Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 14

You can poke a bear once and maybe get away with it, but if you keep poking her, she’s going to get really angry.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 14


In Joon Young’s hotel bedroom No Eul (Bae Suzy) says his latest method of teasing her is not working. Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) pushes her onto the bed and looms over her. They stare into each other’s eyes. He asks if she wants to sleep with him. My, that is direct. He starts to unzip her top and says “if you want me to stop, let me know, I’ll open the door and you can leave”. She stares at him. He stares at her. She tells him she’s not leaving because she’ll stay by his side. Then she closes her eyes, bracing herself for what is to come. Nothing cools ardor quicker than a reticent woman and Joon Young leaves the room. I was surprised when No Eul said that she would stay because his suggestion did not seem particularly romantic. No Eul bracing herself indicated she did not find that moment particular romantic either.

Joon Young calls his mother who is swamped at the restaurant. He begs his mother to tell him why he should not be with No Eul. He tells his mother that he told her all his reasons but he can’t remember them. Joon Young’s mother tells him she’s too busy to talk and to call again. Joon Young says to the phone he’s going to be with No Eul then. Joon Young spots No Eul walking outside. He recalls how tangled he is in No Euls’s father’s death. He sets aside his libido.


Joon Young makes a video where he admits to having a diagnosis that will lead to his early death.

Joon Young’s mother scratches out the sign that states Joon Young’s fans are not welcome in and writes that Joon Young’s fans are welcome. Why didn’t she just take the sign down? Joon Young’s mother finds her nephew, Joon Young’s manager, scrubbing pots and pans. He declares he’s quit being Joon Young’s manager because of how mean Joon Young was to No Eul. Joon Young’s uncle berates his son from leaving Joon Young’s side. Joon Young’s mother demands to know what happened and how Joon Young mistreated No Eul.


No Eul is called by the high school principal and learns her brother does not want to go to college. No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won) enters the room not happy to see his sister. No Eul drags him outside to have a private conversation. She tells him he should go to college. No Jik tells her they don’t have enough money. She lies and says they have plenty of money. No Jik says once she finds a decent place to live, pays off the remaining debt to the loan sharks, then he’ll discuss going to college, but not until then. No Jik leaves. You have to respect No Jik’s realistic look after family finances. No Eul lies to him by habit, as the protective older sister, but she knows there’s not much money in their bank account.

No Eul gets a call from Ji Tae’s mother.

Joon Young has another round of blurry vision. His doctor calls and wants him to check himself into the hospital. Joon Young declines. The doctor wants to tell his family. Joon Young threatens to sue him if he breaches his privacy.


Jung Eun arrives at Joon Young’s house to return a necklace. She’s engaged and cannot accept such a gift. Joon Young explains that he gave same gift to the entire production team to apologize for his behavior on the set. Chagrined that she misunderstood the intent of the gift, she switches topics and thanks him for apologizing in the hospital yesterday. Joon Young says he could not allow such a beautiful woman (her) to get on her knees in front of a man like that. He locks eyes with her. When she feels uncomfortable, she stands and starts to walk away. She stops, turns and asks what he said to her when he pulled her out of the pool. Joon Young smiles and says it’s a secret. Jung Eun asks what he said. Joon Young walks into her personal space causing Jung Eun to step backwards. Joon Young reminds her she’s engaged, so she shouldn’t know what he said. Jung Eun wants to know irregardless. Joon Young smiles and tells her to drive safely. I’m really enjoying how Joon Young is playing with Jung Eun. Drawing her close but never crossing the boundary she has put up. She’s intrigued by him, as evidenced by coming to his home, and wanting to know what he told her when he saved her from drowning.

It appears Ji Tae’s working in the warehouse unloading boxes. His former assistant stops by and wants to know why Ji Tae is being so harsh with his parents. Isn’t he going too far? Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) claims he’s just being the dutiful child. He warns his assistant that maintaining their relationship is not helpful to his career. Then his assistant drops the bomb, No Eul went to visit his mother. That gets Ji Tae’s attention.

Ji Tae’s mother tells No Eul that she was threatened by someone (Ji Tae) not to harm her. No Eul says she’s not leaving Korea. Ji Tae’s mother gives her 1 billion and asks that she return Ji Tae to his fiancée Jung Eun. Ji Tae’s mother says Jung Eun truly loves her son, while No Eul does not. Ji Tae enters the room and tells his mother that she was not to bother No Eul. Ji Tae’s mother states she only offered a poor girl money as an act of charity. Ji Tae is not pleased. He grabs the check and starts to rip it but No Eul stops him. No Eul asks Ji Tae’s mother if the check is real. Ji Tae’s mother says you’ll find out when you cash it. No Eul says she’ll use the money well. Ji Tae can’t believe that No Eul is taking the check and watches her leave. He goes after No Eul.


Ji Tae stops No Eul in the hallway and tells her the money is not what she needs. He yells his parents need to give her an apology. No Eul counters they won’t apologize, even if the world was ending his parents would not apologize. No Eul says no one will hear her truth. No Eul says she can’t win against his parents. Ji Tae says her choice isn’t right. No Eul says she sold her relationship with Ji Tae for 1 billion. She thanks him, she has finally struck gold. She leaves. No Eul’s logic is sound. Even with Ji Tae’s protection, she will lose to his parents, they have the power. She needs money for rent, loan sharks, and college. This is a quick solution. But it’s not satisfying, even to No Eul.

Joon Young sees Jung Eun looking out to the river. He approaches her and asks why she hasn’t left. She sidesteps that and states he has a beautiful property. Jung Eun asks what his relationship with No Eul is. She says No Eul likes him. Joon Young says he likes No Eul, which is why he beat up the arrogant star, for revenge for No Eul. Jung Eun doesn’t understand why he’s being mean to No Eul. Joon Young says he’s not good enough for her. And No Eul makes him irritated. That earns a chuckle from Jung Eun. She says he and Ji Tae are crazy liking No Eul. Joon Young warns her that he likes No Eul. Jung Eun strides away but falls when her heel gets stuck. Joon Young is a gentleman and covers her legs with his coat. He tells her not to freak out when he picks her up and carries her into the house. I was surprised when Joon Young freely admitted that he liked No Eul. I thought he was going to try and get Jung Eun to want him, and would deny his feelings for No Eul with that goal in mind. But staying close to the truth could be a better path. We shall see.


No Eul takes her best friend shopping to thank her for all things that she’s done for her. No Eul claims that she’s won the lottery. But when she goes to pay with the check from Ji Tae’s mother the clerk tells her that form of payment is not accepted. Ji Tae arrives and offers to pay. No Eul tells her friend that Ji Tae is Assemblyman Choi’s son and has been lying to them from the beginning. No Eul tells Ji Tae to go back to his fiancée. Ji Tae puts his mother’s check into No Eul’s hand. He tells her he’s worth more than 1 billion. Ji Tae says the money is hush money for No Eul’s father’s death. Ji Tae yells all of his parent’s money would be more appropriate. I was surprised that No Eul did not realize that she needed to cash the check prior to spending it. But Ji Tae makes a valid point, this is hush money, but doesn’t No Eul know that already?

Joon Young ices Jung Eun’s ankle. She comments he seems to be an expert at icing. Joon Young says No Eul often hurts her ankle because she falls regularly. That irks Jung Eun and she stands to leave. She starts to drive away but stops and asks Joon Young to drive her home (she claims she cannot press the pedals without pain). Joon Young gives a ghost of a smile and gets in the car.

Jung Eun asks Joon Young if she’s a charismatic woman like No Eul. Joon Young diplomatically states they both have unique charms. Jung Eun asks if Joon Young plans to seduce her. Joon Young diplomatically states she has a fiancé. Jung Eun says that Ji Tae broke her engagement, and she knows Joon Young knows this. Jung Eun notes that Ji Tae chases after No Eul even though it is obvious that No Eul and Joon Young like each other. Jung Eun tells Joon Young that she wants to steal him from No Eul and make Ji Tae regret losing her. Jung Eun asks if Joon Young will help her.


At Jung Eun’s apartment building Joon Young helps her out of the car. He quips that he can’t be seen giving her a piggyback. Jung Eun smiles and agrees. Joon Young starts to walk away but Jung Eun stops him when she asks if she has a chance to take him away from No Eul. Joon Young turns, looks at her, and says she has no chance of taking him away from No Eul. That does not make Jung Eun happy. Joon Young gets in a taxi and offers a ghost of a smile. Nice exchange between these two. Both of them were honest with each other. Jung Eun should have known that Joon Young would not betray the woman he cares for, but she didn’t, and it dinged her pride. Do I feel sorry for her? No, I do not. I am worried about what she’ll do? Yes, I am.

Joon Young directs the taxi driver to No Eul’s house. When her best friend exits the house, Joon Young hides behind a parked car. Another taxi pulls up with No Eul. The taxi driver unloads a multitude of bags from the trunk. No Eul’s friend is not happy that No Eul used the hush money from Ji Tae’s family to buy frivolous things and more importantly stopped pursuing justice for father. No Eul is belligerent, her father is dead, and the real criminal will never be caught, so why not take the cash? No Eul’s friend asks what her father would think of her choice. No Eul says her father would be pleased that for once she thought of herself first. No Eul boasts she can send her brother to college. She asks her friend if she’s jealous of her overnight rags to riches status. That’s it, her friend tells her she never wants to see her again, No Eul has changed into someone she doesn’t know. She stalks back into her home. No Eul is frustrated that her friend doesn’t understand and rejected her gifts.


Ji Tae returns home to hear his mother boasting about Jung Eun’s accomplishments at work. Her husband, Assemblyman Choi, and her daughter, Ha Roo, are not listening to her. Ha! Ji Tae sits down at the table and tells his mother that people are saying rude things about Jung Eun behind her back. Ji Tae’s father notes that the similar things were said about Ji Tae when he started working for the company. Ji Tae’s father says he’s happy to see his son at the dinner table, it’s been a month since he’s joined the family. Ji Tae asks his mother to release Jung Eun and stop using her. Ji Tae says he’ll never get back together with Jung Eun.

Later Ji Tae tells his father that his mother gave No Eul 1 billion. Ji Tae’s father asks if No Eul rejected the money, proving herself unable to be bought. But Ji Tae’s father knows the answer, and says that No Eul took the money. He asks if this is the kind of woman that Ji Tae wants to protect?

Ji Tae’s mother gets frustrated while painting a picture of her son and her husband. What will she do next?

Ji Tae gets a phone call from No Eul’s friend. She rages that Ji Tae’s family and their money polluted No Eul. She notes No Eul was never normal, but now she sold her soul for a cash payout. She demands that Ji Tae return the friend she loved and he ruined. She hangs up. Ji Tae shakes with fury. He appears to get an idea. What will he do next? That was an excellent phone call from No Eul’s friend. She was succinct, on point, and rattled Ji Tae. Ji Tae calls somebody (his assistant or his brother-in-law?) and says he’s going to have to ruin his parents.


Joon Young’s mother asks her brother if she had stayed by Assemblyman Choi’s side, instead of running away, would he have turned out to be a better man than the one Joon Young described to her? Her brother tells her that Assemblyman Choi would come back to her, she need only ask. Joon Young’s mother says she feels bad for her son. I lived to see the day.

uf_ep14_10a uf_ep14_10b uf_ep14_10c

Joon Young observes No Eul drunk, surrounded by her rejected purchases, and railing at the unfairness of the world. She even calls to her father just wanting to speak with him. She passes out. Joon Young piggybacks her home. By the way I love her shoes. Tenderly Joon Young deposits are on the front porch, the caring obvious on his face. Joon Young tells a sleeping No Eul that she did nothing wrong. He almost kisses her but stops himself. He rings the doorbell so her best friend will tend to her.

As Joon Young walks down the street he wonders if he should give up his plan and live the rest of his life the way he wants. Should he stay by No Eul’s side and be the man she deserves? Should he end his days with No Eul? Joon Young knows he has no right to judge No Eul for her actions, when his actions were not pristine either. I like that Joon Young took a moment to consider abandoning his plan to get justice for No Eul and live the rest of his life trying to make her happy. He’s dying, the woman he loves is sad, and his actions aren’t making her happy.


Isn’t young love grand
? Ha Roo stares at No Jik while he studies. He chides her to study to retake the college entrance exam. Ha Roo says she can’t focus because of him. Cute! Ha Roo asks why he’s studying to be a civil servant instead of college. No Jik says that he has to earn money as soon as possible. Ha Roo frets they won’t be a college campus couple. No Jik chuckles and says that she won’t be able to go to college unless she passes the exam. That nicks her pride and she turns her back on him. No Jik notices the pictures of Joon Young plastered on her sweater. No Jik asks if she resigned from Joon Young’s fan club. Ha Roo pouts that all her friends scolded her for leaving. She looks at the sweater realizes that he’s jealous. No Jik denies this claiming that he’s only worried about her future college exams. Smiling Ha Roo promises to study hard. No Jik notices that she is struggling with math. No Jik slides over to help her and while he’s talking math Ha Roo is mesmerized by his good looks. She leans over and kisses his cheek, startling him. No Jik pulls away and asks what she’s doing. What a darling scene between this young couple. A bright spot in this episode.

Joon Young gets reminder on his phone that today is Jung Eun’s birthday.

No Eul wakes up with a hangover and reads the note directing her to eat the hangover soup. No Eul can’t remember how she got to the house last night. When the doorbell rings, No Eul is surprised to find Ji Tae’s assistant (now Jung Eun’s assistant) at the door telling her that Jung Eun wants to see her.

Joon Young buys a pair of pretty shoes. He calls to find out where Jung Eun is. I guess that answers the question if Joon Young is continuing with the plan.

Ji Tae looks determined as he speeds down the road.

uf_ep14_12auf_ep14_12c uf_ep14_12b

No Eul arrives and finds Jung Eun waiting for her. Jung Eun tells No Eul today is her birthday and she has no one to eat with. She asks No Eul to join her. Jung Eun tells No Eul this is her restaurant and there will be no other guests because she wants to have a private conversation with her. Jung Eun asks No Eul if she knows who she is. No Eul rattles off Jung Eun’s business title. Jung Eun says she was Ji Tae’s fiancé, but he broke the relationship because of No Eul. She asks No Eul if she has anything to say to her. No Eul apologizes and says she won’t see Ji Tae again. Jung Eun notes that No Eul took 1 billion to keep that promise. No Eul gets a phone call from Ji Tae. Jung Eun sees her guilty face and grabs the phone out of her hand. Jung Eun answers the phone and hears Ji Tae ask if No Eul is with Jung Eun. Jung Eun answers and says yes No Eul is with me. Jung Eun tells Ji Tae that No Eul won’t see him again. Jung Eun says that No Eul didn’t keep her into the bargain and Ji Tae’s mother will have to be informed. Ji Tae demands Jung Eun release No Eul and deal with him instead. Jung Eun hangs up on Ji Tae. She slams No Eul’s phone to the table. No Eul apologizes. Jung Eun wonders how sorry she is. Livid, Jung Eun stands pulling the tablecloth so that everything falls off the table. She calls No Eul scum. She screams “how dare you do this to me? You aren’t even worth being jealous of”! No Eul apologizes. Jung Eun has gone off the deep end, grabbing No Eul’s lapels and yelling at her to die so Ji Tae will stop wanting her. Ji Tae arrives and yells at Jung Eun to let No Eul go. He breaks Jung Eun’s hold on No Eul. Jung Eun screams in frustration. No Eul says that she won’t be seeing Ji Tae again. Ji Tae stares at her, shocked at her submissiveness. No Eul apologizes again, grabs her phone, her purse, and gets out of there. Ji Tae grabs Jung Eun’s shoulders asking how far he’ll have to go. He yells will he have to become unbearably cruel so that Jung Eun will give up on him?


No Eul waits for the elevator. When the doors open Joon Young is there. No Eul stares at Joon Young noticing the flowers in his hand, obviously not for her. Joon Young stares impassively at her. A tear rolls down No Eul’s face.

My Thoughts

Good episode that turned a bit dark, but it had to. Joon Young, Ji Tae, and No Eul are playing with fire as they poke and prod the crazy ladies, Ji Tae’s mother and Jung Eun. What else could they expect but retaliation? Jung Eun is totally fired up and mama bear isn’t far behind.

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) realized his plan was taking a toll on No Eul and considered abandoning it. But as he decided previously, the best for No Eul’s future happiness is justice for her father’s death. That means he must court Jung Eun to get the confession that she was the hit-and-run driver. I was surprised that Joon Young was truthful that he loved No Eul and wasn’t interested in an affair with Jung Eun. Even though it hurt Jung Eun, she found Joon Young trustworthy by telling her the truth. Joon Young was in agony when he saw No Eul berated by her friend for taking a cash settlement in return for her silence. His tender care of No Eul demonstrated his love for her.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) caved and accepted cash from her enemy. This wasn’t necessarily a crisis of conscience. This was No Eul being pragmatic responding to her brothers need for college tuition, rent money, and eradicating her debt to the loan sharks. To thank her friend for all her support, she took her shopping, but her friend was horrified when she learned it was blood money paying for the purchases. Appropriately her friend got angry with No Eul. And understandably No Eul got drunk. When she met with Jung Eun, she clearly saw the manic threat in her eyes. She’s seen that threat in the manic eyes of Ji Tae’s mother. Wisely, she decided to pacify versus provoke. When Ji Tae arrived, she got the heck out of there. But even she was not immune to the sight of the man she loves bringing flowers to another woman.

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) told his mother he would never return to Jung Eun. But he knows his mother and Jung Eun won’t stop. He was horrified at the retaliation his mother wielded by buying No Eul’s silence. He was afraid for No Eul when he heard the livid anger in Jung Eun’s voice. Ji Tae has crazy women surrounding him and No Eul must be a bastion of sanity. The only problem? She loves Joon Young.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) wondered if she had stayed with Assemblyman Choi would he have become a better man. At least that shows that she believes Joon Young’s assessment of Assemblyman Choi. And she had a moment that she felt sorry for Joon Young. That was a long time coming.

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee Seo Won) and Ha Roo were cute. I do like this young couple. It was the brightest scene in this episode because everybody else was so serious (and rightly so). But this couple brought the cute and I thoroughly enjoyed their interactions. More please.

The 13th song of the OST is sung by Kim Yeon Jun. Check out “I Could Live” via the embedded video below:

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5 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 14
  1. mhryu says:

    Thank you for the lovely recaps of each and every episode of this drama. I can’t wait for the whole drama to almost near ending before starting the drama as the wait would be too intense for me 😉 great acting skills from all cast on this drama.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    HOTEL ROOM ENCOUNTER—I had a feeling No Eul was going to stay be his side; she called his bluff, even though her body language, screamed she was not ready for a romantic encounter. Darn! I would have liked some steamy! Kjtamuser you were right on the money with “Nothing cools ardor quicker than a reticent woman”, except maybe guilt. I think Joon Young was feeling both.

    ANGRY MOM—Moms seems to have cooled down, but would not take the time to answer her son’s question. I am disappointed in her and she will have regrets once she learns of his tumor. It was interesting to note Joon Young’s hypocritical manager is also his cousin. I concur with your observation on Joon Young’s mom not removing the sign for her son’s fans completely?

    I had to double check my captions to confirm moms AT LAST acknowledged Joon Young’s belief of CHJ being a bad man. Would CHJ have ended up a better person if he had stayed with moms? Abso-freakin-lutely, she would beat the crap out of him and not put up his nonsense. Instead CHJ made the choice to be with and influenced by the evil witch. I don’t feel sorry for CHJ, he overlooked his wife (fiancée at the time?) making Young Ok go away. He ended up with the evil witch, who is exactly what he deserves; but our pitiable Joon Young had no choice in the selection of his bio dad—well okay, none of us do, but he got the short end of the gene pool stick.

    BLOOD MONEY—Getting a summons by the evil witch is not a good omen. No Eul took a shot at being the pragmatic sibling by taking the blood money. I agree her “logic is sound”. She knows she cannot beat these people, so why not take the money? I think she cannot feel satisfied because she does understand this is the price of her father’s life. No Jik will be furious when he finds out.

    No Eul’s bestie is incredulous she would consider taking the money and I admire the bestie for reaching out to Ji Tae to assist in getting No Eul to reject the blood money. I concur No Eul’s bestie’s phone call to Ji Tae was “succinct, on point, and rattled Ji Tae”

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—No Jik and Ha Roo’s romance is such a refreshing scene from the turmoil and games in this episode. It is nice to a happy couple. 💋

    JI TAE’S ATTACK PLAN—When Ji Tae’s former assistant asked “why Ji Tae is being so harsh with his parents?” I though WHAT?!? Isn’t it his parents being too harsh with him? Ji Tae’s plan seems to be back firing as No Eul took the blood money. Ji Tae’s fantasy of ending up with No Eul is getting a reality check as well.

    I like Ji Tae being consistent with his mother about no returning to Jung Eun. Our warriors for justice “are playing with fire as they poke and prod the crazy ladies.” My concern is the amount of suffering No Eul will have to endure at the hands of the evil witch and the murderess for Ji Tae’s gallant efforts. I agree No Eul is Ji Tae’s “bastion of sanity”.

    ONE-WAY LOVE TRIANGLES—Hmm we have Jung Eun pursuing Ji Tae, who pursues No Eul and then we have Jung Eun pursing Joon Young, presumably to get back at Ji Tae (and No Eul), who pursues No Eul. No Eul is the object of affection for the men Jung Eun is pursing…this is probably the first time Jung Eun hasn’t gotten her way. I almost feel sorry for Jung Eun, except she is a vile excuse of a human being—oh yes I remember Jung Eun saying Mr. No’s family was better off without him since he would be a burden.

    JOON YOUNG’S ATTACK PLAN—the details are not fleshed out, but Joon Young clearly has a plan to get justice for his No Eul. Where does the health confession video come into play?
    I ❤ the way Joon Young makes it look like he was making a play for Jung Eun and then it turns out he was not. Kjtamuser you nailed it with Joon Young “Drawing her close but never crossing the boundary she has put up” He is taking Jung Eun off on a glorious joy ride, teasing Jung Eun with himself as bait, and what a tall, tempting morsel he is…mmm.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I don’t feel sorry for CHJ, he overlooked his wife (fiancée at the time?) making Young Ok go away. He ended up with the evil witch, who is exactly what he deserves; but our pitiable Joon Young had no choice in the selection of his bio dad—well okay, none of us do, but he got the short end of the gene pool stick.”
      * I’m wondering if CHJ feel righteous fury once he learns his wife sent the woman he loved away and they both hid that he had a son. I’m still wondering if CHJ will suffer any consequences for his part in hiding that JE was the hit and run driver. The target seems to be JE. No doubt JE’s father would want CHJ to suffer as it will be his son, Joon Young, that brings down his daughter. Then Ji Tae rejected his daughter too.

      “When Ji Tae’s former assistant asked “why Ji Tae is being so harsh with his parents?”
      * His logic was similar to No Eul, you can’t beat them, so join them.

      “this is probably the first time Jung Eun hasn’t gotten her way. I almost feel sorry for Jung Eun, except she is a vile excuse of a human being”
      * Yep, there was a moment, but nope, I don’t feel sorry for her either.

      ” He is taking Jung Eun off on a glorious joy ride, teasing Jung Eun with himself as bait, and what a tall, tempting morsel he is”
      * Woo Bin is a lovely man to watch. I’ve noticed the camera angles for other characters are often better than for him. See if you don’t agree next episode. If I were running the camera, I’d frame his face and light him so he looked fabulous in every scene.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    If CHJ doesn’t get any legal reprisal for his actions, Jung Eun’s father will likely make sure CHJ receives retribution–as you pointed out for his daughter’s treatment from CHJ’s sons: being rejected by Ji Tae and is currently being played by Joon Young to what we hope is a ‘just’ ending.

    Woo Bin may be deliberately getting bad camera angles to emphasize that he his not healthy. But I agree, I would want to make him look his best–which is sooo yummy! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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