his past participation in JSS. lol Yoo Jin was really appreciating being in the presence of someone who knew her back in the day, someone she thought came to visit with no agenda other than concern for her well being. Then as soon as she welcomes him and says “drop the formal talk”, out he blurts with “leave Anna alone”. He should’ve chatted with her a while and found a way to ease into that complicated mess. That was more hurt than anger in Yoo jin’s part. She feels she had nobody (other than Secretary Kim but whenever somebody’s on payroll, you can never be completely sure if the authenticity of their devotion.

    I honestly think that if Master Song had only shown concern for her and not brought up “the sitchiation”, Yoo jin would have entrenched him by her side and it would go a long way to healing that part of her that has experienced rejection, first by her father, then by her husband (whose fault it is, from her POV, that she was rejected by her father). With Matter Song by her side, he could then express his views and maybe help curtail some of Yoo jin’s more vengeful activities.

    Ktjamuser has Agent Seo, but Master Song is my man. 😉

    Btw, ktjamuser, how do you find out about soundtracks? The vocalist in the closing theme song sounds like the one that Sang the running theme song for Passionate Love. But I’ve tried AsianWiki and I’ve tried Wikipedia but neither lists OST or artist information.

    • kjtamuser says:

      LOL “my sweet, curmudgeonly, just-want-to-wrap-him-up-in-a-hug Master Song”! I was wondering if he was more to Yoo Jin than just a body guard. But you may be right that it is his natural “too honest and having delusions of grandeur” fueling my thoughts.

      My source for OSTs is dramawiki. Googling “Passionate Love OST” yielded:

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez, I am not suspicious about “my sweet, curmudgeonly,just-want-to-wrap-him-up-in-a-hug Master Song”, but rather I am curious about the role he played in the past and how he will play in the future. I have adored him since we were introduced to him – pursuing the JSS doctor. While he has primarily been comic relief; he has been a valuable source of information for Je Ha; and I have wondered if he would have a larger contribution to the storyline. I was certain he would end up saving the day during the assassination attempt of Park 💩.

      Kjtamuser has Agent Seo, Beez has Master Song, that leaves Je Ha for ME!😇💖

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    Imagine my best Sindley Whiplash voice “Ha Ha Ha” 😎

    • Beez says:

      @JT -I had to google Snidely Whiplash but once I did, I remembered. lol

      Yes, that was a dastardly move! If you had a moustache you’d be twirling it!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I tried, but what I have on my upper lip simply isn’t long enough – this is a first… wishing for more hair on my upper lip!

        • Beez says:

          Speaking of dastardly laughs…I will always love this director because he made Chuno…but he needs to recognize that not every character reacts to bad news or being thwarted with a Snidley Whiplash evil laugh. Yoo Jin does it; Ass-hat Park does it; Se joon does it; Uncle Twat does it; head of JSS does it (although, I expect it from this actor. He was the father- in-law in Five Enough and he laughed, literally for no reason. You could tell the director didn’t tell him to. It was as if he had nothing else in his repertoire so he inappropriately laughed and smiled through the entire show. As if he’s 60 years old and decided he should behind an actor 5 months ago and his nephew in the business gave him a role.

          Anyway, EVERYBODY laughing at being thrawted takes away from the impact of that kind of reaction.

          • kjtamuser says:

            Yoo Jin’s half brother, the smiling snake, doesn’t irritate me because it’s more smile than laugh. It’s like he finds joy in thwarting his sister or whatever the scenario is. His smiles almost demands that you celebrate his evil successes with him.

            • Beez says:

              Yeah, I agree that the never ceasing smile fits Uncle-Possum-Face (my mother used to say to my sh*t grinning all the time nefarious sister that “cook a possum and he still be grinnin’.” And it’s true! I was over a relative’s house and she lifted the top of the roasting pan and there he was, lying on his back, grin in place! (I can’t believe people used to cook things with the head intact).)

              But yeah, I agree the smile fits Uncle dissimilator. But the unholy laughter should be left as either Yoo jin’s as that part of her that we sometimes see is broken; or Ass-Park’s trademark. EVERYBODY can’t have the same “unique” reaction.

              The only two main characters I haven’t seen do it are JeHa and Anna.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Overkill seems to be this PD’s trademark. 😤

      • Beez says:

        Yeah. I think it worked with Chuno because the entire setting is foreign (not as in Korean foreign, but set in the long ago past). I think even in western/American film, what you can have characters do, and even have the film reflect (slow motion/fast motion) would come across differently. I think I could even watch a couple cliche-like running toward each other in slo-mo in something historical and enjoy it. But change the setting to today and it feels eye-rollingly bad.

        I do remember actually getting angry with Chuno (like I’ve never been with any show ever) over the just missed paths cliff hangers on almost every episode. I mean every single episode (at least it seemed like it). If not for The Hyuk’s saeguk loveliness, I would have quit it in a “take that show!” attitude. Thank goodness I didn’t as I would’ve missed Hyukie’s tour de force moment (which, ironically, we probably owe to this director’s lingering too long over meaningful moments).

        • kjtamuser says:

          Good point about Chuno’s cliffhangers. I adored Chuno until it hit the “dark moment” mid series. It never fully recovered because Jang Hyuk’s character Lee Dae Gil was wounded by grief and operated with limited heart and certainly less joy.

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