Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 15 Recap

Cinderella stands by her knight.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 15 Recap

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) stands by his mother’s side in the board room. He introduces himself as grandfather’s secretary. The board members look at each other wondering what is going on.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) and Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) sit in grandfather’s hospital room. Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) and Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) arrive. Ji Woon declares he’s going to see whether or not he’s a donate match for grandfather. His cousins are relieved.

Assistant Lee’s mother tells the board that Assistant Lee has grandfather’s implicit trust and therefore will have no problem running the company. Personally I find that hard to believe. What Board of Directors is going to accept the Chairman’s secretary as the next in line?

Ji Woon tells Ha Won that he just recently found out that grandfather lied to him about not knowing his mother. He shares that grandfather kicked his mother out of the mansion. That’s why he left the mansion with no plans to return. Ha Won tries to leave the hospital room, but Ji Woon won’t have any of that. As he strides out of the room Ha Won wonders if she’ll ever be able to leave him.

Ji Woon is surprised to see Seo Woo and Hyun Min waiting for him as he enters the waiting area for the next phase of testing. He asks his cousins why they’re there. They tell him succinctly they aren’t going anywhere. Hyun Min asks Ji Woon if he returned because of Ha Won. Ji Woon says that he came for grandfather. All three cousins sit on the bench, crossing their legs the same way, scratching their head the same way, which makes Ha Won smile when she sees them.

The doctor tells Ji Woon that grandfather told him a lot about him. The doctor notes that he looks just like his father. The doctor assures Ji Woon that he’ll get the test results to him, as soon as they’re available.

c4k_ep15_1b c4k_ep15_1a
Ji Woon goes to his grandfather’s room and watches him sleep. He tells his grandfather that he’ll forgive his past actions against his mother, even though she is dead and unable to do so herself, Ji Woon feels that she would forgive him at this point.

Ji Woon joins Ha Won, Seo Woo, and Hyun Min who are waiting for him. They decide to head home. Seo Woo asks Ha Won if she’ll return to the mansion. Ji Woon jumps in and says he’ll drive her home himself. They leave. Seo Woo and Hyun Min look at each other and realize they both have their own cars and agreed to go their separate ways. But Hyun Min stops and tells Seo Woo to drive safely. Nice! Concern for his cousin.

Hyun Min encounters Assistant Lee and grandfather’s wife (Assistant Lee’s mother though no one besides Assistant Lee knows this) in the parking lot. Hyun Min bluntly tells her that it’s noticeable how little she’s been by grandfather side. Hyun Min says she’s lucky that grandfather’s unconscious, or he would be unhappy at her lack of support. She lies and says that she was looking for new donors for grandfather. Hyun Min tells her that Ji Woon was tested to see if he was a potential match. Grandfather’s wife states that nothing is for certain and they need to continue looking. Hyun Min openly wonders if she really wants his grandfather to get better. Assistant Lee offers to escort her home. Hyun Min bluntly says the person he’s distrusts in this equation, is her. He strides away. Frankly I like Hyun Min’s skepticism about grandfather’s wife. Assistant Lee appeared uncomfortable with his mother’s lies. But that isn’t stopping him from standing by her…yet.

Ji Woon tells Ha Won to return to the mansion with him. She refuses. He dares her to say that she doesn’t want to be with him. He asks her to stay by his side while grandfather is in the hospital. Ha Won can’t and hands Ji Woon his jacket and turns to leave. He stops her when he apologizes for letting her leave the mansion, under a cloud of anger. He apologizes for not believing her when he found out about the contract she had with grandfather. Ha Won hesitates but Ji Woon gives her back hug and asks her to stay by his side. He amps up his plea when he says he doesn’t even care what she does. He only wants her by his side. Ha Won doesn’t pull away as tears glisten in her eyes. Is that a yes?

Hyun Min sits in his room and stares at his phone. Is he thinking about Hye Ji?

Seo Woo’s manager tells him that he’s canceled the upcoming tours so he has plenty of time to visit his grandfather in the hospital. Seo Woo tells his manager that Ji Woon came by and was tested to see if he was a donation match for grandfather. Seo Woo’s optimism shines when he declares that he thinks that Ji Woon will be a match.

When Ha Won returns to the mansion, she tells herself that she’ll break up with Ji Woon when the time comes. But for now, she vows to sort through her feelings.

Ji Woon stares at grandfather’s phone that Ha Won gave him which contains all the texts that grandfather sent. He remembers Ha Won telling him that he needs to speak directly with grandfather and hash their issues out, one way or another. He looks at a photograph of himself and his mother. He tells his mother he decided to come back to the mansion. He asks her if he did the right thing.

The doctor tells Ji Woon he is a match. He’s pleased. But there’s a catch. Ji Woon is allergic to general anesthesia. They don’t know how his body will react to the surgery. The doctor tells Ji Woon in the worst case scenario, he simply won’t wake up from the surgery. The doctor tells Ji Woon to think about it carefully, and make the decision that’s right for him.

Ha Won sees Assistant Lee in the hospital lobby. She asks what’s wrong. He deflects her question. They both see Ji Woon walk up to them. Ha Won asks if the test results are out. Ji Woon informs her that he’s a match for grandfather, and he’s going to have the surgery soon. Notice he’s omitting the danger part of the equation. Assistant Lee tells them he’ll let grandfather’s wife know immediately. He walks away.

Seo Woo tells Hyun Min and the housekeeper that Ji Woon is a match and is going to have the surgery. Everyone is pleased. The housekeeper tells the boys that they’ll need to help her prepare a care package for grandfather.

Ha Won visits his sleeping grandfather and tells him that Ji Woon is a match and will have the surgery. As she places the selfie of her and the Kane cousins on a nearby table, grandfather’s wife returns to the room. She tells Ha Won that she’ll need to leave the mansion soon. Ha Won promises to leave after the surgery is complete. Grandfather’s wife calls Assistant Lee and asks if he found out when the surgery is. He confirms he knows when the surgery is. She tells her son that that’s the day they will have a special shareholders meeting. She’s the epitome of when the cats away, the mice will play. She tells her son that when grandfather wakes, everything will be different.

c4k_ep15_4b c4k_ep15_4a
Ji Woon signs the surgical consent form. The doctor recommends that he remain stress-free until the surgery. When Ha Won enters the room, Ji Woon gives the doctor the sign to stop discussing his personal situation. The doctor bids Ha Won a good day and leaves. She asked Ji Woon what he’s hiding from her. Bam! I love that! Ji Woon claims it was nothing. Ha Won doesn’t believe him. Ji Woon reasserts his claims. Ha Won says she’s going to go ask the doctor personally. Ji Woon states that the doctor was just cautioning him to take care of himself. Ha Won admits she’s worried about him. She puts her hand on his arm. He covers her hand with his own. He assures her everything will be fine after the surgery. He tells her if she’s that worried, she should go get him something delicious to eat. With a smile on her face she leaves the room.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) checks out social media for the designer that told her that she had just won a scholarship to Paris. Her happy smile fades when she sees a picture of Hyun Min and the designer. She calls the designer and asks to meet.

When the designer meets her at the restaurant, she gets right to the point. She asks him if he knows Hyun Min. The designer says that Hyun Min asked him to keep this favor a secret. The designer assures her that he only made the offer because he was impressed by her portfolio. She thanks him for the offer but refuses. Hye Ji says that Hyun Min’s desire to help her came out of guilt, and she can’t accept this offer, because of Hyun Min’s guilt. Didn’t the designer just say he didn’t make the offer because of Hyun Min? Didn’t the designer just say he made the offer because of her talent? She stands to leave. The designer tells her that he did not make the offer because of Hyun Min. He tells her again that he offered her the opportunity because of her talent. She brings up Hyun Min but the designer cuts her off. Why is it so unusual that Hyun Min would want to support someone he likes, the designer queries? The designer recalls his conversation with Hyun Min in which Hyun Min admits that Hye Ji was his first love, the woman he never got over, the woman he still has feelings for. Heavy sigh, I knew the story would go this way. Hyun Min, Hyun Min, I feel sorry for you. The designer jokes with Hyun Min, that he has to meet the woman that is captured his heart. Back to the present, the designer tells Hye Ji that his offer still stands, and she need only give him a call if she changes her mind. Hyun Min sits down and wonders if she can believe the designer and his assurance that this is based on her talent, not his connection to Hyun Min.

Ha Won is stunned to find the housekeeper feeding Ji Woon food, Hyun Min playing games on a large screen TV, and Seo Woo jamming out, all in Ji Woon’s hospital room. She takes them aside and scolds them for ruining the sanctity of Ji Woon’s hospital room. They feel no shame; they were only trying to make Ji Woon’s time before his surgery pleasant. Ha Won snatches their gear, and reminds them that Ji Woon has to be completely calm before the surgery. She tells them that she’ll take care of Ha Won, as hospital visiting hours are over, and they need to leave. She literally shoes them out the door. She and Ji Woon smile at each other.

Seo Woo, Hyun Min, and the housekeeper whine about Ha Won’s high-handed ways. As they get ready to leave the hospital, Hyun Min spots grandfather’s lawyer. He tells them he’ll catch up.

In grandfather’s hospital room his wife tells the lawyer that on the day of his surgery a special board meeting needs to be called. The lawyer asks what the meeting will be about. Grandfather’s wife says it’ll be about replacing grandfather as chairman. The lawyer doubts that she’ll be able to convince the board to do that. She assures lawyer that Assistant Lee is convincing the board members as they speak. Hyun Min stands outside of the hospital door. It is unclear whether or not he overheard what they said, but he certainly saw them speaking.

Hyun Min call his contact and asks for the information. His contact tells him that grandfather’s wife turned over all her stock to Assistant Lee. That gets Hyun Min’s attention.

c4k_ep15_6b c4k_ep15_6a
Hyun Min finds Assistant Lee sitting at grandfather’s desk. Assistant Lee tells him he has a lot of work to do because grandfather is unable to do it. Hyun Min asks Assistant Lee why is he scheming. He asks Assistant Lee if he realizes that grandfather’s wife is trying to get grandfather dismissed as chairman. Hyun Min asks if Assistant Lee was with grandfather’s wife when grandfather collapsed. He asks Assistant Lee why he lied about the situation. Hyun Min asks if Assistant Lee’s love of money made her accept grandfather’s wife stock and become her lackey. Hyun Min hauls Assistant Lee to his feet. He asks him if this was his ultimate goal. Assistant Lee pushes back and says that grandfather spent his entire life making the company great. But the company is suffering, and needs guidance. Assistant Lee suggests that Hyun Min take over if he so concerned about his grandfather’s position. Assistant Lee tells Hyun Min to wake up and realize that many covet grandfather’s position. Assistant Lee tells him that this kind of position is always ripe for takeover. Assistant Lee scoffs that Hyun Min calls himself an heir but doesn’t know how to protect the position of Chairman. Assistant Lee states that makes Hyun Min unqualified for the role. Hyun Min calmly tells Assistant Lee that he’ll have to prove that he’s fully capable of taking over this position. He assures Assistant Lee that he’s willing to protect things that belong to him. That was a good scene. It had been suggested in the comment section that Hyun Min would be an excellent person to takeover for grandfather. The writers also saw the same potential. I like this plot point, because it gives Hyun Min something to do besides moon over Hye Ji. Which makes me nauseous. The interchange between Hyun Min and Assistant Lee was solid. Assistant Lee was unrepentant about positioning himself to take over the chairman’s role. He was blunt that this kind of power play was going to happen. That pushed Hyun Min to make the to act as heir.

When Ha Won returns to the room she rouses Ji Woon from a nap. She tells him that the doctor told her to keep him healthy before the surgery. Ji Woon goes to blow his nose, and Ha Won is shocked by the scandalous tissue box. Ji Woon laughs that she’s jealous of the tissue box. She denies this. There’s a tug-of-war over the tissue box, and Ha Won ends up sprawled across Ji Woon’s lap on the bed. As they stare into each other’s eyes, Ji Woon jokes that Ha Won planned this, because she wanted to kiss him. She denies it, and tries to pull away. But Ji Woon keeps her in his grasp and jokingly purses his lips telling her to go forward. She laughs and declines his generous offer. She pulls away and turns the TV on. Ji Woon is surprised to hear the news reporter discuss a special meeting that will vote to dismiss grandfather from the company. The reporter speculates who will take over the company.

Assistant Lee’s mother calls Assistant Lee and tells him the special board meeting has been scheduled. She tells him he has to go through with this. Assistant Lee stares at grandfather’s nameplate and wonders if he’s doing the right thing. What’s irksome about this plot point, is Assistant Lee’s blind devotion to his mother, who only days ago he knew was self-serving. It seems impossible that one visit to an orphanage, would completely change his opinion about how self-serving his mother is. Especially after years of estrangement. Unfortunately, the writers have made this plot point weak by their execution of it.

A text goes out to everyone about the special board meeting. Seo Woo storms indicate Hyun Min’s room and asks his brother what they’re going to do about it. K-2 tells him to be quiet because he needs to think. Seo Woo doesn’t believe that grandfather will be replaced. Hyun Min tells him that grandfather’s in a precarious position, and the opposition has been working behind the scenes for some time. Seo Woo wants to know who’s the mastermind behind it. Hyun Min tells him it’s Assistant Lee. Seo Woo can’t believe that Assistant Lee would go behind grandfather’s back. They decide to divvy up the shareholders and meet with them individually. Hyun Min tells Seo Woo that they just have to hold on long enough for grandfather to wake up. Seo Woo agrees to work to that end.

The newspapers are all abuzz about the meeting that could replace grandfather. His wife sits in his hospital room and reads the story, and smiles. Maybe tomorrow she’ll have what she wants, her son as chairman of the company.

c4k_ep15_7b c4k_ep15_7a
Hyun Min meets with a group of shareholders and tells them it is their job protect the company. He tells them that doubting him, because he’s a novice in the situation, makes sense. Hyun Min tells the board members that they can’t just let grandfather’s company, slip through their fingers. He thanks them for their years of service. He tells them that he wants to do his part as the heir to the company. He bows to the board members and asked them to have faith in him. He promises to protect the company which will protect all the hard work and years of service they’ve given the company.

Hye Ji thinks about all the things that Hyun Min has done for her. She realizes everything he’s done as a background support person. She hears about the fight for grandfather’s position and how Hyun Min may be in the middle of that fight. She tells her designer friend she’s going to step out of the shop for a moment.

Hyun Min visits his grandfather and tells him that he’s working hard to protect the company. He jokes that his grandfather must praise him when he wakes up.

Ji Woon comments that Hyun Min is been busy, per Seo Woo. Ji Woon asks if there are any results from his hard work. Hyun Min tells him to back off, but he’ll be nice because the surgery is tomorrow. Ji Woon surprises Hyun Min when he hands him his power of attorney so that Hyun Min can vote his stocks. Hyun Min has to smile, pleased that his cousin came through in the clutch. Ji Woon assures him that Hyun Min isn’t the only one that’s concerned about the company, he’s concerned too. Ji Woon comments that he’s going to help grandfather lived by giving him part of his liver, but he thinks the grandfather would freak out if he found out that someone stole his chairman position while he was ill. Ji Woon says he wants to do his part to make sure that doesn’t happen. He tells Ji Woon to make sure that he protects their grandfather tomorrow. Hyun Min smiles and looks at his cousin. That was a lovely scene. I bet Hyun Min never thought he’d see the day that Ji Woon would support him openly, and even complement his skills and show faith in his efforts to save the company. And I also liked how Ji Woon told Hyun Min that the fight for the company, was his fight too, not only Hyun Min’s. Nice!

Hyun Min drives by the store where Hye Ji is working. He wonders to himself why he’s there. He drives away.

c4k_ep15_8b c4k_ep15_8a
Ha Won’s friend takes Seo Woo out for pizza to get his mind off of all the family stuff. Unfortunately, Seo Woo can’t really eat, because he so worried about everyone else. He feels like can’t help with the company stuff. Ha Won’s friend tells him even though that he’s not an expert on company politics, he can offer his support to his cousins through song. Seo Woo wonders why in his time of need, he turned to her. She’s pleased as punch. She tells him they were fated to be together. He laughs and tells her to eat.

Hyun Min finds Hye Ji sitting in the courtyard when he returns home. He walks by her but she tells him they need to talk. He asks her if they can save it for another day because he’s very tired. Hye Ji tells him that he doesn’t need to be sorry anymore for what happened in the past. Hyun Min remembers watching Hye Ji’s brother get hit by a car, and being unable to help his friend, rather he ran away. Hye Ji tells Hyun Min that the hit-and-run accident wasn’t his fault. But Hyun Min isn’t ready to give forgive himself. He heads to his room. Hye Ji sits in the courtyard and cries. Hyun Min watches her until he can’t stand it and goes to the courtyard. She stands. He tells her that he has to protect grandfather and the company now. He admits he is worried because he’s never been able to protect anything that was important to him in the past. He tells her he couldn’t protect her brother, the most important thing in her life. He tells her all he ever did was hurt her, and made her miserable. He tells her that’s why he pushed her away and locked his heart. He declares he will not do that anymore. Hyun Min vows to protect her. He strides towards her, he kisses her, she wraps her arms around his waist and kisses him back. If Hye Ji has helped blast Hyun Min out of his self-imposed pit hatred and guilt, then she’s done something I approve of. I’m still not wild about Hyun Min shackling himself to this woman, who doesn’t seem worthy.

Ji Woon remembers that the doctor told him that he may never wake up from the surgery. When Ha Won comes back into the room, he plasters a smile on his face. He asks her what she’ll do if something goes wrong tomorrow during the surgery. She admonishes him not to say things like that. He smiles knowing she would be scared of losing him. She tells him not to joke about that. He assures her he’s not scared of the surgery. He could never be scared, when she’s by his side. Sweet! He asks if she remembers the first day that they met at the memorial markers for their mothers. Ji Woon thinks that it was his mother that wanted him to meet Ha Won. He tells her that was the anniversary of his mother’s death. Ha Won is surprised by that. She tells him that was the anniversary of her father’s death. He surprised by that. He marvels that they both visited every year. He smiles at her and says tonight’s their last night together. She gets into the bed with him and they turn and look at each other and smile. Ji Woon tells her he’s got plenty of things that he wants to do with her when he gets better. She listens to his plans and jokes that all his ideas are that of a simple man’s, not a rich one. He reminds her that she never granted him the wish she owes him. Recall when he found her mother’s locket, he told her that she owed him a wish. She asks what his wish is. Ji Woon says his only wish is to go on a date with Ha Won. And he doesn’t want to wait, he wants them to go on a date tonight.

Ha Won distracts the nurses while Ji Woon crawls past them. They run out of the hospital like a couple of kids. They walk hand-in-hand, they see a movie, they go to an aquarium. They’re so cute together! As Ha Won eats street vendor food, Ji Woon pouts that he’s unable to eat it because of the surgery. He asks her to promise to come back with him another day. She’s thinking that she won’t see him again, because she’s going to leave after his surgery. But she smiles and tells him that they’ll be back another day.

The signal for the crosswalk goes off and Ji Woon tells Ha Won they should cross well they can. In the middle of crossing Ha Won realizes that she left her cell phone at the street vendor. Ji Woon goes back and gets it. As they stand on opposite sides of the street, they look at each other. Softly so Ji Woon cannot hear her, Ha Won says that he shouldn’t be surprised if she’s not there when he wakes up from surgery. She apologizes. He yells that he cannot hear her. She yells back that she loves him. Wow! That admission surprised me. When the crosswalk light goes green, Ji Woon jogs across. When he reaches Ha Won he gives her a big hug. She asks if he heard what she said. His response is to kiss her. They kiss each other like it might be their last kiss. Neither one of them knows that this is potentially their last kiss.

c4k_ep15_11b c4k_ep15_11a
While Ha Won sleeps on the couch of his room. Ji Woon watches her sleep. He holds her hand and tells her not to worry. He promises to return to her. He smiles as he watches the woman he loves sleep. Eventually Ji Woon gets into the bed and tries to sleep himself.

The next morning Hyun Min puts on his power suit and prepares himself to go defend his grandfather and the company. Hye Ji texts him and encourages him to protect his grandfather just like he promised to protect her. Hyun Min smiles.

Stepmother and stepdaughter snipe at each other but it’s all good-natured. Stepmother admits that she’s worried about her husband because he’s working so hard. Stepmother gets a call from somebody whose number she doesn’t recognized. She surprised by what she hears.

Hyun Min sits on one side of the table while Assistant Lee and grandfather’s wife sit on the other. It’s time for the special board meeting.

The nurse finishes Ji Woon’s pre surgery prep. Ha Won looks on. She takes his hand, and smiles a smile that tells him that she thinks everything will turn out okay. He smiles back at her.

The special meeting gets right into the vote on whether or not grandfather should be dismissed from his position. Everyone cast their ballots. Assistant Lee casts his vote. His mother tells him he did well. She tells him that they almost have the price. Assistant Lee looks at Hyun Min. He stares at him.

c4k_ep15_12Grandfather and Ji Woon are wheeled into surgery. Ji Woon looks at his sleeping grandfather.

The votes are counted and its time to announce whether or not grandfather will retain or be dismissed from his position.

The lights go on in the surgery room. Grandfather and Ji Woon are put under anesthesia. The surgery begins. Something goes wrong. But you don’t know who has the issue, Ji Woon or grandfather. Ha Won waits outside the surgery. She stares at a picture of herself and Ji Woon. She sees additional surgical people rush into the surgery room. That makes her concerned.

My Thoughts
Everybody got the groove on this episode. Hyun Min came out of his depressing funk and decided to fight for something he cared for. Ji Woon decided to take a risk for his grandfather and spent time with the woman he loved. Ha Won decided to put aside leaving until the man she loved survived surgery. S3 decided that maybe he had been looking at the wrong woman all along. Assistant Lee made a decision on whether or not he was going to fight for or against grandfather.

Ha Won didn’t simply acquiesce to grandfather’s wife’s unsubtle hints that she needed to leave. Instead she realized that grandfather and his grandsons needed her and she needed them. She reached out to Ji Woon and told him that she loved him. That was a surprising moment. I didn’t expect that she would say that she loves him and that exact moment. Did I think that she would tell him? Yes, but I didn’t think it was going to be in that exact moment. They were so cute when they frolicked on their 1st/final date. It’s always interesting when both parties are aware that this could be their one and only time together. It makes their happiness more poignant, and less of a throwaway cutesy montage.

Ji Woon decided that saving his grandfather was worth risking his life. That’s a major evolution point for Ji Woon. He was very angry with his grandfather for kicking his mother out of the mansion. But he realized that his grandfather was important to him, important to his father, and important to his mother. The bottom line, grandfather was important to him and his family. Ji Woon wouldn’t just couldn’t let him die on the vine without doing what he could to save him. Why is that? Because Ji Woon is a knight in shining armor, and saves those in distress. He’s an equal opportunity knight, he’ll save men, women, whoever needs it at the time. I really like that Ji Woon wanted to have that first and last date with Ha Won. He has no idea that she’s planning on leaving him, but he knows that he could die and leave her during the surgery. Do I think it’s wrong for him not to tell her the truth? Not really, whatever will be will be. And he has the right to have one last evening of fun with the woman he loves. I wasn’t surprised when Ji Woon did not say “I love you” back to her. He must something for the final episode.

Hyun Min decided to fight for his grandfather’s company and position. By deciding to fight for his grandfather, he decided to fight for himself. Finally, he was able to jettison himself from the quicksand of depression and guilt that held him down for the majority of the series. Hye Ji did her part by telling him that he wasn’t responsible for the hit-and-run accident that her brother was involved in. While Hyun Min may never forget the fact that he ran away from the accident scene, he vowed to do better in the future. He vowed to protect the woman he loves, the grandfather he loves, and the company is grandfather worked for. So he got out there and talked to the board room members trying to sway enough of them to vote for him. Will he be successful?

Hye Ji released Hyun Min from the guilt as well as she could. There’s no way that she’s going to be able to say a couple of words to stop his guilt. But she said what she had to say, which was Hyun Min was not guilty for the hit-and-run accident. She was sorry that she didn’t know that this was the burden he’d been carrying around for so long. While I’d love her to take that special opportunity in Paris, something tells me that she’s not going to Paris, at least not without Hyun Min.

Seo Woo realized that maybe Ha Won’s friend was the right woman for him. They do have a sweet vibe. I did like the unity of the Kane cousins as they stood together when Ji Woon got tested. They helped each other pass time before Ji Woon’s surgery, at least until Ha Won kicked them out.

Assistant Lee decided to support or reject his mother. There’s no way I can say that I wasn’t disappointed by Assistant Lee’s choices the last two episodes. But he came to a turning point, where he saw his mother clearly again. A woman that wanted power and position for him, and for herself. I want Ji Woon to survive the surgery and reconcile his differences with grandfather. With that behind him that he’ll be able to move on and have a fulfilling and happy relationship with Ha Won, the woman he loves. I want him to say that he loves her in the final episode.

What are my wishes for the final episode?

Ha Won rids herself of the notion that she’s got to leave the Kang grandsons alone and not interface with just because of a contract that grandfather made her sign, or guilt that grandfather’s wife made her feel. She needs to realize that it’s her life, her choices, and if she signed a contract, she can declare null and void and break the darn thing. She needs to be willing to stand by her my man, and not run away. We still have the mini mystery of their mothers both dying on the same day and them not knowing that one mother saves the other mother at least tried to. And then the whole ring thing that should play out in some way in the final episode.

• Hyun Min should become chairman while grandfather recuperates and for the long haul. Hyun Min’s been a bit of a wastrel in his life and now he has the opportunity to focus and work on something that means something to him. Hyun Min honestly cares about is grandfather and making the company strong and successful is a wonderful way to show that love. There’s no way to avoid the fact that Hyun Min and Hye Ji will get back together and be the couple at the end of this series. She’s not worthy, but that’s the story line, and we all have to swallow it.

• Hye Ji should be won’t take the job opportunity in Paris. I thought that was the perfect way to write this character off and stop being a millstone around Hyun Min’s neck. But as she released him from the guilt, she elevated herself slightly, and I know I can’t fight the fact that she and Hyun Min will be together. So let it be written. It’s still not my favorite choice for Hyun Min, who I adore. He deserves better than her.

• Seo Woo finds a relationship with Ha Won’s friend.  She’s nice enough. But they don’t do much for me as a couple. Maybe the final episode will change my mind?

• Assistant Lee needs to take a stand, and make a decision to move away from his moneygrubbing mother. He needs to break the dazed and confused spell that he is been in the last two episodes, and take a step back from his mother and see who she really is. I’m hoping on his ballot, he voted for Hyun Min to take over the company. Perhaps that ballot will be the deciding vote that sways everything. I hope that Assistant Lee can support Hyun Min as he works to become the new chairman. Perhaps they can work together in that capacity.

Part 9 of the OST is Lee Jung Shin’s version of “You Pour A Star” Check out the video below:

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  1. I have faith in Assistant Lee,I have this hope that he will pull the rug out from under his mother. His character has seemed consistently loyal only to turn around do this crazy about face for a mother who left him does not seem in keeping with his personality. No matter what the circumstances it is still an action that anyone would find pretty hard to forgive no matter how mellow their personality and assistant Lee is anything but easygoing. However I do hope the Chairman could give him the job on his own volition once he wakes up(If he can forgive him) neither one of his grandsons is ready yet. AS for Seo Woo I am with you on the thought that him and the fan girl do better as friends than as a couple,the chemistry is just not coming through. And I am still on Team “Hyun Min deserves better” band wagon


    • kjtamuser says:

      Assistant Lee is worth believing it. I hope comes through in the clutch.

      “And I am still on Team “Hyun Min deserves better” band wagon”
      Are you the charter member? Sign me up too!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    HANEUL GROUP TAKEOVER—What is the impetus for Haneul Group to be re-invented? Hyun Min caught on early to Gold-digger Granny’s lies and her Haneul Group takeover stratagem.

    Color me surprised Ha Won showed up in the chairman’s hospital room—it was inevitable for her to run into Gold-digger Granny—I am FURIOUS the aging vixen is deflecting her guilt on Ha Won!

    I wonder if (and hope) the chairman can hear the conversations in his unconscious state—especially when it comes to Haneul Group takeover scheme!

    HYE JI HIJINKS—How much of an idiot can Hye Ji be to reject the scholarship to study in Paris? Especially since the designer indicated Hyun Min brought her to his attention, but it was on her merit the scholarship was offered! I have known many fashion designer wannabes and NONE of them would let the opportunity to study in Paris slip through their fingers! But no—what does she take away from the designer’s discussion—Hyun Min still cares for her…UGH!

    Hye Ji knows Hyun Min is stepping into Grandpa’s shoes, at least temporarily, so she incredulously approaches Hyun Min BEFORE the board meeting to burden him even more!

    HYUN MIN—Hyun Min’s mother insisted he live a Sky House to become Haneul’s heir—but when did he ever put in any effort to actually be prepared to run the conglomerate? They have been left to “horse around” (my dad’s favorite phrase) and take no responsibility in their lives. Hyun Min is the obvious choice to be the heir as Seo Woo has his music career and Ji Woon isn’t really interested in the family business. When Grandpa knew he had a failing liver, why didn’t at least attempt to guide his grandsons or at least Hyun Min, to run the company? 말도 안돼!

    NOOOO…Hyun Min, please protect Hye Ji properly by letting her go! I suppose the writers intended the moth (Hyun Min) to inescapably go to his flame…what a cruel fate! As an aside, at least Hyun Min seems to be out of his funk!

    KANG COUSIN CAMARADERIE—I ❤ the Kang cousins solidarity—they are more alike than they realize. I had a Beautiful Mind flashback when the cousins simultaneously crossed their legs—it was reminiscent of the Power Ranger physicians’ synchronized turnabout! LOL! 😛

    JI WOON ❤ HA WON—I ❤ Ji Woon offered Ha Won a sweet apology for his ultimatum. The extra hospital stay will not make a difference for a potential allergic reaction. Our favorite lovers are keeping secrets from each other: Ji Won’s mortal risk from the anesthesia and Ha Won’s intention to disappear after the surgery…hmmm…that does NOT work for me or them!

    Why is Ji Woon hospitalized for more than the night before the surgery? I ❤ Ji Woon escaped the hospital to have a date with Ha Won. A touch of bitter sweetness permeated their thoughts, via noble idiocy, as they secretly wondered if this would be their last date. I was sooo sure they were going have Ji Woon hit by a car while in the crosswalk. I was relieved it didn’t happen and surprised Ha Won told Ji Woon “I love you”.

    WISHLIST—I concur with your wish list and would add my and @redbutterflys' hope we are right about Yoon Sung doing an about-face:
    • Yoon Sung uses his votes to elect Hyun Min to run the company, thus redeeming himself as the tarnished knight as remounts his charger• Gold-digger Granny is expelled from Haneul Group, divorced by her husband and abandoned by her son—she deserves nothing but contempt
    • Ha Won needs to stand her ground and stay by her man
    • Ji Woon survives the surgery and reunited with his Ha Won
    • I sincerely wish Hye Ji goes to Paris and finds success in her career; unfortunately I believe the writers have an alternative plan for this petulant character
    • Hyun Min successfully protects Haneul Group for Grandpa
    • Our thoughtful Seo Woo’s career blossoms and he finds a sweet love—possibly with Ja Young—our sweet knight deserves happiness!


    • Kellu says:

      Ji Woon had to stay in the hospital so they could make sure he didn’t get sick before the surgery. He can’t have any bacteria or viruses, or it will compromise him and the Chairman. Standard medical practice.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I have known many fashion designer wannabes and NONE of them would let the opportunity to study in Paris slip through their fingers! But no—what does she take away from the designer’s discussion—Hyun Min still cares for her…UGH!”
      * I feel your pain!

      “I❤ the Kang cousins solidarity—they are more alike than they realize. I had a Beautiful Mind flashback when the cousins simultaneously crossed their legs—it was reminiscent of the Power Ranger physicians’ synchronized turnabout! ”
      * I see the similarity too!

      “I was sooo sure they were going have Ji Woon hit by a car while in the crosswalk. I was relieved it didn’t happen and surprised Ha Won told Ji Woon “I love you”.
      * I had a similar worry. Cross walks are dangerous things in kdramas (e.g. Fated to Love You)

      Let’s see what the writers granted from our final episode wish lists!


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