Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9 Recap

Our leading man is blindsided by the person he never thought would betray him.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9 Recap

As Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) approaches the dais it begins to rain! Everyone is stunned! Ji Mong laughs with triumph. His plan worked! Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) is happy. Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) loves the rain, he can ask for Hae Soo to return to his house. Queen Yoo stares at Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun), livid at the turn of events. Wang So turns and looks at Hae Soo (IU). She sees a vision of him smiling an evil smile. Hae Soo wonders if she just helped the prince that will kill his brothers become the next King. Queen Yoo strides away in anger. The people dance in the streets. Wang So turns and we see the makeup has been removed by the rain and the scar is unveiled. Baek Ah, Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo), and Ninth Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) wonder who did Wang So’s makeup to cover his scar. Wang Wook knows who did it. He looks back at Hae Soo who is staring intently at Wang So. Baek Ah declares that heaven chose Wang So. As Wang So completes the ritual, Hae Soo decides that Wang So is indeed the King that will kill all his brothers. Wang Wook continues to stare at his brother. As Wang So makes his way through the streets on the palanquin the people praise him for saving them. Hae Soo tries to convince herself that covering the scar will not make Wang So King. He was destined to become King long before she ever hurtled back in time. Wang Wook finds Hae Soo and tells her the King will surely grant to request to celebrate the rain. Hae Soo is dazed and asks Wang Wook if she just helped Wang So become King. She stares at Wang Wook and says he has to be safe above all.

Wang Yo sits in his mother’s room stewing about the injustice of Wang So being “chosen by heaven”. He rages it should’ve been him making it rain, not Wang So. Queen Yoo storms into the chambers, slaps Wang Yo, and admonishes him for losing a golden opportunity. She angrily says he should have grabbed the opportunity no matter what he had to do. Queen Yoo barks that his job is to increase her power becomes King. She focuses on Hae Soo and all the women in Royal Concubine Oh’s palace. Wang Yo can’t believe that his mother cares more about her own power than his. Did he just get a rude awakening? Is this his first glimpse that he is merely a pawn in his mother’s quest for power?

Wang So, the Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho), and King Wanggun meet. The King tells his son that he accomplished a minor miracle. Wang So demurs and says he only did it in his brother’s stead. The Crown Prince says someone had to step in for him. The King says it’s been too many years since Wang So showed his true face to the world. He tells his son to go forth without the mask and show his face and his confidence. The King tells his son to help his brother the Crown Prince become even stronger. Thrilled at his father’s words, Wang So assures his father that he will do this. Ji Mong listens a broad smile on his face. The destiny he hoped for is being shaped in this moment. One of the things that makes Wang So appealing to me is the fact that he isn’t only concerned about himself. He has no secret desire to kill the Crown Prince and replace him. His secret desire is to heal the wounds that his parents and his family inflicted upon him. Today was a major step forward in that regard with his relationship with his father. The Crown Prince should be thrilled to have Wang So support him.

Wang Wook asks Hae Soo if she covered Wang So’s scar. She confirms she did. Wang Wook tells her while it was against the rules to touch the face of a prince, what she did will be forgiven. He assures her that Wang So’s special moment today does not change the fact that the Crown Prince will be the next King. Hae Soo is relieved to hear this. But she wonders how will the Crown Prince be replaced by one of the brothers. She’s oblivious when Wang Wook says that it’s been too long since a court lady has been released from her service. He’s positive the King will grant his request. Hae Soo isn’t listening, she’s only focused on the future and the man who will be King next. She dashes away.

sh_ep9_2b sh_ep9_2a
Hae Soo goes to Ji Mong and asks if he knows who the next King will be. Ji Mong says the Crown Prince will be the next King, if nothing happens to him. Hae Soo asks who will be the King after that? Ji Mong states that Hae Soo herself said it will be Wang So. Hae Soo denies that she knows this for certain, she made the claim without thought. Ji Mong mentions that one day he died from drowning but came back to life. That gets Hae Soo’s attention. Ji Mong says that his mother noticed that after he came back to life, he was different, wiser beyond his years. Ji Mong admits that he’s never shared this with anyone, but sometimes he sees flashes of what the future may hold. He’s seen a big bird (a plane) that carries people in the sky. Hae Soo wonders if Ji Mong is from the future just like she is. Ji Mong knows that Hae Soo died and came back, just like him. He wonders if she has the gift of seeing the potential future like he does. Ji Mong tells her the time is come for her to ask the question that she most wants to hear the answer to. Hae Soo’s mind whirls, will Wang So become King, will he kill his brothers, what will happen to Wang Wook, etc. Instead Hae Soo asks what she should do. Ji Mong quickly assures her that she must not do anything. He advises her not to insert herself. She says that she might be able to stop bad things from happening. She asks if Wang So’s future is different now. Ji Mong claims not to know the answer. He says that fate may or may not be affected by what we do. Again he tells her it’s best if she just leaves this alone and let it play out the way it will.

sh_ep9_3b sh_ep9_3a
Princess Yeon Hwa finds Wang Wook staring at the rain and tells him he should of been the one to do the rain ritual instead of the Crown Prince. She notes that Wang So will now get their father’s trust. Wang Wook agrees that is the next logical thing that will happen. Princess says that Wang So will now make things different. Wang Wook notes that Hae Soo had the same opinion. Wang Wook thinks it’s only fair that Wang So have a moment in the sun considering all the hurtful treatment he received in the past. Wang Wook says that Hae Soo is the one that helped cover the scar. Frankly I’m surprised he’s telling his sister this. Everyone knows that she hates Hae Soo. Wang Wook says Hae Soo fears the future now. Wang Wook knows a new opportunity will reveal itself to him. He wonders what it will be. That’s the most introspective and focused on politics that we’ve seen Wang Wook be.

sh_ep9_3d sh_ep9_3c
Hae Soo walks in the rain thinking about things. Wang So surprises her by pulling her into a hug. She startled and pulls away. Wang So can’t believe her skittish reaction. He assures her it’s only him. She says that she was frightened because he caught her unawares. She apologizes. He tells her not to worry about it. He’s on cloud nine when he tells her that for the first time in his life he was able to call the King father. Wang So smiles broadly and says for the first time in 15 years his father saw his face, his father encouraged him to be confident, all the pain from past treatment disappeared. Wang So says he will support the Crown Prince just like his father asked. Wang So says that everyone’s nice to him and thankful, no one is calling him a scary beast. He looks at Hae Soo with tenderness and tells her he helped make this moment magical. Hae Soo stares at him and wonders could Wang So possibly be cruel enough to kill all his brothers? If you think about it, the only answer is yes. Wang So proved that driven by the right motivation, he’s willing to commit mass murder. I reference the destruction of the assassins in the temple to protect his mother. Hae Soo tells Wang So that should he ever become angry, he must express it and not kill anyone. He chides her for lecturing him in a beautiful moment like this. He puts his hand out and lets the rain wash over him a beautiful smile on his face. Hae Soo tells herself that she can make sure that no one gets hurt. What a treat to see Wang So happy and grinning. He didn’t just give us the partial half smile, we got the full teeth blazing smile. Hae Soo believing that she’ll be able to change the future, is highly unlikely. She’s not going to be able to follow Ji Mong’s advice to stay out of it, is she?

The King tells his General that he’s considering selecting one of his sons to be the General’s daughter’s husband. Ji Mong suggests Wang Jung. The General, who wants Wang Eun, says that Wang Jung and his General’s daughter, Park Soon Duk are too similar. Ji Mong suggests Baek Ah who is known to be one of the handsomest Prince. The General says that Baek Ah may be to pretty. The King suggests Wang So. The General states that while they both like killing animals, they’ve never met, and have no affinity for each other. The General gets irritated when Ji Mong suggests Wang Wook and barks that they overlook Wang Eun. The King and Ji Mong are both surprise that the General wants Wang Eun.

The King enters the pavilion where all the princes are gathered. He tells them that they’ve all been working hard, especially Wang So. The King wants to thank Wang So with a gift. Wang So says what he wants is Hae Soo. Her head jerks up, startled. In fact, all the princes are surprised by that request. The King agrees that keeping Hae Soo close to Wang So will help him and so orders her to become a senior court lady. The King commands Hae Soo to become an active assistant to Wang So. Hae Soo accepts the King’s command.

The King tells everyone they’ve got something else to celebrate, a marriage. He says that the General’s daughter will soon be marrying Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun). Wang Eun is blindsided and tells his father he does not want to get married. Wang Eun suggests other older brothers would be a better fit. He falls to his knees and tells his father he’d rather die than marry the General’s daughter. That doesn’t go over well with the King, who doesn’t like his orders challenged. He asks Wang Eun if he’s really willing to dishonor his father by not obeying. The Crown Prince inserts himself and says that Wang Eun is so overwhelmed he doesn’t know what he’s saying. He urges his brother to acquiesce and accept the King’s order. Wang Eun looks at Hae Soo and then realizes he has no other choice. He stands and accepts his father’s command. The marbles he had hoped to share slip from the sleeve of his robe, his care free days are now over.

sh_ep9_4c sh_ep9_4b
Wang Won tells his brother Wang Eun that all will be well. They happen upon a group of soldiers around two people fighting. Wang Eun’s eyes widened in shock when he sees the two fighters are his brother Wang Jung and his betrothed the General daughter. He’s even more shocked when Wang Jung flips his fiancée but then she flips his legs out from underneath him. The soldiers cheer and lift her on their shoulders calling her a great soldier. Wang Jung tells his brother that he’s the luckiest man to marry such a woman. Wang Eun strides away yelling that he doesn’t want to marry a soldier.

sh_ep9_5b sh_ep9_5a
The mystery Princess that Baek Ah met and that chastised him for not feeling the plight of the people struggles to master knives. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The General’s daughter could totally amp up the martial arts skills of all the princes’ women. She hears some beautiful music and finds her groove and beautifully dances with the knives. She goes to investigate who is making the beautiful music. She surprised to find Baek Ah the group of children surrounding him as he plays that haunting song. One of the children spots her with the knives and gets up startled. Baek Ah shuttles all the children behind him to protect them. The mystery Princess says she’s not there to hurt them, she was just practicing the knife dance. Baek Ah gives the children treats and they scamper off happy. Baek Ah looks at the mystery Princess and realizes that he’s seen her before. The happy music plays and a big smile crosses my face. I’m a Baek Ah fan and his happiness matters. Baek Ah tells her that she owes him for the drawings that she ripped up. She counters that he was a money insect. Ha! She tells him that he’s more interested in what the nobles think of him. He counters that even she couldn’t resist his music. He cuts to the chase and suggests they introduce themselves. He goes first and introduces himself as Baek Ah. She scoffs with disbelief. He turns his back and says that he really is Baek Ah. Unbeknownst to him, the mystery Princess is signaled by her men and she leaves. When Baek Ah turns around announcing that he’s the 13th Prince, she’s gone. But she left something behind and he’s intrigued. He can’t believe that a woman that he’s met twice is so opinionated about his life and how he’s living it. I’m onboard with Baek Ah having a romance. I’m onboard with mystery Princess having some moxie. Bring it on writer!

Wang Wook meets Hae Soo. She gives him a sleeping robe. He hands her a notebook. She tries to look excited about receiving a book she can’t read. He chuckles and shows her that the book contains pictures and it when you flip the pictures the scene moves, a.k.a. an early cartoon. Hae Soo is charmed with the gift. Wang Wook says because Wang Eun he was getting married the King will not grant the release of a court lady. Hae Soo tells him they will have another chance. Wang Wook is not so sure they will have another chance. Hae Soo tells him if he’s willing to wait, she’s willing to wait. But she thinks to herself that they may really be in trouble, and they may never have a chance to truly be together. Wang Wook hugs her and tells Hae Soo that he loves her. She hugs him back, a contented smile on her face. Truly this couple has a sweetness that is hard to beat. But Wang Wook has blown it, and the chance to be with Hae Soo may never come again.

Concubine Oh tells Hae Soo all the tricks to taking care of the King. She offers Hae Soo some unsolicited advice and tells her to be wary of Wang So. She says that if Hae Soo cannot give Wang So her whole heart, she needs to be clear about that. Concubine Oh sees that Wang So cares for Hae Soo, but any rejection by Hae Soo could make him turn ugly. Hae Soo wonders if she should abandon Wang So. Concubine Oh tells Hae Soo that she needs to give up the fantasy that she can change him. People are who they are. And those that think they can change another, are bound to be disappointed. That is sound advice. A leopard doesn’t change his spots, and Hae Soo shouldn’t think that being around Wang So, she can make this wounded man a gentle man.

Worried about Wang Eun, the General’s daughter, asks Hae Soo to talk to him. Hae Soo doesn’t want to get involved, every time she does it ends badly. The General’s daughter says that she’s even open to Hae Soo becoming Wang Eun’s second wife.

Wang Jung and Baek Ah are outside Wang Eun’s room. Wang Jung considers breaking the door down with a knife. The General’s daughter arrives with Hae Soo in tow. Hae Soo tells Wang Eun to open the door or she’ll never speak to him again. The door opens and Hae Soo enters the room. She finds Wang Eun drinking to dull the pain of a marriage he doesn’t want. He claims that she doesn’t understand his pain. But she does. She knows he likes her but now has to marry a woman he doesn’t like. Wang Eun surprised that she understands. He asks her to be his second wife and promises to care for her above his first wife. Hae Soo rejects the offer and says that whoever she marries, she won’t be able to share him with any other woman. In that moment Wang Eun realizes that Hae Soo never would’ve accepted him as a romantic interest. I’m glad that Wang Eun saw the truth and stopped believing his fantasy. Hae Soo is being gentle and sensitive with Wang Eun because he is young. It served no purpose to crush him by telling him she did not care about him in a romantic way. He figures it out on his own, and must accept the truth.

Hae Soo has a vision of Wang Eun with an arrow in his chest and Wang So killing some of the other princes. Wang So and Wang Wook notice the shocked, almost terrified look on Hae Soo’s face. She runs away and Wang Wook takes after her. When she falls he’s by her side in an instant. She grips his arm and tells him to watch out for Wang So. She says they may all die. Wang Wook takes her by the shoulders and asks what she’s talking about. With a tear rolling down her face Hae Soo says that she needs to leave and get away from this palace. Wang Wook hugs her and tells her he’ll take her away. That surprised me. Wang Wook has not been a bold person, and fleeing the palace with Hae Soo would be a bold move.

The King calls Wang So and Wang Yo to see him. He tells them that he has new assignments for both of them. The King tells Wang Yo that he’s going to send him on a trip to inspect all the grain storage in the country. Wang Yo notes that the last General that inspected the grain storage came back dead. The King says this is Wang Yo’s chance to show that he can make a difference. Wang Yo agrees to do his father’s bidding. The King tells Wang So that the armies that Wang Yo commanded are now under his control. Wang So agrees to do his father’s bidding. Wang Yo writhes in silent anger. Later Wang Yo asks Ji Mong if the King is tossing him aside. Ji Mong tells him that the King gives the hard tasks to the people that he trusts the most. Wang Yo isn’t buying it. So Ji Mong lays it on the line, Wang Yo has coveted the Crown Prince’s role since birth, and now he has to find his own place in the world. Wang Yo tells Ji Mong to watch him carefully, he may be surprised where Wang Yo ends up in the power echelon. Personally I like Wang Yo getting shaken up. He has to come from behind his mother’s skirts and take an assignment that he doesn’t want and is dangerous. If there’s one prince that could kill all his brothers, it’s Wang Yo.

Wang So is clearly uncomfortable invited to a family meal with Queen Yoo, Wang Yo, and Wang Jung. Queen Yoo tells Wang So that she so proud that the King now trusts him. She likes the fact that he is no longer wearing the mask. It’s a dream come true. If she were Pinocchio, her nose would be 5 feet long. Sweet clueless Wang Jung declares that he’s never had the opportunity to eat with his entire family. Wang So notes that when Wang Jung was born, Wang So was already banished. Wang Yo urges Wang So to let bygones be bygones. Queen Yoo puts a piece of meat on Wang So’s rice and Wang So chokes in astonishment. After dinner Wang Yo and the Queen reveal their true intentions. Wang Yo tells Wang So that he will have opportunities to be one on one with the Crown Prince. The inference is obvious. The opportunities mean chances to kill the Crown Prince. Wang So chuckles that the truth is now revealed. Queen Yoo is blunt “kill the Crown Prince.” Wow! That is bold and surprised me. Queen Yoo calmly tells Wang So that he’s already killed for her in the past. She asks if he’ll do it again. Sweet clueless Wang Jung tells his mother that she should not joke around like that. Wang Yo is equally blunt, if they don’t kill the Crown Prince, they will all die. Wang Jung is adamant the Crown Prince would not kill his brothers. Wang So asks his mother if this is what she wants. She confirms it. He agrees to do it. BUT once he’s killed the Crown Prince, Wang So will become King not Wang Yo. Wang So vows to protect Wang Jung and Wang Yo. Not happy with the deal on the table, Wang Yo notes that if he’d performed the rain ritual he’d be the chosen one. Wang So counters that heaven picked him not Wang Yo. Queen Yoo scoffs that Wang So was chosen to be sacrificed for the rain ritual. She says Wang So doesn’t see how the King uses him to shield the Crown Prince, the son he really cares about. Wang So stares at his mother and tells her that he knows exactly what he’s doing and why. He tells her not to bother inviting him to the next family dinner. He leaves. Wang Yo tells his mother they must cut ties with Wang So. Angry, Wang Jung asks why his mother why gave birth to sons when she planned for them to hate each other. He leaves.

Wang So reels from the dinner. He tells himself he was foolish to expect anything else than what he got.

Hae Soo is worried and upset.

Wang Wook thinks about Hae Soo’s warning to be careful of Wang So.

Hae Soo gets a breath of fresh air. She’s startled when Wang So approaches her. She tries to leave but he grabs her. He asks her to let him hold her for just a moment. She pulls away and says he scares him. He’s surprised. He notes that in the past she’s vowed she was not afraid of him. Hae Soo shouts that things are different now. She knows he won’t change. She knows he’ll ruin everything. She knows he needs to live the palace. Upset that Hae Soo has turned on him, he begs her not to push him away. He begs her not to tell him to leave the palace. He begs her not to say he’s misfortune incarnate. He takes her shoulders and tells her that she can’t do this to him. “You are my person.” With tears in her eyes, Hae Soo tells Wang So that she is not his person. Wang So shakes her “You are my person. You cannot leave me. You cannot die. You are completely my person.” He kisses her. She pushes him away. He kisses her again, not taking no for an answer. He pulls away and looks at her. What will he say? What will he do?

My Thoughts

Family politics are messy. Wang Eun is must marry or die. Wang Yo must leave on a mission that could kill him. Wang So must guard the Crown Prince and received an assassination request from his mother. Hae Soo believes her premonitions about Wang So and warns Wang Wook to be on guard.

Hae Soo (IU) couldn’t escape her visions of Wang So murdering his brothers. Her faith in Wang So is severely shaken. She fears for the princes’ lives. She cannot change Wang So. But what she doesn’t realize is that rejecting him, now when he’s gained his footing and faith in himself will blindside him and crush him. Her rejection may change Wang So. Hae Soo loves Wang Wook. Wang So made a move at the worst possible time. Will Hae Soo succumb to Wang So?


Deleted Scene Ep 8 “Almost Kiss after Makeup Session to Cover Scar”

Redbutterflys mentioned in the comments that the international version has less scenes than the Korean version. A quick google reveals this to be true. For example, in episode 8, when Hae Soo applies the makeup Wang So stares at her intently unnerving her. After the makeup is complete, Wang So grasps her shoulders and almost kisses her. Hae Soo stands there like a deer in the headlights. But after he leaves, it is clear she’s affected by him. In the comments section of dramabean episode 8, feignedreality noted “It has become a habit for me to live stream the SBS version and never have I been more disappointed [at least, so far] about the missing scenes from DF than today’s episode. That scene after the Wang So make-over(?) where he grabs Soo and goes all smexy and possessive was just fire! Why in the world would anyone edit that out? I am so baffled by the editing team”. Why indeed?

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) stood tall but got kicked by the person he trusted above all. He was riding high. His father bounced Wang Yo and put Wang So in his stead. His popularity with the people registered when he had been previously negative in the polls. He asked for and was granted keeping Hae Soo by his side, declaring her “his person.” He didn’t see Hae Soo pulling away from him, unsettled in his presence. When she clearly told him he would ruin the future, he could not believe it. Hae Soo had been his advocate from the beginning. Wang So grew to trust and love her. But now she said things similar to his mother. Desperate to change her mind, he kisses her. It is like he believes he can will her to revert to the woman that he knew just a day before. Even when she pushes him away, he can’t accept the rejection and kisses her again. But it’s no good, Hae Soo is frozen in fear of what he’ll do in the future. How will Wang So handle her rejection?

Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) missed the opportunity to ask for Hae Soo. Wang So beat him to the punch by asking the King for Hae Soo. Wang Wook was unable to do anything and realized the Hae Soo might never be his woman. He confessed his love for Hae Soo. I note she did not return his sentiments. He puzzled over Hae Soo’s warning about Wang So.

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) was not happy to be betrothed to the General’s daughter.  He doesn’t see himself a match for her. The betrothal destroyed his fantasy of becoming romantically involved with Hae Soo. He offered the position of second wife to Hae Soo but she declined. Only then did he see that Hae Soo had never viewed him as a romantic interest, only a friend.

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) got a rude awakening. He couldn’t turn a blind eye to Wang Yo and Queen Yoo bluntly asking Wang So to kill the Crown Prince. Wang Jung told his mother off. Was it the first time he’d ever disagreed forcefully with his mother?

Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) met the mystery princess again.  He was drawn to her but she vanished yet again. I like their vibe. I hope they get more screen time.

Ninth Prince Wang Wook (Yoon Sun Woo) appeared this episode. He has little impact.

Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) has a powerful ally in Wang So. The Crown Prince should thank his lucky stars that Wang So is supporting him. The Crown Prince did insert himself to save his brother when he rejected the King’s proposed marriage partner.

Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) got a one-way ticket out of the palace courtesy of the King. I enjoyed the King giving him the assignment that was not only dangerous but also far away. He was shocked to be on the receiving end of his mother’s slap. The family dinner was more like a recruiting meeting. But my favorite moment was Wang Yo and Wang So’s confrontation.

The sixth song of the OST is “Can You Hear My Heart” by Epik High (featuring Lee Hi). Check out the video below.

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15 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    As yet again in this episode, Wook does the talking, and So does the walking(note I was saying this in my head with my Christopher Walker voice). Wook’s bold proclamation of taking Soo out of the palace threw me. Not his style. Bet anything So gets her out next week after the last scene.

    I was not a fan of what So did by kissing her, and don’t endorse it. I could see the hurt in his eyes when she said those things. She’s judging him on things he hasn’t done yet on what garbled sense of history she remembers. I don’t buy her fear of him based on almost nothing.

    There’s been something bugging me about Wook. Why was he and his family banished from Songak when Myung Hee met him? That’s pretty severe. The scene where he and Yeon Hwa were talking felt a little more sinister I guess is the word I would use. He had irritation in his voice to me.

    I punched the air both when Wang Yo was getting the wind knocked out of his sails by both King and Queen. Then when Jung got angry with his mother. Both sons may be starting to wake up.

    Round of applause to Grand General for putting his daughter’s feelings above his own desires. He can stay around.

    Beak Ah deserves romance times 1000. He puts a smile on my face every time he is on screen, and the princess is a good fit for him.


    • kjtamuser says:

      LOL with your Christopher Walker voice.

      I took Wang So’s kiss as a kind of desperate measure to shock her to see they would be great together. He was positive she’s the one for him. But fear overwhelmed her.

      Wang Wook openly wondered where he’d fit in. He’s never seemed interested in climbing the power ladder. I took his tone for curiosity but he did speak slowly.

      I like the General too! I like his daughter as well.

      I’m rooting for Beak Ah to find happiness. He is kind, fair, and truthful. He makes me smile too!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Having premonitions is a new occurrence for Hae Soo; I am curious as to why she blindly believes them enough to be terrified and warn Wang Wook. I agree with @Kelli, that Ha Soo’s fear is not justified–Wang So has done nothing to warrant such a harsh judgement.

      Soon Duk’s sparring skills were a turnoff for Wang Eun, but a turn-on for Wang Jung—his dream girl! Hae Soo will never reciprocate Wang Eun’s feelings towards her. I do feel bad this carefree soul has no choice in getting married or to whom, I’m sure Hae Soo can relate to this due to her recent brush with matrimony. As an outsider I think Soon Duk is perfect for him—he just doesn’t realize it.

      Our renaissance prince, Baek Ah, may have met his match with Yoo Hee, the princess of Baekje…hmmm it is reminiscent of SOGC’s princess of Balhae.


      • kjtamuser says:

        I concur that Hae Soo’s fear is not justified. But she’s in a panic because she believes she might have the power to alter the future (and she might have by covering Wang So’s scar) and she cares for all the princes. Panic does not allow logic.
        Soon Duk is perfect for Wang Eun. She can be the protector/provider that an innocent like him needs.
        I hope Baek Ah finds love. He deserves it.


  2. Hae Su annoyed me so much in this episode ,her lack of brainpower was very evident this time around. Her very horrible reactions towards So maybe the catalyst for all the crazy events that she wants to avoid. Self-fulfilling prophecy anyone?


    • Kelli says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way about Hae Soo this episode. She most likely is causing the problem she is panicking about.


    • kjtamuser says:

      It was the case of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was irked at Hae Soo for her “turn brain off” fear of Wang So. But she’s impulsive and doesn’t always think things through. She was unable to heed Ji Mong’s advice let it play out. She’s been worried about the King that kills all the brothers. Her premonitions that directly pointed to Wang So as the murdering King which scared her. Her fear clouded her judgement. I’m worried about Wang So’s reaction.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. PotatoDonutQueen says:

    Hopefully Wang So doesn’t take it too badly and will still chase after her and not fulfil the prophecy. Hae Soo should really listen to the ahjusshi


  4. studiomarie says:

    Love, Love, Love 4th prince. Would follow him up to the gates of hell and walk in. M


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    JI MONG AND THE FUTURE—It sound like Ji Mong may have traveled to the future, but only remembers bits and pieces. Ji Mong’s supposition Hae Soo has a prophetic gift may be the case. It is curious Hae Soo is having visions of Wang So being evil; I think the red tint of the visions is to evoke the sentiment of a bloody near future. I did not see a facial scar in these visions. I concur with @KJT’s synopsis: Hae Soo is not going to follow Ji Ming’s advice to let fate take its course.

    WANG WOOK—I think Hae Soo’s welfare is the drive for Wang Wook to be political. Which leads me to ask: if WW is so concerned for HS’s welfare, why in the world would he reveal HS’s role in WS’s transformation to Yeon Hwa, who makes no bones about disliking Hae Soo?

    I don’t think Wang Wook’s family were banished from Songak–I think Queen Hwangbo chose to live with her children away from Evil Queen Yoo. Living separately would keep them safer from the machinations of the Evil Queen and lower the stress levels too. i would not want to deal with the evil psychopath on a daily basis.

    EVIL QUEEN YOO—Wang Yo was finally on the receiving end of his mother’s wrath. Wang Jung finally got to see his mother true colors. The scary queen is out to get rid Damiwon and who know who the causalities will be—Concubine Oh? Hae Soo? I’m glad to see Wang Yo is being sent off on a dangerous mission—no worries, he’ll be around for a lot more episodes to bring grief to Hae Soo and Wang So.

    WANG SO—Wang So bringing the rain is as if he earned Heaven’s mandate. He just gained favor of the king and increased his power. The great thing is he seems to have gained his confidence and is finding his groove.

    When he asked for Hae Soo as his reward, it looked like the King was assigning her to him, but Wang So got even more possessive of Hae Soo. Is she assigned to assist Wang Soo, or has she been given to him, to be his property. @Kelli suggested Wang So will take Hae Soo out of the palace. I don’t think he will—he wants to be in the palace and make his place in the royal family. Wang So wants Hae Soo by his side—he is too possessive to be able to let her go.

    It is baffling that “smexy” scenes would be eliminated for the international version—if anything we should be getting more of these scenes!

    HAE SOO— Concubine Oh wisely advised Hae Soo to either give her whole heart to Wang So, or not at all. When Wang So kissed Hae Soo, she initially resisted and then watch her arms and shoulders—she seemed to relent to the passion or did she resign herself to protecting Wang So’s brothers?


    • kjtamuser says:

      I wonder if Ji Mong was completely truthful with Hae Soo about what he remembers.
      I was surprised when Wang Wook told the Princess that Hae Soo covered Wang So’s scar. Why did he do that?
      I was pleased that Wang Yo got the rude awakening that he too was merely tool for his mother. Then his father sent the same message with the mission. He is out of his comfort zone now.
      Good question on what the king granted Wang So wrt Hae Soo. I took it to be she is his personal attendant. I loved the deleted almost kiss. Wang So clearly saw Hae Soo was not ready and backed away. But when faced with her rejection he tried to kiss her back to reality. I don’t think she responded positively. Will she melt into him next episode?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I also believe Ji Mong is not being fully truthful; he is probably trying to let “fate” run its course.

        I ❤ having the antagonists out of their comfort zone! It does not happen nearly enough!
        The king most likely gave Wang Yo the task to get him away from the Crown Prince–He knows what the Evil Queen and her minion son have in mind.

        Agreed that Hae Soo took the King's command to be to Wang So's personal attendant. As you mentioned the deleted scene from the previous episode showed Wang So to be possessive of Hae Soo, which now has been ramped up with the King's command.

        While initially he was forceful in grabbing Hae Soo, Wang So did seem to passionately persuade her. Her body relax as he kissed her–but I'm not sure if it was melting into him or if she is resigning herself to her fate. Hopefully we will find out tonight!


      • Kelli says:

        I saw the new preview for tonight’s episode…..looks like the next two episodes stuff goes down. More than it already has.

        Liked by 1 person

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