Would I Date Him? Uncontrollably Fond

This time on Would I Date Him? I reflect upon the leading man of Uncontrollably Fond. Woo Bin is tall drink of handsome, but what about the character he portrays?

Our candidate:
Shin Joon Young portrayed by Kim Woo Bin from the series Uncontrollably Fond.

His Background: Superstar.  While working to becoming a prosecutor just like his father (who did not know about him), Joon Young learns a terrible truth about his father and abandons this path. He lands in the world of entertainment and becomes a superstar, an actor with a legion of fans (and anti-fans). But he never forgot his high school love, No Eul (Bae Suzy). Fate is cruel. He’s diagnosed as having only has 3 months to live due an brain tumor. Joon Young focuses on reuniting with his former love but secrets could derail his desired reunion with her.

Pluses: Self deprecating (doesn’t take his superstar status seriously), determined to win the woman he’s never forgotten and right the wrongs done to her. Joon Young wore his heart on his sleeve to win back No Eul. When forced to choose between a relationship with her or righting the wrongs done to her, Joon Young looked at the long term best choice for her. Joon Young has a penchant for loving prickly women. That’s right, sweet and simpering typical kdrama women need not apply!

Minuses:  Desperate to right the wrongs, he lied to the woman he loved while pursuing a dangerous game. Joon Young had No Eul ready to commit to a relationship he’d only dreamed of. When faced with choice of immediate happiness or freeing her from the past’s pain, he chooses the latter. Unfortunately he tosses her aside and forces her to watch his pursuit of another woman. Two Joon Young nitpicks:  1. Bit of a hot head. 2. Populated his home with massive pictures of himself. You couldn’t go any where in the house without Joon Young staring at you!

Would I date him? Yes. Joon Young is willing to put another’s needs before his own. Joon Young is handsome and funny. Joon Young is caring. Undoubtedly pain is guaranteed if he dies, but without risk, there is no reward in love.

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4 comments on “Would I Date Him? Uncontrollably Fond
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Hmm Shin Joon Young, I’m starting with the “Would I Date Him” assumption that our Joon Young is alive and well. I like Joon Young’s pluses: self-deprecating and determined with a sense of justice. You mentioned he had a penchant for prickly women, so he is patient and long suffering—that is a great quality. Another plus you did not mention is that Joon Young liked No Eul just the way she was—even when she did not look her best. I ❤ Joon Young never tried to give Eul a makeover; he simply loved her for who she was! That is a characteristic with HUGE appeal.

    Joon Young’s narcissistic home décor was not an issue for me; I’m chalking that up to the set designer/dresser with weird taste. Seriously, the whole place had weird décor—what was up with the disturbing Pinocchio bust and creepy Pippi Longstocking mannequin? Besides, what self-respecting chaebol or top star in Kdramaland does not have a giant portrait of themselves in their bedroom?

    Now Joon Young’s noble idiocy, pursuing Jung Eun for the purpose of justice, truly had a noble purpose. However, I’m not a fan of noble idiocy; could you simply let your lady love in on your plans to entrap the culprit, instead of stabbing her in the heart? Having a hot temper could be an issue, especially for a long term relationship

    I think the pros outweigh the cons, provided our bachelor is alive and well, so yes I would go out with Joon Young. ❤ I might consider a long term relationship depending on how well I would handle his temper and mitigation of noble idiocy.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    But in reality do we logically weigh the pros and cons when it comes to a first date? If it feels right, DIVE IN!


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