The K2 Episode 4 Recap

Our leading man reluctantly joins a new team.

The K2 Episode 4 Recap

We start the episode with a replay of Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) neutralizing the guards in the elevator leaving only the Assemblyman standing. Then we see it was only Je Ha’s fantasy. When he goes to actually grab the gun from the security guard, he’s unable to because of the stress due to his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As Je Ha sags to the floor the Assemblyman looks back but doesn’t see his face. The JSS security guard helps Je Ha exit the elevator. Je Ha asks who the man is. The security guard is surprised that Je Ha doesn’t know.

Back in his room Je Ha can’t believe the man from his past is now Assemblyman Park. Per the security guard, Assemblyman Park ordered the hit against Je Ha and Yoo Jin. Je Ha remembers his time in Iraq when Assemblyman Park visited and interfaced with the woman Je Ha proposed to. As Assemblyman Park left the camp, Je Ha’s intended was shot and killed. As Je Ha cradled her dead body, he screamed his fury, not understanding why she was killed. Present day Je Ha screams his anger at Assemblyman Park and vows to get him. Now do we have the reason that Je Ha will join the security team?

Je Ha creates an acid bomb intended for Assemblyman Park. Je Ha doesn’t wait to take out someone! Assemblyman Park is at his barber, but unbeknownst to him Je Ha is there too. Je Ha manages to put the detonator for the acid bomb in Assemblyman Park’s jacket. As he waits for Assemblyman Park to enter the revolving door where the acid bath will be triggered, Je Ha is horrified when a young child goes into the revolving door in front of Assemblyman Park. He tries to get to the child but security stops him. Je Ha can only watch in horror as Assemblyman Park gets closer and closer to triggering the acid bomb. But the security guard leads Assemblyman Park to an alternative exit and the child is saved. Shaken, Je Ha starts to leave but the security guard stopped him. When the security guard holds up his badge, Je Ha sees that it is a police officer’s badge. He remembers the police officer’s scar from fighting with him on the reattach banner night. The police officer remembers him too. As Je Ha turns to leave, they end up engaging in a quick fight. Je Ha flees but is pursued by a gaggle of security men. When they run through the kitchen it reminds me of a fight scene in City Hunter. I haven’t thought of that series in a long time. The men end up chasing Je Ha up the stairs.

A wand swipe reveals the detonator on Assemblyman Park.

The stairs lead to the roof and Je Ha is forced to use the rope to make a fast exit from the rooftop. When he reaches the ground a car is waiting for him. And inside the car is Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A). Col. Joe motions Je Ha into the car and reluctantly he gets in. Yoo Jin smiles. The cat has the mouse. Col. Joe drives Je Ha and Yoo Jin. Col Joe comments that the proximity booby-trap that Je Ha tried to trap Assemblyman Park with, is so like him. What would that be like? To have certain kinds of explosive methods that are “like you”? Je Ha thanks Yoo Jin for helping him escape the sticky situation. She notes that someone as valuable as him doing dangerous things makes it difficult for her. Yoo Jin asks the question “if a bullet from your gun kills an enemy, is it the gun that kills enemy or the finger that pulled the trigger that kills the enemy?” Yoo Jin reveals that she knows that he can’t pull the trigger of a gun anymore because of his PTSD. Je Ha closes his eyes irritated beyond belief that she knows his weakness. He gives a glance to Col. Joe wondering if he flapped his big mouth. Col. Joe confirms this with a shake of his head. If looks could kill, Col. Joe would be flailed alive. Yoo Jin tells Je Ha that she will pull the trigger for him from now on. Je Ha declines the offer. Yoo Jin says that Je Ha’s cover has been blown, so he will never have a chance like he had today again. In fact she believes that the bodyguard count around Assemblyman Park will only increase. She wonders why he hates Assemblyman Park. She offers to help him with his personal vendetta against Assemblyman Park. She promises when the time comes JSS will pull the trigger for him. Yoo Jin marvels how lucky their timing is to meet. She calls him friend. He looks at her like she’s a black widow spider. No way he’s feeling the same as she is about their “friendship”. I loved that scene. She played with him. She cornered him. She has him. He is stuck working for her now. But you know it’s all good because that puts him in Anna’s orbit.

Anna’s bodyguard whines about the boring duty of taking care of her. The housekeeper tells her to lower her voice or Anna will hear. The bodyguard could care less whether or not Anna hears her complain about her. Of course Ko An Na (Yoona) (aka Anna) is listening. The housekeeper tells the bodyguard to clean up because you never know when Anna’s father may stop by. The bodyguard scoffs that Anna’s father will never stop by. The housekeeper counters that Anna is his daughter. The bodyguard is adamant that no one will come to see Anna as long as Yoo Jin has her clutches into the girl.

Anna thinks to herself in her room “it’s not the dad won’t come. It’s that dad can’t come because of Yoo Jin.” You poor delusional child. One day the harsh truth will be revealed to you.

As Je Ha runs around the track he remembers the woman that he asked to marry him in Iraq. He remembers Assemblyman’s Parks visit and how the woman died afterwards. He has murder in his eyes. May I just say that Ji Chang Wook has one rocking body. Potentially one of the best bodies in a kdrama I’ve watched. The lead actor in Iris (Lee Byung Hun) wasn’t bad, but Ji Chang Wook has a vulnerability coupled with a great body that beats any other beautiful body actor I’ve seen. But I digress, let’s get back to this episode.

k2_ep4_4b k2_ep4_4a
A hot and sweaty Je Ha goes to the hospital to get his hand cast removed. An older gentleman flirts with the doctor and follows her into her office. He looks at Je Ha and calls him “a pretty boy”. Ha! After Je Ha gets the cast off we see that the older gentleman is actually a JSS security guard. He encourages Je Ha to come to training.

Je Ha does indeed go to the training. We see the old man on the center mat with one of the JSS agents pinned. The old man is thrilled to have fresh meat in Je Ha to spar with. The old man asks Je Ha to come to the center of the mat. He asks whether if Je Ha has ever heard of him. His name is Mr. Song. Je Ha has never heard of him. The man is offended and explains his legacy. He tells Je Ha it’s time to fight. Je Ha immediately gets the man at a disadvantage. But Mr. Song tells him that he has to fight with a proper stance. Ha! That’s one way to deflect that you just got beat by the young upstart. He and Je Ha take defensive postures with each other. But nothing happens. Je Ha relaxes his posture. Mr. Song tells the class that you should never stand in the middle of a ring at ease. Je Ha quickly kicks the feet out from under Mr. Song. Down he goes much to the glee of everyone watching. I had to laugh at that. Everybody likes a teacher taken down a peg or two. Then Mr. Song tries to grab Je Ha and flip him over his shoulder, but he fails miserably. He deflects this by claiming that Je Ha did a wonderful job on countering his moves. LOL! Who is this guy? Once again Mr. Song tries to demonstrate a move but Je Ha counters and gets him again. It’s amazing that everyone around the ring is not openly laughing at this point. But Mr. Song shows amazing fortitude and continues to teach his class. A security guard comes and tells Je Ha that Col. Joe wants to speak with him. Mr. Song declares that Je Ha is lucky to get off so lightly. Je Ha smiles a small smile. He turns to leave but comes back and straightens Mr. Song’s uniform. He bows respectfully and leaves. Mr. Song just waves him away. Great scene! So far there has been no levity in this series. This was a welcome relief to balance the serious nature of everything. Love it!

k2_ep4_5b k2_ep4_5a
Je Ha meets Col. Joe in his office. A man with creepy yellow glasses stares at Je Ha. Col. Joe introduces him as Team Leader So, his new commander. Team Leader So claims his team won’t accept Je Ha. Unfazed, Je Ha tells Col. Joe that he’s hot and sweaty and wants to take a shower. Before he leaves Je Ha and Team Leader So give each other “the look”. I don’t know why, but all this male posturing is delighting me. Team Leader So complains about Je Ha disrupting his team. Col. Joe gives him a story about a new hunting dog being introduced to an existing pack. Col. Joe says the dogs will realign themselves and maybe a new pack leader will be revealed. Team Leader So gets the message loud and clear. He must allow Je Ha to enter his team.

Holy smokes! Naked men and showers. And they actually look naked! Looks like we are going to get a naked man on naked man shower fight. This is a first for me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen naked fighting in a kdrama. Bring it! The fight is 6 to 8 guys on one. But Je Ha manages to prevail. I’m not going to describe the fight, but suffice it to say it was the best naked fight I’ve ever seen. Boys will be boys!

Col. Joe and Team Leader So watch the fight from the CCTV. Col. Joe finds it hilarious, Team Leader So is not as excited. That fight did have a tinge of humor in it too. I’m digging this infusion of humor in this episode. More please.

Je Ha, with a stunning chest and fabulous ripped abs, encounters Mr. Song in the shower. Mr. Song ignores him and walks away. He promptly slips on the floor that Je Ha warned him was slippery. Another funny moment in this episode! And the laughs keep coming! Je Ha has a couple of tattoos, one on his back one on his front. I wonder how long it takes for those appliqués to be applied to his body. Inquiring minds want to know.

A man going through the remains of an explosion, finds a chip and puts it in a baggie. His coworker comes into the room and asks him if he found anything. The man claims he did not find anything.

With limited joy Team Leader So introduces Je Ha as the newest member of the VIP security team. His codename? K2! None of his coworkers look particularly excited. Team Leader So berates his team for resenting K2 joining them. You have to laugh because Team Leader So was like that five minutes ago. Team Leader So makes a valid point that K2’s ability to single-handedly take them out exposed flaws in the team. Team Leader So states they need to reinvent themselves. To that end new work schedules are posted on the bulletin board. As everyone files out no one says a word to Je Ha. Team Leader So tells Je Ha that he’ll be working assignments that are solo. Je Ha shrugs and says he doesn’t care.

Je Ha goes to check the bulletin board for his assignment. As he walks the hallway everyone looks at him but nobody greets him, at least no one looks at him nicely. When he gets to the bulletin board he sees that he is the solo person on the night shift. Ha! Team Leader So gets his first dig in!

The doctor calls Anna’s bodyguard and tells her that Je Ha has gotten assigned to the night shift. Immediately the bodyguard realizes that Je Ha must be on the naughty list for Team Leader So. These two ladies feel sorry for him. The doctor points out that only one girl will be lucky enough to work with Je Ha. The bodyguard wonders who this lucky girl is. When the doctor tells her it’s her, she pulls a Tom Cruise on Oprah and stands on the couch and yells “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Anna observes her bodyguard dancing on the couch. Anna’s bodyguard tells the doctor that she and Je Ha will be guarding a secret person. The doctor guesses it might be Se Joon’s latest lover. The doctor asks the bodyguard what she’s wearing. She moans when the bodyguard says she’s in her sweats. The doctor says that Je Ha is on his way over. That puts the bodyguard in overdrive. She rushes to change. Anna closes the door to her bedroom in wonders who Je Ha is and why her bodyguard is so excited him. A side note, if I were lucky enough to work with Je Ha, I’d be stoked too.

Col. Joe asks Je Ha what his relationship is with Assemblyman Park. Je Ha declines to say. Je Ha asks Col. Joe who Anna is. He learns that Anna is Se Joon’s daughter and she’s been in hiding for years. Je Ha notes that Yoo Jin must not be Anna’s mother. Col. Joe confirms this and states that’s one reason why Anna remains hidden. Col. Joe says that not very many people know about Anna, only a few select people. Je Ha notes he must be special then. Col. Joe assures him that he’s been special from the beginning. Col. Joe says that Anna must stay under wraps especially during the election. The worst thing that could happen would be for Assemblyman Park to find out about Anna. That’s interesting. That creates a similar situation of Je Ha caring for a girl, this time it’s Anna versus the woman in Iraq, and Assemblyman Park threatening the girl. That should be good.

k2_ep4_8c k2_ep4_8b k2_ep4_8a
Anna’s bodyguard cleans up nicely, though she sporting the reddest lips ever. When Col. Joe and Je Ha enter the room, Col. Joe asks what’s with her apperance. Anna opens the door and spies on the threesome. She sees Col. Joe introduce Je Ha to her bodyguard. Col. Joe says Je Ha will handle the night duty from now on. Anna stares at Je Ha and recalls the moment in the subway when she met Je Ha. Her eyes widen. She remembers Je Ha putting a gun to Yoo Jin’s head. Col. Joe asks Anna’s bodyguard if she’s heard the rumors about Je Ha. She plays dumb and claims not to. Col. Joe can’t believe she hasn’t heard the rumors. She thinks better of it and admits she has heard them. Je Ha introduces himself as “K2, Je Ha”. Anna’s bodyguard introduces herself as “J4, Mi Ran”. Col. Joe introduces Je Ha to the housekeeper. Col. Joe, Je Ha, J4 and the housekeeper sit down to tea. The housekeeper (who is really an agent) explains that Anna has a severe panic disorder. Sometimes flickering lights trigger it. She says big flashes of light are awful for Anna. She explains that’s why the curtains in the household are closed. Je Ha asks if she fears sunlight. J4 says that Anna can go out during the day but it’s the strong beams of light that bother her. Those can lead to short-term amnesia. The housekeeper explains that’s why during the day Anna is holed up in her room but she will walk around the house at night. They explain at 9 PM Anna goes to the bathroom to get her daily shower. That’s when they clean and search her room to make sure that she doesn’t have anything dangerous or forbidden. The housekeeper says Anna has a severe psycho phobia along with her panic disorder. This means that she hates meeting people. The housekeeper details that Anna will eat her food alone at night. It is understood that no one goes upstairs after 10 PM unless Anna explicitly requests it. J4 comments that she’s on duty 24-7and responds whenever there’s a call. Though we see a flashback of her ignoring a call. Ha! Je Ha asks what Anna does at night. Anna’s a home shopping network viewer.

Col. Joe and Je Ha leave the house. Col. Joe explains that Je Ha’s primary responsibility is to watch the CCTV in a separate building. If Anna were to be in danger then Je Ha would need to enter the main house and take care of the situation. Je Ha must report an incidents. Je Ha understands the parameters of the job. Col. Joe introduces Je Ha to another JSS security guard that Je Ha previously bested. LOL! While Je Ha raises his hand in greeting the other man just glares at him. Je Ha is like the new kid at school that nobody likes.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) escorts Yoo Jin to an evening out. The press covers them like they are major celebrities.

k2_ep4_9b k2_ep4_9a
Je Ha’s coworker explains the CCTV room. He states every spot in the house is monitored. He says the night shift is 9 PM to 6 AM. He asked Je Ha if he has any questions. Casually Je Ha says no. His coworker can’t believe how nonchalant he is about this assignment. The real taboo is that Je Ha used informal speech with him. This shows disrespect. His coworker yells at Je Ha saying that he’s older and more experienced. Je Ha says he heard that his coworker was in special forces. His coworker confirms that. Je Ha surprises him when he mentions special forces division he was in. Je Ha asks the division that his coworker was in. His coworker tries to deflect that question and says it doesn’t matter, they’re all one company now. Suddenly the tables are turned and Je Ha is in the power position. He tells his coworker to get him a cup of coffee. His coworker immediately agrees. Seniority has perks! I’ve said this already but I’m loving the humor of this episode.

Col. Joe approaches the man that found the chip in the crime scene. He asked the man if he found anything. The man verbalizes that nothing was found but slides the chip over to Col. Joe. Subtly Col. Joe pockets the chip but verbally confirms nothing was found in the investigation. I’m guessing that means that even inside JSS, there are traitors and everyone’s always being watched.

Se Joon and Yoo Jin worked the room at the party. Se Joon is the consummate social animal.

k2_ep4_10b k2_ep4_10a
Clad only in a shirt Anna’s bodyguard poses provocatively near a CCTV camera. LOL! This chick is killing me! But in a good way. I understand her wanting to attract Je Ha, but there is such a thing as subtlety. When she goes into the kitchen the housekeeper can’t believe she’s not wearing any pants. The housekeeper immediately knows that she’s trying to attract the attention of Je Ha. She smiles and says let’s see how far you get this time with this method. She mentions a time in Barcelona where the bodyguard put on another similar show. When she complains that it’s too hot, the housekeeper says you probably just unbutton another button right? Of course she did. The housekeeper wonders if Je Ha is riveted to the CCTV right now. Anna’s bodyguard believes he must be going wild with lust. But the only person watching Anna’s bodyguard is Je Ha’s coworker. Why? Because Je Ha is in bed and asleep! When he wakes to relieve his coworker, his coworker tells him to wait a minute as he watches Anna’s bodyguard eating ramen with the housekeeper. Anna watches them eat ramen.

Yoo Jin watches her husband surrounded by beautiful women. Assemblyman Park comes up behind her and comments how popular her husband is with the ladies. Yoo Jin deflects that and states it’s a good thing because half the voters are women. But the smile is wiped off Yoo Jin’s face when she sees her husband put an arm around one of the women. Assemblyman Park admits that he’s jealous that Assemblyman Jang has such an understanding wife. Assemblyman Park asks if she’ll ever be able to ride in a car comfortably. Yoo Jin counters and asks if in Assemblyman Park will ever be able to go to a barber comfortably. Assemblyman Park laughs and says when they find the culprit, they’ll learn the who was behind the attempt on his life. Yoo Jin gives Assistant Kim the signal and she makes a phone.

A woman strides into the party and heads straight for Yoo Jin. She hands Yoo Jin the bag with the chip, recall Col. Joe got the bag with the chip from the man that investigated the crash remains. The woman looks at Assemblyman Parks’ bodyguard and smiles. Yoo Jin smiles and comments that is it nice when their support teams know each other. Yoo Jin makes the point to Assemblyman Park that this woman has been working for her for years. Undoubtedly she’s trying to undermine Assemblyman Parks’ faith in his guy. Yoo Jin dismisses the woman who glances at Assemblyman Park’s guy and leaves. Assemblyman Park gives a quick whisper from his man regarding who the woman is. Yoo Jin plays dumb and says that the woman has been wanting to tell her something that she did in her past for a while. She asks Assemblyman Park what she should do in this situation. Assemblyman Park laughs and says his staff always gets into trouble. Yoo Jin makes the comment that staff seems to do whatever they want nowadays. Assemblyman Park cuts to the chase and asks Yoo Jin if they are even. She suggests they might be at a cease-fire stage. Assemblyman Park states they may not like each other, but they shouldn’t physically try and hurt each other. Yoo Jin smiles and says that’s a nice sentiment, but she doesn’t feel like she has an advantage in the situation. Nonetheless, she agrees to the cease-fire. She and Assemblyman Park smile at each other. The kind of smiles that say I’ll beat you at your own game.

Back at the house, Je Ha watches the CCTV. He sees Anna exit the bathroom with a towel on her head. He watches her go downstairs. He’s riveted. When she looks at the CCTV he startled. LOL! He wonders what she wants. She turns and walks away. She ignores the food on the dining room table and goes to the kitchen instead. Je Ha wonders what she’s looking for. He wonders if she’s hungry. Obviously Anna’s looking for the ramen, but I’m guessing the ladies already ate it all. He tells Anna that if she needs bowls to look to her left. She goes left. He tells her to look up. She looks up. She finds the bowl but doesn’t pull them down. Je Ha wonders what she’s looking for. She opens the bread box and finds the ramen. Je Ha immediately understands. He gets a smile on his face. Anna gets a big smile on her face and spins around the kitchen happy. That was a long Anna is happy shot! Je Ha is captivated by a happy Anna. Anybody else want Je Ha to look at you like that? Je Ha smiles as he watches Anna. She finds a pot to make the ramen in. Je Ha comments that the pot is too big. She comes to the same conclusion and selects a smaller pot. He tells her that’s the perfect size. She comes to the same conclusion. He tells her to put water in the pot. She does that. He is pleased at her progress. But when she puts too much water in the pan, she fills it to the brim, he tells her it’s too much. She tries to turn on the stove but it doesn’t light. She tries the other burner but it doesn’t light either. Je Ha wonders what’s going on. He sees that the gas valve is turned off on the stove. He tries to help Anna telepathically to look at the gas valve. He directs her to look on her left. (30° over if we must be precise). He encourages her to turn on the gas valve. But she doesn’t figure it out. Frustrated, Anna turns away, giving up on the ramen. Je Ha is disappointed for Anna. His concern for her is wonderful. I liked how he cheered her on. He watches Anna take a bowl of food from the table and the package of dry ramen and disappear into her room. He so disappointed that she gave up and couldn’t get the ramen she so obviously desired. He can’t believe she couldn’t find the gas valve, and he can’t believe she went without the ramen she wanted. He is cute yelling at the CCTV. He can’t believe that Anna doesn’t know how to make ramen. He wonders if he should make the ramen for her. Now that’s the right question to ask. He smiles and shakes his head.

Se Joon and Yoo Jin leave the party. When the car pulls up she asks him to take a different car back to the house. She knows that he’s going to be going out doing other activities anyhow. She tells him that there’s no need to make it harder on the staff. She notes that the young lady is waiting for him. Se Joon tells his wife she needn’t be so considerate of his needs. He agrees to her suggestion, because she’s right. She suggests that he say goodbye to her politely because there are many cameras in the area. He smiles at her and leads her to the waiting reporters. They smile and wave like the happy couple they aren’t. The reporter and one reporter asked them to strike a lovey-dovey pose. Se Joon awkwardly puts his arms around his wife. They stare into each other’s eyes. He laughs and puts his arm around her shoulder. She smiles. He smiles. The press is satisfied.

Driving home Yoo Jin cries. The human touch that she craves was delivered by a man that does not love her. That’s painful.

Je Ha watches the thermal cameras inside the house. He thinks he’s got Anna pegged in her room. He steps outside to take a smoke. Je Ha tell me you don’t smoke, that is not good for your rocking body! As he stands on the balcony with a cigarette in his mouth he looks over at the house. He smiles and looks up at Anna’s room. I dig his smile! He goes to light the cigarette but then he sees a flash near Anna’s window. He strains to discern what the flash is. He sees a figure. Someone’s up on the roof and near Anna’s window!

My Thoughts

I adored this episode. It was a good mix of serious and fun. There has been no fun in this series but this episode the writer, Jang Hyeok Rin, sprinkled in humor. The naked shower fight was a unique fight scene that I enjoyed. What about you? Did you enjoy naked men fighting each other, most of them with decent bodies, with Ji Chang Wook and his absolute rocking body? I thought so.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) has a sense of humor and is unconcerned that no one in the security company likes him. He seemed to relish the fact that his coworkers would have nothing to do with him. I adored Je Ha’s interchange with the martial arts “expert” that he bested but in a subtle and polite way. I fell in love with Je Ha when he watched Anna try and make the ramen and rooted her on. He’s going to fall for her. He’s going to protect her. He will be the one to help heal her. I hope she can heal him too.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) was more vulnerable. In previous episodes Yoo Jin has seemed like a woman that didn’t need any tender caring, but this episode you saw the soft underbelly of this character. Granted it was only a sliver, but seeing her husband fawn all over other women hurt her. Always having to be on point and on guard was tiresome. My favorite scene for this character was when she was in the car with Je Ha and simply but effectively laid out that she knew all his secrets. Or at least the ones that Col. Joe knows about. I had to laugh when Je Ha shot daggers at Col. Joe who simply shrugged his shoulders as if to say “she’s my boss, and I have to tell her everything I know”. She made the enticing offer to Je Ha to help him get revenge on Assemblyman Park. By the end of the episode we saw that offer benefited Yoo Jin too, as it would make her husband president.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) is a self-serving guy. He could care less about the pain or embarrassment that he causes his wife. He does not engage with the daughter he claims to love. I don’t see a lot of personal worth to this character. But sometimes cads are a force to be reckoned with!

Ko An Na (Yoona) had more than a cameo role she had last time. She listens to what the bodyguards say about her but still lives her life within the confines of that house. What a sad and lonely existence she has. She wanted ramen when she saw the housekeeper and her bodyguard eating theirs. But she was thwarted when she couldn’t figure out how to turn the stove on. While Je Ha prodded her on hoping that his mental telepathy would get through to her (a plot mechanism I enjoy, Scarlet Heart Ryeo utilizes this between the lead couple too), she gave up and took the dried ramen to her room. My favorite moment of the episode was her direct look into the camera knowing that Je Ha was staring at her. She’s got a certain amount of moxie, and if Je Ha can connect with her, there’s potential there. It’s obvious that he’s drawn to her and feels a protectiveness towards her. I can’t wait for this to be expanded in later episodes. While this actress has had little to do, she’s been effective in what she’s been given to do.

The first song of the OST has been released. Check out “Today Too” by Kim Bo Hyung (SPICA).

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14 comments on “The K2 Episode 4 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    So frankly, I’m disappointed. I want JeHa and Anna to fall in love over something substantial in both their characters. If this was a light rom-com,I suppose I would accept the fell in love cause she smiled and twirled (for an excessive amount of time if you ask me) over one found package of ramen. Heck, if it was that simple, where’s my Ji Chang Wook when I discover two stale Oreos I left in my office drawer in a package I left open 2-3 years ago? I whoop and smile and fist pump. Where is he, huh? *sigh* But I’m totally serious about this.

    @kjtamuser, I saw a BTS video of a makeup guy on his knees before JCW applying the tatoo just above his right hip. I’m not implying anything cause the entire crew and production staff was around, but I was thinking, “interesting that he would manually be drawing it on. It seems like it would be easier if they made lots of rub-ons instead of drawing it on everyday or everytime it needs to be reapplied.” But as I write this, I realize that’s probably what they do and the makeup guy may have just been touching it up after it got wet from that shower scene cause the set on the BTS vid looks like that might’ve been where they were.

    And,yeah, I was surprised by our “treat” to the shower scene and to other gritty things in this drama as well. It was enough to make me look up the time this show airs in SK. But I was really surprised by that “lip press” as you accurately called it. It made me think of an interview Gong Yoo gave where he talked about Korean male actors feeling like Korean actresses are just colleagues but they feel uncomfortable with a foreign actress. I wondered if that came into play here at all. (Of course Gong Yoo can’t speak for EVERY Korean actor’s feelings). But we know The Wook can kiss better than that so…

    • kjtamuser says:

      I don’t think Je Ha fell in love with Anna. I think he wants to protect her, just like he choose to protect her years earlier. I did not read love over a package of ramen. I read Je Ha cheering on a reclusive woman into taking an independent step. I found the shot where Anna twirled with the ramen to be too long and therefore a bit odd.

      “I saw a BTS video of a makeup guy on his knees before JCW applying the tattoo just above his right hip. ”
      That is interesting. I noticed the outline was very dark. A stencil would make sense but perhaps they don’t plan on many bare chest/back shots so a hand drawn tattoo is what they opted for.

      I wasn’t surprised that the lip press was just that. It’s a flashback scene with a woman that supposedly he wanted to marry to give her a green card. His obvious grief at her death made me think he felt more than he let on to her. JCW absolutely can kiss. We’ll see if that comes into play this series. I’ve been wondering if Anna’s fragility / mental stability issues takes romance off the table. I doubt it. Why have JCW in a series if the female fans don’t get romance too?

      Four episodes in, what do I want? I want solid action, I want the dysfunctional family dynamic to create intrigue the entire series, I want Anna to stand up and become her own person, I want Je Ha to defeat his demons as much as possible (I don’t think PTDS has a cure, so coping seems to be the only option). So far, this show is working for me. I never expected humor (nor is it on my list) so that was a pleasant surprise.

      • Beez says:

        I did think JeHa was serious and emotionally invested in his proposal to Nania and only fear of outright rejection made him say it could be a paper only marriage/rescue. Why else seal it with a kiss if it was a paper only marriage? I think her removing her veil let him know his feelings were reciprocated and he was free to kiss her so that grief wexve seen so far is more than just grief over an unfortunate soul whom he’d befriended. That’s my take on it, although I could be interpreting it totally wrong.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Agreed that Wook is capable of better kissing. It could be a foreign actress thing or they could have been trying to be sensitive to Muslim customs, except the fiance already pulled the head scarf off before the kiss.

      The twirling ramen scene was odd, especially since it was so long. I don’t think anyone fell in love over it–at least I sure hope not. My guess it was to show how Anna could take joy in the little things and Je Ha is interested in her well being. Anna want to eat what she saw the housekeeper and bodyguard have earlier. Does Anna really want to eat alone or just not with the people who are keeping her cloistered? How will Je Ha change that?

      • kjtamuser says:

        I assume Anna does not want to eat with her guards who openly express her issues. JH helped her once, she may be hoping he will do so again.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    ELEVATOR SCENE—I called the fantasy on the elevator scene. Did you notice while they were fighting how large the space was? Then when there wasn’t action, it was a much smaller space. I suppose it had to do having space for the cameras and the action.

    NAKED SHOWER FIGHT—Yes, PLLLease! The naked shower fight was amazing—did you notice how muscular JCW’s thighs were? You might have to go back and take another look. Those poor editors went through so much unnecessary work blurring out the nether regions! I’ve only seen a couple of shower fights before in Kdramas, but most of the participants had towels on—Padam Padam is one that comes to mind. Je Ha appears to be the new leader of the pack, although I really hate the demeaning hunting dog analogy used so frequently used in Kdramaland.

    ANNA—I was glad to see they are not keeping her drugged and that she recognized Je Ha from Spain and as the one holding a gun to her step mother’s head. The happy ramen dance scene was a bit long. I think it would be great Anna and Je Ha could mutually assuage their emotional wounds. I have a feeling they will have some contact in the next episode and we shall see where that leads.

    DYSFUNCTIONAL COUPLE—I am starting to think Yoo Jin might actually have feelings for her slimy husband. They have not shown us why these two people stay in this miserable marriage. All I can see so far is Se Joon gaining the appearance of being a nice family man. I do not see what Yoo Jin is getting or why Anna is being used as a pawn; it does seem like something more than hiding the slimy assemblyman’s love child from the public or political opposition.

    INDOMITABLE JE HA—Kwan Soo dodged the acid, but I believe Je Ha will eventually hold him responsible for his fiancé’s death. Once again our hero’s calm and cool attitude helped him to establish dominance at JSS and with his male colleague at the house. I also enjoyed the light hearted moments in this episode and hope to continue to see humor intersperse throughout the series to lighten the mood. I am almost as anxious for the next K2 episode as I am Scarlet Heart!

    • Beez says:

      “You might have to go back and take another look.”

      Well, geez JT, not that I really want to but if I really MUST…at your insistence and arm twisting then, I guess I HAVE to.


    • kjtamuser says:

      *Yes, you correctly surmised the elevator scene was fantasy.
      *I will force myself to watch the shower fight to assess JCW’s thighs. The burdens of this request…
      *I wonder how Anna will interact with JH. She seems like a wounded soul.
      *YJ may indeed care for her husband. She was riveted by their closeness during the photo op and cried on the way home. She desires human warmth, she is devoid of that now.
      *JH is appealing. Confident, capable but not perfect. He does not have my heart like Scarlet Heart’s Wang So does, but he may get there.

      • Beez says:

        Quoting ktjamuser
        “JH is appealing. Confident, capable but not perfect. He does not have my heart like Scarlet Heart’s Wang So does, but he may get there.”

        Wow. My plan was to get to Scarlet Heart eventually, but now I have to move it up on my list to see what kjtamuser sees in this Wang So!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Oh Beez…Scarlet Heart has been riveting! Wang So is a battered soul, who is learning to open his heart–a very compelling character! It is a saeguk so I expect we will yet have a high body count.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    This Korean version of the Chinese story was adapted to the same Royal dynasty as SOGC. Both dramas have disclaimers at the beginning of each episode “This drama has taken a creative license to history”. Hard to say how closely it will follow history.

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