Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11 Recap

Cinderella gets a shock and her knight goes looking for her.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11 Recap

Ha Won and Hyun Min stare as Hye Ji and Ji Woon exit his car. Ji Woon has a suitcase and tells them that Hye Ji will be living with them for the time being. Hye Ji and Hyun Min stare at each other. Ha Won and Ji Woon stare at each other.

Turnabout is fair play and Ha Won brings Hye Ji to her room. Hye Ji apologizes for barging in unannounced. Ha Won says as long if Ji Woon is okay with it she is too. Note, she only mentioned Ji Woon not Hyun Min. That tells you where her heart lies. Ha Won says the room is big enough to share. There are no guest room in the mansion? Hye Ji tells Ha Won that Ji Woon always comes running whenever she needs him. Ha Won deflates, worried Hye Ji wants Ji Woon. Hye Ji is rude, as it is obvious that Ha Won likes Ji Woon.

When Hye Ji gets a glass of water Hyun Min intercepts her. He starts to apologize for missing her call but she cuts him off saying that Ji Woon was a step ahead of him. She strides away. Hye Ji is rude, playing two cousins against each other. Can you tell I’m not a Hye Ji fan?

Ji Woon brings Hye Ji’s purse to Ha Won. It’s a bit awkward between the two of them. Recall Ji Woon left Ha Won to answer Hye Ji’s call of distress. Ji Woon asks Ha Won if she got home okay. She states the obvious, she’s here. Neither one of them are able to bridge the awkward moment. Ji Woon only makes things worse when he asks Ha Won to take care of Hye Ji. If I were Ha Won, I would bristle at that.

When Ha Won wakes the next morning Hye Ji is already gone from the bed. She goes to the kitchen and finds the housekeeper and asks where everyone is. Flashback to Seo Woo entering the dining room in his PJs and being completely surprised to find Hye Ji there. She notes that he looks a lot different at home than he does in public. Embarrassed at being found in this extremely casual state he flees. Next it is Hyun Min’s turn to be embarrassed. When the housekeeper holds up his red briefs from the laundry bin, Hyun Min grabs them and dashes to his room. Hye Ji hides her face behind the book she was reading. Ji Woon gets a fresh glass of water from Hye Ji after he returns from his run. He playfully tosses the hair on her head and says they should go eat breakfast together. Back to the present, the housekeeper complains that everyone is acting different with the insertion of Hye Ji into the household. Ha Won says she changed the household when she came into it. The housekeeper counters that the boys did not change anything that they did when Ha Won came into the household but they are acting different with Hye Ji. The housekeeper notes that she’s never seen Ji Woon be so nice to a woman. That unsettles Ha Won. Oblivious to Ha Won’s distress, the housekeeper goes on and on about how pretty Hye Ji is and how all the boys are affected by her. How is everyone clueless that Ji Woon and Ha Won like each other?

Ha Won sees Hye Ji and realizes that she is the typical man’s dream of a beautiful woman. Later in her room she frets that men are all the same. She reads this statement “your own inherent charm will attract the faded one to be with you.” Ha Won looks at herself in the mirror and says she’s got plenty of charm and charisma. She’s fine just the way she is. She takes time to pick a pretty outfit.

When she comes out to the living room Seo Woo is stunned by her appearance and tells her she looks different. Unnerved, Ha Won asks if she looks okay. Seo Woo says he’ll call the other guys for an opinion. She tries to silence him but he calls for Ji Woon and Hyun Min. When Ji Woon enters the living room he gives Ha Won the once over. Her earrings are pretty. Ji Woon asks why Seo Woo called him. Embarrassed Ha Won takes off. Seo Woo comments to Ji Woon that Ha Won is acting weird.

Ji Woon wonders if Ha Won is still mad with him about yesterday. He doesn’t know what to do.

Grandfather’s wife tells Grandfather that she has a present for him. He preens with happiness knowing that the tie he saw her by in the store is going to be in the box. But when he lifts the lid he finds a shirt instead. He has to wonder, who did she buy the tie for? Grandfather stares hard at his wife and she wonders if he likes the shirt. He claims he likes the shirt and she smiles.

Hye Ji goes to the police station to see her father. Unfortunately, she’s unable to as he’s being interrogated by the police. They won’t even take her offered food to her father. Back at the mansion she calls her uncle and asks for his help. He refuses and she hangs up dejected. Hyun Min watches her struggle with the pain. He calls someone.

Hyun Min’s friend meets him at the bar. Hyun Min’s friend tells Hyun Min that Hye Ji’s father is doing fine in prison and slips him a note from Hye Ji’s father to Hye Ji. The friend says that Hye Ji’s father’s arrest for embezzlement is embarrassing. He wonders how Hye Ji will ever be able to show her face in public. Irritated Hyun Min throws his glass against the wall and reminds his friend that once his father embarrassed him but the humiliation faded. Hyun Min strides away.

Hyun Min finds Hye Ji sitting alone in the living room. He tells her not to worry and hands her the note from her father. Hyun Min boasts that he can solve any problem. He states now he has made up for missing her phone call. Hye Ji cuts him off and tells him not to help her again, because it makes her feel uncomfortable. She thanks him for the note and leaves. Hyun Min looks at his hand where he holds the key, one that he was going to give Ha Won. Neither Hyun Min or Hye Ji seemed to know how to be sensitive to each other’s needs, instead looking inward to their own satisfaction first.

Hyun Min goes to Ji Woon and gives him the key. He tells them it’s to a storage locker that he had all of Hye Ji’s things moved to. Ji Woon wonders why he’s getting the key. Hyun Min asks Ji Woon to not tell Hye Ji that he was involved in securing her personal items.

Ha Won sees Hyun Min striding away from Ji Woon’s room and wonders if they fought. I note she’s in her comfortable clothes.

Hye Ji reads the note from her father “Hye Ji I’m fine. All I can tell you right now is this, I’m sorry. Don’t worry about me and hold your head high. Your life won’t change because of me. Just wait I’ll be back soon.” She cries. Ji Woon finds her crying holding the letter. Ha Won watches Ji Woon watch Hye Ji cry.

Ji Woon tells Hye Ji that she needs to come with him. He takes her to the storage locker with all her items. She asks how this came to be. Ji Woon can’t tell her that it was Hyun Min, so he says nothing. Her face aglow, she thanks Ji Woon. He tells her to pack only what she needs for now so she can continue her projects. He says he hopes keeping busy will keep the tears from falling from her face.

Hye Ji suggests they go out to eat, joking that she’ll pay if it’s cheap. Ji Woon takes her to the convenience store that he ate the noodles with Ha Won multiple times. Jerk! Hye Ji looks at the noodles with a bit of disdain. Ji Woon happily slurps his noodles. Hye Ji asks if he’s been there before. Ji Woon says he’s been there many times, with Ha Won who loves these noodles. Ha! Hye Ji says she notices how Ji Woon takes care of Ha Won. He asks what she means. Hye Ji asks him if being nice to her is the same as being nice to Ha Won. That’s actually a good question. Ji Woon, clueless, says that he hasn’t really done that many nice things for Ha Won. He ends the discussion by suggesting coffee. Inside the convenience store he gets a coffee for both of them. He spots a stack of celebration gifts for white day. He selects an item, pays for it, and puts it in his pocket. Want to bet the item is for Ha Won? Hye Ji spies the gift in his pocket and notes he took a while getting the coffee. And here’s my fundamental problem with Hye Ji. She knows that Ha Won and Ji Woon like each other, yet she gets between them. They been nothing but nice to her, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Hye Ji. Her needs are more important.

Ha Won is surprised when the housekeeper tells her that Ji Woon and Hye Ji went out together. The housekeeper notes that Ha Won has been alone ever since Hye Ji came into the household. The housekeeper grouses that Ji Woon should remember to interact with Ha Won and not focus solely on Hye Ji.

Ha Won finds Hyun Min playing video games in his room. She asks him to eat with her, but he’s knee-deep in the videogame and doesn’t want to exit. She eliminates the problem by shutting off the game console. She cajoles him saying that she doesn’t want to eat alone. Hyun Min can’t resist Ha Won’s pout and agrees to eat with her. That puts a smile on her face.

Hyun Min watches Ha Won eat and asks why he wanted him to join her. Ha Won repeats she doesn’t want to eat alone. Irritated that he’s being used Hyun Min gets up to leave telling her that she should eat with Ji Woon instead. Ha Won tells him she can’t eat with Ji Woon because he’s out with Hye Ji. That gets Hyun Min’s attention. Hyun Min sits back down at the table and Ha Won comments about that. Ha Won tells him if he wants to know about Ji Woon and Hye Ji then he should just say so. Hyun Min asks if she’s irritated that they went out without her. Ha Won claims that means nothing. Hyun Min counters that Ha Won said that she didn’t want to be alone which indicated she felt she was being left out. Ha Won denies that statement. They snipe at each other and call each other immature. This is when I really like Ha Won and Hyun Min. Even their semi-fun interchanges are bright spots.

Ji Woon and Hye Ji return home with a subset of her items from the storage facility. Hyun Min and Ha Won meet them in the living room. Ji Woon explains where they were. Ji Woon and Hyun Min share a meaningful look. Hyun Min walks away. Ha Won walks away Ji Woon stares after Ha Won.

c4k_ep11_7b c4k_ep11_7a
As Hyun Min stares at the 🙂 Hye Ji put on his skin and he has a photograph of, Ji Woon enters the room and tells him that he did as he asked. Hyun Min thanks him and says he’ll continue making these kinds of requests. He explains he has no problem hurting Hye Ji but does not know how to soothe the wounds he makes. Ji Woon clarifies that Hyun Min wants him to do nice things for Hye Ji that Hyun Min would do and take credit for them. Hyun Min feels that’s the best way for him to help Hye Ji. He notes she won’t feel pressured if the nice things come from the Kang cousin she trusts. Ji Woon agrees to do it not for Hyun Min, but because he cares for Hye Ji. He tells Hyun Min to stop making Hye Ji cry.

Ha Won walks along the path griping about Hye Ji and Ji Woon. She tells herself Ji Woon is out of her life. He appears and asks who’s out. Flustered she tells him to go take care of Hye Ji. Ji Woon smiles his half smile and notes that it sounds like that Ha Won is jealous of the amount of attention he’s giving Hye Ji. Ha Won denies this. Ji Woon apologizes for leaving her behind when he got the call from Hye Ji at the overlook. Ha Won tells him it’s no big deal. Ji Woon fingers the box his pocket but doesn’t have the moxie to give it to her. Instead he asks when Ha Won is available for drive. That puts a smile on her face. Ji Woon says he has things to tell her. He walks away. She smiles hoping that he likes her too.

Ji Woon pulls the box out of his suit pocket and decides he can’t give it to Ha Won.

In the courtyard Ha Won wonders what Ji Woon wants to tell her. Seo Woo asks what she’s pondering. He wonders if she’s thinking things about Hye Ji. Seo Woo says she’s pitiful now that things are going wrong with Hye Ji’s father. He tells Ha Won to be nice to her no matter what.

Ha Won offers to do Hye Ji’s laundry. She ends up ruining the clothes. Hye Ji is a good sport about it. Ha Won offers Hye Ji her track suit to wear and promises to compensate her for the ruined clothes. Hye Ji says don’t worry should go out shopping for new clothes with Ji Woon. Hye Ji says that she confessed her feelings to Ji Woon. She explains that Hyun Min makes her sad and now the situation with her father makes her sadder so she’s turned to Ji Woon to get her through it. Hye Ji says she wants to date Ji Woon. Ha Won asks what was Ji Woon’s response. Hye Ji says that Ji Woon probably, note the word probably, feels the same way she does. Ha Won looks disappointed. I want to forgive the show for this dreadful storyline but it’s difficult. This is clichéd and not well executed. Hye Ji has been skating the line of annoying and with this lie of omission to Ha Won she falls into the pit of horrible. At least Ha Won’s brain sparked when she asked Hye Ji what Ji Woon said about dating. Too bad Hye Ji’s weasel word response upset her.

Grandfather wonders who his wife gave the tie to. He asks Assistant Lee to watch his wife. He wants to know who she meets where she goes, etc. Not fully understanding why, Assistant Lee agrees.

c4k_ep11_9ac4k_ep11_9b Stepmother gives Grandfather’s wife a massage and lets her know that there are rumors out there that this is not her first marriage. Grandfather’s wife is surprised by this. Stepmother names names of the women that are saying this. Stepmother offers to tell Grandfather’s wife everything she hears in the future, as a special service just for her. Grandfather’s wife sits up upset and accuses stepmother of enjoying gossip. Grandfather’s wife says she’ll have her fired for this. Stepmother is stunned. Her plan to become Grandfather’s wife’s confidant just blew up. Grandfather’s wife calls one of the women that stepmother named as spreading rumors and tells her that if she ever spreads rumors about her again, she’ll pay.

Ha Won recalls the moments with Ji Woon where a physical connection was felt. Then she recalls Hye Ji saying she wants to date Ji Woon. She puts her head on her knees. I shake my head.

Hye Ji invites Ji Woon to go shopping with her tomorrow. He accepts.

The next day stepmother goes to work and finds out that Grandfather’s wife wasn’t kidding, she’s fired. Ha!

Stepmother returns home sobbing. Stepdaughter asks what’s going on. Stepmother says she got fired. Stepdaughter frets that her mother blew the plan to become Grandfather’s wife confidant. Her mother yells at her that that’s not the problem now. They both cry.

Grandfather’s wife spots Assistant Lee watching her while she has a manicure. I would’ve thought Assistant Lee would’ve been super stealth. I’m kind of disappointed about that.

Hyun Min spots Ha Won leaving the bedroom heading to the kitchen. Smiling he comes up behind her puts his hand on her head, and tells her to dry her hair completely before she eats. She stunned. He looks at her face, surprised that it’s Hye Ji not Ha Won. He apologizes for the identity mistake. Hye Ji rushes away upset that Hyun Min would have that kind of intimate contact with Ha Won.

Ha Won decides she needs to talk to Ji Woon about Hye Ji. She knocks on his room. He’s not there. Hye Ji spots her looking for Ji Woon. She tells her that she’s going out with Ji Woon. Witch!

Hye Ji gets in Ji Woon’s car. He tells her he forgot his wallet and heads back into the house.

Inside the house Ha Won frets that Ji Woon is going on a date with Hye Ji. She sees him run to his room. She follows.

Inside his room Ji Woon looks at the box he got for Ha Won. He smiles a half smile. Ha Won comes into the room and spies him with the box. She makes the assumption that the box is for Hye Ji. She looks at Ji Woon and turns to leave. Ji Woon wonders what she wants. Ha Won tells Ji Woon that she heard the truth from Hye Ji. She asks him not to make actions toward her that will cause misunderstandings. She leaves. Ji Woon is mystified. Here’s another problem I have with this plot. Ji Woon has a brain. Why doesn’t he understand that two women are grappling over him? The brainpower of all these characters is so low, sometimes I can’t stand it.

Ha Won rushes outside upset and feeling a fool.

Top-notch mansion security is at play again as Kang Young Jin lurks around the mansion.

When Ha Won returns to the house the housekeeper tells her that her father has come for a visit. Ha Won is surprised but happy. She rushes to the dining room and is surprised to see a man she doesn’t recognize. Kang Young Jin stands up and asks if she remembers him. He says that he ran the Tae Kwon Do dojo with her mother.

Ha Won brings tea to drink. Kang Young Jin notes that she lives in a very nice place. She says she’s only been there a short while. He says he knows that the rich Kang cousins. He tells her she’s moved up in the world. She asked what he wants to see her about. Kang Young Jin tries to avoid that question and says that they should reacquaint themselves first. He asks if she’s curious about him. Her non-answer clearly says no. Ha Won says that the housekeeper mistook him for her father. Kang Young Jin asks her if her mother ever told her anything about her father. He means her biological father. Ha Won stares at him stunned.

c4k_ep11_12b c4k_ep11_12a
Ji Woon stops the car with Hye Ji in it. He recalls that Ha Won told him that Hye Ji said they were dating. Hye Ji asks why he stopped the car. He asks what Hye Ji said to Ha Won. Hye Ji says that she told Ha Won that she wanted to date him. Hye Ji says that she told Ha Won that she thought that Ji Woon wanted to date her too. Ji Woon isn’t happy with those words. Hye Ji asks if it’s true. Hye Ji asks why he plays the knight in shining armor for her if he doesn’t care about her romantically. Ji Woon apologizes. Hye Ji asks why he’s apologizing. Ji Woon tells her she’ll have to do her shopping by herself. He tells her he’ll see her later at home. Hye Ji gets out of the car.

Ha Won drops the cup of hot tea stunned that Kang Young Jin mentioned her biological father. She looks at him and asks if he’s her biological father. Ha Won says that he and her mother were just friends. He agrees they were friends. He says he always felt badly about the man that raised her. He takes her hands and says he wanted to be the proper father to her. He tells her he’s here now. They should not live apart. He asked Ha Won to help him out a little bit so that they can live together. She pulls away from him and tells him to leave. When he won’t, she leaves the room.

Ha Won walks out of the mansion upset.

Ji Woon drives to the mansion.

Kang Young Jin says to himself he’ll be back. He walks away from the mansion. He sees Ji Woon get out of the car. Ji Woon looks back and wonders who he is.

Ji Woon goes to Ha Won’s room and asks the housekeeper where she is. The housekeeper asks if he saw “him” on the way in. The housekeeper says a man claiming to be Ha Won’s biological father came by. She says Ha Won was not happy. The housekeeper says the man said he was her father, but Ha Won called him Mister.

Ha Won can’t get the words that Kang Young Jin said to her out of her head. She calls her father. He doesn’t pick up.

Ji Woon, knight in shining armor, drives looking for Ha Won. He remembers Ha Won saying that her father wasn’t her biological father. He calls Ha Won but she doesn’t answer because she’s calling her father.

c4k_ep11_14b c4k_ep11_14a
Ha Won’s father is not near his phone. We see there’s 15 missed calls presumably all from Ha Won. Ha Won’s phone has a low battery. But of course. When Ji Woon is finally able to get through to her she answers. He asks where she is. She cries. Her phone dies. But of course. Ji Woon is upset. Ha Won is upset. Ha Won falls to her knees and cries for her mother.

My Thoughts

I’m ready for the show to eradicate Hye Ji from the story. The “who likes who” foursome storyline irritated me. The writers (Min Ji Eun, Won Young Sil) have made Hye Ji a woman that is not worthy of a plot line. Equally irritating is the ignorance of Ha Won and Ji Woon to Hye Ji’s machinations. At least Ji Woon bought a clue this episode. The only thing that happened this episode that I found interesting was Kang Young Jin going to Ha Won and claiming to be her biological father. I can’t believe the show is at episode 11 and has made so little progress on this particular plot point. Maybe it will kick it into gear now and stop beating us over the head with the “who likes who” foursome storyline.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) was surprised when Hye Ji told him that she thought he might like her and said as much to Ha Won. The best thing I can say is that Hye Ji’s admission finally allowed the lightbulb to go on and Ji Woon’s head and realize that Ha Won thought he liked Hye Ji. When he learned about a man claiming to be Ha Won’s biological father visited and she left upset, he went into full knight in shining armor mode, and raced off to save Ha Won. Many Kdramas use the cliché of the low cell phone battery, so just as they connected verbally, Ha Won’s cell phone battery died.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) was hoodwinked into believing that Ji Woon liked Hye Ji not her. She wanted to talk to Ji Woon about it, but either he wasn’t available, or she lost her nerve, or she didn’t follow through. I look forward to this plot point being dead and done. Of interest was Kang Young Jin claiming to be her father. Ha Won’s negative reaction towards the news was logical. Her belief that her mother was only friends with this man was logical. Reaching out to her father was logical. Crying for Ji Woon to help her was logical too.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) got Ji Woon to care for Hye Ji like he wanted to. At least he saw that Ji Woon was a decent guy and willing to do this because he cared about Hye Ji. I miss my happy Hyun Min. The show is a darker place without it.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) lied to Ha Won and admitted her lie to Ji Woon. She pretended that Ji Woon led her to believe that he could care for her. That is a blatant lie. She seems to be more emotionally aware of the feelings between Ha Won and Ji Woon than anyone else in the house. She knows they like each other. Yet she tried to torpedo their relationship initially to create jealousy in Hyun Min, and then have someone to lean on. This character is so clichéd it is painful to watch.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) had nothing to do this episode. He told Ha Won he was concerned about Hye Ji.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) got the unenviable assignment to watch Grandfather’s wife (his mother). He doesn’t know why and he wasn’t very stealthy about it.

Part 7 of the OST is “Only One” by Zia. Check out the video below:

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14 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11 Recap
  1. jienkim says:

    Reblogged this on jienkim.


  2. Kelli says:

    Gah! I was holding out a sliver of hope for Hye Ji, but noooooooo. She has to go and lie to Ha Won. The next episode needs to be the definitive between Ha Won and Ji Woon. One of the sheer moments of joy I got from this episode was Ji Woon finally choosing Ha Won and telling Hye Ji to get out of the car. She deserved to feel that sting after all her manipulations.

    The next moment was stepmother and stepsister getting another stop to their plans.

    One thing is on my mind about what you said of the house mates not knowing about Ji Woon and Ha Won’s feelings. I feel Hyun Min knows to an extent with how he references Ji Woon to Ha Won. Also, most of their moments have been private, and they don’t talk about it to others it seems like. So storyline wise, I can forgive most of them not knowing.

    Since we have so few episodes left, I really want them to solidify our young couples, or just Ji Woon/Ha Won because Hye Ji can hit the road and stay away from our precious Hyun Min after this last stunt. They need to kick these other storylines in gear.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that Ha Won and Ji Woon have been low key about their affection for each other. Folks in the house that know – Ha Won, Ji Woon, Hyun Min, Hye Ji. Folks in the house that don’t know – Seo Woo, Assistant Lee, Housekeeper.

      I concur that for a 16 episode series, with only 5 episodes left, the writers must ramp up the story lines.

      I completely agree that Hye Ji isn’t good enough for Hyun Min. I fear she is who he will be paired with.


  3. Holly Moon says:

    Your comment “The brainpower of all these characters is so low, sometimes I can’t stand it.” hits the nail smack dab on the head for me. I give the writers a thumbs down for the poorly developed plot line here. It is taking too long to get these two together, and yet the writing is clearly on the wall for it to happen. It makes me think there is nothing else to show for this script, in which it should have been the 14 episode drama, not Beautiful Mind. Even the sub plots here are lacking substance.

    I decided to watch this drama because of my poor review of Park So Dam in Beautiful Mind. I saw that she had wonderful reviews in earlier work. I watched some previous work and I felt the awards should belong to the writers in her best work. I can not say I am a fan of hers. I see the same depth of characters in all of her work that I ‘ve seen.

    However, I know not everyone was a fan of Jang Hyuk’s work in the beginning either. So since he was able to develop from a mostly “angry, young man”, into the multifaceted actor that he is today, I will give her the chance to learn her craft. I just won’t be watching her again. At least not for a few years anyway. Then I may check back and see how she is doing.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that the issues of this show are due to the poor scripts with silly shallow plot points and turtle like pacing.

      Park So Dam cannot be taxed (other than the number of scenes she’s in) in this particular role. Ha Won is positive, perky and straightforward.


      • Holly Moon says:

        I agree that she is positive, perky and straightforward. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but my opinion is just that–mine. And I don’t see much else.


        • kjtamuser says:

          No offense, I was saying that her character is not nuanced and does not require much acting skill. This is not a role that shows her acting ability beyond the basics.Therefore I’ve got no opinion if she has strong acting skills because in the two shows I’ve seen (Beautiful Mind and Cinderella and Four Knights), she hasn’t shown much beyond the basics.


          • Holly Moon says:

            I did not take offense, but I thought you might have. So all good.

            I watched her in the two roles in which she won awards. The Silenced, and The Priests. In both I felt it was the writers story that made the role. Not her ability to act.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    GRANDPA MONEYBAGS & GOLD-DIGGER GRANNY—Gramps got suspicious of his wife when he received a dress shirt gift and not the red tie. I was pretty sure she bought it for her son—oh my, I hope for her sake she is not imprudent enough to have a lover on the side—gramps is going to have a hard enough time dealing with her having a son. Poor Yoon Sung now has to spy on his mother—he may be faced with having to divulge their mother-son relationship. What will happen if/when he wears the tie from his mother? Will he lose his livelihood?

    I was not surprised that stepmom got fired for repeating gossip to Gold-digger Granny. How stupid could stepmom be to gossip at her place of business? Chaebol wives want confidentiality, or at least the appearance of it, while they are relaxing at the spa.

    Is Grandpa Moneybags aware Hye Ji is living at Sky House? If he know, would Hye Ji get the same “no dating” restriction? Will Grandpa Moneybags boot Ha Woon from Sky House when he realizes there is something between her and Ji Woon?

    YOON SUNG & SEO WOO—Not much going on in the storyline for these two characters. I think these two have been underutilized in this series—why do we have “four knights” if the writers have neglected them in the plot?

    DEMORALIZED HYUN MIN—@KJT I miss out our happy Hyun Min too! 😦 I like he is cooperating with Ji Woon. As mentioned by others, I do NOT want punished with getting stuck with Hye Ji.

    DONE WITH HYE JI—I’m onboard with eradicating Hye Ji from the storyline. I despise her for going after Ji Woon, when Hyun Min is the one she really wants, she is completely aware Ha Won’s interest in Ji Woon, and especially since Hyun Min is starting to voluntarily seek Hye Ji out. Hye Ji flat out lied to Ha Won about Ji Woon returning Hye Ji’s (false) confession. I am so done with her manipulative, petulant and sulky behavior.

    JI WOON—Color me surprised the delusional Hye Ji admitted to Ji Woon what she told Ha Won. I couldn’t be happier that Ji Woon caught onto Hye Ji’s manipulation and let her out of the car to set things right with Ha Won. Knight in shining armor to the rescue…but how will he find her?

    CRUSHED HA WON—Between Hye Ji’s manipulations and Ha Won’s would-be bio dad’s visit, our sweet Ha Won has been bombarded with falsehoods that are turning her world upside down.

    While we entitled to our own opinions, I can understand @Holly Moon’s lack of enthusiasm towards Park So Dam. I feel like she has done a great job with her parts in Beautiful Mind and Cinderella and the Four Knights–neither of these were particularly challenging. Park So Dam has portrayed the parts as they were written–an optimistic perky girl. I hope to see her portray a nuanced part in the future, so we have the opportunity to see her acting chops. I am of the belief it takes good writing in addition to good acting to make a good drama. I have been a bit disappointed in this series, but we still have time to turn it around–will it happen? I hope so.

    Alright, already let Ha Won and Ji Woon get together so we can move on with the story.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “why do we have “four knights” if the writers have neglected them in the plot?”
      * The writer’s have clearly demonstrated their limits in this series. This is another example.

      “I couldn’t be happier that Ji Woon caught onto Hye Ji’s manipulation and let her out of the car to set things right with Ha Won.”
      *Standout moment for Ji Woon in this episode.

      “I feel like she has done a great job with her parts in Beautiful Mind and Cinderella and the Four Knights–neither of these were particularly challenging. Park So Dam has portrayed the parts as they were written–an optimistic perky girl. I hope to see her portray a nuanced part in the future, so we have the opportunity to see her acting chops. I am of the belief it takes good writing in addition to good acting to make a good drama.”
      *I do want to see her in a different kind of role. Because I watch so many kdramas I have a bias against the perpetually perky female lead which is the standard. Concur with the good writing. “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage.”


  5. ca says:

    can someone tell me name the hyun min’s friend episode 11 who tell hyun min about hye ji


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September 2016

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