Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 Recap

Wang Yo realizes “it’s good to be King”. He enjoys his new status.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 Recap

Third Prince but soon to be King Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) offers fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) two choices – save Hae Soo (IU) (and accept Wang Yo as King) or die with Hae Soo (and honor the dead King). Wang So frantically searches his brain to come up with a way out of this mess. All the while Wang Yo stares at him intensely never wavering in his gaze and his demand for unconditional loyalty to him. But Wang So can’t find a way out of this trap. He throws his sword down. He goes to his knees. He offers his support to Wang Yo, the new King. He can barely utter the words but he wishes his brother a long life. Hae Soo stares at Wang So in horror knowing that he had no choice. Wang Yo must think his biggest opponent is vanquished. Does hope in defeating Wang Yo shift to Eighth Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) or Princess Yeon Hwa?

Ji Mong remembers a time when he was a young adult, the Crown Prince was young adult, and Wang So was a young boy. He assured the Crown Prince that he would become King. He did tell his friend that his lifeline wasn’t long. The Crown Prince told Ji Mong that it didn’t matter if his life wasn’t long, it only mattered who he spent his last days with. Wang So pipes up and says that he wants to be king one day too. Both men laughed and called him your Majesty.

Now Ji Mong looks at the king’s lifeless body lying on the ground. Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) and fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) rush up and see their dead brother on the floor. Ji Mong wants to know why the king isn’t getting the respect and death he deserves. We see Wang So and Hae Soo nearby. Baek Ah gently puts his brother’s head into his lap and wishes him well in his next journey. He cries. Wang Jung looks sad. Hae Soo stands and looks at Wang So who sheds a tear. In a dull voice she says that all this happened because of her. She apologizes to Wang So. Not liking what he’s seeing, Wang So drags Hae Soo out of the room.

They run into ninth Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) who warns them that the new King will declare Hae Soo to be the woman that poisoned the former King. Hae Soo grips Wang So’s hand tightly.

Wang Yo and his men search for Wang Eun but he’s not home. What they don’t know is Wang Eun and his wife are watching. They realize they must flee.

Wang Yo thanks Wang Wook for his support with the former King and the hot tip to control Wang So by threatening Hae Soo. Wang Wook is forced to kneel before his brother. He offers his support and hope for a long life. Wang Yo eyes the throne. The elusive goal is now his. He sits on the throne and smiles. Wang Yo orders Wang Wook to find and kill Wang Eun. Wang Wook comments Wang So is the best hunting dog they have. Wang Yo can only smile a satisfied smile.

sh_ep15_2c sh_ep15_2ash_ep15_2b
Wang Yo orders many killed. Queen Yoo is thrilled that Wang Yo is acting like the perfect King. She declares he is bringing her great glory. They congratulate each other on their new positions. She starts to offer him advice but he cuts her off. Nice! She deserves that. Wang So approaches and Queen Yoo  barks at him to show proper respect for his brother. Wang Yo declares that because Wang So couldn’t kill him when he had the chance (on the cliff), he’s alive today and now King. Wang So offers to rectify that mistake. Ha! Wang Yo orders Wang So to catch and kill Wang Eun. Wang So refuses. Wang Yo smiles, and says he’ll only keep Wang So’s “people” – Ji Mong, Baek Ah, and Hae Soo – safe if Wang So obeys he’s order. He calls Wang Yo a dog that follows. Ah but we know Wang So is a wolf, not a dog. Wang So walks away knowing he must obey. Queen Yoo urges Wang Yo to kill Wang So. Wang Yo laughs and says that keeping Wang So close is best and admits to enjoying “taming” his brother. That’s not taming, that abusing dude.

Wang So finds the General and Ji Mong. He informs them that Wang Eun’s supporter are dead. He states he’s been ordered to find Wang Eun and Park Soon Duk (the general’s daughter). The General wants to believe that Wang Yo would not kill them. Wang So cannot reassure the General. Everyone has their limit and the General calmly informs Wang So that if his daughter is swept into this political mess, he will retaliate.

Will we find out the backstory behind the poisoning of the King?
Hae Soo tells Chae Ryung that they were the only ones the tended the King. Chae Ryung blurts she didn’t hurt the King. Hae Soo assures her she never suspected her. Chae Ryung is upset that Wang Eun’s supporters are dead and Wang Eun is missing. Hae Soo flashes back to Wang So telling her that he must leave the palace. Wang Yo tells Hae Soo he must catch a criminal accused of treason by Wang Yo. Now Hae Soo realizes Wang Yo ordered Wang So to catch Wang Eun. She feels sick.

Hae Soo gets a big surprise when Wang Eun and his wife appear in front of her. Wang So hides them in her room. Soon Duk warns Hae Soo not to betray them. Wang Eun tells Hae Soo they will flee by boat when it arrives. His wife cuts him off from telling Wang So more. Smart girl! Hae Soo is better off not knowing the details. Wang Eun wonders if he shouldn’t enlist help from his brothers, Wang Wook, or Baek Ah, or Wang Jung, or Wang So. Hae Soo is forced to say that Wang So has been sent to find them. Wang Eun takes that well. His wife states they must be even more careful. Wang Eun asks about his relatives. Not wanting to tell Wang Eun that Wang Yo killed everyone, Hae Soo claims not to know. Wang Eun hopes his relatives are okay. His wife and Hae Soo exchange a glance. They know what Wang Eun cannot even conjure.

Woo Hee demands rights for her village. Wang Yo doesn’t like dealing with an assassin. Ha! Isn’t that a “the pot calling the kettle black” moment (used by someone guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another, aka projection)? Woo Hee only wants to help her people, she promises her village will support Wang Yo as King. But Wang Yo can’t let her win this concession. He tells her he has a better idea… Wang Yo’s consider himself first mantra gives him an edge in the early days of being King.

sh_ep15_4c sh_ep15_4b
Wang So and Baek Ah drink and overhear others talking about how Wang So is the King’s dog to hunt down Wang Eun. Baek Ah tells Wang So that he found boats Wang Eun might escape on. He doesn’t know which one Wang Eun will choose. He asks Wang So if he will capture Wang Eun. Wang So asks if he trusts him. Baek Ah says “I don’t trust our brother Wang Yo. He manipulates people and uses their weaknesses. The future looks bleak.” Wang So wonders if Wang Eun as asked for support from any of his other brothers. Baek Ah doesn’t think so. Baek Ah can’t believe that Wang Yo didn’t die. Wang So must wonder why he didn’t finish Wang Yo off when he had the chance. Woo Hee approaches and tells Baek Ah that she must return home. He can’t believe that she’s leaving. Wang Yo’s evil right hand man watches.

Wang So finds Wang Wook and wonders what he’s up to. Wang Wook notes that Wang So is suddenly very interested in what he’s doing. Wang So puts it on the table and states that he thanks Wang Wook is behind a lot of what happened. Wang So notes that the former King was addicted to Mercury for two years. Wang So can’t believe that Wang Won was the mastermind. He doesn’t have to say the next part, that he thinks the Wang Wook behind the mercury poisoning. Wang So doesn’t understand why Wang Yo hasn’t gotten rid of Wang Wook. Wang So goes back to suspecting Wang Wook as the mastermind behind killing Wang Eun and his family. Wang Wook notes that Wang So seems to be too suspicious of him. Wang So steps closer and asks Wang Wook if he killed the former King. Wang Wook asks if Wang So act as the king’s dog and kill Wang Eun. The show totally loves painting Wang So with an animal analogy, and it’s never flattering. Wang Wook tells Wang Yo that they both are doing what they must to survive, such is the fate of the prince that is not King. Wang Wook says to survive, they must submit. Wang So wonders why Wang Wook is someone he doesn’t recognize anymore. Wang Wook stares straight into Wang So’s eyes and says he did not kill the former King through poison. There’s must be weasel wording or he’s flat out lying.

Wang Yo studies Hae Soo that she pours his tea. He asks her why she put mercury in the former King’s bath. She denies this. He asks if she would maintain that stance under torture. In a gentle tone Hae Soo tells the king that she’d accuse him of the torture even if she had to die for uttering those words. Wang Yo has to respect her moxie and declares that she’s something else. Wang Yo says she’s the best way to control his brothers and so she will live. Hae Soo asks him who put the mercury in the water. He asks why she thinks she he knows. Hae Soo says even if he kills her, she must know the truth. She stares at him. He stares at her. He’s fascinated by a woman that’s willing to take a risk even at the cost of her own life. Does he see himself in Hae Soo? But the moment is broken when Wang Wook arrives.

Hae Soo stares at Wang Wook as he strides into the chambers. He walks like a man who is there because he wants to be, not because he has to be. Wang Yo relishes the moment when he tells Wang Wook that Hae Soo is wondering who put the mercury in the water. Hae Soo stares at Wang Wook not wanting to believe what is right in front of her face. Wang Wook boldly lies and says that the King died of an illness. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Wang Yo laughs and agrees with his brother’s ludicrous description of why their brother died. Hae Soo looks upset. Please tell me she saw Wang Wook for the evil man he has evolved to be. Please tell me she doesn’t cling to the hope that he is just stuck in trying circumstances. Hae Soo his had limited brainpower when it comes to Wang Wook, but doesn’t this two-year gap give her the perspective and the ability to finally see Wang Wook for who he is?

sh_ep15_6b sh_ep15_6a
As they walk out together Wang Wook says that it must have been difficult to watch his brother die. Hae Soo states that the King was like a brother to her. She wonders who could have killed him. She looks into Wang Wook’s eyes and asks him if he’s connected.

Flashback to Wang Wook’s previous conversation with his mother, Queen Hwangbo, and his sister, Yeon Hwa…When Queen Hwangbo asked if his actions were done for Hae Soo, Wang Wook confirms. With tears in his eyes he says he’s lost Hae Soo. He wonders what went wrong. He wanted the woman he loved and to protect his family. His mother told him to live right he did that for most of his life. But now he’s chosen a path that he cannot turn from. Wang So told him he was going about it wrong. Wang Wook declares he will achieve his goals. Isn’t it interesting that Wang Wook cites Wang So during that conversation? Wang So sees Wang Wook for the man he’s evolved to be. And Wang So doesn’t cut him any slack for the choices he’s made. And that’s what Wang Wook seems to want, understanding for his poor choices. Forgiveness for the times that he chose his family over Hae Soo. Understanding that he has aligned himself with team evil, and is now a master level member.

Back to the present… Wang Wook declares he’s done nothing wrong as he stares into Hae Soo’s eyes. That’s a classic case of rationalization. Wang Wook justifies his awful choices by calmly telling himself, he is only pursuing his goals.

Wang So is relieved to run into Hae Soo. He tells her he was worried when he heard that Wang Yo asked to see her. Hae Soo tells him that Wang Yo doesn’t intend to kill her anytime soon. Wang So correctly guesses that Wang Yo is using her to control him. Wang So notes the upside to that is that he can see her and be near her. Hae Soo asks if Wang So found who he was looking for. Wang So invokes the “truth zone “and admits he was searching for Wang Eun. He tells her that Wang Yo wants his brother killed, but he wants to help him escape. Wang So assures her that he’ll find Wang Eun. Will Hae Soo invoke the “truth zone” and admit she knows Wang Eun’s location? No, she flashes back to her dream of Wang So killing his brothers. Okay I find that a bit irksome. If there’s anything that Wang So is proven is that he doesn’t kill those he cares about. But I’m betting she hasn’t a dream like that in two years. It upset her. I’m still irked.

Wang Jung unknowingly asks his sister in law where Hae Soo is. She tries to get away undetected but drops the cup which she deftly catches. Wang Jung immediately knows who she is.

Wang Jung, Hae Soo, Wang Eun, and his wife try and figure a way to get to the boat. Wang Jung admits that he’s ashamed that Wang Yo is his brother. Wang Jung realizes the passageway she used is the perfect mechanism.

Soon Duk tells Hae Soo that she’d like to say goodbye to her father. Hae Soo says that’s not a good idea because Wang So may find out about it. Soon Duk asked the obvious question, why doesn’t Hae Soo trust Wang So? Hae Soo obliquely says she has her reasons. Soon Duk is grateful but still thinks she’s wrong. Soon Duk defends Wang So and says he would not do something without a good reason. Soon Duk tells Hae Soo that she should trust the person that she likes. Hae Soo smiles and agrees. Hae Soo declares herself foolish. I can agree with her on that! She promises to visit Ji Mong for Soon Duk.

She calls for Ji Mong, but he’s not around. She leaves Ji Mong a note.

Wang So asks Ji Mong if he knew all the things that all that has happened would happen. Ji Mong says it’s hard to know and not get involved. He says it’s like punishment from God not to be able to try and change the future. He admits even he surprised by Wang Yo’s rise to power. He was slated to be a traitor and nothing more. Ji Mong says something happened that made the future change. Is it something or someone?

Wang Wook tells his sister that Hae Soo warned him to be careful of Wang So and not try to stop him. Wang Wook says no matter what he tries, Wang So seems to take what Wang Wook wants. He wonders what he should do. Yeon Hwa looks a little creeped out by her brother.

It’s hard work clearing out the rocks in the escape passage. Wang Jung offers Soon Duk the hairpin to pin up her hair. He tells her she’ll have to give it back. She guesses that he got it for the woman he loves. She teases him that he cares about something other than fighting. Wang Jung admits this woman saved him once. He flashes back to moments with Hae Soo and smiles. He admits he cares for this woman. Soon Duk admits she knows what it’s like to care for someone. She flashes back to a young Wang Eun offering his future wife flowers. Ah, young love, isn’t it grand? Soon Duk promises to cheer Wang Jung on in his quest to get the women he loves. I’m surprised she was satisfied not finding out who it was. She was cute when she was young. Wang Eun was sweet too.

sh_ep15_10b sh_ep15_10a
Yeon Hwa meets with Wang Yo. She apologizes for being late in offering her congratulations on him taking the throne. He chuckles when he sees that she’s wearing the ring he gave her. He tells her that he has news on her marriage. She smiles expectantly. He tells her that he’s going to send her to her remote clan. That wipes the smile off her face. Wang Yo explains that the late king’s daughter was to be the sacrificial lamb, but Wang So married her to save her. Wang Yo has renegotiated the deal and promised to send Yeon Hwa. Wang Yo offers his congratulations on her marriage. Yeon Hwa quips “why does everyone in the throne threaten me with marriage”? Ha! Yeon Hwa says that all men think the only way to control a woman is through marriage. She looks into Wang Yo’s eyes and tells him she’s disappointed in him. He laughs and asks if she still is greedy enough to think she could one day be Queen. Wang Yo, the answer is yes! I’m all for Yeon Hwa knocking him down a peg or two. She did it to his mother, I hope she can do it to him. If it involves Wang So, I’m not all that excited. Wang Yo tells her that Wang Wook betrayed him and she stood by her brother. Wang Yo maintains he could never have in-laws like that. Yeon Hwa shakes with rage.

Outside a livid Yeon Hwa flings Wang Yo’s ring to the ground. She recalls Wang So rejecting her proposal and telling her that Hae Soo was who he loved and his future. Sweet! I love Wang So’s forthrightness about his feelings for Hae Soo. It does cause his enemies to have a way to hurt him though. An angry Yeon Hwa can’t be good.

Wang Eun whines to his wife about being cooped up. She suggests they bath. Wang Eun is thrills his wife with his towel art. They race boats in the bath. They are both so young! Wang Eun is actually sweet when he refuses to hit her arm. She offers him his slingshot. He’s impressed she brought it. They agree once they leave the palace, they can fashion the life they want. He offers a pretty pouch. She’s not thrilled. He says pretty girls like pretty things. She remembers him saying the same thing to her when they were young. Wang Eun recants his statement that she’s pretty. But then he admits she’s looking prettier. She kisses him. He tells her they’ll have 3 children. She wonders if she can get pregnant from kissing. He smiles at her naiveté. He offers his hand and they stroll away.

sh_ep15_12b sh_ep15_12a
The next morning Hae Soo sees the towel animals and smiles. Chae Ryung doesn’t understand how the bath got messy. Hae Soo claims she did it. Yeon Hwa arrives looking decidedly snippy. She wants to talk to Hae Soo. Princess sees the towel animals and lightbulb goes off in her mind. That can’t be good for our couple.

sh_ep15_12d sh_ep15_12c
Yeon Hwa is direct with Hae Soo. She tells him to back off from Wang So. Yeon Hwa states that Wang So doesn’t know about Wang Wook. She tells Hae Soo her behavior isn’t acceptable. She promises to marry Hae Soo off so she can leave the palace. Hae Soo states Wang So values her, that’s the reason she wants to marry but marriage itself is not the goal. Hae Soo says while Wang So wants her, she’ll remain true to him. Yeon Hwa hates that Hae Soo can consider marriage an option but for her it is a life or death event she cannot escape. Yeon Hwa promises that Hae Soo will regret her words. I’d be scared if I were Hae Soo.

Wang Wook tells Wang Yo that Ji Mong and the General and those like them support Wang So. Wang Wook declares that Wang Yo must eliminate Wang So. Not good, brother and sister working to break up our lead couple. Yeon Hwa enters and interrupts their scheming. She offers an option for them to achieve their goals, but in return, her remote clan marriage must be voided. Oh no, will there be two sacrificial lambs soon?

Hae Soo offers the young couple meat and wishes them safe passage. Soon Duk asks about her father. Hae Soo states he’ll meet them along the way. The young couple hears the royal guard approaching. Wang Jung tells them to run. Hae Soo, Wang Eun, and his wife hear the guards searching for Wang Eun. Hae Soo is shocked. Soon Duk tells Wang Eun to go with Hae Soo. She assures her husband she won’t be hurt because she’s the General’s daughter. Wang Eun doesn’t want to separate. She promises to follow him soon. She gives Hae Soo the look that says take care of the man I love. She runs toward the fight and potentially her own death. Hae Soo tries to lead Wang Eun away but he stops. He tells Hae Soo that he belongs to his wife. He can’t desert her. He goes to join his wife. She sees a vision of their death.

My Thoughts

The palace isn’t a fun place anymore. With Wang Yo in power, Wang Wook selling his soul to team evil, and Yeon Hwa determined to avoid a remote marriage, everyone was at risk. The body count ratcheted up with Wang Eun’s family slaughtered. Wang Eun faces the same fate. A complaint about this series is that happiness is fleeting. We are 75% complete and happy outcomes looks less and less likely for our favorite characters.

Hae Soo (IU) had visions. Hae Soo had a vision about Wang So killing and a vision about Wang Eun and Soon Duk dying. That upsets her. I wouldn’t be excited to have red hazed visions of death either. Her lack of faith in Wang So is an irritating constant. She didn’t share she had Wang Eun and Soon Duk hidden. Soon Duk called her out for not trusting the man she loved. That resonated with Wang So. Now that Yeon Hwa has Hae Soo in her sights, I fear for Hae Soo and Wang So. She is formidable when she wants something.

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) was tasked with finding Wang Eun. Wang So invoked the “truth zone” with Hae Soo and admitted he would help Wang Eun escape once he found him. But Hae Soo didn’t invoke the “truth zone” in return and admit she was hiding Wang Eun. Wang So has powerful people plotting against him. I’m afraid for him. His happiness is in jeopardy.

Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) took extra evil pills. He suggested that Wang Yo kill Wang So to eliminate the obstacle to Hae Soo’s heart (in his opinion) and the man that takes everything he cares about. He lied to Hae Soo that he did not poison the former King. He’s lying with semantics. Wang Won gave the poison to Chae Ryung but as Wang So pointed out, Wang Won doesn’t have the brain power to plot the nefarious deed. I did not feel sorry for him when he cried to his mother and sister that his life had taken a regrettable turn towards evil but he refused to turn in a different direction. Wang Wook, you are a lost soul.

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) connected with his wife and realized they were good for each other.  His wife’s loving heart, naiveté about kissing and pregnancy, etc. finally made him see he was committed to her. So nice, but it may be too late.

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) admitted he liked Hae Soo. Isn’t going to happen Wang Jung.

Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) reunion with Woo Hee was cut short by Wang Yo. Baek Ah doesn’t know it, but Wang Yo negotiated something that sent Woo Hee back home. What is her mission?

Ninth Prince Wang Wook (Yoon Sun Woo) should be the one everyone calls a dog. He’s loyal scum.

Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) is King. Our guy liner loving goatee sporting King relished every moment as he flexed his power and bent others to his will from his perch on the throne. Wang Yo was actually happy. He seems less sinister since he returned from the dead. Being King has ended his desperation, he’s more content. He’s still the leader of team evil but compared to Wang Wook, he’s the happy one.

The eleventh song of the OST is “Wind” sung by Jung Seung Hwan. Check out the video below.

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44 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    I started the episode off anxious, and it never went away. So constantly being compared to a dog was such a low dig. He’s not like that at all. They’ll all be sorry when he decides to act.

    Hae Soo with those damned visions. Why does she take them as gospel? Has he done ANYTHING that would warrant her reaction? No outside of the killing the temple assassins, which I don’t count. I wish she would have trusted him more.

    Soon Daek gets the best line kudos of the episode when she told Soo it didn’t seem right for her not to trust So if she loves him. Go Soon for saying what we’ve all wanted to.

    I fear Yo’s offer to Woo Hee will flesh itself out in an episode or two, and it won’t be favorable to Baek Ah. Yo only does things for himself, and I feel nauseous thinking of what he’s come up with for her.

    I couldn’t help but laugh when Yo told Yeon Hwa that she was going to Khitan, and that she was part of a traitor family. Backfired on her. However, it pushed her sights to Soo which isn’t a good thing.

    Wook is too far gone for me. Nothing redeemable at this point. Also, I believe he is the deviation that Ji Mong didn’t see. It’s no coincidence that after that statement it flashed to Wook saying Soo’s words of beware of So. He made all these plans after she said that. He stopped trusting So. AND he keeps saying it in front of Yeon Hwa. Why do I feel like that will be a wedge between our favorite shippers? That has me the most anxious is that line will be used to tear them apart.

    To Eun and Soon Daek, if they are to go next episode, I hope it is quick. They are the true innocence of this series, and very pure. They don’t deserve a long death.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I understand your nervousness. I wonder if episode 14 is the only happiness Hae Soo & Wang So will get. Everyone on team evil has their eyes on Hae Soo or Wang So. Not good, not good!

      I was pleased the Soon Daek told Hae Soo the obvious, that she should trust Wang So and not trusting him was wrong. Those visions are irksome! They did show the young lovers death.

      Yeon Hwa’s face when Wang Yo announced she was being exiled for the marriage was the perfect mix of horror and anger. She managed to keep it together in the chamber but just barely. Wang Yo enjoyed sticking it to her. I can’t blame him. I don’t want her to snag Wang So, but it’s hard to believe that Hae Soo & Wang So can stay together without marriage.

      “I believe he is the deviation that Ji Mong didn’t see. It’s no coincidence that after that statement it flashed to Wook saying Soo’s words of beware of So. He made all these plans after she said that. ”
      Excellent observation. That makes me nervous too.

      ” Eun and Soon Daek, if they are to go next episode, I hope it is quick. They are the true innocence of this series, and very pure. They don’t deserve a long death”
      Agreed. They are young lovers that never became lovers but did finally love each other.


  2. Review Leaver says:

    I was laughing as I read your summary….
    Wook’s master level membership to team evil……… how apt.

    & Yo described as : Our guy liner loving goatee sporting King relished every moment as he flexed his power and bent others to his will from his perch on the throne. Wang Yo was actually happy. He seems less sinister since he returned from the dead. Being King has ended his desperation, he’s more content. He’s still the leader of team evil but compared to Wang Wook, he’s the happy one.

    How true. Yo is having a ball here. It was actually nice -as the viewer- to be enjoying his fun. Once you forgot So’s issues – (and luckily LJK had minimal showing here); I was all over King Evil Eye Candy this episode. And Loved, Loved, Loved him!

    Yo very shrewdly ensures his mother is aware she is going to be a retired dowager queen mother, and not involved in his court politics when she begins her machinations. He even does as he will with So, despite her (the queen mom) trying to worry him into killing him. And he’s enjoying himself with taming his new pet. How fun. You are right in noting though that So is not a dog – but a wolf. You could literally see his eyes snarling as he went down after Mu’s death, and later when he interacts each time with his sibling. However the Hae Soo muzzle is currently working well.

    I wonder if So has bought some level of trust from Yo, (as much “trust” as the leader of team evil can give), when he held back killing blows for him on that cliff. Also Wook bartered his life by giving Yo the master key to control So enough, that he didn’t have to kill him.
    Hae Soo is the training Whip / Muzzle in his hand for So.
    So is a wolf muzzled in chains for now.
    Wook is a Cobra in the grass…… but one that Yo is watching, and not unaware of.

    Yo is aware that So did not kill him when he could, but that Wook would. His (Yo’s) comment about So being a brother from the same womb was a nice jab returned, after Wook incited (again) that So should be killed.
    When Wook was discussing with Yo- that So was trouble (by having the loyalty of many problem-sectors); and trying to get Yo to kill So for it …… our happy, content, evil leading man sees through this. He may agree with Wook’s insight about separating General Park and Ji Mong, but he did not agree with killing So.

    He also brings Wook’s duplicity up and was very neat in dealing with Yeon Hwa. She would not be his problem. Though he now has sic’ed her on Hae Soo.

    He’s even cool and content in pseudo-answering Hae Soo’s question on Mu’s poisoning. That particular scene was actually my most favorite in this episode. You have to respect the Evil King who can respect defiance from his help-less hostage in the face of his evil control. His eyes and smile sparkled with amusement and respect for Hae Soo’s confidence under the threat of torture…………. as she said she’d blame him for the poisoning. He’s already watched her get whipped on behalf of a servant in the past- and knows this isn’t just a bluff. She would do it ……. and the new powerful him appreciates that in her, way more than he did in the past.
    He didn’t lose his cool for a moment. He respected that enough to even reassure her that he would not harm her, which he didn’t have to do. She was relieved by that- as noted in the next scene, when she lets So know that Yo won’t harm her.

    I felt Yo also liked her gumption enough that it seemed he felt he should not take the fall in her eyes for Mu’s poisoning. He went as far as he could to implicate Wook to her without actually saying it, and if Hae Soo doesn’t get it- she’s hopeless.

    In fact, I wonder if Yo suspects Wook as another “dog” to control with Hae Soo. Or was he thinking of Eun and Baek Ha? He does after-all comment that she is the best bait for controlling his Brothers (plural). He definitely will pay Wook back, and I wonder if his semi-answer to Hae Soo about who was Mu’s real killer was part of the interest on that.

    I am completely in agreement with you that I really hope Hae Soo is not going to do the 3 deaf, dumb, blind monkeys on this one. I mean- really? If she doesn’t see Wook a shade different after Yo’s nice parry/ answer about the poisoning of Mu, she sort of deserves some punishment here…………………for stupidity.

    And Yeon Hwa ( Member of the Evil and Cruel Club ; before any Evil team was formed) is now teaming up with her brother. Hae Soo- you forgot to talk and walk as though you are always on thin ice, deary! Lady Oh will be weeping in her grave about Soo’s response to Yeon Ha. When evil princesses tell you your going to regret it, you know you’ve mis-stepped carelessly.

    However, I had to really respect Yeon Hwa for first meeting Hae Soo, and directly addressing her issues while she honestly explained to her that this is about survival for her. She even gave fair warning that by not taking up her offer- misery would soon follow.
    Wow. Even Yeon Hwa is classy- evil now, compared to Wook. His lying to justify winning what he wants (Hae Soo and the throne – I assume he means, but in reality its to be weak and selfish without losing anything he wants). He is now blatantly lying to himself and everyone else that he is not doing wrong. He is no longer even willing to be honest, as his honesty lost him Hae Soo during the first Coup, where he admitted to wanting the throne and to wishing So dead. And I agree with you- I had no sympathy for his WOE is ME moment.

    Ahhh. It’s real great to be on Team Evil this episode. GOOOO Yo!

    Not so great for Team Wang So.

    The Truth zone has become very very murky- and it is all Hae Soo’s fault. I had always (since those visions first showed up) wondered if she was mis-interpreting them. In them Eun was already full of arrows when So slays him…. was it mercy killing? and in the other, So is in King garb and appears to have taken up guy-liner fashion, but his expression looks more unhappy than sinister. And this episode was chock full of repeat visions of Eun dying.
    I agree with Doek that there is something wrong with Hae Soo’s inability to trust So ( whom she now knows and understands) only due to some random red tinged vision????
    As I do believe in Karmic- punishment for stupidity; I was glad she (Soo) realized she should change how she was acting about So based on just these visions after Doek spoke. However, she did not till the end trust So to tell him about Eun. She trusted Jung, who didn’t even step in to help Mu while So at least tried for a while. And Soo has no excuse; she was there when things went down………and yet Jung gets the trust So did not.

    And now Yeon Hwa is aware that So is unaware of Wook being her past love. I just didn’t get it ….. why was she (Soo) not running to So with these issues? He literally has been caged and defanged because of her, and she still could not get over her trust issues- for a very weak sounding reason. It has indeed very irritating to see her repeatedly freak out about these visions over the past 15 episodes. However……….she is aware of the outcome… I suppose it would freak me out as well. ALSO…..

    Via these visions though, I suspect we have two deaths up to bat, and Baek Ah was very accurate (when he countered So’s don’t- you -trust -me- question about his plans for Eun), when he fears that with Yo as the Master Puppeteer, (who excels at using weak point strings on his people- puppets)…………nothing would go well. So’s puppet strings are many; and he seems to not understand the full extent of this yet. He may unfortunately live up to Soo’s visions of him, out of both mercy for Eun and helplessness regarding Soo, once the situation is in play.

    I was intrigued by Ji Mong’s mention of something changing things. I assumed he meant Soo’s active involvement, which was not a wait and watch method initially. Even now, she is not just a bystander like Ji Mong. She is actively participating in hiding Eun, and lying to So. Prior- She warned Wook about 4rth Prince So, and now he’s obsessed with it being the reason he’s losing…… and perhaps that has set things off a bit. She also may have tamed the Wolf- prince who would have otherwise ruthlessly taken the throne……….but now is akin to a love sick wolf- puppy at her side.
    Maybe that’s all it took for Yo’s dream to come true.

    Since we know Wang So is still fated to be a king, Yo better enjoy it while he can. Wolves don’t tame…… They wait to bite. Given the preview, I look forward to going back to cheering Team So……

    Though they better give Yo a fantastic send off……..Not like Mu…………..


    • kjtamuser says:

      Wang Yo is appealing because he’s enjoying his ill gotten gains. Is he the only character having fun?

      Comparing Wook to a cobra makes sense. Can Wang So dodge his venom?

      “and the new powerful him appreciates that in her, way more than he did in the past.
      He didn’t lose his cool for a moment. He respected that enough to even reassure her that he would not harm her, which he didn’t have to do. ”
      I enjoyed that scene too. Hae Soo showed her moxy, though experience taught her to be more subtle than she would have been in the past.

      “When evil princesses tell you your going to regret it, you know you’ve mis-stepped carelessly.”
      I agree, Hae Soo will be made to pay and we know Yeon Hwa is effective when she wants to be.

      “The Truth zone has become very very murky- and it is all Hae Soo’s fault.”
      Fear fogs her brain.

      “And now Yeon Hwa is aware that So is unaware of Wook being her past love.”
      I assume Wang So knows about Hae Soo and Wang Wook.

      “I was intrigued by Ji Mong’s mention of something changing things. I assumed he meant Soo’s active involvement…She warned Wook about 4rth Prince So, and now he’s obsessed with it being the reason he’s losing…She also may have tamed the Wolf- prince who would have otherwise ruthlessly taken the throne.”
      Good observations. Kelli’s comment voted for Wang Wook as variant.

      I’m a simple person, I want good to triumph over evil.


  3. Lee Poh Yoke says:

    Time and time again, Hae Soo showed that she is more heart than brains. She really is not the sharpest knife in the drawer..Yeon Hwa is. I wish that the writer made the character a bit smarter ( no wonder she lost even her house to her cheating friends), which would have made her more lovable and more easy to invest emotions in her life. Her late mentor, Lady Oh, would have invested intelligently and found the culprit who put poison in the bath of the king. Sometimes, with a friend like Hae Soo, you don’t need enemies.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Hae Soo turns her brain off whenever she has a vision and lets fear rule her. Hae Soo’s lack of trust in Wang So vexes me.

      I agree that Lady Oh would have ferreted out who put the mercury in that bath.

      “She really is not the sharpest knife in the drawer…with a friend like Hae Soo, you don’t need enemies.”
      At times, she is her own (or those that care for her) worst enemy.


      • Lee Poh Yoke says:

        I don’t understand why in this drama and similarly in ‘Shine or go Crazy’, the hero and heroine don’t discuss ways to overcome the problems and enemies. I wish now, as I did then, that the supposedly intelligent and in love couple would talk a bit more about their situations,problems and solutions.

        I have been with close relatives who suffered from depression, so ‘Hae Soo’s’ lack in showing tension in emotions cannot be totally attributed to the character’s depression( based on our diagnosis).


  4. swati says:

    For now I am gonna wait and see the episodes when the next two come.

    I refuse to see Wang So as the assassin on leash. Till he gets his game back I don’t wanna see the episodes.

    Guy liner, assistant guy liner and manipulation expert (Wang Wook) all of u go burn in hell.

    Get Wang So back… Where is the dude who was smartest in the room… Who is this imposters…


    • Review Leaver says:

      Well, if you can’t appreciate the Team Evil’s audacity, yeah- you may need to sit out a while.

      I mean…… Team Evil not only has great eye-liner- but are also very smart. I would say the smartest prince right now is Yo, as he’s even able to handle Wook’s underhanded methods directly and even Yeon Hwa and Evil Queen Mom don’t faze him.

      You were right….. that So is blind as a bat about Wook and Hae Soo. Yeah, that’s going to come out of the woodwork to bite this couple soon.

      Apparently Stupidity is really contagious………. and Wang So’s been hanging around Hae Soo a bit too long.

      However, I guess they need to explain Wang So’s history of violent sibling/ blood relation purging- which happened by his hand, and so this is how it is coming about. He is quite the leashed prince at this time. As Ji Mong said- something changed. Yeah- Hae Soo showed up. If not for her, So would likely have continued fighting & not have bowed to his brother as king in the last episode. Good times.


    • kjtamuser says:

      It may be darkest before the dawn.

      Wang So must rise and defeat the evil forces at play.


      • swati says:

        He has to… I cant even imagine an incapable Wang So.

        Has anyone watched Six Flying Dragons.. Its like the Yi Bang won suddenly lost his Game but that lasted for only one episode. I hope this is also a 1-2 episode deal and then Wang So goes back to the big bad wolf one shouldn’t mess with.

        I am evil for expecting him to drive a sword through Evil Mommy but i keep imagining it in my head over and over again. That will be so satisfying after seeing her treat everyone so badly.

        As for team evil:

        Hope Wang Yo gets epic death… which satisfies the anger all viewers are feeling for his character. (Feed him to the hungry hounds. Isn’t he obsessed with dog).

        Someone should feed mercury to Wang Won too… What goes around comes around 🙂

        Wang Wook.. I cant even come up with proper cruel and gruesome way to retaliate but i will keep thinking over it…

        Yeon Hwa i don’t know whether to admire or hate. That girl is ambitious but yeah i m sure her ambition will screw with other people’s happiness…

        Wang so my boy please… If u can kill a cave full of Wolves then i am sure u are capable of killing this bunch of their horrible Highnesses..

        Then u can become King and Ride into sunset with Hae Su while all us viewers feel happy for u 🙂


        • kjtamuser says:

          I have not watched six flying dragons. Do you recommend it?

          Wang So has a posse he wants to protect (the nice princes and Hae Soo), therefore he must consider the ramifications of his actions. His need to protect is definitely being exploited by team evil.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I want So to get his groove back too! So is capable of wiping out his enemies, as his wolf slaying incident demonstrated. However, he wasn’t trying to protect anyone while going after the wolves. His desire to protect Soo is a game changer—we aren’t as reckless when we have something to lose. What a contrast from episode 2 when Soo was a hostage of one of the assassins and So told the assassin to go ahead and kill Soo or he would kill her himself.

        While I don’t condone their evil acts; I admire Yeon Hwa’s moxy and His Royal Hotness’ forthrightness. You know where you stand with these antagonists, unlike the shadowy Wook and Won, the cloak and dagger twins.


        • In that earlier confrontation with the assassins in the forest he was as fed up with Soo’s random episodes of stupidity which come on like a sudden bout of madness then it dies down only to resurface again at the most inconvenient moments.I like that he loves her but he still will need a lot of patience to endure this girl when she loses all reason,which is often


        • kjtamuser says:

          Agreed Wang So in protect mode must operate with caution.
          Love your terminology. YH & WY are open about their goals while WW & Won hide their intentions.


      • swati says:

        Six Flying Dragon is really good. Its 50 episodes and the politics is amazing. Each party comes up with amazing responses and witty resolutions. I would recommend it.

        I understand that wanting to protect people complicates things for Wang So. Its just so far he has always been very Savvy and dealt with things swiftly. Seeing him on leash of evil team is really upsetting 😥 This guy has to be smarter about this 🙂


        • kjtamuser says:

          Ah yes it’s the 50 episodes that makes it hard for me to start the drama. Others have said it is worth it too.
          Wang So is also outnumbered in a way he hasn’t been before. The King (either his father or brother) were supporters. Those days are gone.


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    POISON PLOT—Soo’s calm demeanor as closed her eyes as Won held a sword to her throat signified she was ready to die—but So was not having that! Baek Ah’s tender goodbye to the deceased king touched my heart. Chae Ryung is a liar and not a particularly good one; Soo could not see the truth of Chae Ryung being a minion in her face and actions.

    I ❤ Hae Soo’s moxy, telling His Royal Hotness if tortured about Moo’s poisoning she would confess Yo as the instigator. I think if Soo wasn’t having those stinkin’ visions, she would be more inclined to follow Seon Duk’s advice to trust the one you love.

    Oh…My…Goodness…Wook suggested to Yo using Hae Soo to control So? Wook is putting Hae Soo at risk to keep her from running away—way to treat the woman you claim to love! Yo has sown the seeds of doubt to Hae Soo about Wook being the mastermind of Moo’s poisoning. The Shadow Master just keeps on getting more despicable. Wook is all in for killing Eun and So. I don’t think Wook realizes Yo plans to use Hae Soo as a pawn to control him too! Not to mention controlling Baek Ah and Jung, who are also fond of Soo.

    HIS ROYAL HOTNESS—Now Yo has gained power he “very shrewdly ensures his mother is aware she is going to be a retired dowager queen mother.” He’s not sharing the power mama! I think he does want to kill So and the rest eventually. Evil Queen Yoo mentioned “taking care of the other princes”, which I take the meaning as killing all of them—except for her precious Jung.

    BRIDEZILLA—Last episode I thought sending Yeon Hwa to the Khitan was a good idea—did His Royal Hotness hear me? Unfortunately as @Kelli mentioned “it pushed her sights to Soo which isn’t a good thing.” Yeon Hwa is a dreadful force to reckon with…Soo better watch out! If Yeon Hwa rats out Wook as Soo’s former lover to So, she could put Wook’s life in jeopardy…is she greedy enough to so? I think the answer is a resounding “YES”!

    DEVIANT BUTTERFLY EFFECT—Isn’t Hae Soo the deviation Ji Mong talked about? Her warning was Wook’s impetuous to take action that ultimately aided His Royal Hotness’ coup d'état. Soo also had an effect on So—as @Review Leaver said Hae Soo “also may have tamed the Wolf- prince who would have otherwise ruthlessly taken the throne……….but now is akin to a love sick wolf- puppy at her side.”

    HELLO (AND GOODBYE) YOUNG LOVERS—Since Taejo’s death Eun has been very low key—trying to stay out of the limelight. Yo must have considered Eun’s grandfather to be a powerful enemy. Eun and Seon Duk are so ❤ adorable together! Glad to see Jung joining the effort to rescue Eun and Seon Duk. If Soo’s premonitions are right, our young lover’s romance will be short lived—I don’t like it! 😦 If Seon Duk dies, General Park will become a formidable enemy. Will So be the one who does the deed?


    • swati says:

      Great observations 🙂

      When Guy Liner said Poison. I really felt Su will be like “Not Again” and Wang So will roll his eyes.

      Guy Liner is turning out to be too sharp-witted and sly. When i read the recap i really thought “Did he hear u” then i remembered its pre-produced 🙂

      In total agreement with u over Wook. He is really turning out to be the nightmarish. In my opinion his feelings for Su are what has caused the deviation. Earlier he wasn’t very much into the whole “Game of Thrones in Goryeo”. Yes he did desire a powerful and formidable position but i don’t think he wanted the throne itself. Later when he screwed up his love life due to lack of power i think he decided being King is the best position of power.

      Su herself being the deviation would be too obvious. Its the feelings and relationship she shares with everyone around is what causes the deviation. It was equally possible that real Hae Su also would have had some involvement with things even if Go Ha Jin didn’t show up.

      Killing Eun and his wife and by So’s hand should be the way Team evil is trying to drive a wedge between the General and Wang So. I don’t think the general will forgive Wang So if he deals the blows which kills his daughter and son-in-law no matter what the circumstances were. He seemed like a great father who cared deeply for his child.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “if Soo wasn’t having those stinkin’ visions, she would be more inclined to follow Seon Duk’s advice to trust the one you love”
      * Concur. I wonder if Ji Mong has visions.

      “I don’t think Wook realizes Yo plans to use Hae Soo as a pawn to control him too! Not to mention controlling Baek Ah and Jun”
      * Hae Soo is an all purpose bait for all the princes.

      “Isn’t Hae Soo the deviation Ji Mong talked about?”
      * She has affected ALL the princes to varying degrees.

      “If Soo’s premonitions are right, our young lover’s romance will be short lived—I don’t like it!😦 If Seon Duk dies, General Park will become a formidable enemy. Will So be the one who does the deed?”
      * It seems unlikely our young lovers can escape. I don’t think Wang So will kill them, but he may be framed for it. I like the General and don’t want him to suffer the loss of his daughter or his friendship with Wang So, but this may be unavoidable.


    • Review Leaver says:

      Shadow master, His Royal hotness and Bridezilla- Nice Summary of things under these wonder titles.
      And I also was wondering how last time it was suggested to send Yean Hwa to Kitan and how it was that Yo channeled that so well this episode. It was the perfect King Evil move on his part to ensure he got her out of his palace and his hair………….. (that lovely lion mane thing he has going these days).
      Monday can’t get here too soon………

      Liked by 1 person

  6. @ Swati it is like what people are saying on other forums about Guyliner it is the eyeliner that is making him smart. remember if the BB cream in Goryeo could make it rain then surely the right eyeliner can boost your IQ to wonder inducing levels 🙂


    • swati says:

      Eyeliner… That explains it 🙂

      I thought he was reading up literature on politics and attending advanced course to enhance your evilness and evil planning in the two years he was missing…

      I hope Wang So gets his hands on some of this eyeliner. BB cream did wonders for him maybe now Eyeliner can be helpful 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      LOL! BB = rain, eyeliner = smart. I know what to do the ground is parched and I’m having a can’t concentrate day!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. swati says:

    Hey All Please pitch in ideas for how you would like the Evil Trio and Evil Mom to die 🙂

    We can pass our time waiting for the next episodes to come out while thinking up brilliant and satisfying ways for evil losing their lives 🙂


    • Review Leaver says:

      I think the best way for evil mom to die………… to watch Jung and Yo go at it, and die trying to stop that. It looks like Yo is going to torture Hae Soo to control So, but he doesn’t fully realize Jung’s affection yet for her. This may cause a wedge between Queen Yo’s two darling sons………how ironic. Given the preview and what we know of Yo’s views on throne protection, Jung will not last if Yo even suspects he wishes for the throne. Wonder if Yo will suspect her of supporting Jung and kill them.

      As for Wook, I agree that someone needs to poison him. However we all know that he will likely have an epic battle with So at some point going forward. This time Hae Soo should not restrict So………..because he is capable of taking out a mini army. He disarmed Yo in seconds. But his last fight with Wook may have been more defensive than offensive due to Hae Soo’s request not to hurt him. I do want to see that fight.


    • I am all for putting her in a sack and throwing Yeon Hwa over a cliff,then a group of Khitans would pass by and take her to their dear leader,who would marry her as a fifteenth wife and she would have to spent her existence doing laundry for the other wives. Death is too easy an escape for that petty woman. As for the evil queen mom I wouldn’t mind Yeon Hwa sticking a knife in her back first before she (Yeon Hwa) gets thrown off the cliff as punishment. As for that annoying ninth Prince,out him in another sack and let all the people he has messed with beat him with a big stick and drown him in a shallow puddle. 🙂 This lot inspire lots of violent reactions in me


  8. Jane Tilly says:

    Hmmm punishment for the evil trio and queen.
    • I think the best punishment for the Evil Queen would be to witness Yo’s death, Wang So become the king and her live a long impotent life without ANY support for her malicious conspiracies.
    • His Royal Hotness should either be executed for treason or be poisoned by the Cloak and Dagger Twins (Wook and Won). I do NOT want So or Jung to kill His Royal Hotness—neither of these princes deserve filial remorse.
    • The Cloak and Dagger Twins should rat each other out and be executed for regicide.
    • I would also like to see Yeon Hwa married to Khitan, fall madly in love and lose her desire for power. If by chance that doesn’t happen, then I wouldn’t feel bad if Yo took her out before he bites the dust.


  9. Review Leaver says:

    Hmm… I suddenly wonder. When he muses about breaking his collar………what could he mean. His collar right now is Hae Soo…………..

    And further down road………….If he does become king of Goreyo by all this, he better realize he can’t marry someone with a scar?………..Or could he change that rule? Either that or they better get married early. I will really be upset if they use that reason to explain why they both can’t get together at the end…….


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree not marrying because of a scar would be ludicrous. Wang So would ignore or invalidate that rule.
      One thing, when Wang So told Hae Soo he knew she did not like mutiple wives, that was practically an declaration that he wanted to marry her.


  10. @kjtamuser have a look at this review and maybe it will inform your choice about watching the Six Flying Dragons.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Well written review. I liked the frame that rotated through the photos. Is that a widget?


      • Thanks for the kind words. I do hope the review has helped you make a decision. It’s not a widget I think it is just software embedded in the Add Media section when one is editing a post.I vaguely remember getting the option of the pictures running as a slide show,I clicked yes and Voila!. I don’t know if the option is still open as I have not tried to use it it again in a while 🙂


  11. swati says:

    Hate to be bearer of bad news.


    I guess only one episode this week.😢😢


  12. Review Leaver says:

    Please watch episode 16 with subs at:


  13. Review Leaver says:

    It was amazing, and angsty- bewarned.
    We’ll talk later. Though I hope they also update tomorrow on the international streaming channels. DramaFever does not seem to negotiate these things well- despite things.


    • Kelli says:


      Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely watch again tomorrow on DramaFever when I’m not reading over Chinese subs. That hurts the eyes a bit.

      Seriously though, be warned, and be prepared.


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