Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 4 Recap

Two of our Knights squabble over Cinderella.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 4 Recap

When Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) goes to grab her high school uniform from Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon), he spins her around and holds her in his arms. He looks into her eyes and says she’s becoming more and more amusing. He bends and kisses her. Ah, but it was only a dream. It’s morning and Hyun Min wakes to Ha Won telling him to get up. Ha Won tells him to come to breakfast. He playfully says if you’re going to be housewife, as he draws back the bed clothes, and pats the bed invitingly, but Ha Won flips his arm back and orders him to come eat the first meal of the day with her.

Now we see what really happened the previous evening. Hyun Min looks into Ha Won’s eyes and says she’s becoming more and more amusing. He bends to kiss her but Ha Won knees his knee. She runs away.  Hyun Min realizes pursuing Ha Won is bringing out his competitive side.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) recalls the previous evening. Hye Ji and Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) enter the courtyard to visit Hyun Min. Ji Woon sees Hyun Min bending to kiss Ha Won. He spins Hye Ji so that she cannot see. He stares into her startled eyes. Ji Woon asks if Hye Ji really needs to see Hyun Min. He’s worried about her mental state. He recommends she walk away. Hye Ji acquiesces. They walk away.

Ji Woon recalls the previous evening while he works out on the treadmill. He believes that Hyun Min and Hye Ji kissed. Wanna bet it bothers him?

Ha Won wants to find Ji Woon and Seo Woo but they are not in their rooms. Recall her first mission from Grandfather is to get all three cousins to sit down and eat a meal together.

c4k_ep4_1b c4k_ep4_1a
Ha Won goes to the work out building and finds Ji Woon when he pops up out of the water. She invites him to eat a meal with her. Not interested is his succinct response. She tries to cajole him, but he warns he’s not wearing a swimsuit. She runs away as he expected. But she returns with his cell phone hostage and assigned stating if you want to see your cell phone again come eat. He tries to grab the cell phone but she darts away. I liked the sign!

Ha Won finds Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) in the music studio. She invites him to have a meal together.

Ha Won helps make practice and Hyun Min is the first to join her. He suggests they go on a date after the meal, she’s not interested. Seo Woo joins them next. He’s wondering why he’s there when Hyun Min obviously wants to be alone with Ha Won. She suggests they eat a meal as a family and Ji Woon counters that no one in this room is his family. Ji Woon tells Ha Won to give him back his cell phone. Hyun Min says he’s not going to eat with Ji Woon. Ha Won tells Ji Woon he will get the cell phone back after he sits down and eats with his family. Ji Woon says the only thing the all three of them have in common is the address of the home they live in. That’s a good line. Hyun Min leaves saying unless it’s one on one with Ha Won, he’s not eating. Seo Woo tells Ha Won the three cousins are close and she should forget about getting them closer. He leaves. Ji Woon holds out his hand for the cell phone. Ha Won tells him family should be able to have a meal together. He grabs her waist and draws her to him. They stare into each other’s eyes. Unnerved, Ji Woon is easily plucks the phone out of Ha Won’s hands. He leaves. That was a bust. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be an interesting mission from Grandfather.

Speaking of Grandfather, he and his new wife are back from their honeymoon and Assistant Lee (Choi Min) is updating them on status as he drives. Assistant Lee says the cousins are resisting being together. Grandfather wonders how Ha Won will get all the cousins to eat a meal together.

Ha Won visits her friend and asks how she can possibly get Seo Woo to eat. Her friend is a Seo Woo fan and is jealous Ha Won can eat with the object of her affection. Ha Won shares that she’s been given a mission to get all three cousins to eat together. Her friend tells her that the cousins don’t like each other and it may be impossible to get them to eat together. Ha Won wonders if she underestimated the difficulty of grandpa’s mission. Her friend suggests he used her willpower to solve the problem.

Ha Won plays games and wins with Hyun Min and Seo Woo. Her prize? Dinner with their cousins. They aren’t happy. Ji Woon refuses to play. At dinner, no one shows. Ha Won tell Assistant Lee she’ll have to switch to plan B.

What’s plan B? Interrogate the staff to determine the cousins’ favorite foods, then shop, and prepare the food. The smells waft in their rooms and their stomachs rumble. They come out of their rooms to find Ha Won, Assistant Lee, enjoying their favorite foods. Seo Woo refuses the food first.  Hyun Min doesn’t understand why Ha Won is forcing them to eat together. He refuses and leaves. Now only Ji Woon remains. The food looks good. He almost takes a bite but leaves like his cousins. Assistant Lee states the mission is impossible. The cousins reject the concept of family because it has only brought them pain.

Ha Won complains to the housekeeper that plan B did not work. The housekeeper tells her Hyun Min has been eating alone since he was a child, so eating with others is not comfortable. Hyun Min was sent abroad at 10 years of age. The housekeeper states Seo Woo care about his image and limits his food intake. The housekeeper says that Ji Woon prefers to not be a home and when he is at home, he’s in his room. She doesn’t think that Ji Woon has accepted with the idea of being related to Grandfather. Ha Won ponders all that she has learned. Has she come up with plan C?

The next morning Seo Woo leaves for his photo shoot and finds a bagged breakfast with a note wishing him luck from Ha Won in his van.

c4k_ep4_5b c4k_ep4_5a
Ji Woon finds Ha Won in his father’s room. He orders her to leave. She tells him that she won’t give up. He wants her to leave. She asks if he could consider the mansion his home and his cousins his family. She remarks that families don’t gel when their members stay apart. She turns to leave, then stops and thanks him for retrieving her mother’s memorial bouquet. She leaves.

Ha Won finds Hyun Min playing brain games. He agrees to granting her one wish if she solves a Rubik cube in 2 minutes. She cannot. But Hyun Min can. He gets a phone call and leaves.

Ji Woon thinks about what Ha Won told him. Does he only think of his emotions and hurt others in the process? Is the mansion his home? Could his cousins become his family? He gets a phone call and leaves.

Hyun Min meets his girlfriend and finds her lacking in comparison to Ha Won. He breaks up with her.

Stepmother and stepsister cannot believe Ha Won lives at the mansion. Stepsister decides to visit the mansion.

Ha Won gets a call from Hyun Min to hang out. She refuses. He offers to help her complete her mission.

Stepsister arrives at the mansion. Where is security that she can just walk onto the property? She spots Ha Won getting into Hyun Min’s car.

Hyun Min takes Ha Won to a store with a dressing room full of clothes. Ha Won can’t understand why rich guys like to plan “Pretty Woman”. Ha! What’s plan C? Drive the cousins crazy. Ha Won steps out of the dressing room in a pretty dress, then shorts suit, etc. She tries on many outfits. Finally, he likes what she’s wearing. He tells the clerk they take all the outfits except for three of them. She doesn’t want to accept this gift. He dangles the chance to complete her mission in front of her. She accepts his offer of a meal.  Unbeknownst to them, stepsister followed them into the store. She can’t believe the prices of the clothes.

Hye Ji is sleeping at her designing table when Ji Woon arrives. Gosh, he’s got a nice smile! He covers her with his jacket and watches her sleep. He recalls her doing the same for him. When Hye Ji wakes, she apologizes for falling asleep when she called him. He invites her to share a meal. She wonders if he’ll answer something for her. He wants to eat. She agrees.

Ji Woon takes Hye Ji to a nice restaurant. She’s all smiles when he offers to pay. She’s glad Ji Woon is her friend. Of course Hyun Min and Ha Won arrive at the same restaurant. Ji Woon wants to leave but Ha Won thinks the four of them should eat together. The two women agree but the men are not happy. Hye Ji compliments Ha Won’s outfit. Hye Ji guesses Hyun Min bought it for her. Hyun Min says Hye Ji is jealous. Hyun Min says having his fiancée live at the mansion is great. When the food comes Hye Ji wants to send the clams back because they aren’t cooked to Hyun Min’s taste. Hyun Min declines stating he won’t eat the clams. Ha Won burns her hand and spills her drink. Hyun Min is concerned. She’s worried about the dress. Hyun Min tells her not to worry about the clothes, he’ll buy her more. Hye Ji watches knowing that Hyun Min is caring for another, something he does not normally do. Ha Won excuses herself.

Ha Won is surprised when Ji Woon enters the ladies room and asks her if she enjoys Hyun Min’s attention and what he can buy her. Ha Won doesn’t want to hear it. Ji Woon wants to know if this is what Ha Won wanted to gain by living at the mansion. Ha Won states she has bigger objectives. If I were Ji Woon, I’d think she’s trying to land a husband. Ha Won states she doesn’t understand why the cousins don’t eat together. She vows to make them a family. Ji Woon pushes her against a wall and states that he’ll only allow a certain amount of her antics.  He leaves. Ha Won isn’t enjoying her job!

Ji Woon recalls arguing with Grandfather about turning his back on his former life and embracing his new family. Ji Woon tells his Grandfather the mechanics are like family to him and stuck with him through thick and thin. Grandfather counters that co-workers aren’t family or friends. Ji Woon will now be considered a bank by his co-workers. Grandfather is firm, reject your former life or I won’t accept you. Ji Woon overhears Hyun Min tell Grandfather’s girlfriend that Ji Woon will never be family.

Hyun Min and Hye Ji eat dinner. She asks if he brought Ha Won to the mansion. Hyun Min confirms this. Hye Ji says Ha Won is different from his typical girlfriends. He agrees. She leaves. Ji Woon asks Hyun Min why Hye Ji is leaving. Ji Woon calls him an expert at hurting Hye Ji. Hyun Min says Ji Woon likes to heal hurts. That’s insightful. Ji Woon asks if Hyun Min thinks of Hye Ji as his woman. He denies this. He’s only having fun with women. Ji Woon leaves.

c4k_ep4_10bb c4k_ep4_10aa
Hye Ji walks the streets upset. Ji Woon sees her crossing the road with a truck coming. Ji Woon pulls her out of the way just in the nick of time. Wow, that was close! She’s that upset over that conversation with Hyun Min? Ji Woon snaps that Hye Ji is only hurting herself. Ji Woon asks why she takes risks with her life but won’t take a risk in her relationship with Hyun Min. Hye Ji says the only thing she wants is Ha Won away from Hyun Min.

c4k_ep4_10b c4k_ep4_10a
Ha Won and Ji Woon leave the restaurant. She asks why Hye Ji left, why Hyun Min is mean to Hye Ji. She wonders if Hyun Min brought her to Grandfather’s wedding to hurt Hye Ji. Hyun Min denies this. Hyun Min asks Ha Won if she’s jealous. She laughs. Hyun Min drives Ha Won to her house (a new house that Hyun Min purchased for her). He tells she’ll fail at Grandfather’s missions. He tells her he’s going to date her. They stare at the house. Hyun Min brags the house is fully stocked. Ha Won puts Hyun Min’s arm behind his back and tells him she will accomplish Grandfather’s missions. She gets in the car and tells him to drive her back to the mansion.

Ha Won cleans her dress in the bathtub and grouses about the cousins. She decides to battle them head to head. She sends a group text to the cousins that reads “Let’s eat together. Come to the courtyard in an hour.” All the cousins’ read then ignore the text.

c4k_ep4_11b c4k_ep4_11a
Seo Woo finds one of Ha Won’s coupons and sees that she’s carefully dried all her things. He sees that today is her birthday. Assistant Lee finds Seo Woo looking for party supplies. He tells him today is Ha Won’s birthday. Assistant Lee is surprised. Seo Woo thinks Ha Won is sad today without her family. He gets Assistant Lee to help him. Hyun Min watches them head to the courtyard.

In his father’s room Ji Woon recalls Hyun Min denying that he considers Hye Ji just a friend, then Hye Ji wanting Ha Won gone, and Hyun Min jeering that he won’t be the heir. He leaves the room.

Hyun Min leaves his room and Ji Woon follows snatching the drink from Hyun Min’s hands. Then Ji Woon snatches the next drink Hyun Min selects. When he goes to grab the next drink Hyun Min selects, Hyun Min avoids the snatch. Ji Woon questions whether Hyun Min is sincere about anything. He challenges Hyun Min to come to the courtyard if he wants to see something amusing. Hyun Min thinks about Ha Won not having a happy birthday.

Seo Woo and Assistant Lee prep the table in the courtyard.  They cover the table and scamper when they hear Ha Won approach.

c4k_ep4_12b Ha Won approaches the courtyard and puts down food from the kitchen. When someone grabs her from behind she assumes it is Hyun Min. She’s surprised to see Ji Woon behind her. He holds her firmly and asks “why do you have to belong to Hyun Min of all people”? Hyun Min watches them. Ji Woon and Ha Won see Hyun Min approach. He asks Ji Woon what he’s doing. Ji Woon replies “I’m going to steal your finance.” Hyun Min grabs Ji Woon’s shirt in anger. Ha Won pushes them away from each other and order them to stop. The two men stare at each other while fireworks go off in the background.

My Thoughts

The emotional punch of these characters is less than I’d like. I want to like this show. But right now I’m not feeling connected to these characters. Ji Woon is unhappy and angry about his new family. Hyun Min is a selfish charming cad. Seo Woo is the nice guy. And Ha Won is the positive person trying to get them to communicate. But where is the emotional hook? Why should I care about these characters? I’m surprised at the end of episode four that limited progress has been made since the end of episode two when Ha Won was poised to enter the mansion. The writers,  Min Ji Eun and Won Young Sil, need to craft more compelling episodes.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) is compelled to help a damsel in distress and this episode it was Hye Ji. He saved Hye Ji from the oncoming truck. I can’t believe she took that physical risk just because Hyun Min is emotionally bonding to Ha Won. I understand that is a bigger threat than his usual woman, but to risk your life? Then Hye Ji wished Ji Woon could help remove Ha Won from the mansion. What’s a Knight to do? He decided he would make a play for Ha Won to take her away from Hyun Min. If they date, Ha Won is out of the mansion and Hye Ji’s wish comes true. Here’s my problem with Ji Woon right now. He’s been plucked from his former life and put into Grandfather’s family, and he’s not happy about that. But that is the driver of his existence…he’s not happy. He sulks, sneers, and is short with everyone. I want something more from this character. Dude, you are supposed to be prince charming but I’m not seeing anything but prince chip on my shoulder.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) tried to get the cousins to eat together but failed. I like but don’t love this character at this point. She had multiple plans to succeed but none of them worked. I’m not sure why she fell for Hyun Min’s claim to help her. How was trying on a ton of outfits helpful? And yes, Ha Won saw that as fruitless too. What’s bugging me this episode is that I can see potential but I’m not seeing any payoff yet. This is episode 4. The story seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. Ha Won is plucky and positive but is being the bone of contention between Ji Woon and Hyun Min her primary purpose?

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) bought clothes for Ha Won and took her to dinner. We got a glimmer of why he’s shut himself off from others. He was banished abroad at age 10 and has never emotionally connected when he returned to Korea. The scar from his exile seems like a solid reason to be skittish about emotionally investing himself. He likes Ha Won as a person. Hye Ji sees he likes Ha Won. Ji Woon sees he likes Ha Won. He’s drawn to Ha Won more than any other woman. So they are concerned. Hyun Min enjoys Ha Won but does he really feel romance?

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) wants Ha Won out of the mansion. It’s understandable she’s threatened by Ha Won. She thinks Ha Won is Hyun Min’s finance. She sees Hyun Min feels for Ha Won. She wants Hyun Min to see her and recognize her potential as his significant other. What’s a girl to do but get rid of the competition? She calls upon Ji Woon who saves damsels in distress. Don’t get me started about Hye Ji allowing herself to be almost being hit by a truck because Hyun Min took Ha Won to dinner, bought her an outfit, and was concerned when Ha Won burned her hand. I’m not sure Hye Ji is a well-rounded emotionally stable woman. Is she good enough for Hyun Min to be involved with? I like Hyun Min. I’m not sure I like Hye Ji.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is the nice guy but he won’t eat with his cousins. His logic was skimpy on why he won’t eat with his cousins. At least Seo Woo is kind to Ha Won.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) did have much impact this episode. He told Ha Won Grandfather’s mission was next to impossible to complete.


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12 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 4 Recap
  1. Kshita says:

    Thanks for the Recap! I always wait for your recaps !
    I am really hoping Ha won to end up with Hyun min!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that Ha Won and Hyun Min have the best chemistry right now.
      But considering Jung Il Woo is the headline actor and Ji Woon is willing to save damsels, I’m guessing he gets the girl.

  2. A.D.DO! says:

    I agree totally…where’s the emotional impact?? Besides, I just can’t get beyond Hyun Min’s ears!
    And none of the Knights are particularly attractive., ho hum…

    • kjtamuser says:

      I hope the writers can ratchet up the emotional content. Right now I’m watching the drama but not experiencing a connection which is kinda like eating dry toast.

  3. I wish oori Cinderella wasn’t so clueless to the grief she’s causing Hyun Min’s ex. Not sure if it’s the character’s cluelessness or the writer’s but it bothers me that she isn’t setting the matter straight…and for what? A little deception? The character’s motivation to do or not do certain things just doesn’t seem valid. Anyways, thanks for the recap.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You bring up an excellent point. Is she fully aware that she’s hurting Hyun Min’s ex? If so, does that mean keeping her promise to Hyun Min about being his fake financee more important?

  4. A.D.DO! says:

    Well, Hyun Min’s ex drives me bananas…talk about clueless…quit sulking, spying, and hanging around the property and get a life already! Actually, I wouldn’t give two cents for any of these wealthy drips…about the most unexciting group of actors ever in a drama….Wrap it up and put me out of my misery.
    Love the recaps tho, kjtamusings…more fun than the ‘reel’ thing!
    Go back, everybody and watch MARS, TAIWANESE VERSION for some great entertainment!

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    RATING THE KNIGHTS—I do find the knights attractive A.D.DO!, but I have seen most of these actors look more handsome in other dramas. I think Hyun Min is handsome, especially his lips, and his playful personality makes him more attractive—I don’t think I even noticed his ears until you mentioned them. I agree Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyun) has the best chemistry with Ha Won, but I think Ji Woon is not far behind, he just needs to makeup a little homework.

    Jung Il Woo is very handsome, but I don’t like his hair in this series and we haven’t seen his charm or smiling face yet as he is busy scowling at the sizeable chip on his shoulder. We will see smile and be charming as he sets out on his quest to woo Ha Won.

    Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is the kindest of the cousins…he handsome, but his hair and clothes don’t make him stand out. I think Lee Jung Shin looks more handsome with longer, brown-toned hair. (

    In my opinion Yoon Sung (Choi Min) is the most attractive and intriguing at this point in time. He is handsome, well-groomed and has a pleasant manner. He is kind, but firm—he isn’t going to let those boys get away with everything. He wasn’t in this episode too much, but I can’t wait until we find out how/why he considered to be a knight.

    RISKY BUSINESS—Would kissing be considered “dating” by grandpa? If so and these two kiss, Ha Won risks being kicked out of the house and Hyun Min risks losing his credit cards. I wondered at the end of last episode if Hyun Min and Ha Won’s would be kiss would end up in another head butt. I was worried for Ha Won when I saw them kiss, but luckily it was Hyun Min’s fantasy…this knight has already been intrigued by her and I think his heart is in the process of being swept away by this perky pixie, which is so dissimilar to his usual dating partners. Making a bet about his wedding date with his buddies in episode 1 may have been the best choice he has made. My supposition about the head butt was close enough as Ha Won kneed Hyun Min. You go girl!

    SKY HOUSE’S STATE OF THE ART SECURITY—What happened to the state of the art security grandpa touted to Ha Won? The repugnant Yoon Na just walked herself right up to Sky House with no one blocking her way. I simply ❤ the way this green-eyed, horrible stepsister keeps getting the ‘in your face’ revelations of Ha Won being acknowledged by the Kang family and staying at Sky House as a guest. The vicious stalker followed Hyun Min and Ha Won on their shopping spree. I find it noteworthy Ha Won accepted a store full of clothes from Hyun Min, but would only take the new track suit from Yoon Sung. Imagine my best Nelson, from The Simpsons, voice saying to the evil stepsister *Ha Ha*.

    PAIN IN THE BUTT HYE JI—I find Hye Ji to be emotionally unstable and extremely annoying (she drives me bananas too A.D.DO!). I don’t think Ha Won is deliberately hurting her feelings, although she may be a little clueless—I think Ha Won is trying to keep her promise to pretend to be Hyun Min’s fiancée.

    If Ji Woon shielded Hye Ji from seeing Ha Won and Hyun Min kiss out of concern for her “mental health”, then he should have admitted her to a psych hospital. The girl gone bananas is in such a daze she is walking into traffic—get her committed ASAP! *RANT ALERT* Something I simply do not understand in Kdramaland is the large truck zooming on the road with a character in the crosswalk. The drivers of these trucks honk and go—they do not slow down and the pedestrian remains frozen in the crosswalk. We may see the pedestrian mowed down by the truck; the truck may stop dead in front of the pedestrian; or in this case, a hero (Ji Woon) pushes the pedestrian (Hye Ji) out of the way. I am especially exasperated when the hero does not keep with the momentum of pushing the pedestrian and ends up being hit by the truck, which was thankfully not the case. We see how those who perpetrate accidents being required to take responsibility with hefty financial settlements—why don’t the drivers of these big trucks mitigate accidents? I would think the lack of tire skid marks indicating the driver did not attempt to stop would result in a greater judicial punishment. Does this cheese off anyone else? *RANT OVER*

    Face reality Hye Ji, you sulking, whimpering fox, Hyun Min is no longer interested in you—nobody likes a clinger and your sulking, pouting behavior is NOT attractive. I can’t figure out if Ji Woon has chosen to mollify Hye Ji for the sake of his gallantry or if he really is crushing on her; heaven help him if a crush is the source of his motivation. Hye Ji is subtly using Ji Woon to help her get back with Hyun Min. I could hardly believe Ji Woon decided to help Hye Ji get Ha Won away from Hyun Min. Ji Woon is going to have his heart swept away by Ha Won as he discovers her authentic, selfless, sweetness laced with moxie. Park So Dam plays the part of Ha Won perfectly. ❤

    MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHED…YET— Hyun Min and Seo Woo came to dinner on their own, thinking they were individually having dinner with Ha Won. I agree Seo Woo had skimpy logic for declining the dinner invitation. Ji Woon continues to be coerced into doing things he really does not want to do; this time by Ha Won taking his phone in exchange for eating dinner together. I ❤ Ji Woon’s distracting technique, feigning to kiss Ha Won, to get his phone back—great fake out! Ha Won’s plans blew up in her face as the boys did not want to eat together, despite all her efforts to entice them.

    At the end of the episode, it looks like Ha Won is on the verge of accomplishing her mission. Nice guy, Seo Woo wanted to help her celebrate her birthday; Ji Woon may comply as he started to woo Ha Won to irritate Hyun Min (or is Ji Woon crushing on Hye Ji?); while Hyun Min may comply with Ha Won in his efforts to fight for her.

    • kjtamuser says:

      “I think his heart is in the process of being swept away by this perky pixie, which is so dissimilar to his usual dating partners. ”
      * Love your perky pixie description!

      ” The girl gone bananas is in such a daze she is walking into traffic…nobody likes a clinger and your sulking, pouting behavior is NOT attractive”
      * She saw evidence that her man was attracted to the perky pixie at dinner but being dazed/confused and almost hit by a truck seemed over the top. I agree that her behavior is off putting. Hyun Min is bedazzled and not seeing Hye Ji right now.

      ” Ji Woon is going to have his heart swept away by Ha Won as he discovers her authentic, selfless, sweetness laced with moxie”
      * That’s what I’m waiting for!

  6. Claire says:

    I wish this drama can make ha won lil bit prettier than hye ji..i don’t like ha won hair style which is like old grandma and her same outfit is totally piss me of -.-

    Btw thanks for your recap ^^

    • kjtamuser says:

      Hye Ji certainly has the accepted standard for beauty while Ha Won is a bit more casual about her looks. But it’s their spirits that make the difference. Ha Won’s spirit is much prettier than Hye Ji’s.

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