The K2 Episode 11 Recap

Je Ha can’t pull the trigger, thank goodness.

The K2 Episode 11 Recap

The JSS President calls the police chief and says he wants to take out an insurance policy.

Mr. Song wants to join the assault team. They aren’t excited but agree to take him.

The police watch 6 cars drive by. Holy smokes, they are trying to kill one man, not take over the city! The police radio that the JSS team is “tons of men”. They got that right!

Assemblyman Park’s assistant gets the call that the JSS team will be targeting Assemblyman Park’s house tonight. He tells Assemblyman Park who shakes his head at the unsportsmanlike play. Assemblyman Park learns that his special forces team will be waiting for the JSS team. He declares “we will end this tonight”! Assemblyman Park plans to head to his secret hideout. But first, he’ll need to lose the JSS team tailing him. That is achieved when the police block the JSS team and they lose Assemblyman Park’s car. They think they find Assemblyman Park’s car again. Want to bet he is no longer in the car?

k2_ep11_1Assemblyman Park is in another car and leaves the scene. Assemblyman Park jokes he feels like he is in a spy movie. He and his assistant laugh that soon he’ll be president.

Assemblyman Park arrives at his secret hideout. JSS folks are there too. Yoo Jin is thrilled, Assistant Kim is happy but the JSS President doesn’t look as enthused. As Assemblyman Park and his assistant get out of the car to walk to the hideout, two JSS agents follow. Assemblyman Park quickly realizes two foes are escorting them not friends. One of the two foes, Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) realizes they answered a coded message incorrectly and now their prey realize they are trapped. Weapons are drawn on Je Ha. He raises in his hands in surrender. Assemblyman Park’s assistant orders his men to kill them. Assemblyman Park and his assistant head to the secret hideout.

But it’s not quite that simple. JSS snipers start firing and confusion reigns. Je Ha pulls off his mask and my honey Team Leader So is the other masked man. Recall he has the order to kill Je Ha. I’m counting on his honor not to kill his cohort. Let’s see what happens.  Assemblyman Park, his assistant and his team manage to get to the house through the gunfire. The JSS team is waiting and the shooting continues. Je Ha and Team Leader So decide to attack directly. They step into the hallway and start firing. Awesome! Unfortunately, they can’t hit the broad side of a barn. But the JSS snipers prove disruptive eliminating several members of Team Assemblyman Park. Cornered in a room Assemblyman Park and his assistant face Team Leader So and Je Ha. Assemblyman Park’s assistant shoots Team Leader So. Awk! Down goes my honey! Je Ha shoots the man who is ready to blow Team Leader So away. Thank you! Je Ha pulls Team Leader So asides. He’s furious that Je Ha is saving him, not killing Assemblyman Park. “Get your head in the game or we are dead”, he shouts at Je Ha. In a cool move, Je Ha glides across the room in an office chair, doesn’t look like leather, following the fleeing Assemblyman Park by sliding under the descending door.

k2_ep11_3ak2_ep11_3b Assemblyman Park thinks he’s safe. The perma-smile leaves his face when he turns and see Je Ha staring at him with a loaded gun. Assemblyman Park falls to his knees and begs for mercy. Je Ha approaches with purpose and calls him rotten. But inside his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) flairs commanding him not to shoot. Je Ha battles with himself unable to pull the trigger. Instead he fires at the ceiling and screams. Je Ha tries to get a grip. Assemblyman Park realizes he’s not going to be shot. Assemblyman Park tells Je Ha he can’t escape. Je Ha remembers Anna telling him to return to her. Assemblyman Park offers to pay more than Yoo Jin.  Je Ha remembers Yoo Jin telling him that a bullet isn’t the only thing that can kill a person. Je Ha laughs and tells Assemblyman Park he said just what he expected. Je Ha directs Assemblyman Park to sit. He tells Assemblyman Park to tell his men to let the JSS men leave without harm.

Team Leader So and the other JSS team members glare at Assemblyman Park’s men as they leave.

Now what we’ve been waiting for…Je Ha realizes that Assemblyman Park recognizes him. Assemblyman Park confirms this. Je Ha thinks Assemblyman Park doesn’t exactly know their past connection. Assemblyman Park warns Je Ha that if he kills him, he won’t get out alive. Je Ha thinks Assemblyman Park doesn’t realize Je Ha can’t pull the trigger. Je Ha tells Assemblyman Park that he’ll have to get approval for not killing him. LOL! He calls Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A), and tells her that he’s with Assemblyman Park. He tells her that Assemblyman Park is paying twice what she is. That surprises Yoo Jin and she asks what is going on. She asks if he’s alone. Assemblyman Park interrupts promising triple the pay. Je Ha acts irritated and tells Assemblyman Park that he can’t up the dollar amount whenever he wants. LOL! Yoo Jin realizes that Je Ha can’t kill Assemblyman Park because he’s alone with Assemblyman Park. Now she wonders what to do next. She asks to speak with Assemblyman Park. Yoo Jin smiles when Assemblyman Park laughs that she gave him a big scare. Assemblyman Park offers a deal – spare his life and Assemblyman Jang will be released.  Yoo Jin declares the deal unsatisfactory noting her Knight (Je Ha) has captured the King (Assemblyman Park). Assemblyman Park sweetens the deal, he’ll allow Assemblyman Jang to join the political party. Yoo Jin suggests he withdraw from the presidential race. That’s a line Assemblyman Park won’t cross. He tells Yoo Jin to kill him. She laughs and says he has 15 minutes. When Je Ha gets back on the phone, she tells him to come home alive no matter what.

The police are surprised and not happy when the JSS team leaves per orders.

Mr. Song is disappointed they only sat in the van. The JSS team is happy guessing the Assemblyman Park is under JSS control. I expected them to bust some tunes and sing along to celebrate.

The Prosecutor gets his orders and bows to Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha). Tired by his ordeal, Assemblyman Jang leaves the prosecutor’s office a free man. The press swarm him and Assemblyman Jang declares the prosecutor admitted he was wrong to detain him and has formally apologized. Assemblyman Jang gets into the car without saying anything else to the clamoring press.

Yoo Jin watches the news and sees Assemblyman Jang is free. The JSS congratulates Yoo Jin. She declares she won’t be happy until Je Ha returns. Assistant Kim looks like she’s sucking on a lemon at Yoo Jin’s statement.

The Democratic Party representative tells reporters Assemblyman Jang has been asked to join the party. LOL, he delivers this news in a flat rushed “let’s get his over with” voice. He asks the reporters to upload articles ASAP.

Assistant Kim calls my honey Team Leader So. He ignores her call. Take that, jealous witch!

k2_ep11_6b k2_ep11_6a
Assemblyman Park gives Je Ha a bag with $2M. Je Ha declines more. Assemblyman Park asks where Je Ha served in Iraq. Holding the money Je Ha sits opposite Assemblyman Park and asks about his business in Iraq. Je Ha says Assemblyman Park’s money smells like oil. Assemblyman Park counters that it smells like blood. Interesting comment. Assemblyman Park admits as the agent close to Yoo Jin, he wanted to meet with him and give him a better offer. He suggests they work together for the good of the nation. Je Ha has to laugh at that. Je Ha tells Assemblyman Park call him the next time a money making opportunity arises. They both smile.

Assemblyman Park leave the room with Je Ha in tow. Assemblyman Park tells his men to drop their weapons. He shakes Je Ha’s hand and lets him go much to the surprise of his assistant.

Je Ha meets Team Leader So by the van. Je Ha asks about his health. Team Leader So taps his bullet proof vest and says it did the job. Team Leader So is stunned by the bag of money.

k2_ep11_7b k2_ep11_7a
Via phone, Assemblyman Jang closes his eyes as he thanks Yoo Jin for taking care of Anna. He declares he’ll leave Anna in her capable hands. After he hangs up. Assemblyman Jang mutters that Yoo Jin tried to kill Anna. Col Jo points out that Yoo Jin’s brother made the first move. Assemblyman Jang asks Col Jo if he’s merely Yoo Jin’s puppet. The answer is yes! Col Jo points out that Yoo Jin got him freed tonight. Assemblyman Jang tells him to be quiet.

Yoo Jin stares at Assistant Kim and congratulates her on keeping her life. Recall Je Ha demanded that in exchange for Assemblyman Park’s head on a platter, he’d get Assistant Kim’s head on a platter. Yoo Jin warns Assistant Kim not to harm Je Ha. If she does, Yoo Jin promises to kill her. Yoo Jin appears shaken. She tells Assistant Kim she’s as good as Je Ha. Yoo Jin tells her that she wants to care for Je Ha the way Assistant Kim wants to care of her. Assistant Kim has no response. Yoo Jin tells her to stay away from Je Ha, stick to her job, and she won’t die. Ouch! Assemblyman Jang calls Yoo Jin and asks her to come home. She agrees.

Ko An Na (Yoona) (aka Anna) waits for Je Ha’s return. Agent Housekeeper and Agent J4 can’t convince Anna to eat with them.

A big smile fills Anna’s face when Je Ha drives up the driveway. She rushes outside. He gets out of the car. They stare. She rushes into his arms, tears in her eyes. Nice moment! That seems genuine! Don’t drag this moment out too long Mr. Director! Anna welcomes Je Ha home. He says he’s back just like he promised. She praises his efforts. He apologizes for not bringing carryout. She lets him off the hook. He suggests they go out and eat. They smile. Stop the presses! That was a normal length, sweet conversation. Love it!

Assemblyman Jang hits Yoo Jin. She stares at him in shock. She orders her team to leave them alone. Angry, Assemblyman Jang grits out that Yoo Jin was not to touch Anna. He reminds her their agreement is voided if anything happens to Anna. He yells unless he achieves the Presidency, she’s nothing! Wow! Bold words! Yoo Jin promise to leave Anna alone. Yoo Jin threatens to drop her support and join the family business. Assemblyman Jang laughs in her face and declares “her greed would never be satisfied” with that choice. Bam! She considers then agrees. Yoo Jin threatens to make a similar deal with Assemblyman Park that she made with him. Yoo Jin says Assemblyman Jang and Assemblyman Park are “both vile human beings”. Bam! Bam! Yoo Jin says Assemblyman Park will jump at the chance. Assemblyman Jang smiles and shakes his head. Yoo Jin wonders if he remembers her power. She says “he’s nothing without her”. Ouch! If Anna deserves to die, she will. Ouch! Now the power has completely shifted to Yoo Jin. She reminds Assemblyman Jang he seduced her when they were young for her help in raising his power and status in politics. She tells him he doesn’t know who to love. She admits he used to get her heart racing, but no more. Is that because Je Ha make her heart race instead? Yoo Jin tells Assemblyman Jang that he used her attraction for him for too many years, but no more. She laughs at how she used to adore him. She claims she was as gullible as the voters. She gets in Assemblyman Jang’s face and declares “you are cunning and disgusting, then and now”. Ouch! But true! With icy fury Yoo Jin declares she wants to have his hand that hit her cut off, but he’ll need for the Presidential campaign. She warns she’ll take it when he’s done needing it. They stare. They glare. She leaves. Great conversation!

Later Yoo Jin calmly applies makeup and dresses carefully. Is she going to see Je Ha? Will she try and seduce him? Will she find out he loves Anna? Will she freak out?

k2_ep11_10b k2_ep11_10a
Je Ha, Anna, Team Leader So, and the JSS agents celebrate with food and beer. Je Ha tries to stop Anna from drinking but she does so with the shouts and approval from everyone else. Yoo Jin watches them celebrate. She watches Je Ha enjoy himself. She asks when Je Ha got close to his team. She decides not to interfere. She’ll see him tomorrow at Cloud Nine. She stares the stare of a jealous lover.

The boisterous agents walk back to the house. Team Leader So thanks Je Ha. They stare at each other. Bromance! He’s mine Je Ha, he’s mine! Je Ha calls Team Leader So “big brother”. That touches Team Leader So. That makes Je Ha uncomfortable. Team Leader So hugs him fiercely. LOVE IT! Anna smiles. Je Ha tries to extract himself declaring he hates touchy guys. Team Leader So pulls away, smiles broadly, and joins the other agents. If you didn’t love Team Leader So before, admit it, you are digging him now!

The agents thank Anna but realize they all drank and cannot drive. Inside the house agent J4 gives all the agents facials. Anna wants Je Ha to have one to but he’s not excited about the idea. He declares he’s so good looking he doesn’t need facials. The other agents take offense. LOL! Anna puts the facial mask on Je Ha. Everyone loves it.

All the agents snore. Je Ha can’t sleep. He mutters that he can’t kill his coworkers.

Anna remembers their kiss while lying in bed. She grins and giggles. She realizes that Je Ha probably hurt his back. She grabs the first aid kit and texts him. He says he’s on the roof. She goes to him.

She’s impressed with his cleanup of the attic room. She loves it. She starts to unbutton his shirt. This unnerves him. LOL! She takes care of his cuts on his back. Tattoo! She reminds him that he’s hers and not to injure himself again. He agrees.

k2_ep11_12b k2_ep11_12d k2_ep11_12e
They sit on the roof and enjoy each other’s company. He drapes a blanket around himself. Anna stares chilled. He laughs and wraps the blanket around her and cuddles close. He asks if she’ll go to Spain with him one day. Anna says that’s the country she wanted to escape from but knows it’s where they first meet. She agrees to go with him. She admits she doesn’t know much about him. She asks why he was in Spain. He says he was framed for a murder of someone he could protect and fleeing the false charges. Anna asks if he loved the person. He confirms it. She asks if that is who he has nightmares about. He confirms it. She hugs him gently and says she understands it must be hard. He sinks into her arms and takes her comfort fully. He tells her he wants to protect her. He declares he thinks he can be happy again. She asks when they will go to Spain. He says when the war they are fighting is over. They cuddle together. Best scene they’ve had as a couple. They were adults, sharing personal information, supporting each other, and planning for their joint future. Nice!

Je Ha doesn’t understand why he’s getting thumbs up from all the other agents the next morning at JSS.

At Cloud Nine Assistant Kim is polite. Je Ha says he couldn’t bring Assemblyman Park’s head, so she’s in the clear. She apologizes for her earlier behavior.

Entering the cone of silence conference room, Je Ha asks Yoo Jin why Assistant Kim is being so nice. Yoo Jin declares Je Ha the hero that saved JSS. Je Ha says he couldn’t bring Assemblyman Park’s head. Yoo Jin asks if he still wants Assistant Kim’s head. He tells her she sounds serious. She jokes she’s a good actor. Je Ha says Assemblyman Park promised to call him when he wanted Je Ha to take out Yoo Jin. She’s pleased.

Yoo Jin’s half-brother visits Anna claiming to be happy she’s okay. He tells Agent Housekeeper, J4 and K1 they work directly for him now and they just got a salary increase. They are pleased. He tells them their job is to protect Anna. K1 is concerned that JSS provides the security for the house. Yoo Jin’s half-brother smiles and says his company owns the house. He tells K1 to put in new security systems. He hands them a credit card for purchases. He promises to put the house in Anna’s name.

k2_ep11_14b k2_ep11_14a
Je Ha tells Yoo Jin about Assemblyman Park declaring his money does not smell like oil but blood. She finds that a telling statement. Je Ha wonders if it means cash for weapons. Yoo Jin says it’s time for her to set the trap for Assemblyman Park. She tells Je Ha Assemblyman Park will contact him soon. She knows Assemblyman Park wants her dead. She urges Je Ha to get close to Assemblyman Park.

Anna asks Yoo Jin’s half-brother where her mother’s grave is. He promises to take her.

Je Ha and Assistant Kim stare at each other. He leaves.

k2_ep11_15b k2_ep11_15a
Yoo Jin tells Assistant Kim it’s time for her to do her part. Assistant Kim confirms she’s got things in motion. Yoo Jin warns that Je Ha can’t find out about her plans.

My Thoughts

This episode worked. The writer delivered a good script. Every conversation advanced the story. Our couple acted like a normal couple getting to know each other. Assemblyman Park and Yoo Jin had a parried with each other. Assemblyman Jang and Yoo Jin had a intense faceoff. Yoo Jin plots to secure Je Ha. I assuming eliminating Anna is part of her plan. Did you fall in love with Team Leader So?

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) couldn’t kill Assemblyman Park. I was glad he couldn’t. JCW’s portrayal of the PTSD gripping him felt realistic. Assemblyman Park didn’t seem to remember meeting Je Ha in Iraq. Yoo Jin directed him to get close to Assemblyman Park.

The comradery between Je Ha and the agents, especially Team Leader So, was a nice change from the lone wolf status Je Ha originally had.

His conversations with Anna were normal. Our couple communicated and supported each other.

Ko An Na (Yoona) was relieved when Je Ha returned to her as promised. She tended his wounds. She comforted him on the roof. They planned to go to Spain. I thought it was insensitive of Je Ha to suggest Spain as a destination because Anna was captive there for so many years. But she realized that was where they met and agreed to go with him.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) had the upper hand with Yoo Jin for a brief moment. He surprised Yoo Jin (and me) when he slapped her. He declared Yoo Jin’s attempt to kill Anna would nullify their agreement. Yoo Jin turned the tables on him when she reminded him that he pursued her to use her to increase his power. Their disdain for each other was clear but so was the admission they weren’t ready to let each other go…yet.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) wants Je Ha. She is hot for him. Ever since he carried her from the burning car (swoon moment 1), she’s set her sights on him. When he rescued her with the umbrella (swoon moment 2), she decided his independence and loyalty verified her choice. Does she want to kill Anna to eliminate the competition? Yoo Jin’s confrontations with Assemblyman Park, Assemblyman Jang, and Assistant Kim revealed the strength of will and purpose she has.

The OST’s fifth song “As Time stops” by Park Kwang Sun of Ulala Session is below:

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37 comments on “The K2 Episode 11 Recap
  1. Do you sometimes feel as if Choi Yoo Jin is the lead actress here? I mean her performances are just wow and the dynamic she has with Je Ha is amazing.That scene on the phone where she told him to just come back alive, it was totally more compelling than when Anna made the same request of him even his response was wordless but intense. I am not shipping for a romance between them in fact in my opinion the romantic bits are slowing down this show for me. I wish Anna could have a more compelling role than a fairy-tale love interest type who needs to be protected. I am starting to wonder if Ji Chang Wook just works better with actresses older than him. I remember how well he and Ha Ji Won worked together on Empress Ki.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yoo Jin is the core character for this show. Everything revolves around her machinations. JCW and Song Yoon A scenes are good. Her longing eyes, his standoffish manner, it’s like he knows she wants him but strives to keep it strictly business. If Yoo Jin makes a romantic move on Je Ha his resulting rejection will unleash her fury. I haven’t seen Empress Ki so I can’t comment on the older actress aspect. But when working with a strong actor, other actors tend to raise their game. The chemistry between Yoo Jin and Je Ha is there.


      • Beez says:

        @kjtamuser – I was catching up on Dramabeans this week and I read where one of the bloggers said that originally Anna was supposed to be a small child and Yoo jin would’ve been older than je ha but by no more than 10 years so they would be the OTP. Now I’m not exactly sure if she said that was the original plan for the show or if that’s what she wished the show was about. I tried to find the post on DB so I could re-read it and post a link here, but I couldn’t find it.

        Either way, that would’ve been something to see. Nothing against the actress playing Anna. She’s done nothing wrong it’s just that Yoo jin is so darn enigmatic, interesting, can’t- take-my-eyes-off-her…


        • kjtamuser says:

          That’s an interesting concept for the show. I could see that working with JCW and Song Yoon A. Whether or not it’s true, you can see the potential. Yoo Jin is compelling.


        • Genevieve Gribble says:

          I see Choi Yoo Ji’s role with Je Ha differently. It doesn’t seem like that of a lover but more like that of a woman who has had to hold her own against men in a man’s world for a really long time and she suddenly finds a strong man who helps her who isn’t trying to use her to gain power for himself. To me, Je Ha seems like a son to her. There are several references to her childlessness, one particularly cruel remark by her husband in an earlier episode, that seem to hint at painful emotions attached to childlessness, coupled with having the child of her husband’s mistress shoved in her face. The things that Je Ha does for her are things that an affectionate son would do for his mother: saving her from the car fire, saving her at the family meeting, turning to her for advice when he can’t kill Park. Even more, he seems like a second son, since in many cultures, the oldest son belongs to the father, but the second son is often the object of intense mother-love since the father’s pressure is applied to the oldest son and the mother has more of a free hand.


    • Beez says:

      Agree with redbutterflys on all dat.

      Liked by 1 person

      • @ Beez I do remember seeing the post about Anna being younger on DB,whether it is true or not,I can see how it would have sort of made better sense for him to be Immediately more protective of a younger kid than someone Anna’s age. Anyway the current dynamic still works fairly well but I still wish I could believe in the Je Ha/Anna pairing more. I am more emotionally invested in the couple on Shopping King Louie than the one on The K2. If Anna were to suddenly disappear I wouldn’t be in mourning but I would cry for Yoo Jin wicked as she is. She is just so interesting.


        • Beez says:

          And…we’d have more scenes with Je ha and Yoo jin. But I’ve never ever wanted the evil girl to get the guy, but since this isn’t your typical romance…I could watch him struggling with loving and hating her at the same time. Because as you & kjta said, Yoo jin is compelling to watch. Heck, the hero would be in the same predicament we viewers are -relishing loving hating her!

          Liked by 2 people

        • kjtamuser says:

          Will the writer reveal mitigating circumstances that make Yoo Jin’s actions less heinous?


          • I hope so,it did seem like they were setting the stage with episode 12.


          • Beez says:

            quoting kjtamuser:
            “Will the writer reveal mitigating circumstances that make Yoo Jin’s actions less heinous?”

            Nope. Nothing they could write would excuse her actions (that we know about) with me.

            We may not be sure whether or not she actually killed Anna’s mother herself, gave the order, or is innocent of THAT death. But one thing I know for sure, if JeHa had not shown up when he did, those two elderly folks would have been burnt to a crisp. Under Yoo jin’s order the killer was trying to get his lighter to light when Je ha stopped him.

            There might be a way to justify some violence, but against innocent people who’ve never heard of or laid eyes on you – never! no way! nothing they can tell me,no way to spin it.

            I do thank Yoo jin (the writers & the actress) for entertaining me and making me see depths to this character so she’s not a one-note villain, but I need to see her locked up and her misery continue to the end of her days. Even now I can see that Ass[emblyman]-hat husband caused this vileness in her but innocent people is crossing my line, no matter WHAT your backstory.


            • kjtamuser says:

              Totally fair your assessment of the mercurial Yoo Jin. Her evil against the innocent elderly couple had slipped my mind. As you stated she’s more than one-note which makes her interesting. She adds much to this series.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I also hope Yoo Jin’s back story justifies her actions! Yoo Jin is a fascinating character. Just when I start to empathize with her, she turns around and viciously attacks someone. I like the chemistry 🎶 she has with Je Ha; but like Beez, I don’t want her to end up with Je Ha. The actress who portrays Yoo Jin does a marvelous job!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        While I hope for justification for Yoo Jin’s actions, I have to agree with Beez that I cannot think of ANYTHING that justifies killing innocent people – I had forgotten about the innocent older couple who were almost burned 🔥 to death!


    • Anna Phan says:

      I don’t understand why JCW let the assemblyman Park go aside from the fact that he has PTSD. What did he get out of letting Park go


  2. I must add it is nice to see Je Ha get accepted by his team members it made for some fun viewing 🙂


  3. Beez says:

    “Yoo Jin realizes that Je Ha can’t kill Assemblyman Park because he’s alone with Assemblyman Park.”
    Somebody please explain to me what Yoo Jin meant by this. What does JeHa being alone have to do with whether he can kill Park or not? He can’t kill, then he just can’t kill so what is she talking about?

    And what was JeHa going to do with Assistant Kim’s head if he can’t kill her? And I don’t really see him hitting her either so…?

    “Yoo Jin tells her that she wants to care for Je Ha the way Assistant Kim wants to care of her.”
    I had wondered if Yoojin was aware of Asst. Kim’s feelings. Now we know.

    Team Leader So – I admit it, kjtamuser, I admit it.

    WOW! -JCW’s face as he struggled with trying TO shoot Assemblyman Park.

    WOWZER! – Yoojin after Scuzbag hit her. I believe without a doubt she will be claiming that hand.

    The fun stuff! Suddenly I’m okay with it. I think maybe what I’ve been missing with this show had been just not enough JCW screen time for my tastes. Once we have him actually acting (not just action (which I do totally love)), but letting me see him emote as the wounded soldier that he is; then I’m okay with the cuteness. Then again, we did see him emote in backflashes so maybe it’s just the politicians’ scenes that bored me (much liked in saeguks). If they’re not showing Je Ha, them I only want to see Yoo jin when she’s being bad-azz.

    So my lack of getting into this show has probably only been my own fault since, the first time I watched Healer, I didn’t appreciate the backflashes because they took away from the main OTP. After re-watching Healer, I came to appreciate how the backstory is what made Healer a full story and not just a feel good romantic squee-fest.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yoo Jin knows about Je Ha’s PTSD. She knows he can’t pull the trigger on Assemblyman Park. So she had to improvise over the phone.

      “JeHa going to do with Assistant Kim’s head if he can’t kill her”
      I took it to be more like getting her fired and banished so he wouldn’t have to deal with her. That would wreck her because of her devotion for Yoo Jin.

      “I had wondered if Yoojin was aware of Asst. Kim’s feelings. Now we know.”
      Yes we do.

      “Team Leader So – I admit it, kjtamuser, I admit it.”

      “WOW! -JCW’s face as he struggled with trying TO shoot Assemblyman Park.”
      JCW did a good job in that scene. I know the director is there guiding but JCW showed the internal struggle between what he wanted to do and the limitations on what he actually could do.

      “I think maybe what I’ve been missing with this show had been just not enough JCW screen time for my tastes.”
      I’m want Je Ha to be equal brains and bodyguard brawn. It’s been more brawn than brains. The opening credits show Je Ha looking at a chess board. That suggests Je Ha will use strategy. I want to see more of that.


      • Beez says:

        “Yoo Jin knows about Je Ha’s PTSD. She knows he can’t pull the trigger on Assemblyman Park. So she had to improvise over the phone.”

        I get that, but how did his being alone change anything. JeHa accepted the assignment to assassinate Ass-Park. Unless they all expected him to just be their lead dog to get to Ass-Park so she meant “dang! JeHa is alone so nobody’s there who can actually get the killin’ part done.”


        • kjtamuser says:

          I was thinking the latter. Kinda dumb to signup to kill AP if you can’t pull the trigger. I thought that was one reason why Je Ha wanted the JSS support to pull the trigger (and one reason why YJ sent a massive amount of men).


    • I would totally help her cut off scuzbag’s hand that scene left a bad taste in my mouth.


      • kjtamuser says:

        I found her stunned look and statement that she’d never been hit before telling. She likes control but her feelings for Se Joon basically wrecked her life because she couldn’t turn away from him.


  4. Beez says:

    @kjtamuser “The opening credits show Je Ha looking at a chess board. That suggests Je Ha will use strategy. I want to see more of that.”

    Yeah,I think it’s coming if his new coiffed ‘do is any indication. I so love this man when his hair is back off his face. Now if they show some abs WHILE his hair is back (like the promo through the car window)…I have no way to write the sounds I’ll be making. And the emojis that exist would probably get this site banned.


    • kjtamuser says:

      LOL! The hair must indicate more brain power will be expended. Abs & hair, good combo. I am not going to guess your emoji selection.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez, you crack me up “Now if they show some abs WHILE his hair is back…I have no way to write the sounds I’ll be making”!

      I agree JSS was sent with Je Ha to pull the trigger on Assemblyman Park. TL So would have done the job if he had Park cornered. I don’t generally condone violence, but these nasty politicians need to get their comeuppance; the world would be a better place with them no longer being on the planet.

      I would also like to see more Je Ha strategy in this story.


  5. nayelips says:

    Hi! Could you help me i wanna know …the singer and song…from the moment when Choi Yoo Jin is in her room before the brief moment pls!!!! you know who is the singer o the name of the song? tks! in advance


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