Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 8 Recap

Cinderella and the Knights vacation together. It’s not as much fun as you’d think.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 8 Recap

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) wakes up on an airplane. He jumps out of his seat and sees everyone on board with him: Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam), Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun), Ha Won’s friend, Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo), Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin), and Assistant Lee (Choi Min). Ha Won tells him to calm down. He freaks out a bit and the stewards put him back in his seat. This should help get them over his depression.

As everyone walks into the vacation home Ha Won is bubbling with joy. Seo Woo notices he’s not in Thailand as his manager told him he would be. Ha Won apologizes for tricking him. Seo Woo asks why Ha Won’s friend is there. Ha Won’s response is straightforward, the more the merrier. Ji Woon tells Hye Ji “let’s just have fun”. Ha Won notices their exchange. Ha Won’s idea of having fun? Everyone wearing a leather jacket embroidered with their name. She declares this will be a teambuilding trip. I’m thinking everybody would rather have a relaxing vacation. Yes, everyone rejects the teambuilding and the jackets, instead heading to their rooms leaving Ha Won standing alone.

c4k_ep8_1b c4k_ep8_1a
Assistant Lee calls Grandfather and reports that no one is excited with Ha Won’s plans. Grandfather tells Assistant Lee to get some rest and enjoy himself. Assistant Lee is taken aback and feels that he should be there to support Grandfather. Turns out the Grandfather is in the hospital, he just checked himself in. Grandfather’s wife is not happy that the family is on vacation and unaware that he’s in the hospital. Grandfather says he’s not sure that anybody would want to visit him anyhow. His wife says she’ll take care of him and worry like his family would have.

Ding, ding, ding! Is this confirmation that Grandfather’s wife is Assistant Lee’s mother? Someone texts Assistant Lee that she won’t bother him but in return she wants to have a meal sometime.

Hyun Min notices symbols on the ceiling from childhood in his bedroom. As Ha Won is about to put a sign on his door he exits. And what does the sign say? It’s their retreat schedule. Yes, Ha Won is not looking at this as a relaxing vacation.

No one attends the first house meeting.

Ha Won finds Seo Woo playing music. She tells him that he shouldn’t be by himself, he should be with others. He counters that as a celebrity he gets less than 10 days off a year, and this is one of those 10 days, so leave him alone while he’s having fun.

Hye Ji looks at a bench that has “Hyun Min loves Hye Ji” carved in it.

c4k_ep8_2b c4k_ep8_2a
Ha Won finds Hyun Min by the pool. He wants to know what she meant by him needing to look into his heart. He wonders if he liked her would anything change. Ha Won says that when men and women love each other they can date each other and it’s all good. Hyun Min tells her that she’s old-fashioned. Ha Won denies it. Hyun Min tells her to leave him alone. She strides away irritated.

Hye Ji takes a dip in the pool and invites Hyun Min to join her, reminding him of how much they swam when they were kids. Hyun Min declines her invitation and starts leave. Hye Ji feigns distress in the water. Hyun Min jumps in and carries her out of the pool. He believes she’s got a cramp in her leg, like she had when they were kids, and he massages her leg. They both feel the physical contact. She thanks him for saving her. He brusquely says he would’ve done the same for anyone. He strides away. But he does turn and look at her.

Ji Woon goes in search of Ha Won, but she’s out and her friend doesn’t know where. Ji Woon shakes his head as he looks at the schedule that she’s put together.

Stepmother and stepdaughter are hopeful that finding Ha Won’s biological father, will cause Ha Won to leave the mansion and forever leave their family. They are giddy in anticipation.

Ha Won is feeding the farm animals. She recalls a happy time with her mother and father when they had a family picnic. Her mother taught her the lesson that distracting people can allow you to get what you want. “Make a sound in the east, then strike in the West.” Ha Won decides that if nobody else will follow her schedule, she will. Up next, horseback riding.

Ji Woon looks at the schedule and mutters that he feels bad because no one is following the ridiculous schedule. That doesn’t mean he wants to follow the ridiculous schedule, but he feels bad for Ha Won.

Ji Woon finds Ha Won feeding carrots to a horse in the stables. He wonders why she isn’t riding as he holds up the schedule. Ha Won says she put riding on the schedule believing everybody else like to ride. Ji Woon suggests that they ride. Ha Won does not want to. Ji Woon says she can’t get out of it.

Seo Woo post a picture of him relaxing and his manager calls. Seo Woo tells his manager he didn’t like being deceived but is enjoying the break. His manager says the reason why he got this break is because he had to make a deal to get the pictures. He texts Seo Woo the pictures of him in the high school uniform.

Ji Woon and Ha Won go horseback riding together. They share a saddle and a horse.

Seo Woo finds Ha Won’s friend and asks if the pictures of him in her uniform is her doing. Startled, she can only agree. Assistant Lee walks out and hands Seo Woo the charcoal to start the barbecue with. Assistant Lee says he needs to get more food. Seo Woo grouses would it be easier to take out. Assistant Lee points to the schedule which states they are having a barbecue party tonight.

c4k_ep8_4b c4k_ep8_4aHa Won and Ji Woon are walking after finishing the horseback ride. Ha Won realizes she lost her necklace during the ride. She runs off to search the trail for her necklace. Ji Woon watches her and wonders why she makes him worry so much. Ji Woon takes off after her. Ha Won explains the necklace is important to her because it belonged to her mother. Ji Woon asks what she’ll do for him if he finds her necklace. He says if he finds her necklace she must grant him one wish. She laughs and he starts looking.

Seo Woo and Ha Won’s friend prepare food for the barbecue. Seo Woo asks about Ha Won’s family. Her friend explains that her stepmother never gave her much money forcing her to work multiple part-time jobs. Seo Woo asks about her crazy sister. Her friend says her sister takes advantage of Ha Won all the time, like a classic evil stepsister. Her friend explains Ha Won’s father is on the road a lot and not home often. When she tells Seo Woo that stepmother forced Ha Won to sleep on the balcony, he is horrified. Trying to appear nonchalant, Seo Woo asks if Ha Won has ever dated. Her friend says that Ha Won has never dated anyone. Seo Woo smiles and ask what kind of guy Ha Won likes. Her friend says that Ha Won is too busy to have an ideal kind of guy. She notices that Seo Woo is taking a lot of interest in Ha Won. Seo Woo blusters he’s only asking because she lives in the mansion.

Ha Won and Ji Woon continue to search for her necklace. Ha Won apologizes for taking his time. She tells him that she knows he only came on the vacation because of Hye Ji. Ji Woon counters that Ha Won tried to use that to get him to go on vacation. Ha Won said that she wanted to thank Hye Ji for allowing her to spend the night at her place when she needed a place to go. Inviting her on the vacation was her way of thanking Hye Ji. Ha Won says she invited Hye Ji because she hoped they could become friends, not because of Grandfather’s mission. Ji Woon finds the necklace but doesn’t tell Ha Won. Ji Woon asks what favor Ha Won will do for him if he finds her necklace. Ha Won suggests she clean his room. She suggests she do his laundry. Ji Woon doesn’t find that satisfactory and turns to leave. Ha Won tells him she’ll do whatever he asks her to do. Ji Woon dangles the necklace in front of Ha Won. She so excited she hugs him knocking them both to the ground. They stare into each other’s eyes. They both jump to their feet pulling away from each other. Ha Won and Ji Woon had a moment of connection and it made both of them so uncomfortable that they immediately pulled apart. This couple is sweet and cute as they slowly inched towards romance.

c4k_ep8_5d c4k_ep8_5c
Stepmother goes to the construction site and finds Kang Young Jin. Bluntly she tells him she’s the one that raised Ha Won. He looks at her blankly. She tells him Ha Won is his daughter. He tells her he’s single and doesn’t have a daughter. Stepmother asks if he never forgot Ha Won’s mother and was unable to marry. He is startled by Ha Won’s mother’s name. Stepmother takes that as confirmation. She tells him that Ha Won was his daughter but she raised her. He is stunned. Stepmother tells him that her husband kindly raised his child but the time has come to admit to being Ha Won’s father. He tells her there’s a misunderstanding. Stepmother says the misunderstanding was hers, she thought Ha Won was her husband’s daughter. Stepmother says they spent money raising Ha Won and they were poor. Stepmother admits she was going to demand money from him as recompense. But seeing that he probably doesn’t have money, she tells him just take your daughter and go. He yells that she does not understand the facts. Stepmother yells that he shouldn’t be denying the facts. Stepmother says Ha Won is trying to land a rich husband, but doesn’t know that her father is a poor construction worker. That seems to catch his attention. Stepmother tells him all he needs to do is get his daughter out of the mansion. He seems interested but silent. That was the most one-sided conversation I’ve seen in a while. Stepmother just kept talking never allowing him to get a word in edge wise. She didn’t believe his denials, and she just rammed what she thought was the truth down his throat. Is this guy a good guy or a bad guy?

Stepmother walks away unhappy that she couldn’t elicit money from him but hopeful that he’ll take Ha Won away from the mansion.

Kang Young Jin gets a phone call asking for money. He shouts that he’ll get the money to them by the end of the month. He stops and thinks. I’m guessing he’s thinking about getting money from Ha Won, are you?

c4k_ep8_6b c4k_ep8_6a
Ha Won thanks Ji Woon for finding the necklace. He asks about it. She explains it’s a ring, a keepsake from her mother. Ji Woon asks if it’s her mother’s wedding ring. Ha Won doesn’t think so because her father doesn’t wear a ring. Ha Won says the ring was important to her mother. Ha Won’s mother was holding the ring when she died. Ji Woon comments his mother left nothing behind. Ha Won counters she left Ji Woon behind. They head back to the vacation house.

Hye Ji wonders whether or not Hyun Min has any clothes to wear. He strides out clad in a bathrobe. He tells her that he’ll get the pajamas washed and put them on later. Hye Ji suggests he borrow some clothes from Ji Woon. Hyun Min tells her to go hang out with Ji Woon and leave him alone. Hye Ji says she came because of him. She tells him it’s been 10 years since they were last in the vacation house. She wonders if he isn’t feeling something that will make him want to come to her. Hyun Min says none of this means anything to him. Hye Ji says the carving is still on the wooden bench. Hye Ji says that she came hoping that she would get a different response from him, but he’s the same as ever. Hyun Min tells her to stop the fantasy of them getting back together. Hye Ji walks away. Hyun Min is frustrated that he is stuck in this house.

c4k_ep8_7b c4k_ep8_7a
Ha Won and Ji Woon run into Hye Ji as they walk back to the vacation home. It’s obvious that she’s upset. It’s obvious that Ji Woon sees that she’s upset. Ha Won says she’ll go back to the home by herself and leaves. Ji Woon asks Hye Ji what is upsetting her. Hye Ji admits that she had expectations about this trip. She hoped something would happened between her and Hyun Min. But things are not turning out like she hoped. Ji Woon tells her she’s fine on her own and a good person. Hye Ji doesn’t look like she believes him.

In the hospital Grandfather’s lawyer tells him that all the preparations have been made. Grandfather says there’s new family members that have made things more complicated. Hmm, new family members?  Grandfather says he needs to rewrite his will. Grandfather asks his lawyer why he’s been meeting with so many board members lately. His lawyer is surprised that Grandfather knows about this and urges him to finalize his successor. Grandfather agrees he’ll have to make that selection soon. Grandfather’s wife listens at the door. As lawyer exits the door, Grandfather’s wife introduces herself and tells him she thinks they’ll be seeing each other often.

Stepmother listens to two executive wives gossip. They both would like their daughters to marry Kang cousins. One of them says that Grandfather’s new wife has been married previously. The other says doesn’t think that matters. The point is that Grandfather’s new wife lied that she had never been married before per the family’s housekeeper.

Assistant Lee returns from the grocery store. Ha Won’s friend helps him unload the groceries. The housekeeper presents two bottles, which look like milk bottles, to Assistant Lee. The one with the red lid is homemade wine, the one with the yellow lid is fresh milk.

Ji Woon thinks about the moment he and Ha Won shared. Hyun Min surprises him by coming into his bathroom. Hyun Min comments the lock on the door is broken.

Ha Won frets that Ji Woon has a special place in his heart for Hye Ji. Then she remembers Ji Woon finding the necklace for her, and it puts a smile on her face.

Ji Woon looks for something but he can’t find it.

Ha Won ends up taking a shower in the same bathroom that Ji Woon used. She is startled when Ji Woon comes into the bathroom. He yells to Hyun Min that he’s just there to get his phone. He sees someone in the shower, assumes its Hyun Min, and wonders why he didn’t respond. He starts to open the door to ask if everything’s okay. Horrified Ha Won throws a bar of soap at Ji Woon’s head. She asks him to leave. Horrified he realizes that it’s Ha Won in the shower. He apologizes. He leaves. Ha Won is mortified. When Ha Won comes out of the bathroom she runs into Ji Woon who tells her the lock on the bathroom door is broken. He stayed to guard the door. They are both awkward with each other.

Ha Won’s friend finds Ha Won fretting in her room. She asks what is wrong. Ha Won comments she’s hot after taking a shower. Her friend tells her there is fresh milk in the fridge and that should make her feel better. Is everybody thinking that Ha Won is going to drink the wine not the milk?

Ha Won opens the fridge and guzzles the wine, not the milk.

c4k_ep8_9ac4k_ep8_9c c4k_ep8_9b
Seo Woo and Assistant Lee are starting the barbecue. Assistant Lee runs to into Ha Won who is obviously inebriated. Ha Won asks why Assistant Lee keeps formal speech with her. Assistant Lee says those are Grandfather’s orders. Ha Won waggles her finger at him and calls him stuffy. Hyun Min, Ji Woon, and Hye Ji come up behind Ha Won and smile at their interchange. Ha Won tells him to speak informally to her. Assistant Lee says he’ll try. Ha Won yells do it! Ha Won’s friend says that Ha Won is acting like she’s drunk. Assistant Lee realizes that the bottle that Ha Won is waving in front of him is the rice wine the housekeeper brought. All the Kang cousins laugh watching a drunk Ha Won. Ha Won complains to all of them that they refuse to participate in her schedule so she has to play by herself. What exactly was that horseback ride with Ji Woon? Seo Woo tells her that he’s doing the barbecue just like she had on her schedule. Ha Won says she dreamed of everyone wearing the jackets and doing things together. She is sporting the jacket.

At dinner we see that everyone is wearing their personalized jackets. Only Ha Won looks excited about this. After dinner Ha Won, her friend, and Seo Woo initially are the only participants in the games but then others join in. Assistant Lee seems to get drunk and yells Ha Won’s name. Then he passes out. They play some kind of game where everybody tells each other that they love each other. When Hye Ji tells Hyun Min she loves him they stare at each other meaningfully. When Ji Woon tells Ha Won he loves her, she tells him to take a flying leap. When Ji Woon tells Hyun Min he loves him, Hyun Min moves next to Ha Won and asks her to protect him. She says they were never involved, he was only ever her employer. Seo Woo is surprised that they were never engaged. Ha Won complains to Hyun Min that now everybody knows who she is. She says everybody refers to her as the psycho that rejected Hyun Min. Hyun Min tells her she’s an idiot to reject him. Ha Won says that Hyun Min plays around with people. Assistant Lee hurls.

Assistant Lee wakes in his bed still wearing his jacket.

Ha Won’s friend goes into Seo Woo’s bedroom and finds the lyrics he is working on. Seo Woo comes into the room and immediately snatches the lyrics away from her. She asked whether or not Seo Woo is having feelings for someone. She tells him that he’s loved by so many fans they don’t want to see him date. She leaves. Seo Woo looks at the lyrics whose working title references Ha Won.

c4k_ep8_11b c4k_ep8_11ac4k_ep8_11c
Hye Ji finds Hyun Min sitting on their bench. He starts to leave but she asks him to stay. Hye Ji thanks him for rescuing her from the pool. Hyun Min says he would’ve done it for anyone. Hye Ji wonders if the situation would’ve been the same if it were anyone else? She promises to warm up properly before she swims next time. Hyun Min tells her to do that so no one else is inconvenienced. She comments that they used to come here a lot when they were young. She comments their family loved to vacation with his family. Hyun Min agrees they did enjoy their vacations. She rubs at the engraving. Hye Ji asks if Hyun Min remembers her older brother teasing them about carving their initials in the bench. She says her older brother was jealous they spent so much time together and were close. Hyun Min smiles and says her older brother was the most childish of the three of them. Hye Ji says she wishes sometimes that she could go back to those days. Hyun Min doesn’t want to go back. He says he’s happy today. Hye Ji says she used to be kind when he was a young child. She asked why he keeps so many secrets. Hyun Min says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Hye Ji asks why he pretends that this bench is meaningless. Hyun Min says he couldn’t sleep and made his way to the bench, it doesn’t mean anything. Hye Ji draws on his hand reminding him that they used to do this when they were young and couldn’t fall asleep. She smiles at him. He remembers drawing on her hand when they were young. He remembers kissing her when they were young. Hye Ji starts to mention that they kissed on this bench, Hyun Min claims he doesn’t remember. She leans in to kiss him, and he just stares at her. Gently she kisses him. He does not respond. He pulls away and stands up. Hye Ji asks if she can date other men. Hyun Min says she doesn’t have to ask that. Hye Ji asks if he would be okay if she dated Ji Woon.

c4k_ep8_12ac4k_ep8_12b c4k_ep8_12c
Ha Won lays on the bench and Ji Woon watches her. They are both drunk. Ji Woon tells her he loves her. Ha Won tells him to take a flying leap. He drunkenly slurs that he loves her and makes the heart symbol. Ha Won tells him to take a flying leap. This time Ji Woon yells that he loves her. Ha Won sits up and asks him if he really means it. Ji Woon kisses her. Ha Won is mildly surprised. Ji Woon asks why she is surprised. Ji Woon drinks wine spilling it all over himself. He takes her face in his hands. He kisses her. He asks if she just kissed him. She tells him he just kissed her. Ji Woon says let’s do it one more time. They kiss each other.

My Thoughts

This episode irritated me. I feel like Hyun Min picking leaves off flowers when I consider the episodes of this drama “I liked this episode”, “I didn’t like this episode”. The writers are uneven in what they are producing. Do actors notice and cringe when they read the script but try and make it the best they can? I want this show to be an adult show. Unfortunately, the characters act like high schoolers with their jealousy, using others to make another jealous, uncertainty, fear of voicing what they want, etc.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) rescued Ha Won when he found ring necklace. Ji Woon is due any favor he wants. I wonder what he’ll choose. Their horseback riding scene and subsequent search for the necklace were nice. They had that one moment after he found the necklace where there was a hint of passion but they quickly ran from that. Ji Woon is irritated the Hye Ji is hung up on Hyun Min. Dude, that’s her problem, not yours.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) got drunk. I’m not going to address her guzzling the rice wine when she thought it was milk. But what disappointed me is this couple that I’ve watched flirt and have fun in brief moments each episode, were both drunk when they had their first kiss.  When stepmother visited Kang Young Jin, it seemed like he was not her father, but with the lure of money, he may be willing to pretend he is. I’m interested in the ring, the keepsake from her mother. What is its significance? What secrets will it unlock?

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) saved Hye Ji in the pool but rejected her kiss. Hyun Min has serious reservations about starting again with Hye Ji. Whatever happened to her brother must be a huge factor. I don’t like watching this flat depressed Hyun Min.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) kissed Hyun Min but he didn’t kiss her back. She tried everything she could think of to lure Hyun Min back to the good old days when he openly loved her. But he wouldn’t go there. Now she’s going to use Ji Woon to make him jealous. That irritates me. Any progress this character made with the last episode, was lost.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) likes Ha Won. I’m cringing at this development. They were great buddies. They will not be anything more.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) worried about being away from Grandfather. He may have a sixth sense because Grandfather is in the hospital and not telling anyone. Was the text from his mother, Grandfather’s wife?

The fifth song of the OST is “I Believe” by Youngha. Check out the video below:


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16 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 8 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    Honestly, I liked this episode. It had me laughing for most of it. I do wish Ji Woon would stop this one sided affection for Hye Ji. Man, she doesn’t like you that way. Him and Ha Won have adorable scenes together. The drink scene worked for me because both of them had their walls down, and let the other in. Also, they all ate together again, and they didn’t fight it! They had a great time it looks like. I want Seo Woo to drop the affection for Ha Won. They should just be best buddies. The ring though. That will definitely come into play. It strikes me as odd that Ha Won has no memories of it before her mother died though. Maybe another person(insert Ji Woon’s mom) is who it actually belonged to since they suspiciously died on the same day. There is something that definitely affected Hyun Min and Hye Ji. Most like only her brother’s death. What if it was an accident, and Hyun Min thinks he’s responsible? That could explain his actions.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You are right that the alcohol allowed Ha Won and Ji Woon to let their guard down which they have not been able to do sober.
      I agree the ring is another piece of the puzzle. I look forward to learning more.
      Your thought that Hyun Min might be feeling guilty about Hye Ji’s brother’s death has merit.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      THE RING—@Kelli brings up an interesting supposition the ring could belong to Ji Woon’s mom. I wonder if grandpa saw Ha Won’s necklace, would he recognize the necklace or the ring inside? I’m with @KJT’s in wanting to know more about this keepsake. ”What is its significance? What secrets will it unlock?” Is this ring the ‘Ring of Power’ to give its owner reign over Haneul Group? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the LOTR reference, but what IF I’m right?)

      GUILT—From the time we first found out Hye Ji’s brother had passed away, I wondered if Hyun Min broke it off with Hye Ji over guilt.

      CONSPIRACY THEORY—See my theory under episode 7 recap. I think it is possible that Hye Ji’s brother, Hyun Min or one of our other knights may be responsible for the incident where Hye Ji’s brother and/or their parents passed away.

      Another question I have is what happened to Gold-digger granny’s first husband (AKA Yoon Sung’s dad in my opinion)? Did her die in the incident that killed the chairman’s sons? Has granny been pursuing gramps for 10 years as retribution/compensation of the loss of her husband?

      • kjtamuser says:

        It’s fun to guess how all these puzzle pieces connect (or not). I hope the writers make it as interesting as it unfolds in the remaining 8 episodes.

  2. I loved this episode but I guess I am wishing for more plot advancement per episode, you are right about Seo Woo falling for her it is just not right,the script writers had formed a great friendship between him and Ha Won and it will totally mess it up if either one of them takes the romantic route

    • kjtamuser says:

      I was irked by
      1. Ji Hye being willing to use Ji Woon to make Hyun Min jealous (that will mess up the budding romance between Ji Woon and Ha Won),
      2. Seo Woo being romantically interested in Ha Won (that will mess up their friendship),
      3. the drunk first kiss between Ji Woon and Ha Won. Though Kelli (1st comment) did note that the alcohol facilitated a kiss sooner than had they been sober.
      Unfortunately, the end of the episode finished with the three plot points that irked me.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Overall I liked this episode with its fun and flirty vibe.

        1. While Hye Ji has been going down on my annoyance factor scale, but she is still there. Hye Ji shot HW jealous looks when HW and Ji Woon came upon the sullen petulant snot. If Hyun Min is her target, why does she keep leading Ji Woon on? Ji Woon seems to be concerned about Hye Ji, but I’m not sure if he is crushing on her. Is Hye Ji pulling a “dog in the manger” with Ji Woon? Is she so shallow that she wants all the attention from the boys?

        2. We may not be thrilled with Seo Woo’s infatuation, but I think it was inevitable that all the knights crush on Ha Won. Mark my words Yoon Sung will have his day too. The writers should have brought this infatuation forward earlier, before Ha Won started to develop feelings for Ji Woon.

        3. After the setup and sweet moments and physical contact Ha Won and Ji Woon had this episode, it was disappointing to have their first kiss to be a sloppy drunk kiss. @Kelli may have made a reasonable case for alcohol being the catalyst for Ha Won and Ji Woon, but being sober would have been made the kiss more meaningful. Despite that, their inebriated kiss had more passion than Hye Ji and Hyun Min’s sober lip press.

        • kjtamuser says:

          1. Hye Ji will be wrong to use Ji Woon to make Hyun Min jealous. She knows that Ji Woon and Ha Won have feelings for each other.
          2. I would prefer Seo Woo and Assistant Lee to consider Ha Won a friend. There is sufficient drama for the writer to concentrate on between the primary foursome. I am mystified why the writers don’t follow my suggestions…ha!
          3. “but being sober would have been made the kiss more meaningful. ” I agree. After watching Another Miss Oh I seem to have a lower tolerance to drunk characters.

      • Hmm, I can understand your irritation with those particular plot devices they do sort of cheapen the show and come across as too contrived. By the way I felt like Ha Won’s dad was looking rather hopeful that she would be in the house.What if it turns out that he is her real dad after all,the affection he showed in the flashbacks seemed so genuine 😦 I sort of am half hoping that his mean action was just some form of Noble Idiocy on his part,after all that is a tried and tested Kdrama trope.

        • kjtamuser says:

          I have to laugh because I just made a comment to the same point that Ha Won’s father seems so affectionate in the flashbacks that it is difficult to reconcile the hard-hearted man that slapped her.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I agree with @redbutterflys, Ha Won’s dad seemed genuinely happy in the flashbacks and hopefully looking for Ha Won in the apartment. I’m not the biggest fan of noble idiocy, but early on suspected Grandpa Moneybags may have coerced him with money to kick Ha Won out of the house, so she would chose to go to Sky House.

        We also don’t know Ha Won’s dad’s purpose for seeking Mr. Kang. While I don’t think construction worker Kang is related to Ha Won or Haneul Group, I wonder if Mr. Kang will claim to be her bio dad for financial gain to appease his loan shark. I suspect step-mommy dearest may have planted a seed.

        • kjtamuser says:

          “Grandpa Moneybags may have coerced him with money to kick Ha Won out of the house, so she would chose to go to Sky House.”
          * I think that is a possibility but it bothers me that Grandfather would manipulate and cause that kind of pain if he cares for Ha Won. BUT Grandfather bought Ji Woon’s former coworkers, so I cannot deny that Grandfather is fully capable.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    CARTOONISH STEP-FAMILY—Stepmom made a big deal about Ha Won not being her husband’s bio daughter and how she needs to be out of her husband’s life. Isn’t Yoon Na also not the hypocrite’s husband’s bio daughter?

    It seems unlikely the Mr. Kang stepmom confronted was neither related to grandpa nor Ha Won’s bio dad. I wonder why Ha Won’s dad is looking for him. Is he related to the fire as a witness or culprit, thus negating the ‘accident’ theory? Enquiring minds want to know.

    GRANDPA MONEYBAGS & GOLD-DIGGER GRANNY—Gramps’ severe illness is the catalyst for the urgency of selecting a successor for Haneul Group. “Hmm, new family members?” wasn’t lost on me. Is he referring to Ji Woon (it has only been a year), granny, Yoon Sung (does gramps know who is mother is?), or possibly Ha Won, if she has a Kang connection? It is curious gramps would add a wife to the inheritance mess when he knows his end is near. Gold-digger granny will take care of gramps and his money, no doubt! She is already working on an alliance with attorney Kim.

    YOON SUNG—As the chairman’s personal secretary, I suspect Yoon Sung is aware of grandpa health issues. The captions on my episode said the text was from his mother. I am of the opinion that is none other than Gold-digger granny.

    Yoon Sung, the tightly wound knight, did not take it easy per the chairman’s command. He did loosen up with a bit of alcohol. It was all fun and games until the projectile vomiting.

    ANNOYING HYE JI —The swimming pool is divine! I strongly suspect Hye Ji leg cramp was a rouse. Her continuously tenuous actions are pushing Hyun Min away. Give it a rest sweetie!

    SEO WOO—Seo Woo never had a chance with Ha Won, despite his song writing.

    HYUN MIN—I concur a depressed Hyun Min is not fun to watch. I ❤ when he is spunky and flirty. We still have half of the episodes to go; I think Hyun Min will still compete for Ha Won. The vacation house seems to hold a lot of memories for Hyun Min and Hye Ji. It seems he felt something in their passionless lip press, but he pushed himself past it. I suspect he has some residual feelings for Hye Ji, but her continuous aggression puts him off.

    JI WOON—Between the tandem horseback riding, necklace search, and broken bathroom door lock incidents Ji Woon was Ha Won got closer. @KJT you are spot on the pace of this relationship “This couple is sweet and cute as they slowly INCHED towards romance.”

    HA WON—Ha Won had such a happy childhood with her parents, it is hard to believe her dad, bio or not, would disregard her now. It has been a few episodes since we have had Sun Tzu’s tactics mentioned.

    Ha Won is doing her best to enjoy her trip schedule, even if it is by herself. I was slightly taken back Ha Won seemed annoyed Ji Woon’s expression changed around Hye Ji, is Ha Won jealous? If so, this is an indication she is developing feelings for Ji Woon. The other knights may be out of luck. I believe all of them will take a turn pursuing her.

    Yep, Ha Won drained the ‘relax’ out of this vacation, when she made it a structured MT. It took mistaking rice wine for milk for Ha Won to amuse the others.

    • kjtamuser says:

      “I wonder why Ha Won’s dad is looking for him. Is he related to the fire as a witness or culprit, thus negating the ‘accident’ theory? Inquiring minds want to know.”
      * You are right on that score.

      “It is curious gramps would add a wife to the inheritance mess when he knows his end is near.”
      * I hadn’t considered that. I wonder if he did that to legitimize Assistant Lee’s position in the family.

      “Ha Won had such a happy childhood with her parents, it is hard to believe her dad, bio or not, would disregard her now.”
      * I’m struggling with that too. He was so horrid so her when he told her the news and slapped her. It is opposite of what the flashbacks show him to be.

  4. A.D.DO! says:

    I will just say that that kiss at the end by Ji Woon was the biggest turn off ever in Kdramaland….he obviously doesn’t enjoy kissing women, drunk or sober.

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