Beautiful Mind Review


Beautiful Mind Review

Nutshell Summary

Beautiful Mind is a 2016 Korean drama with an intense leading man, Young O (Jang Hyuk), who battles the label of psychopath. He finds his “wi-fi” / supportive person in leading lady, Jin Sung (Park So Dam) who helps him trust in his ability to love.

Nutshell Pluses:


1. Intense leading man.
Young O was arrogant in the beginning of the series. He was driven by the need to prove his expert status and renounce the monster label. When Young O hit rock bottom he found an ally in Jin Sung, whose gentle support helped Young O evolve. The show purported that Young O did not have empathy. The show purported that Young O’s frontal lobe was altered. But the writer, Kim Tae Hee, was not clear in the scripts on these plot points. This caused many, including myself, to doubt their validity. Only the writer knows. The murky writing begged debate by those that watched. The comment sections of the recaps lit up with superb discussions on “emotions”,  labels of “psychopath” versus “sociopath,” and character machinations (Min Jae in particular). I thoroughly enjoyed these conversations.


2. Story was dark and compelling.
 The leading man had a label of psychopath. People judged him with the preconceived notions of a psychopath first and by his actions second. It made me think about how we are all labeled in society – at work, at home, and in the world. Often other’s perceptions and our actions match the label we wear. It is unusual to consider such things when watching a kdrama. Young O and the hospital began as a dark place full of people pursuing their own agendas and using others (co-workers, patients, politicians). It evolved to a degree but the management was rotten through and through. The writer lightened the series in episode 8 by injecting humor, focusing on Young O’s evolution and backing away from the rotten core of the hospital. This changed the tone in the latter half of the series.

Nutshell Minuses:

1. Story morphed into a happier clone of its early darker self and left unanswered questions when the network, KBS, eliminated 2 episodes due to low ratings below 5%. Decisions like this are driven by money. The tone of the show changed in episode 8 due, I suspect, to pressure from the KBS to lighten the show to increase ratings. When that didn’t drive ratings upward, KBS decided to eliminate 2 episodes. Dramabeans article gives KBS some latitude stating “…Beautiful Mind bears some responsibility for its fate — not for its ratings…but for its messy, disorganized start when it delayed filming for weeks while Jang Hyuk finished up activities in China and Park So-dam wrapped up her prior project, Cinderella and the Four Knights. And KBS did its part in buying time, trying to strong-arm Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho into an extension and then scheduling in a short 4-episode mini-drama Baek-hee Has Returned at the last minute. Had Beautiful Mind been able to premiere on time, it would have cleared the Rio Olympics and I bet KBS would have let them run the full course…” I think the Rio Olympics were an excuse. The timeline KBS gave notice to the production team was tight. KBS dropped the bomb Friday 7/22. Episode 11 and 12 aired Monday 7/25 and Tuesday 7/26, leaving the writer and production team 1 week to revamp and shoot/reshoot Episode 13 and 14 which aired Monday 8/1 and Tuesday 8/2. I wonder how much money KBS “saved” by eliminating 2 episodes.

2. Characters got away with evil and bad behavior. The no accountability poster child was Chairman Kang. The best thing he did was force the murdering Doctor Chae to turn himself in to the police. Of course this was self serving on Chairman Kang’s part. Dr. Oh, bitter about being stuck in a wheelchair by his actions, also got away with lying to Young O’s father for a decade.

The Characters that worked for me:


1. Young O (Jang Hyuk). 
Several actors were offered the role (Kim Soo Hyun, Yoo Ah In, Lee Jong Seok, and Choi Jin Hyuk) but they all declined. Jang Hyuk took the demanding role and made it uniquely his. One of Jang Hyuk’s strengths is the subtlety that he brings to scenes. Jang Hyuk made me care for the emotionally wounded, discriminated, and targeted Young O. What Jang Hyuk does with his eyes, his body stance, the inflection of his voice, brings a character to life. As the series progressed Jang Hyuk revealed the humanity of Young O and I was “all in” wanting this character to discover the potential that he’d not thought possible his entire life.


2. Jin Sung (Park So Dam).
 This police officer was initially heavily involved due to the hospital deaths. She went to the sidelines until she became Young O’s “wi-fi”, then this character blossomed. One of my favorite moments was in episode 9 when Jin Sung told Young O was the most hopeful person she knew. I’m sure Young O did not think of himself as such, but Jin Sung helped him reevaluate himself and discover his untapped depths.


3. Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung (Heo Jun Ho).
Young O and his father was the pinnacle relationship of this show. This character was not likable. His cold behavior towards Young O was difficult to watch. As the series progressed “who is the monster” was an underlying question. Gun Myung was revealed to be an abusive father who drugged and brainwashed Young O into believing he was a monster and harangued Young O not to become a surgeon. In a brilliant twist Gun Myun learned his fundamental belief about Young O was wrong and his treatment of his son was reprehensible. Then the writer allowed this character to evolve. In the end he accepted his son, praised his son, and sacrificed for his son. Young O saw it for what it was, and was touched. I was touched too.


4. Nurse Jang and the Surgeons.
 The hospital staff weren’t fans of Young O until he started to evolve and the writer changed the tone of the series in the second half. Nurse Jang had two stellar episodes with direct interactions with Young O. She was forthright. He learned to respect her. He asked for her help. Initially the cadre of surgeons were jealous of and negative to Young O. But they lightened up creating a camaraderie that was a fun part of the show especially when Young O was accepted.


Do I recommend this series?
 Yes. This show worked for me. The writing made me think. The acting made me feel. The evolution of Young O was gripping. This character demanded a great actor to make this character likable, lovable and someone you rooted for. Jang Hyuk delivered a stellar performance.


The OST has 2 songs in a 2 part OST. This show wins shortest OST! See dramawiki for details. My favorite is song is “Dirt” by Bernard Park. The playlist is embedded below or check it out via the link.

1. Dirt by Bernard Park
2. I’ll Hold You by Nu Ri

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15 comments on “Beautiful Mind Review
  1. Beez says:

    I’ll keep this wrap up review to refer to now and then since it looks like it’ll be a long time before I can re-watch anything.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Is that because you are swamped watching so many dramas now?


      • Beez says:

        Nope.This is the least I’ve ever watched since I started K-dramas. I’m watching Jealousy Incarnate, the absolutely wonderful Moonlight Drawn from Clouds, and I’m about to start K2.

        I arrived in Michigan 3 weeks ago and am helping to take care of my bedridden 94 year old aunt has left me zero time to even have a personal thought. I’m taking a break and staying at my son’s house right now so catching up on the K world. And, I have boxes of stuff at my aunt’s, boxes of stuff at my son’s, most stuff in storage and can’t wait to close on my own new house so I can have my own space and base of operation. Whew! I think you’re recapping K2 and I’ll be joining you guys but I’ll probably be late on every episode.


        • kjtamuser says:

          You have a lot going on! You’ve got to take care of yourself while you are taking care of others. We are here when you have the time. BTW, I’m enjoying Moonlight Drawn from Clouds too.


          • Beez says:

            I’ve missed you guys. I also want to watch the Lee Joon ki moon scarlet or whatever series and i think I’ve noticed emails that you’re recapping that too. But since I had to choose…I’ve been waiting for Ji Chang Wook for too long. 😀


            • kjtamuser says:

              We are still here. I am enjoying Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It is more Shine or Go Crazy while Moonlight is much lighter.
              Ji Chang Wook is worth the wait. I’m digging The K2. His eyes, his body, his acting, it’s all good!
              We all have to prioritize our viewing time. If only we had infinite hours in a day to watch as much as we wanted.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I’m excited about K2, but it will be a few days before I get to it. I’m putting Moonlight drawn by clouds on the short list. I appreciate getting recommendations from everyone!

        Beez, looks like it will be awhile before you are settled in your own place. Hang in there.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Beez says:

          Thanks JT. I lurve me some Drawn By Clouds (warm fuzzies) but I am all over The K2! I am SO GLAD it’s good (so far). I hope it stays that way cause y’all KNOW I’m watching JCW even if it takes a “whirlwind” turn for the worse.


  2. prettysup says:

    Thanks for the review! I did not managed to find any K-dramas worth watching now that BM is over. Scarlet heart and K2 are on my list to watch but I am taking it slow. Already gave up on W halfway through. Now I am venturing into C-dramas instead.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Nice wrap up of the series! @KJT you did a great job incorporating the salient points brought the reviews and commentaries. While the network and writers missed some opportunities to make the story more consistent and compelling, it was a great series thanks to the characters you featured and the actors that portrayed them. Despite it’s short comings, I would recommend this series. The characters were intriguing and well played.


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