Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 7 Recap

Cinderella has a new mission. Will the Knights cooperate?

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 7 Recap

Hyun Min: Let’s end this fake relationship of ours. Let’s start dating, for real.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) looks at him with surprise. Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) stares at Ha Won. Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) stares at the both of them. Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) drops the pretty bouquet of flowers and rushes away. Ji Woon takes off after Hye Ji.  Excuse me Ji Won, I understand your propensity to save the damsel in distress, but it distresses me when the damsel is Hye Ji.

Ha Won: Do you like me?

Hyun Min hesitates and looks away.

Ha Won: Take a look at what your heart feels for your family and women.

Hyun Min says nothing and Ha Won walks away knowing she scored a bull’s-eye with her question.

Ji Woon stops Hye Ji and tells her that there’s nothing going on between Ha Won and Hyun Min. Hye Ji replies that she knows that, she’s not running away because of that. That surprises me. I thought that she was immediately jealous of Ha Won and Hyun Min. Hye Ji comments that she can’t believe she’s friends with somebody like Ha Won. She tells Ji Woon she wants to be alone. She leaves. I’m still confused at her disclaimer that she wasn’t jealous of KS and Hyun Min, then stating she was surprised she was friends with Ha Won. I don’t get Hye Ji. At least when she wanted to be alone, she released Ji Woon from his damsel in distress mode.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) finds him surrounded by adoring high schoolers. Then Seo Woo finds himself chased by adoring high schoolers. Ha Won’s friend pulls Seo Woo into a room and tells him she can help. The sight of Seo Woo in a high school girl’s uniform running to his van is amusing. I did not think his skirt was short enough.

Ha Won walks down the street alone. Her cell phone battery is low.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) and Seo Woo are concerned about Ha Won after reading the note that the housekeeper found. When Ji Woon enters the room Seo Woo asks if he knows where Ha Won is. He doesn’t. Seo Woo asks if he cares. He doesn’t. Seo Woo isn’t impressed that Ji Woon doesn’t care about somebody that used to live with them. Ji Woon is unrepentant. Assistant Lee and Seo Woo will leave to go find Ha Won.

Hyun Min walks the streets and notices everyone staring and laughing at him. He doesn’t understand why he’s the object of amusement. He’s horrified when a friend sends a link of the YouTube video showing his confession to Ha Won and her rejection of him.

Assistant Lee goes to stepmother’s house to find Ha Won. Stepmother assumes that Ha Won was thrown out of the mansion. She’s gleeful that Ha Won is no longer at the mansion. Assistant Lee leaves.

Seo Woo ends up at the café that Ha Won’s friend works at (she is also the girl that Seo Woo borrowed the uniform from). Ha Won’s friend is enraptured when Seo Woo comes to the café. She promises to tell no one that he borrowed her high school uniform. Seo Woo is greatly relieved. He asks where Ha Won might be. Ha Won’s friend chides Seo Woo for kicking Ha Won out of the mansion. He denies this.

The housekeeper is arranging white roses when Ji Woon enters the room. He asks if Ha Won bought the roses. The housekeeper confirms this and states that Ha Won didn’t want them sad after the memorial service. The housekeeper is sad that Ha Won left, wonders if anyone’s found her, and looks up in surprise that Ji Woon left during the middle of her discourse about Ha Won.

Assistant Lee calls Seo Woo and says that Ha Won is not at her former household. Seo Woo wonders where Ha Won is.

c4k_ep7_3b c4k_ep7_3a
Ji Woon pulls up outside the convenience store and smiles to see Ha Won inside eating noodles. Ha Won has three bowls of noodles in front of her one for herself, her father and her mother. She misses her parents and starts to cry. Ji Woon walks in and overhears Ha Won tell her mother that she can’t go to college. I thought with the completion of the first mission she had the first year of college taken care of. Determined to change her mood Ji Woon chides her for eating three noodles by herself. Ji Woon tells her to return to the mansion. Ha Won says she can’t return to the mansion. Ji Woon admits that he went to the temple and honored his father. Ha Won is surprised. Ji Woon says she completed her mission. Ha Won gets a big smile undoubtedly not only happy about completing the mission but also happy that the three grandsons honored their fathers. Ji Woon asks if Ha Won left the rose in front of his mother’s memorial marker. Ha Won adorably says that her their mothers are neighbors. Ji Woon admits that he gave that flower to his father. That puts another big smile on Ha Won’s face. She’s proud of Ji Woon. With an equally adorable smile, Ji Woon tells her to stop overreacting and suggests they go home together. That makes her happy. Aren’t they just the cutest? That was a good scene. It had the emotion of Ha Won being sad that she was alone and the playfulness of Ji Woon cajoling her to return home, and the emotion of Ji Woon being grateful for Ha Won putting the rose on his mother’s memorial marker. More please.

Assistant Lee and Seo Woo fret about Ha Won. They are surprised and pleased when Ha Won walks through the door followed by Ji Woon. The housekeeper is happy to see Ha Won too. Seo Woo chides Ji Woon for his earlier claim that he didn’t care. Ji Woon walks away. It’s nice to have a moment of happiness in the house.

Seo Woo sings a song to Ha Won about his happiness at her returning home. Ha Won says she’s touched that he tried to call her 49 times. Seo Woo apologizes that he and his cousins cause trouble. Ha Won never feels that he causes trouble, especially when he showed that he cared by the multiple calls. They joke about whether or not she should put the call log online to prove that he’s a sweetie. Seo Woo tells Ha Won he was impressed that she rejected Hyun Min. Ha Won is surprised that Seo Woo knows about that. Seo Woo shows Ha Won the YouTube video of Hyun Min’s confession and her rejection. Ha Won worries and wonders where Hyun Min is.

Hyun Min cringes as he reads the comments online under the confession video. Seems like everyone is enjoying the fact that his good looks and money can’t buy him a girlfriend. I love the fact that he’s in a public Internet cafe reading this. Why isn’t he using his phone? To his horror there are related videos of his misbehaviors subtitle in several languages. Ha! He scurries out of the Internet café his head down.

Hyun Min recalls Ha Won urging him to look in his heart for what he feels about his family and women. He wonders about the feelings that he’s having. When it starts to rain, he can’t believe it. You know what they say, when it rains it pours.

When Hyun Min arrives at the house Ha Won tries to talk to him but he just goes into his room and shuts the door.

The next morning Ha Won comes out of her room and spies Ji Woon one in his room putting together a model racecar. She smiles. He smiles. I smile. They text banter. I smile more. Ji Woon texts that he heard that Ha Won was only pretending to be Hyun Min’s fiancé. But then he doesn’t send it. Ha Won texts him a thanks for yesterday. Then she goes into her room. Ji Woon smiles. Gosh what a cute little scene. I’m a banter-holic (lover of banter between 2 people) and Kdramas are using more texting scenes. This one was an effective one.

Seo Woo is all smiles when he comes out of the house to head off to the recording studio with his manager who teases him about wearing normal clothes, not the uniform. Seo Woo says he’s got something cool to share.

Assistant Lee observes Hyun Min by the brook looking pensive.

Assistant Lee finds Ha Won enjoying the food the housekeeper makes. Ha Won surprises him when she pops a morsel in his mouth. She tells him that she’s worried about Hyun Min. Assistant Lee agrees that Hyun Min was looking pensive in the garden just now. Ha Won frets about Hyun Min. The housekeeper jokes that Hyun Min is probably not relishing his new Internet nickname. Assistant Lee agrees it seems to have bothered Hyun Min.

Stepsister is furious to find that the Internet community is calling Ha Won Cinderella, because of the events of yesterday. Stepmother chides her daughter for creating the situation. Color me surprised, but I agree with stepmother.

Grandfather shows Ha Won the pressed white rose that Ji Woon put at his father’s memorial to Grandfather saved. To thank Ha Won completing the mission Grandfather offers her a handful of tickets to go on vacation. He suggests that she take his grandsons and whoever else she likes. Grandfather believes that the boys will become closer if they vacation together. He challenges Ha Won to wow him with her skills to corral his grandsons.

Stepmother is massaging Grandfather’s wife when she gets a phone call. Stepmother can’t help but overhear Grandfather’s wife discussing finding the right woman for him. Later stepmother calls her daughter and tells her that Grandfather’s wife is arranging marriage meetings for the grandsons. Stepmother brags that she wrote down the number of the matchmaker and she plans to swap in her daughter for one of the girls. They are both stoked. I can’t believe a minute say this but stepmother and stepdaughter are no longer as annoying as they were. A.D.DO! noted in the comment section it was enjoyable watching the stepmother and stepdaughter “get theirs” every episode. That’s a valid point. It is nice to see them fail at all their schemes. They are like Wiley coyote trying to catch the Roadrunner and it never works for them. But beyond that, in this episode there is less hatred towards Ha Won, which is unacceptable and makes me irritated with them, and now there’s more cartoon scheming to joined the land of the rich Kangs.

As Assistant Lee drives her back to the mansion Ha Won worries that she may not be able to get the boys to go with her on vacation. Assistant Lee is confident she will work her magic once again. Assistant Lee gets a phone call and his face goes serious. He declines whatever the caller is offering. For those of you (Mercy, Jane Tilly) that have been suggesting that Grandfather’s wife is Assistant Lee’s mother, this scene seems to indicate the possibility. Wouldn’t it be natural that Grandfather’s wife would want her son married and a potential heir for Grandfather’s consideration?

Eager to start the vacation planning, Ha Won goes to find the grandsons. Hyun Min is asleep in his bedroom. Seo Woo is not in his room. Ha Won calls Ji Woon. He asks why she is calling him when they live in the same house. Ha Won whines that he’s late coming home. She spins realizing that he’s behind her. She suggests that they all go on a trip together. Ji Woon’s face says everything; not interested. Ha Won cajoles him saying that a trip would be fun and they could eat a lot of good food. He literally hangs up the phone in front of her and says their discussion is over.

Ha Won goes to see her friend who returns her backpack. Her friend says that Seo Woo came to the coffee shop looking for her after her high school graduation. Ha Won tells her friend that all is right in she’s back at the mansion now. Her friend shares the pictures of Seo Woo in her high school uniform. Ha Won can’t believe her eyes. Her friend boasts that she was the one that arranged for Seo Woo to escape the hordes of fans and exit the high school dressed in her uniform. Ha Won asks her friend to send her those photos. Ha Won says she plans to use the photos to make Seo Woo cooperate with her. Anybody else thinking she might blackmail him, in a friendly manner, to going on vacation with those photos? When her friend doesn’t want to send the photos Ha Won offers that her friend could come with them.

But Ha Won surprises us by not blackmailing Seo Woo but rather she blackmails his manager to clear Seo Woo’s schedule for the next three days. As Ha Won leaves the meeting she smiles and says one down! I’m enjoying the playful nature of this episode.

Tired of having people look at him and laugh, Hyun Min goes to the plastic surgeon and asks him to redo his face. The doctor can’t help but laugh. Hyun Min realizes the doctor has seen the infamous video. Hyun Min says it’s hard going out in public with his face. The doctor understands and comments growing his hair might be a cheaper and more effective alternative. The doctor suggests he see a therapist for his broken heart. The doctor assumes that Ha Won is his first love. Hyun Min denies that he was in love with Ha Won. Hyun Min says someone else’s his first love. I bet you can guess who.

Hye Ji turns on her phone and find several messages from Ji Woon inquiring if she’s okay and a message from Ha Won thanking her for her hospitality and wanting to get together. Hye Ji invites Ha Won to come to her studio.

Ha Won finds Hyun Min focused on pulling leaves off of plant muttering, I love her, I love her not. Ha Won can’t believe that Hyun Min is still in a funk over his public confession. She asks if he wants her to make an official apology and post it on YouTube. Ha Won asks who is he talking about as he pulls the leaves muttering I love her, I love her not. She can’t dislodge Hyun Min from pulling leaves off plants.

Ji Woon calls Hye Ji but she doesn’t pick up the phone. He texts her that he’s coming over to her studio.

c4k_ep7_9b c4k_ep7_9a
Ha Won meets Hye Ji at her studio. Ha Won confirms she moved back into the mansion. Hye Ji wonders if it’s uncomfortable being in the same house with Hyun Min. She wonders if Hyun Min is the one that feels uncomfortable about the matter. Ha Won says there’s nothing going on between herself and Hyun Min. Hye Ji states the obvious, that Hyun Min should experience being rejected by woman at least once in his life. She tells Ha Won that everybody thinks she’s cool for rejecting Hyun Min. Ha Won doesn’t feel comfortable with that. Hye Ji tells her to not worry about it, she wasn’t the one that confessed feelings, Hyun Min was. Hye Ji asks why Ha Won wanted to see her. But she’s interrupted by a call from Ji Woon which she ignores. Little does she know that Ji Woon is right outside of her studio. Ha Won asks Hye Ji if she’d like to go on a trip with her. Ha Won clarifies it would be Hye Ji, herself and the Kang grandsons. Ha Won says that she needs to get them to go on a trip together. Ha Won says it should be a nice vacation home. But getting them all to agree on her own would be hard so she’s requesting Hye Ji’s help. Ha Won believes if Ji Woon and Hyun Min knew that Hye Ji was coming, they’d agree to the trip. Hye Ji doesn’t look all that excited. Ha Won apologizes for suggesting something that might make her uncomfortable. Ji Woon interrupts and asks why Ha Won suggested such a thing. As Ha Won struggles to come up with an answer, Hye Ji agrees to go on the trip, surprising Ha Won and Ji Woon (and probably herself). Hye Ji tells Ji Woon he needs to come on the trip. Ji Woon says he’s not going. Ha Won senses the tension between Ji Woon and Hye Ji and tells them that she’ll get going. As Ha Won leaves, Ji Woon tell her he won’t change his mind and go on the trip.

Ji Woon asked Hye Ji if she’s really going to go on the trip. Hye Ji says why shouldn’t I? Hye Ji asks if she should like the fact that Hyun Min got publicly rejected or should she be jealous about it. Ji Woon tells her to forget about Hyun Min. Hye Ji tells him to come on the trip. Hye Ji wants to go back to the vacation home again. Ji Woon is surprised that she’s been there. Hye Ji states she was there when she was younger. Ji Woon doesn’t want to take the trip. Hye Ji understands his sentiments but admits that she doesn’t have the confidence to face Hyun Min without his support. Is it just me or is Hye Ji less pathetic this episode? I’m glad to see that she did not get sucked into a vortex of hating Ha Won or being jealous of Ha Won because of Hyun Min’s confession. Hye Ji was the right person for Ha Won to select to convince Ji Woon to go on the trip. He has a connection to Hye Ji that’s undeniable. And he can’t help but try to make her happy, and she wants him to go on the trip. Want to bet he goes?

Stepmother calls the matchmaker and suggests her daughter is one of the eligible women to meet the Kang grandsons. When the matchmaker asks what her daughter does, stepmother is stymied to put nothing in a positive light and tells the matchmaker should call her back. Stepmother whines that if her daughter were a college student she could tell the matchmaker that. Her daughter whines that her mother promised that she be able to live at the mansion just like Ha Won. They are both surprised when father comes home. Father looks for Ha Won. Stepmother tells him that Ha Won has not come back since the evening he revealed someone else was Ha Won’s biological father. Father says he’s going to go get a nap. He asks his wife to get his clothes out of the car. As stepmother gets the clothes out of the car, she sees her husband’s cell phone. She notices there’s a new text that reads “I found out where Kang Young Jin is. You are definitely paying right?” Stepmother wonders what is her husband paying for and who is Kang Young Jin? She finds the flyer that her husband made asking for information about Kang Young Jin. She shows the flyer to her daughter. They both realize that the apartment building the flyer mentions is where Ha Won’s mother died. Stepmother states that people wondered why Ha Won’s mother died at that apartment building. Stepmother believes Ha Won’s mother must of been visiting Kang Young Jin. They wonder if Kang Young Jin is Ha Won’s biological father. Stepmother says her husband such a nice guy to find Ha Won’s father so that they can finally meet. Stepmother grouses about how much money her husband has wasted on this search. Stepmother gets a crafty look in her eyes and suggests that they could make some money off this search. Stepmother says they can use this to make Ha Won move out of the mansion for good.

Ha Won can’t believe that Hyun Min is sleeping again. She asks Assistant Lee why Hyun Min is sleeping all the time now. Assistant Lee comments that Hyun Min is a heavy sleeper.

Ji Woon remembers finding Ha Won crying when she ate the noodles. Ji Woon remembers finding Ha Won talking to Hye Ji about the trip. He sees her go to Hyun Min’s bedroom door and try and wake him up. He comes up behind Ha Won and asks what she’s doing. Ha Won says that Hyun Min is hiding in his room and sleeping all day. Ji Woon asks if Ha Won is going to kidnap Hyun Min and take him on the trip. Ji Woon says if Hyun Min goes on the trip, he’ll go. Ha Won smiles then doubts he means it. He suggests they pinky swear and she takes him up on it. Cute, cute, cute!

Now on a mission to convince Hyun Min to go on the vacation Ha Won enters his room. She tries to wake him up. She asks him to go on the trip. But there’s no response. She pokes him. He moves. She can’t believe he sleeps that deeply. She remembers Ji Woon asking if she was going to kidnap Hyun Min. She gets a big smile on her face.

Seo Woo is packing. He gets a text from his manager telling him to have a good concert in Thailand.

Hye Ji looks at the picture of herself and her brother. Or is that a young Hyun Min?

Ji Woon gets a text from Hye Ji asking if he’s coming on the trip. Ji Woon almost texts that he’s not going, but pauses before he hits send.

Ha Won stands over sleeping Hyun Min and smiles. She leans close to him and smiles even bigger.

My Thoughts

This episode had a fun vibe. There was no maudlin, desperate unhappiness. Sure Hyun Min was embarrassed and somewhat depressed about his public rejection, but it isn’t the end of the world, and he’ll bounce back. Hye Ji, to my surprise, did not go into a jealous rage over Ha Won and Hyun Min. Ji Woon rescued Ha Won from solo noodles. Seo Woo hoped no one would ever find out what he wore to escape the high school. And Assistant Lee rejected someone’s suggestion. All in all, everyone was happy, comedic, or cute, making this a fun episode to watch. If the writers continue in this vein, they’ll have happy viewers.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) rescued Ha Won from solo noodles and brought her back home. Ji Woon guessed where to find Ha Won and he was right. He saw her having noodles at their favorite convenience store was ready to join her with a smile on his face. But he stopped when he heard Ha Won missing her parents and immediately understood her pain. He decided to cajole her out of her bad mood by being playful with her and letting her know that he did visit his father at the memorial. That put a big smile on Ha Won’s face. When he suggested that he drive her home, Ha Won happily complied. My favorite moment of the episode between Ji Woon and Ha Won was their cute texting scene. I’m happy to see Ji Woon smiling multiple times in an episode. I know there’s more angst to come, so today I’m just enjoying the fun flirty vibe.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) received payment for the second mission in the form of the third mission. Grandfather ripped off Ha Won if he didn’t give her another year of college for succeeding in getting all three grandsons to the memorial service. Instead Grandfather offers the third mission which is to get all the grandsons to vacation together. He gives Ha Won full latitude on how to accomplish that. Ha Won has a bit of a crafty side and realizes that she can blackmail Seo Woo’s manager into sending Seo Woo on the trip. Ha Won uses Hye Ji to convince Ji Woon to attend the trip. And last but not least, Ha Won appears to be thinking that she can literally whisk a sleeping Hyun Min to the vacation. The chemistry between Ha Won and Ji Woon is good. The chemistry between Ha Won and Hyun Min is good. The chemistry between Ha Won and Seo Woo is good. The chemistry between Ha Won and Assistant Lee is good. You get my drift. Ha Won is the glue of this family. I’m hoping she’ll become a permanent member when she and Ji Woon get together.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) suffered the public embarrassment of being rejected by Ha Won. Hyun Min was adorably forlorn and embarrassed when his confession went viral and everyone recognized him and talked about him behind his back. What’s a guy to do? If you are Hyun Min, you go to a plastic surgeon and ask him to alter your face. A perfect move for a guy like Hyun Min. But the plastic surgeon offers a little wisdom and suggested that Ha Won was the first woman he loved. Hyun Min knows that Ha Won isn’t the first woman he loved. Hye Ji was. And with Hye Ji less jealous and depressed, who knows, she may evolve into somebody that I wouldn’t mind Hyun Min to be with.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) completely surprised me when she did not get jealous about the confession. She surprised me even more when she told Ha Won that she didn’t blame her for the situation because it was all Hyun Min’s fault. She made the astute observation that was about time that Hyun Min feel the pain of rejection. She does have pull with Ji Woon. She basically ignored him this episode until she decided that she wanted him to go on the trip, then she engaged him. Frankly, I’m still not sold on this character but she did improve this episode.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) rocked a girl’s high school uniform to escape the hordes of screaming high school fans. Little does he know that there’s pictorial proof of his cross dressing escapade. Little does he know that his manager succumbed to Ha Won’s blackmail and set him up to vacation with the family. Seo Woo’s has sweet positive interactions with Ha Won that are fun to watch.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) got a phone call that did not make him happy. As I said in the recap several people have commented that perhaps Grandfather’s wife is Assistant Lee’s mother. I think that idea has strong merit. If Grandfather’s wife is Assistant Lee’s mother, she’s probably looking to set Assistant Lee up with a wife that Grandfather would approve of to position him as potential heir. Assistant Lee’s chemistry with Ha Won elicits multiple smiles from him, which I like.

The fourth song of the OST is “Without You” by Bomi (Apink). Check out the video below:


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14 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 7 Recap
  1. kshita says:

    Thanks for the Recap :-). Yes i agree, there were so many cute moments in this episode. We could see the smiles of our knights in this episode except Hyun min. I could see Ji woon smiling at Ha won. Certainly, Ha won looks good with all the knights. I am kinda shipping her with all the knights now. Along with the embarrassment of being rejected by Ha won, Hyun min is confused whether he likes Ha won or not. Kang seo woo was my favorite knight in today`s episode as he is the only knight who considers Ha won as his friend openly. I feel Seo woo may end up with Ha won’s friend at the end ( like how Kim bum ended up with Kim so eun in Boys Over flowers).

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that Seo Woo is carving out a lovely friendship with Ha Won.

      Hyun Min has to come to terms with himself. I look forward to him doing this. I do this like character quite a bit.

  2. Fina says:

    Thank you for the recaps! My Internet connection here is so bad that I can’t watch the actual episodes so I appreciate you putting in time and effort into recapping this show! 🙂

    That being said, even after 7 episodes I still can’t like either Ji Woon, Hyun Min or Hye Ji. Ji Woon’s unexplained fixation on Hye Ji is a major turnoff as is a guy that rather plays with other people’s feelings than face his own. And Hye Ji hasn’t shown herself to be a character I could root for either. And my biggest problem with this show is that after 7 episodes all I know about the guys and Hye Ji is that they have complicated love lives and daddy issues. That’s way too little to make me care about any of them. Actually, Assistant Lee is the most interesting person to me out of everyone.

    I don’t know, this show really doesn’t do it for me. I was hoping for something a lot more refreshing than the usual cliches and cardboard characters we’ve been getting so far.
    I’ll give it one or two more episodes before I decide whether or not to drop this.

    Thank you again!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad you enjoy the recaps Fina.

      I do understand your dissatisfaction with the lack of emotional content and depth of characters in this show. I’m liking the show for what is right now, which is an improvement over the episodes 2 thru 4. I hope it will continue to evolve.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    HORRIBLE STEP-FAMILY—I ❤ the Wiley Coyote reference for these cartoonish step-characters. “Color me surprised, but I agree with stepmother.” Stepmom was spot on about Yoon Na creating a mess that ended up making Ha Won look like Cinderella. *HA HA* (you imagined my Nelson voice didn’t you?)

    Dad looked like he expected Ha Won at the apartment. He opened a can of worms by asking his wife to get his bag out of the truck. Hopefully this will end up being another backfire in their squidgy step-faces. Ha Won’s place could be solidified if Kang Young Jin is her bio dad—assuming this Kang is related to the chairman.

    GRANDPA MONEYBAGS & GOLD-DIGGER GRANNY—Gramps is pleased with the results of Ha Won’s efforts.

    Granny (AKA Yoon Sung’s mom in my opinion—yep it is looking more likely), starts to find a nice wife to secure the heir position for her already dependable Yoon Sung.

    YOON SUNG—I ❤ Yoon Sung’s interaction with Ha Won. I’m rooting for this knight—it would appear his mother is his only baggage. He is not into his mommy’s ‘make my boy the heir’ shenanigans. If the wily Yoon Na manages to get herself setup as the marriage date, I’m imagining an awesome ‘anvil’ moment!

    NOT AS NAUSEATING HYE JI —@KJT, you are not alone Hye Ji doesn’t seem quite so pathetic—could our sweet Ha Won be rubbing off on her? I’m not loving Hye Ji or the fact she was invited on their trip. I don't understand the pull Hye Ji has on Ji Woon, other than his chivalrous nature, Is the Kang vacation home where Hye Ji’s brother died?

    SEO WOO—When Seo Woo yelled out “CNBlue” to distract the school crowd I thought I would bust a gut…they’re looking at a member of CNBlue! It was also humorous he made his escape from school in Ja Young’s uniform. This sweet knight has been tricked into the vacation by Ha Won by blackmailing his manager. Then again Seo Woo is the most agreeable anyway.

    HYUN MIN—Hyun Min spent the majority of this episode embarrassed, self-reflecting and depressively slumbering. While he needed a dose of reality, he is taking it quite hard. It is looking like he will be kidnapped to go on the vacay. I imagine he will not be a happy camper, especially when Hye Ji turns up.

    JI WOON—I concur with your sentiment: “Excuse me Ji Woon, I understand your propensity to save the damsel in distress, but it distresses me when the damsel is Hye Ji.”
    I ❤ the interactions between Ji Woon & Ha Won this episode. He is knocking the chip off his shoulder and will go on the vacay.

    HA WON— Ha Won got to enjoy her efforts this episode with improved relationships, with the exception of HM. No ‘cinder’ moments to dampen the mood. I echo your sentiment “I know there’s more angst to come, so today I’m just enjoying the fun flirty vibe.”
    When it was mentioned her mom died in an accident, I assumed a car accident—an apartment fire is an accident? The writers have been very slow in the reveal of this backstory.

    • kjtamuser says:

      “Yoon Na creating a mess that ended up making Ha Won look like Cinderella. *HA HA* (you imagined my Nelson voice didn’t you?)”
      * Yes, I clearly hear the Nelson voice when you comment!

      “When Seo Woo yelled out “CNBlue” to distract the school crowd I thought I would bust a gut…they’re looking at a member of CNBlue!”
      * Clever moment for the writer!

      “When it was mentioned her mom died in an accident, I assumed a car accident—an apartment fire is an accident? The writers have been very slow in the reveal of this backstory.”
      * I concur.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        CONSPIRACY THEORY—My imagination may be running amuck, yep I realize I need to get a life, but this hypothesis occurred to me. We know Ha Won and Ji Woon’s mothers died on the same day 10 years ago. Chairman Kang’s three sons died around the same time as each other 10 years ago. I have already speculated these deaths may have been related to the same incident. I’ve started to wonder about the death of Hye Ji’s brother. What about Hye Ji’s parents? We have not seen them, nor had any reference to them in the contemporary. Is it possible Hye Ji’s brother and/or parents died in the same incident?

        Is it possible that one or more of the children of these ill-fated parents accidentally set the fire that was the parents demise? It is not uncommon in Kdramaland for our leads to discover they met each other when they were young. Or was there a nefarious source of the ill-fated fire? Was someone deliberately eliminating Haneul heirs?

        It is simply some conspiracy theory food for thought on a lovely afternoon.

        • kjtamuser says:

          “My imagination may be running amuck, yep I realize I need to get a life, but this hypothesis occurred to me. ”
          That is an interesting hypothesis. We are half way through the series yet there is only a glimmer of information on the mothers, Ha Won’s biological father, etc. I’m ready for the writers to increase their focus on this aspect of the series.

  4. #TeamKangHyunMin says:

    Do you guys know if what’s the tittle of the song when kang Hyun min was walking under the rain? Thanks!

  5. A.D.DO! says:

    @Fina… Think I am with you on this and starting to not give a rat’s ass about this group of characters…it’s like, Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know is in third…don’t really enjoy muddling it all out. Would rather see some deep felt throbbing in the heart EMOTIONS from somebody…anybody, please! And not even a good OST to turn up the heat. (Think FTLY, ROBBERS, SHINE OR GO CRAZY). Please, not even…

    • kjtamuser says:

      The emotional depth of the characters right now seems like the shallow end of a swimming pool. At this point in the series, the writers can jump into the deep end and amp things up.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think everyone feels the same way–the writers keep dancing around. Writernim please “dive in” and give us some storyline development that makes us feel invested in at least some of the characters. The perky Ha Won is about the only one I care about. Just when you think something might be developing between her and Ji Woon, Hye Ji spoils things. I start wonder who Hye Ji is really after and then I realize I DON’T CARE. What happened to the fun and playful Hyun Min? I think he has moped around enough. Let’s have all the boys madly pursue Ha Won and totally snub Hye Ji. Let’s get this party started

  6. A.D.DO! says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to sound so grumpy! Will hang in there to see what happens, and also, I do enjoy KJT ‘s recaps.
    And I like my new avatar color!

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