Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 16

Joon Young won’t change his course even when No Eul throws herself in his path.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 16

We begin the episode with Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) looking into the closed caption video camera in his kitchen and telling No Eul “I’ve been dreaming of only you this week. Why don’t you dream about me?” I said this in the last episode recap, but I would not want all those CCTV’s in my own home not allowing me privacy. I don’t like I can relax with all those CCTV’s monitoring everything that I do.

To the CCTV in the bedroom he says “I don’t have much time left. Stop rejecting me No Eul.” Ah, this must be messages he left No Eul in the past. Because we know that No Eul stop rejecting him and now he’s the one rejecting her. To the CCTV in the living room he says “I just got back from the doctor. My condition is worse. I don’t have much time to be with you. My biggest fear is dying before I can let you know how much I love you.”

No Eul (Bae Suzy) is viewing the CCTV video footage but it has no audio. The current producer tells No Eul that he doesn’t think the video is the problem, there’s just no audio. No Eul says that she can hear him clearly as a tear rolls down her face. I like the concept of No Eul understanding Joon Young’s words via lip reading but more importantly the emotional impact of his words.

Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father) answers the phone and tells Ji Tae’s mother that she’s decided to give up on Ji Tae. Joon Young turns and looks at her. She smiles at him. She tells Ji Tae’s mother that she should give up on Ji Tae as well. She tells his mother Ji Tae will never come back to her. Joon Young grabs her and kisses her. Jung Eun, as many women would, drops the phone.

On the other end of the phone call is Ji Tae’s mother is in an office with Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) who says he’s not there to surrender to her but to declare war against her. He tells his mother is not sure how far she’s willing to go, but he promises he’ll go the distance against her. He leaves. This guy has a cold streak!

Jung Eun washes her face thinking about how she rejected Ji Tae to his mother. She almost calls his mother to take it back. She finds Joon Young in the kitchen and goes to slap him but he blocks it. Immediately ramping to crazy mode she tells him he’s sneaky. Joon Young tells her to take off her engagement ring the next time he kisses her. Joon Young’s manager shows up and Joon Young asks him to drive Jung Eun home. His manager is in excited about the possibility of Joon Young moving on with Jung Eun. It’s amazing to me how judgmental his manager is about Joon Young’s actions but doesn’t see his own past behaviors that were negative to Joon Young.

uf_ep16_2b uf_ep16_2a
No Eul arrives at Joon Young’s house and before she can ring the bell she sees Jung Eun and Joon Young’s manager driving away. As No Eul contemplates what to do next she recalls Joon Young driving her and telling her that one day he’ll disappear without a trace but for the next three or four months he’ll be around. At the same time Joon Young is thinking of No Eul. No Eul is crying, has she figured out that he doesn’t have much time left? Or is she just crying for the loss of the relationship?

Choi Ha Roo chants a spell to make No Eul’s brother, No Jik, fall in love with her. The housekeeper chides her for believing in cheesy magic. Ha Roo’s phone chimes with the text from No Jik that asks her to apologize to his classmates. Ha Roo is thrilled because he’s responding to her.

uf_ep16_3auf_ep16_3b Ha Roo meets No Jik and she can barely restrain her giddy joy. No Jik apologizes for ignoring her texts and calls. Ha Roo tries to play it cool and says it’s no big deal, lots of other guys were pursuing her while he was ignoring her. A complete newbie to romance No Eul’s brother takes her word to be true and starts to leave. Frustrated Ha Roo blocks him and ask where he’s going. No Jik says she’s got other men so he’s leaving. Ha Roo is forced to admit there is no other guy that she wants to see. She tells him she’s not a player and she’ll be faithful to him. Stunned at her own honesty, she stares at him, and then swallows. No Jik gets nervous when she swallows wondering if she’s going to make another move on him. Ha Roo denies that she would do that. She claims to be conservative and she won’t devour him. Ha! No Jik says there will be no physical displays of affection until he graduates high school. He further states that hugs will only be given on special occasions. Ha Roo is flabbergasted at the rules he is issuing. He asked to be introduced her parents and in return he’ll introduce her to his sister. Ha Roo doesn’t get why he is talking like this, she just wants to hang out and date him. No Jik states he needs permission from both of their family so they can pursue a real relationship. Ha Roo pouts and says that these are ancient times, she just wants to date, not marry him. She says everybody kisses when they date. No Jik pushes her back and says he wants to adhere to his values and accept the responsibility of dating. Ha Roo grabs her head and moans “I can’t touch you until you graduate high school”? No Jik agrees they can hold hands. He takes her hand and then hears the beating of his heart. He drops her hand like it’s on fire and says maybe they shouldn’t even hold hands. Ha! This couple is so darling. She’s modern, he’s old-fashioned, and they dig each other. I shudder to think what will happen once Ha Roo’s mother finds out that her daughter likes No Eul’s brother. She’ll probably think that eradicating No Eul’s family is the only way to give herself peace.

Joon Young’s doctor calls him. He tells him that No Eul came to see him. That gets Joon Young’s attention.

Joon Young walks down the stairs and recalls that his doctor told him that No Eul knows the truth. It’s always amazing to me how doctor-patient confidentiality is nonexistent in kdramas. Joon Young finds No Eul in his house fiddling with her video gear. We see No Eul talking to Joon Young’s doctor demanding he tell her everything because she already is aware of the truth of Joon Young’s condition. Her primary question to his doctor “is Joon Young really going to die?”

Joon Young asks how No Eul got into his house. No Eul chides him for having a simpleton password of all zeros. Joon Young grabs her arm and tells her their relationship is over. No Eul agrees but upon consideration she doesn’t feel comfortable just letting things and. No Eul says they need to work together. She claims she doesn’t care if he dates or kisses another woman, she’s not asking him to date or kiss her. No Eul just wants to be by his side. She says being the PD of his film would help her career and would be more valuable than the check he gave her. He refuses. He tells her to keep her promise to leave him alone. He walks away.

Ji Tae’s uncle chews him out for exposing his mother’s bad management. Who is this guy? What ever happened to Assemblyman Choi’s brother that was blackmailing Ji Tae’s mother?  Ji Tae refuses to apologize. His uncle stalks off angry at Ji Tae’s unrepentant ways. Jung Eun arrives and tells him that only Ji Tae will get hurt going after his mother. Jung Eun tells Ji Tae that Joon Young is starting to win her heart. Jung Eun confesses she never thought she could be attracted to another man. Jung Eun asks if Ji Tae will try and stop her budding relationship with Joon Young. Ji Tae tells her he already gave her that answer. And the answer was I don’t care, do whatever you want, with whoever you want. Ji Tae walks away. I must say Ji Tae does the ice cold treatment to perfection. Do I feel sorry for Jung Eun getting another rejection from Ji Tae? No I don’t.

Jung Eun goes to see Ji Tae’s mother. As she tries to explain about her phone call yesterday Ji Tae’s mother invites her to dinner and offers a limited edition handbag. Jung Eun persists. Ji Tae’s mother takes Jung Eun’s hand and tells her she must forgive her son. Jung Eun pulls her hand away and states she’s found another man. Jung Eun says she was with that other man yesterday. Ji Tae’s mother calmly tells her to get rid of him. Ji Tae’s mother asks if Jung Eun needs her help in the matter, just like she helped Jung Eun long ago. I like the dynamics between the two women. Ji Tae’s mother is willfully obtuse with a smile on her face but then strikes Jung Eun by reminding her of the past.

uf_ep16_5b uf_ep16_5a
Assemblyman Choi drives to Joon Young’s house. He is still reeling at the realization that Joon Young is his son. He remembers Joon Young’s declaration when he was young that one day he’d be a prosecutor. He remembers Joon Young pushing him out of the way from No Eul’s car. He’s surprised to see Ji Tae pull up in his car. Ji Tae asks why he’s at Joon Young’s house. His father lies and says he’s there to garner support from Joon Young to attend a festival. Ji Tae can’t believe his father is there to make the request in person. Ji Tae’s father lies that his advisers told him he had to make the request to Joon Young in person because he’s such a big star. Ji Tae asks why his father has tears in his eyes. Ji Tae’s father says those aren’t tears, those are a reaction to the dry air. Ji Tae asks his father how much he knows. His father asks what he’s talking about. Ever direct, Ji Tae asks how much he knows about his father’s relationship to Joon Young. Ji Tae’s father denies knowing anything. Ji Tae apologizes and says his father can see Joon Young now and he’ll return later. Ji Tae’s father stops Ji Tae in his tracks when he asks his son, how much do you know? How much do you know about my relationship with Joon Young? Ji Tae tells his father he knows is much as he does. Excellent scene between the two men. I enjoy Ji Tae’s direct cold manner of speaking the truth to others. He simply tells it like it is while shielding anyone from seeing his emotions by maintaining a cold aloof stance. That must cost him. Stuffing your feelings and pretending that hurtful things don’t hurt, makes it hurt even more.

Joon Young’s father drives distracted.

Ji Tae stands outside of Joon Young’s home and recalls seeing his father cry as he stood in front of Joon Young’s house. The door opens and Joon Young comes out.

uf_ep16_6b uf_ep16_6a
Inside Joon Young’s home the two men set down to a cup of tea. Ji Tae asks if Joon Young knew he was coming because Joon Young doesn’t seem surprised to see him. Joon Young quips his acting must not be very good. Ji Tae cuts to the chase and asked how much time Joon Young has left to live. Joon Young laughs and asks if Ji Tae wants him to hurry up and die. I believe the answer to that is yes. Joon Young says that his doctor told him lifespan is directly related to one’s will to live. He tells Ji Tae he has no intention of dying quickly. Joon Young says he’s got too much to do and he’s going to do everything that he can to live on. Joon Young quips that he might even outlive Ji Tae. And then he’ll get his revenge. Ji Tae counters that he’ll be the one to get revenge for Joon Young and No Eul. Ji Tae tells Joon Young that he can die in peace, and not bother No Eul anymore. He recommends Joon Young die quietly as a cool top star. Joon Young tells him he’s got to be kidding. Ji Tae tells him that Jung Eun is someone that Joon Young’s biological father wants as his daughter-in-law. Ji Tae doesn’t understand what Joon Young is trying to do with Jung Eun, and asks him to stop. Ji Tae says he won’t warn them about this again. Joon Young’s had enough and yells at Ji Tae “I tell you I’m not dying so why do you keep telling me to die!” Ji Tae walks away without responding. Good interaction between these semi stepbrothers. Ji Tae is so completely cold that it’s unnerving even for Joon Young who was doing his own version of cool and collected. But Joon Young isn’t ice cold like Ji Tae. Underneath all that just die already mantra he keeps giving Joon Young, Ji Tae is hurting because No Eul rejected him for Joon Young and his father may slip away to Joon Young as well. No wonder he hates Joon Young, this guy takes everything he wants, even Ji Tae’s castoff girlfriend Jung Eun. Actually Ji Tae should thank Joon Young for taking Jung Eun off his hands.

Joon Young gets a phone call that No Eul is visiting his mother at her restaurant. No Eul greedily slurps the food. Joon Young’s mother tells her to slow down and pats her back. Joon Young’s mother asks if her son is being mean to No Eul. No Eul asks why Joon Young is being so mean to her. No Eul lambastes Joon Young for being mean, a coward, inconsiderate, and unable to take responsibility for his actions. Joon Young’s mother advises Ji Tae to just date another guy. No Eul says there is an another guy she wants to date.

uf_ep16_7b uf_ep16_7a
Outside the restaurant Joon Young’s mother asks didn’t No Eul promise not to see Joon Young? She advises No Eul to give up on Joon Young and stop getting hurt. She asked Joon Young’s mother to hug her. Instead No Eul takes action and hugs Joon Young’s mother who is surprised and a bit embarrassed. No Eul relishes having a mother’s arms around her and asks Joon Young’s mother to tell her that she can do this, she can handle this, no matter how difficult things get. No Eul tells Joon Young’s mother that she must take care of herself and keep going no matter what. Joon Young’s mother scoffs and says that No Eul just needs to take care of herself. When Joon Young pulls up in front of the restaurant he sees No Eul and his mother hugging. What would it be like to see the woman you love hugging the mother you just reconciled with knowing that in a short matter of time you’ll be forced to leave both of them?

Jung Eun recalls Ji Tae’s mother offering to take care of Joon Young for her. Then she recalls Joon Young chiding her for not cleaning up her relationship with Ji Tae before coming to him. Jung Eun stares at the engagement ring on her finger. She stares at a big TV flashing an image of Joon Young and the documentary he’s making. At the same time, Ji Tae watches the same documentary promotion. Ask me if I care that Jung Eun is struggling with her past, the whole Ji Tae’s mother has on her, and her future with Joon Young. You guessed it, I don’t feel sorry for her. The one thing that I’ll give this character is that in moments where she supposedly struggles, it looks real to this character, the hurt, pain, etc.

Joon Young is filming more of the documentary with the new producer and his production team. Joon Young says that the first item on his bucket list is to call his girlfriend, who he had to work hard to win, into this film. The PD asks if Kim Yoo Na is his girlfriend. Joon Young denies it. Joon Young’s CEO jumps up and says you declared to the world Kim Yoo Na was your girlfriend. Joon Young tells the CEO that was a perpetrated fraud by the CEO not him. Joon Young tells the PD that lying isn’t a good thing. The PD asks Joon Young CEO what’s going on. The CEO says he’ll explain it to him later. Joon Young’s manager asks if Joon Young’s girlfriend is No Eul. Joon Young says his girlfriend is not No Eul. Joon Young’s manager asks if his girlfriend is Jung Eun. Joon Young confirms his girlfriend is Jung Eun. No Eul arrives claiming that she’s there to help the PD do whatever grunt work he needs her to do. Joon Young suffers about of dizziness. Joon Young’s abruptly stands and says they need to stop shooting. He orders everybody out of his house. He walks away. No Eul tells everybody to leave. Joon Young’s manager says he can’t take it anymore and resigns.

Joon Young struggles to the bathroom to get his pain medicine. He falls over and passes out. No Eul finds him and falls to her knees. She applies a cold compress to his face. When Joon Young wakes up No Eul says that she decided not to call for medical help because the press coverage would not be positive. Joon Young struggles to sit up. No Eul suggests they call his doctor. Joon Young grabs her phone and slams it to the ground. Joon Young tells her to leave. He yells at her to leave. No Eul says everybody’s gone. She yells at him that the doctor says he needs to be hospitalized. Joon Young stands and walks away. She grabs his arm and demands to know why he’s being so stubborn about hiding his illness and his impending death. She tells him it’s time to go to the hospital and get the treatments he needs. Joon Young tries to walk away but she grabs him. He literally drags her out of the house. She threatens to tell everyone about his illness. He shuts the door in her face. Then he changes the passcode. They are both desperately unhappy with their circumstances.

Ji Tae approaches his father’s car. His father gets out and starts to head into the house.  Ji Tae asks his father to promise he won’t leave his mother. Ji Tae’s father promises not to leave Ji Tae’s mother. Ji Tae thanks his father. Ji Tae’s father then asks Ji Tae to promise not to leave his mother. Ji Tae won’t promise that. Ji Tae states that if he leaves mother, his father must be there to stand by her side.

Jung Eun stares at her engagement ring. She enters the room and Ha Roo wants to talk to her about her boyfriend. Ha Roo asks if it’s normal for the man to reject physical affection in a relationship. She asks Jung Eun with Ji Tae who initiated the physical affection. Jung Eun’s response is stymied when Ji Tae’s father and Ji Tae enter the house. Jung Eun tells the men that Ji Tae’s mother invited her. Ji Tae tells his mother that she should have warned him that Jung Eun was coming to dinner. Jung Eun says she has announcement. Ji Tae’s mother tries to hustle her into the kitchen, but Jung Eun pulls away. Jung Eun walks to Ji Tae, takes his hand, and puts her engagement ring in his hand. She wants to end their sham of a relationship. Jung Eun tells Ji Tae’s father that she’s already informed Ji Tae’s mother and Ji Tae that she has a new man in her life. Jung Eun states her father has repaid the debt for his past kindness to her. Jung Eun bows to Ji Tae’s father and says she’ll leave now. Jung Eun tells Ji Tae’s mother she put the designer handbag in her bedroom. Ji Tae’s mother can’t believe Jung Eun is pulling out of the family. Ji Tae’s father asks who the new man is. Ji Tae look distinctly nervous at that question. My hats off to Jung Eun for shucking a sham relationship. Of course, she didn’t do it until she had another man in place, but she cares for Ji Tae but knows she must move on.

Joon Young searches for his dog.

No Eul lays in her bed bummed out. Her brother startles her best friend when he does a practice hug. He then gives her a kiss on her cheek. He clutches his heart and says he doesn’t feel weird hugging and kissing her. He doesn’t understand why his heart thumps wildly around Ha Roo. No Eul sits up and calls out jerk. Her brother (and best friend) wonders if she’s referring to him. Ha! No Eul grabs her coat and purse and leaves.

Joon Young searches for his dog outside the house. He calls his manager and says he can’t find his dog. His manager reminds him that he sent his dog to live in the country. It takes a moment, but Joon Young recalls doing that.

No Eul calls to him to open the door. She tells him she has something to say. She bangs on the door. She yells that he pushed her away to save her from pain after he died. She tells him they never had an earth shattering love. They constantly misunderstood each other. She admits lying when she agreed to the break up. She tells him “I like you! I love you! Let’s not waste another second! I’ll stick by your side until the end!” She begs him to open the door. Joon Young starts to walk to the door but a reminder on his phone shows that there are now 13 days left in the statute of limitation to nail Jung Eun for killing No Eul’s father. Joon Young must steel himself to stay on target. To give No Eul the justice that will set her free to live a happy life once he’s gone.  Joon Young’s manager calls and tells him that Joon Young can’t treat No Eul badly and replace her with Jung Eun. He warns Joon Young will be punished for that kind of behavior. Joon Young asks what 13 days left in the statute of limitation means. OMG! He can’t remember!

uf_ep16_12b uf_ep16_12a
No Eul stares at her bruised hand. She watches Jung Eun drive up to Joon Young’s house. Both women stare at each other. Jung Eun strides past No Eul and confidently rings the doorbell for Joon Young to admit her. Joon Young stands in the yard dazed and confused. He opens the front door and stares at Jung Eun who states the engagement ring is gone. She hugs Joon Young. No Eul steps out of the shadows and see Jung Eun hug Joon Young. No Eul and Joon Young stare at each other.

My Thoughts

Another solid episode. Joon Young’s health deteriorates and he’s losing focus. No Eul learns the truth and wants to support Joon Young, but he pushes her away. Ji Tae and his father admit they both know that Joon Young is his son. Jung Eun ends her engagement to Ji Tae and goes to Joon Young.

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) can’t dodge his health issues forever. Even though watching Joon Young pursuing his plan to entrap Jung Eun without fumbling due to his brain tumor was fun, it couldn’t last forever. Joon Young has to start to decline, we are at the 16th of 20 episodes in this series. Frankly Joon Young’s memory issues only makes things more interesting. Will he remember to pretend to be with Jung Eun? Will he think he’s actually with Jung Eun? Will he push Jung Eun away for the woman he loves, No Eul? The writer did a good job of subtly inserting Joon Young looking for his dog at the beginning of the episode then circling back to it to demonstrate Joon Young losing his memory. Joon Young’s confrontation with Ji Tae left Joon Young yelling that he wasn’t ready to die yet and he’d fight to live as long as possible. Then Joon Young had to push No Eul away when she wanted to care for him, in spite of his illness. Their timing is dreadful. At the beginning of this series Joon Young was declaring his love for No Eul and making grand gesture which she rejected out of fear. Now the tables have turned and No Eul’s declaration of love are being rejected out of Joon Young’s fear of shackling her to him while he dies.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) learned the truth about Joon Young’s illness. Frankly I thought it would be a big reveal moment in this series but it was subtle and practically a non-moment. But armed with the truth No Eul tried, and failed, and tried, and failed, to support Joon Young but he rejected her efforts. That’s got to be dreadful. The man you love is dying from an illness, but he won’t let you help him. The man you love is starting a new relationship with another woman, and you have to watch it. You’ve got to give No Eul an “A” for effort. It must be tempting to take the information public to force Joon Young to deal with her. But No Eul must know that sharing his secret could destroy any chances she has with Joon Young. The sweet moment of the episode was when No Eul went to Joon Young’s mother for comfort food, a pep talk, and a hug. No Eul has been without a mother for so long, she went to Joon Young’s mother for a dose of a mother’s comfort.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) is one cold man to those he wants to destroy. On his hit list are his mother, his father, Joon Young and Jung Eun. While I don’t mind his parents getting kicked by Ji Tae icy glares his treatment of Joon Young is harsh. I understand that Ji Tae hates that Joon Young has everything he wants – the woman he loves and the father he loves. So Ji Tae’s jealously makes him angry and cruel to Joon Young. But Joon Young was correct that Ji Tae owes him a thanks for taking crazy Jung Eun off his hands. The one moment that breached Ji Tae’s control was when he realized his father knew about Joon Young and it made him cry. When he confronted his father at first he pretended to accept his father’s excuses but instead directly told his father he knew about Joon Young. Ji Tae’s directness has been stirred the pot effectively. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed his willingness to tell it like it is, no matter who it hurts.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) supported her son’s girlfriend. She didn’t reject the obviously unhappy No Eul. She allowed No Eul to get comfort from her even though she was surprised by No Eul’s desperate need.

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee Seo Won) and Ha Roo inched closer to a relationship. He realizes that he wants to get involved with Ha Roo but decides they need to take it slow. This frustrated Ha Roo who couldn’t believe a healthy young man wasn’t interested in a physical relationship. Her vexation at his firm stance that they have no physical contact was darling. When he demanded they meet each other’s parents, Ha Roo was vexed again. She wants a fun flirty relationship which doesn’t include parents’ approval.

The 15th song of the OST by Midnight Youth is called “Golden Love”.  Check it out via the embedded video below:

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2 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 16
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—LOL Ha Roo makes me laugh with her talisman and spell to make Jik fall for her! 😛 I am excited Jik is ready to date ❤ Ha Roo, even if there are conditions. “Ha Roo was vexed again. She wants a fun flirty relationship which doesn’t include parents’ approval”.

    Unfortunately evil witch will put the kibosh on the relationship or will the battle of the wills allow Ha Roo to get her way? Does Jik like Ha Roo enough to look past her parents? I concur with the “shudder to think what will happen once Ha Roo’s mother finds out that her daughter likes No Eul’s brother. She’ll probably think that eradicating No Eul’s family is the only way to give herself peace.” I’m hoping the Evil Witch will be too busy battling on too many fronts.

    JI TAE, THE EVIL WITCH, AND CLUELESS ASSEMBLYMAN— Ji Tae officially declared war on his parents. It doesn’t surprise me Ji Tae has a cold streak—look at his mother and where he grew up—the surprise is he is warm and caring, at least to Eul and Jik. The relatives at his mom’s family conglomerate seem to be on the Evil Witch’s side. Ironically, my experience in Kdramaland has been conglomerate siblings or other relatives are ready to pounce like a ravenous cheetah on the gazelle-like CEO wounded by scandal. Why are these relatives staying by her side when Ji Tae has evidence of her mismanagement? I’d be willing to bet the Evil Witch has an entire deck if ‘hidden cards’ to control the people around her. Kjtamuser you bought up a salient point that Evil Witch’s brother-in-law rattles her—I think the only thing she is afraid of is losing her “uncomfortably clueless” husband
    i Tae stone-cold lied when he told ‘dad’ he knew as much as him— Ji Tae knows much more!
    I like Ji Tae is one of Eul’s justice warriors. “He simply tells it like it is while shielding anyone from seeing his emotions by maintaining a cold aloof stance. That must cost him. Stuffing your feelings and pretending that hurtful things don’t hurt, makes it hurt even more.” I think Ji Tae taking a warrior stance is very costly; it has already hurt him with his career and family. As he continues to strike, he will suffer all the more…and we can’t even say he will get to ride off into the sunset with Eul—I think there may be too much bad blood due to Ji Tae’s parents.

    I wish Ji Tae would combine forces with Eul’s other warrior, Joo Young. Together they would be an unstoppable force. Instead Ji Tae antagonizes Joo Young about his impending death. “No wonder he hates Joon Young, this guy takes everything he wants, even Ji Tae’s castoff girlfriend Jung Eun. Actually Ji Tae should thank Joon Young for taking Jung Eun off his hands.”

    While there is a lot I like about Ji Tae, his ability to be stone-cold is a frightening reminiscence of his mother. He would make an interesting candidate for “Would I Date Him?”

    IRRITABLE MOM—It is hard to believe Young Ok is actually defending her son, even to Eul. What a long awaited turnaround! I like your perspective of No Eul seeking Joon Young’s mom for comfort. Eul will likely need an alliance with Young Ok to help Joon Young.

    EVIL JUNG EUN—Fickle Jung Eun tried to slap Joo Young after she accepted his kiss. Is Jung Eun really using Joo Young to goad Ji Tae into returning to her? “Ji Tae does the ice cold treatment to perfection” I’m sure Ji Tae learned this technique from the master, the Evil Witch.

    Jung Eun looked genuinely scared of the Evil Witch. These are indeed interesting “dynamics between the two women. Ji Tae’s mother is willfully obtuse with a smile on her face but then strikes Jung Eun by reminding her of the past.” Who did the Evil Witch take care of? Is this in reference to Mr. No’s hit and run or is there another covered-up incident?

    I was glad Jung Eun officially broke the engagement “My hats off to Jung Eun for shucking a sham relationship. Of course, she didn’t do it until she had another man in place, but she cares for Ji Tae but knows she must move on.” This is one of the steps needed to break the alliance between Jung Eun and Ji Tae’s families.

    ENLIGHTENED NO EUL—I also adore “Eul understanding Joon Young’s words via lip reading but more importantly the emotional impact of his words.” Eul had the blanks filled in by Joo Young’s doctor…I wonder if Korea has “doctor-patient confidentiality” or HIPAA-type protection? If so, it is constantly being violated in Kdramaland.

    It had to be disheartening for NE to see Jung Eun leaving Joo Young’s house. I did not foresee Eul inserting herself back into the documentary as a way of remaining in Joo Young’s vicinity—but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do…

    I’m delighted Eul nursed Joo Young back to consciousness, even if he made her leave. Now Eul is aware of his health issues, Joo Young should enlist her to help him, even if he doesn’t fill her in on the full plan.

    Our would-be couple has come full circle with the reversal of confessions.

    JOON YOUNG—This episode I noticed more ugly décor at Joon Young’s house, this time a hideous life-size wooden female mannequin with red braids.
    Joo Young continued to push Eul away despite her knowing about his health issues. It seems Joo Young has determined justice for Eul is his supreme directive. Joo Young declaring Jung Eun as his girlfriend in the documentary

    Am I the only one saying amnesia?…really?…you couldn’t come up with a better plot twist than this??? How much memory has he lost? Kjtamuser you have a good point about wondering if Joo Young will remember or pretend to like Jung Eun. Does this mean he will forget about his justice plan and simply run back to Eul or will it be the stereotypical response of him talking himself into believing he likes the murderess? Will Joo Young get his memory back? Will Ji Tae or Eul be able to help Joo Young get back on track?


    • kjtamuser says:

      They are a darling young couple! They could give them more air time but the main story doesn’t leave much slack.

      ” I’d be willing to bet the Evil Witch has an entire deck if ‘hidden cards’ to control the people around her”
      * That’s is a possible explanation why they don’t push her out.

      “I wish Ji Tae would combine forces with Eul’s other warrior, Joo Young. Together they would be an unstoppable force.”
      He’s blinded by jealously about Joon Young. I just don’t see him opening himself to the possibility. I’d like him to.

      ” Is this in reference to Mr. No’s hit and run or is there another covered-up incident?”
      * I wondered the same thing!

      “Am I the only one saying amnesia?”
      * I didn’t have that reaction because Joon Young has bounced back from his illness hampering him in critical moments. The illness has seemed like a plot point the writer uses when he needs to rattle Joon Young. Not that I’m complaining, I don’t love the illness and want Joon Young to get justice for her on his terms.

      “It seems Joo Young has determined justice for Eul is his supreme directive”
      * Agreed


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