Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 Recap

We reach critical mass on two plot points.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 Recap

King Wanggun tells Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) that he’s sending him to be ambassador to Jin, a dangerous mission, away from the palace. Like a dutiful son, Wang So agrees, surprising his father. Wang So requests that his father go easy on Hae Soo (IU). His father asks if Wang So is still enamored of this woman. Wang So states he cannot throw her away easily. Considering the King just threw away one woman that totally loved him for him, those words should resonate with the King. After Wang So leaves the royal chambers the King orders Ji Mong to send Hae Soo away from the palace so the princes no longer have contact with her. I can understand the king wanting Hae Soo out of the palace. She has been a disruptive force in the king’s opinion. With Wang So away it makes sense that he seizes the opportunity to banish her. The King states to Ji Mong that Wang So will get rid of Hae Soo, he’ll do it for him.

Ji Mong finds Hae Soo mourning Royal Concubine Oh. Hae Soo believes that her misfortune ended up killing Royal Concubine Oh. Ji Mong counters that Royal Concubine Oh was able to die without bitterness or regret, in that regard she was lucky. Ji Mong bluntly tells Hae Soo that she must leave the palace without seeing anyone. An emotionally drained Hae Soo doesn’t protest and asks where she should go.

Wang So packs the makeup that he uses to cover his scar. He thinks of Hae Soo and smiles. Hae Soo comes into the room and smiles. She’s limping due to the jail term and all the kneeling protest. I love that even though she’s been forbidden to see anyone, the first thing she does is go and see Wang So. Doesn’t that tell you something? Does she see the significance?

Wang So and Hae Soo take a stroll. Wang So hopes that she can put all the unhappy events behind her. She hopes to forget everything that happened. Hae Soo tells Wang So that he should forget her. He turns and tells her not to say things like that. He orders her to stay in the palace and wait for his return. She holds out the hairpiece that he gave to her. I don’t know why but that made me tear up. She looks at him and says that she will not wait. She knows this dangerous assignment happened because he stood up for her. Hae Soo knows that Wang So loved living in the palace and now that’s been taken away because of her. She looks into his eyes and tells him that he must differentiate between friendship and love. Recall last episode he said that friendship and love was the same because it was based out of a common emotion. Hae Soo is wise to try and change his mind. To her friendship and love are different. Hae Soo believes she’s bad luck for Wang So. He counters that everyone that gets involved with him has bad luck. Wang So pulls Hae Soo to his side. Swoon! He tells her that he won’t give her up. He jokes that with his face he only receives negative comments. He leans down towards her face, and she pulls away thinking that he’s going to kiss her. He reminds her that he promised he would do that unless she wanted. He steps back and looks at her. Then he bends down and gives her a light kiss on her lips. He smiles and tells her he lied. LOL! He takes the hair ornament out of her hand and says he’s just borrowing this for good luck. He promises to be back soon. As Wang So walks away from her Hae Soo thinks that she won’t be here when he returns, even though he risked his life for her, even though he declared her “my person”, she will not wait for him. Wang So turns and waves. Cute! Hae Soo watches him walk away and thinks that she had feelings for another (Wang Wook), but she can’t let Wang So go, and she doesn’t know why. I can tell you why Hae Soo. It’s because you’re starting to have romantic feelings for Wang So but you’re not ready and so you are resisting this. A break between these two is exactly what she needs. She’s been through turmoil and a new romantic relationship won’t work. The loss of Wang Wook, or at least the relationship, and the actual loss of Royal Concubine Oh, is too much for Hae Soo right now. Yes, I know she could lean on Wang So to help her get through this, but she’s not going to.

Hae Soo slowly makes her way up steps. Eighth Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) sees her and starts to go to her, then he stops himself. Hae Soo feels his presence and turns around. Again she sees Wang Wook walking away from her. She walks away too. Wang Wook turns and sees her moving away, purses his lips and strides away. Wang Wook’s hesitation kills any chance he has with her. It’s good that Hae Soo sees his back again. She’s got to process that they will never be.

Wang So gathers his men for the mission. Before he gets on a source he puts his mask on again. That’s interesting, is he shifting into his alter ego with the mask back on his face?

Hae Soo leaves the palace.


Wang Wook starts to write a letter to Hae Soo but is interrupted when Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) tells him that Hae Soo is no longer in the palace. Wang Jung is worried that she was banished. Wang Wook runs out of the room. He goes to Hae Soo is room but finds it empty. Grief stricken Wang Wook calls out her name. At the same time Hae Soo turns and looks at the palace, knowing it is no longer her home.

Queen Yoo complements Princess Yeon Hwa on everything that she did to rid the palace of those that should not be there. She almost feels that she’s like a daughter. Yeon Hwa reminds the Queen that she is already a daughter. As a matter fact her mother, Queen Hwangbo, was exiled for what Queen Yoo did. Yeon Hwa tells Queen Yoo to watch her back or she’ll be out too. Bam! That is bold. The Queen laughs and says she’s in the same boat with her. Yeon Hwa laughs and says no, everyone saw her drink the poison. The Queen stands alone for the poisoning. Bam! Respect! Yeon Hwa wipes the smile off her face and tells the Queen never to make her mother kneel again. She tells the Queen to take care of herself. Wow! Yeon Hwa is bold as brass today! She gives the Queen a look that says she serious and leaves. The Queen realizes that she just was outmaneuvered. Love it!

Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) enters the room impressed with the smack down that princess just gave his mother. He tells his mother he is intrigued by Yeon Hwa. The Queen tells Wang Yo that Yeon Hwa is dangerous and he must stay away from her. The Queen asks Wang Yo if his uncle has agreed to help. Wang Yo confirms this. But the price shocks the Queen, she has to convince the king to make a certain city a capital.

Fast forward one year…

Wang Wook and Wang Jung encounter Wang Yo in the courtyard. Wang Yo tells Wang Jung that their mother misses him. Wang Yo tells Wang Wook that the king has made some decisions, he’s hopeful that he will be selected as the man to succeed his father. Wang Wook and Wang Jung shake their heads as they watch Wang Yo stride away.


Woo Hee fantasizes plunging her sword into the king at the ending to the sword dance. Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) rouses her from her from her daydream and tells her sword always ends up in the wrong spot. Woo Hee wants to practice one more time. Prince Baek Ah tells her no, she can over practice. He points to his lips and says he’s worn out trying to help her. She is embarrassed looking at his lips. He loves it! He tells her that he’s got to go visit a lady. Woo Hee makes the wrong assumption that he’s married. He loves it! He tells her he’s visiting his mother. She feels foolish. He loves it! He warns her not to practice too hard. Hmm, her desire to murder Prince Baek Ah’s father might short circuit their romance. Glad to see they’ve gotten close with the 1-year time jump.

Wang Yo offers Yeon Hwa a ring and declares that when he becomes King he will divorce his wife and make her his queen. Yeon Hwa doesn’t believe that Wang Yo can afford to get rid of his father-in-law, the Prime Minister. Wang Yo concurs that he needs his father-in-law now, but later he’s expendable. He puts the ring on Yeon Hwa his finger and tells her he’s an expert in finding weaknesses in people. He suggests that they are a match made in heaven, or is that hell? Wang Wook enters the room obviously displeased to find Wang Yo courting his sister. Wang Wook warns him that people are going to start talking because he’s visiting too often. Wang Yo doesn’t care. He switches topics and suggests that they remove their father now, to increase Wang Yo’s odds of becoming King. Wang Wook finds the idea repugnant. How can a child kill their parent, Wang Wook asks? Wang Yo is blunt, father is willing to kill us, why can’t we do the same? He’s got a point. Before he leaves, he reminds Wang Wook of his promise to support him instead of the Crown Prince. Wang Wook confirms he will honor his promise. Wow! Wang Wook has allied himself with the prince of darkness, Wang Yo?

sh_ep12_4b sh_ep12_4aIrritated, Yeon Hwa asks why Wang Wook couldn’t go solo in his quest for the throne. Wang Wook replies that killing the Crown Prince now makes him a traitor, but waiting and then killing a traitor (Wang Yo) makes him a hero. What? Wang Wook is scheming? I’m so proud!  Yeon Hwa is pleased too. She wonders what happens if Wang Yo betrays him.  Wang Wook stares at his sister and says she’ll become useful in that event. Yeon Hwa is taken aback. She asks if Wang Wook intends her to become Wang Yo’s prisoner. Wang Wook tells her to think of how she wants. He reminds her that she owes him. Bam! That wipes the smile off her face. Serves her right. She created the scenario, she has to live with the consequences. Looks like Wang Wook spent the year hardening his heart and planning. I’m impressed.

Doing laundry by the river, Hae Soo listens to other ladies gossip about the princes. She’s especially interested in the gossip about Wang Wook. When the ladies as her for details on the princes, Hae Soo refuses to dish, saying It’s best not to gossip about the princes. Her co-workers aren’t impressed. Poor Hae Soo, things are no longer fun and warm. She’s still got the limp. A co-worker trips her angering Hae Soo. But she’s hurt when the co-worker says she’s the cause of Royal Concubine Oh’s death and that bad things happen to people around her. They throw her clean laundry back into the river and laugh. Wang Wook and Wang Jung observe the mistreatment and they don’t like what they see. Wang Wook stalks away.

Wang Jung catches up to Wang Wook and asks if he’ll leave Hae Soo in such a terrible position. Wang Wook says there’s nothing he can do. Wang Jung can’t believe that Wang Wook would let the woman he used to love, suffer in such a lowly position. Wang Wook counters that the King threw Hae Soo out, and they can do nothing without risking their own lives. Wang Wook warns Wang Jung to not do anything foolish and risk his own well-being. I’m sorry that Wang Jung is disappointed but Wang Wook is correct again. What the King decrees is law. They have no power. I’d guess since the loss of Royal Concubine Oh, the King is hardened just like Wang Wook has hardened.

sh_ep12_5b sh_ep12_5a

Hae Soo eats her dinner by the river alone. Wang Wook comes up behind her. She’s surprised to see him. They are obviously still affected by each other. Wang Wook asks if he leg is hurting, noting the Wang Jung sent medicine. Hae Soo states the long hours at the river irritate her leg. She tells him she’s fine. He hesitatingly asks if she hates him. She pauses, then tells him she misses him. Wang Wook explanation for his desertion is that he could not promise her the life she deserved. He says he’s useless. Hae Soo tells him she misses him. Wang Wook says the King will never get over Royal Concubine Oh’s death and marriage is out of the question too. Hae Soo asks if he misses her. Wang Wook says he misses her every day and every moment. Tears fill Hae Soo’s eyes and she tells him that his words are enough for her. Tears fill his eyes and he promises things will get better once he has more power. She urges him not to put himself in danger. She knows what the power path does to people. He tells her to keep safe. His voice breaks when he tells her not to make him feel worse than he does. He rushes away. She cries. Wow! What a beautiful scene. They still care for each other. They still long for each other. Wang Wook is working to become King with restoring Hae Soo to him as a major benefit. But Hae Soo knows that palace politics can be deadly, so his desire for power scares her. Now I’m wondering if Hae Soo will ever be open to a relationship with Wang So. I was so sure that Wang Wook turning away from her last episode closed that door. But no, the door is still there between them.

sh_ep12_6b sh_ep12_6aSpeaking of Wang So…he gallops with his men and returns to the King with the General to report. He explains that things are now dicey in another kingdom. The King wants him to go there next. Wang So declines. The King is surprised. Wang So is direct. The King broke his promise to care for Hae Soo. That angers the King who declares that a leader must be able to discard people for the good of the nation. The King yells that Wang So should thank him. Wang So flatly states he’s not a King and never will be. He warns his father that he wants to keep him as an ally to the Crown Prince, he better not mess with him. He declares he’s going to live his life, starting now. He strides away. The King experiences a pain. The General tries to smooth thing over by saying Wang So is just acting out. The King chuckles and says Wang So should have shown that kind of spirit from the beginning. The King is pleased that Wang So has the strength to win a fight. This makes him able to protect the Crown Prince, easing the King’s mind. Ji Mong tells the King that he has a long life in front of him. The King says he know differently. He warns them to prepare themselves. Excellent exchange between Wang So and the King. Wang So is right. The King broke his word to Wang So to protect Hae Soo. If this ends the complete obedience that Wang So shows the King, it’s good. But the King is right too, an independent Wang So is a stronger ally.

Here’s what we’ve been waiting for….Hae Soo is hanging laundry to dry. As the sheets flap in the breeze she thinks she sees Wang So but then he’s gone. Thinking she dreamed him, she continues to work. Then she feels him, and hears him say that she didn’t follow his instructions to stay. He comes up behind her and puts his arms around her. Swoon! She tells him to leave and pretend he didn’t see her. She pushes away from him. He spins her and they stare at each other. Wang So with his mask stares at her work roughened hands and says “As always, you are beautiful”. Double Swoon! She asks why is he wearing the mask. Why isn’t he using the makeup? Wang So removes the mask and the scar is covered in makeup. He stares into her eyes and says “I didn’t take it off so I wouldn’t forget you”. Triple Swoon! Wow, Wang So is totally scoring with me. Is it affecting Hae Soo too? Wang So says he had to come back to her. Hae Soo reminds him she’s a water maid not a court lady. She says they can’t socialize. He’s back and she’s well. That has to be good enough. She limps away. He stares after her.

He catches up to her and spins her around. He declares she shouldn’t be in that position. He wants her to come with him. He promises to make things better. She pulls away and yells that she’s in limbo. She can’t live or die. She’s blamed for Royal Concubine Oh’s death but she can forget the deadly politics now that her job exhausts her. He promises to help her like she helped him. He can help her forget without this job. Tears run down her face as Hae Soo asks Wang So what would he do if she wanted to avoid him more than anyone else? He stunned by her statement. She states that he reminds her of everything she wants to forget. She gets anxious that something bad may happen. He scares her but his solution is to be with him? She looks into his eyes and asks if he wants her dead. She tells him to leave. She tells him she can live this life. She tells him not to hate or hold grudges and to forget her. Only then will no one be hurt. She limps away, this time he lets her go.

What a fascinating encounter. Not what I expected. Wang So’s words were so beautiful. I would have melted into a puddle of love. But not Hae Soo. She’s still afraid. That fear is blocking her from living life. Instead she’s hiding and keeping her head down. She needs help. But she’s rejected Wang So’s help. What can he do? What a dreadful homecoming for him in that regard.

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) and his wife, General’s daughter, Park Soon Duk, seem to be doing better. But Wang Eun hurts her feelings when he declares he still cares for Hae Soo. She flips Wang Eun onto the table but her father interrupts what might happen next. He’s glad to see his daughter. As Wang Eun sits up he rubs his elbow. She blows on it to make it better. Her father can’t believe what he’s seeing. They are still cute. Glad Wang Eun has warmed to her some. Too bad he’s still pining over Hae Soo. Everyone in the episode is stuck in a rut!

Ji Mong goes to see Hae Soo.

The King’s doctor is stymied by his lack of energy. The King sends him away. He knows he’s dying. Ji Mong offers a tea brewed by a new court lady. The King smells the tea and asks if Hae Soo is back. Ji Mong says he wanted to perk up the King’s appetite. The King tells Ji Mong to bring Hae Soo to him.

Yeon Hwa stares at the ring Wang Yo gave her.

sh_ep12_9b sh_ep12_9a

Yeon Hwa goes to Wang So and asks him to marry her. Needless to say, he’s surprised by the request.

Hae Soo limps into the King’s chamber. He stares at her. He drinks the tea she made. His hands shake. Hae Soo realizes the King is dying. The King surprises her when he guesses that she knows he’s dying. He asks who she is. He surprises her again saying that he had her investigated and learned that one day she was one kind of person, then she completely changed. He asks again who she is. Hae Soo struggles to answer.

Wang So tells Yeon Hwa that he’s not the kind of man she wants to marry. She agrees stating she kept her distance from him because of that fact. She admits she can no longer deny her love for him. She claims to have loved him forever. She believes they are destined to be together. Wang So stares at her unable to reply.

sh_ep12_10b sh_ep12_10a

The King asks how Hae Soo knew that Wang So would become king. He believes she’s like Ji Mong, someone that knows the future. He tells her not to get involved. She asks him to send her far away. The King recommends she ignore what happens in the palace. She rubs her chest. The King says that the Crown Prince and Wang So are destined to be kings. He says she’ll watch it play out. He tells her she was important to Royal Concubine Oh. He gives her good advice “Don’t let your fear of the future stop you from living today”. Yes, yes! I agree dying King, I agree. Let’s get Hae Soo out of the rut.

Hae Soo stands in the middle of the outer courtyard. She can sense a battle will be fought there one day.

Woo Hee continues to practice the sword dance with Prince Baek Ah providing the music. She slips and cuts herself. Prince Baek Ah is not happy grabbing her arm to examine the wound. He’s stunned to see a series of cuts on the back of her wrist. He asks what happened but then retracts the question. Such a sweet guy. He asks if he can hold her but doesn’t wait for her response, pulling her close even though she hesitated. He’s sorry that she’s had hard times that he couldn’t help her through. Sweet! She demurs that it happened before they met. Prince Baek Ah doesn’t like that bad things happened to her. He only wants good things to happen. He only wants to make her happy. He tells her to trust him. Tears fill her eyes. She pushes away from him. She tells him she has no expectations from him. She leaves. He mutters he had more to say. Prince Baek Ah is such a nice guy, and I mean that in a positive way. Woo Hee has a past that hurt her and has shaped a future plan that will hurt Prince Baek Ah. She’s affected by him but you can see her tell herself to stay focused on the plan and not get distracted by Prince Baek Ah.

sh_ep12_11b sh_ep12_11a

Hae Soo finds Woo Hee thinking and asks if something happened with Prince Baek Ah.  Woo Hee muses that Prince Baek Ah seems like a nice guy. Hae Soo confirms this. Woo Hee comments in her former life they never would have met. But now she’s in this position, they have met. Hae Soo says that Prince Baek Ah shouldn’t be pushed away. Woo Hee says that she won’t allow herself to get close to Prince Baek Ah. Soon she’ll be leaving. Hae Soo is surprised. Woo Hee reminds Hae Soo that they’ve both suffered hardships they never queried each about. Woo Hee wants to keep it that way so Hae Soo won’t know details if pressed. Woo Hee smiles that the peace gathering is tomorrow. Oh no, will Woo Hee kill the King tomorrow? She asks Hae Soo to do a nice job with her makeup. Hae Soo promises that Woo Hee will be beautiful tomorrow. Woo Hee says she wants to be unforgettable tomorrow.

Wang Yo asks the evil minister if “the girl” (Woo Hee) is ready. The evil minister confirms she’s full of hatred for the King. Wang Yo reminds the evil minister that Queen Yoo must not know of their plans. She has a love hate relationship with the King that could muck things up. That’s smart!

Woo Hee practices the swords dance again.

Wang Wook gets ready while Wang Yo stares at him.

The King struggles to move. Ji Mong urges the King not to attend the peace gathering. Wang Yo echoes Ji Mong’s advice. Wang Yo gives Wang Wook “the look”. Wang Wook urges his father to attend the peace gathering and prove that he’s healthy. Dude, look at the man, he can’t convince anyone. But I understand you are Wang Yo’s puppet, so you’ve got to say the lines you’ve been given.  The King agrees that he cannot show weakness. He declares he’ll attend.

There’s dancing at the peace festival. Everyone on team evil look at each other anticipating the events. to come.


Wang So finds Hae Soo. He offers the hair ornament. He asks her to marry him. I wish I could say different but this isn’t going to work Wang So. Sorry. Wang So states if they marry they can leave the palace and live a new life together. She says she cannot do that. ”Cannot” is different from “I want to”, but Wang So doesn’t see that. No, I’m not saying she wants to marry him because I still don’t think he’s out of the friend zone, but she wants to leave to palace but knows she cannot per her conversation with the King. Wang So offers a divorce once they leave the palace, if she doesn’t want a real marriage. He just wants to leave with her. She tells him that he has much to do. He should not leave because of her. She says his father worries about him. Wang So declares his father puts being a King first before being a parent. Wang So claims he doesn’t want to be next to his father anymore. Hesitating, Hae Soo asks what Wang So would do if he became king, would he still leave? Wang So counters, if he were king, would she leave with him? So now we’ve got both Wang So and Wang Wook realizing that being King could secure Hae Soo. He tells her the ambassador life is free and well suited to her. He wants that kind of life for her. Swoon! Wang Wook walks near but they don’t see him. Wang So declares without her, being King is meaningless. Good grief! That’s a bold statement! Wang So puts the hair ornament in her hand and asks her to come with him “You are my person, after all”.  He smiles. She stares. She refuses the hair ornament and his proposal. She turns and spots Wang Wook. The princes stare at each other. Hae Soo runs away. Wang So goes after her but Wang Wook stops him.

sh_ep12_12e sh_ep12_12d

Wang Wook: A prince marrying a water maid? Don’t manipulate Hae Soo with lies.

Wang So: If I propose marriage, I mean to marry her.
Wang So removes Wang Wook’s retraining hand.
Wang Wook: She was put in danger because of you. Her current situation is because she was collateral damage in the fight between you and Queen Yoo. Hae Soo’s troubles began with you. Now you want to marry her? I will never forgive you.

Wang So: I feel the same. I gave you the evidence to prove Hae Soo’s innocence against the charge of poisoning the Crown Prince. But you didn’t save her. You are useless. You disgust me.

Wang Wook grabs Wang So who in turns grabs Wang Wook.

sh_ep12_13ash_ep12_13b Meanwhile at the peace gathering (not a good name considering what is planned to happen)…
Woo Hee starts the sword dance. Wang Yo watches her. The evil minister watches her. The King watches her. She stares meaningfully at the King. Prince Baek Ah stands among the crowd watching the dance. He’s proud that she’s getting the movements correct. He even mimics her movements; he knows the dance so well. Prince Baek Ah notices the intensity in which Woo Hee stares at his father. He recalls telling her not to hold the knife like she was going to stab someone. He looks at his father (who is looking ill and pale).


No, no, no….
as Woo Hee charges the King to plunge the knife into him, Prince Baek Ah intercepts her and her knife plunges into Prince Baek Ah instead.


Back to I hate you, no I hate you more….
Wang So: Stop pretending to care about her.  Turn your back on her one last time and make it stick. You aren’t anything to her anymore.


Prince Baek Ah pulls back to look at Woo Hee’s eyes. Are they be the last thing he’ll see?

My Thoughts

Not the episode I expected. Based on the previous episode…
* I had hoped after Wang Wook turned away from Hae Soo she would be released from his orbit. Not so, not so.
* I had hoped that Wang So would finally have a chance for romance with Hae Soo. Not so, not so.
* I had hoped that Prince Baek Ah would have a chance for romance with Woo Hee. That was spoiled when it was revealed her goal was to kill the king.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good episode, but it went in a different direction than anticipated. What struck me was the small difference in everyone after the 1-year time jump. Wang Wook joining team evil was the big surprise.

Hae Soo (IU) was a depressed mess. Hae Soo was kicked out of the palace by the King after Wang So left. She was downgraded to laundry detail. Her co-workers were jealous of her former status and relished her fall from grace. She still loves Wang Wook. He still loves Hae Soo. I shake my head. I wanted their bond broken so she could move on. Nope, she’s in a rut and refuses to reject Wang Wook and see the possibilities of Wang So. I simply don’t understand how she could be blind to Wang So’s romantic yumminess. He said her happiness was all that mattered to him and he’d leave everything and everyone to give her a fresh start. Hae Soo, you are an idiot!

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) was at his swoonable finest. He was so romantic this episode. How many swoon moments?
1. Before he leaves the palace, Wang So pulls Hae Soo to his side. Swoon!
2. When he returns to the palace, Wang So puts his arms around Hae Soo. Swoon!
3. Wang So stares at her work roughened hands and says “As always, you are beautiful”. Swoon!
4. Wang So removes the mask and says “I didn’t take it off so I wouldn’t forget you”. Swoon!
5. Wang So realized an ambassador lifestyle was free and perfect to Hae Soo, meaning he cares about what’s best for her. She’s NOT just a possession or someone to win. Her happiness matters. Swoon!

Besides the swoonfest, Wang So stood tall and rejected his father’s edict to leave again. He finally won his father’s respect with that, though he didn’t know it. Wang So and Wang Wook are poised to have it out over Hae Soo. This confrontation has been brewing for a long time.

Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) joined team evil. His sister taught him the lesson that he needed to go for what he wanted not just let life happen to him. To that end he joined forces with Wang Yo (secretly) against the King. But Wang Wook plans to double cross Wang Yo and win favor by exposing Wang Yo’s treachery. He stunned his sister when he told her she owed him and if that meant making Wang Yo hers, then so be it. She created the situation, so I didn’t feel sorry for her other than a natural ick to Wang Yo. But it was his tender exchange with Hae Soo at the river that was his best moment. He admitted she was never out of his mind or heart. That made her happy. This makes him determined to secure power to make Hae Soo his. He spent 11 episodes being slow to action, now he has a purpose and he’s taking action. I have to respect him for that.

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) had a scene with his wife.  He’s warming to her but still hung up on Hae Soo. Move on Wang Eun, move on!

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) broke away from his mother/Wang Yo and was worried about Hae Soo. I was proud that he rejected Queen Yoo and Wang Yo. I was proud that he still cared for Hae Soo’s plight though he was powerless to change it.

Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) fell in love with a woman with murder on her mind. Baek Ah is a stellar person. My heart went out to him when he realized Woo Hee intended to stab his father. He didn’t stand there and watch, he stopped her. Will he pay with his life?

Ninth Prince Wang Wook (Yoon Sun Woo) did nothing this episode. He’s still scum.

Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) did not appear this episode. Everyone still wants his position as next in line.

Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) boldly planned his father’s assassin. He and the evil minister hired Woo Hee to kill the king. Wang Yo promised Yeon Hwa that he’d divorce his wife for her even if he had to kill his powerful father in law. The one thing he did learn was to strike at his father without his mother’s knowledge. That was smart.

The ninth song of the OST is “Will Be Back” by Sun Hae Im. Check out the video below.


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13 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 12 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    I was expecting more of a punch with this episode after the emotional draining of the last one. The one year time jump should have progressed people a bit more. They all acted like it happened last week.

    Oh Hae Soo….WAKE UP SISTER! That spineless Wook did nothing for you, but give you his back. So literally almost died for you, and only cares about your happiness. You need to open your eyes.

    Wook joining the evil side was an interesting development. While I still think he is spineless, he is upping his game in power plays. He still doesn’t deserve Soo.

    Yeon Hwa got to deliver a blow to Queen Yoo that I could root for her in that moment. It was impressive work. Then Wook deciding that she should get with Yo. The look on her face was priceless. So rejecting her was almost the best part of the episode.

    Speaking of Captain Sexy of the ship So/Soo, he won all of the swoon worthy awards tonight. He was never deterred from what he wanted, and stood up to the king after he broke his word. His verbal smack down with Wook was what I was waiting for. He expressed the anger that Soo should have.

    My heart broke when Baek Ah made the realization, then my realization of what he was going to do. No one wants him injured/dead. I do believe he holds the hearts of all fans of SHR.

    • swati says:

      Totally agree with you. Captain Sexy was making everyone swoon with all his actions and dialogues. How did Su not melt at that.

      So laid it straight for Wook. This hero is really different. No noble sacrifice or feeling guilty over other people’s faults(well though its too soon to say i guess).

      Please dont kill Baek Ah. U already messed with one of Wang So’s person please dont screw the other one. Are u trying to snap Wang So into crazy..

      Baek Ah u were so sensible. Dont start getting inspired by ur hyungnim’s idea of loving ur girl.. (literally embracing death for her…) This bromance is killing me. One drinks poison another takes a sword to gut.. These boys go all out in love. No holding back 🙂

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I was disappointed Hae Soo did not get over Wook during their year apart. Is she still on the kick from a couple of episodes back when she told Wook she would wait for him? Is she still under the delusion he will come back for her? Yeon Hwa’s actions sealed the deal on breaking up Wook-Soo.

        While we tend to save a little space in our hearts for these we loved, some people become mile markers in your life, rather than continuing to be traveling companions. I believe the motivation for Hae Soo rejecting Wang So, other than the Wook factor, is Hae Soo knows Wang So will be king and wants NOTHING to do with the mortal peril associated with palace politics. Politics surround the King.

        Baek Ah is such a sweetie with Woo Hee—I don’t think she recognized him as a member of the royal family/position until she saw his gold belt at the peace ceremony. Did Baek Ah make a fatal mistake by jumping between Woo Hee and the King? Wasn’t there another way to stop her?

        I agree with @swati—Baek Ah and Wang So’s passion for their women have led to sacrificing for them—think back to Wang So’s sacrifice, knowingly drinking the poison Hae Soo served him in attempts to protect her. Let’s keep this bromance all the way through the series!

        • kjtamuser says:

          “I was disappointed Hae Soo did not get over Wook during their year apart. ”
          *The writer missed a golden opportunity to end every viewer’s pain over this plot point.

    • kjtamuser says:

      “Oh Hae Soo….WAKE UP SISTER! That spineless Wook did nothing for you, but give you his back. So literally almost died for you, and only cares about your happiness. You need to open your eyes.”
      * Well said Kelli, well said.

      “My heart broke when Baek Ah made the realization, then my realization of what he was going to do. No one wants him injured/dead. I do believe he holds the hearts of all fans of SHR”
      * He’s a sweetie!

  2. swati says:

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    I am really confused about this episode. Can someone explain me the reason for Su’s dedication to Wang Wook?????
    I re-watched the series but all i found he did was break a door and ask her to come out. I cant find anything else that merits this dedication. After that scene its always a bunch of promises and excuses.

    Plus i really thought that the whole Wook-Su ship sank last episode. I dont understand this dragging… Didnt he make his choice?? Now are they trying to sell that his desire for throne is so that he can get the girl?? Are we really expected to buy this? I mean decide Wang Wook.. U are good.. u are bad..

    Wang So seems to be the only guy in the entire series who has been consistent everybody else keeps changing their minds abt there ambitions and life goals. So has been putting his heart out there time after time for Su and she has been rejecting it. I think thats not great for the character. He might start Lashing out.

    Su u really need to make up ur mind. I dont understand her stance of ignoring Wang So when she clearly feels strongly for him. She ignore a royal command to go meet him. Is she trying to ignore a passion that consumes her???

    I really hope episode 13 changes the game. If they are not going to focus on Su-So romance then can they focus on the fight for throne?? there is plenty of drama there, what with contenders all over the place. I really cant stand another episode of So in friend zone and Wook the one being pined for.

    Wake up Su… Wang So is right her… Look at that face, hear those confession.. How do u say no to him is beyond me…

    Waiting for Episode 13.

  3. I was glad to see Hae Soo stuck in a rut because I thought it would give her time to reflect on how her tongue is affecting the timeline but the moment she is in orbit with Wang So or Wang Wook she opens her big mouth again! ” Hesitating, Hae Soo asks what Wang So would do if he became king, would he still leave? Wang So counters, if he were king, would she leave with him? So now we’ve got both Wang So and Wang Wook realizing that being King could secure Hae Soo” I thought her time out by the river would make her realise that every word out of her mouth must be cautiously spoken.Maybe the King should break the other leg to drive the message home,what part of “just watch and don’t get involved” does this woman fail to understand 😦

    • kjtamuser says:

      “what part of “just watch and don’t get involved” does this woman fail to understand”
      She’s her own worst enemy at this point.

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    FARE THEE WELL SWEET PRINCES—I found it curious Hae Soo went to see Wang So despite the King’s command to refrain from goodbyes—She may have felt she wasn’t disobeying the command in bidding farewell to Wang So, who is leaving on assignment; she did refrain from saying her goodbyes to the other princes, which would indicate her leaving the palace. I ❤ Wang So stole a kiss 💋 and took back the hairpin with the caveat of it being “borrowed” for good luck–this scene was swoon worthy! I hope to see her wear the pin in her hair one day soon!

    While doing laundry is harsh work, time away from the palace is likely cathartic for her emotion wounds. She really needs to get over Wook, especially since he has proven himself to be unworthy of her love.

    EVIL WOMEN—Yeon Hwa was full of moxie as she gave her High-Evil-ness ‘what for’ in regards to the poisoning—demanding R-E-S-P-E-C-T for herself and her mother. Wang Yo and Yeon Hwa seem to be perfect for each other; I shudder that the thought of the frightening duo they would make—a match made in hell!

    WOOK & THE EVIL ALLIANCE— Wook has become useless and since he has no power, I wish he would leave Soo alone. I suppose wussy Wook make an alliance with the prince of darkness in hopes of gaining power and holding on to Hae Soo. Does he not think Yeon Hwa will do her best to not let that happen? Did Wook join team evil due to Hae Soo’s warning about Wang So? Doesn’t Wook realize Yo will set him up to take the fall for treason before he can get rid of Yo? Wook has been influence by his evil sister and I ❤ Wook reminded Yeon Hwa that she owes him big time for disrupting his life plan.

    WANG WON—The insipid prince lives his life by moistening his finger, sticking it in the air to determine which way the wind blows. A couple of episodes ago, that put him on team evil, conspiring to kill the crown prince and frame Hae Soo. Have you noticed he doesn’t make decisions until after he sees what they do? Frequently he follows the lead, but not always. I have a clue about ninth prince’ future from watching the Chinese version and while re-watching some earlier episodes, I recognized his best ally from interactions with a person who I did not initially recognize as some of the characters are portrayed differently between the two versions of Scarlet Heart.

    WANG JUNG—Wang Jung has become his own man, cutting the apron strings from her High-Evil-ness. I ❤ this good-hearted prince!

    WANG WOOK—Wook told Wang So not to manipulate Hae Soo with lies—oh, like you have? Actions speak louder than words my gorgeous prince.

    CONFIDENT WANG SO & TIMID HAE SOO— Color me surprised Yeon Hwa asked So to marry her—I thought she wanted Yo? I harken back to an earlier episode when Yo described So as an animal to Yeon Hwa and she replied with something like “wouldn’t it be fun to transform an animal into a person?” I am repulsed by her words, actions and attitudes.

    I ❤ Wang So came back from his stint as ambassador more confident and independent. Despite Wang So’s swoon worthy actions Hae Soo would not be swept off her feet. Hae Soo has misplaced her moxie after her cruel reality check from the fallout of her failed protest of Concubine Oh’s execution.

    @KJT—I ❤ your list of swoonable moments! I am puzzled as why Hae Soo has not been swept off her feet by the prince who stood up for her when she needed support. I am apoplectic Hae Soo is still stuck on Wook, when he has done nothing for her but offer empty words and literally turn his back on her multiple times. The realization her actions have potentially mortal consequences was not lost on her—she is terrified of being responsible for someone else’s death.

    I wonder if the King Wang Gun is being poisoned, like he was in SOGC. Is Ji Mong lying about the king living for a long time or just trying to placate him? The King had the best possible advice for Hae Soo “Don’t let your fear of the future stop you from living today”.

    "Will Be Back" is a sorrowful, but beautiful song. I ❤ an awesome OST!

    • kjtamuser says:

      “WANG WON—The insipid prince lives his life by moistening his finger, sticking it in the air to determine which way the wind blows.”
      * LOL!

      “Wank Wook…Actions speak louder than words my gorgeous prince.”
      * Amen!

      “I am apoplectic Hae Soo is still stuck on Wook, when he has done nothing for her but offer empty words and literally turn his back on her multiple times. ”
      * I feel like the viewers are being beaten to death with this plot point. IF Hae Soo ever moves Wang So out of the friend zone, will I want him with her?

      “The King had the best possible advice for Hae Soo “Don’t let your fear of the future stop you from living today””
      * Which Hae Soo promptly ignored.

      “Will Be Back” is a sorrowful, but beautiful song.
      *Concur, it has emotional depth.

  5. I always love your Scarlet Heart Ryeo recaps

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