Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 13

No Eul’s unflappable faith and Joon Young’s commitment to his plan shine this episode.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 13

The episode starts with a montage of Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father) and a voiceover by Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) describing her happy life after the hit-and-run accident of No Eul’s father. We learned detail the car she drove was scrapped shortly after the accident. We see Joon Young was at the bar the night Jung Eun got drunk. That answers the question how Joon Young was there when Jung Eun fell into the pool. I like how Joon Young appears to be a lion stalking his prey, Jung Eun. It makes this character more powerful, when he has not seemed the one in control many times during this series. Joon Young tells us that the three witnesses to the accident changed their story, there is no remaining evidence of the crime, so there can never be a retrial. Now we see that Joon Young changed his mind about doing the movie because it will put him in closer proximity with Jung Eun. He is a lion stalking his prey. When Joon Young learned he had been replaced by another actor for the part, he calmly told his management team to call the production company and asked if they wanted a one hit wonder or the biggest star in Korea today, him. Again that’s smart of Joon Young to leverage his fame to benefit himself.

Joon Young’s management team can’t believe he wants to get closer to Jung Eun just because she’s rich. Not only that, Joon Young tells them, she’s beautiful too. Joon Young is surprised to learn that Jung Eun is engaged to Ji Tae. His management team cannot understand why he’s pursuing Jung Eun when he cared for No Eul.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) offers No Eul (Bae Suzy) a piggyback ride. She’s declines saying she can walk without her shoes. But Ji Tae makes it irresistible when he notes that there are many people in the building that will see them. I like that Ji Tae is thinking about his end of the bargain and No Eul too.

Joon Young watches Seo Yoon Hoo and Jung Eun walk and talk. Joon Young thinks to himself there’s 46 days left that Jung Eun can be charged with the hit-and-run. He figures he’s got 30 to 60 days of life left. He interrupts their conversation. Joon Young says he’s changed his mind and has agreed to play the main role in the film.  Seo Yoon Hoo is not excited about his change of mind.

Ji Tae is piggybacking No Eul through the building. As expected, people notice.

Seo Yoon Hoo leaves. Joon Young says good night to Jung Eun. She stops him and says that she knows this isn’t the first time they’ve met. Joon Young says he was going to pretend they had never met. Jung Eun introduces herself. Joon Young introduces himself. Ji Tae walks into the lobby with No Eul on his back. They all stare at each other. No Eul ask Ji Tae to put her down on the ground which he does. She walks up to Joon Young and Ji Tae walks up to Jung Eun. We have our couple standoff.

Let me just take a moment to say that the writers and the producer director did a nice job of deconstructing and then reconstructing the final scene from the previous episode. This is something this series has done well. We’ve seen scenes in a shortened version, and then a of fuller rendition so to completely understand what we saw previously.

uf_ep13_2b uf_ep13_2a
No Eul draws first blood as she calls Joon Young and notes as his phone rings that his phone number has not changed but notes he has ignored her calls and texts. Joon Young says he didn’t feel like changing his number. No Eul asks why he ignored her calls and texts. Joon Young gives the terribly unsatisfying answer of “because”. No Eul doesn’t like that answer and says she’s got tons of things to say to him. Joon Young says he’s a bit busy and doesn’t want to talk to her. That surprises No Eul. Joon Young turns to Jung Eun and says he’ll see her around. He walks away leaving No Eul and Ji Tae to puzzle over his behavior. No Eul takes her leave.

uf_ep13_2c uf_ep13_2d
Now Ji Tae and Jung Eun face-off. Ji Tae tells her sorry. Jung Eun asks if that’s all he’s got to say. Ji Tae says if they decided to end their relationship earlier she would not have had to go through so much pain. He apologizes. She is shocked at his blasé demeanor. Ji Tae walks away. Jung Eun fights back tears.

Ji Tae catches up with Joon Young and asks if he wants to have a drink together.

No Eul put several bottles of alcohol in her basket, but wonders what trouble she’d cause by getting drunk. I love that she’s even considering the consequences of her actions, something she hasn’t always done in this series. She puts the alcohol back and calls her boss and invites him to join her. They karaoke together. They party like it’s 1999.

uf_ep13_3b uf_ep13_3a
Ji Tae asks if Joon Young came to see No Eul. Joon Young says he’s there to shoot a movie. Ji Tae thought Joon Young declined that role. Joon Young says he changed his mind after seeing how beautiful Jung Eun was. Joon Young reaches for his drink but Ji Tae downs the shot. Ji Tae says he forgot that a sick person shouldn’t drink alcohol. Bam! I like that line! Joon Young hesitates and then says he’s not sick. Ji Tae looks around, then switches to English, and tells Joon Young that he knows he’s got a brain tumor that cannot be operated on, and he’s only got two months to live. Wow! I love the switch to English to afford themselves privacy while Ji Tae stabs a knife, figuratively, into Joon Young. Ji Tae says he’ll protect No Eul. He tells Joon Young to concentrate on keeping himself healthy. Ji Tae says the clock is ticking. Ji Tae says Joon Young can’t be responsible for No Eul because he’ll be dead soon. That is a harsh statement! Ji Tae stands and tells Joon Young to stop messing with people. He takes a bottle and walks away. Joon Young sits there stunned that his secret is no longer a secret. That was a super scene between the two men. Ji Tae had the upper hand all the way. I’m glad that Joon Young knows that Ji Tae knows about his illness. Ji Tae was blunt and a shade smirky that with Joon Young out of the way, No Eul would be all his.

No Eul takes a break from karaoke and washes her face. As she returns to the room she passes by the female manager in Joon Young’s team, who is being hassled by three men. No Eul walks by and can’t help but hear the hassling increase. She decides to take action and runs toward them.

Joon Young calls his manager and hears a commotion in the background. When he arrives he finds his manager, the female manager, and No Eul sitting on and teaching the three men a lesson. Joon Young yells, startling everyone, and they get to their feet. His manager defends her actions saying that the three men were hassling his coworker. Joon Young tells them to leave. Joon Young walks away.

uf_ep13_4b uf_ep13_4a
No Eul can’t just let him leave and goes after him. She tells them they were only defending his female manager. Joon Young doesn’t care. No Eul can’t fathom his complete disinterest. She shows him that she got scratched in the tussle, and the man she was fighting kicked her. She fully details all of her hurts. You can tell Joon Young wants to help her but his new “I don’t care” persona can’t allow it. So Joon Young calls a female employee and asks her to escort No Eul to the nearest hospital. He tells No Eul to go to the hospital and get treatment. He walks away. No Eul declines the woman’s help stating she’s not hurt and has no need of going to a hospital. She watches Joon Young walk away. That was a good scene for Suzy. No Eul had a playful tone as she detailed her hurts but to no avail, Joon Young wasn’t going to bite.

Ji Tae gingerly rises out of bed, we see the empty bottle at his feet. To his surprise, Jung Eun is sitting in a chair. He’s not happy to see her and wants to know how she got in his room. Jung Eun says his mother invited her over and wants to know when he wakes up. Jung Eun calls his mother and hands the phone to Ji Tae. His mother tells him that she assigned the movie he was to produce to Jung Eun. She tells Ji Tae that he needs to work for Jung Eun on this project. Ji Tae agrees. Ji Tae’s mother also says she’s thinking about giving another one of Ji Tae’s tasks to Jung Eun. She asks if that’s okay. Ji Tae says it’s fine. Then mom drops the bomb and says Ji Tae needs to move out. Ji Tae calmly says he’ll move out. Not exactly excited that Ji Tae is showing no emotions when she’s ripping so many things out of his hands, she tells him to take care of himself but he interrupts and tells her “I don’t care what you do to me. But leave No Eul alone.” That’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Ji Tae stares at Jung Eun and tells his mother not to lay a hand on No Eul or her brother. He tells his mother he holds the trump card. His mother doesn’t like that. Ji Tae hangs up. As he hands the phone back to Jung Eun he congratulates her on the promotion. Jung Eun states she’ll shall wait until he returns to her. Ji Tae says he’ll never come back to her. Another solid scene between Ji Tae and the two alternate universe women in his life. You have to wonder how they will retaliate. They will likely try and hurt No Eul in some fashion.

Joon Young is out for a jog and falls down. He tries to pick up the dropped water bottle but cannot. He recalls his doctor’s warning that things will get worse for him.

No Eul sees the bruise on her face and recalls how heartless Joon Young was last night.

No Eul goes outside and sees Joon Young staring at the sea. Joon Young is indeed staring at the sea watching it go in and out of focus. When things go in focus again, No Eul is standing in front of him. She pretends that she lost money and asks if he’s hiding it in his shoe. It’s cute and sad that she’s trying to reach out to him but he keeps ignoring her entreaties. Joon Young gets up and starts to walk away but No Eul grabs his hand. She tells him she doesn’t believe what other people say, that he’s avoiding her because she sullies his reputation. She says she knows what kind of man he is. He wouldn’t drop her just because of that. Joon Young pulls his hand out of hers and says you think you know me? No Eul retorts I do know you, I know everything about you. She knows he misses her. Joon Young tells her she’s delusional. No Eul says she misses him. A lot. She smiles tentatively as she admits that she’s missed him so much she thought she’d go crazy. She takes his hand and says let’s see each other later, and tomorrow, and the next day. She gives him a hopeful smile. No Eul walks away. Joon Young watches her go. Good scene for No Eul and Suzy did a good job portraying it. No Eul is committed to Joon Young and she’s not afraid to say that to him. It took her awhile to decide whether or not she was willing to trust Joon Young, her heart, and have a relationship. But now, even though he’s being a jerk, she’s not backing down. She’s in it for the long run. I’m impressed.

uf_ep13_6b uf_ep13_6a
Joon Young’s mother is distracted and not herself after meeting Assemblyman Choi. We see after they met, they went to have coffee. Joon Young’s mother was so nervous she stirred a ton of sugar into her coffee. Assemblyman Choi cannot help but notice stating she drinks her coffee black. They do the obligatory how have you been interchange. When Joon Young’s mother sips her coffee, she cringes at the sweetness. Assemblyman Choi asks why she was in front of Joon Young’s house. He asks if she got married. Per her phone call, her brother arrives, and is not happy that she wants him to join the awkward conversation with Assemblyman Choi. Joon Young’s mother claims her brother is her husband. Assemblyman Choi apologizes for not greeting him properly before. Joon Young’s mother takes her brother’s hand, which Assemblyman Choi notices. Joon Young’s mother says that Joon Young is their son. Joon Young’s uncle almost spits out his water in surprise. Joon Young’s mother says that Joon Young’s father didn’t approve of his path to stardom, so they are living apart. Assemblyman Choi says they must be so proud of their son. She asks Assemblyman Choi why he was in front of her son’s home. Assemblyman Choi states he was there to thank Joon Young, because of him, he was able to save the life. Assemblyman Choi watches her tend to her husband, and doesn’t like it.

uf_ep13_7b uf_ep13_7a
Choi Ha Roo has invited all of No Eul’s brother’s friends for a free meal and interrogation. When she wants even more details, and they claim they told her everything. No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won) arrives and isn’t happy to know that she’s digging for information about him by using his friends. Ha Roo sees his name tag and realizes that he is No Eul’s brother. No Jik tells his friends they better not say another word to Ha Roo. No Jik goes to pay for the meal. HR stands and says she’s paying for this meal. His friends say Ha Roo is bribing them with food. His friend states Ha Roo is rich and they look good together. HR likes that statement. His friends chant that they should date. No Jik is not amused and asks for the bill. Ha Roo rushes to him and pulls him away saying she’s paying the bill. No Jik doesn’t like that. No Jik accidentally pushes her to the ground. No Jik doesn’t like that. Nice scene between our young couple. He must respect Ha Roo taking the direct approach to learn about him by going to his friends. And you know what they say, the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach. It seemed to work well with his friends.

uf_ep13_8b uf_ep13_8a
No Jik takes Ha Roo to No Eul’s friends shop, explaining that HR doesn’t seem to remember who she is or where she lives. No Eul’s friend questions Ha Roo and realizes the obvious. She draws No Jik aside and says Ha Roo is crazy about him, that she only wants to stay by his side. No Jik says he’s nothing special and doesn’t understand why Ha Roo would go to such lengths for him. No Jik goes to Ha Roo and retrieves the notebook she has on him. No Jik reviews it and says it’s all wrong. No Jik tells Ha Roo in the future, if she wants to know about him, ask him directly. No Jik promises to tell her anything she wants to know. That puts a smile on Ha Roo’s face. No Jik smiles too.

No Eul is in a bit of a bind as her pretty dress isn’t ready to go and Seo Yoon Hoo is waiting for her.

No Eul goes to the photo shoot dressed in her jogging outfit that has stains. Seo Yoon Hoo reads her the riot act for looking shabby. Joon Young and his management team arrive and overhear. Seo Yoon Hoo takes his sunglasses off No Eul’s face and is not happy to see the bruise. His management team derides No Eul. Joon Young’s manager can’t let that slide because Seo Yoon Hoo ‘s management team were the ones they got into a tussle with last night. Joon Young tells his manager to be quiet. No Eul looks at him and weathers another disappointment. No Eul apologizes to Seo Yoon Hoo but it doesn’t matter. He tells her to go home. Jung Eun arrives and sees the exchange. Seo Yoon Hoo fingers her dirty tracksuit and tells her she stinks of kimchi. No Eul finds her voice and tells Seo Yoon Hoo what matters is her skill, not how she looks like. Go girl! Seo Yoon Hoo is not happy at her impudence. Joon Young has to smile, loving her response. No Eul tells Seo Yoon Hoo people get messy when they work. Livid at her back talk, Seo Yoon Hoo orders her to leave. Seo Yoon Hoo calls to Joon Young and says he should have warned him that No Eul was difficult to work with. Joon Young squeezes his fist in anger but says in a calm voice that he didn’t realize that Seo Yoon Hoo hired No Eul. Of course if he’d known, he would have warned Seo Yoon Hoo about No Eul. Ouch! Seo Yoon Hoo tells No Eul she’ll never work in the business again. Upset at the unfairness and complete lack of support from Joon Young, No Eul picks up her camera and walks away. Jung Eun smirks in satisfaction at No Eul’s humiliation.

Ji Tae finds No Eul and asks why she’s not at the movie shooting. She tells him she got fired. She apologizes to Ji Tae. He asks her if she wants coffee.

uf_ep13_10b uf_ep13_10a
No Eul tells Ji Tae she heard he got fired to and replaced by Jung Eun. Ji Tae says he almost got engaged to Jung Eun. That surprises No Eul. Ji Tae says he ditched the engagement ceremony to stop her from leaving Korea. Ji Tae asks No Eul if she likes Joon Young is much as he thinks she does. She tells him to mind his own business. Ji Tae asks why she can only look at Joon Young, even though he treats her badly. He asks if she’s got any pride. No Eul counters that he’s in the same boat she is. No Eul notes Ji Tae was engaged to cool woman, but he’s hurt, because she’s the only one he can see. Nice! She asks if he’s got any pride. Nice! Ji Tae says it’s not a matter of pride, it’s him knowing that eventually, if he waits long enough, she’ll come to him. No Eul says that will never happen. No Eul says they can never be together. Ji Tae says you never know. Ji Tae suggests that they both go back to Seoul since they both got fired. Nice scene for both No Eul and Ji Tae. I’m loving this version of No Eul that says what she thinks, but says it effectively. Ji Tae has a clear advantage knowing that Joon Young will expire, and No Eul will be ripe for the picking.

Joon Young’s manager is not happy with Joon Young’s behavior and claims he won’t be his manager anymore. Does anybody else have the exact same reaction I do? Are you kidding me? Aren’t you the guy that locked Joon Young into his bedroom when he desperately wanted to get to No Eul while she was being held at the police station?

It’s an intense scene between Joon Young and Seo Yoon Hoo. It starts to get personal for both men. Joon Young ends up knocking Seo Yoon Hoo to the ground. Ha, ha, ha! Joon Young starts hitting Seo Yoon Hoo. The director calls for Joon Young to stop, he’s not supposed to be hitting him. But Joon Young won’t stop and continues to pummel Seo Yoon Hoo. Now everyone watches with concern. The director yells cut. Joon Young stops. We all know Joon Young was beating him up because of his mistreatment of No Eul. Seo Yoon Hoo deserved that.

No Eul is packing to leave and realizes she needs some plastic bags so she goes to the front desk. She learns that the shoot is already done for the day because of an accident.

Joon Young claims to have misread the script, he thought he was to attack Seo Yoon Hoo. Jung Eun tells Joon Young that Seo Yoon Hoo plans to sue. Joon Young is unconcerned. Joon Young says he needs to accept the consequences of his actions. He gets up and walks away.

Jung Eun runs after him and joins him in the elevator. She advises Joon Young to apologize to Seo Yoon Hoo before the media hears about this and it blows up in their faces. Joon Young says that Seo Yoon Hoo has done the same thing to him in the past, but without an apology. Joon Young says that Seo Yoon Hoo told him sometimes these things happen among actors. Jung Eun says there’s too much at stake. She asks if Joon Young wants the project canceled. Jung Eun says she wants this project to succeed, it’s important for her career. Joon Young asks her which hospital Seo Yoon Hoo is at.

Joon Young and Jung Eun visit Seo Yoon Hoo in the hospital. Joon Young apologizes and claims he misread the script. Jung Eun says that Seo Yoon Hoo has made a similar mistake in the past, and asks him to let the matter drop. Seo Yoon Hoo says that Joon Young did this intentionally, and he won’t let the matter drop. Joon Young disputes his claim saying he never beat him intentionally, he likes him. Now that is some good acting! As we all know that Joon Young loathes Seo Yoon Hoo. He demands Joon Young get on his knees. Jung Eun takes exception to that request. She offers to get on her knees instead. She goes to kneel but Joon Young stops her. Instead he kneels in front of Seo Yoon Hoo and asked for forgiveness. Jung Eun watches Joon Young in stunned amazement.

uf_ep13_12auf_ep13_12c uf_ep13_12b
Joon Young arrives at his hotel door and sees No Eul sitting there. He approaches her. No Eul asks if he beat up Seo Yoon Hoo for her. Joon Young calls her a narcissist. He goes into his hotel room, but No Eul slips in. She tells him she knows he did that for her. She asks why he’s being so cruel to her. Joon Young walks to his bedroom and tells her he’s tired and going to go to bed. He asks her to leave. No Eul says this latest method to tease her is not working. She says he can’t hurt her, disappoint her, because she’s not giving up on him. Joon Young pushes her onto the bed and looms over her. They stare into each other’s eyes. He starts to unzip her top and says “if you want me to stop, let me know, I’ll open the door and you can leave”. She stares at him. He stares at her. What will she say?

My Thoughts

Best episode of the series. I’ve enjoyed these back to back good episodes. I liked everything that happened in this episode. Each character has taken control of their own actions and are each acting as they wish, not according to the dictates of others.

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) has a plan and is driven to make it succeed for No Eul.  His decision to cut No Eul out of his plan bothered me last episode, but I’m on board with it now. Why? Because she sees right through him. I was worried that he was going to do all these things to get justice for her father’s death, and she’d never know that he did it all for her. But No Eul knows he cares, and at the end of the episode Joon Young couldn’t let the golden opportunity for alone time pass. I have to say again Joon Young’s manager was unbelievably hypocritical in getting mad at Joon Young’s cruelness to No Eul, when he was crueler to No Eul by allowing her to rot in jail and keep Joon Young away from her in her hour of need. I really like how Joon Young is systematically working on Jung Eun to get her to trust him, and hopefully admit, while recorded, to the hit-and-run accident that killed No Eul’s father.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) impressed me with her unflappable faith in Joon Young. Suzy had some very good scenes this episode. It’s great to see No Eul’s faith in Joon Young. It’s great to see No Eul stand up to Joon Young and not accept his lies. It was great to see No Eul tell Ji Tae that he was a hypocrite by hanging around her, when he accused her of hanging around Joon Young. It was great to see No Eul stand up to Seo Yoon Hoo, super jerk, and tell him the obvious, clothes don’t matter when you’re doing your job. I like this confident No Eul. More please.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) didn’t care when his mother stripped him of responsibilities. She wanted to hurt him by giving his power to Jung Eun, but it was like water off a duck’s back, he did not care, much to his mother’s chagrin. Ji Tae also clearly blew off Jung Eun, not caring about her in the least, which hurt her because she does care about him (as much is this woman could care about him). Ji Tae had the upper hand when he surprised Joon Young with the knowledge that he knew about Joon Young’s terminal illness. There wasn’t anything Joon Young could say in that moment, he was too surprised. While Ji Tae’s approach is loathsome, he’s not wrong, if Joon Young dies, then he can pursue No Eul. At this point, No Eul seems very committed to Joon Young, but something tells me Ji Tae would be willing to wait a long time for No Eul.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) pretended her brother was her husband.  She could barely function after Assemblyman Choi found her at Joon Young’s house. What’s a woman to do when the love of your life is staring at you and you decide to reject him? Pretend you’re in a relationship with someone else. Her brother was handy and she selected him as her husband. I did find the multiple sugars in the coffee, indicating how nervous she was, a nice touch.

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee Seo Won) finally saw that Ha Roo likes him, and he likes her too. I like this young couple. You have to give Ha Roo props for interrogating his friends and plying them with food. It was when No Jik pushed her down accidentally, you could see that he cared about her well-being. When No Eul’s friend said Ha Roo was crazy about him, No Jik made his choice to let Ha Roo know that he was available to her. This was the most positive step are young couple has taken yet will.

The 12th song of the OST is sung by Eric Nam. Check out “Shower” via this link or the embedded video below:

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6 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur with ktjamuser in appreciating how the PD of this drama has done “a nice job of deconstructing and then reconstructing the final scene from the previous episode” by filling in the missing details from the end of the previous episode at the beginning of each episode.

    ANGRY MOM AND CLUELESS BIO DAD—Seems to have calmed down a bit, evidence by leaving food at his door. Sitting in the restaurant booth was a horribly awkward scene. I wish she would not even give CHJ the time of day. Generally I am in favor of letting a bio dad know about their child, but since Joon Young is an adult and has no interest in cultivating a relationship with bio dad, I’m glad mom lied about being married and having her brother pose as her husband and Joon Young’s father. I wish she would treat CHJ with the contempt she has been showing her son. Keep CHJ clueless, this state suits him very well, and leaves the insipid politician with their best friend, plausible deniability.

    POT, MEET THE KETTLE—I concur with your sentiments about Joon Young’s manager about getting riled at Joon Young’s treatment of No Eul. “Are you kidding me? Aren’t you the guy that locked Joon Young into his bedroom when he desperately wanted to get to No Eul while she was being held at the police station?” I guess a ma—err hypocrite has to draw a line somewhere, but dude how about using a little logic instead of being back assward?

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—After Ha Roo’s confession last week she starts bribing No Jik’s friends for information. Are they really his friends or just fellow students? They were clueless with No Jik’s favorites and what is up with them calling him gramps or elder? I noticed this nickname in earlier episodes. Noona hit the nail on the head with informing No Jik “she’s crazy…crazy about you!”

    It seems like No Jik is starting to soften towards Ha Roo and starting to reciprocate some affection—I ❤ these two! Does this young couple even have a chance due to the history of their fathers? What will her mother do?

    HORRIBLE, DASTARDLY DUO—Jung Eun and the evil witch combining forces is a very scary thought! Jung Eun was angry at Ji Tae piggybacking No Eul, sad when Ji Tae walked off without her and then smirking when No Eul got fired. I don’t like her or her moods. The dastardly duo selected Ji Tae is their first target with the aim of controlling him—I hope he continues to not be compliant. I do applaud him for remaining unruffled and seemed to take it in stride when his evil witch mom look away his job and lodgings—he was prepared to step up.

    I am worried about the reprisal could come raining down on No Eul from Jung Eun and Ji Tae’s mother: “You have to wonder how they will retaliate. They will likely try and hurt No Eul in some fashion.” Unfortunately No Eul will end up as their target with an annihilation mission. Hopefully Ji Tae can continue to use his hidden card to protect No Eul. What is his hidden card? Does Ji Tae have evidence of Jung Eun’s guilt?

    HOPEFUL JI TAE— Ji Tae seems to have great hopes of eventually winning No Eul’s heart—I think he will be in for a world of hurt. I can hardly believe Lim Ju Hwan looks younger than he did in SOGC.

    When Ji Tae divulged his knowledge of Joon Young’s tumor and couldn’t help but think “Where is Dr. Lee Young Oh when you need him?” When neurosurgeon Dr. Lee takes on a patient, it means they are going to survive. Can’t we have a JH cameo to come and save the day? Why is it only Joon Young’s enemies have discovered his impending death? “Ji Tae was blunt and a shade smirky that with Joon Young out of the way, No Eul would be all his.” I think it is time for Joon Young to start revealing his illness to his loved ones.

    JOON YOUNG, SEEKER OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE—This man is on a mission to get justice for No Eul with the time he has left. Joon Young started tailing Jung Eun like “a lion stalking his prey”. I’m not sure how he is going to get serve up justice, since the evidence is all gone and the statute of limitations is almost over, but the key word is “almost”. Joon Young is subtly setting up Jung Eun to be interested in him or possibly fall for him. Can he get her to confess to her crime?

    Joon Young’s harem jogging pants look so comfy as he was working out trying to preserve his health. I hate to see him have more symptoms of his brain tumor.

    I ❤ Joon Young took his pound of flesh from the repugnant Yoo Hoon as revenge for No Eul —“misread the script”…un huh. Color me surprised when Joon Young got on his knees to apologize for his volatile actions.

    Is the apology a ploy to woo Jung Eun? It pleases me Joon Young is not wasting any of his precious time on his loser bio dad.

    Right up to the end of the episode Joon Young resisting running to No Eul’s side. I think he is trying to scare off No Eul with flinging her on the bed, but if she isn’t scared off, what will he do? Give into his desires?

    TENACIOUS NO EUL—This woman has got the numbers of both Joon Young and Ji Tae. She called out Ji Tae as a hypocrite, for the one-sided clinging. In the beginning No Eul was so reluctant to believe Joon Young loved her. I think her tenacity comes from being thoroughly confident about Joon Young’s sincerity towards her. Thinking back to his confession and kiss…Mmm he could persuade me any time!

    Sooo… No Eul only has only 1 dress and a track suit in the suitcase she brought? Girl you need to improve your packing skills for a multi-night stay.

    I ❤ No Eul for not backing down from Joon Young as she told him “he can’t hurt her, disappoint her, because she’s not giving up on him.” Reminds me of Jin Sung in Beautiful Mind “I hear everything you say as I love you.”

    No Eul did not display any shyness as Joon Young started to undress. She did not even flinch when he pulled down the zipper on her track suit. I halfway expect No Eul to NOT leave Joon Young’s hotel room. 💋 Will it get steamy?

    • kjtamuser says:

      “I concur with your sentiments about Joon Young’s manager about getting riled at Joon Young’s treatment of No Eul.”
      * He certainly is not self aware!

      “It seems like No Jik is starting to soften towards Ha Roo and starting to reciprocate some affection—I❤ these two! Does this young couple even have a chance due to the history of their fathers? What will her mother do?”
      * Mama bear has bigger fish to fry with the older children!

      “Hopefully Ji Tae can continue to use his hidden card to protect No Eul. What is his hidden card? ”
      * Good question. I don’t know. I hope it is major ammunition.

      “When Ji Tae divulged his knowledge of Joon Young’s tumor and couldn’t help but think “Where is Dr. Lee Young Oh when you need him?” When neurosurgeon Dr. Lee takes on a patient, it means they are going to survive. ”
      * I’ve thought the same everytime the brain tumor is discussed. Joon Young, have I got a doctor for you!

      “I can hardly believe Lim Ju Hwan looks younger than he did in SOGC.”
      * I think his hair aged him in SOGC.

      “Is the apology a ploy to woo Jung Eun? It pleases me Joon Young is not wasting any of his precious time on his loser bio dad.”
      * I like that Joon Young is using his brain and fame to get justice for No Eul. That’s love in action.

      “I❤ No Eul for not backing down from Joon Young as she told him “he can’t hurt her, disappoint her, because she’s not giving up on him.” Reminds me of Jin Sung in Beautiful Mind “I hear everything you say as I love you.”
      * Another solid analogy. This was a terrific episode for No Eul.

      I’m pleased that this series is getting stronger as it progresses.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I’m also pleased the series is getting stronger.

        I think Ji Tae’s hidden card may not be much more than we already know:
        – Jung Eun is guilty of Mr. No’s hit and run
        – CHJ covered-up Jung Eun’s crime.

        Ji Tae’s card could be “major ammunition” if his has actual evidence of the hit and run AND the cover-up…we can only hope!

        • kjtamuser says:

          I’ll be surprised if JT’s hidden card is major but I want to be surprised on this point. JE needs to pay. I’d prefer JY to handle nailing JE and JT handle nailing his mother.
          We’ll see as the series wraps up this week!

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Agreed on the who nails who, but who nails CHJ? Assemblyman Clueless needs to take a whole lot of responsibility for his actions, or inaction as the case may be.

    I thought there were 20 episodes, which gave (since it was pre-produced) the writer a bit more time to wrap it up and hopefully not drag it out.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You are right, 20 episodes. I had 16 episodes stuck in my mind. This makes more sense, they have too much story to complete in 2 episodes. You are right again, Assemblyman Choi does need to take responsibility for his actions too.

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