Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 15

Joon Young focuses on his plan to ensnare the culprit. No Eul returns something.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 15


No Eul (Bae Suzy) apologizes to a livid Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father though No Eul does not know this). Jung Eun wonders how sorry she is. Livid, Jung Eun stands pulling the tablecloth so that everything falls off the table. She calls No Eul scum. She screams “how dare you do this to me? You aren’t even worth being jealous of”! No Eul apologizes. Jung Eun goes off the deep end, grabbing No Eul’s lapels and yelling at her to die so Ji Tae will stop wanting her. Shaken after that encounter, No Eul waits for the elevator. She recalls a dream she had where Joon Young met her after she was at her lowest. When the doors open Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is there. No Eul stares at Joon Young and tears roll down her face. Joon Young exits the elevator and No Eul gets on. As the doors shut, Joon Young turns and puts his hand to stop the doors from closing. Dropping the flowers and gift for Jung Eun, he gets on the elevator with No Eul. Joon Young takes No Eul’s hand. My goodness that poor girl can totally use that at this moment. Nice timing on that. Joon Young jokes with her about the food on her clothes and invites her to have a meal with him. No Eul realizes that this is just a dream but still this moment is exactly what she wants and needs from him. At Joon Young’s house, he cooks a meal for them. Okay, is this a dream or real? I know she says dream, but I want it to be true. Joon Young brings her plate of food and tries it for her first. He ends up spitting it out and telling her not to eat it. She proceeds to eat it. She smiles thinking this is the first time is ever cooked a meal for her, of course she has to eat it. Joon Young even kisses her with a mouthful of food. No Eul says she knows that this is just a dream and that makes her sad. Later they chase each other around the yard. Joon Young ends up faking an injury and gets her on the ground with him. They hug. No Eul thinks she never wants the morning to come so she can live in this beautiful dream forever. It makes sense that the dream has No Eul and Joon Young just enjoying each other’s company. This is something that they’ve been sadly lacking. During the initial phase of this show No Eul fought her attraction to Joon Young. By the time she got committed to him, they only had a moment, then he had decided that he had to get justice for her with Jung Eun and he turned away from her. The timing of this couple has not been good. They have so few positive moments to recall in flashbacks, they have to resort to dreams to create positive moments between them.

Now back to reality, No Eul and Joon Young stare at each other. Joon Young gets off the elevator as No Eul gets on. This time the door shuts leaving Joon Young outside the elevator. No Eul cries. Gosh that’s like a nightmare to know that the man you love is going to meet somebody else that just said you deserve to die. To his credit, Joon Young stands there, taking a moment, because leaving No Eul alone when she was obviously hurting, costs him.


Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) tells Jung Eun that he can be as sorry as she wants. Undaunted Jung Eun’s yells that she’s going to kill No Eul! Jung Eun vows to do whatever it takes to get Ji Tae back. Ji Tae drops the bomb. He says haven’t you already killed somebody before? You’ve already played with human life because of your immature selfishness. Wasn’t killing one person enough? Love it! Jung Eun’s mouth quivers as she asks what Ji Tae means by that statement. Ji Tae tells her not to threaten to kill anyone, ever. He turns to leave but Jung Eun grabs his arm. She yells that he can’t go to No Eul! He tells her to let go of his arm. Jung Eun pleads that today’s her birthday and she only wants to be with him. Ji Tae yells at her to let him go! Joon Young enters the room and tells Jung Eun to let Ji Tae go. Joon Young physically removes Jung Eun’s hand from Ji Tae and tells her to forget about him and hang out with him instead. He tells her they could celebrate her birthday together. Ji Tae stares at Joon Young livid. Jung Eun stares at Joon Young upset. That was a good scene for Joon Young. He had that cool calm vibe. Like he was willing Jung Eun to get her act together and toss Ji Tae aside. Well done. Not to be outdone, Ji Tae’s subtle threat that he knew that Jung Eun had already killed a person, hit the bulls eye of crazed Jung Eun. Ji Tae didn’t reveal he knew exactly what Jung Eun had done in the past. I look forward to that.

Ji Tae walks down the hallway hoping to catch up with No Eul. He ends up taking the stairs and trying to reach her on her cell.

No Eul walks down the street dazed and confused. She doesn’t answer her phone.

Joon Young presents Jung Eun with shoes to replace the ones she broke at his place, and a bouquet of flowers to wish her a happy birthday. Jung Eun thanks him for saving her yet again. Joon Young jokes he’s almost like her guardian angel. Jung Eun asks why he’s being so nice to her, he doesn’t want her body, so why is he being nice? Joon Young tells her she shouldn’t be petty and steal him as revenge against No Eul and to make Ji Tae jealous. Joon Young offers an alternative. Be with him. Then he reconsiders and dares her to make him fall for her. He challenges her to make him forget about No Eul so that she’s the only woman in his head. He asks if she’s up to the challenge. They stare at each other. I am loving Joon Young having the upper hand and a plan!

As Joon Young gets into his car he gets a phone call from Ji Tae who demands to know what Joon Young is planning. Joon Young says he’s doing at all to help Ji Tae. Ha! Joon Young claims he’s getting the clingy Jung Eun off Ji Tae’s back. He asks if Ji Tae is grateful. He says he’s only being human and trying to help another person out. He quips he’s got a get in a couple a few good deeds before he dies and goes to heaven. Ha! Ji Tae gets irritated at that remark. Joon Young tells him to buy him a drink sometime to thank him. He hangs up. Ji Tae is frustrated. Joon Young is drained by all the encounters. I love this collected and controlled Joon Young.

No Eul’s best friend rouses her out of bed and says all the things she bought her and left outside are now gone. No Eul says she’ll just buy more, because she’s got the cash. Recall that she got blood money from Ji Tae’s mother. Her friend threatens to tell her brother about the blood money. That gets No Eul’s attention. She tells her friend that if her brother finds out, he’ll never forgive her. Her friend tells her to return the blood money. The doorbell rings and her friend tells her it’s Ji Tae. No Eul says she doesn’t have anything to say to him. Ji Tae leaves a bag at the door and turns and leaves. I like that No Eul is not seeing Ji Tae, not because she promised his mother, but because she needs to stand on her own two feet now.


Joon Young’s former manager, now working at his mother’s restaurant, overhears two customers insulting Joon Young. Joon Young’s mother walks up to the two men and tells them that she’s Joon Young’s mother and defends him. About time! She insults the customers and tells them to leave. Joon Young arrives and asks his mother why she’s insulting her customers. Joon Young sits at the table of the rude customers and tells them to sue his mother. Ha! Then he asks for them to introduce him to the plastic surgeon they were talking about. Ha! Joon Young tells them that if they were lying about him, he could sue them for defamation. The customers backtrack and say they did not say anything derogatory about him. Joon Young’s former manager inserts himself and says the customers did indeed say mean things. Joon Young chides his manager for letting others insult him. Joon Young’s mother tells Joon Young that he has no right to say mean things to her customers. She demands he apologize to her customers. Joon Young smiles and says the only one that has my back, is my mother. Cute scene! I never thought I’d see a happy scene inside that restaurant, I lived to see the day.

Joon Young drives his mother home and she thanks him. Joon Young asks his mother to help him feel better by pricking his hand. He tells her he hasn’t been feeling well for a while. She invites him in her home and takes care of him. She yells at him for going on a diet when she notices that he’s lost weight. Joon Young says “you should just tell me you love me”. He grabs her face and says “look me in the eye mom and ask me if I’ve been well”. Joon Young tells her to confess her feelings for him. Joon Young’s mother pricks his hand. So glad to see Joon Young’s mother finally acting supportive of her son. He deserves it. Joon Young is being wonderfully direct with his mother.

uf_ep15_4b uf_ep15_4a

As Joon Young drives home he recalls his mother’s advice that if he likes No Eul, he should just be honest and stop treating her badly. She then tells him that his father, Assemblyman Choi, is a stranger to them. She says they never need to see Assemblyman Choi again. She tells him not to restrict his dreams because of his father. She tells him to drive home safely. Wow! Motherly concern and advice in a straightforward manner. Joon Young thanks his mother for telling him his father doesn’t matter. That’s a big deal because his mother kept the idealized image of his father between them, being unfair to Joon Young in the process.

uf_ep15_5auf_ep15_5b When Joon Young arrives at his place, he sees No Eul waiting for him in the cold. As he waits for the gate open, he doesn’t look at her. She gives him a tentative smile. He drives through the gate and closes it. That wipes the smile off of No Eul’s face. He opens the door and they stare at each other. Inside his house Joon Young gives her tea to drink and a blanket to wear. No Eul asks if the documentary is going well. She quips that the new producer isn’t as good as she is. She tells Joon Young she came to say her final farewell well to him. He turns to look at her. No Eul says they should say goodbye to each other, they did date after all. Joon Young says nothing. No Eul says there’s something that she wanted to ask him before they broke up. She asks why they broke up. Nice! Joon Young says nothing. She asks if he’s going to tell her. Joon Young says nothing. No Eul accepts his silence. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She didn’t cheat on him, she didn’t gamble, therefore, she thinks he’s the reason they broke up. She got that right! She guesses he either lost interest in her or started seeing another woman. She got that wrong! Joon Young says nothing. She tells him to compensate her for the hurt and degradation plus the time she wasted on him. She states Ji Tae’s mother paid 1 billion to never see him again. No Eul asks for 10 million to never see Joon Young again. Joon Young agrees to give her the money. He walks away. My hats off to No Eul for wanting to discuss the end of their relationship. Too bad Joon Young didn’t participate in the conversation.

Joon Young sits in his bedroom and reflects on the price that he’s paying for his actions.

Joon Young returns to No Eul with a check in his hand. It’s a blank check. He tells her to write in whatever amount she wants. No Eul wonders what he’d say if she wanted all his money. Joon Young tells her he’d give it to her. That’s a red flag that he loves her. She only wants the 10 million. Joon Young asks her to leave, he’s tired. She stands to leave. She says they’ve tied up all the loose ends, and wishes him a happy life. She walks away. Joon Young sits there knowing that the woman he loves is walking away from him forever.

No Eul walks away knowing that the man she loves is no longer in her orbit.

Joon Young holds the mug of tea that No Eul held infusing himself with her warmth.

No Eul stares at the door, tears slidding down her face, knowing the man she loves is behind that door, and out of her life.

Joon Young tells himself he’ll receive his punishment for torturing No Eul like this when he goes to hell.

A really good scene between both leads. No Eul continues to be honest that she cares for Joon Young, but to no avail. Joon Young continues to pretend that he doesn’t care for No Eul anymore, though it kills him to hurt her. This couple spent so much time arguing, their happy phase was practically nonexistent but this agony and hurt they feel for each other seems real.


No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won) can’t get Ha Roo’s kiss on his cheek out of his head. He touches his heart. You know what that means! The stack of books in front of him are about dating and understanding women. Ha! No Jik texts an online chat room that he recently was kissed unexpectedly by an older woman. No Jik says this is the first time he’s been kissed in all his 18 years on planet Earth. A flood of messages good and bad comes back to him. Ha Roo calls him. No Jik panics and turns off the phone. Ha!


Ha Roo isn’t happy that he turned off his phone and he’s been ignoring her texts too. She realizes that he might’ve been taken aback by the kiss. She doesn’t understand why he’s avoiding her.

No Eul goes to see Ji Tae’s mother. She returns the money Ji Tae’s mother gave her. Ji Tae’s mother asks if she’s kidding. No Eul says she would never kid her, she doesn’t have a death wish. Nice! No Eul tells her that she won’t see Ji Tae even though she’s returning the money. No Eul claims she won’t ever get revenge on her, or reveal the truth. She promises not to expose her, even if it makes her physically sick. Ji Tae’s mother asks how she can believe her. No Eul says to believe her or not, is her decision. She stands to leave and tells Ji Tae’s mother if there was a God, he would help weak people like her, with no connections, and punish the wicked. No Eul says that Ji Tae’s mother shouldn’t worry, she won’t get help like that. That was a good interchange on No Eul’s part. I especially like the comment that messing with Ji Tae’s mother would be a death wish. No Eul was calm and collected, and regained her dignity by returning the blood money.

As No Eul leaves the house Ji Tae drives up. He spots her and gets out of his car. No Eul tells Ji Tae she returned the money his mother gave her. Ji Tae is glad for that. No Eul says she won’t see him again, she won’t get revenge, so he’s not worth using anymore. Ouch! Nice! Ji Tae stares at her dumbfounded. No Eul walks away. Another good scene for No Eul!

uf_ep15_7b uf_ep15_7a

Ji Tae’s mother learns that Ji Tae is calling an emergency board meeting to fire her. Ji Tae’s mother can’t believe her own son would try to get her fired. When Ji Tae walks in the house he ignores his mother. Crazy mama bear grips her phone in anger. She bursts into his room. Ji Tae chides her for not knocking. She chides him for not giving her a heads up about the emergency board meeting. Ji Tae says the shareholders have suffered losses because of her reckless management. Ji Tae’s mother asks how her management has been reckless. Ji Tae supplies the answer; she forced construction, finance, communications, etc. projects that the shareholders were not behind. He looks at his mother and says all those projects failed. He says because of those failures, the stock prices fell, and the investors lost money. He says it’s not fair that she is untouched, while everyone else suffers. Ouch! Nice! Ji Tae’s mother asks if he’s going to let others judge her. She asks what other people will think about him letting her hang in the wind. Ji Tae says everyone will think that he wants to return to the fold and steal his mother’s position. Ji Tae says they would be right. Ji Tae says others will think that he’s there to save the company, and they will be happy. Ji Tae says he’ll see his mother at the board meeting. He starts to walk away. His mother yells why are you doing this to me? She asks if No Eul is more important than she is, his own mother. Ji Tae says it’s not because of No Eul, it’s because his mother and his father are in the wrong. Nice! Everyone is having stellar scenes today!

uf_ep15_8b uf_ep15_8a

Ji Tae’s father arrives early at the emergency board meeting to talk to Ji Tae. He asks his son if he’s finally gotten the courage to speak the truth in front of others. Ji Tae tells him that he hasn’t mustered the courage to tell the world how terrible his parents really are. Ouch! Ji Tae says that he can’t change the past, but he plans to stop his mother and father from using their power to manipulate and squash others. Ji Tae says he has to make this stand now, or they will turn into even bigger monsters. Ouch! Nice! Ji Tae’s father says that is an admirable idea. He dares his son to try and stop them. He tells his son he’ll cheer him on. Another good scene! Ji Tae’s father is at his most interesting when he is engaged in battle with Ji Tae. There he seems smart and wily.

After his confrontation with Ji Tae, Assemblyman Choi has a headache and asks for aspirin. His assistant tells him that Joon Young has no father of record. That gets Assemblyman Choi’s attention. He questions why Joon Young’s mother told him she was married. The secretary tells Assemblyman Choi that Joon Young’s mother was a single mother. Now he makes the connection. We been waiting for this moment, for the clueless Assemblyman Choi to buy a clue that he is Joon Young’s father. Or at least, that’s what I hope that moment was.

There’s a moment when Joon Young’s mother and Joon Young’s uncle discuss whether or not he likes her. How is that possible if they are related? Is uncle an honorary title? Am I as clueless as Assemblyman Choi? Joon Young’s CEO manager jokes with uncle that Joon Young’s mother is completely clueless if she doesn’t know that he likes her.

Outside Joon Young’s mother puts up a new sign and uncle helps her. Unbeknownst to them, Assemblyman Choi watches them. His head hurts. Are you wondering what I’m wondering? That somehow Joon Young’s father is going to have the same disease or condition as Joon Young and this will be the path to Joon Young getting saved and not dying at the end of this series. If both men have brain tumors that are inoperable, how does that help each other?

uf_ep15_9b uf_ep15_9a

Joon Young has a visitor to his home, it’s Jung Eun. She brings wine and he pretends to be happy. He tells her he has a quick errand to run and allows her to hang out in his house while he goes to do the errand.

No Eul stares at the poster for the film on Joon Young that she got fired from. The new producer asks her to organize her footage on Joon Young. She doesn’t want to, she was fired. He tells her she left a mess and she has to clean it up. He offers money, she caves.

Jung Eun does what any woman in her situation would do left alone in Joon Young’s house, she snoops. Meanwhile Joon Young sits alone in his car staring. What’s he doing?

No Eul reviews her film of Joon Young. It’s hard watching him now that she’s cut out of his life. When she watches the footage of Joon Young asking her out for a fiery three-month romance she stares with longing.

Turns out nobody shows up for Ji Tae’s emergency board meeting. His mother was able to convince the board members not to come. You got to give her an “A” for gamesmanship. Ji Tae explains to his assistant (or is it Jung Eun’s assistant?) that he only wanted to see how much power his mother could weld in this situation. Ji Tae’s focus on nailing his parents to the wall impresses me.

It’s been more than a half hour and Jung Eun calls Joon Young. He wakes from sleeping in his car and ignores her call. Angry, she strides down the hall, then pauses.

uf_ep15_10b uf_ep15_10a

No Eul watches the footage when Joon Young asked her about Ji Tae, whom she called her husband in her contacts list. No Eul watches the footage when Joon Young discussed his bucket list, but really propositioned her. The producer brings her some film to watch that doesn’t have any audio. We get to see the subtitles and it’s Joon Young saying positive things about No Eul. He also slips that he doesn’t have much time left. No Eul assumes, incorrectly, that Joon Young is cussing at her. If only she could hear his words, she might realize he’s desperately ill.

Jung Eun drinks a bottle of wine at Joon Young’s house. She stares at the clock angry that he hasn’t returned home. When Joon Young returns home, she’s mad that he was gone longer than 30 minutes. He apologizes stating that something came up, and he assumed she left. She throws a wine glass at him. A shard cuts his face. She yells at him and calls him scum and berates him for making her weight. Joon Young calls his manager and calmly asks him to drive his drunk guest home. This makes Jung Eun livid and she yells at him as he walks away from her. Jung Eun is volatile! I’m not sure who’s worse, Jung Eun’s unhinged anger or Ji Tae’s mother’s unhinged hatred metered out with cool cruelty.

No Eul has resorted to reading Joon Young lips to try to decipher the footage without audio. She reads his lips “I don’t have much time”. She wonders what that means. She deciphers another line from Joon Young “the time that I can spend by your side isn’t very long”.

Joon Young walks into his bedroom, glances at the closed circuit camera in his bedroom (why would you have a closed circuit camera in your own bedroom?), and hears Jung Eun demanding he return to her. How many pictures of himself are in that bedroom area? I counted at least 3. 

uf_ep15_11b uf_ep15_11a

Joon Young does return to Jung Eun. She yells that he must apologize. Joon Young apologizes. He tells her he deserves to die for his actions. Jung Eun gets a phone call but doesn’t want to take it because it’s Ji Tae’s mother. Joon Young sees who’s calling and answers the call then puts the phone to Jung Eun’s ear much to her dismay. Ji Tae’s mother asks her where she is. Jung Eun refuses to speak. Joon Young disconnects the call.

We see that Ji Tae’s mother is in an office with Ji Tae. She assumes that Ji Tae came to surrender and give up his quest against her. Ji Tae says he’s not there to surrender.

uf_ep15_12b uf_ep15_12a

Jung Eun ignores the next call from Ji Tae’s mother. Joon Young tells her if she was going to come to him for a relationship, she should end her former relationship first. He tells her he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he is the biggest star in Korea. Joon Young tells Jung Eun to scheme with his mother and get Ji Tae back. He walks away. Jung Eun answers the phone and tells Ji Tae’s mother that she’s decided to give up on Ji Tae. Wow! Joon Young turns and looks at her. She smiles at him. She tells Ji Tae’s mother that she should give up on Ji Tae as well. Wow! She tells his mother Ji Tae will never come back to her. Joon Young grabs her and kisses her. Jung Eun, as many women would, drops the phone.


We end the episode with No Eul looking at the footage crying. She stands and declares “you better not go anywhere Joon Young. You better wait for me!”

My Thoughts

This show continues to crank out good episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Joon Young is working his plan to get Jung Eun into his clutches and hopefully garner a confession that she was the hit-and-run run driver. No Eul regained her dignity when she returned the blood money to Ji Tae’s mother. Is she on the verge of figuring out Joon Young’s secret? Ji Tae is determined to expose his parents and continues to make them nervous and angry with his machinations.

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is going full steam ahead with his plan to become important to Jung Eun. You have to wonder if he’s just a little bit scared. Jung Eun is so volatile, that she scares me. Her willingness to strike out physically when she’s angry makes you worry for anybody that is in her immediate vicinity. Joon Young is playing with fire by playing Jung Eun. I like that Joon Young is calm cool and collected as he engages in the mental games with Jung Eun. I was thrilled to see Joon Young have a positive moment where he saw his mother defend him. Even his phone call with Ji Tae was solid, this time he had the upper hand. I like this version of Joon Young. He has power. Granted the writer conveniently ignores his illness for the bulk of this series, but that suits me just fine. I don’t want to see an ill Joon Young, I want to see a powerful Joon Young. With the headaches his father suffered, I wonder if that will be a window to create a solution for Joon Young’s illness. I don’t know how that would work. But I hope it does. I want Joon Young alive and well at the end of this series.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) decided that her personal ethics could not be compromised with blood money. I didn’t really have a problem with No Eul taking the money from Ji Tae’s mother. It was a pragmatic decision, born out of the need for money for rent, college, and loan sharks. I was a bit surprised when she went to Joon Young and asked for money. He gave it to her, literally a blank check. No Eul kept her word and only put in the amount that she asked him for. No Eul is openly mourning the loss of her relationship with Joon Young. She finally decided he was the one for her, and then he shut the door in her face, but her feelings haven’t gone away. Suzy is doing a decent job of portraying a woman that is still in love with the man that got away. I did like No Eul’s calm and collected rejection of Ji Tae. Even without his mother’s blood money, she is cutting Ji Tae out of her life. Good for her.

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) tested his mother by calling an emergency board meeting to depose her. That tactic did not work when his mother thwarted anybody from attending the meeting. But that was okay with Ji Tae, he was just testing the waters of his mother’s power. When Ji Tae described how his mother was basically running the company into the ground with any project that she sponsored, I had to ask why is the board backing her? If she’s no good for the company, wouldn’t the board depose her? To put it bluntly if the company profits aren’t amply lining the board’s pockets, they would likely fire the CEO. I loved the hint that Ji Tae gave Jung Eun that he knew she had killed in the past. Ji Tae could also get a confession from Jung Eun, because she’d do anything for him, but he didn’t think about it and now she’s turning to Joon Young. Ji Tae had a setback with No Eul when she soundly rejected him. He fared no better in his conversation with Joon Young. But those didn’t deter his plan to expose his parents, and I have to give him credit for that.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) supported her son, behind his back and to his face. I’m glad that Joon Young’s mother is finally showing faith and her son. She didn’t take guff from customers that insulted her son. Luckily Joon Young got to walk in and hear his mother defend him. Later she took care of Joon Young and told him that Assemblyman Choi had no part in their lives. That was big news because that mean Joon Young finally came first. I like all the changes in this character. I still find her behavior throughout most of this series as cruel and reprehensible. But everybody should have an opportunity to evolve. Thankfully we’ve been able to watch this character do a complete turnaround and now support Joon Young, like he deserves.

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee Seo Won) and Ha Roo only had a snippet of a phone call. We only had a brief scene of this young couple. He was reeling from Ha Roo’s kiss that was unexpected and confused him. I had to laugh when he went on the message board, and shared his tail of confusion, and he got a mixed bag of response. Some were positive, and some were negative.

The 14th song of the OST is a winner. It is sung by New Empire and has been used extensively this series. Check out “A Little Braver” via the embedded video below:

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3 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 15
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—we didn’t get to see much of our favorite ❤ couple this episode. A whole lot of pondering going on and not much in the way of chemical reactions, expect for maybe a bit on Jik’s part—I do believe Ha Roo’s kiss impacted him.

    ANGRY MOM ON SIMMER—Young Ok’s oppa is not her brother? Oppa must be a long term family friend. I was clueless because I thought he was her brother. They should just get together, how could SHE be so clueless? I’m glad Young Ok and her oppa looked like they were together when CHJ can a’voyeuring. Now it looks like CHJ might have a clue Joon Young is his son—he is going to be sorely disappointed if he tries to kindle a relationship with Joon Young or his mother as I believe they are at the point of no desire to reciprocate.

    I concur seeing some happy and warm moments between mother and son were long overdue and pleasing!

    Holy cow CHJ having a brain tumor flashed through my mind briefly, but I didn’t consider it much until your recap! Will this “be the path to Joon Young getting saved and not dying at the end of this series”? But as you mention how does both of them having inoperable brain tumors help each other? I hope you are right this being a window for a solution.

    JI TAE’S PLAN IS FORMING—The background music of using a refrain from ‘Carol of the Bells’ has driven me a bit crazy this episode—this isn’t Christmastime. I must be irritable today, because I have noticed it before and it did not annoy me as much.

    I was so proud of Ji Tae for taking on his corrupt parents, even though he hasn’t “mustered the courage to tell the world yet just what scary and disgusting people my parents are, just yet” I find it odd CHJ cheered him on to win, because a win for Ji Tae is a loss for him. It almost seems like CHJ loves Ji Tae more than his biological mother. Evil witch foiled Ji Tae’s special board of directors meeting with her power. At least Ji Tae got the satisfaction of seeing the extent of the evil witch’s power—or has he?

    Ji Tae needs compassion. I like him enough I don’t want to see him get saddled with the murderess; but I want to see Eul with Joon Young. It had to be painful to hear Eul tell him “he’s not worth using anymore.” I want to see Ji Tae get some happiness—he deserves it! Right now it looks like he is headed for a melancholy repeat of Lim Ju Hwan’s portrayal of Wang Wook from SOGC.

    EVIL JUNG EUN—Ironic how Jung Eun told Eul she wasn’t worthy of being jealous of…and yet Jung Eun is jealous. Imagine my best Nelson, from The Simpsons, voice saying to the evil murderess *Ha Ha*. I wish Ji Tae would have bluntly revealed he knew she killed someone rather than use a veiled hint. I subscribe to your conclusion Jung Eun is VOLATILE! We also know she is capable of killing someone without remorse. Our other characters better watch out, Jung Eun will erupt!

    From Jung Eun’s tour of Joon Young’s home I have determined my bedroom is lacking gigantic self-portraits. I noticed the hideous Pinocchio bust a couple of episodes ago. What is up with his décor?

    The petulant harridan had her tantrum, all while blatantly doing product placement for the latest Samsung waterproof cell phone. I concur it is difficult to determine “who’s worse, Jung Eun’s unhinged anger or Ji Tae’s mother’s unhinged hatred metered out with cool cruelty.” I hope both of the evil women get their due.

    Joon Young’s plan is going well, but I don’t like him seducing Jung Eun even if it is to get justice for Eul; especially since Eul may have just gotten a clue as Joon Young’s short term reality. If the writers are truly going to kill him off, he needs to go out enjoying life and be in a loving relationship with Eul.

    DISAPPOINTED NO EUL—I cannot tell you how disappointed I was Joon Young did not run after Eul; it was all her fantasy. It is “a nightmare to know that the man you love is going to meet somebody else that just said you deserve to die.” I ❤ Ji Tae is standing up for our Eul, but she values her and Jik’s lives too much to cross the evil witch. I agree Eul reclaimed her dignity by returning the blood money.

    Right now it looks like none of them, Eul, Joon Young, or Ji Tae will have happiness. Did you notice I left out Jung Eun; her actions do not merit happiness, but a nice toasty place in hell. Who or what will be the deus ex machina?

    I don’t like Joon Young cutting off Eul as part of his plan—he already told Jung Eun he loved Eul—why won’t at least spend time with Eul? I want these two to be happy—runaway!!! I was saddened Eul asked Joon Young for money and officially broke up. It was a gloomy moment when “Eul walks away knowing that the man she loves is no longer in her orbit.”

    I was a bit heart wrenching for Eul to go through the footage and relive the flashbacks. When Eul started to figure out what Joon Young was saying, I cheered! I think Eul is putting the pieces together, but can she deal with the truth? Will Joon Young accept her?


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Ji Tae needs compassion.”
      * This character is more nuanced than most 2nd leads and we owed this to the writing and acting. Most kdramas would have JT focused on breaking up our leads but that’s only a sidebar to JT who wants to take down his mother and father.

      “From Jung Eun’s tour of Joon Young’s home I have determined my bedroom is lacking gigantic self-portraits. I noticed the hideous Pinocchio bust a couple of episodes ago. ”
      * I’m going to count the number of self-portraits in his house. That Pinocchio bust was scary!

      “When Eul started to figure out what Joon Young was saying, I cheered! I think Eul is putting the pieces together, but can she deal with the truth?”
      * I agree she is figuring it out, but what a blow it will be.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Agreed that Ji Tae is nuanced and more interesting than many second leads. He is a good guy and I’m rooting for his happiness. I’m glad our downtrodden Eul has two heroes to protect her and seek for justice!

    I didn’t notice creepy Pinocchio at the beginning of the series…has his nose grown as Joon Young hides the truth about his health and loving Eul?

    I concur Eul uncovering the truth about Joon Young’s health will be devastating 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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