Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 13 Recap

Cinderella’s residence in the castle is in jeopardy. Can her knight in shining armor save her?

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 13 Recap

Ji Woon “I’ll be the one to get closer to you from now on.” Ji Woon strides to Ha Won kisses her around his waist and up his back and she kisses him back.

Ji Woon and Ha Won are all smiles as they drive home together. Ha Won worries that maybe she should go home separately. Ji Woon says we haven’t done anything wrong and keeps on driving. Ha Won’s friend calls her upset that Ha Won is dating Seo Woo. Ji Woon pulls over and Ha Won pulls up an article stating that Seo Woo’s latest song is about Ha Won. She tells Ji Woon that it’s not true.

When they get back to the mansion, understandably Ji Woon is jealous. He notes that the photographs of the article showed certainly had Ha Won and Ji Woon looking cozy. Ha Won says that’s not the issue now. She asked Ji Woon to promise not to say that they are dating. He’s floored. He tells her the dating scandal is an about them, it’s about her and Seo Woo. He wants an explanation but she says there’s nothing to talk about. She begs him not to tell anyone there dating especially Grandfather.

c4k_ep13_3a c4k_ep13_2b c4k_ep13_2a
When they enter the mansion, Grandfather, Assistant Lee, and Seo Woo are waiting in the living room. Seo Woo immediately tells his Grandfather the article is untrue. Ha Won assures Grandfather she’s not dating Seo Woo. Grandfather once Seo Woo to confirm that he’s not dating Seo Woo, because if he is, Ha Won will be removed from the household. That gets Ji Woon’s attention. Grandfather explains to Seo Woo and Ji Woon that if Ha Won dates any of them, she has to leave the mansion. In addition to leaving the mansion, she would have to cease all communication with those that live in the mansion. Ji Woon looks at Ha Won, now understanding why she begged him to keep quiet about them dating.

Hye Ji manages to get home driving Hyun Min’s car. Hyun Min looks like it’s been the most nervous ride of his life! Hye Ji warns him that he got his way today, but he better not strong arm her again.

Grandfather tells Seo Woo and Ji Woon that just because Ha Won lives among them, she’s not one of them. Seo Woo declares Grandfather’s words rude. Ji Woon says that Grandfather only knows how to buy people considers family pawns in business.

Ha Won’s friend meets Seo Woo. Through tears she tells him that if he wants to date Ha Won, she’s okay with it. She gives him the rundown of Ha Won’s quirks. Seo Woo has to smile and tells her not to worry, the article is false. Ha Won’s friend perks up immediately.

c4k_ep13_4b c4k_ep13_4a
Ha Won finds Ji Woon sulking in his father’s work room. She tries to cajole him but he’s angry and asks how she could so easily sign such a restrictive contract from Grandfather. She smiles a pretty smile and tells him she had no idea that things would get romantic between the two of them. Ji Woon is unhappy because he just wanted to focus on their new relationship. But now because of the contract and its rules, things are complicated. He tells her to get the contract an old. He wonders whether or not she even wants to date him. Fed up with his whining, Ha Won notes that in the beginning Ji Woon was horrible to her. Ji Woon retorts, so that’s why you wanted to date Seo Woo. Ha Won agrees that Seo Woo was the only cousin nice to her. Now she goes on the offensive and asks if anything is going on between Ji Woon and Hye Ji. Ha Won notes that she’s tired of seeing Ji Woon and Hye Ji together, doesn’t he know it bothers her? He asks if she’s jealous. She asks if he’s jealous. She strides away frustrated. He gets a goofy grin on his face after she leaves. Ha Won is just too cute for Ji Woon to stay mad. Even their play fights are darling.

Grandfather’s wife (and Assistant Lee’s mother) goes off alone in her car, not knowing that Assistant Lee is following her. She shops for clothes at the children’s store. She buys bag after bag of clothing. She drives to an orphanage. The children rush out thrilled to see her and call her mom. The workers come out and say the children have been anxiously waiting for her arrival. She tells the children that she brought presents this time instead of food. They go inside the orphanage. Assistant Lee sits in his car stunned at what he just saw.

After his mother leaves the orphanage, Assistant Lee approaches the director and asks about the woman he saw delivering gifts. The director says that he’s called mother by the children. The director says that she started coming when she lost her young son and said that she wanted to show the orphanage children the love she couldn’t give her own son.

Driving home Assistant Lee remembers the rest of what the director told him. She said that his mother claimed to be a terrible mother, who couldn’t even manage take care of the only son she had. The director also said that having the orphanage children call her mom, could never compare to the mom of her only son.

Hyun Min follows Hye Ji as she takes her way to Ji Woon’s secret room.

Ha Won frets about the things she said to Ji Woon and what he said to her.

c4k_ep13_5b c4k_ep13_5a
Ji Woon finds Hye Ji packing up her sewing gear from his work room. She explains that because they’ve had a falling out she doesn’t think she should work there anymore. She asks if Ji Woon caught up with Ha Won. Ji Woon confirms he and Ha Won had a good outing. He tells Hye Ji that he and Ha Won are dating. He says no one else knows that. He indicates all her sewing gear and says that it was Hyun Min that packed her items away in storage, then gave Ji Woon the key so she could retrieve her items. Hye Ji is surprised by that. Ji Woon says that K-2 worries about Hye Ji.

When Ha Won goes to the workroom, she sees Ji Woon leading Hye Ji out of the room. She frets that maybe she and Ji Woon aren’t compatible.

Ji Woon finds Ha Won and admits he can’t stop thinking about what she said to him earlier, about him being mean to her when she first moved into the mansion. Almost under his breath he utters “I’m sorry.” Ha Won gets a big smile on her face and asks him to repeat those difficult words. He repeats the words loud and clear she chides him that saying you are sorry shouldn’t be so hard. Ji Woon also tells her that his relationship with Hye Ji, is completely different than the relationship he has with her. Ha Won starts to explain about her relationship with Seo Woo. Ji Woon cuts her off, takes her hand, smiles a little smirky smile, and tells her he simply overreacted. That puts a smile on her face. These two are cute when they just have the time to do it right!

Ji Woon takes her to the kitchen and they cook together. Ji Woon takes the opportunity to put his arms around Ha Won while she is cutting vegetables. She frets that someone could see them. He tells her it’s too late for anybody to come into the kitchen. She pushes him back anyhow. He jokes that his girlfriend can resort to extreme measures. When they sit down to eat the food together, Ha Won is impressed declaring everything delicious. She comments she could go for a beer. Ji Woon says they better not drink. Ha Won smiles remembering the time they both got drunk. She tells Ji Woon that his personality is completely different after he gets alcohol in him. She chides him that he can’t remember what happened when they went on vacation and got drunk. Ji Woon declares he remembers everything he makes a kissing face to Ha Won. Ha Won gets irked that he lied that he couldn’t remember their kiss. Ji Woon suits her by telling her that he didn’t want to make things awkward between them, so he pretended not to remember their kiss. Ha Won spots Seo Woo coming into the dining room and literally shoves Ji Woon under the table. Ha Won tells Seo Woo that she’s looking forward to the article refuting the article that they are dating coming out. Seo Woo offers to eat with her. Flustered, but trapped, Ha Won invites him to join her. Poor Ji Woon has to listen to the banter.

c4k_ep13_7b c4k_ep13_7a
Ha Won’s father gets a phone call from a caller asking window get the reward for revealing Kang Young Jin’s location. The caller tells him that his wife took the contact information. Ha Won’s father shows up at Kang Young Jin’s work location. Angry, he asks con Young Jin if he met with Ha Won. He asks how the father daughter. Kang Young Jin tells him that Ha Won is not his daughter. Ha Won’s father doesn’t believe him. He tells Kang Young Jin that he and his wife were having an affair. Kang Young Jin denies it saying that the only thing he and his wife did was open a tae kwon do dojo together. Ha Won’s father asks why his wife died at his apartment. Kang Young Jin states that his wife was there to discuss dojo business. Ha Won’s father refuses to hear him and says that they were planning to run away together. Kang Young Jin denies this maintaining the dojo was the only thing they had in common. Ha Won’s father asks why Kang Young Jin’s sold the dojo. Kang Young Jin admits that he was knee-deep in debt, and selling the dojo was a quick way out. Kang Young Jin says that Ha Won’s mother went to confront him at the apartment, but got killed rescuing the next door neighbor from her apartment which was drenched in flame. He says that Ha Won’s mother took the ring from the woman that she saved. Later, Ha Won’s father feels terrible that he hated his wife and Ha Won without knowing the whole story.  Not the strongest explanation I’ve heard, but at least it is an explanation. No, I don’t care that Ha Won’s father feels bad about his unfair behavior.

Ha Won texts Ji Woon to meet her in his father’s workroom. Ji Woon is in excited that they have to steal away to see each other. Ha Won asks Ji Woon why he dislikes Grandfather. Ji Woon admits that his mother was a simple woman, and he never could understand how she and his father got together. He explains he came to the mansion to find some answers. He says when he came to the mansion, he found traces of his father. He shows Ha Won the camera with his father’s name engraved. He says there’s no film in the camera. Ha Won takes the Cameron pretends to take a selfie of the two of them. She is surprised when her father calls her.

c4k_ep13_8b c4k_ep13_8a
Ha Won meets her father who apologizes for his misunderstanding about her mother’s behavior. Ha Won tells him that she trusted in her mother’s good behavior. Ha Won is sweet and understanding. With tears in his eyes her father apologizes for doubting her, or her mother. Ha Won takes his hand and tells him it’s time to go home. He tells her that he had no idea how mean stepmother and stepdaughter were being to her. He tells Ha Won that he can’t ignore the fact that he’s married to stepmother. He asked Ha Won for some time so he can convince stepmother and stepdaughter open their hearts to her and their home. Ha Won is fine with waiting. I would not have been that generous, but it is in keeping with Ha Won’s personality.

Angrily Ha Won’s father confronts his wife asking if she went to see Kang Young Jin. She admits she did it but only because he was looking for Ha Won’s father, she thought doing this on her own initiative with save him time. Stepmother says that she just trying to get some money from Kang Young Jin as compensation for all the dollars they spent raising Ha Won. Angrily, Ha Won’s father yells that Ha Won is his biological daughter. Stepmother is gob smacked. Stepdaughter is gob smacked. He demands that they tell him how they been treating Ha Won. Stepmother realizes her marriage is on the line and falls to her knees. She motions her daughter to do the same and they beg his forgiveness.

Banished to the porch, where Ha Won left for all those years, stepdaughter and stepmother wonder how Ha Won survived in this tiny cold room. They cry hoping Ha Won’s father won’t kick them out permanently.

c4k_ep13_9b c4k_ep13_9a
Hyun Min and Hye Ji think about her birthday, which is the same day as her brother’s birthday. Flashback to when he was young…Hyun Min remembers giving Hye Ji’s brother a present and Hye Ji crying because it was her birthday too (they are fraternal twins). Hyun Min promises to get Hye Ji a present next year and she smiles.

The next day Hyun Min sees Hye Ji leaving the mansion. She’s vague about where she’s going.

Grandfather’s father asks Assistant Lee why Grandfather doubt her. Assistant Lee doesn’t know. Grandfather’s wife asks if Assistant Lee thinks she’s cheating on Grandfather. Assistant Lee refuses to form an opinion. She asks him to share a meal. He refuses. She gives him the tie. She says something nice from her is long overdue. She leaves. Assistant Lee stares at the box with the tie. You know he’s going to wear the tie don’t you?

Hye Ji goes to a realtor to find an apartment. He tells her without a security deposit, the choices are slim. Hyun Min calls and wonders where she is. He notes it’s her birthday. She tells him she’s meeting friends. Little does she know that Hyun Min is watching her lie.

Grandfather watches two lovers embrace. He smiles. But when he sees the woman is Ha Won and the man is Ji Woon, he’s not happy.

At the mansion, Ha Won heads in first but turns and makes the heart symbol to Ji Woon. He laughs. How darling! He spins her around and hugs her. Seo Woo sees them hug. Assistant Lee comes up behind Seo Woo and blocks his view of the couple.  Seo Woo truly is the nice Knight.

Seo Woo pours out lyrics to a song. He recalls Grandfather’s edict that Ha Won date no one at the house.

Seo Woo notices Ha Won’s happy mood. She asks for “a friend” what kind of gift a guy would like. Seo Woo knows the guy is Ji Woon and the “friend” is Ha Won. Seo Woo tells her that a guy doesn’t need a gift, he only wants to be with the woman he cares for. Ha Won chides him that he must be writing a new lyric for another love song. Seo Woo looks at her knowing that she never knew he cared for her romantically.

Grandfather calls Ha Won and asked to see her.

Hyun Min is looking for Hye Ji and finds a note from her to Ha Won. The note reads that she is sorry and apologizes for her bad behavior. Worried, Hyun Min starts driving around the city stopping that host tells boarding houses, but he can’t locate Hye Ji. He pulls over to the side of the road and looks at the picture of himself, Hye Ji, and her brother.

c4k_ep13_11b c4k_ep13_11a
Grandfather tells Ha Won that he’s disappointed in her, he knows she lied to his face. Ha Won puts her head down and apologizes to Grandfather. He asks where she’ll go. She doesn’t know. He says he has a choice for her. He asks what will she choose: her future or Ji Woon? Grandfather promises that if she leaves the house and forgets about Ji Woon, he’ll support her financially. He says that she’ll finally be able to get college paid for. He says that her relationship with Ji Woon is so new, it probably won’t last. He asks if she understands what she must do. She leaves. As Ha Won walks away, she cries.

Flashback to the past… Grandfather remembers Ji Woon’s mother’s father packing up all their belongings with Ji Woon’s mother by his side. We see her wedding ring. Ji Woon’s wife’s father told Grandfather that it was difficult to serve him, but he appreciated the opportunity. Later Grandfather’s  son, Ji Woon’s father, is not happy to learn his father kicked them out of the house. Grandfather tells his son that his lover didn’t love him as much is she thought, because she took the money and ran. Grandfather says he told his son be wary of poor people looking to leach off him. His son retorted that Grandfather was a coward to play with people’s hearts by using his money.  Grandfather told his son now he’d find out how terrible it was to live without money. Grandfather opens his desk drawer and pulls out the wedding ring from his son, Ji Woon’s father. Again we have an explanation, not the most impactful plot point, but at least we’ve got a reason why Ji Woon’s father left the mansion and his life. So we must infer that Ji Woon fell in love with the help’s daughter. That ties directly to Grandfather’s opinion that he expressed that Ha Won could live at the mansion but she’d live be of the same social caliber as his grandson.

c4k_ep13_12b c4k_ep13_12a
Hye Ji sits alone in a park. Hyun Min finds her. He demands to know what she’s doing. Hye Ji tells him to mind his own business. She notes a playground is the perfect place to say goodbye. Flashback to Hyun Min giving Hye Ji a ring and asking her to marry him. She told him she’d answer in 10 years. In the present, Hye Ji tells Hyun Min her answer to his proposal is now. Hyun Min is okay with that. He asks her to return to the mansion. She refuses. She has no reason to go back to the mansion. She lies she’ll live with her Uncle. Hyun Min tells her he knows that she’s been looking for cheap accommodations. Hye Ji doesn’t want his pity. Hye Ji declares that Hyun Min disappeared from her life before, and she missed him madly, but he treated her with disdain when he returned. Hye Ji tells Hyun Min he shredded her heart. She asks if he liked toying with her. He surprises her by admitting he missed her madly too. He admits that he’s wanted to hold her, care for her, much more than she did. Hyun Min declares that he treasured her and loved her. Hyun Min is adamant that they can never be together. Hye Ji is confused. Hyun Min finally admits when her brother died 10 years ago, Hyun Min was with him. Hyun Min admits he saw her brother get hit by the car, but he panicked and left. He calls himself a coward. Hye Ji sees this is why he rejected her, deceived her, ignored her. She agrees they should never be together or see each other again. She walks away crying. Hyun Min stands there stunned.  Again we have an explanation, not the most impactful plot point, but Hyun Min’s guilt over running away from Hye Ji’s brother accident scene caused him to reject the person he was and Hye Ji too. Hye Ji rejecting Hyun Min when learning the truth seemed fitting.

Ji Woon’s phone slides into an unused portion of his father’s workroom.

c4k_ep13_13b c4k_ep13_13a
Assistant Lee appears in front of Grandfather, wearing the tie his mother gave him. Oh no! Grandfather is relieved to hear his wife’s activities were begin but he staggers when he recognizing the tie. Grandfather orders the concerned Assistant Lee out of the room. Assistant Lee leaves.

Grandfather’s wife is pleased when her son joins her for a meal.

Ji Woon gets his phone and notices a photo album filled with pictures of his parents. He’s stunned. There is proof his parents were happy. He’s stunned again when he sees that his mother lived at the mansion.

c4k_ep13_15b c4k_ep13_15a
Assistant Lee’s mother is enjoying the meal. She puts her hand on Assistant Lee and thanks him for coming. Unbeknownst to them, Grandfather is watching. Grandfather staggers. Assistant Lee and his mother see Grandfather. He sinks to the ground.

Hye Ji walks the street alone.

Hyun Min stands in the playground.

Ji Woon struggles with the realization of the photo album. He leaves the workroom.

Ha Won packs her belongings.

My Thoughts

The writers’ decided this was the episode to reveal almost everything. The secrets came fast and furious.
* History repeats itself. Grandfather kicks Ha Won out of the mansion for her romance with Ji Woon just like he kicked Ji Woon’s mother out of the mansion years ago.
* Hyun Min tells Hye Ji that he rejected her because he saw her brother get hit but a car but ran away. He admits he loved her but knew his cowardly ways cost them a future together. Hye Ji agrees.
* Assistant Lee accepts the tie from his mother. Grandfather feels betrayed and assumes they are having an affair.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) agreed to keep his relationship with Ha Won a secret when Grandfather revealed he’d kick Ha Won out of the mansion for dating. He didn’t want to hide, but his concern for Ha Won made him agree. These two are the best part of the show. They are cute together. Ji Woon got the shock and background of his parents when he found the album. He didn’t know his sweet mother lived at the mansion. Does he see the parallel treatment Grandfather is dishing out to Ha Won?

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) got kicked out the mansion. She felt bad for lying to Grandfather whose terms were harsh, leave and sever all relationships with the Kang cousins. At least Grandfather was upfront with her, and she knew this was a condition of the job. In an instant Ha Won’s father realized that Kang Young Jin did not have an affair with his wife and Ha Won was his daughter. He apologized to Ha Won who refrained from saying “I told you so”. That didn’t make it right with me, but Ha Won accepted her father’s apology. The impact of this reveal was minimal.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) admitted his secret to Hye Ji. Unfortunately, the impact that he witnessed her brother’s hit and run accident wasn’t a big moment either. I feel sorry for Jae Hyeon being saddled with this dreadful storyline.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) learned Hyun Min’s secret. She agreed this couldn’t be together. I hope she keeps her word. She’s not good enough for him.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) learned Ji Woon and Ha Won are involved. He was sweet about it. I feel sorry for Jung Shin that he is saddled with this boring storyline. At least Seo Woo is the consistently nice Knight.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) finally had a meal with Grandfather’s wife (his mother). Watching his mother at the orphanage changed his mind about her and he choose her over Grandfather. What will the price of his disloyalty be?

Part 9 of the OST is “Confession” by Lee Jung Shin who portrays Seo Woo and is a member of CNU. Check out the video below:

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5 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 13 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    The writers should thank the stars above the Park So Dam and Jung Il-Woo are so freaking adorable together. You couldn’t help but smile and giggle when they were on screen.

    Honestly, they decided to rush all these plot points in one episode, but spend five episodes on the Hye Ji nonsense? Makes no sense.

    Either I’m really good at storyline guessing, or this was predictable, but I did call that necklace belonging to Ji Woon. It’s a very pretty design. I wonder if they’ll ever explain it.

    Ah Hyun Min. Hye Ji is boring. You deserve so much better. I can’t wait for you to mature up, and be one hell of a Chairman. Snatch that title from Madam’s hands.

    My heart sank seeing Assistant Lee wearing the tie. I didn’t want Grandfather or him hurt by her caniving ways.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that Hae Won and Ji Woon are the bright spot of the series. The chemistry between Park So Dam and Jung Il Woo is terrific. They seem to communicate more like real people.

      Good call on the necklace.

      Hyun Min might make an excellent Chairman. Give him something to do besides mope!

      I think the orphanage visit by his mother, cracked open Assistant Lee’s heart. Will he regret it?


  2. Grandfather is proof that even as we get older it is pretty hard to manage our volatile emotions.He is like a teenager when it comes to evil grandma jumping to conclusions and acting all irrational until he cannot even see the bigger picture which is that she is after his fortune. @Kelli you are right about the rushed plot points.A few previous episodes were wasted on Hye Ji’s uninteresting problems before the writer woke up and remembered there were other threads to tie up before the show ends.Then the mad scramble to explain everything at once began in episode 12 and has continued through episode 13 and will probably extend to episode 14 too.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I concur. The pacing of this drama has been subpar.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I ❤ Ji Woon and Ha Won together! We finally got to see a decent kiss 💋 between them. Sweetie Seo Woo covered for our lovers no to avail.

        I could not agree any more with @Kelli about the writers dragging on the Hye Ji nonsense episode after episode and then rushing all the plot points now. I am blown away the pacing has been so messed up—this is a pre-produced series! I expect better planning and execution than a series filmed and broadcast on the fly.

        The necklace did not reveal Ha Won's paternity, but at least her doubting father has had his suspicions resolved and revealed the true owner of the necklace. Finally we have the connection between our favorite lover’s mothers and their deaths. I’m guessing Ji Woon’s mom’s ring being hidden in the necklace was to conceal it from the chairman. We also saw Ji Woon’s mom went through being evicted from Sky House, just like Ha Won is now. It looked like Ha Won did not give gramps an answer yet…at least that we have seen. On the plus side, the stepmom and stepsister have been punished, so it looks like Ha Won will have a place to go.

        Is Gold-digger Granny pursuing a relationship with her son now that she snagged her big catch (Grandpa Moneybags)? My heart also sank when gramps saw Yoon Sung wearing the red tie. Catching them together with his wife caressing Yoon Sung’s had was a huge misunderstanding. Will gramps survive to hear the truth? Will he listen to the truth? Will the truth make a difference to him? Will he fire Yoon Sung? I think his wife is a gold-digger, but Yoon Sung has been nothing but loyal, except for the omission of his maternity. If money comes first to Grandpa Moneybags, he may be left all alone with his piles of money.

        This may not be the general opinion, but I feel bad for Grandpa Moneybags. He feels like everyone is betraying him–he doesn't understand choosing love over money. He has spent his life so wrapped up in money that those who should be precious to him end up coming in second place to money. Grandpa Moneybags clearly does not understand love. Did all of his sons run away from his control, like his grandsons seem to be going leaning? How long will it a take for Grandpa Moneybags to understand people are more important than money?


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