Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 13 Recap

The King dies. Long live the new King! Who is the new King?

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 13 Recap

Woo Hee starts the approach to King Wanggun to plunge her sword into him. Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) intercepts her. The King struggles to stand and then collapses. Everyone is riveted to the King’s collapse and no one notices Baek Ah’s situation. Baek Ah looks at Woo Hee and urges her to run. Woo Hee runs. Ninth Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) asks third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) what they should do. Wang Yo order him to get eighth Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul).

Lying in bed, with Ji Mong and the General in attendance, the King wonders if his Kingdom will last or if he choose the correct successor in the Crown Prince. Knowing his time is short, the King tells Ji Mong and the General their world is about to get harder. He asks them to support the Crown Prince and fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi).

Hae Soo (IU) remembers Wang So’s proposal. She shakes her head, willing it out of her mind. Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) finds her appreciative that her tea tempted his father to eat. Hae Soo demurs that her time back as a court lady may be short. Wang Jung admits that he missed her tea when he was at war. He’s sorry that he’s unable to restore her. He grabs her arms (just like Wang So) and swears that he will restore her no matter what (just like Wang So). Hae Soo is one lucky lady; how many princes want her back? The “don’t bring Hae Soo back” list is the short – Wang Yo and Wang Won.

Team evil (Wang Yo, Wang Won, Wang Wook) have blocked the Crown Prince’s return and vow to secure the throne once the King dies. Wang Jung sees them and asks the status of the King. Suddenly the palace guards surround the gates and the General struts to the princes. He tells them to leave and wait for word from the King. Wang Yo declares they must protect their father’s final wish. The General chuckles saying it’s more likely that want to subvert their father’s final wish. He tells them to leave or fall under suspicion or have a sword applied to them. Wang Won notices that Wang So is not with them. The General glares and the princes retreat.

Seeing the King is a popular past time…Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo want to see the King. Queen Yoo orders Ji Mong to allow access. The soldiers block the door. Queen Yoo realizes that Ji Mong is buying time so the Crown Prince can return to the palace.

Hae Soo prepares tea for the King. He asks her to bring the Crown Prince before he dies. She’s stunned he’s asking her to do this. The King does not want the internal palace population to learn of his death before the Crown Prince returns. The King warns Hae Soo that when she leaves his room someone may ask her about his condition. To that person she must state she is getting more tea. But if someone asks if the King is still alive, that person wants the throne. He warns her to trust no one as the fate of the Kingdom is on her shoulders. Hae Soo exits the palace and stares at the General. He allows her to leave.

Wang So runs into the roadblock set up by Team evil. To his surprise Princess Yeon Hwa appears. She tells him no one can leave the palace. Wang So assumes Wang Wook is involved because he was wearing armor inside the palace last night. He asks if Wang Wook planned to kill the King at the peace gathering.

Wang Wook spots Hae Soo and calls to her. He asks why she’s rushing through the palace. She replies the King requested more tea. Wang Wook asks about Wang So’s marriage proposal. He states he didn’t know that Wang So was involved with her romantically. Hae Soo starts to deny it but recalls she has more pressing issues. She declares she has matters to attend to and they can talk later. She looks at Wang Wook and considers asking for his help. As she starts to the make the request, Wang Wook interrupts and asks if the King is dead. Yes! Hae Soo please believe what this means! Hae Soo remembers the King’s warning. Hae Soo asks Wang Wook if he wants to be King. Geez, that’s not a subtle inquiry. Hopefully Wang Wook is too besotted to notice.

Yeon Hwa says the only thing that matter is the King’s successor. Wang So says the Crown Prince is the successor. Yeon Hwa asks Wang So if he wants to be King. I’m loving the parallel question of the princes on their aspirations.

Wang So tells Yeon Hwa that wanting doesn’t mean having. Yeon Hwa states with her help he can become King. She has a powerful family ready to back him.

Wang Wook tells Hae Soo that losing her revealed his powerless state. He is determined to become the most powerful man in the country.

Yeon Hwa tells Wang So the world will become his if he is the next King. Wang So asks if he’ll win the lady’s heart that he desperately desires.

Wang Wook declares he will become King.

Wang So declares if he can win the heart he wants, he will become King.

sh_ep13_3c sh_ep13_3b sh_ep13_3a
Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo rush to the King’s bedside. The King hallucinates Royal Concubine Oh and calls her name. Ouch! That was a final slap to Queen Yoo. Concubine Oh’s statement that she never lost to Queen Yoo stands. He dies. Queen Hwangbo declares the King dead. Queen Yoo cries and tells the King he can’t throw her away like this. She begs him to return to her.

Wang Wook declares he will become King for her. He shares that he will betray Wang Yo and make his play for the crown. Hae Soo declares his plan is treason. Wang Wook states the Crown Prince cannot return so the fight for the empty throne will commence immediately. He tells her to tell no one and to wait for him to find her. Wang Wook asks again, is the King dead? In a lifeless voice, Hae Soo says the King asked for more tea. Wang Wook realizes what that means. He tells her the Crown Prince is stuck in a town that she will not be able to retrieve him from. I’m impressed Wang Wook understood that Hae Soo was lying. He’s not just a pretty face. She leaves him staring after her knowing her loyalty is not to him. Wang Wook may have put sufficient doubt in Hae Soo’s mind when he declared he wanted the throne to have power to make her his.

Yeon Hwa can’t believe that Wang So wants the throne to secure a woman’s heart. I get her point; it does seem short sighted. He orders her to open the road. She counters that keeping the road close protects the King. She won’t let him pass because he might bring someone back with him. She tells him to leave. You must be impressed with her moxy and determination. She is turning out to be a force to be reckoned with.

Woo Hee tells Baek Ah he ruined her plan to kill the King. He demands to know why she did it. What grudge did she have against his father? Her answer is simple…your father killed my family, and I was the only survivor. He apologizes for what his father did. She cries. He hugs her. He apologizes for being the King’s son.

Wang Yo assumes the King is dead or almost dead. Wang Won asks Wang Jung if the King has died when he enters the room. Wang Yo assumes they are being blocked from leaving the palace. Wang Yo asks Wang Jung about his tea comment. Wang Jung blabs that Hae Soo served the King tea to tempt his appetite. That can’t be good that Wang Yo has this information. Wang Yo realizes that Hae Soo knows the condition of the King and yells they must find her before she gets to the Crown Prince.

Hae Soo spots Wang Won asking the palace guards about her. She turns to flee and runs into Wang So. She tells him the King is dead. I’m over trying to discern anything but her implicit trust in Wang So. Romance may never happen between these two. Wang So is shocked. Hae Soo says that the King asked her to bring the Crown Prince. Hae Soo continues the surprises when she tells Wang So that Wang Yo will make his play for the throne tomorrow. Wang So wants to know how she knows this. But Hae Soo can’t betray Wang Wook and tells Wang So how she knows is not important. No surprise with her choice to omit Wang Wook’s involvement. Wang So knows the roads are blocked. He says they have to find an alternative way to get to the Crown Prince. Did Wang So say the Crown Prince is in a different location than Wang Wook told her? Did Wang Wook lie or did he have bad information? Hae Soo tells Wang So she knows someone that can help.

As Woo Hee turns to flee, Baek Ah asks if she’s willing to forget the past and be with him. Wow! Instant forgiveness! Love makes everyone’s brain accept wrong doing without a murmur! Hae Soo and Wang So find them. Hae Soo asks Woo Hee to take them to her home town where the Crown Prince is. Wang So doesn’t know or trust Woo Hee. Hae Soo assure him she knows and trusts Woo Hee, so he can too. Rolling my eyes at that statement. We always think we know the truth, but sometimes all we really know is our opinion. Baek Ah vouches for Woo Hee. Wang So extends his trust and tells Baek Ah that the King is dead. Woo Hee staggers and Baek Ah holds her up. Wang So tells Baek Ah that Wang Yo, Wang Won and Wang Wook (he KNEW Wang Wook was part of Team evil even though Hae Soo hid this) are making their play for the throne tomorrow. Hae Soo stares at him knowing they both know what she omitted. Wang So declares he’ll keep the wannabe Kings at bay while Baek Ah and Woo Hee get the Crown Prince. Wang So states Wang Wook has blocked the roads. Woo Hee knows a side road that might work.

Wang Wook tells Yeon Hwa that Wang So was leaving to retrieve the Crown Prince. Yeon Hwa wonders if the King is dead. Wang Wook doesn’t know as their mother is stuck in the palace. Thrilled at the opportunity, Yeon Hwa urges Wang Wook to make his play for the throne ASAP.  Wang Wook chuckles the she’s bold to try and alter the King’s final wishes. Wang Wook reminds her he won’t take the throne with the stench of traitor. Yeon Hwa doesn’t understand why he wears armor but won’t kill the Crown Prince. Calmly Wang Wook states he must prioritize and strategize for the optimal outcome. Who should he eliminate? The Crown Prince, Wang Yo or… We know the unnamed prince is Wang So, don’t we? Wang Wook declares he must be error free in route to the throne. Yeon Hwa is proud of her brother. Wang Wook is worried about one person’s betrayal. We know the unnamed betrayer is Hae Soo, don’t we?

sh_ep13_6b sh_ep13_6a
Wang So finds Hae Soo staring at the empty throne. He asks if she wants to sit in it. She says she doesn’t like the throne. Wang So notes many would give up everything to sit there. Hae Soo says the King threw away Royal Concubine Oh and love for the throne. Hae Soo says Wang So will have to fight his brothers for the throne. She declares the throne scary. She asks him not to hurt his brothers tomorrow. Wang So asks if she’s worried about Wang Wook. Wang So comments that Wang Wook is still important to her. He wonders why she came to him. Hae Soo explains that Wang Wook only wants the throne’s power for her. Wang So understands Wang Wook’s logic. Hae Soo states the King told her to live her life logically and with her sense of right and wrong. Her choice is the Crown Prince. If Wang Wook were to be hurt, she’d never recover. Wang So promises to try to keep Wang Wook safe, but cannot guarantee the outcome. Wang So admits he doesn’t want Wang Wook dead either. Wang So asks why Hae Soo isn’t worried about him. Hae Soo is confident Wang So will emerge unscathed. Wang So knows that death can strike at any time. He likes her confidence that he’ll live through this. Hae Soo thinks to herself Wang Wook won’t die tomorrow if she remembers her history correctly. It bothers me that Hae Soo is impassive about Wang So. Doesn’t it bother him? How can he be blasé about her obvious leaning towards Wang Wook?

sh_ep13_7a sh_ep13_7c sh_ep13_7b
Queen Hwangbo tries to cover the King’s face. Queen Yoo tells her to back off. Queen Hwangbo pushes Queen Yoo off the bed! Wang So enters the chamber and interrupts. He asks for alone time with his father. Queen Yoo asks if Wang Jung is there too. Wang So stares at his father and kneels. Ji Mong says the King said that life was short and fleeting at the end. Wang So remembers receiving the mask from the King via Ji Mong. He remembers the King watching him receive the gift. He realizes his father loved him. He covers his father’s face. He cries. He asks Ji Mong about the palace’s weapon supply. He states tomorrow Wang Yo and Wang Wook will try and stage a takeover. Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo are surprised at Wang So’s knowledge. Wang So declares the King’s wish was that the Crown Prince be successor. They must try and make that happen. Ji Mong leaves to confer with the General. Queen Hwangbo is surprised that Wang Wook will try for the throne. Queen Yoo, ever in her own reality, declares that Wang Yo is coming to extract her from the palace. Queen Yoo declares that if Wang So harms Wang Yo, she’ll kill him herself. Ouch! Her maternal instincts are nonexistent for Wang So. He declares she’s’ greedy (and delusional) to think Wang Yo can survive treason. Queen Yoo yells that he must not hurt Wang Yo. Queen Hwangbo grabs her and orders her to shut her mouth and devise a plan to save their sons.

Woo Hee sees that Baek Ah is struggling to stay upright on his horse. She stops saying he needs to take a break to tend to the wound make sure he can make journey alive. By the crackling fire, Baek Ah tells Woo Hee that he didn’t try to hide who he was when they met. She knows. She admits she hid things too. If I were keeping score, her secrets were bigger than his! She declares they are even. Good grief, not by my tally. But somehow I think Baek Ah will agree. In love = Brain off. Baek Ah wonders if they were ordinary people, would they have a different relationship. Yes, the answer is yes. Woo Hee declares only one more mountain and they’ll be in her hometown. Baek Ah notes they’ll part ways then. Woo Hee notes they’ll never see each other again. Baek Ah inquires; can he do anything he wants tonight since they won’t see each other after tomorrow? Bam! Baek Ah, you surprise me! Baek Ah kisses her.

Wang Yo tells Wang Wook it’s too quiet (as they stand in front of a mass of soldiers). Wang Yo notes that the Crown Prince won’t be back for at least another day. Wang Wook asks Wang Yo to kill Wang So if he tries to stop them. Wang Yo assures him he didn’t need to make that request; it was already on his “to do” list. Sigh, Wang Wook, you lie to yourself and Hae Soo when you claim all this is for her. This is for you. Wang Wook starts towards the palace. Wang Yo and the soldiers follow.

Wang So and the General (and a mass of soldiers) face off against Wang Wook and Wang Yo (and a mass of soldiers). Wang Wook spots Hae Soo watching. She looks surprised. Why? Wang So told her that Wang Wook was part of the takeover trio. When will she see Wang Wook for who he has evolved to be? The General declares the brothers are committing treason. Wang Yo declares his mother is a hostage. That surprises me. I would have thought Wang Yo would states their mothers, plural, were hostages. Why not include Wang Wook in the statement? Ego? Wang Wook draws his sword first. Wang So draws his sword. They fight. Wang Yo is loving it! Wang So is terrified her beloved Wang Wook will be injured. When their swords lock, they glare at each other. Archers appear on the rooftops and start shooting arrows.

Then surprise, surprise…the Crown Prince and Baek Ah walk out of the palace. Wang Yo is stunned. He orders Wang Wook to flee. Wang Wook puts his sword to Wang Yo’s neck. Wang Yo stares at his partner Wang Wook, now his betrayer. He asks why the betrayal. Wang Wook states they were never on the same side, so it isn’t betrayal. The Crown Prince declares that Wang Wook told him of the plan. He declares Wang Wook loyal. Wang Wook declares it was his honor to serve the Crown Prince. Hae Soo is surprised. Wang So is surprised. Wang Yo is surprised. I’m surprised too. Impressive that Wang Wook has been working the double cross in conjunction with the Crown Prince. He asks if this was a trap. The General orders his men to force Wang Yo to kneel. Wang Yo drops his sword. Ji Mong steps out and declares that the King has just died. He states the King’s last decree was that the Crown Prince be the next King. Ji Mong states the Queens have acknowledged the King’s decree. The Crown Prince starts for the palace but Wang Wook kneels in front of him declaring long life for the new King. Wang So kneels and greets the new King. The General order everyone to knees and offer felicitations to the new King. The Crown Prince stands there stunned. Yep, that would be a lot to swallow. Your father just died, but you’ve got a new job that starts…right now!

Queen Yoo comes out of the palace with long gray hair (?) and staggers to see Wang Yo in a traitor’s stance.

Wang Won, Wang Jung, Wang Wook and Yeon Hwa stare at the King dead on his bed. Wang Jung cries for his father. Yeon Hwa thinks to the dead King that she will make the kingdom hers.

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) wants to see his father but his wife, General’s daughter, Park Soon Duk, blocks his path. She declares he must claim he’s too sick to see his father or attend the coronation. She tries to put armor on Wang Eun. He thrusts the armor away and asks her to explain. She says the new King will kill all those that threaten his throne. That shocks Wang Eun. She declares they must stay under the radar. He rejects her amur, considering it an insult. She is happy that he wants to die with her. He tells her that’s crazy talk. He declares they both need to focus on living. Thrilled, she hugs him.

sh_ep13_11b sh_ep13_11a
Hae Soo asks why Wang Wook didn’t tell her the truth about working with the Crown Prince. She asks if he was testing her. Wang Wook says that Hae Soo went to Wang So with her request, not him. She asks if he ended to kill Wang So. He sidesteps a direct answer and says instead that getting rid of obstacles in his path to becoming king is acceptable behavior. Weasel wording! Stunned Hae Soo says that she was ripped up by causing Royal Concubine Oh’s death. She can’t believe he used her to kill Wang So. She declares Wang Wook has changed. He’s not the man she used to know. Wang Wook counter attacks and asks why she hid the truth from him. She didn’t tell him the King had died. Didn’t she care he could die from a treason charge?  Hae Soo says she was honoring the King’s final request to her. She did what was logical given those conditions. She states Wang So promised not to kill Wang Wook. Ouch! Blow to Wang Wook’s manhood! Loving it! Wang Wook can’t believe Hae Soo asked for his life from Wang So. Hae Soo suggests they leave the palace and begin a new life together. Good grief! She’s blind to this situation. Wang Wook says there will be obstacle after obstacle that will stop this from happening. Hae Soo stares at Wang Wook in shock. She FINALLY BUYS A CLUE! She says that Wang Wook’s declaration that he was doing this for her was a lie to himself and her. She steps back and says she cannot feel the same about him anymore. She states she will stay away from him in the future. Jealous, Wang Wook wants to know if she’s rejecting him because of Wang So. Furious that her loyalty, which has been nauseatingly obvious, is being questioned; Hae Soo asks if Wang Wook has ever trusted her or her feelings for him. Wang Wook declares he will make her come back to him. Dude, I understand that she has forgiven you EVERY TIME you screw up, but this is it. You’ve blown it. Game over. Hae Soo states “it won’t be easy”. What? Are you kidding me? Sigh, she cannot slam the door in his face…again. Hae Soo limps away. Wang Wook goes the opposite direction.

sh_ep13_12b sh_ep13_12aMeanwhile, Wang Yo is hunted by Wang Wook and Wang So. At the cliff’s edge, Wang Yo makes his final stand and fights the guards. Wang Wook draw his bow and goes to shoot him but Wang So stops him stating that killing him like an animal has no dignity. Wang Jung arrives and wants to convince Wang Yo to give up. Wang So tells him that’s not possible. Instead Wang So fights Wang Yo. At a pause point, Wang So tell Wang Yo to give up. Wang Yo points out that Wang So wouldn’t give up in this situation. Wang So unsheathes his sword and after some parrying plunges his sword into Wang Yo’s chest. Wang So drives Wang Yo to the edge of the cliff. Wang Yo doesn’t take the easy death and forces Wang So to deliver a deadly blow. Both men are stunned. Wang Yo falls off the cliff never seeing Wang So’s proffered hand. Wang Jung rushes to the cliff and demands to know why Wang So killed his brother. Heavy sigh from me. Wang So walks away.

Queen Yoo can’t believe it when Wang Jung tells her the news. She tells Wang Jung that Wang Yo always comes when she needs him. Now she turns her fury on Wang So. She declares she ordered Wang So to stay away from Wang Yo. She can’t believe Wang So murdered Wang Yo. She cries in Wang Jung’s arms. Wang Jung promises his mother he’ll stay by her side and never leave her. Heavy sigh from me.

sh_ep13_13b sh_ep13_13a
Wang So sits alone. Hae Soo finds him. She asks why he wanted to see her. He looks at her with tears in his eyes. “if I came to you, I didn’t think you’d forgive me. But I thought you’d understand. I stabbed Wang Yo.“ He cries. She puts her hand on his shoulder and offers comfort. She hugs him. He cries harder. She cradles him against her. He dissolves in tears.

My Thoughts

I’m feeling battered, just like Wang So. I’m tired how Wang So is treated. I’m tired of Wang Wook lying and still keeping Hae Soo. I’m tired of Hae Soo’s inability to see the truth. I’m tired of hoping for a romance that may never be. I’m glad this is the second episode of the week. I need a break.

Hae Soo (IU) trusted Wang So to help carry out the King’s last wish. Hae Soo took the King’s words to heart and decided not to trust Wang Wook when he asked if the King was dead versus status. Hae Soo quickly told Wang So all the details, except that Wang Wook was part of the takeover. There’s many things I like about Hae Soo but she has tried my patience these last episodes. I won’t even guess if she’s open to moving Wang So out of the friend zone. I groaned when she told Wang Wook that winning her back would be difficult. Really? Difficult NOT impossible? I shake my head.

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) fought for his father’s wishes. He finally saw that his father loved him. The mask gift scene from his father was lovely. I was sorry that Wang So stepped forward to fight Wang Yo one on one. One of them would die. One of them would be blamed. This was a no win situation. I wish Wang So had let Wang Wook do the dishonorable thing and shoot him with the arrow.

Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) is like Teflon. Nothing sticks to him. I respect his excellent scheming and double cross of Wang Yo. His jealousy of Wang So doesn’t have as much merit as he perceives because Hae Soo appears to be unable to break out his orbit. He is lying when he says he wants the crown for Hae Soo. He wants it for himself. How many times did he choose the crown/power/family (you name it) over Hae Soo? The new King better watch out!

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) listened to his wife.  She advised him to lay low to live. He decided they both needed to do this, so they’d both live.

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) witnessed Wang So kill his brother Wang Yo. He won’t be able to forget or forgive this. Heavy sigh. Will he become his mother’s next power pawn?

Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) forgave Woo Hee’s actions because of his father’s actions. Baek Ah was right to be ashamed that his father killed her family. BUT, forgiving her so quickly was a bit odd. She tried to KILL his father. She injured him. This couple put it behind them with lighting speed. Is Woo Hee really out of his life?

Ninth Prince Wang Wook (Yoon Sun Woo) is a pawn on team evil. He’s scum.

Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) got the job! The multiyear interview process is over. The Crown Prince is now King. Is he smart enough to discern that Wang Wook isn’t his friend? I have my doubts.

Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) was betrayed by Wang Wook and killed by Wang So. The guy-liner loving leader of team evil dies. His death ripped up Queen Yoo. Yeon Hwa can sigh in relief. That potential future is eliminated. Wang So is her next obvious choice.

The ninth song of the OST is “Will Be Back” and sung by Im Sun Hye. Check out the video below.

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47 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 13 Recap
  1. swati says:

    Thanks for the Recap.

    Now this is a nice episode. Entire focus on battle for throne. Scheming, Back Stabbing, Power Greed, Betrayals,Loyalty Testing and Hot Wang So in fighting gear.

    My question still is what has Wang Wook done to merit this dedication.. I mean freaking what drives the blind dedication from Hae Su. I am giving up on this girl and her feelings. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. Also please like please how can someone.. anyone chose Wang Wook over Wang So i shall never be able to understand,

    Did anyone else feel that Yeon Hwa might betray her brother if she gets Wang So on her side? I am not sure any more if she is making play for her own power or her brother’s power.

    Wang So dude u are amazing. Don’t u ever change. The way he states that the heart of the girl he loves means more to him than the throne. He states he doesn’t wanna kill Wook (Though i m sure So tops the list of people Wook wants to kill). Is he awake that Wang Wook is the guy Su loves or did he just agree to her request without that knowledge? If he knows and he agreed then i guess he is the best guy around (don’t think many men are capable of this). If he doesn’t know then buddy boy ignorance is bliss :). Well the most of the time the guy who doesn’t want the throne ends up having to protect it. I am afraid what will happen once So is responsible for that and has to let go of his life to safeguard a country. (that’s a huge burden not that he isn’t qualified or capable but i really wanna just imagine him and Su having fun and living happily ever after though i think i m expecting from show).

    Are Wang Wook and Wang So at par in fighting skills? i had the idea that Wang So was more capable than all the princes put together.

    Hae Su i have nothing to say on her. She is a nice person n acting well n all but how is she not falling for Wang So. Is it just me or does their relationship already feel like they have strong feelings. I mean she trusted him n he knowing what she omitted didn’t take offence. Though i am not sure how long he is gonna keep letting go of her rejections.

    I hope they keep focusing on the Game of Thrones in that era.

    Just random question. What is it going to take for the guyliner evil moron to die and stay dead????


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Yeon Hwa seemed to be setting Wang So up, or she could be hedging her bets if Wook does not succeed. I wouldn’t put it past Yeon Hwa to ditch her brother if it meant gaining a stronger position–she’s obsessed with power! Her proposal to So last episode must be part of her strategy. Will Wook put the kibosh on her plans?

      History does not indicate how the dark prince, Wong Yo, dies—but it is too early. If the writers follow history, he has some historically noteworthy things to accomplish before he dies.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Now this is a nice episode. Entire focus on battle for throne. Scheming, Back Stabbing, Power Greed, Betrayals,Loyalty Testing and Hot Wang So in fighting gear.”
      * swati, when I watched this episode I knew you’d be pleased with the varied content.

      “Wang So dude u are amazing. Don’t u ever change.”
      * He is wonderful. Someone commented that it would lengthen his life if he were more strategic. That’s true. He leads with his heart more than his head.

      “Is he awake that Wang Wook is the guy Su loves or did he just agree to her request without that knowledge? If he knows and he agreed then i guess he is the best guy around (don’t think many men are capable of this). If he doesn’t know then buddy boy ignorance is bliss”
      * You made me smile with the “buddy boy” phrase. I’m not sure WS knows the depth of the feelings between HS and WS but he knows there’s something there. WW acts like a typical jealous suitor. WS is more subtle in regards to WW.


  2. Kelli says:

    There are some takeaways from these two episodes that are good ones, despite the depressing battering they gave us. Before I get to that, I want to point out how nobody but Hae Soo realized that Moo is not his father, and has respect for her. He would most likely grant her anything she wanted. My bet is that he brings her back to Damiwon. It what capacity I’m not sure, but he surely won’t leave her as a water maid.

    I haven’t given up on the So/Soo romance just yet. Most great loves start out from friendship and trust which these two have in spades. The last scene from this episode reminds me of Ep 4 after he killed those assasins. She was there with him, and understood him. She goes to him when she needs help, and he keeps his word. The next two episodes should shed light on if they will pursue their feelings(fingers crossed on yes!).

    Wook, although slimey, pulled off a remarkable twist with warning the Crown Prince. Kudos to him. I’m glad Soo finally realized zed he is out for himself, and a liar.

    Yeon Hwa will definitely be a huge force going forward. I’m liking her presence more and more. She uses her skills to her advantage.

    Can we talk about how Queen Yo all of a sudden had white hair? I get the shock, but I’ve never seen hair change that quickly.

    Jung had so much promise, but he may be reverting back to a Mama’s boy again. Deep sigh for me on that one.

    That scene of So remembering seeing his father in Shinju had me choked up a bit. His father did love him until the end.

    Baek Ah showed a side I wasn’t expecting. It was so forward of him to ask Woo Hee something like that.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I wondered if Queen Yoo or Queen Hwangbo would try to manipulate the King’s will? The King had 6 queens, where were the rest of them? Queen Yoo had to livid the King’s last words were to call out to Soo Yeon.

      I also wondered why Queen Yoo’s hair turned gray overnight. I don’t know if the extreme shock of losing the man she loved was the catalyst for the hair color change. It is also possible that in her grief she may have curtailed her grooming regime, which might include coloring her hair. I have heard of using charcoal to temporarily color hair black.

      I’m not too worried about Jung just yet—comforting his mother is part of his filial duty. We will have to see what he does in the future.

      It was nice to see Wang So have a happy memory of his dad.

      Baek Ah is such a sweetheart as he continued to Protect Woo Hee despite her lethal intentions. If he didn’t fully protect her, a royal heir could be the result of Baek Ah’s “since we won’t see each other again let me do whatever I want”! I don’t think that is a line to entice me…


      • kjtamuser says:

        ““since we won’t see each other again let me do whatever I want”! I don’t think that is a line to entice me…”
        * Sounds like a line a soldier going off to war would say to get some loving!


    • kjtamuser says:

      “but Hae Soo realized that Moo is not his father, and has respect for her….My bet is that he brings her back to Damiwon. It what capacity I’m not sure, but he surely won’t leave her as a water maid”
      * Good point. The Crown Prince, I mean King, does have a kind heart and Hae Soo deserves his support considering the support she’s given him.

      “I haven’t given up on the So/Soo romance just yet. Most great loves start out from friendship and trust which these two have in spades.”
      * I still have hope too. Her open heart and his open heart are a good match. If only she can get out of her own way.

      “Wook, although slimey, pulled off a remarkable twist with warning the Crown Prince. Kudos to him”
      * I respect his strategic skills. I didn’t know he had it in him.

      “Can we talk about how Queen Yo all of a sudden had white hair?”
      * That surprised me too. Did she tell her hair team to strip the color ASAP?

      “Jung had so much promise, but he may be reverting back to a Mama’s boy again”
      * I sighed with you.

      “That scene of So remembering seeing his father in Shinju had me choked up a bit.”
      * It was the touching scene of the episode.

      “Baek Ah showed a side I wasn’t expecting”
      * I liked his boldness too!

      Now I’m ready for next week’s episodes.


  3. Lee Poh Yoke says:

    IU’s blank and dispirited facial and body depiction of Hae Soo only makes the character doubly tiring. IU acting pathetic is really up there..she has grown thinner, and limping, and her face and voice flat and expressionless. By now, one is ready to throw in the towel and cheer for Wang So and Yeon Hwa as a couple..imagine her smarts and his brawn..what a power couple they will make. It will be so interesting.

    The script regarding Hae Soo is really baffling… cause if she is meant to serve as motivation for Wang So to be king then it makes Wang So naive and simple minded to think that being king would make someone fall in love with him and that being the only reason to be king over a nation under constant siege is just plain unthinkable.All the time, she has become more and more pathetic and so has he in the emotional and rejection area. I understand the physical,mental and emotional torture that a young lady goes through would require so much time and help( which she did not receive) to recover and move on but, again, the acting of the character is enough for one to think she really does not serve any purpose except to irritate the viewer(s).. ( sorry, I guess the viewer is me). Up to this point, it is really hard to even imagine how she can fall passionately in love with Wang that passion can be shown so that the viewers can remember that even if they forget the story, will be nothing short of a miraculous recovery for both the character and the actress.

    There are so many gaps that baffle me and the least of all is I also don’t understand how she can be peering out to look at the battle, and really quite visible.

    Wang Wook’s turn to put the sword on Wang Yo’s neck is reminiscent of Yeon Hwa pretending to drink the poison tea…clever and cunning and out smarted every one!! You cannot help but admire them for their strategic thinking.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I resonate with many of your points regarding Hae Soo. She has gone from sparkling and refreshing to judgmental and depressed. Not a good transition for her or the viewers. She needs a refresh.

      “Wang Wook’s turn to put the sword on Wang Yo’s neck is reminiscent of Yeon Hwa pretending to drink the poison tea…clever and cunning and out smarted every one!! You cannot help but admire them for their strategic thinking.”
      * I agree. Wang Wook tipped us off that he’d betray Wang Yo which he did. I was completely surprised when Wang Wook revealed the Crown Prince new of the overthrow plot because he had told him. That was another superb power move!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Wook’s thinking actually turned into a solid double-cross stratagem to catch Yo, but thankfully his hopes of killing So were dashed At first I thought Wook was being a coward hiding behind Yo; Wang Wook’s deliberating combined with action produced a very effective strategy which was much more complicated than I expected. This plan was also dangerous, especially if his true intentions of taking the throne would have interpreted. Were Won and Jung were involved in the evil alliance—were they aware of Wook’s double-crossing Yo? My guess is Yo will at least target Wook and So with his devastatingly handsome return, how else will Yo target?

      It seemed the spineless prince, Wang Won, was involved in Wang Yo’s stratagem, but where did he scamper off to on the day of treason? I should give him the same leeway was Jung, but I won’t as I don’t like him since he tried to frame Hae Soo for the poisoning.

      Wang Jung has become a man, it seemed he was expressing interest in Hae Soo. Jung seemed to be aware of the plot, but did Jung know about the double-cross and/or Wook targeting So? Jung already seems to be on Wook’s team, will Jung turn on So?

      Meanwhile, Wang Eun is very fortunate his wife is politically savvy to recommend he keep a low profile. I ❤ he is warming up to her.


      • kjtamuser says:

        “Wang Wook’s deliberating combined with action produced a very effective strategy which was much more complicated than I expected. This plan was also dangerous, especially if his true intentions of taking the throne would have interpreted”
        * Wang Wook proved that he’s more than a pretty face with his scheming.

        “spineless prince, Wang Won”
        * This series would not miss this character.

        “will Jung turn on So?”
        * If he starts listening to his mother again, he may indeed.

        “Wang Eun is very fortunate his wife is politically savvy”
        * They were a bright moment in both of the last 2 episodes.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    WANG SO—Was Wang So actually trying to kill Yo or capture him? It would have been so much easier to let Wook kill him dishonorably. Oh…we though Wang So’s mother hated him before…just wait until she hears what So did…you ain’t seen nothing yet! She already threatened to kill So, if Yo was killed. Even though we know from the preview Yo is alive; I’m worried for So.

    HAE SOO—At last Hae Soo has removed the rose-colored glasses when it comes to Wook. Wook’s jealousy of So is unfounded; Hae Soo trusted So to follow the King’s command, unlike Wook who declared treasonous intentions—as a loyal subject how could she choose otherwise?

    Her imploring Wook if he ever trusted her, demonstrates Wook’s lack of trust in Hae Soo and is a good start for separation–I ❤ the symbolism of them walking off in opposite directions. Hae Soo now knows So worked towards the King’s command and Wook was against it. I hope she keeps her resolve to stay away from Wook and quit pining for him—old habits die hard! Got to agree with @KJT—why isn’t Hae telling Wook, he can never win her back. He is NOT the man you fell in love with. I'm afraid it will take her awhile to realize how much So loves her and he will protect her with his life.

    Like @Kelli the final scene had me reminiscing to Hae Soo comforting So after he killed the assassins—So’s watershed moment of letting Hae Soo into his life. I ❤ the way Hae Soo gently patted So on the back to console his grief and then gathered him into her embrace. Has she really given up Wook and will she be willing to go to So?

    I echo with @LeePohYoke and @KJT about Hae Soo transforming from “sparkling and refreshing to judgmental and depressed”. The cruel reality of palace life in Goreyo has beaten Hae Soo down.

    I think I would be depressed if I felt responsible for someone’s death, knew was stuck in a time period which is not mine, and had been separated from my love. Considering the circumstances, Hae Soo is relatively cheerful—she doesn’t seem to complain about her hardships. I hope she can find happiness—maybe if she can leave the palace or feel safe then her moxie may return. Wang So seems like the best choice to protect Hae Soo to make sure feel safe and happy. I agree Hae Soo needs to move Wang So out of the friend zone—this prince would do anything to protect his love! Except leave her…in Meatloaf’s immortal lyrics “I can’t do that!"


    • Lee Poh Yoke says:

      I think that depression, as Hae Soo was understandably still going through even after one year, is very complex and itself has a range of expressions.

      Generally, IU’s acting is ‘ok’. My unhappiness is that I think IU lacks in being able to show subtle, complex emotion in micro facial expression e.g the anger with herself, the conscious denial of loving feelings at moments when she was alone and lonely and hugged by Wang So, the hatred of being used as a tool to trap Wang So, the determination to end it with Wang Wook even when she was always hoping against hope that all’s well with him etc etc. And because of that, the scenes don’t draw the viewer( ok..I admit ,to me. :0) in and gives just a dull sense of hopelessness and its so frustrating because so much emotions and understanding of character development could have been added .( Since I am ranting, I may as well add that Wang Wook seems to have more character development than Wang So and Hae Soo)

      IU seems like a really nice person and may be introvert.. a lovely girl but I do think that she needs help with showing heart wrenching, quiet emotions.


      • kjtamuser says:

        “My unhappiness is that I think IU lacks in being able to show subtle, complex emotion in micro facial expression e.g the anger with herself, the conscious denial of loving feelings at moments when she was alone and lonely and hugged by Wang So…”
        * Two things have highlighted her limits – First, her character is depressed, which it is much harder to portray this than the happy heroine in the first half of the series. Second, Lee Joon Gi is superb and could give a master class on showing subtle, complex emotion (nicely stated by the way). The contrast with IU makes her limits more apparent.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Was Wang So actually trying to kill Yo or capture him? ”
      I don’t think he approached him with the intent to kill but it got out of hand. I wish he hadn’t inserted himself, but that is typical for this character.

      ” I❤ the way Hae Soo gently patted So on the back to console his grief and then gathered him into her embrace. Has she really given up Wook and will she be willing to go to So?”
      * I’m glad she supported him in his time of need. Will Hae Soo will ever be open to Wang So? Is that a crucial plot point? Why are we in episode 13 and only one of the lead couple is romantically involved with the other?

      “I think I would be depressed if I felt responsible for someone’s death, knew was stuck in a time period which is not mine, and had been separated from my love. ”
      * I’ve found it interesting that Hae Soo being from the future hasn’t affected the plot that much, primarily as she struggles to remember history. I was impressed when the King recognized that she was similar to Ji Mong.


  5. Review Leaver says:

    This episode was just as wonderful as the 11th. Great progression as I really feel this Drama is really about the throne…. and how our 4rth Prince gets there…….
    Hae Soo has the unenviable fate of watching it go down, while somewhat aware of the outcome. This is why we all need to pay attention to history lessons!

    Soo’s awareness (of historic outcome with Wang So becoming Gwongjong), I really do think, is the reason she is mentally reluctant to acknowledge (to this date) her progressive feelings for the Fourth Prince ( Wang So).
    After all, she understands Wang So better than she seems to Wang Wook; and trusts him far more. She has long since come to understand he is not the ruthless blood letting prince history has painted him as. She is aware that she cannot let him go- but does not wish to think beyond that (as to why she can’t let him go).

    But lets think here a moment: After all, she is very aware she is dealing with the future King, and cannot be his queen without altering a lot of things. To Hae Soo, Wook on the other hand, in her mind- ( up till episode 13) – may not have the same consequences. Also added is her baggage of being cheated on in the future. This is something that has made her mentally determined and therefore unreasonably loyal to Wook for the past few episode, However she is not really clueless about his selfish choices. She simply agrees that its safer for him to not get involved. Especially after Lady Oh’s fate, she was glad Wook didn’t risk it all.

    Similarly, Hae Soo’s rejections of Wang So likely stem from her fear for him-
    After all his stead-fastness to her during all of this led him to be sent to Later Jin for a year……..and look what happened to Lady Oh.

    I do think it is very realistic, as a modern person suddenly put into the ruthless past with such an experience, that one would opt to withdraw/ refuse any chance of hurting another in such a similar way as what occurred with Lady Oh.

    Soo’s depression and forced apathy are very realistic. The only time this changes (a glimpse ) was when she realized the Crown Prince (as King) would likely free her from the palace and these potential repeat machinations. She wanted to take that chance as soon as she could with Wook.
    If she had not realized the 4rth was Gwongjong, would she have taken up his marriage offer to get away from it all instead? ( After all, it is definitely on her thoughts….)

    I wonder now if Taejo sent Hae Soo out to slavery for a year, to test Wang So’s orbit strength around her and her effect/pull on him…. after all time changes a lot of emotions (just see Wook here).

    And on that event:
    I have a bit of a personal conspiracy theory regarding Taejo’s decisions in the past 2 episodes. I wondered …. why would the King allow Lady Oh to die, and then punish the child she expressed as her own?

    Likely to protect that child from such a repeat ever again…..
    After all a Water slave has Washer-women hands / bad skin/ chapped lips and a sucky uniform- but Hey- You’re staying alive, and out of political machinations that can kill you (especially while 4rth prince- your only true supporter – is out of the country!)

    I also would think Taejo was well aware that Wook and some of the other princes all adore and want Hae Soo (after all, this became well known to him during his brief near marriage to her).
    Given what happened to Lady Oh, and that his 4rth prince son was throwing everything out for her cause; He would not want her involved in palace politics again where she would become a control point and liability to his son(s) again.

    And Wang So….. I believe his being routed off to a diplomatic visit to Later Jin was just as protective as sentencing Hae So to slavery. The King secretly wished him well. This was a son he knew would become a King, and whom he likely distanced from Queen Yoo as a child for a reason….. Not just heartlessness ( After all, why else would he visit and spy on his son wearing his Masks?).

    King Taejo often did what was needed for country and throne, despite what his heart was feeling. He repeatedly appears to test his sons and wives, though very aware of exactly what everyone is up to ……
    Sometimes, protection is well hidden behind what seems to be punishment. After all having Wang So in the palace had led to him knowingly drinking poison and almost dying due to a simple Damewom girl. He had to ensure this would not happen again.

    The Drama writers (my conspiracy theory believes) did a pathetic job of bringing out these finer nuances of reasoning- but when you ponder the whys and what fors…. there really is no other explaination. Due to their poor job however, King Taejo came off as unstable regarding Hae Soo, and Wang Soo. But recall, this is the king that laughed when she cut her wrist- and similarly when Wang So rebels being sent out again on diplomatic missions in the 12th episode. He realizes that So’s determination to protect this girl, and not go for the throne, will allow him to be brave and stong enough to stay and not get hurt. Was this why he then shortly there-after got Hae Soo back secretly into Damewon without anyone knowing?

    OK- I’ll end my conspiracy rant there.

    Continuing on with the developments:
    This episode has definitely set up the realization for our Hae Soo, that Wook will not be a simple alternate (other than Goryeo’s future king) choice for her survival here. His willingness to try to Kill the 4th prince is likely going to be a huge opinion changer for her – though she was not forceful in denying him the ability to change her mind going forward. I don’t think she has made that decision yet… as explained above. Its likely to come soon however.

    Wook obviously knows Hae Soo’s real emotions (outside of her mental loyalty – there is the hidden heart after all). This is the reason he is so so so jealous and upset with Wang Wook these days. He is aware that though Hae Soo hasn’t acknowledged it, Wang So is someone very dear to her….. often more so than he. After all , she didn’t even wait to see if Wang So would ask about the king, before she with full trust blurted to him the king was dead. SHe did not have that level of trust with Wook- the man she professed to love. The man she questions about his belief in her love for him. I don’t blame Wook. Hae So’s mental thoughts don’t match up with her instinctive emotional ones- and while she may not have been willing to understand why, he does. Wang So is definite competition for her heart- if not already in it.

    Jung’s little tea discussion with Hae Soo was the most disturbing one for me this episode. I worry that Hae Soo will have to lean on Jung going forward, when Wang So is King. His decision not to call her sister, and to be there to help her out of her situation in the palace were an intentional set up for a future shoulder to lean on……. Please Wang So, don’t don’t don’t make her have to use that shoulder as we go…….

    I did love the contrast of the 4rth and 8th prince discussing the reasons and views of getting the throne. It clearly set their motivations and personalities up going forward when the throne is in their reach.

    Prince Mu has always struck me as a weak ruler. Kind- yes. Fair- yes. But not enough back bone and insight in that one. King Taejo was right to worry (though late as it was on his death-bed) if he made the right choice. I think he knows there is going to be trouble ahead. That was why he had So come back to be his pillar of strength, support and advice…… but we now have Wook with all his cunning throne hunting machinations stepping into that role instead. I’m sure Ep 14-15 will bring power-plays and grief due to this.

    Prince Yo appears to be back, and I can only surmise he’s going to kill the Crown Prince? We’ll have to see if he gets to be king or not in the interim there.

    And Queen Yoo and Wook’s sister are going to be very pain causing characters going forward for Wang So. After all one is going to make him pay for what he did to Yo, and the other is well aware that he is the most capable of winning the throne war- if only motivated to get it.

    And the scene of So getting married? He does in history marry his niece. I can only surmise that all the machinations above somehow corner him into this…. will have to wait and see.

    All right. Now that I got hat off my chest, I hope I can get work done the rest of this week without all these thoughts running on repeat through my head.
    Thanks for the awesome recap.

    The Opinionated Reviewer


    • kjtamuser says:

      “She is aware that she cannot let him go- but does not wish to think beyond that (as to why she can’t let him go).”
      * I want to believe she will explore this and soon.

      “I do think it is very realistic, as a modern person suddenly put into the ruthless past with such an experience, that one would opt to withdraw/ refuse any chance of hurting another in such a similar way as what occurred with Lady Oh.”
      * After Royal Concubine Oh’s death Hae Soo completely shut down. This was when she realized her actions had consequences. The writer has been subtle in drawing on the fact that she is from the future.

      You make some solid points on the King’s actions:
      “He would not want her involved in palace politics again where she would become a control point and liability to his son(s) again” I agree this was a wise choice from the King’s perspective. I’m not sure the King cared about Hae Soo but he respected her spirit.
      “The King secretly wished him well. This was a son he knew would become a King, and whom he likely distanced from Queen Yoo as a child for a reason” I agree that the King cared about Wang So for the reason you mentioned and others. I was lovely that Wang So realized this too.
      “King Taejo came off as unstable regarding Hae Soo, and Wang Soo.” I took the King’s focus to continue his dynasty. First through the Crown Prince and with Wang So as the backup. Anything that interfered, had to be neutralized.

      “He is aware that though Hae Soo hasn’t acknowledged it, Wang So is someone very dear to her….. often more so than he.” He’s aware that Wang So is important to her and is jealous of that. But Hae Soo has been loyal to Wang Wook romantically. She has kept Wang So in the friend zone.

      “Prince Mu has always struck me as a weak ruler. Kind- yes. Fair- yes. But not enough back bone and insight in that one. King Taejo was right to worry”
      * Yes, as you noted, he did this in hindsight on his deathbed.


  6. Review Leaver says:

    Heh- I guess I had a few more thoughts…

    The emotions by actor Lee Jung Ki this episode were amazing: When he is told his father is dead, when he looks at Hae Soo while mentioning Wook’s involvement in the rebellion, and When he kneels before his dead parent…. all beautifully done. As was the emotions during his battle with Wook, and especially the ending scene of guilt after killing Yo.

    Loved the contrast between the way 4rth Prince dealt with requests to avoid hurting someone differently. It clearly shows how much he bothers to care about Hae Soo’s feelings. After all both Wook and Yo have dared to come with an army to the palace with possible treason as the cause. However, it was glaringly different how the 4rth Prince handled Hae Soo’s request of leniency for Wook, versus Queen Yoo’s demands he do pretty much the same for Yo.

    Queen Yoo was all but taunted about the reality of her Son’s fate by him, but Hae Soo’s similar request was very very gently handled. It is interesting that many reviewers on the internet have interpreted this as stupidity on Wang So’s part, since he is obviously hit number one on Wook’s list.

    I don’t think Wang So is that simple.

    I instead was floored by how aware of the competition he seems to be, and how smooth he is at handling that issue. Wook is the one acting out in a jealous haze since the Rain Ceremony. This episode,any thought that Wang So was blindly in love without realizing issues went out the door the minute I saw how he treated Queen Yoo’s request, on the heels of a similar one from Hae Soo.

    Earlier in the episode, he clearly brought to Hae Soo’s attention, in a very non-confrontive manner- that Wook was in on planning treason, and that he was aware she was protecting him.
    When this led her later requesting he refrain from hurting Wook, and expressing Wook’s need for power to protect her, he ensured (by reassuring her and noting that he did not wish Wook dead ) that he was in her good books ……without promising her definitive results.

    He also made sure to make her aware of his own possible injury/Mortality in all this, and to point out that she had trusted him more than Wook when she brought to him Wook’s information regarding the Coup.
    The 4rth Prince appeared very very aware of how that one choice itself (of her trusting him over Wook) had placed him now, for the first time, a bit ahead of Wook in her regard. He was very smart not to loose that lead.
    (Wook was not as smart when he handled the question of whether he would harm the 4rth prince later on…….)

    This was supported by Wook and So going at it with the swords prior to Mu getting there during the rebellion. Wook clearly had plans to keep his pristine hands clean and get Yo to do the dirty work prior to going into this. He clearly asked Yo to ensure So was killed during the rebellion. This is how our 8th Prince works….. cunning, cunning man…. except when he’s in a jealous fit.

    Because once he got in, and clearly saw Hae Soo standing behind Wang So’s back, his face said it all. And that look was definitely returned by Wang So’s own stare down of Wook, as he noted Wook’s awareness of this fact. That was not a look of a man un-aware of his competition. Those two were not battling for the throne at that moment. They were under that guise, battling each other because of Hae Soo’s heart.

    I am reading a lot of reviews in different places that accuse Wang So of being oblivious of Hae Soo’s attraction / involvement with Wook. Hopefully the writers/ editing going forward don’t prove that assumption correct. I noted on my last review that Wook is in all out Jealous mode with good reason. Wang So is big time competition. I hope they (the show makers) don’t bungle it.

    Prince Wang So is not being a simple minded, love -sick decision maker who is oblivious to things. I have always assumed for a while now, that Wang So’s interest was caught that day Hae Soo dared to take him to task over his horse -riding, followed up with an apology request. However, it really was the night he murdered an entire monastry of monks, and got rejected by Queen Yoo, that Hae Soo moved from being an interesting little thing to becoming someone who understood him and could be his bedrock of support. And since then she had steadily won his heart with each action she made culminating in the Rain Ceremony.

    He has already stated that when he told Ywon Hwa “she was his” – he knew he wanted her. And he likely realized Wook’s feeling that same day when Wook told him that Hae Soo was not his, but Wook’s own.

    Once Hae Soo made Wang Soo a true prince in standing- ( by her make-up for the rain festival) – He was now on equal footing (if not above) his brothers. This allowed him the confidence, and gave him the urgency to get out there and scoop her up. He has done exactly that. He has made sure he was by her every difficult moment, while Wook- who is a selfish man, who is also inhibited by the burdens of his close family relations- could not do the same.

    And Prince Wang So clearly knew Wook was losing to him when he tells Wook after the marriage proposal moment, to back off as there was no relationship between him and Hae Soo anymore, as well as noting Wook’s abandonment of her during her time of need.

    Second to Jung Ki’s acting in this episode was Wooks cunning….
    I mean, once he saw Mu and got over his jealous rage, he was back in mode, quickly turning on Yo, and smoothly removing himself from the traitor list. So’s face twitch to the level of Wooks cunning was a perfect response to someone who knows what’s going on, but cannot say anything about it.

    Yeon Hwa is a powerful loose cannon, who is going to surely cause some grief. She is very very similar to Queen Yoo. And she want Wang So. Hae Soo does not stand a chance in the face of this girls ambition. And Wang So can only protect her so much. As I noted, I really really hope that she is not forced to turn to Jung in need of help as the series moves forward…..
    But Yeon Hwa hasn’t even got started on her yet. These past few episodes we know Hae Soo must be on this Princess’s hit list in slot #1………. but she has to get back in the palace (so far no one knew she was there) for the machinations to begin……….
    If Wang So ends up marrying Yeon Hwa, I wonder if he will ever realize that it was her, and not his mother, who set up Hae Soo with the poison tea. Only Wook knows this, and one wonders…..if this end tragically, would Wook poke the wound deeper? It might depend on if Yeon Hwa betrays her brother going forward or not…..

    I did find it very unfortunate that Wang So stepped in with really the best intentions to stop Prince Yo, instead of letting Wook take the fall. Wook would definitely not have had even 1% of the guilt (we see So going through), if he had slain Yo instead. Yeon Hwa is defintely now freed up from that little engagement problem she had with Yo.

    I can’t wait till next week when we can see if (finally) Hae Soo realizes what her heart already knows, and takes down the friend-zone barriers. The last scene, where she comforts Wang So, as he weeps in guilt over killing Yo was a great point to start that. She can’t really delay much longer, because Yeon Hwa will close in on Wang So very very quickly now. There are no other options for our ambition princess, and the fact that she has always wanted Wang So just compounds the urgency here for Hae Soo to get her head on right about what is really in her heart, and who.

    Guess I’ll be waiting till next week to carry on with the verbose suppositions…


    Opinionated Review Leaver


    • kjtamuser says:

      You captured this beautifully…”Wang So’s interest was caught that day Hae Soo dared to take him to task over his horse -riding, followed up with an apology request. However, it really was the night he murdered an entire monastry of monks, and got rejected by Queen Yoo, that Hae Soo moved from being an interesting little thing to becoming someone who understood him and could be his bedrock of support. And since then she had steadily won his heart with each action she made culminating in the Rain Ceremony.”

      Wang So’s devotion deserves reciprocation. He’s wearing his heart on his sleeve. As the series has progressed, his power has increased, and he has enemies. Wang So is a target with a known weakness.

      “I did find it very unfortunate that Wang So stepped in with really the best intentions to stop Prince Yo, instead of letting Wook take the fall. Wook would definitely not have had even 1% of the guilt”
      Ditto. The situation got quickly out of hand. Wang So will pay for his choice to deal with Wang Yo directly.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • swati says:

      I hope you are correct about So being aware of Wook-Su relationship because i keep worrying someone (Yeon Hwa or Wook most likely) is going to use that knowledge in very brutish way to drive a wedge through my fav couple’s relationship.

      Wang So despite all his goodness and caring nature does come across as someone you shouldn’t cross as that might have dire consequences. He is dedicated to his love for Su to the extent that he can let go of all his powers and sway in the palace. He did want to become super powerful but is ready to give that up and live a simple life if he gets that with Hae Su.

      I can’t even imagine the sort of hurt Wang So is gonna feel if her love for Wook is presented wrongly. Let’s not forget he is a very powerful and capable man with abandonment issues. I think it takes very less to screw up with someone who has a bad childhood cos getting over the harsh stuff he has gone through isn’t easy. He has been putting himself out there for her but she has been rejecting him…

      I think if twisted his Love for Su can lead him to the tyrant and hateful king she sees in the vision. Because heart break leads to really messed up decisions 🙂

      I really really really wish Wang So isn’t broken by this love.


      • kjtamuser says:

        Wang So has weathered her lukewarm responses. Will he reach a point where he needs a definitive reaction? As you note, she is his Achilles heel and therefore provides his enemies an easy way to hurt him. How this plays out will be interesting.


      • Review Leaver says:

        Yes- you are very correct in pointing this out.

        It would be the best method of the script writer and production team to get Gwangjong to become the tyrant he supposedly was historically. You have correctly pointed out that betrayal of the heart definitely is the most hurtful of cuts, with the most poisoned toxic results as the aftermath.

        I’m a bit of a script analyst. That’s what gets me.

        The K-version script and production has been done to really pump up the character of 4rth prince Wang So into someone beyond reality. Every thing makes the audience sympathetic to the character of 4rth Prince. He has been built into this tragic hero, with near flawless personality and love. He has so much traumatic past issues, and his heart is out there getting flayed waiting for Hae Soo to reciprocate.

        As a script writer, they could go and make it all out tragic. The need to keep it historic would be the reason. And you are correct that his suspecting her betrayal could be the turn point to bring that about and explain him historically.

        But then to keep it historically accurate, would have meant not scripting a super-hero equivalent 4rth prince.

        Given how much the 4rth is garnering both through script and actor (LJK) every sympathy possible- he is in this script for SHR the classic underdog super-hero type. And at this point based on the scripting of him and his faith in Hae Soo; I bet he could find Hae Soo in a bedroom with Wook, and likely still believe her over anyone else’s explanation. That’s what they have built up in this relationship by the current K-script for SHR.

        To have him brutalized in heart going forward might be “historic” but would also be devastating, given how much they have built him up, for an audience.
        As a writer, to make it more tragic would lose the hero and therefore the audience…….. but yes they may do it.

        He is going to grow more ruthless to survive and protect what he loves- and grow into a King by facing more challenges; after all we have many more episodes to go- and Yeon Hwa , Wook and the Evil Queen mother have not had a chance to make everyone miserable yet. We all know this has to happen.

        But I wonder- as a writer, I would be right now trying to find a way to write these challenges, but not have our Super-Hero 4rth get completely brutalized by historic fact. Killing Wang So’s heart here, would be like removing Iron Man’s heart power-cell and letting him die in a Marvel Movie. Script writing has to look for the clever ways to realistically bring about the audience’s fantasy in the reality of the setting chosen. In this case, Goreyo Korea’s 4rth Prince’s life story.

        Is there is any way to not traumatize the audience but get the “historic” story told?

        I wonder: What if his adoptive mother, from the Kang clan were to get involved in some way with Hae Soo? There was a lot of time spent in making this terrible back story about Cocubine Kang’s grief in losing her child (was our evil queen involved in that as well?).

        I wonder if she could adopt a girl who heals her heart (if any one can- we know it’s Hae Soo) and thereby this story-line gets a step- sibling for Wang So that way?

        I know- crazy talk some would say. But I am big into scripting and script analyzing so this possibility struck me when they spent a whole 1/3 episode on Wang So explaining to Queen Yoo about his life. I thought to myself, they cut so much out, but they took time to show this- why? Maybe?……………

        Ha! ha ! OR Maybe I’m just another “desperate for a happy ending junkie” with tunnel vision and delusional thinking. Time will tell.

        After all, it is the fact that the producers could get to go either way, that makes this interesting- is it not? It has me going in circles wondering about things. Realistic tragedy or Suave Scripted History………….either way , its sure to be quite the ride.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        If the writers were strictly following history, there would not be the disclaimer at the beginning of each episode. While I believe the writers will be true to history when they can, they are adapting the Chinese story, which hasn’t been the exact story in this adaptation. I think you are right, we are in for a ride. I look forward to the adventure!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Review Leaver says:

        Yeah………He’s (Wang So) clueless apparently. (How???- .Jung? Really? Jung?)
        ..How can he really not even suspect?
        We’ll have to see which way they take it.


  7. Jane Tilly says:

    @Review Leaver has some salient points. Hae Soo genuinely loves/d Wook. She told Wook in a prior episode she would wait for him and up, which I think she did, even with Wook turning his back on her, until this episode when she told him her feeling changed. I think she will always have a special place in her heart for Wook and has an affection for Moo, So, Eun, Baek Ah and Jung.

    The only thing Wook has said or done for Hae Soo since she was demoted was to say “every day’, after she inquired if he missed her—c’mon dude even the powerless, can express themselves in private without fear of reprisal. Wook is of Wang So and apparently didn’t believe Soo had only loved him—she had to ask him if he ever trusted how she felt about him. Hae Soo is drawn to Wang So and cares for him; but she has not given her ❤ to him at this point in time—I hope she will soon!

    Taejo was well aware of the princes being fond of Hae Soo, which is precisely why he wanted Soo out of their vicinity. Taejo was angry and felt compelled to punish Soo for the kneeling protest as it was against his command. The King was infuriated with Hae Soo, but he didn’t hate her—I think he would have left Soo alone if it were not for the protest. Taejo was further incensed by his sons taking her side—remember, while So was protecting her from the elements, Baek Ah and Jung were kneeling nearby and the Crown Prince also stood in solidarity—this may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    The King wanted to send Hae Soo away as a slave; it was Ji Mong who talked the King into sending her to the laundry place. Being a water maid may be hard grueling work for a servant, but it is not slavery. At this point in time there was no emancipation of slaves—once a slave, you will be for life.

    It was Ji Mong who also brought Soo back to the palace, without the King’s knowledge; until Taejo recognized Lady Oh’s tea, which could only have been brewed by Hae Soo. Clearly the King let Hae Soo stay as he trusted and was partial to her—otherwise he would have sent her away instead of entrusting her with the in clandestine mission of bring back the Crown Prince.

    After all Soo has experienced “Soo’s depression and forced apathy are very realistic”. She also told Wang So the throne was scary—King Taejo discarding Lady Oh to protect the throne is vivid in her mind. Since Hae Soo has knowledge of Wang So becoming the King, she is reluctant to commit to Wang So. She comprehends Wang So feelings towards her—she also does not want to end up as collateral damage, akin to Lady Oh.

    Hae Soo was (I really hope it is past tense) in love with Wook, but she also acknowledged she is drawn to Wang So. I think if Hae Soo did not know history (Wang So becoming King), she would have taken up Wang So’s offer to marry him and leave the palace. Hae Soo wants to survive and since the loss of Lady Oh decided her chances (and possibly the other princes) of surviving were better by keeping a low profile, including keeping her mouth shut!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Good points on Ji Mong’s support of Hae Soo. In fact you can say that Ji Mong’s support of everyone he cares for is subtle. He is a quiet force. Will the new King rely on him as the old King did?

      ” Hae Soo wants to survive and since the loss of Lady Oh decided her chances (and possibly the other princes) of surviving were better by keeping a low profile, including keeping her mouth shut!”
      * Yes, low profile and withdrawing has been her choice. She has been unable to follow Ji Mong’s advice to watch and not interfere or the King’s advice “Don’t let your fear of the future stop you from living today”.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Ji Mong is a quiet force. I strongly suspect he will support the new King. We haven’t learned much about Ji Mong yet; he seems to be a pivotal character for protecting the monarchy. I am curious to know if he is a time traveler as his knowledge about planes, skyscrapers and escalators suggests.


    • Review Leaver says:

      Somehow missed that Ji Mong got her spared slavery…….it was not a scene in the version I saw. As well as some of the other points noted; Thanks for clarifying some of those points.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. swati says:

    Can someone explain me what’s the basis for hae su’s dedication to Wook??

    I watched the series 3 times by now n all I can find apart from he is a good looking is that he broke a door n asked her to come out.

    Please someone explain me…I m really stuck with this. N keep thinking abt it.


  9. Jane Tilly says:

    @swati, here is a chronological litany of the many exploits of Wang Wook and Hae Soo’s romance, which I think explains the basis for Hae Soo’s devotion to Wook. To summarize, in the beginning Wook extended protection and many tender gestures towards Hae Soo, which ceased when his manipulative sister brought him to his knees forcing him to choose allegiance between Hae Soo and his mother and sister. When Wook became a feckless prince, courtesy of Yeon Hwa, Hae Soo did not give up on him; Hae Soo wanted to keep her promise to wait for him. Hae Soo overlooked Wook’s selfishness, inaction and abandonment during the 2-3 years since she arrived in Goreyo. Episode 13 revealed Wook desired the throne and was willing to kill his brothers to get it—I believe this was a deal breaker for Hae Soo and her motivation to discontinue her devotion to Wook—I don’t think the devotion will cease overnight—old habits die hard!

    EPISODE 1:
    • As the cousin of Lady Hae, Wook’s wife, Hae Soo was logically under Wook’s protection.
    • Wook was Hae Soo’s knight in shining armor, literally pulling her from her depression about being stuck in Goreyo.

    EPISODE 2:
    • The assassin who held Hae Soo hostage received a dagger in the forehead courtesy of Wook.
    • Wook talked down an enraged Wang So; who was furious about losing the assassin.

    EPISODE 3:
    • Wook tenderly applied salve to Hae Soo’s wound (courtesy of the assassin in the last episode).
    • Soo’s knowledge and interest in herbs did not go unnoticed by Wook.

    EPISODE 4:
    • While Wook failed to stop Yeon Hwa from beating Hae Soo, he declared to Wang So that Hae Soo belonged to him.
    • Wook apologized to Soo for not stopping the beating and promises to one will treat her that way again (uh huh…).
    • Wook was first to come to Hae Soo and Jung’s rescue, when the vengeful young man wanted to “disarm” Jung.
    • On the way home from the rescue Wook was visibly distressed about the danger Hae Soo got herself into—Wook told her he did not want to lose her and leaned in for a kiss, just to be interrupted…

    EPISODE 5:
    • Wook gifted Soo a variety to herbs to give her something she would enjoy to do.
    • Lady Hae was aware of Wook’s affection for Soo and arranged for them to spend time together. Either this episode or the previous one had Lady Hae implored Wook to take care of Hae Soo—essentially sanctioned Wook to pursue Hae Soo.
    • Later Hae Soo and Wook walked in the snow; Wook grabbed her hand when Hae Soo started to fall.
    • Hae Soo gave Wook a handcrafted bar of soap, which he stored in his treasure box.
    • Wook gave Hae Soo a love poem, granted she was clueless about its meaning until Baek Ah explained it and rebuked her for the Wook-Soo flirtation that was evident to all, including Lady Hae…oops!

    EPISODE 6:
    • In the wake of Lady Hae’s death, Hae Soo comforted Wook over the loss and guilt of not expressing his love to his wife.
    • Wook engineered Hae Soo’s escape from the Hae family arranged marriage, but was foiled when it was discovered the groom would be Taejo.
    • Taejo was angered by Wook’s (failed) entreaty to not marry Soo.
    • Wook whisked Soo to a physician after her successful endeavor to break the marriage.
    • Wook inaugurated regular visits to Soo at Damiwon by reenacting her “poem” (emoticon).

    EPISODE 7:
    • Wook discovered Hae Soo’s illiteracy and guided her hand in writing…hmm I don’t think she was paying attention to the characters being drawn.
    • Wook gave Hae Soo a jade bracelet tied with red cord, signifying their joyful relationship.
    • Wook tenderly kissed Hae Soo’s third-eye (considered to be intimate).
    • Hae Soo daydreamed about being with Wook and how their relationship would make living in Goreyo bearable.

    EPISODE 8:
    • Hae Soo received Wook’s message to rendezvous.
    • Contingent on a successful rain ceremony, Wook pledged to get Hae Soo released from palace service.
    • Wook-Soo made plans for the future.
    • During the rain ceremony Wook correctly concluded Hae Soo helped Wang So disguise his scar.
    • Wook was a jealous, unhappy camper that “his woman” would help Wang So—who had already become possessive of Hae Soo.

    EPISODE 9:
    • Hae Soo confirmed Wook’s suspicion she camouflaged Wang So’s scar.
    • Wook-Soo’s plans for the future are foiled as Taejo granted newly favored Wang So, due to Heaven’s Mandate, his wish for Hae Soo to be his; although the King assigned Hae Soo to be Wang So’s personal assistant, not quite fulfilling Wang So’s wish to possess her.
    • Hae Soo accepted Wook’s flip book depicting their walk in the snow from episode 5.
    • Wook hugged Hae Soo and told her he loved her.
    • Hae Soo told Wook she would be patient and wait for them to be together.
    • Wook was perplexed by Soo’s frantic admonition to be wary of Wang So, fueled unbeknownst to Wook, by her freak-out over a premonition of Wang So being King Gwangjong. Meanwhile a newly confident Wang So was emboldened in his pursuit of Hae Soo.

    EPISODE 10:
    • Incredulous Hae Soo would leave the palace, which she was prohibited from doing, with Wang So, Wook and Jung searched for her.
    • Wook was furious with So for having a hold on Hae Soo and putting her in danger with the palace exodus.
    • In attempts to mitigate fisticuffs (yep, it would likely have been swords or martial arts), Hae Soo decided to return to the palace with Wang So.
    • During the Wook-Soo cave rendezvous Wook recounted to Hae Soo the joy she brought into his life, his desire to wed her and give her the love he was unable to give the deceased Lady Hae—this romantic interlude was brought to a close by being busted by Lady Oh. Wook-Soo never fooled her.
    • Lady Oh admonished Hae Soo to not get in between two princes; it was very dangerous!
    • Hae Soo had great hopes for happiness with Wook, since he was not seeking the throne.
    • Power monger, Yeon Hwa was livid Wook was no interested in the throne and wanted to marry Soo—their mother wouldn’t persuade him otherwise.
    • Hae Soo and Jung commiserated about the good old days before politics ruled their lives.
    • Wook visited Lady Hae’s memorial and promised to love Hae Soo.

    EPISODE 11:
    • When Hae Soo was faced with unjust imprisonment and torture for poisoning a prince, Wook visited her in jail and comforted Soo.
    • The green-eyed monster reared its ugly head when Hae Soo inquired after Wang So’s health.
    • Wook cautioned Soo that torture was imminent to get her to confess or point the finger (or reveal the Crown Prince’s illness).
    • Wang So revealed to Wook that Queen Yoo is responsible and urged Wook to find the evidence.
    • Fired up to exonerate Hae Soo, Wook chased down clues that led to discovering Yeon Hwa involvement in the poison plot. In his watershed moment, the filial Wook chose to protect his mother and sister rather than Hae Soo. He took his first decisive action by killing the witness that could implicate his sister—thus sealing his allegiance.
    • Wook ceased to take any action to protect Soo.


    • Review Leaver says:

      Amazing summary! I wasn’t that confused, but it gave me great clarity.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        @swati we all come from different paradigms—I simply offered an explanation as what I saw as Hae Soo’s motivation for hanging onto Wook. I don’t expect everyone to think the way I do.

        I see the culmination of these little tender actions, courtesies, and promises, as listed in my litany, to be the building blocks of a relationship. Individually these things are not much, but together they build a relationship and trust, which can also be broken. There are enough of these kindnesses I could see myself falling for Wook. In my opinion Wook broke the relationship by choosing his immediate family over Hae Soo. I don’t fault him for choosing family; I fault him for continuing to hang onto Hae Soo once he choose his family—Yeon Hwa will not let him have both! Prince “Stratego” is trying to work out a plan where he can have his cake and eat it too.

        If I were Hae Soo, having Wook turning his back to me during the protest at the end of episode 11—I would have said: “Stick a fork in me—I’M DONE!” But Hae Soo, who values loyalty—possibly due to her cheating modern day boyfriend, stuck it out until episode 13 when she discovered Wook was seeking the throne—this was a deal breaker for her—the last thing she wants is the princes killing each other!

        Liked by 1 person

      • swati says:

        @Jane I totally agree with u. I was just putting across my thoughts on the relationship Wook-Su relationship. I am really sorry if i seemed rude. I understand were you are coming from on their relationship.

        Anyway episode 14 shed a lot of light on Hae Su’s thought process. She seems very forgiving no matter what she has to go through if u can find/tell her a suitable or explainable excuse.

        After 14th episode what i understand is that Hae Su is the kind of person who would give everything she has to a relationship and hold on till that last possible ray of hope. 🙂 Now her relationship with Wook makes a lot more sense.

        I hope no hard feelings between us. I am sorry if anything i said caused u any hurt. I really am sorry.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        @swati I do not think you are rude nor have I taken any offense. Like you, I was expressing my thoughts–I am grateful @KJT has this blog to let us express ourselves. I enjoy lively discussions! 🙂


    • swati says:

      Thanks for your elaborate explaining Jane. and Sorry for the delay in response.

      But here are the issues that i have with the Wook-Su relationship.

      EPISODE 1:
      • Yes she is under his protection. But does that really makes her love him unconditionally??
      • Yes that breaking door and asking her to come out was a defining gesture.
      EPISODE 2:
      • I am sure Wook would have done the same was anyone in her place. Plus So was ready to tackle the assassin which would have not killed the assassin hence providing the witness they needed. Can we really consider this a loving gesture?
      • When he spoke to So he made it clear that he believed in her innocence while So didn’t know her so obviously didn’t believe in her innocence. Also he offered that leave her alone till we have enough proof which is the right thing to do.
      EPISODE 3:
      • Wasn’t she worried about that as its wrong of her and him to have such thoughts. Su falls for a prince who despite having a wife is trying to encourage the vibe he has with her… Let’s not forget his wife is sick.
      • He didn’t seem interested. It was more like shock of finding out that she knows all the herbs.
      EPISODE 4:
      • Well she had no idea regarding the conversation between the brothers. It seemed more like being possessive than concerned. He didn’t even bother to thank So for stepping up and saving the woman he claims he cares for.
      • This apology and her moony eyes both seemed weird as he was right there and could have stopped his sister. It seems even a word of concern seems to melt Hae Su’s heart.
      •. Su had sent the maid to get help from Wook. He was expected to arrive wasn’t he. Or was he supposed to lay chill and let his servants deal with his brother’s kidnapping.
      • He isn’t distressed for her sake more like worried about losing her. This entire part he kept telling how he was worried he would lose her and what he felt. Not once he asks how she is. This is a girl from noble family who was in attack of 10-15 goons and all he cares about is his feeling of losing her. Is Hae Su in love with him cos she likes him or is she in love with him cos he loves her???
      EPISODE 5:
      • He brought he herbs to sway her heart and make her smile. It wasn’t like she was looking for a job option and he helped her out. Entire thing was from his desire to sway her heart cos she seemed to be pulling away from him when he went to apologize.
      • This was totally magnanimous of Lady Hae which says nothing about the relationship between the two. Relationship is based on the two people involved in it not other people wishing it. Lady Hae reacted in best interest of her husband and her sister.
      • Later Hae Soo and Wook walked in the snow; Wook grabbed her hand when Hae Soo started to fall. This was romantic. At this point and mostly major part of their relationship seems like Hae Su saw the good looking and cool prince and decided I am gonna start liking him cos he is just wonderful like a dream prince. No real basis or incident for it.
      • Both the flirting points seems two sided where I understand her appeal to Wook but his appeal is beyond me. Also he did seem to not want his wife to know and continue to flirt with Su. He says as much.
      EPISODE 6:
      • In this episode also he keeps trying to explain his grief and lack of action when his wife was alive. Not once does he care how Su is. Atleast So gave her a concerned glance.
      • Wook engineered Hae Soo’s escape from the Hae family arranged marriage only after Jung and Baek Ah being adamant about trying to save her. Again despite claiming to like her and the whole poem he says nothing when he finds out about her marriage. Also clearly wasn’t gonna do anything if she was marrying a guy her age and household level.
      Plus Wook went awfully quiet once it was found the guy Su was marrying was the King. All other princes seemed wanting to circumvent the decision. So even went to the extent of providing her protection. He just stand there like a rock.
      • Taejo was angered by Wook’s (failed) entreaty to not marry Soo. Did he not know his father? I knew asking or requesting will have no effect. He didn’t try any other fail save if asking won’t work. Also he didn’t really say much or take a stand. He kept beating around the bush. Wouldn’t him marrying the girl also make her clan in-laws with the king?
      • Wook whisked Soo to a physician after her successful endeavor to break the marriage. That was the logical thing to do. Plus who else was around to take her to doctor? King or Ji Mong? Don’t forget all the other princes were also with them to the royal doctor. I don’t understand how she decided to give me all glory for saving or attempting to save?
      • Wook inaugurated regular visits to Soo at Damiwon by reenacting her “poem” (emoticon). Yes we have established he likes her and wants to keep dating and stuff in secret.
      EPISODE 7:
      • Him teaching her writing is that really significant? I mean wouldn’t Baek Ah or others do the same in this situation? It’s like she is falling for him irrespective of meaning in a gesture.
      • Wasn’t it more to hide the scar? Why it reminds of his failure to protect her or is he not cool with the scar on her body?.
      • Wook tenderly kissed Hae Soo’s third-eye (considered to be intimate). Him liking her is established. Love signifies kissing not vice versa. So far her love for him seems to lack any real strong reason behind the dedication.
      EPISODE 8:
      • Hae Soo received Wook’s message to rendezvous. He really is interested in dating her in secret. Her interest in dating him is the question.
      • He said he would ask the king and he didn’t say anything beyond that. Its like she believes him cos she wants to not because there is any basis. In the marriage scenario we already saw that him asking has no sway on the king. What makes Su believe that him asking will result in anything.
      • During the rain ceremony Wook correctly concluded Hae Soo helped Wang So disguise his scar. Which if he was a better person would have appreciated considering all Wang So has gone through and what he faced the day before yet he did seem upset.

      EPISODE 9:
      • She has been honest and loving him deeply since the start of the episodes. It’s the basis for this dedication that surprises me. Would you really appreciate someone going back on there words even without trying. Her helping So would have easily been used to barter her freedom which wook didn’t try even once.
      He seems to be promising and making excuses. Somehow Su accepts all the excuses and lack of determination. He has been
      EPISODE 10:
      • It seemed more like he was upset at him lack of action and waiting and calculating while So did what he felt or his heart wanted. He seemed really jealous not worried in this scene. If he was worried about her safety then shouldn’t getting her back to palace safely be the priority.
      • More like Wook was furious with So for having the balls and guts to do things he only imagines and desires.
      • That’s what surprises me that she is determined to protect him and be dedicated to him irrespective of actions from his side.
      • That’s the question… What makes her have this faith and dedication to him. Is this really an ideal man who would promise his wife to love her sister cos he failed to love her or respect her? Don’t forget he was too busy courting Su when his wife was ill.
      EPISODE 11:
      • Wook visited her in jail and comforted Soo but seemed more upset about her interest in So. Leave the whole love angle apart. Even if u are unjustly accused isn’t a person’s life more important. Despite all planning this is a fact that she did pour the poison which So drank and is now on death bed?
      • Wook cautioned Soo that torture was imminent to get her to confess or point the finger (or reveal the Crown Prince’s illness). He didn’t seem much concerned by the torture he just mentioned it is inevitable.
      •This is what confuses me. Was there really no other way to save Su except exposing the Princess. I mean the witness is dead so can’t they do something else. Also what sort of dick move is asking Court Lady Oh to protect her after he spectacularly failed or decided his head meant more than others. Isn’t that selfish? I guess if he becomes king then we will have someone similar to king who lets Queen Yoo do all sorts of nonsense.
      • Wook ceased to take any action in the entire series so far.
      My question still remains that their entire relationship seems like Su decided that this prince is cool and I should start loving him. I don’t even think she has given much thought to or has any clue what sort of man he is and what he is capable of, So their relationship seems very superficial and more like infatuation or a being love with an idea of someone not in reality.


    • Ritchuu says:

      TJ, thank you I’m not miss any


  10. anaik says:

    Heyyyyyyy! So I know I am 2 years late on this post but I am confused by one scene as I can not find it in episode 13!!!! The scene with Hae Su!!! After Hae Su remembers the proposal, it goes right to the scene where the princes are not being let in!
    I am aware that 2 versions exists and I would love to know here can I watch the version you watched? Is it the international cut or the Directors?


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