Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 Recap

Our leading lady finds herself in a difficult situation. Can she escape or is she doomed?

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 Recap

It’s the funeral for Madam Hae. Her body lies on top of the funeral pyre. Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) performs the ceremonial lighting of the funeral pyre. Everyone is in attendance except Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) who sits alone and looks at drawings of his beloved Madam Hae. Wang So observes the uncontrollable sobbing by Hae Soo (IU). You see that he’s concerned for her. I’ve fallen for Wang So. You’ve heard me say it before, but it is true, the wounded hero gets me every time.


Hae Soo takes a lantern into Madam Hae’s room. She finds Wang Wook sitting by the bed. With tears in his eyes he asks her, “why couldn’t I tell her the word she so badly wanted to hear, that I loved her? I did love her. I thought it was gratitude, but it was love. What should I do now? I should have told her.” Wang Wook breaks down in sobs. Hae Soo takes his shoulders and tells him Madam Hae already knew that he loved her. She tells him to stop feeling guilty. But Wang Wook can’t stop feeling that guilt. He had the opportunity to tell his wife that he loved her but he didn’t recognize the strength of his own feelings. So he missed the moment and he’ll never get it back. It rips him up. Hae Soo takes him in her arms and lets him sob. That was a really lovely scene. If I’ve never said it before, Wang Wook is a stunningly handsome man. But looks aren’t everything and the actor, Kang Ha Neul, brings the tenderness and intensity to this character that was exemplified in this scene.

Hae Soo is alone in a room wondering what happens next with her. Wang Eun charms her with a puppet show at an upper window of her room. When he falls to the ground, we see that he was standing on servants to get the necessary height. Hae Soo runs outside and sees him prostrate on the ground with his servants. Wang Eun wants to blame his servants but a look and word from Hae Soo quells his retort and he sends them on their way. Hae Soo says she appreciates the puppet show. He cheered her up. Wang Eun says that he thought she might be feeling down because of the death of Madam Hae. He wonders what the thumbs up motion that she made was. She explains a raised thumb means you’re awesome, the best. Wang Eun is pleased that he was able to cheer her up and continues to voice the puppets until Hae Soo is has had enough and tells him to stop.

Hae Soo visits Madam Hae’s burial mound. She thinks to herself how long she’s been there and wonders how long will she have to live as Hae Soo. She sorry and grateful to Madam Hae. Baek Ah and Wang Jung find her and escort her back to the palace.

sh_ep6_3ash_ep6_3b Princess Yeon Hwa sees the three of them. They explain they just are coming back from visiting Madam Hae. Princess Yeon Hwa tells Hae Soo she has good news, she’s getting married. Hae Soo surprised. Baek Ah is surprised. Wang Jung is surprised. Princess Yeon Hwa is happy.

Wang Wook is surprised that a marriage has been arranged for Hae Soo. He tries the argument that it is too soon after the death of Madam Hae. Princess Yeon Hwa tells him this is a great opportunity that they can’t pass up.

All the princes are upset except Wang So, who believes this is none of their business, it Hae family business. Wang Jung says the groom is an older over 60 man with many sons. Baek Ah puts it correctly, this is no marriage, Hae Soo is being sold. Well said, Baek Ah well said. I am enjoying the fact that Baek Ah is not negative but supportive of Hae Soo. With the death of Madam Hae I wondered if he would become an enemy of Hae Soo for the remainder of her days. I’m glad to see that did not happen. Wang Wook is shocked at the household that Hae Soo will be marrying into. Wang Jung tells Wang Wook the brother he knows would allow Hae Soo to be married like this. Wang Wook says to his brothers he will need their help.

Chae Ryung weep says she packs Hae Soo’s belongings. Hae Soo jumps up and tells Chae Ryung that she wants to leave. She makes a valid argument that Madam Hae would never want her to be married like this. She tells Chae Ryung that she has to run away. Chae Ryung agrees that Hae Soo should run. She doesn’t care if she’ll get beaten, she’ll never reveal where Hae Soo went. Wang Eun pops up through the window and tells Hae Soo to come out the front.

Wang Jung provides a distraction while Wang Eun leads Hae Soo away. Baek Ah helps them make further progress in the palace. Even Wang Won helps. Wang Wook meets them and tells Hae Soo that he can’t send her away like that. He puts her on a horse with him and rides away with Wang Jung as escort. Princess Yeon Hwa spots them and orders them followed.

The pursuers pursue and eventually surround Wang Wook, Hae Soo (but I don’t believe it’s her), and Wang Jung. Wang Wook feigns surprise to find Princess Yeon Hwa and Hae Soo’s uncle in the pursuit party. Hae Soo’s uncle says he will take his niece. When he pulls the cape away, Wang Eun is revealed. Wang Jung, Wang Eun, and Wang Wook are the only ones laughing. Princess Yeon Hwa orders the pursuers to fan out and find Hae Soo.

And who has Hae Soo? As it should be, it is Wang So with Baek Ah as escort. As they gallop along Hae Soo looks back at Wang So and thinks, “I never thought you would help me”. Wang So thinks,” no one’s life should be controlled by others.” Wang So holding Hae Soo on horseback seems romantic to me. Even though they aren’t romantic yet. This is their second time on horseback like this. Recall how they met when he swept her up onto his horse to save her from falling down an embankment.


Ji Mong and the palace guards intercept them. Wang Wook, Wang Jung, Wang Eun and Princess Yeon Hwa catch up as well. Ji Mong dismounts and tells Hae Soo to come with her. Wang So asks why. Baek Ah asks Ji Mong to look the other way, and allow them to pass. Hae Soo should not be married into a household like that. Ji Mong shakes his head and says in order has been given, Hae Soo must return to the palace. I’m assuming that order means that the King has spoken and there is no other choice but to acquiesce. Ji Mong announces that the King will marry Hae Soo. Holy smokes! Everyone, and I mean everyone, is stunned by this news. Wang So asks Hae Soo if she knew anything about this. She did not. Wang So tells her to stay with him. Ji Mong shakes his head and says she must come. Hae Soo’s uncle arrives and rushes to Ji Mong. Wang Wook dismounts and asks why his father is marrying Hae Soo. The uncle laughs and says this is payback for all the years of service his household has given the royal family. Uncle tells Wang Wook with the death of Madam Hae, they are no longer related. The guards approach Hae Soo. Wang Wook tells them to back off. Wang So tells them to back off. Ji Mong says they cannot refuse a command from the King. Princess Yeon Hwa tells Wang So that if they don’t follow the command from the King all the princes will die. Of course Hae Soo can’t allow that to happen. She moves to get off the horse but Wang So stops her. He warns her that if she returns to the palace, she may never be able to leave. Hae Soo cannot let the princes be hurt. Wang So helps Hae Soo dismount from his horse. He stops her and looks into her eyes and asks if she’ll regret this. Hae Soo tells Wang So it’ll be okay, she’ll talk to the King. Ji Mong tells Hae Soo to get into the palanquin. Hae Soo tries to smile at Wang Wook. She stares back at all the brothers knowing that her life will forever change, and their relationship as well. She gets into the palanquin and stares at Wang Wook one more time. The doors shut and the guards take her away. Wang So mutters that she’s foolish. Wang Jung mutters his father is over 60 with many sons. He berates Wang Eun for not knowing the groom was the King. The king marrying Hae Soo surprised me. The uncle keeping it a secret from Princess Yeon Hwa surprised me. What else could Hae Soo do but acquiesce? She cares for all the princes, and could not allow her life to take priority over theirs. What’s that Star Trek saying “the good of the many outweigh the needs of the few”? Hae Soo’s multiple looks at Wang Wook clearly shows her heart lies with him. What can he do to get her out of this?

Hae Soo thinks to herself that it’s unreal that she ends up marrying the King. She knows that she shouldn’t even be in this time and place. She tells herself to get a grip.

Royal Concubine Oh learns that Hae Soo will be the king’s new bride. She takes it stoically.

Ji Mong tells Hae Soo that she must prepare for her marriage. Hae Soo tells Ji Mong that she’s not heard about this marriage. She’s referring to the history books never mentioning the King marrying Hae Soo. Hae Soo tells Ji Mong there’s been a mistake. Ji Mong asks her if she’s really going to reject marrying the King. Hae Soo says that she won’t marry a man she doesn’t know. Ji Mong comes to attention when Royal Concubine Oh arrives. He leaves Hae Soo in her capable hands. There some kind of vibe there between the two of them. As Ji Mong walks past Hae Soo, he tells her to follow her fate. What does that mean? Real concubine O reprimands Ji Mong for how he referenced himself and leads Hae Soo away before he can respond. There’s definitely some kind of vibe between the two of them.

As Ji Mong watches Hae Soo being led away he says to himself “that woman is so difficult, why would the King want to marry her?”

Real concubine O tells Hae Soo they must examine her body to make sure there are no scars, as a woman with scars cannot marry the King. Hae Soo is not happy as they force her to submit.

sh_ep6_7b sh_ep6_7a

Queen Hwangbo and Queen Yoo have tea. Queen Yoo asks if she’s heard about the king’s latest marriage. Queen Hwangbo comments that the King is doing this for national interests. Queen Hwangbo says that the girl is 29. She wonders how many ways the King will have to divide the kingdom after he dies with his many heirs as he has. Wang Jung arrives and begs his mother, Queen Yoo, to stop the marriage between Hae Soo and the King. Queen Yoo is surprised, she did not know that Hae Soo was the bride. But Queen Hwangbo knew. Wang Jung says that Hae Soo has no desire to marry the King. Wang Wook arrive surprised to find Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo together. Queen Hwangbo asks why he’s come. Wang Jung knows, and says that Wang Wook is there because of Hae Soo. Wang Jung asks his mother to resolve this. He smiles and says he has total faith and her. Queen Yoo asks if the marriage bothers Wang Wook. He says that Hae Soo is like his younger sister. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Queen Hwangbo states that Hae Soo is the cousin of Madam Hae and this adds to Wang Wook’s conflict. The Queen doesn’t understand Wang Wook is conflicted about something his father wants. The Princess Yeon Hwa arrives. She is surprised to see Queen Hwangbo and Queen Yoo.

Baek Ah asks Wang So to help Hae Soo. Wang So says she has to go through this by herself. Wang So says she had the chance to run but didn’t. He asks Baek Ah if he has romantic feelings for her. Baek Ah says Hae Soo is special. He notes that after Madam Hae died they drank and bonded every day. Flashback…Baek Ah explains to Hae Soo he wasn’t on the same status level to be able to ask Madam Hae to be his bride. Hae Soo tells him in 1000 years this ridiculous hierarchy won’t be in used anymore. Hae Soo tells Baek Ah that a person could fall from the stars and end up in a place like this. She advises him to follow his heart and live the life he wants. She shows him the okay sign. He mimes it back. Back to the present…Wang So asks Baek Ah how he could allow Hae Soo to say such blasphemous things. Baek Ah notes that Hae Soo is right. Family connections trump everything. Baek Ah says their status is determined by their marriages. Baek Ah says that if it’s tough for them as princes think how bad it is for everyone else. Wang So asks what you do about it? Overthrow the king? Baek Ah declares he wants to be free. Baek Ah states Wang So wants to be free to. Baek Ah asks how can a girl with no parents or siblings survive in the palace. Baek Ah passionately declares that once the king marries Hae Soo, he will never see her again, and she will wither and die. I love Baek Ah’s passionate pleas on Hae Soo’s behalf. Wang So is pragmatic but because he is a man that wishes he could live the life he wants, he has sympathy for Hae Soo and her plight.

sh_ep6_8b sh_ep6_8a

Royal Concubine Oh tells Hae Soo the exam is done and she can bathe. Hae Soo declares she wants to be alone. Royal Concubine Oh says she will marry when the sun goes down. Hae Soo tells her to leave her alone. Royal Concubine Oh says she will leave her for a moment while she checks on the back.

Hae Soo moans how can she marry? How can she share room with the king? Where can she go? She remembers the secret tunnel from the bath house. She goes to find it. She runs into Royal Concubine Oh. That escape did not work.

The King is informed that his next wife is available for marriage. He’s not happy that he has to marry Hae Soo. He calls her family greedy. He considers not marrying Hae Soo, but decides another suitable girl will be difficult to find, so marry Hae Soo he will.

sh_ep6_9b sh_ep6_9a

Hae Soo is decked out in Royal finery and waits in the bedroom. The king walks down the hall to meet his bride. Wang Wook is bowing on the floor and tells his father that he dares to discuss the matter with him. The King asks how his intelligence son deigns to block his path. Wang Wook says that the royal family already has plenty of in-laws. Wang Wook asks why another household has to be brought into the fold. The King’s response is simple. The alliance with this family will stop the war from breaking out. He asks his son why he wants to stop the marriage. Wang Wook starts to answer but is cut off when Wang So arrives. Wang So asked the King what if there’s another way to get what you want? The King yells what are you doing? His sons asks him to please hear them and stop this marriage. Hae Soo overhears their pleas and rushes to the door. The King tells his sons they obviously don’t care about their lives. Wang So boldly says that he is found a witness that can prove that the family he wants to marry into the royal family is actually in collusion with his enemies. That gets the King’s attention. Wang So says that he should make a deal with another family that deserves the honor. The King declares he will marry Hae Soo. Wang So and Wang Wook are surprised by the King’s decision. The King explains that if he doesn’t marry and punishes the family for collusion with his enemies, then he will have to deal with many powerful families on the same matter. He cannot open the floodgates by punishing a powerful family like this. The king says his son’s needed to come up with a good excuse to stop the marriage. He tells them their arguments aren’t sufficient. The King walks past Wang Wook and Wang So and sees Hae Soo outside the bedroom door.

The King walks past Hae Soo and his look tells her everything. She must marry him. Taking matters into her own hand she breaks the glass vase and plunges it into her skin. Presto instant scar! Smart girl! She drops the shard and tells the King, you need a reason, I’ll give it to you. The King wonders what she’s doing. Hae Soo declares that if her body has a scar she cannot become his wife. She asked the King to stop and let her go. I am so impressed by her boldness not only in what she did but what she said to the king. Respect! The King stares at her and laughs. He tells her that she’s more courageous than a man. He tells his advisor to bring in the uncle. He leaves. Hae Soo faints and Wang Wook catches her. Wang So is simply blown away by her bold maneuver. That was so awesome. I love a woman with moxie. And while Hae Soo is ultra feminine, she used her brains and the royal rules to get away from the marriage she, and the king, did not want. Superb, simply superb.

Wang Jung, Wang Eun, Baek Ah, Wang Wong, wonder if Hae Soo married their father. They see Wang Wook carrying Hae Soo. They rush to Wang Wook and Hae Soo. Wang Wook tells them to get a doctor. Wang So follows slowly.

Passed out, Hae Soo remembers drowning in the lake before she was transported to this time. She sees the king face down in the royal bath. There’s some bit of history that’s important but she just can’t remember. She knows the next King will kill his brothers and sisters, but who is it? Well if I had to guess, it would be Wang Yo. That guy is all evil all the time.

Hae Soo wakes. She sees Royal Concubine Oh who tells her she didn’t die. She also didn’t get married. Hae Soo asks if she’s in the palace. Royal Concubine Oh says yes you’re not dead and in the palace. Hae Soo asks if she can ever leave the palace. Royal Concubine Oh tells her that she indeed will have a scar. She asks Hae Soo if she really hated the idea of bearing the king that much. She tells her she just past up wealth and prosperity for a lifetime. Hae Soo says it’s her right to choose how she wants to live her life. Royal Concubine Oh says that’s what you think when you’re young. She tells Hae Soo she will be punished soon and she should prepare for that. Hae Soo is firm she doesn’t regret her actions. She protected her life. She will take the punishment. Royal Concubine Oh can only be impressed. She leaves. Outside the door is Wang Wook.

sh_ep6_11b sh_ep6_11a

Wang Wook and Hae Soo look at each other. He sees her wrapped wrist and takes it gently in his hand. He tells her everything will be all right. He tells her it’s over. He tells her the King is canceled the marriage because of the scar. He says her family has been determined to be colluding against the king. Hae Soo cries. Wang Wook admits he felt pathetic the previous evening because he couldn’t help her. He comments he always feels pathetic. Is he a bad person? But he found solace when he prayed to Madam Hae. He promised his dead wife that if Hae Soo were returned into his care, he would give Hae Soo all the affection that he never gave Madam Hae. Wang Wook says he never could have forgiven himself if she had married the king. Through her tears Hae Soo says that she was afraid she would never see Wang Wook again. She never got to say goodbye to him. She didn’t want apart from him like that. He hugs her. He tells her he won’t ever lose her again. He tells her everything will be fine. That was a really sweet scene between the two of them. It is completely obvious that they love each other. But can they ever be together?

sh_ep6_12b sh_ep6_12a

Ji Mong comes out of the trance and tells the king that the sun is rising. He tells him to get sleep to preserve the throne. The King tells him he will. Ji Mong asks if the king has decided what to do with Hae Soo. The King says he feels bad for her, but he can’t ignore the fact that she disobeyed royal orders. He declares she must become a slave. Ji Mong has a counter proposal. What if Hae Soo were to become a court lady in the palace? He makes the point that both Queen Yoo and Queen Hwangbo could use another court lady. The King doesn’t understand why everyone is sticking up for Hae Soo. He asks what kind of relationship she has with his sons. Ji Mong realizes the the right woman to mention. Ji Mong declares that Royal Concubine Oh wants Hae Soo in her household. That gets the king’s attention. Ji Mong says that Hae Soo is well-versed in makeup and medicine. She would be a benefit to the royal family if she lived with Royal Concubine Oh. The king asks were Hae Soo is.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and Hae Soo and Wang Wook walk among the flowers. They’re all smiles. They look at each other and think that they both want to see Madam Hae. Wang Wook thinks Madam Hae left Hae Soo in his care. Ji Mong finds them in the garden. He smiles at Hae Soo.

sh_ep6_13c sh_ep6_13b

Ji Mong explains to Wang Wook that becoming a court lady is the best option for Hae Soo. The King wanted her to become a slave, and this is much better. Hae Soo tries to put a positive spin on it and says the court ladies get paid so now she can support herself like she never could before. Ji Mong tells her that if she works hard, one day the king may let her marry. Ji Mong tells her to follow him. Hae Soo says to Wang Wook it may be a while before she can visit Madam Hae. Wang Wook was just happy that she’s avoided the punishment. He tells her not to be afraid. Hae Soo assures him that she’s not afraid. She smart and capable. She declares that she will become somebody that is needed. A bit chagrined Wang Wook gives her the stand up and yell drawing that she did for him. How darling. He even does the action. Cute! He promises to visit her every day. They look at each other and smile.

sh_ep6_14a sh_ep6_14bsh_ep6_14c

The other princes race to Hae Soo happy that she’s alive. Wang So brings up the rear at a sedate pace. Wang Jung declares that he tried to save her. Baek Ah declares that she needs to protect her body not hurt it. Wang Wook says that Hae Soo must make her way to Royal Concubine Oh. Wang Eun declares Royal Concubine Oh is scary. Hae Soo stares at all the princes and wonders which one of these will be the next King and kill all his brothers? She stares at Wang Wook and wonders is it him? Prince Won quips the next time Hae Soo faces death, she must succumb, she can’t beat death every time. No one likes that statement. Ji Mong tells them to cease and desist the chatter. He tells her they must leave as Royal Concubine Oh is waiting. Ji Mong tells Hae Soo fighting. Wang Wook tells her not to be afraid. As she passes Wang So he stares at her bandaged wrist. I see, he feels an affinity with her because now she is scarred too. Hae Soo walks away from all the princes into her new destiny.

Hae Soo enters the bathhouse and all the women stare at her. Royal Concubine Oh appears. The two women stare at each other. What’s next for Hae Soo?

My Thoughts

Time flies when I watch this series. Hae Soo was supported by all the princes, but in the end she saved herself. I love a woman with moxie and smarts. Hae Soo knows one of the princes will become King and kill his brothers. She desperately wants to know who that is. I was surprised that Wang Yo wasn’t the obvious choice. Hae Soo stated that it was among the princes gathered around her. Is it Wang Wook? What’s the deal between Ji Mong and Royal Concubine Oh?

Hae Soo (IU) fought her feelings for Wang Wook but it wasn’t easy. She got herself out of quite a fix. Even though she hated the inspection by Royal Concubine Oh for scars, it gave her the perfect out. She knew that if she were scarred, the King could not marry her. What’s a girl to do when the two men that champion her more fail in their attempt to convince the king not to marry her? The answer, break a vase, and slice your wrist, and make a permanent scar on your body so the King cannot marry you. I have to credit the King for giving Hae Soo respect that she dared to make such a bold move. He called her courageous and that was the perfect word. Hae Soo was courageous in the face of a marriage she didn’t want. She wants Wang Wook. Now she is a court lady to Royal Concubine Oh. Is a romantic relationship/marriage with/to Wang Wook impossible until the king approves?

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) helped Hae Soo as much as he could. Not much action for him this episode. He came up with a good rationale why Hae Soo’s family should not be joined by the King marrying Hae Soo, but the King shot that idea down. The King is pragmatic. Wang So’s information, while pertinent, would cause the King to have to act against the strong wealthy family, which could cause more issues through the ripple effect. Wang So isn’t in love with Hae Soo yet. But he’s drawn to her. He respects her brain. He undoubtedly finds her beautiful. But now that she injured herself and has a scar, he feels a kinship with her that he does not feel with anyone else. He saw the right thing for Hae Soo was not to be held captive against her will. That’s what happened to him, and he didn’t want it to happen to her.

Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) wants Hae Soo but maintains silence about his real feelings. He felt bad that he could not stop Hae Soo from marrying the king. Is he upset with himself because once again he fails to voice his own emotions? He’s in love with Hae Soo. He could not voice his love for his wife. He’s failing to voice his love for Hae Soo. If he voiced his love for Hae Soo, would it get them in trouble? Is it too soon? Is it inappropriate? Is he simply a coward? I don’t know the answer to all these questions but what frustrates me about him, is that he gives wonderful beseeching soulful looks to Hae Soo, but in the end is unable to act. Does that make him a coward or prudent given the minefield of royal politics? I’m not sure that I could see Wang Wook killing all his brothers. He does not seem evil or prone to outrageous angry outbursts. We shall see.

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) perked Hae Soo up with a cute puppet show.  The puppet that represented Hae Soo looked like her quite a bit. His youthful admiration and ardor of Hae Soo is sweet. But he’s just a boy. I like the way Hae Soo treats him like a younger sibling.

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) tried to help Hae Soo. He did what he knows how to do best. He went to his mother and asked for her help. But even Queen Yoo knew that if the King wanted to marry Hae Soo, nothing could be done. It was cute when Wang Jung told her “fighting” as she left for Royal Concubine Oh’s house.

Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) is Hae Soo’s friend. I was pleasantly surprised that in the time between Madam Hae’s death and this episode, that Baek Ah and Hae Soo had become friends. I had worried that he would forever hate her because Madam Hae knew that Wang Wook loved Hae Soo. Thankfully that did not happen.

Ninth Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) has little impact.

Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) did not appear this episode.

Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) did not appear this episode.

The fourth song of the OST is “Forgetting You” by Davichi. Check out the video below.

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2 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I’ve been working overtime and its killing me to not have time to express myself thoroughly. I enjoyed this episode. I ❤ how Yeon Hwa's giddiness about Hae Soo getting married and leaving Wang Wook's house evolved to her being aghast the groom was her father–heaven forbid Hae Soo could gain higher status than herself.

    It was awesome to see all but the crown prince and #3 combine forces in attempts to rescue Hae Soo. Wang Eun made a great decoy. My heart was pounding as Hae Soo galloped away wrapped in Wang So's protective embrace. When confronted, I got the feeling Wang So would have been willing to defy the King and run away with Hae Soo *SWOONS*

    In the end you gotta ❤ the heroine who saves herself and is ready to take responsibility for her actions. Although she did get off relatively easy for defying the king's order.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m so pleased that you are loving this as much as I am. Even though you are stuck working OT, this series is waiting for you when you have the time.

      Wang So is wildly romantic with his actions. He’s not even aware of how appealing he is. This character has completely captured my heart.


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