Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 19

Joon Young accepts his fate. It isn’t easy for those around him to do the same.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 19

The news is full of reports of Joon Young having a brain tumor that will end his life soon. Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) watches them and tells his manager he’s surprised at the out pouring of affection, he thought the only vocal fans were his anti-fans. His manager comments that Joon Young’s illness is the reason the drug charges were dropped. Joon Young asks his manager to take care of his dog after he’s gone. His manager apologizes for his past behavior.

Joon Young’s management team is trying to cope with the news. They vow to not cry in front of Joon Young. It’s hard to deal with the news.


No Eul (Bae Suzy) calls Joon Young to meet her. At the park, a little girl asks if he’s the famous star Joon Young. He claims he’s only a college student studying to become a prosecutor. Is all of this a dream Joon Young is having or is it real? He puts his head on No Eul’s lap. She looks at the cherry blossoms falling. This scene is a variation of the falling leaf scene in episode 3. The little girl asks No Eul if the man is Joon Young. No Eul denies this and asks her to leave so Joon Young can sleep.

Assemblyman Choi reads a newspaper article that states Joon Young has limited time. His assistant tells him Ji Tae was moved from ICU to a regular room.

In Ji Tae’s room Choi Ha Roo cries that Ji Tae never drives recklessly. Assemblyman Choi arrives and asks his daughter for private time with Ji Tae. Ji Tae’s mother escorts her daughter to the elevator. Ji Tae is asleep on the bed in a neck brace. Assemblyman Choi remembers Ji Tae declaring he couldn’t stop his parents.  Assemblyman Choi remembers Ji Tae telling him to root for him, because he would win. We learn more about the confrontation Ji Tae had with his parents before the accident…Ji Tae told his father that he loved him even though they were not blood related. Ji Tae said he wanted to be a help to his father and make him happy. Ji Tae did unethical things because his father asked him to. Ji Tae admits he feared father would leave him and mother if he did not cooperate. He asks his father to honor his marriage vows to his mother and not leave her. Ji Tae asks his father to cast him aside. So Ji Tae continues his norm, trying to protect his mother who doesn’t deserve it. I was glad that Ji Tae admitted that he knew that his father is not his biological father. I surprised there was limited impact from that news. His father must have already known.


Assemblyman Choi answers his wife’s phone. He doesn’t speak when his wife’s secretary says that another car recorded the cars chasing Ji Tae as well as footage of the accident. Assemblyman Choi is stunned. So Ji Tae’s mother is the real monster of the couple.  Ji Tae’s mother reenters the room and Assemblyman Choi hands the phone to his wife. As she listens she realizes that Assemblyman Choi knows what she did. Ji Tae’s mother admits she was the one that hurt Ji Tae, but only to protect Assemblyman Choi. It’s not really to protect Assemblyman Choi though, it’s to protect the life she has with Assemblyman Choi. Her priority list? My status/life, my husband, my children.

uf_ep19_3b uf_ep19_3a

No Eul tells Joon Young she’ll continue to pretend to be her girlfriend. Ji Tae asks when the documentary will air. He wants the confrontation with Jung Eun to air soon. I’m confused…is this a dream or real? Joon Young tells No Eul he’ll be gone soon but she must live on. He encourages her to make the life she wants. He wants her to focus on positive things and not get mired in negativity. He gets up to leave. No Eul reminds him she called him.  She has something to tell him. She tells him it’s not his fault. She didn’t want to admit it, but it’s not his fault. It is what it is. It’s not his fault. They both have tears. I was excited to see a scene with Joon Young’s neck exposed (he removed his scarf). If this is real, then I’m glad the No Eul releases Joon Young from the guilt which means that she accepts his actions without malice. Joon Young may not be able to forgive himself, but that’s another matter. For No Eul to move on, her understanding and acceptance is crucial. The setting was lovely with the falling cherry blossoms. If you recall in the first episode Joon Young had a scene with falling cherry blossoms.


Joon Young and his uncle check out the notes on the outside of his mother’s restaurant. His uncle chokes up. Joon Young asks where his mother is. Uncle says she’s been peeling onions for the last several days. Joon Young finds his mother with a diving mask on peeling onions. He speaks but she can’t answer. He takes off the mask and finds her crying. He cries too. She walks away from the onions and cries more. She leaves the restaurant crying. Joon Young sits alone and cries. That scene had emotional impact. I finally get it. This is real, not a dream.

No Eul thinks about Joon Young’s words to make the life she wants. When she arrives home she finds Jung Eun’s father’s secretary there to escort her to see him. Assemblyman Choi arrives. He tells No Eul to come with him. Hmm, who to choose? The hit and run driver’s father or the hit and run driver’s cover up coordinator?

In his office Assemblyman Choi asks about the footage she has. No Eul confirms it proves the Jung Eun was the hit and run driver that killed her father. No Eul knows that Jung Eun told her father and expects the broadcast company to be threatened not to air the footage. No Eul gives the footage to Assemblyman Choi. No Eul says the show will air soon. She vows nothing will stop the show from airing. As she leaves No Eul informs Assemblyman Choi that the footage she gave him is the only copy. What? Assemblyman Choi is surprised. No Eul says there are no copies and asks him not to alter the footage and return it to her so the show can air it.  She leaves. Assemblyman Choi is confused. Join the club. I’m sure she has a plan. Fingers crossed it will work.

uf_ep19_5b uf_ep19_5a

Ji Tae’s mother calls to Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) as he starts to wake. Ji Tae calls his assistant to the bed. Ji Tae asks what happened to Joon Young. Nice that he’s looking out for Joon Young! His assistant says the drug charges were dropped due to his terminal illness. Ji Tae asks how Joon Young is. Nice to see Ji Tae genuinely cares for Joon Young’s health and well-being.

No Eul is there when Joon Young returns home. She comments he changed his passcode back to the old one. She claims she’s avoiding the press and his house is a good place to hide. He suggests they take a drive together.

Joon Young’s father, Assemblyman Choi, watches the footage. He hears Joon Young say he originally wanted to follow his father’s profession. Assemblyman Choi cries. Assemblyman Choi gets out a cigarette. Assemblyman Choi gets a phone call from Joon Young’s mother. She asks to meet him.

Assemblyman Choi approaches Joon Young’s mother and they sit on a bench together. She asks him to save Joon Young. She believes he knows a doctor that can save Joon Young. She promises to do whatever he wants, if he’ll save Joon Young. Assemblyman Choi puts his hand on her shoulder, but she removes it. She raised Joon Young to be just like his father. Fight for justice and help others. She sobs that she raised him wrong. She blames herself for his disease. She thinks Joon Young is being punished because of their past actions. She implores Assemblyman Choi to tell her what to do. He stares at her with tears in her eyes.


No Eul and Joon Young drive to the house he had built for them. Nice house! He tells her this is their dream house. No Eul says they should live there. They go shopping for food. Laughing ensues. No Eul stops to argue with local women playing cards. Joon Young gets a phone call from his father. Joon Young agrees to meet him.  No Eul watches him grab a taxi. He ignores her calls to him. That was weird that he didn’t tell No Eul where he was going nor did he acknowledge her when she called to him.

Assemblyman Choi gives his wife the cold shoulder. She asks if he’s mad at her. He asks if he has reason to be. Assemblyman Choi believes that Ji Tae thinks he’s the mastermind behind his accident. He tells his wife to keep it that way and not get caught. That’s the problem I have. While Assemblyman Choi feels bad about all the havoc he and his wife create, there is no accountability, nor does he want any.


Jung Eun’s father meets with Assemblyman Choi and his wife. He offers a gift for Ji Tae. He suggests they forget their past differences. He offers Assemblyman Choi the position he rescinded last episode. He says he trusts Assemblyman Choi. He suggests a potential marriage partner for Ha Roo. Assemblyman Choi’s wife is the only one that responds to his suggestions, Assemblyman Choi sits there in stony silence.  One of the better scenes for Assemblyman Choi…and he didn’t say a word!

uf_ep19_8b uf_ep19_8a

Joon Young meets with his father. Joon Young comments the election is next week and he’s told his friends to vote for him. Assemblyman Choi is taken aback by Joon Young’s friendly manner. He asks when was the last time they spoke. Joon Young states when they shared an umbrella and he promised to return with his certificate from passing the bar exam. Joon Young says he’s passed the first part and will return when he passes the other two parts. Tears spring to Assemblyman Choi’s eyes. Joon Young asks his father to become an assemblyman and make the country a better place for all. Joon Young is thankful his father is an honorable man. Assemblyman Choi starts to cry. Joon Young asks if his father is ok. Assemblyman Choi says he’s tired. Joon Young tells him to rest and leaves. Assemblyman Choi sobs his pain.

Joon Young gets a reminder on his phone that it is his uncle’s birthday. He gets jostled and drops his phone. He looks strange.

No Eul waits for Joon Young at their house. The card playing ladies show up instead. No Eul clutches her stomach. They ask where he husband is. She tells him he’s out but will be home soon.

No Eul calls Joon Young but Joon Young’s manager answers the phone. Joon Young’s CEO grabs the phone and tells No Eul to provide the footage. They cannot edit the show until they have the footage. No Eul says there isn’t footage because Joon Young was sick that day. The CEO says she better be telling the truth. Joon Young’s manager grabs the phone and says Joon Young will call her after the birthday party for his uncle. Joon Young’s CEO grabs the phone and hangs up. No Eul clutches her stomach.


Joon Young puts the candles on his Uncle’s cake. He chides his Uncle to stop feeling sad. LOL, everyone but Joon Young is wearing sunglasses to hid their sad eyes. Joon Young notices and puts his sunglasses. The CEO is irked that Joon Young’s mother refused to attend. He bluntly states there isn’t much time left. Joon Young interjects and she’s his mother isn’t coping well. He coaxes them to start the party.

No Eul waits for Joon Young.

Joon Young lights the candles on his uncle’s cake. He asks his uncle to take care of his mother, so she won’t be lonely or sad. Awk! Tears! His uncle promises to protect his mother. Joon Young thanks him. Everyone at the table cries, including Joon Young.

Joon Young’s mother cries alone.

uf_ep19_110b uf_ep19_10a

No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won), arrives at his house. He tells Joon Young that No Eul’s friend is outside too upset to see him. We see her crying outside the house. No Jik tells him that No Eul’s friend never told him that she was cheating on him too when they dated back in high school.  Joon Young laughs. No Jik says No Eul’s friend regrets letting him go. No Jik admits the Joon Young was his hero. Joon Young notes the past tense. No Jik says unless he does everything to survive, he won’t be his hero again. No Jik states his father once told him that people die because they are too lazy to breathe. Joon Young promises to work on breathing. No Jik asks where his sister is. Joon Young asks why he is asking him about his sister. No Jik said that No Eul called and told him she was with him. Joon Young starts to say he hasn’t seen her but then remembers showing her their house. He jumps to his feet.

uf_ep19_19d uf_ep19_19c

Jung Eun tells Ji Tae that she’s going to the states tomorrow. She tells him that he has been accused of embezzlement and corruption. She tells him the police will interrogate him when he’s well enough. She asks why he chose this foolish path. She tells him his parents have abandoned him. Ji Tae apologizes to Jung Eun for not telling her to do it. He apologizes for being repulsed by her hit and run. He wishes he would have convinced her to turn herself in. Dude, that’s a fantasy. Jung Eun doesn’t have the moral fiber to admit her wrongdoing. You know this. Ji Tae tells Jung Eun she’ll get away with it this time, but one day she’ll be punished. He asks her to leave. That wasn’t a satisfying moment between them.

Assemblyman Choi ponders in his office. He recalls Joon Young calling him father then stating he was a disgrace and embarrassment. He recalls Joon Young saying nice things about him today. He remembers what Joon Young said to JE about him in the footage. Assemblyman Choi calls No Eul. He asks why she gave him the footage. No Eul says she wanted him to see it first. Assemblyman Choi asks why she trusted him with the only copy of the footage. Assemblyman Choi states that No Eul knows what kind of man he is. No Eul says she does know who he is…he’s Joon Young’s father.  Assemblyman Choi hangs up and cries. That was effective! Assemblyman Choi tells someone to enter his office.

uf_ep19_20b uf_ep19_20auf_ep19_20c

Joon Young goes to their house but can’t find her. He calls her. He finds her phone on the deck and a sobbing No Eul next to it. He calls to her. He apologizes. He lifts her tear stained face and realizes she has a high fever. He’s not happy she’s suffered without telling him. She tells him she won’t go to the hospital. He asks if she’s planning on dying with him. She asks why not. Joon Young agrees they should die together. He lifts her in his arms and starts to walk.

My Thoughts

This is the episode was nothing like I expected for the next to last episode of this series. The overarching sadness of Joon Young’s death permeated everything. The pace was slow and methodical. I was confused in the beginning if Joon Young was dreaming or if it was real. But it was all real. He’s dying. He’s forgetting. He’s being mourned openly by those that love him. The culprits get away with everything. Only No Eul tried to crack Joon Young’s father. Will she succeed?

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) accepted his death and let those around him grieve. Joon Young’s intermittent memory losses confused me initially but I finally understood what I was seeing. It makes sense that Joon Young would refuse hospitalization and treatment. He never wanted that. But that choice leaves no hope for those that love him. With No Eul sick at the end of the episode, Joon Young got a taste of dealing with someone that refuses medical care. There were multiple touching scenes with Joon Young and others. But it was his interaction with his father that might have started to fissure the hard outer shell of his father. His time with No Eul was brief. This show has oddly shied away from giving this couple bountiful happy moments. Slivers of time is all they get.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) concentrated on cracking Joon Young’s father. Wisely she understood that Jung Eun was untouchable because of her father’s power. But she discerned that maybe, just maybe, Joon Young’s father might have a sliver of decency left. She gave him the footage and the power to destroy it. But at the end of the episode, Joon Young’s father, racked with emotion, wanted to know why No Eul gave him the footage. Her simple answer that he was Joon Young’s father, might unravel him. No Eul had a couple of nice moments with Joon Young to add to her memory bank. She did a terrific job dealing with Joon Young whether he thought they were in high school or present day. Is her illness just a cold or something more?

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) inquired about Joon Young as soon as he woke up in the hospital. He ignored his mother and asked his assistant about Joon Young. I certainly enjoyed Ji Tae slighting his mother. Ji Tae surprised me when he told Jung Eun that he regretted not convincing her to admit to being the hit and run driver. If there’s one thing that Jung Eun has repeatedly proven, it’s that she has an alternative reality. She’ll never feel the guilt of her actions. That has been clear. Ji Tae seemed to understand it too. That made his statement all the more surprising.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) mourned her son. She chose to be alone with her grief. While it’s true that she has limited time with Joon Young left, everyone grieves differently. Her guilt at his previous treatment is like a noose around her neck. I liked the scene when she begged Assemblyman Choi to help their son. That felt real.

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee See Won) told Joon Young he was once his hero. He admitted that Joon Young couldn’t get hero status back unless he fought to live. Joon Young wasn’t going to do that. I missed our young couple.

The OST is two volumes. Volume 1 has been released. Volume 2 will be released 9/13/16.

What is my wish list for the final episode?
* Life
– It may be foolish, but I wish Joon Young would NOT die. Based on this episode, this seems unlikely.
* Justice – I wish Joon Young’s father cracks and exposes Jung Eun, her father, and his own culpability. I would assume he’d continue to protect his wife. Bonus points if she’s exposed.
* Bonding – I wish Ji Tae and Joon Young to have a face-to-face brotherly moment.
* Love – I wish Joon Young and No Eul either stay together because he lives, or No Eul is there when Joon Young dies. They deserve to be together to the end.
* Young Love – if there could be a reconciliation between Ha Roo and No Jik, that would please me.

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2 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 19
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    EVIL WITCH—The Evil Witch’s level of maliciousness truly has no bounds! She tried to kill her own son and when that didn’t work she framed hi for embezzlement? Losing her precious husband may be the best punishment for her; making all of her crimes futile efforts.

    REMORSEFUL DAD—The assemblyman is no longer clueless. I am flabbergasted CHJ has remorse for his actions against Joon Young and his wife’s actions against Ji Tae. I ❤ he was stone-faced without uttering a word to Jung Eun’s dad. Will he crack and confess hid crimes?
    I know Eul is guilting CHJ into confessing, but why Eul would give CHJ the original video is beyond me, or did she give him the only copy?

    SORROWFUL MOM— I know Young Ok is grieving, but Joon Young is not gone yet. What is wrong with Young Ok avoiding her dying son, instead of comforting him and getting as much Joon Young time as possible? Woman you have squandered enough time shunning you son! SNAP OUT OF IT!

    FAITHFUL JI TAE—I was so pleased Ji Tae’s first thoughts out of the coma were about Joon Young. Then he was remorseful at his own shortcoming as he gently reprimanded Jung Eun.

    REGRESSING JOON YOUNG—It is nice Joon Young is reliving happy memories, but it breaks my heart he forgets his present time Eul.

    DEVOTED EUL—I suspect Eul’s fever and abdominal pain may be reoccurring residual effects of the car accident set in motion by Joon Young stealing the USB. Eul does not want to add to Joon Young’s guilt.

    WISHLIST—Excellent wish list, I concur with each and every item. The only thing I would add is for Ji Tae to find happiness. Another bromance moment between him and Joon Young would be a good start. Ji Tae being exonerated from false embezzlement charges and rescuing Ha Roo from the Evil Witch and a political marriage with Jung Eun’s family would be satisfying.

    OST—I listened to the full soundtrack this past weekend and it has grown on me–I like it!


    • kjtamuser says:

      JT’s mother is a dreadful person.

      “I know Eul is guilting CHJ into confessing, but why Eul would give CHJ the original video is beyond me, or did she give him the only copy?”
      * She’s putting her faith in his potential ethics. It’s a big gamble.

      ” Woman you have squandered enough time shunning you son! SNAP OUT OF IT!”
      * Considering how this character has behaved this series, it is who she is. I hate to be mean but she has a self centered streak too. Both Joon Young and Ji Tae accept their mother’s view points with surprising support.

      “I suspect Eul’s fever and abdominal pain may be reoccurring residual effects of the car accident set in motion by Joon Young stealing the USB. ”
      * We shall see.

      “The only thing I would add is for Ji Tae to find happiness.”
      * He deserves it.

      I’ve enjoyed the OST as well.


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