Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 3 Recap

Cinderella makes inroads with all four Knights after moving into the mansion.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 3 Recap

A recap of the first two episodes culminated with Cinderella, Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) and the four knights; Assistant Lee, Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo), Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) and Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin), converging at the mansion. Ha Won has one rule to follow “no dating others that live in the mansion”.

Assistant Lee escorts Ha Won into the mansion. He sees her holding her mother’s urn and gently puts his coat around her sopping wet clothes. As she sits in the bath, fully clothed, she remembers the shock of learning that her father was not her biological father and her father loathed her along with his wife and stepdaughter. In essence Ha Won’s life imploded tonight.

The three cousins, Ji Woon, Hyun Min, Seo Woo, sit in the living room and wait until Assistant Lee appears to make the announcement from their Grandfather. Assistant Lee states that Ha Won will be living at the mansion with them starting today. All three cousins are in shock. Ji Woon quips that Hyun Min and Ha Won are engaged, recall Hyun Min paid Ha Won to pretend to be his fiancée at Grandfather’s wedding, and will be living at the mansion. Hyun Min notes that Ji Woon has no interest in this family, so why is he living with them. Seo Woo says living with a girl will be uncomfortable. Assistant Lee states they must follow the rule, no dating anyone at the mansion. Seo Woo wonders how that will work because Hyun Min is already dating Ha Won (he’s not aware that they only pretending to date).

Hyun Min takes Assistant Lee aside and says would it be better if Ha Won continued to pretend to be my fiancée. Assistant Lee notes it would be better for Hyun Min but no one else. Hyun Min feigns caring about his cousins and states Ha Won as his fiancée will keep it clear she is not available. Assistant Lee thinks it’s better to tell the truth. Hyun Min counters his method guarantees the no dating rule will be enforced. He states if anything goes wrong he will give up his credit cards. Assistant Lee states he’ll hold Hyun Min to that promise.

Assistant Lee and Hyun Min return to the living room and find only Seo Woo there. Assistant Lee reconfirms the no dating rule and Hyun Min states he’s the exception.

After her bath Ha Won changes back into her jogging outfit. She places her mother’s urn under a bedside table and tells her mother that she’s only staying at the mansion until her father is no longer angry. I think that’s going to be a long wait. Ha Won’s father was livid said she was not his daughter.

Assistant Lee informs Ji Woon that living at the mansion means that he has accepted that he is Kang Ji Woon. Ji Woon counters he didn’t accept this, rather he was coerced into this. Ji Woon is curious why they want him to denounce his former name, Han Ji Woon. Ji Woon asks what kind of man was my father that he abandoned my mother and I? That is why he had to live as Han Ji Woon. Assistant Lee encourages him to figure this mystery out. Assistant Lee warns that as long as Ji Woon lives at the mansion, he follows his Grandfather’s wishes. I like how Assistant Lee is not particularly nurturing or kind in dealing with Ji Woon. He accepts Ji Woon’s obvious chip on his shoulder, but isn’t the fairy godmother trying to help him sort things out.

The housekeeper catches Ha Won looking for some food and makes the incorrect assumption that she is the new maid. She takes Ha Won to the maid’s quarters where Assistant Lee is surprised to find her. Assistant Lee informs the housekeeper that Ha Won is a guest at the mansion. The housekeeper apologizes profusely to Ha Won who tries to put her at ease.

c4k_ep3_3b c4k_ep3_3a
Ha Won tells Assistant Lee he wasn’t polite to the housekeeper. Assistant Lee states that all employees must serve the mansion’s guests with respect. Ha Won counters that she’s an employee of Grandfather. Assistant Lee states Grandfather considers her a guest. Ha Won’s stomach growls and Assistant Lee whips her up a meal or should I say mini banquet. Ha Won is impressed and eats with relish. Assistant Lee can can’t help but smile at her enthusiasm for his food. Good to see Assistant Lee smile, I’m a sucker for smiles.

Hyun Min tells Ha Won they will continue pretending to be engaged. Ha Won tells Hyun Min no way. Hyun Min counters it’ll be safer for her to live in the house as his fiancée. Ha Won counters that dating is forbidden. Hyun Min clarifies they are just pretending that they are engaged. Ha Won doesn’t understand why he wants her to pretend to be his fiancée. He offers her money and slyly asks if Ha Won has fallen for him. He is a cad with charm. Ha Won goes to hit him but he pulls her into his arms. He promises to protect her. Flustered, she leaves.

Ha Won encounters Ji Woon who asks how much money she’s being paid.

Ha Won thinks about the three men in the house with her. She deems Ji Woon a jerk, Seo Woo as easy-going, and Hyun Min as a playboy. She knows that dating anybody in the mansion can get her kicked out. She declares to herself that she’d never want to date any of the three cousins. Unable to sleep in such a nice big bed, Ha Won decides to sleep under the desk, who space is reminiscent of the balcony space she slept in at home.

Ji Woon and Hyun Min meet as they walk the grounds. Hyun Min suggests that they try and minimize their contact. Ji Woon agrees stating that he prefers to be ignored. Hyun Min wonders why Ji Woon decided to return. Ji Woon tells him to mind his own business.

Ji Woon finds what appears to be his father’s workshop or room and finds a picture of himself and his mother. He wonders again, why was he rejected by his father?

Ha Won is not happy to find out that Ji Woon and Hyun Min have rooms right next to hers.

c4k_ep3_5b c4k_ep3_5a
Ha Won waits for the three cousins to join her for breakfast but Assistant Lee tells her they never eat as a family. Grandfather video calls Ha Won and asks how her first night at the mansion went. She doesn’t really answer that. The chairman states her first mission is to gather three cousins together for a meal.

Assistant Lee produces the contract that the chairman drew up with her terms of employment. Ha Won gets a bonus every time she completes one of Grandfather’s missions. If Ha Won fails to complete a mission, then she must leave the mansion. Dating is forbidden.

Ha Won’s horrible father instructs Ha Won’s horrible stepmother to not let Ha Won back in the house. The stepmother must relish the license to be mean to Ha Won, which she has done behind her husband’s back for years. Ha Won’s father gets angry when stepmother asks about Ha Won’s mother cheating on him with another man. Father leaves for a job that will keep him out of town for a while. Good riddance!

Father gets a phone call regarding a flyer looking for Kang Young Jin who lived at an apartment house back in the day. Is Kang Young Jin Ha Won’s biological father? Notice the last name is Kang which is the same last name as Grandfather and his grandsons. Father goes to meet the caller.

Assistant Lee goes to Ha Won’s former home and asks stepmother and stepdaughter to pack up her belongings. Stepmother is very curious why Ha Won is living at the mansion. Assistant Lee stuns them with the news that the chairman issued a personal invitation to Ha Won.

Ha Won puts the signed contract in a folder and is excited to think that she’s going to be doing some important work for Grandfather. She’s ready to get started.

c4k_ep3_6b c4k_ep3_6a
Ha Won notices there’s not a single family photo in the house. Seo Woo hands Ha Won the bouquet she took to her mother’s memorial (recall she left it at the hotel). Seo Woo asks why she was crying last night. Ha Won lies that she wasn’t crying, she was only caught in the rain. Seo Woo thought that maybe something happened between Ha Won and her family. Ha Won wonders why he’s thinks this. Ha Won asks if he deleted her texts intentionally. Seo Woo claims it was an accident. Ha Won asks if the texts were mean. Seo Woo admits he deleted the texts because he didn’t want her feelings hurt. Seo Woo can’t believe a sister would be that mean. Ha Won counters she’s never seen a family that hasn’t eaten together. She suggests they all eat together. Ji Woon walks through the room, glares at Ha Won, and asks what she’s looking at, then exits. Seo Woo stands and says they’ll never eat together. He exits.

Assistant Lee returns with Ha Won’s items but gets a call and leaves Ha Won’s belongings on the sidewalk.

c4k_ep3_7b c4k_ep3_7a
Ha Won finds Ji Woon in his father’s former room. Ji Woon asks why she is invading his personal space. Ji Woon tells her that living at the mansion won’t be as easy as she thinks. He wonders if she’s there to seduce him. She scoffs at that. As she gets ready to leave he spins her around and they lock eyes. Unnerved she pushes away and tells him to never put his hands on her again. She runs out of the room. Ji Woon looks at a saw that Ha Won almost walked into. This is the reason he spun her around, to protect her. I like that Ha Won is not timid around Ji Woon and doesn’t cower because of his negativity. They have potential. Ha Won is supposed to be 20 in this series and she does seem young. I like that Ji Woon’s impulse was to protect her.

As Ha Won leaves the room she runs into her own suitcase and personal belongings which fall into a brook. Unfortunately, it’s all her precious personal belongings that gets wet. She says to herself this is the reality of my life. Hyun Min spots her fishing items out of the brook and comes over to him investigate. Seo Woo spots her to and he also comes over. She tells the cousins these items are her personal belongings and she’s going to retrieve them. Downstream, Ji Woon sees the bouquet Ha Won took to her mother’s memorial in the brook. Seo Woo brings a net so Ha Won can fish out her belongings. Ji Woon arrives and asks if this is all part of her plan. He returns her mother’s bouquet. He admonishes her to take care of her own items so people don’t have to worry about her. Hyun Min puts his arm around Ha Won and tells Ji Woon not to worry about her because he’ll do the worrying. Ji Woon says fine just make sure she’s not around me all the time. Hyun Min tells Ha Won they’ve got to leave because Ji Woon doesn’t want them around. Hyun Min asks Ji Woon if he wants Ha Won. The two cousins stare daggers at each other. Seo Woo tells them to stop their bickering. Seo Woo tells Ha Won these two go at it like this all the time. Ha Won gets irritated and tells all three of them to leave her alone. She gathers her remaining items and heads back to the house.

She sees Ji Woon walking with wet shoes and jeans and realizes he went into the brook to get her mother’s bouquet. Ha Won dries her personal belongings. Assistant Lee knocks on her door and then apologizes for not being careful with her personal belongings. Ha Won says she’s grateful that he went and got her items from her home. Assistant Lee tells her to come with him.

He takes her to a store and Ha Won asks if this is her “pretty woman” moment. Ha! Assistant Lee says Grandfather wanted her to have new clothes. Ha Won is not interested, her jogging suit is sufficient. Assistant Lee decides to pick out the clothes for her. She pouts and Assistant Lee can’t help but smile. I’m loving this guy’s smile.

c4k_ep3_9b c4k_ep3_9a
Ha Won walks through the store while Assistant Lee shops for her. That strikes me as weird. Ha Won runs into a woman who drops her purse and claims that Ha Won scratched it. That’s ridiculous. Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) intervenes. Hye Ji shames the woman when she identifies that it is a knockoff not a designer bag. The woman leaves quickly. Hye Ji and Ha Won smile at each other and decide to get a drink together. Hye Ji comments they seem to run into each other at high stress moments. Ha Won thanks her for helping with the crabby woman. Hye Ji explains she recognizes quality clothes and accessories because she wants to be a fashion designer herself. Hye Ji explains that she’s not super rich either. She and Hyun Min lived in the same neighborhood when they were kids. What? Wouldn’t Hyun Min live in a rich neighborhood? Hye Ji wonders how Ha Won met Hyun Min. Ha Won stammers they met at the convenience store. Hye Ji tells her she doesn’t need the details but notes that while Hyun Min dates many women, he’s never introduced anyone as his fiancée. Hye Ji asks if Ha Won is happy being Hyun Min’s fiancé. Ha Won is saved from responding, or should we say lying, when Assistant Lee enters with bags of clothes. Hye Ji is surprised that Assistant Lee shopped for Ha Won. She asks if Hyun Min requested this. Assistant Lee says that Ha Won is living at the mansion so he’s taking care of her. Hye Ji is surprised by this news and leaves. Ha Won feels badly that she can’t fully explain the situation. Ha Won looks at the number of bags and says she’s just going to return all these items. Assistant Lee says this is a request from Grandfather that he must follow as part of his job. Assistant Lee tells Ha Won he’ll take care of her so the cousins don’t bother her as much. Assistant Lee apologizes for the cousins. Ha Won grabs one of the bags from Assistant Lee and says she’ll just wear this item. She asks him to return the others. You could see that Ha Won desperately wanted to have a friend in Hye Ji, but living at the mansion changed Hye Ji’s openness into a wall. Assistant Lee and Ha Won have nice interactions. I love that she gets him to smile. I’m surprised that a single outfit is sufficient in Ha Won’s mind.

Evil stepsister approaches Ha Won’s friend and demands details about Ha Won living in the mansion. Her friend tries to hold her off but she grabs her cell phone and sees the bedroom pictures Ha Won sent. She’s jealous. That makes me happy. I was hoping we would not see the evil stepsister again but it was not to be.

Seo Woo finds Ha Won’s bankbook on the floor. He sees that she paid 4 million to the crematorium leaving her only an 800 balance.

c4k_ep3_10b c4k_ep3_10a
Clad in a new jogging suit Ha Won tells Assistant Lee that all her jobs are how she earns money. Assistant Lee says she’s not a part-time employee, she’s a guest. They smile at each other. Ha Won declares she’s going to complete all the missions Grandfather gives her.

Ji Woon meets Hye Ji at an art exhibit. She’s unhappy and says she just doesn’t understand. She asks if it’s true that Ha Won, Hyun Min’s fiancé, is living at the mansion. Ji Woon confirms this. Hye Ji wants to know why Ha Won is there. She tells Ji Woon that she’s can ask Hyun Min about this.

When Ha Won returns to the mansion Seo Woo returns her bankbook. Seo Woo admits he looked inside to determine whose bankbook it was. Ha Won says nobody else in the house but her would have a bankbook like this. Seo Woo comments he keeps learning her secrets. Ha Won says their worlds are overlapping only for a short time. Seo Woo says that makes him sad. Seo Woo asks if her relationship with Hyun Min is going to end soon. Seo Woo smiles and asks if Ha Won dates more than Hyun Min does. She tells him to stop prying or he might get hurt. He laughs and walks away.

Ha Won heads into her room and Hyun Min calls her but she ignores it. Then Hyun Min texts her and asks her to stop by. She refuses. Hyun Min can’t believe she rejected him. He goes to her room and knocks. When she opens the door he tells her to stay right there. He heads to his room and grabs her high school uniform. She tells him to give it to her. He tells her to come and get it. To motivate her, he threatens to cut the uniform. That motivates Ha Won and she starts towards him. Laughing he lures her into his room. Don’t run with scissors Hyun Min! Hyun Min asks if she wants to have ramen with him. Ha Won notes only two kinds of people come into convenience store early in the morning, those on their way to work, and those finishing partying. She said the party types are always obnoxious, like him. Hyun Min doesn’t like being compared to those kind of guys. Hyun Min wonders if Ha Won is coming on to him. Ha Won answers by leaning close and almost kissing him but head butts him instead. She laughs and asks if she was too forward. Hyun Min claims she’s unpredictable. When Ha Won goes to grab her uniform Hyun Min spins her around and holds her in his arms. He looks into her eyes and says she’s becoming more and more amusing. He bends down to kiss her.

Of course at that exact moment Hye Ji and Ji Woon enter the courtyard. Ji Woon sees Hyun Min bending to kiss Ha Won. Just like he protected Ha Won from the saw, he spins Hye Ji so that she cannot see. He stares into her startled eyes.

My Thoughts

Cinderella has good chemistry with all four Knights. I must say that the best chemistry is with Hyun Min. They are comfortable and playful so their scenes are fun to watch. Seo Woo and Ha Won have a companionable vibe between them. Assistant Lee and Ha Won have an easy interaction even though he is more formal. But it’s prickly Ji Woon that is the one to watch for the long haul.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) can’t help himself from helping damsels in distress. He saved Ha Won twice; first from the saw and second by retrieving her mother’s bouquet from the brook. He insults her by insinuating that everything she does is for money to keep a divide between them. He saved Hye Ji from seeing the man she loved, Hyun Min, from bending to kiss Ha Won. The spin move is Ji Won’s trademark. Ji Woon’s actions are the like Prince Charming. Though Prince Charming was never an insulting jerk to Cinderella. I have no doubts Ji Woon will get over that mode of interaction.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) got her first mission from Grandfather. If she fails to complete the mission, she’s out of the mansion. She didn’t get a lot of headway on the mission. Ha Won was busy forming relationships with each of the knights and made good progress with each of them. There is decent chemistry between all of them even crabby Ji Woon. Why is Ha Won’s father (but not biological father) looking for Kang Young Jin? Is he the biological father? I dislike the evil stepmother/stepsister and had hoped not to see them now that Ha Won was out of their home. But alas it was not to be. I still can’t believe that a single outfit from the shopping trip was sufficient. I’d take advantage of that opportunity!

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) convinced Assistant Lee and Ha Won to keep up the ruse that she was his fiancée. I thought Hyun Min’s explanation was lame. Hyun Min does have a kind of charm even though he’s a selfish guy. I don’t think that he’s playing with Ha Won to make Ji Woon jealous, though that is a side benefit. He is interacting with her for his own reasons, but I’m not sure what they are. Their interactions are always fun to watch and their banter is snappy.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) was friendly until she learned Ha Won was living at the mansion. It’s understandable since she’s determined to get Hyun Min back in her life, having his fiancée live at the mansion would not make her happy. I was a bit surprised that she and Hyun Min lived in the same neighborhood as children because she wasn’t rich. Were Hye Ji’s parents servants? Did Hyun Min not live the rich life in his childhood? I would’ve thought that Hyun Min would’ve been rich from the get-go, but maybe not. Right now Hye Ji is nice but still of vanilla character without much nuance. I look forward to learning more about her story and this character becoming more faceted.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is the nice Knight. He’s kind and considerate. He plays peacemaker between the cousins. His interactions with Ha Won were sweet.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) is ratcheting up the characters I like list. He’s all business but he has a kind manner. I like the fact that he doesn’t baby any of the cousins, because they don’t need that. But with Ha Won, he can see that she’s had a hard time of it, and needs a more tender hand. He is firm that she has to follow Grandfather’s commands or get bounced from the house. Hence the mix of business and kindness that this character has. Plus he can cook and shop…he’s a winner!

The second song of the OST, “My Romance” by Jessi has been released. Check it out via the embedded video below:



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4 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 3 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    THE PRESIDENT’S COMMAND— No dating within Sky House—hmmm we’ll see how long that lasts, especially since Hyun Min wanting Ha Won to continue to pose as his fiancée.
    It is nice Ha Won is a special guest. That sweet Lee Yoon Sung covered the shivering and soaking wet Ha Won made her a nice dinner and then took her shopping. Ha Won has her hands full with her first mission: getting the boys to eat together.

    It is not so nice that grandpa coerced Ji Woon into living at Sky House. Gramps has the right to cut off the gravy train, but it is another story to buy off his former friends and work place leaving him no place to return. I strongly suspect Ha Won was unwittingly coerced in a similar fashion.

    Is Grandpa’s house in the same compound as Sky House? I think he is supposed to be on his honeymoon, presumably Hawaii, with the pineapple drink and “aloha.”

    HORRIBLE STEP-FAMILY—I can hardly believe that Ha Won’s dad won’t allow he back in his house—this has to be grandpa’s doing.—why else would he suddenly turn on her? Stepdad “The stepmother must relish the license to be mean to Ha Won, which she has done behind her husband’s back for years.”

    The man Ha Won’s dad is looking for, named Kang Young Jin, is presumably her bio dad. I’m sure this missing person will be her link to Grandpa. Ha Won being a Kang cousin is looking more likely. If Kang is her dad, then it is a blood link, which makes me wonder if Ji Woon has a bloodline link or not…we have only seen pictures of his mom and don’t know much about his dad. Which of his parents is supposed to be a Kang?

    That nasty Yoon Na and her mother deserve anything that can be flung in their general direction. Ha Won is living at Sky House—in your face! 😛

    JI WOON—I agree with your conclusion “ I like how Assistant Lee is not particularly nurturing or kind in dealing with Ji Woon. He accepts Ji Woon’s obvious chip on his shoulder, but isn’t the fairy godmother trying to help him sort things out.” Assistant Lee gave Ji Woon a wee bit of guidance to set him off on Ji Woon excursion of finding how why he was living as Han Ji Woon. What is up with the storage room with his past belongings?

    Ji Woon “can’t help himself from helping damsels in distress,” he really in a knight in slightly tarnished armor, as you stated “Ji Woon’s impulse was to protect” Ha Won. He has been looking out for Ha Won—kept her from being injured in the store, rescuing her sad bouquet, knowing its significance. Then he tried to shield Hye Ji from seeing that lovely chemistry between Ha Won and Hyun Min.

    HA WON—her tracksuit looks very similar to the one Suzy wore this week in “Uncontrollably Fond”. What is up with Ha Won washing her track suit in the tub and drying it with the blow dryer? I would think there would be a washer and dryer for to use or staff to take care of it for her. Funny how Ha Won could enjoy the nice comfy bed, but chose to sleep under the cramped desk…like kjtamuser guess it felt more like home.

    Ha Won has had some good interaction with the knights except for Ji Woon, although she has recognized some if his kind efforts, which I think has confused her. Her interactions with him have ended up being cantankerous (probably due to him not wanting to be there), which probably means there will be romance in the air <3.

    Will Ha Won let Hyun Min kiss her or give him another head butt?

    I like “My Romance” by Jessi—it has an Amy Winehouse kind of vibe.

    • kjtamuser says:

      “but it is another story to buy off his former friends and work place leaving him no place to return. I strongly suspect Ha Won was unwittingly coerced in a similar fashion.”
      * Yes, bribing friends NOT to associate is a low blow. I had a fleeting thought about Ha Won but decided her own family needed no encouragement from anyone else to treat Ha Won badly. We shall see.

      “The man Ha Won’s dad is looking for, named Kang Young Jin, is presumably her bio dad. I’m sure this missing person will be her link to Grandpa. Ha Won being a Kang cousin is looking more likely. If Kang is her dad, then it is a blood link, which makes me wonder if Ji Woon has a bloodline link or not…we have only seen pictures of his mom and don’t know much about his dad. ”
      * If Ha Won’s dad is blood related to the cousins it makes thing messy between the two knights dueling for Ha Won’s favors. I had wondered if Ji Woon was the “hidden heir”. We shall see.

      “Ha Won has had some good interaction with the knights except for Ji Woon, although she has recognized some if his kind efforts, which I think has confused her. ”
      * Grandpa labeled his grandsons and I suspect Ha Won has labeled them according to how they’ve treated her. That means Ji Woon has an uphill battle because he has flung tons of insults her way.

      “What is up with Ha Won washing her track suit in the tub and drying it with the blow dryer? I would think there would be a washer and dryer for to use or staff to take care of it for her.”
      * Same as the bed, I’m guessing she washed things by hand at home and that’s her comfort zone.

      “I like “My Romance” by Jessi—it has an Amy Winehouse kind of vibe.”
      * I agree. I find it interesting that the first two songs are upbeat. I’m sure we’ll get a ballad soon. BTW, do you like the Uncomfortably Fond OST?

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Time will tell if Ha Won’s ‘dad’ was bribed. Ha Won seemed genuinely shocked when ‘dad’ slapped her. We also know he forbade stepmom from letting her back in the house, which we know was her desire anyway. After continuing to raise Ha Won for all these years since her mother passed away, why would he suddenly change how he treated her?

    Ji Woon’s verbal abuse of Ha Won will come back to bite him–he will have a bit an uphill battle. Ha Won may remember his words, but I also think that with her sweetness, she will forgive when she senses a sincere apology…after all, why else would she even consider returning to her stepfamily?

    I concur with your supposition about hand laundering being in Ha Won’s comfort zone.

    The songs on the Cinderella OST have been perky and upbeat. From what I have heard so far, I think Cinderella is a soundtrack I would consider purchasing. I don’t have any strong opinions about the OST for Uncomfortably Fond. The only interesting thing about the OST is Woo Bin sings one of the songs, but that song is mediocre–I’m sorry Woo Bin, but thank you for the effort. The OST for Uncomfortably Fond doesn’t stir my emotions, so I most likely will not purchase it. What is your opinion?

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree Ha Won would forgive Ji Woon as long as he is sincere.

      I do like the OST for Uncomfortably Fond which takes advantage of the preproduction to create a large OST.
      * Part 14 (just released) songs are both winners:
      1. “A Little Braver” by New Empire

      2. “Golden Love” by Midnight Youth

      * Woo Bin has 2 songs on the OST. You may not have heard the second one “Do You Know”

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