Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 5 Recap

We start to understand why our Knights are reticent about their fathers and Cinderella tries to coax them to deal with it.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 5 Recap


Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) pulls Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) close to him from behind.  Hyun Min asks Ji Woon what he’s doing. Ji Woon replies “I’m going to steal your finance.” Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon)grabs Ji Woon’s shirt in anger. Ha Won pushes them away from each other and order them to stop. The two men stare at each other while fireworks go off in the background.  Assistant Lee (Choi Min), looking adorably uncomfortable in a birthday hat, and Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) hold a birthday cake and sign. Hyun Min pretends that he and Ji Woon were joking as part of her birthday surprise. Ji Woon doesn’t want to go along with the joke but Hyun Min manages to cover that. Seo Woo steps forward and says it’s time to eat. They all sit down to eat together. Mission one will be accomplished! Hyun Min asks if Ha Won liked the cosmetics that he gave her. He flashes back to seeing her cosmetic samples in the brook and then deciding to give her high-quality products. That is sweet and considerate. Is Hyun Min caring about Ha Won? Ha Won says she doesn’t need the cosmetics but would prefer a new high school uniform as she’s graduating next month. Putting Ji Woon on the spot, Hyun Min asks what his birthday gift to Ha Won is. Our resourceful Ha Won grabs a selfie stick and takes a picture of the group telling Ji Woon she’ll consider this his present. Ha Won surprises all the men when she tells them today is not her birthday. Seo Woo shows her the diary. Ha Won says the day is right but the month is wrong. Ha Won declares they should still consider today her birthday because they made her feel special. Ji Woon decides there’s no reason for him to stick around and leaves. Only Ha Won and Seo Woo appear enthusiastic as they dig in to eat.

c4k_ep5_2b c4k_ep5_2a

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) remembers Ji Woon promising her that while he can’t do anything about the scars Hyun Min had given her, he’ll protect her from Hyun Min going forward. I don’t understand why Ji Woon wants to protect Hye Ji, other than that his personality to save damsels in distress. I don’t see the connection between the two of them other than they have a common irritant in Hyun Min.

Ha Won remembers Ji Woon asking her why she’s involved with Hyun Min and declaring he’ll steal her from Hyun Min. She wonders what’s going on in his head. They stare at each other from across the courtyard until Ha Won gets uncomfortable and turns away.

Seo Woo manages to peace her diary together to learn that May is her birthday month. He wonders why he cares.

Hyun Min asks Ha Won if she’s unsettled by what Ji Woon told her. Ha Won denies that Ji Woon’s words affected her. Hyun Min says the only woman that Ji Woon cares about is Hye Ji. Ha Won says it has nothing to do with her. Ji Woon walks by and states when they talk about him, they should do it in a more private place.

c4k_ep5_3ac4k_ep5_3bGrandfather is pleased with the selfie Ha Won took of his grandsons at her birthday party. Assistant Lee tells Ha Won that the first year of college is now paid for and Grandfather has authorized a cash bonus. Ha Won feels uncomfortable with the generous payment but Grandfather soothes over her concerns.

Ha Won later asks Assistant Lee why the bonus is the exact amount of the crematorium debt that she paid. Assistant Lee gets flustered but Ha Won tells him she appreciates his kindness. She tells him she’ll ride the bus with her mother’s ashes to the crematorium. He asks her not to be home too late. She jokes that his nagging reminds her of her mother’s or father’s typical nagging.

Grandfather stares at a picture of his sons and tells the photo that their sons finally ate together for the first time in their lives.

Ha Won’s stepmother sees that Grandfather’s new wife is coming in for an appointment. She asks to be the one to service her. During the facial Ha Won’s stepmother asks Grandfather’s wife about the girl living at the mansion. Grandfather’s wife doesn’t want to talk about it but she doesn’t deny there is a girl living at the mansion. Stepmother calls stepdaughter to give her the news. Like a spoiled brat she is, stepdaughter whines and complains. She claims she feels wronged. Unbelievable!


At the crematorium Ha Won restores her mother’s memorial items and places the urn in its spot. She tells her mother about the three men that she’s living with and how now she’s got rich friends. She says even though they celebrated her birthday on the wrong day, it made her happy, like someone was looking out for her. She promises her mother shall earn enough money to be able to go to college. She realizes that the memorial shelf above her mother’s is Ha Won’s mother and she takes a rose from her mother’s bouquet and places it on Ha Won’s mother’s shelf. That is sweet.

Ha Won finds the housekeeper preparing memorial food for Grandfather’s three sons, the fathers of his grandsons. Ha Won confirms all of Grandfather’s sons are dead. The housekeeper tells her that one took his own life and the other two were killed in the same car accident. The housekeeper says that all the fathers were not kind to so their sons don’t really mourn their death. The housekeeper says that she can understand the boys not morning heavily for fathers that died when they were young but she wishes they could be more sensitive to their Grandfather’s grief.


Assistant Lee wants Ji Woon, Hyun Min, Seo Woo to go to the temple to support Grandfather but the boys aren’t interested. Ha Won overhears the conversation and complains to Assistant Lee that the boys are being insensitive. Assistant Lee surprises Ha Won when he says he understands the boys’ feelings on the matter. He tells her there are things that she doesn’t know yet, things that don’t have simple explanations.

Ha Won suggest to Grandfather that she gather the boys for the memorial service at the temple. Grandfather says this is it going to be as easy as getting the boys together to eat a meal. Ha Won wants to succeed because she thinks the boys need to honor their father’s memories. Part of me feels like she’s interfering into something that she doesn’t fully understand, but part of me says why not have somebody that is clueless about the matter stir the pot and maybe get the boys to some kind of resolution or evolve to a better place in dealing with their fathers.

Later Grandfather tells Assistant Lee he has no idea whether or not Ha Won will succeed but after doing the memorial service on his own for 10 years he’s willing to let her try.


Ha Won surprises Ji Woon at the swimming pool and says that maybe they should swim together today. Ji Woon thinks she’s gone crazy. She notes he’s said to her that he likes her, but she wonders whether or not he could say that in front of Hye Ji. Ha Won declares that Ji Woon, Hyun Min, Hye Ji have a complicated love triangle. She doesn’t want to be added to the mix. She asks if complicated relationships are a hobby. He confirms this. Knowing that he’s wearing a swimsuit, because she peaked with her goggles on while he was swimming, she tells him that today she’s going to be bold and swim naked just like him. She goes to pull her shirt off and he gets out of the water and strides away. She chuckles. Later when she goes to shower off the chlorine from the pool Ji Woon surprises her by walking into the shower. He says there’s only one shower at the swimming pool. He approaches her, puts his hand on one side of her head, and asks what she wanted to say to him. He moves the hand to her side of her face and she’s affected by his touch. He tells her that he was serious when he said he’d steal her away from Hyun Min. He tells her she looks forward to it. FYI, I look forward to it too! He walks away leaving a shaken Ha Won. She wonders why he makes her heart flutter. And so it begins. Finally, Ha Won and Ji Woon have an interaction that isn’t fueled by anger and snide remarks. You saw a glimmer of their physical chemistry in the shower scene. There is potential for this couple, I look forward to seeing their relationship develop into liking each other, not just playing with each other.


Seo Woo is not interested in the memorial for his father. He tells Ha Won that Grandfather only acknowledged his father as part of his family after he died. Seo Woo tells Ha Won that his grandmother wasn’t married to Grandfather, she was his mistress. And his father hid in shame because of that. Seo Woo tells Ha Won that he knows that she has good intentions but he needs to get back to work. Ha Won apologizes for disturbing him and leaves. Certainly we will learn that Grandfather isn’t the patron saint of pure living, look at who he chose to marry, and so it makes sense that Grandfather himself is part of the problem in the relationship with his grandsons.

Hyun Min has a phone call with someone telling them he doesn’t care if they come to Korea or not, but not to see him. Ha Won motions to see him and he wraps up the phone call and goes to her. Hyun Min makes the assumption that she’s there because she likes him. He puts her hand over her heart and says it will speed up whenever she sees the person she likes. We all know her heart fluttered when Ji Woon approached her in the shower. Ha Won tells Hyun Min her heart feels no different when she’s around him. Ha! He puts her hand on his heart. She asks if he has an arrhythmia. Ha! She asks if he’s going to attend his father’s memorial service. Hyun Min says he won’t go. Ha Won wonders why. Hyun Min says he won’t go because someone he doesn’t want to see will be there.

Ha Won tries to talk to Ji Woon about his father’s anniversary, but Ji Woon simply states he has no father and walks away.

Ha Won decides to try to talk to Seo Woo about this again and enters his room. He’s not there. She sees a picture of a little boy and a man and she assumes it is Seo Woo and his father. She looks at the lyrics that he’s writing for a song and realizes it’s probably about his father. Seo Woo enters the room and asks why Ha Won is there. He’s not happy to see that she is looking at his private papers. She apologizes. She asks of the song that he’s writing is for his father. She suggests that if he wants to see pay his respects to his father, he should attend the memorial. Seo Woo looks like he’s thinking about it.

c4k_ep5_7b c4k_ep5_7a

Hyun Min’s mother surprises Ha Won when she’s at the mansion and introduces herself. That must be who Hyun Min was on the phone with. Hyun Min’s mother asked Ha Won to go shopping with her. Ha Won ends up carrying all the packages and it’s quite a haul. Ha Won recommends that Hyun Min’s mother buy a book so she has something to read. Hyun Min’s mother asks for recommendation.

Grandfather’s wife gets off the elevator and Assistant Lee reacts to seeing her. She tries to talk to him but he brushes her off and gets in the elevator. That’s interesting, did they have a relationship? Did she reject Assistant Lee for the richer Grandfather?

Assistant Lee brings the family photo that Ha Won took on her phone to Grandfather who is having tea with his wife. Grandfather’s wife says it’s not a family portrait because they must be included.

Hyun Min’s mother suggests that they have a meal together. Ha Won agrees.

The housekeeper asks Hyun Min if he saw his mother. Hyun Min is surprised.

Hyun Min’s mother encourages Ha Won to eat heartily and passes some bills across the table to compensate her for her time. Ha Won tells her she was happy to help. Hyun Min’s mother asks why. Hyun Min’s mother says they have no relationship, is Ha Won assuming that she’s practically married to her son?Hyun Min’s mother says not just anybody can marry her son. Ha Won is visibly deflated. Hyun Min’s mother’s tells her not to assume a relationship that does not exist. She stands to leave. Hyun Min arrives and immediately goes to Ha Won’s side. He grabs her hand in starts to lead her out. His mother asks if he’s going to ignore her. Hyun Min takes Ha Won’s hand and leads her out. Flustered, Ha Won says goodbye to Hyun Min’s mother as Hyun Min drags her out of the room.


Outside the restaurant Ha Won asks why Hyun Min did that. Hyun Min asks why she’s following random people and acting like a personal secretary. Ha Won says his mother is not a random person and that’s why she helped his mother shop. Ha Won doesn’t understand how helping his mother, crosses a boundary. Hyun Min says that Ha Won has indeed crossed a boundary. Ha Won says that she thought they could be friends. That’s why she helped his mother. Hyun Min yells at her “you’re my friend? How dare you take this on”. Ha Won tells him fine, she overstepped, she’s not as significant in his life as she assumed. She walks away. This was good interaction between Ha Won and Hyun Min. Their playful bantering signified to Ha Won that they were friendly, therefore friends. But Hyun Min is a user, and doesn’t see her as a friend. It’s good this was clarified. This episode is so much more interesting now that were getting to see the individual stories of each knight.

Ji Woon thinks about Hye Ji’s request that Ha Won be removed from Hyun Min’s orbit. He calls Hye Ji but she doesn’t pick up.

Hye Ji remembers Hyun Min telling her that he brought Ha Won to the mansion because she’s his fiancée.

Ji Woon arrives and says he knew that she was sulking. What about this woman is remotely interesting? Hye Ji tells Ji Woon that she’s busy and walks away from him. I don’t understand why he’s helping her. At this point why does Ji Woon think that Hye Ji has the right to demand that Ha Won be removed from the mansion?

c4k_ep5_9b c4k_ep5_9a

Grandfather doesn’t have much of an appetite because he’s fretting over his grandsons and the upcoming memorial. His wife urges him to rely on her to help him get through this. Grandfather says his sons never showed their children love before they passed away. Grandfather understands why his grandsons don’t respect their fathers, because their fathers never showed love to them. His wife suggests a new son would take his mind off his grandsons.


Ji Woon returns home to find Ha Won fretting in the atrium. She comments she doesn’t like to be alone when she’s not feeling well so she came out into the atrium. Ji Woon tells her to follow him. Ji Woon pricks her finger after Ha Won vigorously protests. Ha Won stares at Ji Woon tending to him and feels her heart flutter. Ji Woon comments he used to do this for his mother all the time. Ha Won thanks him. Ha Won comments no one’s pricked her finger since her mother died. Ji Woon says she still has her father. Ha Won says her father would never do something like that for her since she’s not his biological daughter. It surprises Ji Woon that Ha Won is open about that. Ha Won admits she wants to believe her stepfather is her real dad. Ji Woon comments that some people, like him, never know the real fathers. Ha Won agrees. Ha Won admits that she just wants to meet her real father, just once. She burps and they laugh. Another good non-negative conversation between Ji Woon and Ha Won. They found common ground in not knowing their real fathers, they found common ground because both their mothers are dead. There was a companionable vibe between the two of them that was nice to see.

Hyun Min feels guilty for how he treated Ha Won earlier. He goes and knocks on the door of her room but she doesn’t answer.


And where is Ha Won? She’s at the convenience store for another round of noodles with Ji Woon. They really are cute together and I hope that Ji Woon is seeing Ha Won for the person that she is, not as the prize to take away from Hyun Min because Hye Ji wants him to. But that cuteness comes to a halt when Ha Won suggests that Ji Woon attend the memorial service. At least Ha Won doesn’t ram it down his throat, she’s simply states that he should go and honor his father.

Seo Woo’s mother is in town for the memorial service. She’s thrilled to see Seo Woo and he’s thrilled to see her. He says he’ll be recording tomorrow and not able to attend the memorial service. He points out his father’s in his heart so it doesn’t matter whether or not he attends the memorial service.

As Seo Woo and his mother leave to go out they run into Hyun Min who is clearly not interested in socializing.

Hyun Min ignores a phone call from his mother and the text as well.

c4k_ep5_11b c4k_ep5_11a

Ha Won starts to nod off during the drive back to the mansion. Ji Woon pulls over, leans her seat back, and adjusts her head so that she rests on the headrest. That’s a decent variation from the typical guy putting his hand under her head. Ha Won mutters that she misses her father. Ji Woon stares at her. He goes to gently stroke her face but she turns towards him instead. He looks at her and smiles like she’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen. He drives her home. That was a nice moment between our couple. Again I’m hoping that Ji Woon is seen Ha Won for who she really is not as something to take away from Hyun Min. Ji Woon loses that crabby edge when he’s with Ha Won like this, and it’s nice to see.

Ha Won is horrified to hear that she snored and talked in her sleep. She grabs his arm and demands that Ji Woon tell her what she said. This time it’s Ji Woon that remembers the moments that they’ve touched each other gently. Folks, he’s affected by her. He walks away but they maintain a playful stance as they head into the atrium. Hyun Min watches them get along well, and it bothers him.


Hyun Min tracks down Ha Won in the kitchen. He comments that she and Ji Woon seem to be getting along well. She tells him to mind his own business. He reminds her that dating is forbidden in the house. He tells her that she can’t do this to them, they are engaged. Ha Won retorts that they aren’t anything to each other, at least that’s what he told her this afternoon. She asks him to draw a clear line so she knows what their relationship is. She says she won’t tell him to make amends with his mother. She won’t tell him to go to the memorial service for his father. But she will say this, that his father is lonely. She walks away. You can see that Hyun Min is affected by her words.

Ji Woon goes into his father’s old room and remembers what Ha Won said to him, that he wants to see his father. You can see that Ji Woon is affected by her words. He gets out his box of memorabilia. He looks at a picture of his mother. He remembers crying at her service. He remembers people talking about how he was alone after his mother passed away, without the support of his father.

It’s the next day. Seo Woo is recording his song. Hyun Min is thinking about things and wondering if he should attend the service. Ji Woon sits in his car, thinking about the service. Ha Won stands outside the temple waiting for them. Assistant Lee, Grandfather, and his wife arrive. Ha Won apologizes to Grandfather for failing the mission.

My Thoughts

Finally, we get some emotional connection to these characters. The writers peeled a layer off of each of the characters exposing an interesting aspect about each one of them. And Ha Won seemed to be more sensitive to each person she interacted with not just the classic positive, perky, kdrama heroine.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) is drawn to Ha Won and is starting to feel tenderness towards her. He and Ha Won had several good interactions this episode; at the pool, on the bench, at the convenience store, and in the car. For whatever reason they seemed the best when they are eating noodles together; they laugh, they smile, they joke, they are at ease and it’s fun to watch both characters just enjoy life for a minute. Plus, they have similarities in missing their mothers and mourning their fathers. I appreciated that Ji Woon didn’t get overly angry with Ha Won when she suggested that he go to the memorial service. The chip on his shoulder this episode seemed smaller.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) listened when Assistant Lee told her that the grandsons had valid reasons for not necessarily wanting to attend the memorial. I was pleased to see that Ha Won backed off ramming the request down their throats, and seemed to listen and respect each grandson’s opinion about their father and attending the memorial service. She gently suggested to each of them that they attend for their own sakes, but also for the fathers that they had lost. I was unexpectedly touched when she apologized to Grandfather for feeling the mission. Her interaction with Hyun Min was good. Ha Won supported Hyun Min’s mother’s shopping spree because she believes she was his friend, and thereby helping his mother was being a friend to him. When Hyun Min gave her a set down, she didn’t cower, and showed her moxie. The best thing about this episode for Ha Won was that she developed more of an emotional connection with each of them four Knights, and started a romantic connection with Ji Woon, her Prince charming.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) was not happy to see his mother in town. I don’t have any issues with Hyun Min not wanting to see his mother, he has his reasons, and they are valid for Hyun Min. What we saw all of his mother, in her interactions with Ha Won, indicated that she is willing to use someone for her own personal gain. Even if it was a simple as using Ha Won to hold all the shopping bags. That’s exactly what Hyun Min does with the women in his life. Like mother, like son. I appreciated that Hyun Min got the chance to be angry this episode about something that mattered. His competition with Ji Woon doesn’t really intrigue me. But Ha Won demanding to know if she’s his friend, and he angrily denying their friendship, that was interesting.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) was only briefly seen in this episode. That was sufficient.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) revealed his pain about his father. This elevated this character beyond the nice guy persona that we’ve seen the last four episodes. He should have and he did get mad when Ha Won snooped through his belongings. That was invasion of his privacy. But she apologized with a genuine heart, and he forgave her. It was nice to see someone have a positive relationship with their mother. Obviously Ji Woon and Ha Won don’t have mothers, and Hyun Min’s mother is nothing to write home about, so Seo Woo wins the mother lottery.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) surprised me with the reveal that he had some kind of a former relationship with Grandfather’s wife. I have three words for Assistant Lee, ”you dodged a bullet”. Grandfather’s wife doesn’t strike me as a terrific human being. If she was willing to toss Assistant Lee aside for Grandfather, then Assistant Lee is better off without her. I also appreciated his understanding of the boys’ lack of fatherly affection. He did look darling in that birthday hat.

The third song of the OST is “Confession” by G-Friend’s SinB featuring rapper Sijin will be the main love theme song. Check it out via the embedded video below:


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9 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 5 Recap
  1. Kshita says:

    Did you notice both Ha Won’s and Ji Woon’s mother died on the same day?? I guess Episode 5 really gave us some good number of scenes between Ha won and Ji woon.
    There is a song played in episode 3 at 35:48 as well as in episode 5 at 38:18.
    Any idea about the name of the song??

    • kjtamuser says:

      Both mothers die on the same day…that is interesting.

      I enjoyed all the Ha Won / Ji Woon scenes this episode. You can see their potential.

      The time marks were two different songs. EP 3 35:48 song is My Romeo by Jessi. EP 5 38:18 is a song that I don’t recognize. I appreciate the time marks.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    HORRIBLE STEP-FAMILY—I was incredulous when Yoon Na stated she felt she had been wronged—are you kidding me? You and your nasty mother are the culprits of wrong doing. 😡

    GRANDPA MONEYBAGS & GOLD-DIGGER GRANNY—It’s funny gramps had Ha Won’s blurry photo framed. You would think he could have cut off credit cards to force the boys to have a proper family portrait taken. Granny feels shafted for her and gramps not being in the picture. Sometimes she seems nice, but her gold-digging ways were already divulged in an earlier episode.

    When Gold-digger Granny stated “what you need is a son you can depend on”, it made me wonder if she planning on getting pregnant to provide a new heir or does she have a son already she wants recognized? God-forbid in Kdramaland that a child from a first marriage be acknowledged by the new step parent. Ha Won is a case in point.

    We are of the same opinion “Grandfather himself is part of the problem in the relationship with his grandsons.” He even acknowledged it to some degree.

    YOON SUNG—I like Yoon Sung is watching out for Ha Won, making sure she had the cash to reclaim her mother’s spot at the charnel house. He also sympathized with the Kang cousins due to their upbringing, although he was a bit cryptic. You mentioned Yoon Sung rebuff of Gold-digger Granny in the elevator—check out how they look at each other at 33:23. Could Yoon Sung be Gold-digger Granny’s son?

    SEO WOO—Why would the chairman not acknowledge his illegitimate dad, but accept Seo Woo? The mention Seo Woo of singing his song for his dad, struck a chord with him (pun intended).

    HYUN MIN—Hyun Min’s mother is a piece of work and HM was not pleased! Moms said “we are picky about who we let into our family.” Hmmm, how did she get in? I think this episode has HM acknowledging he own feelings towards Ha Won—he likes her and is jealous of the time she is spending with JW.

    JI WOON—We are in agreement about figuring out if JW is being a rescuer of damsels in distress is simply part of his character or does he really like the sniveling Ji Hye?

    I ❤ Ha Won called JW’s bluff about swimming in the nude; I laughed as he called her bluff with the shower and reiterating he was going to steal her away. I concur it is nice to see them interacting with each other in a positive way! I ❤ we are seeing mutual attraction between these two. I do think JW is seeing Ha Won for her individual worth, is intrigued and starting be nice to Ha Won.

    HA WON— Ha Won lovingly, but consistently urged the Kang cousins to attend their fathers’ memorial. We will have to wait for the next episode to see if her efforts paid off. Sweet Ha Won left a flower at JW’s mother’s memorial. I also noticed JW and Ha Won’s mothers died the same day. Did they die in the same accident? Did they know each other? It makes me wonder if the sons died in the same accident as well. I suppose we will have to wait for the back stories.

    • kjtamuser says:

      ” Could Yoon Sung be Gold-digger Granny’s son?”
      * Your thoughts are going in the same directions as Mercy who made the same guess in the episode 6 comments. I was thinking romantic interest, but I’m thinking mother-son is more likely. Each Knight has an issue with their mother or father.

      * I do think JW is seeing Ha Won for her individual worth, is intrigued and starting be nice to Ha Won.”
      * Yes, I loved that part of this episode. You can see their potential as a couple in their interactions.

      ” also noticed JW and Ha Won’s mothers died the same day. Did they die in the same accident? Did they know each other? It makes me wonder if the sons died in the same accident as well. I suppose we will have to wait for the back stories.”
      *Yes, Kshita commented (in the above comments) on the same day death of both JW and Ha Won’s mothers. I also wondered if it was the same accident for the mothers and sons. As you noted, we’ll wait for the reveal as the show progresses.

  3. Brooklyn says:

    For anyone who wants to know the song played in a couple episodes like episode 5, the song is called “I Believe” and it’s by Younha 😊

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