Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 18

The truth is revealed…but there are consequences.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 18


Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) calls Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and states he told Jung Eun everything, at least everything that he knows about. Ji Tae told Jung Eun that Joon Young was just using her for revenge against his father. Ji Tae jokes that now he’s saved Joon Young from becoming a terrible person. Ha! Joon Young returns the joke and says Ji Tae seems to be the only person that looks out for him. Ha! He says they’ll need to get a drink together one day. Ji Tae surprises Joon Young when he shows humanity for his supposed stepbrother. Ji Tae asks if Joon Young is eating well and taking his medicine. Joon Young says nothing. Ji Tae urges him to take care of himself. Color me surprised but that was a wonderful moment between the two men. Ji Tae’s acting like he’s a vulture waiting for Joon Young to die so he can snatch No Eul for himself. But in that moment you could see that Ji Tae’s humanity for the dying Joon Young. Not surprisingly, Joon Young had nothing to say, undoubtedly taken aback by Ji Tae’s concern.

Here’s a moment we been waiting for…Joon Young calls Ji Tae and says he plans to trap Jung Eun into making a confession that she was the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father. Ji Tae is surprised by Joon Young’s plan. Joon Young continues that Ji Tae’s interference with Jung Eun may derail his plan. If so, Joon Young will hold Ji Tae to his promise to get revenge so that he can die knowing that No Eul is freed from the shackles of pain over her father’s death. Angrily Ji Tae asks why Joon Young told him everything. Ji Tae demands to know what Joon Young will do if he tells Jung Eun the whole truth now. Ji Tae barks that if Jung Eun confesses her crime then his parents are negatively affected. Ji Tae demands to know why Joon Young entrusted him with this news. Joon Young pauses then tells Ji Tae that he was the only one that he could share this with. Joon Young tells Ji Tae that if he wants to ruin his plans, go for it. Ji Tae told him that an early death would be better for him anyhow. Joon Young hangs up. Ji Tae is shaken. This is better, now Ji Tae T knows the full extent of Joon Young’s plan for Jung Eun. His silence is tacit approval of Joon Young’s plan. Ji Tae is still concerned about his parents and doesn’t want to see them hurt. He’s got a blind spot here. He needs his eyes opened fully on this matter. Joon Young clearly sees that Ji Tae’s parents are culpable and need punishment. I’m glad Joon Young shared his burden, and as he stated, Ji Tae is the best option he has. Will these two turn out to be friends?

Joon Young watches Yoon Jung Eun drive up to him and stop at the last second.

As Joon Young confesses to Jung Eun what Ji Tae told her and she accepts it and asks Joon Young to work with her, Ji Tae sits in his car and tries to deal with the reality of what he’s learned.

Joon Young positions hidden cameras in his house to try and get the elusive confession from Jung Eun. He planted a lot of cameras! Joon Young calls and requests No Eul film at his house tonight.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) watches Joon Young confess to Jung Eun that his father has turned out to be somebody that he can’t respect. Someone that values himself over others. No Eul listens to Joon Young detail the case and realizes they line up with the details of her father’s hit-and-run.

uf_ep18_2auf_ep18_2c uf_ep18_2b

Joon Young confesses to Jung Eun that the hit-and-run victim was his girlfriend’s father. Joon Young confesses that he took his girlfriend’s bag to save his father from the damning evidence she had in it. We see No Eul watch this live feed from Joon Young’s hidden cameras. Joon Young says his actions killed his girlfriend. Jung Eun tells Joon Young that Assemblyman Choi must be thrilled to have a son that is willing to protect him even if it costs his girlfriend. Joon Young stares in disbelief. That wasn’t what he was hoped Jung Eun would say. Joon Young re-tries, “I killed someone”. Jung Eun reveals herself to be unrepentant when she takes Joon Young’s hand and tells him to forget about it and not feel guilty. Why? Because that’s exactly what she did. Left with no other option, Joon Young puts it all on the line. Joon Young asked Jung Eun if forgetting about it is what she did after she killed somebody. Jung Eun is taken aback and asks what he means. Joon Young recites the date and time of the hit-and-run. He describes No Eul’s father as a victim of a hit-and-run. Ji Tae drops Joon Young’s hand. Joon Young recites Jung Eun’s car’s details. No Eul visibly inhales, stunned at what she’s seeing. Jung Eun gets nervous and says she needs to get back home because her father will be looking for her. But Joon Young can’t let this moment end. He tells her directly “you were driving the car that was responsible for the hit-and-run.” Jung Eun claims that’s just a fantasy, some fictional story he made up. Joon Young tells her to leave, he wanted her confession, but now he’ll utilize the evidence he has. Jung Eun demands to know what he’s talking about. Joon Young admits that he thought that Jung Eun would show some shred of humanity and guilt for what she did. But he sees that she is void that. Joon Young reminds her that the statute of limitations hasn’t run out yet. Jung Eun angrily says that he’s messed with the wrong person. Jung Eun barks that he won’t be able to put her behind bars. She claims like last time her father will hide her crime. Joon Young stares at her, inwardly thrilled that she just gave the confession, or at least a partial one, that he needed. Jung Eun stares at him and realizes she just gave herself away. She states he had no evidence. Joon Young confirms he had no evidence, but he’s got it now. Joon Young calls out to No Eul and asks if she’s watching this. Joon Young tells No Eul that Jung Eun is the hit-and-run driver that killed her father. Joon Young is clear, the person that stole your evidence and almost got her killed, was him. No Eul puts her hands over her mouth, stunned at the revelations. Joon Young says “I wanted to let you know this before I died, no matter what. This… Is the first and last item on my bucket list”. Jung Eun accuses Joon Young of plotting against her. She searches for the camera. Joon Young grabs her hands and tells the half crazed Jung Eun that he has enough evidence now and her actions confirm her guilt. Jung Eun storms away.

Jung Eun heads outdoors to dining room table, but No Eul is gone.

We waited for this moment, and it didn’t disappoint. Jung Eun did not confess to the crime with any kind of repentance. Instead she held her father’s power around her like a shield and claimed that just like last time, her father would protect her. When Joon Young stated this was the only item on his bucket list, that touched my heart. When No Eul reflects upon everything that he’s done, she’ll have to see that his only goal has been to reveal her father’s killer, and that accounts for all his actions. You must be impressed that Joon Young confessed his own culpability by protecting his father over No Eul. What secrets are left between Joon Young and No Eul now? She knows everything. What will she do?

Joon Young’s management team calls Joon Young to give him a heads up that the police will be there soon to arrest him. The police arrive and arrest him. Jung Eun happens to be on the property and sees the police lead Joon Young out.

uf_ep18_3b uf_ep18_3a

Ji Tae is stunned when his assistant tells him that it wasn’t his mother that framed Joon Young with the drug using story, it was his father. Ji Tae wants to believe that his father’s plan won’t work. His assistant is direct, that his father can bury whoever he wants, he’s got that much power. Ji Tae can’t believe that his father would do this to his own son. Folks, that’s what you call a rude awakening. We all have them in life, when we learn a lesson that is harsh but undeniable. Ji Tae needed this wake-up call. He’s given his father more slack than his mother. Now he knows both of them are selfish monsters.

Ji Tae’s mother asks Assemblyman Choi if he’s the one responsible for the article against Joon Young. Assemblyman Choi finally confesses to his wife that Joon Young is his son. He says his older brother sent his former girlfriend away who was pregnant with Joon Young. “I was the one that asked my older brother to do that. I sent that woman away, even though I knew she was pregnant with my child.” OMG! I thought that Assemblyman Choi did not know about Joon Young, but he knew about Joon Young from the beginning. This man is diabolical! And Ji Tae’s mother is stunned; her husband knew the truth from the beginning. She realizes she’s been blackmailed by his brother for years because she asked him to do something that Assemblyman Choi had already requested. Awesome, simply awesome!  Assemblyman Choi admits that he loves his wife and did this to be with her. Assemblyman Choi says he won’t lose everything because of Joon Young. Assemblyman Choi tells his wife that he hopes she’ll be able to weather the storm with him. Ji Tae’s mother cries.

Jung Eun calls Ji Tae. She begs him to help her. She admits she scared. She says that Joon Young and No Eul plotted against her. Ji Tae hangs up on her. Bam! That was an unexpected and satisfying hang up!

The police interrogate Joon Young. They claim to have many witnesses to Joon Young’s illegal drug dealing. Joon Young just laughs at the fabricated evidence. The police failed to see the humor. His lawyer doesn’t understand why he’s laughing. Joon Young tells the police that the story is obviously fabricated and they are participating in the fabrication. That doesn’t go over well. Nice moment when Joon Young took the police file and mocked the police for reading from the script.

At Joon Young’s mother’s restaurant uncle tells her that she should close the shop during the scandal. She counters that they should stand up for Joon Young whenever they hear a customer say bad things about her son. Joon Young’s mother goes into the restaurant, gets all the customers’ attention, and explains to them that the post was full of lies and her son would never do such things. Nice to see mom stand up for her son publicly.

No Eul ends up at the old eatery and is irritated by customers talking about Joon Young. She tells them to drink quietly and stop chatting about Joon Young. The proprietress tries to keep everyone calm. Ji Tae shows up. The proprietress admits she texted him per his request.

uf_ep18_4auf_ep18_4b Ji Tae takes No Eul to a private location and tells her that he knows she must be in shock finding out that Joon Young is Assemblyman Choi’s son. Ji Tae knows that No Eul already suffered the shock of his lies. No Eul guesses that everybody knew but her. No Eul feels like a fool. Ji Tae tells her that Joon Young suffered more than she did. No Eul doesn’t want to hear anything that Ji Tae has to say. Ji Tae shocks her that Joon Young has been arrested for drug use. Ji Tae says Joon Young will be convicted because his father is framing him. Ji Tae says his father is framing Joon Young as payback for Joon Young exposing the hit-and-run driver and his father’s culpability. No Eul is unmoved. Ji Tae is shocked. No Eul yells what does this have to do with me and what do you expect me to do about it? Ji Tae asks if Joon Young should’ve done what he did, ignore the truth, and live his life pretending all was well. Ji Tae says a guilty conscience weighed Joon Young down. Joon Young asks why would Joon Young spend the last days of his life going through hell for her? Ji Tae says he’s a coward in comparison. Ji Tae begs No Eul to forgive Joon Young. No Eul has a one-word answer “no”. Nice scene for Ji Tae. He exposed his dysfunctional family, his own shortcomings, to explain why Joon Young took the risk for No Eul. But No Eul can’t just forgive and forget. And I don’t blame her.

No Eul’s friend tells her that she explained the truth about the hit-and-run to No Eul’s brother.

uf_ep18_5auf_ep18_5b No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won) is not happy knowing that No Eul kept the truth about Assemblyman Choi’s manipulation of their father’s case. He’s also not happy knowing that Ji Tae’s mother tried to kill him. No Jik demands to know why she hid everything from him. No Eul explains that she didn’t want to make things harder for him. No Jik says then she made a fool of him. I like how he states she made a fool of him when she just told Ji Tae that she was made a fool of, nice symmetry. But No Eul fires back that only one of them need have their life destroyed with the truth. What was the point of having them both of them suffer every day knowing the truth yet never having justice? No Eul effectively articulates the guilt and how it has ruined her happiness. No Jik pulls her into a hug and apologizes for yelling at her. No Eul demands that he not ask her to forgive “them”. Good scene for both actors. Of course No Jik would be upset that the truth was kept from him. But No Eul counters effectively that knowing the truth was a living hell. No Eul won’t forgive “them”. I’m assuming that she includes Joon Young as part of “them”. And she should, because he created part of the hell she lived in.

uf_ep18_6b uf_ep18_6auf_ep18_6cuf_ep18_6d Knowing that he cannot continue his relationship with Choi Ha Roo because of her parents, No Jik lies that he is gay. Ha Roo’s instincts are right because she laughs in his face. But No No Jik explains this was the reason why he didn’t want physical interactions between them. No Jik apologizes for stringing her along. He says they should break up. Ha Roo stands up in shock. No Jik says he is sorry. Ha Roo yells she doesn’t want to hear that. No Jik apologizes. Ha Roo yells she doesn’t want to hear that. Ha Roo takes her phone and deletes his contact. She declares by deleting the contact that she won’t be able to call him, even if she wants to. She tells him to delete her contact from his phone. No Jik does this. As she leaves Ha Roo runs into the waitress and wobbles and No Jik grabs her to steady her. She looks into his eyes and tell him to never touch her again. In front of No Jik, she calls a guy and asks if he wants to go on a date with her today. She walks out of the coffee shop. Outside the coffee shop she finishes arranging the date, hangs up and cries. Inside the coffee shop No Jik struggles to suppress the tears, but he can’t and cries, then sobs. That was a very effective scene between our young couple. No Jik did what he had to do, but it was painful. Both actors delivered. But I must say watching sweet No Jik cry made me cry too.

No Jik returns home. He and No Eul’s best friend watched No Eul sleep. No Jik confirms that he did break up with Ha Roo. He doesn’t want to talk about it and suggests they go grab a bite to eat.

No Eul dreams of Joon Young.

Joon Young’s mother decide she needs to go see her son in jail. Uncle drives her. When they arrived they see a gaggle of reporters interviewing Joon Young’s management team who deny that Joon Young uses drugs. Joon Young’s manager sidles over to Joon Young’s mother and uncle. He manages to tell them that Joon Young is doing fine but this visit will only ramp up publicity.

uf_ep18_7b uf_ep18_7a

Joon Young’s father meets with Joon Young. He tells his son he is in trouble. Joon Young assumes Assemblyman Choi’s wife put him in jail. Notice how everyone makes this assumption? Assemblyman Choi surprises Joon Young that he put him in jail. Assemblyman Choi advises Joon Young to retire and leave the country with his mother. Joon Young wonders if he refuses, will he be convicted? Assemblyman Choi advises Joon Young not to find out. Joon Young says his father has power. His father smiles and admits he did a lot of bad things to earn this power. Joon Young asks if Assemblyman Choi threw his mother away. He guesses that Assemblyman Choi sent his mother away. Assemblyman Choi says nothing. Joon Young states his silence confirms his assumptions. Assemblyman Choi says reiterates, leave the country and the drug charges will be dropped. Joon Young calls for the police officer. Assemblyman Choi yells Joon Young’s name. Joon Young says “father, today will be the last day I’ll call you this. I’ll keep the secret that you’re my father because you are a disgraceful human being. Being your son humiliates me.” Ouch! Well said Joon Young. Joon Young collapses as he gets to the door. Good confrontation between these two. Assemblyman Choi practically boasted that he was the one that put the screws to his own son. Joon Young effectively told his father that being his son was a burden. Now Joon Young’s health rears its head again, will Joon Young live or die?

No Eul remembers Joon Young admitting to hurting her to save his father. Jung Eun calls No Eul.

uf_ep18_8auf_ep18_8b No Eul meets Jung Eun at her restaurant. No Eul notices there’s no one around. Jung Eun smiles and says she wanted to meet with No Eul in private. If you can believe this delusional statement… Jung Eun says”I feel so wronged.” OMG! She’s got an alternate reality!  Jung Eun states she was fooled by Joon Young’s games. She asks if No Eul believe Joon Young’s lies. Jung Eun says she’s not her father’s hit-and-run driver. No Eul interrupts “I remember your face I saw you with my own eyes”. No Eul calls herself an idiot for not seeing the truth earlier. No Eul asks if Jung Eun’s have been living a comfortable happy life. Jung Eun offers money but states she’s not admitting culpability. No Eul takes the money. Jung Eun smirks. No Eul tells her that she’s going to put the footage of Jung Eun’s conversation with Joon Young on TV, without edits. Bam! No Eul states she’s going to hand this money to the police as further evidence. Bam! Jung Eun doubts that No Eul can get the footage on television, she’s just a lowly producer director. No Eul assures her that she can make it happen. She tells Jung Eun that strength isn’t the key to winning every fight. Nice! Jung Eun says that Joon Young will be hurt by the footage. No Eul counters those that commit crimes, must pay for their actions. No Eul stands to go,  but before she leaves, she pulls the tablecloth and lets the food dump into Jung Eun’s lap. Bam! No Eul walks out with her head held high listening to Jung Eun’s screams of anger. One of the best scenes No Eul’s had in this whole series. Finally, she has the upper hand and knows the truth. No Eul is right to not care that Joon Young must suffer the consequences for his actions. No Eul is right to tell Jung Eun that she will take her down with the footage of the confession. I especially liked it when she took the money and said she would take it to the police as evidence. That wiped the smirk off of Jung Eun’s smug face.

uf_ep18_9b uf_ep18_9a

Assemblyman Choi thinks about his conversation with Joon Young. His wife asks if everything’s okay. Ji Tae approaches his parents and says he can’t find a way to stop the two of them by himself. He calls them monsters. He asks how can he stop them. His father says there’s no way to stop them. Ji Tae calls his assistant and asks him to call the press conference, he’s got things to say about his parents that will shock the world. He hangs up and asks his parents if this will stop them. He tells his father to root for him because he’s going to win. Recall the earlier conversation his father said that he would root for Ji Tae to beat him. Another good scene. Ji Tae’s right when he calls his parents monsters. Can he stop them? Is injuring them sufficient?

The news is full of reports of Joon Young being in the hospital with a brain tumor that will end his life soon. Ji Tae’s uncle sinks into a chair stunned. Meanwhile his mother handles customers blissfully unaware. Jung Eun’s management team tries to handle the flood of requests from the press, but they are affected by the sad news of Joon Young’s condition. No Eul’s best friend can’t believe it when she reads the articles about Joon Young. No Eul’s brother overhears that Joon Young is gravely ill. Ha Roo sobs when she reads the news about Joon Young’s terminal condition.


Ji Tae is in route to the press conference to expose his parents when he notices a car following him. As he makes a quick U turn to get away from the car and a truck broadsides him. I note the truck broadsides Ji Tae’s car on the passenger side not the driver side.


No Eul experiences a delirium where Joon Young thanks her for pretending to be his girlfriend and he falls asleep on her lap just like he did in an early episode. Oh, it’s not No Eul experiencing the delirium, it’s Joon Young. Of course he wants to create moments where he is truly happy.

My Thoughts

This is the episode that we have waited for. The lesson learned is simple…the truth has consequences. It didn’t set anyone free. Jung Eun was exposed to No Eul as the hit-and-run driver. Joon Young exposed himself as protecting his father instead of No Eul. Ji Tae begged No Eul to forgive Joon Young, because his actions were done to expose the truth and to let her release the pain she’s been living with forever. But No Eul couldn’t forgive and forget, and why should she?

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) got an admission from Jung Eun that she was the hit-and-run driver. It was a long road, but Jung Eun admitted enough to confirm that she was the hit-and-run driver. Joon Young worked so hard, and gave up so much, at least he garnered a confession. Unfortunately, No Eul knowing the truth isn’t the same as justice being done. The phone call between Ji Tae and No Eul was lovely. In the comments of a previous recap, Jane Tilly mentioned that if Joon Young and Ji Tae worked together they would be an unstoppable force. But both men decided to work separately, with partial success, and paid the price of consequences generated by Assemblyman Choi. I liked it when Joon Young literally laughed in the police face. But the shock that his own father framed him, was a bitter pill. His father is a monster. Woo Bin portrays confrontations as escalations. Initially he speaks calmly, then he explodes with anger. It is effective.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) learned that Jung Eun was her father’s hit-and-run driver. Learning this truth did not make everything okay. The pain did not suddenly vanish. But it’s another step to dealing with the injustice. I understood when No Eul told Ji Tae that she couldn’t forgive and forget. The years of injustice cannot be wiped away by one action by Joon Young, and his tactics hurt her deeply. No Eul confronted her brother’s anger about being left in the dark and effectively convinced him that the truth was a living nightmare, one that she was unapologetic about sparing him from. Finally, No Eul had the confrontation with Jung Eun. With as crazy as Jung Eun is, I wondered if she would physically try and hurt No Eul. But instead it was a reversal of their earlier conversation at the restaurant. This time No Eul had the power and threw the food in Jung Eun’s lap. Can No Eul really get the footage broadcast? Can she heal if the truth is fully exposed? Can she forgive the man she loves, for his past betrayal, and his hurtful actions, though done with the intention of exposing the culprit?

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) confronted his parents one last time. Will he pay the ultimate price for boldly telling his parents he was going to expose them? I felt like Ji Tae’s last illusion in his parents disappeared when he learned that Assemblyman Choi framed Joon Young. Warning bells should’ve gone off in Ji Tae’s head that his father was capable of doing the same to him. Unfortunately, that turned out to be true. His father evidently had goons on speed dial and they chased Ji Tae whose evasive maneuvers put him in the path of a truck who broadsided him. I enjoyed Ji Tae’s brief conversation with Joon Young, you could see they had potential to be friends. Last but not least, Ji Tae’s hang up on Jung Eun was perfect.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) supported her son. She was turned away at the police station. Little does she know another blow is about to be dealt her when she learns of Joon Young’s brain tumor.

No Eel’s brother No Jik (Lee See Won) broke up with Ha Room. He learned the truth about his father’s accident, and Ha Roo’s parents. His confrontation with No Eul was good. He read her the riot act for keeping the truth from him. But she countered with the undeniable truth, that shouldering that burden alone, allowed him to have a normal life. He could not deny that his sister did what was best for him. Unfortunately knowing about Ha Roo’s parents required him to break up with her. The breakup scene was succinct but very effective. I was moved by his tears.

The second song by Suzy is titled “When It’s Good “. It’s only fair that she sings a second song. Check it out via the embedded video below:

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7 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 18
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—I’m glad Jik learned the truth about Ha Roo’s family. Eul did her best to protect him, he was righteously indigent about not having the truth, but ironically Jik protected Ha Roo from the truth about her family. The truth will come out soon, so while Jik’s intention of making the breakup will only prolong the reality—he likes her and she came from a very bad gene pool. My heart goes out to this young couple.

    THE EVIL WITCH AND THE NOT SO CLUELESS ASSEMBLYMAN—Is Asian guilt the motive behind CHJ taking responsibility for the Evil Witch’s actions in sending Young Ok away? I have long suspected CHJ’s cluelessness was a façade. I could be mistaken, but I don’t think he sent Young Ok away based on the look on the Evil Witch’s face or as you indicated her bewilderment was due to CHJ knowing pf her deeds all along. I don’t doubt he knew the Evil Witch got Young Ok out of the picture, but I don’t think he knew she was pregnant. We saw his stunned face when he realized Joon Young was his son and he didn’t have an audience, so he was likely being genuine. Nonetheless, the confession was a gesture of solidarity with his wife to affirm with whom he stands.

    Are these parents so evil they will kill Ji Tae to cover up their crimes? Do we have his parents, Jung Eun and her daddy, or our imaginations (could it be a coincidence?) to thank for Ji Tae’s “accident”? The car didn’t look that bad for being hit by such a big truck–noted per @KJT the passenger side was hit. Did Ji Tae get silenced temporarily or permanently?

    JI TAE—Did we just witness a bromance moment between Joon Young and Ji Tae? I was glad to see Ji Tae this episode and surprised that he gave Joon Young a heads-up about informing Jung Eun of Joon Young’s seduction and astounded when he advised Joon Young to eat and take his medication. I hope he will finish Eul’s justice, if Joon Young cannot complete it. I have wanted these ‘brothers’ to work together for Eul and Jik’s justice.

    I was touched Ji Tae asked Eul to forgive Joon Young. I like how Ji Tae has evolved!

    Ji Tae got his ‘rude awakening’ of dad being just as much of a monster as his mom.

    SUPPORTIVE MOM—I ❤ Young Ok is finally being the loving and caring mother she should be.

    EVIL JUNG EUN— Jung Eun wanted to work with Joon Young thinking they shared the goal of taking down the Choi family. Do I feel sorry for her that she is clueless about Joon Young’s prime directive to get justice for Eul? Nope.

    Joon Young laid out the facts of the hit and run as he confronted Jung Eun about being the culprit. He goaded her by calling her out on her lack of humanity and guilt and got a weak admission of guilt.

    When Jung Eun called Ji Tae to help her out with Joon Young, I cheered that Ji Tae hung up on Jung Eun! “Bam! That was unexpected and satisfying.” Ji Tae gave Jung Eun a fair, although not a full, disclosure of Joon Young’s intentions. Ji Tae never loved Jung Eun and owes the unrepentant murderess nothing.

    Why would Eul go to Jung Eun after the way Jung Eun previously treated her and especially knowing what she is capable of doing? I had an incredulous “beverage coming through my nose” moment when Jung Eun said “I feel wronged” to Eul. I ❤ Eul being in her element as she laid out the evidence against Jung Eun, piece by piece. I ❤ Eul turning the tables on Jung Eun with a tablecloth!

    It concerns me when the heroes spell out to the villains what they plan to do; doesn’t that give the villains time to take countermeasures? Cases in point: Joon Young being framed with drug charges and Ji Tae’s ‘accident.

    ENLIGHTENED NO EUL—She heard Joon Young’s full confession loud and clear and is understandably angry with him for the role he played.

    JOON YOUNG—I would not have left Jung Eun on the premises when going with the prosecutors—the murderess would likely be looking around to destroy evidence or possibly trash his place in retaliation.

    I am indignant news of Joon Young’s brain tumor was released before he could tell his mother! Was this another orchestration courtesy of CHJ?


    • kjtamuser says:

      “My heart goes out to this young couple”
      * I agree, No Jik was so sweet, you could tell it ripped him up to break up with his first girlfriend.

      ” I have long suspected CHJ’s cluelessness was a façade. I could be mistaken, but I don’t think he sent Young Ok away based on the look on the Evil Witch’s face or as you indicated her bewilderment was due to CHJ knowing pf her deeds all along. I don’t doubt he knew the Evil Witch got Young Ok out of the picture, but I don’t think he knew she was pregnant. We saw his stunned face when he realized Joon Young was his son and he didn’t have an audience, so he was likely being genuine. Nonetheless, the confession was a gesture of solidarity with his wife to affirm with whom he stands.”
      * I was blown away by his statement that he knew all along. It could be just a lie for his wife. CHJ did seem stunned with he realized Joon Young was his son. But if he is lying for solidarity with his wife, that is another indicator how dreadful he is.

      “Did Ji Tae get silenced temporarily or permanently?”
      * I vote temporary! The passenger side hit makes it temporary.

      “Did we just witness a bromance moment between Joon Young and Ji Tae?”
      * Yes we did. It was subtle but it was real.

      ” I had an incredulous “beverage coming through my nose” moment when Jung Eun said “I feel wronged” to Eul.”
      * My mouth fell open at her ludicrous statement.

      “It concerns me when the heroes spell out to the villains what they plan to do; doesn’t that give the villains time to take countermeasures? Cases in point: Joon Young being framed with drug charges and Ji Tae’s ‘accident.”
      * Good assessment. Talking too about your plans is never good.

      *I am indignant news of Joon Young’s brain tumor was released before he could tell his mother! Was this another orchestration courtesy of CHJ?”
      * We’ll find out in the next episode!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        It appears Ji Tae’s parents put his ‘accident’ in motion, even if their intention was only to have him followed, sad to say I think the intention was more sinister. While I agree the aftermath looked survivable, you never know. I hoping for a speedy recovery, success in his quest for justice and happiness as he frees himself from the shackles of evil parents. I vote for Ji Tae to rescue Ha Roo while he is at it!

        P.S. Ji Tae the time for your hoping your parents will be repentant is OVER! It ain’t gonna happen. Quit announcing your plans to the enemy!


        • kjtamuser says:

          I’m with you, JT has had his rude awakening about his parents. JT needs to survive, JT needs to help HR, and I’d like JT to somehow help our couple find justice. If that means taking down his parents, so be it. That’s a tall order for the last 2 episodes.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Tall order is right. I’m having a hard time wondering how ANY of the characters can find a happy, or at least a satisfying ending…is the best ending we can hope for something like the ending of Padam Padam? I watched Padam Padam last week, but while I enjoyed it, the ending was bittersweet.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I have not watched Padam Padam, so I don’t have a reference. But with two episodes to go, we’d have to get a couple of minor miracles to have all the characters that matter, be happy at the end. So I’m looking forward to these last 2 episodes to see what happens.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Sorry, I thought you had recommended Padam Padam on a recent thread must have been Beez or A.D.DO!

    I am also curious about how the writernims are going to wrap up the last 2 episodes. If it can’t be a happy ending, justice and happiness for both couples and Ji Tae, I hope it is at least a satisfying ending with the evil doers being punished. Thursday is D-day!

    Liked by 1 person

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