Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 17

The trap is sprung. Will the prey be caught?

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 17

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) searches for his dog. He calls his manager and says he can’t find his dog. His manager reminds him that he sent his dog to live in the country. Joon Young recalls his doctor stating he’d have memory loss as the disease progressed.  Joon Young asks what 13 days left in the statute of limitation means, recall this event notification was displayed on his phone. His rude manager hangs up on him. Joon Young hopes that he didn’t ignore his doctor’s warning. It is unclear if he remembers or not.

Joon Young opens the door to his house and stares at Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father) who states the engagement ring is gone. She hugs Joon Young. No Eul (Bae Suzy) steps out of the shadows and sees Jung Eun hug Joon Young. No Eul and Joon Young stare at each other. Joon Young thinks that fate is especially cruel to him and No Eul. Jung Eun pulls away not happy that Joon Young isn’t enthusiastic about her news. Joon Young remembers that Jung Eun is the hit and run driver, that she dumped Ji Tae, and that he’s faking feelings for her to garner a confession. He thinks he must succeed in getting a confession, he’s the only one that can. He swallows his distaste and smiles warmly and Jung Eun. He swallows his love for No Eul and shuts the door in her face. Joon Young is practicing the “cruel to be kind” methodology of love. You must feel sorry for No Eul, but then she squandered the first half of this series denying her feelings for Joon Young. This couple has bad timing.

As No Eul walks away dejected, Joon Young’s voiceover hopes he’ll suffer more than the pain he’s inflicted on No Eul.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) claims not to know who Jung Eun is seeing. Assemblyman Choi isn’t sure he believes his son.

Jung Eun’s father comes to dinner. He reneges on a promised position to Assemblyman Choi as payback for Ji Tae breaking the engagement to his daughter. Ji Tae’s mother is also denied his support. Ji Tae’s mother asks who Jung Eun’s new man is. His father doesn’t believe there is a new man. Ji Tae’s mother shows him pictures of Joon Young and Jung Eun. Jung Eun’s father looks stunned. Ji Tae’s father and Ji Tae cannot believe she just did that. Gentleman, don’t you know that Ji Tae’s mother will stop at nothing to protect herself first, her family second, and making life miserable to No Eul, Joon Young, or his mother is a bonus?

Joon Young’s mother gets a gift from Joon Young’s Uncle (honorary title for family friend). It’s a hat. She asks if he likes her. He confirms this. He notices No Eul. Joon Young’s mother asks my she’s there. No Eul says he’s lost her mind and apologizes for being a nuisance. Joon Young’s mother sends uncle away. No Eul admits she’s in shock over what just happened. Joon Young’s mother offers to make her food at her house.

Joon Young makes tea for Jung Eun. She wants to know why No Eul was there. Joon Young doesn’t know why No Eul won’t go away even though he tells her to repeatedly. The door rings and it is Jung Eun’s father’s assistant with a request that Joon Young accompany him to meet Jung Eun’s father. Joon Young quickly changes into a suit. Jung Eun frets that her father knows they are seeing each other. Joon Young is confident. Jung Eun is scared. She begs him to let her handle her father. She declares her love, surprising herself. Joon Young smiles and hugs her. He tells her he’ll come after her if she takes too long.

No Eul eats the ramen Joon Young’s mother made her. No Eul says Joon Young is dating another woman. No Eul tells Joon Young’s mother that Joon Young’s new woman is rich, sexy, and better than her. No Eul frets that she drank alcohol thinking it was water. Joon Young’s mother thinks No Eul should make trouble. They should drink together.

Joon Young makes a video in case he loses his memory. Joon Young lies and says he doesn’t have a father. He stops. Then he records more. Joon Young says his father is Assemblyman Choi. He states his father helped cover up a hit and run. Joon Young’s mother calls. Joon Young adorably asks his mother “to what do I owe the pleasure of this late night call”?

Joon Young’s mother puts No Eul to bed in Joon Young’s bedroom.

Joon Young appears thrilled that his mother called him to fix something. But that’s just a ruse to get him there. She tells him No Eul is in his room. She admits she lied to get him there. She doesn’t understand why Joon Young dumped No Eul. She wonders if Joon Young looks down on No Eul because she’s poor. Joon Young’s mother lies and says she must go the restaurant. She leaves Joon Young to watch No Eul. He stares at the sleeping No Eul. When No Eul falls out of bed, he slides under her to cushion her fall. Really? He didn’t stop her from falling out of bed? Who cares? It’s a romantic moment for one member of our couple. Joon Young gently strokes No Eul’s hair. They both sleep.

In the morning No Eul wakes alone in Joon Young’s bedroom. Joon Young arrives at his house and flops on the couch. No Eul read a quotes in Joon Young’s bedroom. She finds the posters she put up after her father died. Joon Young’s mother offers to make hang over soup. Joon Young’s mother tells No Eul that Joon Young has morals and honor, unlike his parents. Nice that she included herself in that slam.

Joon Young is surprised when his father shows up at his door. Assemblyman Choi asks what Joon Young is planning. He lists the USB, knowing the Jung Eun was engaged to Ji Tae, etc. Joon Young says he wants a fair society. Assemblyman Choi claims “crushing someone like you is nothing for someone like me.” Ouch! That is a harsh statement to his own son! Joon Young reminds Assemblyman Choi that he did terrible things as a prosecutor for his own personal success. Assemblyman Choi tells Joon Young that if wants to hurt him, do so, but leave his family alone. Joon Young refuses. Joon Young says his family must suffer too. Livid, Assemblyman Choi grabs Joon Young’s lapels and again tells him he can crush him. He warns Joon Young not to touch anything that belongs to him. Joon Young tells his father to crush him now because Joon Young will not stop and crush him. Good scene between father and son. I found it interesting that Assemblyman Choi did not acknowledge Joon Young to soften him up to get what he wanted out of his son. Instead he threatens Joon Young who appears unimpressed and impervious. Assemblyman Choi was not a man to be respected in that scene. He was willing to toss Joon Young aside putting himself and his family before justice.

Jung Eun’s father slaps Jung Eun for her reckless involvement with Joon Young. He’s taken aback when she declares she loves him. He calls his secretary to send Jung Eun to the states. He tells her she’s illogical just like she was 10 years ago.

Ji Tae arrives and asks to speak with Jung Eun alone. Ji Tae tells her to find another man, someone other than Joon Young. Jung Eun taunts that Joon Young has helped her rid Ji Tae from her mind. Ji Tae tells Jung Eun that Joon Young approached her with a plan. Ji Tae declares he wants revenge on his father. Ah, I was wondering if Ji Tae would throw Joon Young under the bus with the direct news that Joon Young is plotting against Jung Eun to send her to prison.

No Eul gets a call.

Ha Roo isn’t happy to hear another girl is crushing on No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won). No Eul’s friend lays in on thick that No Jik could inherit the family restaurant if he gets involved with this girl. Ha Roo informs her that she’s rich and No Eul’s brother has struck gold with her as a girlfriend. She beats the family restaurant girl, hands down. Ha Roo admits who her mother is. No Eul’s friend doesn’t believe her. Ha Roo shows the family photo as proof. No Eul’s friend recognizes Ha Roo’s parents realizes No Jik is in danger if they continue their relationship. She advises Ha Roo to erase No Jik from her phone, heart, etc. Ha Roo is mystified by the rejection. No Jik arrives. Ha Roo whines that No Eul’s friend wants them to break up. No Eul’s friend tells No Jik that they must break up. Ha Roo complain that she has no right to demand they break up. No Eul’s friend is firm, No Eul’s brother must break up with Ha Roo. Outside No Jik tells Ha Roo that he won’t break up with her, no matter what anyone says. No Jik hugs her. Ha Roo implores him not to break up with her. Ha Roo notices that No Jik is hugging her. He pulls away, then hugs her again. No Jik can’t understand why No Eul’s friend demanded they break up.

Jung Eun stares at Joon Young and remembers Ji Tae’s warning that Joon Young is only using her. She drives her car at him. She stops just before hitting him. He doesn’t flinch. He stares at her. Jung Eun confesses that Ji Tae told her something about Joon Young. She asks Joon Young to refute Ji Tae’s claims. Instead, Joon Young admits they did not meet by accident. Joon Young admits he deliberately approached her to get revenge on his father, who never acknowledged him. Have Ji Tae and Joon Young teamed up? Jung Eun can’t believe he didn’t deny Ji Tae’s claims. Joon Young tells her to run away if she can’t take it.

The documentary producer warns No Eul not to show up on set again. He gets a call. They want No Eul to be the PD at tonight’s shoot.

uf_ep17_7b uf_ep17_7a
No Eul finds a cozy dinner for two. Joon Young says it is the first item on his bucket list, propose to the woman he loves. No Eul asks why he won’t go to the hospital for treatment. Joon Young tells her to cooperate and not blow this. She fakes a smile. She asks who he will propose to. Joon Young tells her the lucky woman is Jung Eun. Upset, No Eul leaves to get a glass of water.

In the kitchen No Eul drops the glass of water. No Eul can’t believe Joon Young could be so cruel by asking her to film his proposal to another woman. Yep, that is harsh!

Joon Young stares at the stars. Flashback to the river confrontation between Jung Eun and Joon Young. Jung Eun gets a call from Ji Tae’s mother asking if she’s done with Joon Young. Jung Eun realizes she’s been followed. Ji Tae’s mother urges her to come back to the family and marry Ji Tae. Jung Eun claims she doesn’t love Ji Tae. Ji Tae’s mother resorts to blackmail and tells Jung Eun that her hit and run accident was captured on CCTV and she has the video. Jung Eun barks that Ji Tae’s mother is lying. Ji Tae’s mother tells her to come see the CCTV video for herself. Jung Eun counters that Assemblyman Choi will suffer if the video is exposed. Ji Tae’s mother agrees but asks – who will suffer more – your father who made Assemblyman Choi do his dirty work or Assemblyman Choi who was coerced? She urges Jung Eun to return to the family. Jung Eun asks Joon Young how far would he have gone. Joon Young says he would have married her. Joon Young wanted to take from her from his father well laid plans. Jung Eun can’t believe that Joon Young would have married a woman he didn’t love. Joon Young calmly states that her feeling towards him changed to love, his could too. Again, Joon Young tells her to run from him. Instead Jung Eun takes his arm and suggests they work together. When they are done, Jung Eun promises she’ll either forgive or kill Joon Young. When she threatens death, you’ve got to believe her!

Jung Eun arrives and sits at the table. She apologizes for being late, she had to avoid the car following her. She asks if this will be televised. Joon Young says No Eul will film this for them. Jung Eun is surprised but allows No Eul to film.

Ji Tae drinks. The restaurant owner fawns over him. Ji Tae admits he thought he was reasonable, level headed but now he doesn’t know. His assistant arrives and shows Ji Tae something. Ji Tae is in shock.

Uncle asks his son, Joon Young’s former manager to stop Joon Young. He states that Joon Young’s mother must never know. Unbeknownst to him, Joon Young’s mother has arrived and wants to know what the problem is.

No Eul films Joon Young slipping the engagement ring on Jung Eun’s finger. No Eul asks why Jung Eun agreed to a public engagement. Joon Young interrupts claiming this was on his bucket list. No Eul ignores Joon Young and says the question was for Jung Eun. The newly engaged Jung Eun responds that loving Joon Young forced her to make a public declaration sending a message to those want to change her mind will know she is determined.  No Eul asks if they love each other. Jung Eun confirms this. Joon Young confirms this. No Eul asks when they started loving each other. Joon Young claims not to remember. Joon Young turns the tables on No Eul and asks if she remembers when she fell in love. No Eul confirms she knows exactly when, it was May 15, 2005 at the playground in her neighborhood. She fell in love with the boy that saved his brother from taunts about having no mother. Flashback to Joon Young telling No Jik not to give bullies the satisfaction of crying. No Jik resolved not to cry. Joon Young called him cool. No Eul states that after that her brother never cried if he was taunted and she fell in love with the boy that saved her brother. No Eul asks Joon Young how he expresses his love. Joon Young doesn’t understand her question. No Eul asks if Joon Young loved another woman before Jung Eun. That rankles Jung Eun but Joon Young quiets her by grabbing her hand. Joon Young admits he loved another but doesn’t remember if he ever told her. Joon Young states he trying to erase his former love for his current love Jung Eun. No Eul starts to cry and asks for a break in filming. Joon Young watches her walk away. Jung Eun comments that he is scary. Jung Eun must be impressed that Joon Young is so calm while he messes with No Eul’s emotions.

Joon Young walks to the camera and touches it. I’m assuming he turned it on.

Joon Young asks Jung Eun her dream. Yes, the camera is on. Joon Young admits his dream was to become like his father and prove that he was someone his father could be proud of. Jung Eun wonders why he says he wants revenge when it sounds just the opposite. Joon Young admits his father doesn’t know he is his son. He worked hard but it all fell apart when he learned the truth about his father. He learned that his father is loathsome. Why? Because his father puts his needs above what is right.

No Eul sits alone and tries to handle the situation she is in.

Jung Eun asks what Joon Young’s father did. Joon Young says his father, on orders from someone, covered up a hit and run accident. Jung Eun eyes widen. Joon Young states his father destroyed the CCTV video and got the witnesses to keep the truth quiet. His father got an innocent man to confess. Jung Eun reacts dropping her wine glass. Joon Young feigns concern. Jung Eun says she needs to take a break. Joon Young asks if she needs an escort. Jung Eun goes alone.

As Jung Eun walks away, No Eul arrives and finds the camera on. She asks Joon Young if he messed with the camera. Joon Young hands No Eul a laptop and tells her to watch the monitor.

Jung Eun tries to get a grip in the bathroom.

Ji Tae bursts into his mother’s bedroom and demands to know why an article accusing Joon Young of doing drugs was posted online. Ji Tae’s mother feigns ignorance.

Joon Young’s mother demands the article detailing Joon Young’s drug activities be read to her.  Uncle can’t understand why someone would frame Joon Young.

Assemblyman Choi learns that Joon Young will be investigated because of the article. Assemblyman Choi says it had to be done. Assemblyman Choi’s assistant reminds him that Joon Young is his son. Assemblyman Choi crushed his son, just like he promised.

Jung Eun tells Joon Young that prosecutors make mistakes just like everyone does. Joon Young doesn’t buy that. Prosecutors must uphold the law and seek justice. Jung Eun asks if Joon Young was willing to use her to mess with his father. Joon Young states that his girlfriend’s father was killed in the hit and run accident. Joon Young admits to trying to protect his father before he knew what a terrible person he was.

No Eul watches and listens.

uf_ep17_10d uf_ep17_10c
Joon Young admits that in helping his father instead of his girlfriend, his irrevocably altered his girlfriend’s life. He looks directly into the hidden camera knowing No Eul is watching.

No Eul stares at him.

Joon Young says “I killed her”.

No Eul stares at him. Joon Young stares at her.No Eul tries to process what Joon Young is telling her.

My Thoughts

Joon Young’s trap was sprung for Jung Eun. Joon Young’s health was ignored this episode as he worked to trap Jung Eun. Ji Tae almost blew apart Jung Eun’s faith in Joon Young when he outed Joon Young’s motivations (part of them). No Eul suffered an emotional kick in the gut when she had to film Joon Young’s engagement to Jung Eun. But Joon Young had to No Eul there so she’d see Joon Young’s confession. How will Joon Young coerce Jung Eun into admitting guilt?

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) dug deep to continually hurt No Eul keeping the bigger picture of justice of No Eul’s father front and center. I was glad to see Joon Young not lose his memory, he can’t fumble so close to the end. Joon Young anticipated that Ji Tae would expose him. He was right. Ji Tae tattled to Jung Eun but didn’t tell everything. The best moment for Joon Young was holding No Eul while she slept. He didn’t want to be there but his crafty mother lured him to her place then left him forcing him to tend to No Eul. Nice to see mother and son support each other. Joon Young drew on all his acting skills pretending to love Jung Eun and reject No Eul. His next step? Get Jung Eun to admit to the hit and run. Can it be done? His confession with No Eul watching about hurting her was spot on.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) admitted she loved Joon Young back in high school. She fell for him when he helped her brother deal with bullies. I wish No Eul had allowed herself to trust in Joon Young earlier because we’ve been cheated out of seeing this couple happy. I’m guessing the final episode will be the payoff for this couple. No Eul has a strength in her that impresses. She didn’t run away from filming the engagement scene. I can’t imagine having to watch the man you love propose to another. She asked tough questions of Joon Young and Jung Eun. Then finally she got an inkling of Joon Young’s plan when she watched his hidden camera confession of putting his father first.

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) was almost a cameo this episode. He tattled to Jung Eun about Joon Young’s motives. He did not fully explain all details, leaving Joon Young room to wiggle out of the mess Ji Tae made for him. When will Ji Tae figure out his parents have no moral filter on their actions? Assemblyman Choi seemed particularly cruel this episode planting the drug story about Joon Young.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) supported her son and his girlfriend. She supported the obviously unhappy No Eul. She called Joon Young so he could give comfort to No Eul even though she was passed out from alcohol.

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee Seo Won) hugged Ha Roo. His determination to avoid physical contact went out the window when Ha Roo sobbed after being told she had to break up with No Jik. He needs to be told, by No Eul or her friend, why Ha Roo’s parents are dangerous. His ignorance could cost him.

The 16th song of the OST is the second song by Woo Bin called “Do You Know”. It was the second song of the 6th part of the OST.  Check it out via the embedded video below:

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7 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 17
  1. juzluvpink says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, CJT doesn’t know that SJY knows that YJE is the hit & run culprit. Basically no one from Choi family knows. CJT only knows that SJY knows who his father is and hence it is a safe assumption that CJT believes SJY’s motive is solely to get back at his father.


    • kjtamuser says:

      CTJ and his parents know that YJE is the hit and run driver. Either CTJ doesn’t know that SJY’s motive is to expose YJE or he decided to keep quiet about it.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think Ji Tae deliberately kept quiet, he has no love for Jung Eun. He would like to see justice for Eul, but had not been confrontational until he declared war on his parents.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—Once noona discovered Ha Roo’s lineage, she set out to put an end to our adorable duo. *HUGS* Will Jik be able to keep his word and not break up if he learns who her dad is and what he did to the No family? I do not think Jik is aware of the Ha Roo’s parent’s culpability in the death of his father. What will Eul say?

    THE EVIL WITCH AND CLUELESS ASSEMBLYMAN—CHJ is clueless again…this time about Jung Eun’s new man. It blows my mind the assemblyman would threaten Joon Young, especially now he is aware Joon Young is his biological son!

    This poor excuse of a human being, let alone a dad, set out to destroy Joon Young to protect himself. Little does Mr. Clueless know Joon Young is in “I have nothing to lose” mode. I can’t wait for CHJ to feel the wrath of Meta-Angry 😡 Mom when Young Ok discovers this s.o.b. is responsible for the false allegations against her son, let alone the full extent of CHJ’s corruption. Young Ok passively stepped back for 20+ years to protect her son. Watch out! Angry mom’s eruption could rival Vesuvius and even scare the Evil Witch.

    SUPPORTIVE MOM—My beverage sprayed out of my mouth and nose when Young Ok’s oppa called her “soft-hearted”! I suppose in the last few episodes she has softened, evidenced by her attempting to reconnect Joon Young and Eul. “Soft-hearted” is not the term I would use to describe Young Ok’s words and actions in this drama.

    EVIL JUNG EUN & HER SCARY DAD—How could Jung Eun say she *SPUTTER…CHOKE* (I’m having another beverage incident) ‘loves’ Yoon Young after the few brief encounters they have had? Having a man pursue her is a welcome change from her being the instigator in her relationship with Ji Tae.

    I ❤ scary dad’s retaliation against Mr. & Mrs. Choi—they are starting to take responsibility for their evil deeds—however scary dad and Jung Eun need to take responsibility for their actions as well.

    Does Evil Witch really the CCTV footage of the hit and run? We can only hope so and footage comes to light in the fight for justice. It is amazing how these chaebol brats continue to be manipulated by their parent’s money well into adulthood. Somehow Jung Eun got out of being put on a plane.

    In spite of Ji Tae's warning, Jung Eun decided to continue to pursue Joon Young —was it simply an attempt to make Ji Tae jealous? Joon Young confirmed the truth and Jung Eun pressed forward. Is she delusional enough to think Joon Young will end up falling for her? We are getting closer to having Jung Eun take responsibility for her actions.

    ENLIGHTENED NO EUL—It was sweet how Eul related the moment she fell in love with Joon Young. I believe Eul falling in love was much earlier than Joon Young realized.

    Holy smokes what a reveal Joon Young had for Eul. I thought it would be another episode before Joon Young would confess his sins and paternity; the reveal of the hit and run culprit may have been too subtle for Eul to grasp.

    JOON YOUNG—Got his memory back in time to keep up the charade with Jung Eun. At least he is created a video as his insurance in case it happens again.

    I ❤ Joon Young used his body to block the drunken slumbering Eul from falling on the floor. At least this brief interlude of holding his lady love was respite for weary Joon Young.

    It kills me he is so cruel to Eul despite his feelings. I think Joon Young’s primary motivation for cruelty and holding back his true feelings is his complicity in her injury 5 years ago due to his paternity. His brain cancer is secondary motivation, but these compiled motivations may be too much for Eul to overcome. What will happen now Eul knows the truth of his lineage, his prior attempt to protect his bio dad, and his quest to make things right by publicly revealing the truth about Mr. No’s hit and run and subsequent cover-up?

    I keep hoping for a miracle for Joon Young's health and reuniting with Eul ❤


  3. kjtamuser says:

    “Will Jik be able to keep his word and not break up if he learns who her dad is and what he did to the No family?”
    I don’t see that being possible. The young couple will get tested with this reveal.

    “Does Evil Witch really the CCTV footage of the hit and run? We can only hope so and footage comes to light in the fight for justice. ”
    I wondered the same thing myself. IF it exists and IF they could get it from her, it would iron clad evidence against delusional Jung Eng.

    “Holy smokes what a reveal Joon Young had for Eul. I thought it would be another episode before Joon Young would confess his sins and paternity;”
    * Agreed. But the cat’s out of the bag. Would you like to told via hidden camera?

    “At least this brief interlude of holding his lady love was respite for weary Joon Young.”
    * Concur. This couple has had so little together time that it weakens them.

    “I keep hoping for a miracle for Joon Young’s health and reuniting with Eul”
    * Me too, though it seems like a long shot at this point. I keep thinking they won’t kill a Woo Bin character.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    While having the truth revealed via hidden camera is not ideal, it needed to be revealed and Joon Young needed to come clean. This method allowed Joon Young to give a full disclosure without interruption or the distraction from Eul’s reaction. It also kept Jung Eun off-guard and vulnerable to an indirect confession. I don’t know it would be admissible in court or be sufficient to convict June Eun of her crimes.


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