Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 10 Recap

Our leading man takes a bullet for another.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 10 Recap

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Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) begs Hae Soo (IU) not to push him away. He begs her not to tell him to leave the palace. He begs her not to say he’s not misfortune incarnate. He grabs her shoulders and tells her that she can’t do this to him. “You are my person.” With tears in her eyes, Hae Soo tells Wang So that she is not his person. Wang So shakes her “You are my person. You cannot leave me. You cannot die. You are completely my person.” He kisses her. She pushes him away. He kisses her again, not taking no for an answer. He pulls away and looks at her. He sees the tears on her face and her clinched fists. He’s shocked at her reaction. Wang Sue grabs Hae Soo’s hands and leads her away. Wang Jung spots them riding away on a horse. He wonders what’s going on.

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) informs Eighth Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) that Wang So has left the palace with Hae Soo. Wang Wook can’t believe that Hae Soo would leave the palace. Wang Jung confirmed what he saw with the gatekeeper. Wang Wook is livid, leaving the palace is forbidden. Wang Jung points out that Wang So doesn’t care for such rules. He offers to go search for them. Wang Wook says he’ll go alone. Wang Jung refuses. He’s concerned what will happen to Wang So if it is found out that he is left with Hae Soo. Wang Wook agrees apologizing for thinking of Wang Jung as a child. He welcomes his help. Wang Jung smiles. Someone considered him an adult!

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Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) tells his new wife, General’s daughter, Park Soon Duk, that marriage not going to change his lifestyle. She tells him, in a language he doesn’t understand, that friendship and marriage will lead to a long lasting love. Wang Eun is frustrated by her quiet ways and declares he takes a lot of room in the bed. He flops into the bed alone. He falls asleep. She watches him sleep finding him adorable as he slumbers. She lays on the floor next to him. Wang Eun wakes and sees his wife sleeping on the floor. He’s upset that his love for Hae Soo will never be fulfilled. I do like this couple. Wang Eun is immature and spoiled, he reminds me of a 13-year-old boy. But Soon Duk loves him and is willing to give him the time that he needs to find his way to her. So they are both stuck in an unrequited love situation. He for Hae Soo, and she for Wang Eun. My odds on her winning his love.

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As Hae Soo and Wang So stare at the ocean, Hae Soo thinks to Wang So that they are no longer safe because they’ve left the palace. Wang So thinks to Hae Soo that if she wants to he’ll run away with her. I absolutely adore the way they think things to each other. While they are not telepathic the dialogue between them gives you the vibe that they just might be. And may I say that Wang So holding Hae Soo on horseback is romantic to me. From the first episode when he swept her up on horseback, whenever they are together on a horse is romantic. Wang So tells Hae Soo that he always wanted to bring her here. She looks at him and he looks at her. Does he see that the fear is gone in her eyes? Wang So tells her that when he was forced to leave he had to leaving this place hurt him. Wang So makes the points in rapid succession; he doesn’t bring misfortune, he doesn’t hurt animals, and he doesn’t hurt people without cause. He puts the power in her hands when he asks if he needs to leave now. Hae Soo tells him that she wants him to live with an easy heart. If he has to live outside the palace, she wants him to be happy. Wang So says he’ll be happy if she’s with him. Hae Soo points out that she can’t, she’s a court lady. Wang So declares if she stays in the palace, he’ll stay in the palace. Hae Soo finally admits that she has feelings for another. I’ve been waiting for her to say those words. They are her truth. She loves Wang Wook. This is the moment to be honest. Wang So asks if Baek Ah has her heart. She says it’s not Baek Ah. Wang So is relieved. He comments any other man he might have to kill. Dude you are not helping the cause speaking of murder. Hae Soo is startled. Wang So calms her fears when he explains that on the day that he saw his sister, the Princess beating her he considered her his person then and forever. He admits she’s the only one that saw him for who he was, there was never any need for explanation or excuses. Wang So says that he doesn’t believe that she’s afraid of him. He knows that she’s the only person on his side. Wang So, you are wrong. You have Baek Ah and Wang Jung. You just don’t count this as highly as Hae Soo. Wang So tells her that he’s not sorry for anything that he’s done; for taking her from the palace, for kissing her, for threatening her love for another man. He offers her a hair ornament telling her that he always wanted to give her something pretty. Hae Soo finally speaks and tells him that she just wanted to be his friend, she never asked for his heart. And she’s right about that. She’s never been romantic with him. She hasn’t misled him. She’s blind and an idiot for not falling for him, but her heart is with Wang Wook. Wang So tells her if that’s true, then try running away from me. Swoon! He puts her ornament in her hand and gives her a lovely smile. He tells her she can throw away if she likes. He strides away from her and down the beach. She looks out to the ocean. That was a great scene between the two of them. Wang So did most of the talking. But he’s the one that’s trying to convince the woman that he loves that she has hidden feelings for him, feelings that she can’t admit to herself. But if you think about Hae Soo, she’s impulsive but straightforward. In her mind, she loves Wang Wook, and anyone else is in the friend zone. What will happen to change her mind? She needs to change her mind. Why? Because Wang So is so freaking fantastic I want him he loved too.

Wang Jung and Wang Wook intercept Hae Soo and Wang So returning to the palace. Both are relieved to find Hae Soo and want her to return to the palace ASAP. Wang Wook wants Hae Soo to return with him. Wang So wants Hae Soo to return to him. He makes the point that the King gave Hae Soo to him. Wang Wook’s jaw tightens in anger. To avoid any hassles, Hae Soo says she’ll return with Wang So. She says if he’s willing to take responsibility for taking the out of the palace, it’s right that he do so. Wang Wook’s jaw tightens further. He can’t believe Hae Soo is choosing Wang So over him. Wang So can’t believe that Hae Soo is choosing him over Wang Wook. I don’t think that he realizes that Wang Wook is the man that Hae Soo loves. Wang Wook admonishes Wang So to take care of Hae Soo. As Wang Wook watches Hae Soo go away on another man’s horse, he vows that this is the last time she will be sent away from him. As a man that has waited to make a move, it’s about time Wang Wook takes some action to secure Hae Soo. He clearly sees he has a rival in Wang So. I’m excited for the possibility of Wang Wook doing something deliberate, focused, and with purpose. Just try and get her Wang Wook, let’s see what happens.

Wang So and Hae Soo meet Royal Concubine Oh as they return to the palace. Wang So immediately takes responsibility for taking Hae Soo out of the palace. Royal Concubine Oh is not impressed they did something so foolish. Wang So asks her not to punish Hae Soo. Royal Concubine Oh tells him it’s best that he leaves so no one see them together. He leaves. Royal Concubine Oh tells Hae Soo that covering his scar has opened a new world for Wang So, and in doing so she touched his heart. Royal Concubine Oh tells her that she’s on a slippery slope. Hae Soo asks what she should do. Royal Concubine Oh advises waiting until Wang So’s ardor has cooled.


Wang Wook joins Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) shooting arrows. Wang Yo hits the target without fail. Wang Wook misses the target shocking Wang Yo. His advice? Imagine someone’s face on the target, someone that you want to hurt. Wang Yo candidly says he imagines Wang So’s face on the target. He suggests Wang Wook do the same. Wang Wook says he doesn’t do that. He misses the mark again. Wang Yo states that their father has sent him on a mission that will likely kill him. Wang Wook says he’ll return safe and sound. Wang Yo agrees he will be back. He looks at his brother and slyly suggests they both have a common enemy now. Wang Wook looks at him unable to deny the obvious truth. Wang Yo walks away thrilled to have another ally against Wang So. Wang Wook stares hard at the target, imagines his enemy, and hits the mark. Wang Wook is mad that Wang So has a hold on Hae Soo. He should be upset. He helped create the situation by doing nothing and potentially letting his opportunity with Hae Soo slip through his fingers. Will Wang Wook take physical action against Wang So?

Princess Yeon Hwa and Wang Yo see each other before he leaves. He tells her that he will return and she needs to do some hard thinking before he gets back. She tells him she looks forward to his return.

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Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) tracks down Woo Hee. She’s a little miffed. She thinks he’s followed her. He claims he’s there to play music. He suggests they introduce themselves. She gives him a false name, but someone calls her actual name, Woo Hee. Baek Ah smiles now knowing her name. He’s got a darling smile. I like his pursuit of Woo Hee. Go for it Baek Ah! Win her heart!

Hae Soo and Wang Wook sit in their special spot. She tells him that she only went back to the palace with Wang So so he would not get in trouble. She’s worried he’s mad at her. He assures her he’s not mad at her. The person he’s mad at is himself. Seeing her leave the palace reminded him of when she was almost forced to marry his father. He doesn’t want to make that mistake twice. He tells her he’s going to ask the King for the right to marry her. That surprises Hae Soo. Wang Wook explains he’s got a lot on his mind and is worried about the future. Wang Wook tells her that she brought joy into his life. He wants to leave the palace, return to his old home, and give her the love he was never able to give his former wife. Wang Wook asks Hae Soo to be his wife. She runs through these thoughts; he won’t hurt me, he will love me, but what if he is killed by the next King? Wang Wook takes her pause as a negative and asks if she no longer wants to be with him. Hae Soo denies that. Wang Wook takes her face in his hand and asks her again to marry him. I’m glad to see Wang Wook stop thinking about Hae Soo and start doing something. Getting her promise to marry him is crucial. He wants to tie her to him so she can resist Wang So. Hae Soo couldn’t give a simple yes because she had to think about the ramifications. She hadn’t thought that she would marry in this new life. But the man that she loves asks her. She realizes that she could have a good life with him, if the next King doesn’t kill him. That’s a significant caveat!

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Before she can answer Royal Concubine Oh interrupts, not happy to find the two of them together. Royal Concubine Oh realizes that Hae Soo the girl that hid while the princes bathed. Royal Concubine Oh tells them if they were found out Hae Soo would suffer a severe punishment. She orders Hae Soo to leave with her. Alone with Hae Soo Royal Concubine Oh tells them they should leave the palace together. Royal Concubine Oh explains the doctor is said that she needs to take a respite from the palace. She offers to take Hae Soo with her. Hae Soo explains that Wang Wook asked her to marry him, and she wants to say yes. Royal Concubine Oh can’t believe her stupidity. Wang Wook cares for her, Wang So cares for her, could Hae Soo survive either one of them change their minds or battled each other? Hae Soo tells her that Wang Wook is constant and will never change. Royal Concubine Oh laughs in her face and says the palace changes everybody. Royal Concubine Oh admits that the man that she used to love, the man that rejected her, is now the king. As expected. Royal Concubine Oh says because she loved the king so much, she agreed to be a court lady. But she found out that she was trapped being his servant, and living in a quiet hell. She urges Hae Soo to leave with her and avoid the danger of the princes. Hae Soo blurts that Wang Wook wants to leave the palace and return to his former home. Without a desire for the throne, Hae Soo is confident they will be happy together. She has implicit trust in Wang Wook. Hae Soo is certainly fixated on avoiding the throne in the man that she loves. She’s also fixated in a man that won’t change. Once again she demonstrates her weakness, lack of long term vision.

Queen Yoo is thrilled to have a new plan to put the man she wants on the throne. Her advisor tells her to pretend to support Wang So. Wang Won assures her that he’s given Wang So documents about the Crown Prince’s uncle. When did he join team evil? Queen Yoo says that Wang Yo is almost ready to leave on his mention. She’s hopeful this new plan will yield the results she wants.

Wang So stops by to make sure that Hae Soo did not get punished. Hae Soo sees his scar and offers to cover it. As she applies the makeup she tells him that it’s natural that he would feel a closeness to the person that helped him overcome the scar. But he should not mistake her feelings for more than friendship. She wants him not to mistake his feelings for more than friendship. Wang So takes her hand and tells her things are not complicated for him. He doesn’t categorize his feelings as friendship or love. It’s all the same to him. That makes her nervous. He tells her it’s obvious that she’s trying to push him away. He assures her that won’t work with him. Swoon! He grabs her waist and pulls her to him. Swoon! He bends to kiss her but she puts her hand over her mouth the block him. He smiles that little smile and tells her that he won’t kiss her again without her permission. Swoon! He releases her. She glances up at him and sees the heat in his eyes. He smiles at her. I simply don’t understand why she doesn’t just cave and throw herself at him. I’d like to knock her out of the way and put myself in line. I absolutely adored his logic that friendship or love it was all varying degrees of the same thing. Perfect that he would feel that way. What will it take for Hae Soo to take him out of the friend zone?

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Wang Wook tells his mother, Queen Hwangbo, and his sister Princess, that he wants to marry Hae Soo and live a quiet life out of the palace. Princess is horrified that Wang Wook would leave his mother and his sister without his protection. Wang Wook assures her that there are ways that he can protect them. He tells his mother he doesn’t want to be king. He wants to live a simple life. Queen Hwangbo says that she’s never been able to deny Wang Wook anything. She tells him to make Hae Soo his wife. She warns him he hasn’t chosen an easy path. He thanks his mother for her support and leaves. Princess is livid that her mother didn’t stop him. Queen Hwangbo says that chasing the throne gets old fast. Wang Wook has had enough. Princess reminds her mother that she was blamed for the miscarriage of a court lady that the King loved 10 years ago. Everyone knew that it was Queen Yoo, but no one stood up Queen Hwangbo. Her mother urges her to stop panicking and living in fear of the future. Isn’t that exactly what Hae Soo is doing? Princess tells her mother that the time has come for her to take the spotlight and stop hiding behind her mother. This shocks her mother. Princess claims she will to seek the power behind the throne.

Princess goes to Queen Yoo, who is surprised by her visit. Princess tells Queen Yoo that as requested she stopping by because she’s got a funny story to tell her. Queen Yoo invites her to sit. You have to give the Princess credit. She’s not starting small. No baby steps for her. She goes to the most powerful woman in the palace. The woman she can’t trust, and a woman that will use her. Does the Princess have enough smarts to outfox Queen Yoo?

Wang Jung sees Hae Soo and gets her to assure him that all is well with her. He tells her he’s mad at his brother for whisking her away. She tells him it was a fun lark. Hae Soo tells Wang Jung that he needs to remember that while he grew up with love, Wang So did not. Wang Jung comments that since Wang So came to the palace his mother and Wang Yo have changed. Hae Soo chides him not to blame Wang So. Wang Jung doesn’t blame Wang So but knows that his presence has altered the balance of the palace. Wang Jung admits that without Wang So wouldn’t have seen what his mother and brother were really like. He wishes for the old days, when they all were happy. Hae Soo wishes for those days too.

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Baek Ah tells Wang So that taking Hae Soo out of the palace was a risky move. He warns his brother not to make trouble for Hae Soo or himself. Wang So assures him he didn’t mean to cause trouble. He admits he doesn’t know how to relate to people. Baek Ah says that he didn’t realize that Wang So cared for Hae Soo that deeply. Wang So puts his arm on Baek Ah and tells him that the two people he has in this world are Hae Soo and Baek Ah. Sweet!

Ji Mong bursts into the room and tells them that rumors are swirling that the Crown Prince’s family has stolen money. Many are calling for the Crown Prince to be deposed.

The Crown Prince defends himself among the gathered nobles before the king. He only learned about his family’s wrongdoing after the fact. His opponent tells him that he should have known what his family was doing and not be blindsided like everybody else. His opponent asks the king to consider deposing the Crown Prince. The king asks who would be next in line. The Crown Prince is shocked that his father would even entertain deposing him. The opponent suggests that Wang So would make the perfect Crown Prince. The surprises the king and the Crown Prince. The opponent states that Wang So doesn’t have a complicated family and recently won the people’s hearts because he made it rain. I beg to differ, Wang So has a complicated family.

Confirming that he’s an oily snake just like his brother Wang Yo, Wang Won tells the Crown Prince that Wang So knew about his family’s embezzling. Wang Won tells the Crown Prince he told Wang So personally. He never thought that it would put the Crown Prince at risk. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

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The king gathers the Crown Prince, Wang So and Ji Mong. The king tells Wang So he needs to leave the palace and return home. Wang So is startled. The king tells him that the Queen is positioning him to become the next Crown Prince in order to gain the power of the throne. Wang So assures the king that he would not collude with his mother. The king says you may feel that way now, but circumstances can change. Wang So remembers his mother telling him that he was only a shield for the Crown Prince in the king’s eyes. Wang So says his feelings don’t matter. The king says his feelings don’t matter either. He has to protect the path to the throne. If he has to cut down Wang So to do that, so be it. The king is blunt; this is the reality of palace politics. Wang So looks at the Crown Prince who says nothing. Undoubtedly he is disappointed that his brother won’t stick up for him. I’m impressed that the King is forthright with Wang So. He told him flat out that enemies of the Crown were using him and he had to remove Wang So to remove that threat. Harsh but true. The king showed respect for Wang So by being honest with him. Will Wang So realize that?

The Princess is ordered the court ladies to do something without the knowledge of Queen Yoo. What is it?

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Wang So storms into his mother’s chambers and tells her that he won’t be the instrument to depose his brother. Queen Yoo looks at him with innocent eyes and tells him that she only wanted him to achieve his wish to be king. Wang So tells her to stop lying about caring for him. Queen Yoo says that the Crown Prince will be dead soon, she’s already sent poison that will kill him. Wang So asks if she thinks he’ll keep this information to himself. The Queen asks if he’ll expose her. Wang So assures his mother he’ll take her down. Queen Yoo tells him she’ll claim she was only doing it to make him king. They’ve already submitted a formal proposal requesting that he become the next Crown Prince. She will say that it was a family decision. She looks at him and says that’s how palace politics work. She tells Wang So that if he stops the poison, he’ll put a noose around his own neck. Wang So tells her things won’t go her way. Queen Yoo says the Crown Prince will die by poison. Wang So asks how he could ever trust his mother. Queen Yoo says she trusts him, or rather his promise not to kill his brothers. That’s why she’s backing him. He stares at her. She smiles at him. She’s right, she just put a noose around his neck. How smart she is to use Wang So on multiple levels to achieve her goal. The ultimate is using his honor against him. A man is only as good as his word, and Wang So promise to never kill his brothers. That assures Queen Yoo that her precious sons be killed by him. That’s all she needs him to do until she can jockey one of them into supplanting Wang So. Queen Yoo is not dumb. She knows how to play the game.

Ji Mong wonders why the Crown Prince’s star is fading.

Wang Wook visits his wife’s memorial. He promises his her that he will love Hae Soo.


The royal family plays a game where they drink tea. The Crown Prince isn’t feeling well. Queen Yoo suggests that Royal Concubine Oh brew him some soothing tea. Wang So watches his mother believing that the poison tea will be brought to the Crown Prince.

The court lady that knows what’s going on asks Hae Soo to serve the Crown Prince the soothing tea. Hae Soo tells her that Royal Concubine Oh has forbidden her from serving the princes. Desperate the court lady drops a teapot to show that she’s unable to perform the duty herself.

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Carrying the soothing tea, Hae Soo encounters the newlyweds. She bows and greets Wang Eun. Uncomfortable with seeing her Wang Eun makes to pass her but his wife stops him saying that Wang Eun needs to acknowledge Hae Soo’s bow otherwise she stuck in a permanent bow. Unable to avoid it Wang Eun acknowledges Hae Soo. He tells her in the future to turn away whenever she sees him. He decides to head back to his rooms and tells his wife she can follow him if she wishes. The wife asks why Hae Soo did not become his second wife. Hae Soo is grateful that Wang Eun has such a caring wife. She recommends that she keep a close eye on him as he is easily manipulated. Irritated his wife tells Hae Soo that she’s got matters in hand.

The food tasters test the tea for poison by sticking a metal rod in it.

Unable to watch his brother die from the poison tea, Wang So tells the Crown Prince he’s got something to tell him. Queen Yoo looks at him and practically dares him with her eyes. Wang So starts to speak but sees that the court lady with the poison tea is Hae Soo. Wang So remembers his mother’s words that the court lady that brings the poison tea to the Crown Prince will die as well as the Crown Prince. This is a nightmare for Wang So. Queen Yoo stares at him. The Princess looks nervous. Hae Soo pours the tea for the Crown Prince. Wang So declares that he wants to have three drinks with the Crown Prince to strengthen their bond. The Crown Prince comments that there is no alcohol only tea today. He directs Hae Soo to take his tea to Wang So. Hae Soo does as directed. Wang So takes the teacup from her hand and deliberately drops it onto the floor. Hae Soo apologizes. Wang So assure the king the mishap was his fault. The Crown Prince orders Hae Soo to prepare a new cup of tea for Wang So. The Princess is still looking nervous. Hae Soo offers Wang So the tea. Wang So tells the Crown Prince that first he will drink to his longevity. He drinks the tea and drains the cup. Hae Soo offers Wang So another cup of tea. Queen Yoo stares daggers at her son. The Princess looks decidedly nervous. Wang So tells the Crown Prince that he will next drink to his fortune. But he starts to feel the effects of the poison. He drinks the second cup of tea. Now Wang So realizes that the cup wasn’t poisoned, but the tea was. I thought it was the tea all the way along so I missed the clue that it was the cup that was the poison element. He won’t die, he won’t die. This is only episode 10, he won’t die. Wang So looks at Hae Soo and thinks that he’s drinking poison that she poured for him. Hae Soo notices that his hand is shaking when he takes the tea. Wang So tells the Crown Prince that no matter how people try and tear them apart he drinks to their continued friendship. He drinks the 3rd cup of tea. His hand is shaking as he gives Hae Soo the empty cup. The Crown Prince petitions his father to see the loyalty and love of his brother’s heart. He asks his father to keep Wang So in the palace and not send him away. Hae Soo leaves to go get more water for the tea. Wang So follows her with his eyes knowing it could be the last time he sees her. Wang So turns to address his father. He hides the fact that his arms and hands are shaking. He tells his father he’ll step away for a moment. Slowly he makes his way but blood appears in his mouth. He’s in trouble. He won’t die, he won’t die. This is only episode 10, he won’t die.

My Thoughts

Tangling with a tiger can get you killed. Queen Yoo is the master manipulator of the palace. She was truthful with Wang So probably for the first time. But he couldn’t stop her and drank the poison intended for the Crown Prince. Will he live? I sure hope so.

Hae Soo (IU) considered Wang Wook’s marriage proposal. Hae Soo is seeking a man that won’t change. A man that will kill his brothers. She’s in love with Wang Wook and she believes that he won’t change, and he won’t kill his brothers for a potential marriage partner. Wang Wook’s proposal did surprise Hae Soo. But the only prime item in this episode is the relationship between Hae Soo and Wang So. I was glad to see they got on better footing after he whisked her to the ocean and brought her back safely taking the responsibility for his actions. I was glad that she finally admitted she had feelings for another man.  I was glad to see that she told him that he was misplacing love for friendship. I was equally glad with his response that one was just a variant of the other. At least I’m not the only one frustrated by Hae Soo. Royal Concubine Oh knows that Hae Soo is in a dangerous position wanted by two different princes. Everyone wants to save Hae Soo. Sometimes I wish she would just save herself.

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) drank the poison intended for the Crown Prince. He miscalculated believing that it was the cup that contained the poison. He eliminated the cup by dropping it, but unfortunately he was wrong in the poison was in the tea. He drank 3 cups of poison for his brother. He stared daggers at his mother knowing that she was responsible for this. He stared at Hae Soo thinking that he would never see her again and she administered potential death. The Princess stared at Wang So in horror. I assume she knew that he was drinking poison tea. Did Wang Won know the tea was poisoned as well? But it is Wang So’s heart that never fails to capture mine. His desire to make Hae Soo his had him sweep her up onto his horse, which is incredibly romantic, and take her to the ocean. He’s honest with her in a way that he is with no other besides Baek Ah. He took responsibility for his actions. He told Hae Soo that he would not kiss her until she wanted. He told his mother that he would not allow her to use him. Even when he saw the terrible price that he had to pay, he paid. I love Wang So, he has touched my heart.

Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) finally took action and asked Hae Soo to marry him. He was less than excited about her hesitation. He told his mother that he intended to leave the palace and live a quiet life with Hae Soo. What parent doesn’t want their child’s happiness? Wait a minute I think we all know that Queen Yoo could care less about her child’s happiness unless it is Wang Jung. But Queen Hwangbo isn’t built like Queen Yoo. She wants Wang Wook to be happy. She saw that the burden of the throne had been borne too long by her son. She loved him enough to set him free.

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) was not happy to be married.  He acts as if he were a young boy. He so in love with Hae Soo that he can’t see his wife for the wonderful person she is. I feel like he’s wasting my time. Grow up!

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) cares. He cares about Hae Soo, Wang So and his brothers.

Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) met the mystery woman again. This time he learned her name. I’m all for Baek Ah finding love. But what I enjoy the most about him is his honest friendship with Wang So and Hae Soo.

Ninth Prince Wang Wook (Yoon Sun Woo) joined team evil. He’s scum.

Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) doubted Wang So. The Crown Prince was told that Wang So plotted against him. There seems to be very few people that are honest in the palace. Everything is a power-play. The Crown Prince is a nice guy, but he’s got the biggest target on his back. Wang So is a true supporter of the Crown Prince. Will Wang So live long enough for the Crown Prince to realize he could have trusted Wang So implicitly?

Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) tried to do a mind trick on Wang Wook to hate Wang So. He’s scum.

The seventh song of the OST is “A Lot Like Love” by Baek A Yeon. Check out the video below.

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8 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 10 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    BAEK AH—Baek Ah is crushing on Woo Hee, even though he thinks she is a gisaeng.

    WANG EUN—Won Eun was a scamp pushing away his wife, who is completely adores him. He is going to have to grow up sooner or later. At least it looked like he felt a bit guilty about hogging the bed leaving her to sleep on the floor.

    ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON THE CROWN PRINCE—Wang Won finally found relevance being an ally to the Evil Queen to implicate Wang So in the plot to kill the crown prince and set up Wang So and Hae Soo. Why couldn’t he stay irrelevant? What could be his motivation? Surely he isn’t stupid enough to think the Evil Queen would allow him to take the throne. Despite what the Evil Queen told Wang So, I’m sure her plans are to enthrone Wang Yo.

    It is a sad commentary on the royal family that many of them feel they need to take the throne to survive. Doesn’t Yeon Hwa see what her mother has gone through courtesy of Queen Yoo? Why in the world would Yeon Hwa ally herself with the Evil Queen? What does Yeon Hwa mean by being a “god above the king”? Women had limited power in those days…is she delusional enough to think she can rise above the king? I’m not sure she can outfox the Evil Queen. Wang Wook will not take her participation in framing Hae Soo and affiliating with the Evil Queen very kindly—it will likely cause a huge rift.

    It is incredible how callous Wang So’s mother and half-sister, Yeon Hwa, were as they knowingly stood by watching Wang So drink the poison not saying a word or attempting to stop the poisoning.

    QUEEN HWANGBO & YEON HWA—I was stunned to discover Queen Hwangbo and family had been exiled from the palace do to her being framed by Queen Yoo. I thought it was a self-exile to protect her family from the Evil Queen—the exile probably has kept them safer. It seems to me the King seems to be very much aware of what goes on in the palace, but turns a blind eye to injustices by Queen Yoo to avoid conflict..hmmm…Is the King trying to be judiciously diplomatic or is he simply a coward?

    CONCUBINE OH—Concubine Oh busted Wang Wook and Hae Soo for their secret meeting. I didn’t fully realize Wang Wook was putting himself in as much jeopardy as Hae Soo. In attempt to protect Hae Soo, Concubine Oh related her tale of loving the King, demonstrating the similarity of their situations. I want Hae Soo to leave the palace and its intrigues behind to help Concubine Oh recover. It may be too late for that since the occurrence of the poison tea.

    WANG WOOK—Was Wang Yo trying to form an alliance with Wang Wook? Whoa what a deadshot when Wang Wook imagined Wang So as his target. Emulating Wang Yo is not a good thing. Wang Wook is a thinking man who is slow to take action that is why he keeps missing opportunities to free Hae Soo from the palace. Seems he is growing a spine and is ready to take action now he finally realized Hae Soo’s value to himself. This prince seems to take too long to deliberate and take action, I’m not sure he is up for the task of rescuing Hae Soo. A little less talk and a lot more action Wang Wook!

    WANG SO—Wang So seemed to be taken aback recognizing fear in Hae Soo’s body language after he was so confident in Hae Soo’s reciprocation of his feelings. Based on their prior interactions, Hae Soo had accepted him as-is, which he took as accepting him.
    Who knew it was so risky for both Wang So and Hae Soo to leave the palace grounds? WJ and Wang Wook went into action to Hae Soo. To his credit Wang So did his best to set things right after his impulsive action.

    Wang So’s ability to quickly make a decision and take action is a characteristic that sets him apart from Wang Wook. Knowing that food and beverages for the King and Crown Prince are tested for poison, he broke the teacup, thinking it was the source of the poison. He could tell by his mother’s reaction the poison was in the tea and he drank it anyway. I don’t think Wang Wook would have had the cajones to knowingly drink the poison—the crown prince would be poisoned before he finished making an assessment of the situation. I know things look bad for Wang So and Hae Soo, but we are only halfway through the series and I don’t think they would kill off either of these two this early in the game. I think Wang So’s decisive action will end up being Hae Soo’s saving grace and solidify her relationship with Wang So.

    HAE SOO—I agree the tandem horseback ride was romantic! ❤ Color me surprised Hae Soo admitted to Wang So that she has feelings for someone else—even though she didn’t say who, I thought it obvious to everyone it is Wang Wook. What’s up with Wang So threatening to kill that someone?

    She is caught between the affection of two princes, which is a very precarious place for a court lady. On top of that, Hae Soo is Yeon Hwa’s target. If the Evil Queen had any clue of what Hae Soo means to Wang So, Hae Soo would be in her crosshairs as well.

    Be forewarned @KJT–while you are knocking down Hae Soo, I'll be making the beeline to Wang So! 💋


  2. Kelli says:

    My reaction throughout this episode was ‘Damn!’ every time Wang So was on the screen. That makeup scene had me swooning just like you were. I would be putty in his hands going I don’t know this other person I had feelings for. He’s direct, knows what he wants, and takes action.

    Oh Wook wook wook, I’m sorry for him really. A lifetime of constantly analyzing a situation before acting is causing him to fall behind.

    When Baek Ah came around the corner to his mystery lady, I was giggling hardcore. They’re so adorable together.

    That scene of So drinking the poison willingly was so powerful, and painful to watch. The look on his face when Soo was giving him the poison….I tried not to cry. He’ll definitely survive. I wonder if this will cause Hae Soo to realize she doesn’t want him to die.

    For her to change from Wook would have to be something like that coupled with him breaking one of his promises since that’s what she’s hung up on. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing them play with her still having feelings for Wook, but being completely So’s. Then again, she could get out of the way for the rest of the female population that wants him.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Kelli I’m thrilled I’m not alone in finding Wang So “swoonable”. I would dazedly tell Wang So the other guy was just a passing fancy.

      “He’s direct, knows what he wants, and takes action.”
      He’s pure catnip!

      Baek Ah is a nice guy and I mean that as a positive. This couple could get more screen time in my book.

      “For her to change from Wook would have to be something like that coupled with him breaking one of his promises since that’s what she’s hung up on.”
      * She is particular about her men living up to her expectations.

      “Then again, she could get out of the way for the rest of the female population that wants him”
      * I’m betting the line is long. I think I’m near the front because I fell for him in the first episode.


  3. Wang So is totally swoon worthy but his crazy side is coming out just a little too fast for me but that being said it never hurts to be crazy while looking totally gorgeous 🙂 From the previews for the next episode it looks like Hae Soo is about to have a near death experience,I sure hope she will be a little more careful after this,she frustrates me with how oblivious she is to the perils she is facing in the palace. Lady Oh should stage an intervention!


    • Kelli says:

      I think she had built up a false sense of security at Wook’s house that the prince’s favor would save her.

      So can keep going on with his crazy, sexy self.

      When I went online to see the scene they posted over night, I saw the preview for ep 12. OMG. They just need to release them all. The wait to next week will be torture.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree the Hae Soo does not seem to notice what she stirs up in her wake.


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