Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 6 Recap

Cinderella’s big day isn’t a fantasy, and her Knights come to the rescue.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 6 Recap

It’s the day of the Knights’ Fathers’ memorial service. Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is recording his song. Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) is thinking about things and wondering if he should attend the service. Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) sits in his car, thinking about the service. Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) stands outside the temple waiting for them. Assistant Lee (Choi Min), Grandfather, and his wife arrive. Ha Won apologizes to Grandfather for failing the mission.

Assistant Lee and Ha Won wait outside the temple to greet the arrivals for the memorial service. Ha Won asks Assistant Lee if the grandsons will attend. They both know the grandsons may choose not to attend.

The first to arrive his Seo Woo’s mother who chides Assistant Lee for being uptight. She asks where her son is.

Seo Woo is recording the song to his father’s memory. After he sings his producer tells him to get hold of his emotions and sing it again. Seo Woo ponders what Ha Won told him, that he needed to see his father. He leaves the studio telling his production team there somebody that he’s got to see.

c4k_ep6_1b c4k_ep6_1a

The second to arrive is Hyun Min’s mother. Seo Woo’s mother chirps that she has aged in the last year. Ha!

Hyun Min dreams of the day that his mother left him at the mansion when he was a child. He begged her to stay, but she pushed him to the ground and told him he needed to stay to keep his place. Abandonment, that will leave scars. Hyun Min wakes and sits on the couch thinking. The housekeeper comes into the room believing he’s gone. She asks if he’s going to the memorial service. When he doesn’t answer she apologizes for interrupting him. On the way out mutters under her breath, but clearly audible, that Ha Won needs him to go. We see a flashback of Ha Won helping the kitchen team prepare the food for the memorial service. Ha Won tells the housekeeper that she’s never been able to celebrate the anniversary of her mother’s death because her stepmother wouldn’t allow it. Have I mentioned the stepmother is a dreadful person? Ha Won says visiting her mother’s memorial marker is what she does to remember her mother. She tells the housekeeper that she hopes the grandsons come to the memorial service, not because she badgered them, but because it will help them. She believes her mother’s spirit waits for her visits. Correspondingly the grandsons’ fathers must be waiting for a visit from their sons.

As Hyun Min drives, and we’re assuming he’s driving to the memorial service, he remembers Ha Won telling him that his father must be lonely.

As Ha Won and Assistant Lee continue to wait, they are pleased to see Seo Woo’s van arrive and Seo Woo exit. He asks if he’s the only one that has arrived. Just then Hyun Min’s car pulls up and Hyun Min exits. As Hyun Min walks up to them he asks if they been waiting. Ha Won says more importantly, your father is waiting.

Assistant Lee and Ha Won continue to wait for Ji Woon until Assistant Lee says he doesn’t think the Ji Woon will be attending.

Ha Won continues to wait for Ji Woon by herself.

Ha Won apologizes to grandfather for failing the mission. Grandfather says nothing and walks back into the temple. Is it just me, or shouldn’t grandfather say “it’s amazing that you got two of the three grandsons to attend. I appreciate your efforts”.

Assistant Lee tells Ha Won that getting Ji Woon to attend would’ve been a miracle. Ha Won says she thought she might’ve gotten through to Ji Woon and been granted that miracle today. She says maybe she got too cocky when she was able to complete the first mission and get all three grandsons to eat together. Assistant Lee tells Ha Won that getting Hyun Min and Seo Woo to attend is a success. Ha Won tells Assistant Lee that this is a family gathering, and she’ll take her leave.

A priest comes up to Assistant Lee as the ceremony is underway inside the temple and states that the fathers must be happy to have their sons there this year. Assistant Lee comments one father is lonely. The priests clarifies that all the fathers have been visited by their sons. He states that one son even left his father a rose as a gift. I don’t know why that affected me. Ji Woon coming and having his private moment with his father, seems fitting. The priest indicates the dried white rose in front of Ji Woon’s father’s picture that Ji Woon put there earlier.


Grandfather, his wife, Hyun Min’s mother, and Seo Woo’s mother has tea together inside the temple. Hyun Min’s mother offers grandfather’s wife a backhand complement. Grandfather’s wife notes that Hyun Min’s mother has been off the grid and only surfaced for this memorial service. She wonders if this is an overdue reconciliation attempt. I liked Grandfather’s wife in this moment. Hyun Min’s mother comments as mother of the heir, she must attend. Seo Woo’s mother takes exception to this, but Hyun Min’s mother says her son was the only one that was born and raised at the mansion. Hyun Min’s mother states that her husband was the heir, therefore the natural order of things would be her son, Hyun Min, is now the heir. Seo Woo’s mother states that times have changed. Hyun Min’s mother states the Seo Woo’s father was illegitimate. Grandfather doesn’t like that and tells Hyun Min’s mother that any of his children and their offspring are potential candidates for heir. He asks if she’d like him to search for other children fathered by his son besides Hyun Min. Ha!

In the limousine grandfather tells his wife that Ji Woon’s father was been lonely today. His wife says that Ji Woon’s father and mother are happy together in heaven. Grandfather says he doesn’t even want to think about Ji Woon’s mother who abandoned Ji Woon and forced him to fend for himself. Assistant Lee gets into the car and grandfather’s wife visibly pulls her hand away from grandfather. Grandfather says he wishes Ji Woon would have attended. Assistant Lee turns and tells grandfather that Ji Woon was there, but before the ceremony, so no one knew about it. It’s interesting that grandfather’s wife pulls away from grandfather in the presence of Assistant Lee. I still say Assistant Lee dodged a bullet when she chose grandfather.

c4k_ep6_3ac4k_ep6_3c c4k_ep6_3b

We now see what happened with Ji Woon. He went to visit his mother and saw the new rose at her memorial marker. Immediately he realized that Ha Won put that rose there. He thought about Ha Won urging him to see his father. He considers long and hard. Then we see the rose on his mother’s marker is gone. Now we see Ji Woon place the rose at his father’s marker in the temple. I know it’s a plot device to make Ha Won think that she failed the mission and therefore must move out of the mansion, but I do think it’s appropriate the Ji Woon saw his father privately.

As Ha Won packs her belongings she remembers happy times with the grandsons. She writes a note “I don’t think I belong here anymore. Thank you for everything.” When she opens and closes the door to her room, a breeze hits the note and it falls to the floor.

Hyun Min drives his mother who comments that Ji Woon must realize his place in the family. She asked Hyun Min if Ji Woon has tried to take over as heir. Hyun Min asks his mother is that all she cares about, the heir? Hyun Min tells his mother he’s driving her directly to the airport, he never wants her to return to Korea. Bam!


Evil stepmother and stepdaughter arrive at the mansion. Where is security? I find this irksome they can just walk straight up to the door. Stepmother tells stepdaughter that Ha Won shouldn’t be the only one allowed to live at the mansion, after all they are family. Are you kidding me? They’re going to ask to live at the mansion? They have a lot of gall. Stepmother and stepdaughter speak with housekeeper and feign concern over Ha Won. The housekeeper smiles a knowing smile but still escorts them through the house to Ha Won’s room. The housekeeper has to leave to check on the food, and tells them to look around as much as they like. Are you kidding me? She leaves them to their own devices in the house? Stepsister says that she’s going to snoop in Hyun Min’s room. She sits on his couch, lays on his bed, sprays his cologne, but stops when she sees a high school uniform for Ha Won in a shopping bag. Stepsister gets livid assuming that Ha Won is trying to worm her way into Hyun Min’s heart. This girl is majorly delusional. She throws the high school uniform on the floor and then gets a pot of ink and stands over the uniform.

Meanwhile stepmother calls to stepsister as Assistant Lee approaches. Assistant Lee asks why she’s there. Stepmother lies that tomorrow is Ha Won’s graduation and they just stopped by to see how she was doing. Stepsister bursts through the door to Hyun Min’s bedroom. Stepmother chides her daughter for going into the wrong room. Assistant Lee asks if Ha Won knows they are there. Assistant Lee asks them not to come without prior notice. Stepmother claims she wanted to make sure her daughter was being treated well. Assistant Lee assures her that Ha Won is being treated as an honored guest. Stepsister makes the point that they are Ha Won’s family. Assistant Lee states that the only guest of the mansion from their family is Ha Won. Stepmother and stepsister visibly flinch and their mouths fall open. Best moment of this dreadful visit for me. Assistant Lee offers to walk them out. Assistant Lee takes them in hand and leads the way. Two security guards push them out the front door. Hey how about taking them to the front of the property and shutting the gates in their face? Stepmother and stepsister are offended at their treatment.

With a jealous crazy look in her eye, stepsister writes a negative post about Ha Won living at the mansion and posts it for the Internet to go crazy about.


Ha Won’s friend can’t believe that Ha Won left the mansion. Ha Won asks to stay at her friend’s house, but the answer is no. Hye Ji comes into the coffee shop.  Ha Won and Hye Ji stare at each other. Ha Won’s friend assumes Hye Ji and Ha Won are friends. She asks Hye Ji if Ha Won can stay at her place tonight. Without waiting for an answer, she gets back to work leaving a stunned Ha Won and Hye Ji. Surprise, Hye Ji brings Ha Won to her house. Hye Ji shows Ha Won to her room. Ha Won notices the picture of a young Hye Ji, Hyun Min, and another boy. Hye Ji confirms the picture is of her and Hyun Min. Ha Won asks who the boy is. Hye Ji states the boy is her older brother, who died long ago.  Hye Ji asks why Ha Won left the mansion. Ha Won admits she is not Hyun Min’s finance, that she only pretended to be because he asked her to. Ha Won says she lived at the mansion because Grandfather had an assignment for her and that job is now done. Hye Ji is a bit surprised and asks if Ha Won has a romantic relationship with Hyun Min. Ha Won clarifies she is not romantically involved with Hyun Min. In fact, Ha Won thinks Hye Ji and Hyun Min would make a great couple.  I’m relieved the lie that Ha Won is Hyun Min’s finance has been revealed. Maybe Hye Ji will get a grip. At the least, she should stop disliking Ha Won.

Ha Won is relieved the lie has been put to rest.

In bed, Ha Won thanks Hye Ji for her hospitality. Ha Won says she will graduate tomorrow. Hye Ji asks if she’ll see her family. Ha Won doesn’t know if her family will show. Hye Ji offers to come. Ha Won hugs her with gratitude.

At the mansion, Assistant Lee knocks on Ha Won’s door but there is no answer.

c4k_ep6_6b c4k_ep6_6a

Assistant Lee thanks Ji Woon for visiting his father at the temple. He asks if Ji Woon went because of Ha Won’s prodding. Ji Woon denies this. Assistant Lee states Ha Won was sad when Ji Woon didn’t show at the memorial service and could probably use some comfort. Assistant Lee states Ha Won will graduate from High School tomorrow.

Ha Won heads to his father’s storage room. He wonders why he should care if Ha Won is graduating. But he realizes he does care.

Ha Won texts her father that she’s graduating tomorrow and asks if he can attend.

The next morning, Hyun Min finds Ha Won’s room empty. He notices her graduation is today. Hyun Min heads to his room to find the High School uniform. He’s horrified to see the shirt has ink splotches all over it.

Ha Won walks to High School in her track suit, not in a uniform. She sits alone. Her stepsister and her friends laugh at her. No way these actors are high school age! Ha Won’s friend arrives and drags Ha Won to the ceremony.


Hyun Min gets a replacement uniform at the store. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up the phone. He leaves a message that he’s bringing the uniform.

He drives with the uniform to the High School.

Hye Ji gets a bouquet of flowers for Ha Won’s high school graduation. She’s relieved Ha Won is not Hyun Min’s finance.

The housekeeper finds the note from Ha Won. She calls Assistant Lee and tells him about the note.

Assistant Lee tells Grandfather that Ha Won has left the mansion because she thinks she failed the mission to get the grandsons to attend the memorial service. Grandfather directs Assistant Lee to find Ha Won and bring her home. Assistant Lee states Ha Won is at her graduation from high school today.

At the graduation, the negative post about Ha Won that her stepsister posted is read by all the students on their phones. They all look at Ha Won and talk about her.  Ha Won’s can’t help but notice everyone staring at her.

Ha Won’s friend leaves with her parents. Ha Won is alone. She sees her father did not text her back. Stepmother arrives and asks why she’s wearing a track outfit. Ha Won states she left the mansion. Stepmother tells Ha Won she’s not welcome at their house. She hugs stepsister with glee.

Seo Woo learns that Ha Won is in trouble at the high school. He heads to the high school much to the dismay of his manager.

Ha Won learns someone is looking for her.


Ji Woon arrives outside the high school. He hears girls talking about Ha Won. Unable to resist helping a damsel in distress, Ji Woon takes off.

Hyun Min arrives at the high school with the uniform. All the girls gather round. Hyun Min gets on a megaphone and invites all the students to enjoy the food trucks he brought with him. One of the students tell Hyun Min that Ha Won in in the auditorium. Hyun Min heads there.

In the recording studio Ha Won is hassled by mean girls. They are angry that Ha Won is living at the mansion and assume she thinks she’s better than them because she lives with the rich Kang cousins. Ha Won tells them to back off. I was hoping she’d use her mad fighting skills to handle these mean girls.

Hyun Min and Ji Woon try and find the auditorium. Seo Woo gets a crazed fan girl welcome when anyone spots him.

One of the mean girls approaches Ha Won with scissors and says she need to see if she’s pure.


Ji Woon sees a group of boys playing rock, paper, scissors. Ji Woon approaches and asks if the boys know where Ha Won is. Does the winning boy get to see if Ha Won is pure? Ji Woon beats up the boys. The mean girls video tape cutting Ha Won’s outfit. The girls see their boy cohorts on the ground when Ji Woon opens the door. They take off. Ji Woon approaches a humiliated Ha Won. He takes off his jacket and drapes it about Ha Won. He helps her to her feet. He guides Ha Won out of the room. They walk past the disabled boys. Another group of boys approach Ji Woon and Ha Won. They are angry that Ji Woon beat up their buddies. Ji Woon pushes Ha Won behind her and approaches the boys. Ji Woon is chivalrous and protective putting Ha Won behind her.


From behind them Hyun Min approaches and demands to know what is going on. Hyun Min throws his keys out the window and the boys run away to get the prized keys to Hyun Min’s car. The mean girls leave.


Seo Woo shows up and all the girls gather. He asks if anyone is being mean to Ha Won. They deny it. He asks them to take her to Ha Won. They all take off.

Hye Ji arrives at the high school with a pretty bouquet of flowers.


Hyun Min removes Ji Woon’s jacket from Ha Won’s shoulders. He puts the high school jacket from the bag around her shoulders. Ji Woon says he’ll be leaving and walks away. That makes Hyun Min happy. That makes Ha Won unhappy. She wants to stop Ji Woon but Hyun Min says they have things to talk about. Ji Woon turns and sees Hyun Min hands on Ha Won’s shoulders. She looks at him pleadingly, but he walks away. Hyun Min tells Ha Won to change her clothes.


As the mean boys scramble for Hyun Min’s car keys, they encounter Assistant Lee who picks up the keys. The first boy throws a punch but Assistant Lee easily blocks it and twists the boy’s wrist shoving the boy into the others. Another boy tries to take on Assistant Lee, but he is easily dispatched. Assistant Lee walks towards the boys who scatter.

Ha Won changes in the recording studio. Is that camera recording? Ha Won bangs on the window to show Hyun Min she has changed. Inadvertently, she flips the school’s audio system on. Hyun Min enters the room. It’s the same room that mean girl had Ha Won in. And yes, the camera they turned on to record Ha Won’s lesson is recording, but now it’s also broadcasting what they think is a private conversation. This can’t be good.

All the students near screens that just happen to be on see Ha Won approach Hyun Min. Students are startled to see the broadcast. Everyone gathers around the screens.


See Woo is escorted into the hallway and sees Ji Woon. He wonders how Ji Woon knew to come to the school. Ji Woon denies being there for Ha Won. Seo Woo wonders where Ha Won is. They hear the students murmuring about Ha Won and Ji Woon on screen. A screen just happens to be by them. Hye Ji just happens to walk in at that moment. Ji Woon, Hye Ji and Seo Woo stare at the screen with the other students.


Ha Won: I’m saying this now just in case. I’m not coming back to the mansion I have no right to be there.

Hyun Min: What are you talking about? I’m here to talk about something else.

Ha Won: What is it?

Hyun Min: I have something to confess to you.

All the girls scream, stepmother and stepsister look on in horror.

Hyun Min: After meeting you, all other women are boring.

Ha Won: What do you mean?

Hyun Min: You are in my head.

Hye Ji doesn’t look happy, Ji Woon looks at her with concern. Ji Woon walks away.

Hyun Min: I don’t like it when you’re with other guys, I especially don’t like it when you hang around with Ji Woon.

Assistant Lee arrives and views the scene with Hye Ji and Seo Woo.

Hyun Min: I have great looks and a brilliant mind. I’m first in line to be heir.

Ha Won: Hyun Min, let’s put a stop to this now.

All the students murmuring surprised at Ha Won’s apparent rejection. Stepsister can’t believe that Hyun Min just confessed feelings for Ha Won. Stepmother asks her daughter if Ha Won just dumped Hyun Min.


Ha Won: Sorry. I’m going to get going.

She starts to walk away but Hyun Min grabs her.

Hyun Min: My confession is not over yet. You and I…

But the picture and the sound is turned off. It’s Ji Woon in the recording studio who turned it off.

Now we hear what Hyun Min said.

Hyun Min: My confession is not over yet. You and I we haven’t started anything yet.

Ha Won: No. I don’t want to pretend to be your fiancé anymore.


That stops Ji Woon in his tracks. He turns and looks at them.

Ha Won: Let’s end this fake relationship of ours.

Hyun Min: (he’s taken aback but determined to be cool about this) Sure. Let’s end this fake relationship of ours. But…Let’s start dating, for real.

Ha Won looks at him with surprise. Hyun Min stares at Ha Won. Ji Woon stares at the both of them. Hye Ji drops the pretty bouquet of flowers. I guess the truce between our girls is over.

My Thoughts

This show has a mix of adult and junior themes and I’m not a fan of the junior themes. I enjoyed the last episode and the beginning section of this episode when each of our knights dealt with their conflicted feelings about their fathers and they each decided to honor their father’s at the memorial service in their own way. But the stepmother and stepsister are caricatures and simply ridiculous. Hye Ji’s on and off jealousy of Ha Won irks me. Ji Woon’s has a better grip on the truth of the relationship with Hyun Min and Ha Won. Here’s hoping his idiotic agreement to rid Ha Won from the mansion for Hye Ji is ancient history. With Ha Won’s graduation from high school I’d like the writers (Min Ji Eun, Won Young Sil) to steer the plot points into the adult themes. All these actors are simply too old to be wallowing in junior themes or hanging out at a high school.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) is drawn to Ha Won but won’t admit it. Ji Woon had limited scenes this episode and I missed him. I especially missed interactions between Ha Won and Ji Woon. That tells me that I like them is a couple. The writers gave them multiple opportunities last episode to shine, more of that please. Ji Woon continues his damsel in distress persona and rescued Ha Won from the mean high schoolers. The way he draped his jacket around Ha Won and helped her up to her feet was tender and caring. But the green eyed monster of jealousy plagues Ji Woon at this point in their budding relationship. Whenever Hyun Min appears, Ji Woon backs away. You could see clearly in Ha Won’s eyes that she did not want him to go, but he left. At least he got to hear that Ha Won did not want to continue the fake relationship with Hyun Min. But unfortunately Ji Woon also heard that Hyun Min wants a relationship with Ha Won for real. Again, Ji Woon’s skittish about Ha Won, and may be willing to drop her like a hot potato if Hyun Min is in the mix for real. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I was very pleased that Ji Woon visited his father in the temple and offered a rose. The fact that he noticed that the rose on his mother’s marker was from Ha Won was awesome. He is simply blind to the fact that she likes him at this point.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) accomplished the second mission but she didn’t know it. She was sorry that all three grandsons did not attend the memorial service. Assistant Lee did not have the opportunity to tell her that Ji Woon did indeed pay tribute to his father at the temple. Ha Won left the house assuming she had failed the mission and had to exit. I was surprised how chirpy and happy she was when she went to her friend to ask for a place to stay. She was seemingly unconcerned that her time at the mansion was over. I expected a “sad this is over” reaction. As I stated above, I’m relieved that Ha Won has graduated from high school. Let’s leave all the mean girls / boys plot points behind. Viewers and Ha Won have enough with the caricature stepmother / stepsister and jealous Hye Ji. Ha Won is going to have to take a risk and show Ji Woon that he matters to her. I’m not sure he’s going to be willing to take the risk, so she may have to.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) attended the memorial service and took his mother straight to the airport. Hyun Min did not win the mother lottery. She seems to only care about his position and her appearance. Actually Hyun Min is very similar to her. But when he learned that Ha Won was graduating from high school, his immediate concern was delivering the uniform he owed her. He quickly replaced the ruined uniform before heading to the high school. He had a unique way of getting rid of the mean boys, by offering his car as a sacrifice. The big moment for Hyun Min was when he asked Ha Won to have a real relationship with him. This poor boy is destined to be disappointed. Frankly I don’t see Hye Ji is a well-rounded alternative. The housekeeper would be a better match for Hyun Min , just kidding, but actually the housekeeper is a more grounded person than Hye Ji.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) revealed that it was her older brother in the childhood picture of herself and Hyun MIn. She did offer Ha Won a place to sleep and was visibly relieved when Ha Won told her that she and Hyun MIn were only faking their relationship. This character still does nothing for me.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) recorded the song for his father and went to the memorial service. Recording the song, as a tribute to your father, is an excellent way to deal with the unresolved issues about his father. I like that he did that. He was the first to arrive at the memorial service. He seems to be the nicest and perhaps least scarred of our knights.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) please me to no end when he easily dispatched the mean boys. He was surprised when he learned that Ji Woon had attended the memorial service. Grandfather was surprised when Ji Woon told him. The best thing Assistant Lee did was dispatch evil stepdaughter and stepmother out of the mansion. Security needs to put them on the banned list.  I hope they never come back, but that is probably wishful thinking on my part.

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25 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 6 Recap
  1. Mercy says:

    Great recap. Though i love Jung Il Woo, I’m so in Kang Hyun Min’s camp because Ha Won’s interactions with Hyun Min has been spectacular. She brings out the best in him and i love that. The chemistry between the 2 characters can be quite sizzling as well.
    I love both actors and actress performances!

    Only thing that i might really disagree with is the speculation of Asst Lee and the Chairman’s wife. I think there is a much closer tie there. As in, i believe it’s a family tie. There are related in some ways. I won’t be surprised if she’s his estranged mother.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree the best chemistry is between Hyun Min and Ha Won. I agree she is pushing his evolution. But they are not the couple. Ji Woon and Ha Won are.
      Love your thought about Assistant Lee and Grandfather’s wife. That never crossed my mind. Considering all the Knights have issues with their one or more parents, this would follow this pattern.
      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Kshita says:

    Thanks for the far this has been my favorite episode. The story is becoming interesting as the emotions of each of the character is surfacing..we can see somehow all the four knights have some kind of concern for Ha Won. I love the scene when Ji woon puts the coat on Ha won.I guess Ha Won has already started falling for Ji woon..
    I agree the Hyun min and Ha won ( min-won) couple would be more interesting to see..but Jung II woo is really handsome when he does the Savior Act..Hyun min tends to deal every problem with Money whereas Ji woon does the Heroic act by fighting..Clearly, Ji woon is the winner..I am already feeling bad for Hyun min..
    As for Hye Ji – I guess something would have happened between Hye Ji`s brother and hyun min in past .It may be a possible reason why he avoids Hye ji. I think any girl would act like Hye Ji if the person whom you love is not interested in you. However, I am not able to like or sympathize Hye Ji.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree the story is becoming more interesting as the layers of these characters are revealed.
      Yes, each of the knights are invested in Ha Won now. I hope the writers have something else for Hyun Min other than want Ha Won, because that won’t work out. As you stated if Hyun Min was involved in Hye Ji’s brother’s death, that would be another facet for this character. I agree that Ha Won wants Ji Woon. The look she gave Ji Woon as Hyun Min walked her away told the story.


  3. yuehlim says:

    I think if the photos of the father will be placed together, we will find out who is eun ha won’s father. 😉 I think it is all a mess finding out who is eun ha won associated to. I still want to keep my hopes up for the boys hehe 😁


  4. A.D.DO! says:

    Kjt…you are doing a yoeman’s (yoewoman’s) job getting all this down…lots of words, lots of work! I enjoy reading before watching as I can concentrate more on the action than reading the subs…so thanks…don’t think I would be watching this without your comments to peak my interest.
    Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of ACTION! It really is so high school ooh ooh like you said…sorry, @mercy, but haven’t seen anything very ‘sizzling’ so far….I’d like some hot ‘n heavy love scenes but frankly can’t imagine it happening with this group…Ji Woon has it in him if he would just loosen up a bit more…really take those swimming trunks off in the pool, or SOMETHING! Come on, kids, turn up the heat! Graduation time!
    Park So Dam is cute and spunky….but she is lucky she got to act with the big boys in BEAUTIFUL MIND….How thrilling it must have been to work with the legendary JANG HYUK.
    Jealous Hye Ji continues to bother me…think it’s the actress..too insipid.
    The stepsister and stepmom are total caricatures like you say, but I kinda enjoy seeing them ‘get theirs’ every week., and hoping maybe a fairy godmother will come along and turn then into big rats! Lol


    • kjtamuser says:

      The story has been a bit slow moving. What these writers have put in 6 episodes other writers would put in 4 episodes.

      The lack of “sizzle” may correspond to what I’m calling the “junior” plot points. All the actors are 25 and above, they can handle more “adult” plot points.

      What have the writers given Hye Ji to do? Glare and cry. The actress has nothing of interest to do.

      I must agree there is a fun factor in what you called “but I kinda enjoy seeing them ‘get theirs’ every week”. Stepmother/stepsister are irritating but not important.

      Recapping 2 shows seems to be my limit. I’m not blogging on Tuesday/Wednesdays as 5 days a week is my comfort zone.


  5. Dramagirl says:

    I’m seriously rooting for Ji Woon to open that heart of his towards Hawon. We can all see that HaWon chooses him and still backs away. I know he has his own issues but he needs to stop that before i think its denial and noble idiocy. Which frankly i dont like much, guess i need to be patient.

    As for Hyunmin, thats one hurt man. Something prevented him from loving Hyeji and it might be her brother. Something about his death that he changed and is being the player. Also the new wife of the chairman irks me to dead, that woman has something up her sleeve. Like she wants to bring her hidden son or new son to the family having to get rid of all the Kang cousins. All those mothers are not good people in the least.

    Hoping that ass. Lee will keep a firm grip with the chairman and Hawon about the men. Also aside all this i dont hope that they will do something that makes Hawon some hidden granddaughter of the Kang family, i need my otp to be together as in Jiwoon and hawon having their happy ending.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I also want Ji Woon to open himself to Ha Won.

      Hyun Min is so cute with Ha Won but she’s drawn to Ji Woon.

      Wife of the chairman probably does have something up her sleeve. Mercy (1st comment of this episode) suggested that she is Assistant Lee’s mother. I think the idea has merit.

      I agree that if Ha Won is a granddaughter that would stop a relationship with Ji Woon.


  6. Jane Tilly says:

    What a fantastic episode! Sorry about the novel length comments—I just had so much to express! I concur I would like to see the junior themes go away now that Ha Won has graduated from high school.

    HORRIBLE STEP-FAMILY—Why did Stepmom and stepsister need another confirmation of Ha Won being at Sky House…didn’t Yoon Na already confirm the fact with her own eyes?
    Once again Yoon Na, this time with her nasty mother, made it past the “state of the art” security to walk right up to Sky House. We are on the same page being galled by this irksome twosome thinking they can live in the mansion. I don’t think Yoon Sung, Grandpa or Granny will be having any of that! I think even stepdad would be appalled at the suggestion. The nerve of these two freely roaming the mansion until Yoon Sung steps up.

    Stepmom reasons their visit to Sky House is make sure Ha Won is not being mistreated—HA! This step family has abused and wronged Ha Won ever since they got together. I consider the dad to be complicit in Ha Won’s abuse. I could not have been happier to see Yoon Sung, who has their number, forcefully usher them out! I concur the scene would have been completed with them being taken “to the front of the property and shutting the gates in their face”. This irksome twosome should be banned for life from Sky House.

    The vindictive little snot’s actions starting SNS rumors backfired on her and brought ALL the knights to Ha Won’s rescue! I ❤ @A.D.DO!’s “The stepsister and stepmom are total caricatures like you say, but I kinda enjoy seeing them ‘get theirs’ every week., and hoping maybe a fairy godmother will come along and turn them into big rats! Lol”

    GRANDPA MONEYBAGS & GOLD-DIGGER GRANNY—Grandpa should have said it’s amazing that you got two of the three grandsons to attend. I appreciate your efforts”. I was glad to see gramps and granny not putting up the heir crap from the daughters-in-law—go granny go! While Granny had her moment, she also has competition for the ‘Best Gold-digger Award.” I loved grandpa’s “I’ll search the globe for other seeds your husbands sowed” retort. What a high opinion (note my sarcasm) he has of his own progeny.

    I noticed another interchange between Gold-digger Granny and Yoon Sung—there is no doubt in my mind they have a connection. I am even more confident with this episode that Yoon Sung is Gold-digger Granny’s son. @Kshita shares this opinion.

    YOON SUNG—While I do think Yoon Sung is Gold-digger Granny’s son, you can tell with their interactions he does not share her goal. Yoon Sung has been more consistent in his rescue of Ha Won than any of the knights. He certainly has the step-family's number and was quick to give them the bum's rush out the door.

    GREEN-EYED JI HYE— What a great BFF (not) Ja Young was to pawn Ha Won off to JH for the night. JH was greatly encouraged by the truth of Ha Won and Hyun Min’s nonexistent relationship; but in the end was sorely disappointed when she overheard Hyun Min confess and tell Ha Won he wanted to start over. No more pussyfooting around that lie! However, I don’t think she will get over her Hyun Min delusion or jealousy of Ha Won anytime soon. I concur this character does nothing for me, except make me feel annoyed.

    SEO WOO—the sweetest knight was the first to show up to the memorial with a song in his heart. He also came to Ha Won’s graduation, but didn’t get to play knight. I wish this knight had a bit more relevance to the story, otherwise why four knights?

    HYUN MIN—We saw last episode Hyun Min’s mother is a piece of work! Young Hyun Min got stuck living at Sky House alone, so he could secure his place as the heir apparent—yup, abandonment is the right term! Yeah for Hyun Min to be Ha Won’s knight in shining armor to rescue her from the evil dragon, his mother.

    No privacy for him and his confession, at least until Ji Woon turned off the broadcast. The best part was the horrified looks on the faces of stepsister and step mom! Not only did Yoon Na’s would-be prince charming confess to Ha Won, but Ha Won turned him down. Imagine my best Nelson, from The Simpsons, voice saying to the evil stepsister and stepmom *Ha Ha*. 😛

    JI WOON—I had a feeling Ji Woon would notice the flower Ha Won left at his mother’s memorial, I find it interesting he took that flower to place at his dad’s memorial—looks like Ha Won’s sweet gesture and words got to him. Agreed Ji Woon going separately and privately to his father’s memorial was appropriate.

    I ❤ Ji Woon is gradually stealing Ha Won away from Hyun Min with his kindnesses.
    I think Ji Woon backed away from Ha Won due her feelings not Hyun Min’s. Once he heard the truth, I think his attraction to Ha Won has been renewed and encouraged. @Mercy I agree these two have chemistry, but I don’t see it sizzling…yet…I think sizzle potential is there!

    HA WON—Mission 2 was accomplished without Ha Won knowledge, so she preemptively left Sky House. Why didn’t Ha Won’s dad didn’t even acknowledge her text about her graduation. Did something happen to him?

    I am aghast these high schoolers would bully Ha Woon sexually! What idiots to film their venture—prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law! Good for Ji Woon to step up and beat those boys up! Ji Woon was truly a knight in shining armor—he was tender and caring as he helped her up and “chivalrous and protective putting Ha Won behind” him and then covered her cut clothes with his jacket. I prefer his solution to Hyun Min’s which would have rewarded the heinous bullies. They needed a beat down! Between Ji Woon and Yoon Sung some of them got one. Can we move past high school now?


    • kjtamuser says:

      ” I loved grandpa’s “I’ll search the globe for other seeds your husbands sowed” retort. What a high opinion (note my sarcasm) he has of his own progeny.”
      * It is quite revealing of a statement!

      ” I wish this knight had a bit more relevance to the story, otherwise why four knights?”
      * In many of the quad men dramas there is one weak character, Seo Woo is this drama’s weak knight. I hope that writer makes me reverse that statement as the series progresses.

      “I find it interesting he took that flower to place at his dad’s memorial—looks like Ha Won’s sweet gesture and words got to him”
      * That action speaks volumes of Ji Woon’s respect for Ha Won.

      ” Ji Woon was truly a knight in shining armor—he was tender and caring as he helped her up …I prefer his solution to Hyun Min’s which would have rewarded the heinous bullies. They needed a beat down!”
      * I concur. Ji Woon is a sucker for a damsel in distress. BUT I want him to focus on Ha Won and drop being “on call” for Hye Ji


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Without a doubt, I want to see more from Seo Woo, he is underutilized and doesn’t seem like much of a competitor to being the heir or competing for Ha Won’s attention. I would like to see more with Yoon Sung too–I can’t wait to see the reasoning behind him being a knight. I’m fairly confident he is Gold-digger Granny’s son. She will push to have her ‘dependable’ son to be the heir of the conglomerate. Don’t get me wrong, I like Yoon Sung, just not granny.

        Up until this past episode, I thought Joon Sung had been the most protective of Ha Won. All the knights stepped up this episode, but Ji Woon really stepped up the competition with his tender and chivalrous actions towards Ha Won. I hope Ji Woon continues this direction and whole-heartedly agree I want have him put a stop to being “on call” for Hye Ji


        • kjtamuser says:

          ” Ji Woon really stepped up the competition with his tender and chivalrous actions towards Ha Won.”
          * Agreed. I think we’d discussed that I value kindness in a relationship during Beautiful Mind. Tenderness gets me every time too.


  7. A.D.DO! says:

    @Jane Tilly. Boy, you’re really into this! I am more fascinated by you bloggers than the actual drama! So many different ideas to be read into it makes it interesting as hell!
    Keep wondering why the story of four rich snotty boys has such great appeal to Kdrama fans…we see it over and over…Cinderella and Four Knights, Boys over Flowers, Meteor Garden 1&2 with the F4, the original Japanese manga series, etc…(guess if it works, don’t knock it.). I am watching Meteor Garden for the first time, and must say I prefer it over all the others. Although childish, (aren’t they all?), the Chinese actors have the most charisma (to me, anyway), and of course it had the delicious young (then) Vic Zhou.
    Gosh, I wish there was a site where we could just gossip about all our favorite drama people and dish the latest info…like has JANG HYUK started his new drama yet (no Instagram pics so far!), why we never see a picture of his wife and kids, why is Vic so skinny now?? You know, that kind of stuff!!
    Inquiring minds want to know!!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Hi A.D.DO! I do have a Kdrama addiction and have watched a few Jdramas! More often than not, my Friday night date is tall (at least taller than my 5’4″), dark and fictional! I am really enjoying Cinderella and Four Knights even if it is a bit of a repeat of a similar plotline. It would be too time consuming to comment on every drama I watch, but I ❤ kjtamuser's recaps and forum and started watching what she watches *SHOUT OUT TO KJTAMUSER*! I get a kick out of discussing these shows with others who are watching.

      I've only made one convert to Kdrama, my eonni, who will only watch one at a time, so we watch together. We just finished Flower Boy Ramyun Shop last night–what do you know another drama with 4 flower boys (although it was only one of them that was rich) and a poor girl from nothing. It was my third viewing of it, but I ❤ it any way!

      More often than not, I can accurately predict who ends up with who, but it is the Kdrama writers who have a way of taking you for an adventurous ride getting there. Although occasionally you get an ending that seems like it was inspired by soju–NO BUENO. I've quit watching American television.

      I have not seen any Taiwanese dramas yet. I will put Meteor Garden on my watch list. I have noticed a few people on this blog mention Vic Zhou several times, so I will have to check him out.

      Do we know the name of Jang Hyuk's new drama? When will it be out? This inquiring mind wants to know. I've seen many comments on this blog that have gone off on tangents or start your own blog and give us the link!


      • kjtamuser says:

        “jtamuser’s recaps and forum and started watching what she watches *SHOUT OUT TO KJTAMUSER*! I get a kick out of discussing these shows with others who are watching.”
        * Thank you! I love all the comments. Nothing better than discussing a drama you are watching with smart, insightful folks that say things you may not have considered.

        “We just finished Flower Boy Ramyun Shop last night–what do you know another drama with 4 flower boys”
        * I love that series, one of the few I bought. I love the meta of the series. And who couldn’t love the leading lady rescuing the leading man with a plunger in her hand!

        “but it is the Kdrama writers who have a way of taking you for an adventurous ride getting there.”
        * The writing keeps me coming back again and again (besides actors that I love). There is wonderful creativity within the typical kdrama confines. I’m constantly surprised by dramas.


    • kjtamuser says:

      A.D.DO! you must include yourself in the “you bloggers” group!

      “our rich snotty boys has such great appeal to Kdrama fans…we see it over and over…Cinderella and Four Knights, Boys over Flowers, Meteor Garden 1&2 with the F4, the original Japanese manga series, etc…(guess if it works, don’t knock it.). I am watching Meteor Garden for the first time, and must say I prefer it over all the others. Although childish, (aren’t they all?), the Chinese actors have the most charisma (to me, anyway), and of course it had the delicious young (then) Vic Zhou.”
      * I enjoyed Meteor Garden (season 1) for what it was. It was the most faithful TV production of the story. Vic Zhou was the best in that role of all the adaptations (Korean, Japanese,Taiwanese and Chinese (Meteor Shower, an unauthorized version)) of Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. Plus there was more adult sizzle between the leads Barbie Hsu and Jerry Yan than any other adaptations. Boys Over Flowers kicked off my Asian drama obsession, so I’ll always have a soft spot for this series and all it’s variations. The Japanese anime is the closest adaption of the manga.


  8. Hye-Ji reminds me of some girl in the Kdrama Princess hours her name was Min Hyo Rin ( Song Ji Hyo) she was passive aggressive and truly annoying. As for Ji-Woon I am firmly not on that ship but I guess I will accept reality as I watched the Hyun Min ship start sinking at episode five 😦 That being said i like this drama it is fun and light hearted reminds me of Boys before flowers,I just can’t stop watching but the music direction is awful


    • kjtamuser says:

      Passive aggressive is the perfect term for Hye Ji! I hope she evolves into a character worth caring about because Hyun Min, who I like, may end up with her.


  9. ftino1 says:

    I just finished watching the episode, and at first I wasn’t sure on who I wanted as Ha Won’s prince, but the more the shows goes on, I believe it is meant to be Ji Woon. I love all 4, but I believe Hyun Min is meant to grow as a human and come to terms with the reality of things: You can’t rely on money to manipulate emotions. I truly think Hyun Min and Ha Won make great friends. Especially because she truly cares for him as a friend, but he hasn’t even once considered her that way. He took her company for granted, in a sense. Ji Woon on the other hand, has already grown as a human and it’s thanks to Ha Won.

    Putting the evident leads aside, I would have loved for Ha Won and Yoo Sung (assistant Lee) to have some more romance going on ;___; he’s so handsome, and to me he’s the true knight lol. What is there not to like about him?


    • kjtamuser says:

      You put that well “Hyun Min and Ha Won make great friends”. Once Hyun Min gets over his romantic interest in Ha Won, I hope they return to the fun friendship they were developing. They sparkled in the initial episodes.

      I agree that Ji Woon is evolving and Ha Won is the driving force.

      Too bad Assistant Lee doesn’t have a love interest. I could get behind that!


  10. A.D.DO! says:

    @Jane Tilly. So now we know JANG has started shooting “ORDINARY PERSON” in Seoul. He is supposed to be the bad guy in this which I am not too happy about…like him always as the hero…but maybe he will have an awakening and turn into a good guy at the end. Oh, and it’s a movie, so we won’t see it til next year, bummer…
    Hope you find time to watch METEOR GARDEN ..even our guru, KJT recommends it! I am watching it on Dramanice but there must be a more cleaned up version out there…they keep replaying the opening, epilogue, and short OST where a commercial would be…but I actually don’t mind because I love the music (and one can always FF). Barbie Hsu and Jerry Yan’s back and forth henpecking is delightful. Vic Zhou doesn’t have that much to do in this one except look yummy, and getting prepped to do the unforgettable “MARS” , my fave, right up there with FTLY.
    See, KJT…you get us all stirred up over all the great drama possibilities out there to view. Just need more hours in the day!

    Geez, miss Beez! She must be on the road! If you read this, Beez, check in to swap howdies!


  11. Jane Tilly says:

    I was also thinking Beez must be on the road. *SHOUT OUT FOR SAFE TRAVELS!*

    While I do prefer our JH as a hero, the mark of a good actor is they can be believable in a the diverse parts they play. I’m sure he will be an awesome villain!

    I will get to Meteor Garden sometime as I have a rather long ‘to watch’ list, I like playful banter and a good OST. I look forward to getting to know Vic Zhou through his work.

    Liked by 1 person

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