Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 2 Recap

Cinderella has hard times and two of the Knights struggle with their own paths.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 2 Recap


Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) asks Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) if she came to the wedding for money. He asks if she needs money that badly. He holds a wad of cash in front of her face. Then he lets the money fall to the floor. Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) and Ji Woon stare at each other with Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) watching. Hyun Min tells Ji Woon that not to mistreat his woman. Ji Woon takes exception to the term “my woman”. The two cousins glare at each other and Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) orders them to stop. She walks out of the room which forces Ji Woon to follow her. But Ha Won can’t leave the insult without a response. She follows Ji Woon out of the room and tells him “I know rich people easily throw money around but I’m not rich”. Ji Woon tries to walk away but she grabs his arm. Ji Woon grabs her and pushes her against the wall. He stares into her eyes and asks who she is. He warns her to stay away from Hyun Min. But Ha Won is not passive, at least not with Ji Woon, and she pushes him against the wall. She stares into his eyes and warns him to stay out of her business. Ji Woon extracts himself and strides away. I absolutely love the moxie that Ha Won shows in that scene. I hope the writers embrace the fact that she has the physical ability to interact with the men throughout the series. If she wants to be passive around her own family so be it, but let her have the moxie with the men. Plus, there was an inkling of something between Ji Woon and Ha Won.

Ji Woon finds Hye Ji crying next to his motorcycle. He looks at her with kindness and puts his motorcycle helmet on her.

Hyun Min finds Ha Won and asks if she’s okay. She lets him know in no uncertain terms that she’s not okay as she divests herself of the jewelry, the purse, the over dress, and finally she throws the shoes at him as she stalks away wearing only the basic white shift. Hyun Min picks up one of the shoes and watches her walk away. Do we see a glimmer of him caring about another person’s feelings?


As Ha Won walks away Ji Woon and Hye Ji speed past her on Ji Woon’s motorcycle. Ji Woon turns and looks at her. Can he see the tears in her eyes? In was a nice touch Ha Won did not crumble from the experience.

When Ji Woon and Hye Ji arrive at her house he helps her off the motorcycle. She appears dazed. Ji Woon asks if she likes Hyun Min even though he won’t spare a glance at her. Hye Ji declares she will make him look at her, and that’s a promise. Ji Woon respects her moxie. I do too.

Assistant Lee is there when Hyun Min finishes his shower. He asks Hyun Min if he realizes what he did at the wedding. Hyun Min asks if Grandfather liked his gift. Assistant Lee says in return Grandfather decided to give him a gift. He shows Hyun Min a picture of a woman. Assistant Lee says the woman is Hyun Min’s fiancé, Granddaughter of a powerful businessman. Hyun Min is shocked that his Grandfather would force an arranged marriage. Assistant Lee calmly tells him to be on his best behavior tomorrow when he meets her. Hyun Min asks why this is being happening. Assistant Lee asks “you really think you were going to get away with that stunt you pulled your Grandfather’s wedding”? Hyun Min dismisses it as if it were nothing. Assistant Lee says if you want to remain heir you’ll meet her tomorrow. He walks away leaving an unhappy Hyun Min. Does Hyun Min ever think about his actions and the effect they have on others? Not yet, but I’m betting he will as he evolves throughout this series.

The next morning Grandfather tells Assistant Lee that he’s been married five times, but yesterday was the best wedding. Grandfather recalls Ha Won’s straightforward and blunt interactions with both Hyun Min and Ji Woon (he saw her return the money to Ji Woon and call him out on his behavior). He declares Ha Won is no ordinary woman. He wants Assistant Lee to look into Ha Won’s background.

c4k_ep2_3b c4k_ep2_3a

Ha Won cleans the kitchen and prepares the morning meal for an ungrateful stepmother. Ha Won takes a risk and asks stepmother for a loan to cover her first semester of college tuition. Stepmother makes the wrong assumption that Ha Won hoped her stepsister would not get into college so she could go. Ha Won denies that ludicrous claim. Stepmother’s answer is clear no. Ha Won leaves.

The news reports are full of the mystery girl that Hyun Min brought to his Grandfather’s wedding. Ha Won’s stepmother and stepsister happen to be watching the news broadcast but the picture is unclear. Stepmother gets a call from Ha Won’s father and he says he’ll be home tomorrow. Stepmother pretends to be happy about that.

At the convenience store Ha Won asks her boss for an one-month advance on her salary. His answer is no.

Assistant Lee finds out about the myriad of part-time jobs that Ha Won holds. Grandfather asks if she’s the sole breadwinner for the family. Assistant Lee says Ha Won has to fend for herself. Assistant Lee states that Ha Won’s mother died and her father remarried. Ha Won is living with her stepmother and stepsister. Ha Won’s father is a truck driver and gone from home for long stretches. Assistant Lee reports that the family only has enough money to send one daughter to college and Ha Won working to save the money to go to college. Grandfather declares Ha Won would be better for his boys than someone who will cater to their whims.

Ha Won looks at her bank account now depleted after paying the crematorium debt. Ha Won declares she’ll just go to college next year and spend this year earning the money. She certainly is positive about her goals and takes the setbacks in stride. In fact, she takes her setbacks better than I do just watching them happen to her. Ha Won looks at her phone and realizes she has the wrong one. Recall Ha Won and Seo Woo accidentally switch cell phones at the hotel yesterday.

c4k_ep2_4b c4k_ep2_4a

As she exits the convenience store Assistant Lee intercepts her and says there someone that would like to speak with her. When she meets with Grandfather she apologizes for her behavior yesterday, she did not want to ruin his wedding. Grandfather says don’t worry about it. Assistant Lee roles a videotape of the opulent mansion the grandsons live in. Grandfather says Hyun Min is a player. He got that right! Grandfather calls Ji Woon a thug. I didn’t know Ji Woon could fight like that per the videotape, what a perfect match for Ha Won. Grandfather calls Seo Woo a good for nothing. I see Grandfather does not respect Seo Woo’s singing career. Assistant Lee says all three grandsons, who are cousins, live in the mansion. Grandfather asks Ha Won to make his grandsons into decent human beings. Ha Won says she thought rich boys were raised not to care about others so they wouldn’t give all their money away. Grandfather chuckles at that and asks her to follow his program to reform his grandsons. He asked Ha Won to follow his program for three months. Grandfather says in return he’ll pay for her college tuition and send her abroad to study if she desires. That gets Ha Won’s attention. Grandfather asks if she’s willing to take on the challenge. Ha Won says she doesn’t have the right to reform his grandsons. They banter a bit with their favorite philosopher but in the end Ha Won refuses and leaves. Assistant Lee asks Grandfather why is he so determined to have Ha Won reform his grandsons. Grandfather says changing people’s lives is easy for him.


Hyun Min meets his arranged fiancé and declares she’s pretty. She bluntly tells him she doesn’t care for that kind of false flattery. He tells her he likes her outfit. She tells him he is indeed a ladies’ man. She wonders of everything he says calculated. He demurs that he would not do that when he’s meeting a beautiful woman. He suggests they go out and have fun. She tells him that she expected to meet a man of business. Irked Hyun Min looks away and sees Hye Ji walk into the room. When Hye Ji walks by the table he grabs her, hugs her, and shocks her when he kisses her. Hyun Min’s arranged fiancé declares the rumors are true. She tells Hyun Min they won’t be seeing each other again. She leaves. After his arranged fiancé leaves, Hyun Min abruptly ends the kiss with Hye Ji and apologizes. He leaves. Hye Ji follows and tells him not to use people. Hyun Min says that’s why he apologized. Hye Ji asks what she means to him. Hyun Min says they been friends since they were little. Hye Ji asks “is that all we are”? Hyun Min confirms. Hyun Min tells her not to bring up the past. Hye Ji says he’s changed since that day. Hyun Min cuts her off and says of course he would change after 10 years. Hye Ji says he’s repulsive to her now. Even so, Hye Ji admits she believes the good guy is still in him. She leaves. What happened 10 years ago?

The hotel manager returns Ha Won’s high school uniform to Hyun Min. Unbeknownst to him a reporter snaps a picture of the exchange. In a stroke of bad timing Ha Won enters the hotel as Hyun Min drives away in his car. Ha Won asks the hotel manager to check the suite she was in yesterday for her cell phone. The hotel manager surveys her casual attire and declares not just anyone can be admitted to their suites. Ji Woon happens to walk by and hears the hotel manager tell Ha Won without a proper escort she can’t be admitted to their suites. Ha Won implores the manager but he starts to push her away. Shaking his head Ji Woon intervenes. LOL that he calls Ha Won “sweats” per her casual attire. He is pulled to help her. Ji Woon tells her to follow him. Ha Won questions the maid about a cell phone, school uniform, or white roses. The maid states she found none of those.

c4k_ep2_6b c4k_ep2_6a

As Ha Won and Ji Woon exit the hotel, Ha Won thanks him for helping her. Ji Woon asks why she doesn’t ask Hyun Min to buy her replacement items. Isn’t that why she’s dating him? Ha Won can’t believe the insult. Ji Woon warns he didn’t push it at Grandfather’s wedding, but he knows what kind of girl she is and he never wants to see her again. He gets on his motorcycle and prepares to leave. Ha Won hits the back of his head and asks what about guys like you? You know jerks! She strides away. Now Ji Woon is the person that received the final insult.

Ha Won calls the owner of the cell phone, Seo Won, but he doesn’t pick up because he’s playing guitar for a gig. Ha Won’s coworker doesn’t understand why she turned down the opportunity to live at the mansion. Ha Won says she has some pride and wants to protect her values.

After the concert Seo Woo sees that his cell phone has been switched with another. He calls his cell phone but no answer. He’s upset because he’s got a lot of music in the making on that phone.

Ha Won frets that the cell phone died.


Reporters pretend to film Ha Won’s stepsister while she makes her YouTube beauty show, but the second Ha Won gets home they ask if she’s the one that Hyun Min took to his Grandfather’s wedding. Ha Won’s stepmother and stepsister deny that she could be the girl. But the reporters are persistent and ask what it’s like dating Hyun Min. Ha Won hesitates then says it’s not like that. Upset her stepmother hustles the reporters out of her house. Her stepsister can’t believe Ha Won went to the wedding and is considered Hyun Min’s fiancé. Her stepsister claims this is all part of Ha Won’s master plan to escape her poor life by snagging a rich man. Ha Won says she doesn’t want to use somebody to change her life. Angry her stepsister tells her to get out. Ha Won pleads for her understanding. That’s like spitting in the wind, hoping her stepmother her stepsister will offer understanding. Her stepsister calls her a leech and declare she will never be family. She literally pushes Ha Won out of the door. Stepmother tells her daughter that her husband is coming home tomorrow. Stepdaughter is unconcerned. Ha Won looks resolute and walks away. It’s a little ridiculous that Ha Won is not more upset in that moment. I understand being positive but in that moment it seemed an over-the-top that Ha Won wouldn’t be upset.

Hyun Min returns to his room with Ha Won’s uniform. He recalls what Hye Ji said to him earlier in the day. He looks at an old photograph of three children – himself, I’m assuming Hye Ji, and another boy.

Ji Woon learns he’s been checked out of his hotel room. He hands the clerk a credit card and tells him to give him another room. But the credit card has been frozen.

Ji Woon calls Assistant Lee who tells him he needs to move into the mansion. Ji Woon refuses. Assistant Lee says that’s an acceptable choice but it deprives him of any of the privileges that Grandfather grants him. Ji Woon claims he can live easily without the trappings of wealth. When Assistant Lee hangs up the phone he tells Grandfather that Ji Woon’s wounds are deep. Grandfather says he’s thought of a way to get Ji Woon back into the mansion.


Ji Woon walks the street without a real destination. Ha Won has no customers and is able to see a movie in the theater she works at part-time. Wouldn’t you know Ji Woon also enters that theater and sits in the same row as Ha Won. What are the odds? Ha Won dozes off during the movie and Ji Woon recognizes her. When she wakes she turns and sees Ji Woon staring at her. She starts to move away but realizes she has no cause to leave. When she turns Ji Woon is right next to her startling her. He asks if she has any money. She can’t believe the request.

As Ji Woon strides away Ha Won declares she would have money if he had paid his debt that he left at the convenience store. Ha Won offers the small amount of cash she has. Ji Woon isn’t impressed and starts to walk away but his stomach betrays him and growls. Ha Won tells him to wait, she’ll change, and they will together. She chuckles as she walks away.


Ha Won treats Ji Woon to convenience store noodles and they argue as they eat. Another moment where you see their potential. Ji Woon looks out the window and spots his Grandfather sitting in the limo watching them. When Ha Won returns to the table after throwing their paper products away, Ji Woon is gone. She asks to borrow the clerk’s cell phone. Meanwhile Grandfather tells Ji Woon that he can do much worse than cutting off the money. Ji Woon declares he’ll never return to the mansion. Ji Woon says he just wants his life the way it was before. Grandfather says then everything he has now will disappear. Ji Woon says he’s going to return to his former life and exits the car. Grandfather tells Assistant Lee that Ji Woon will return of his own of accord.


Ha Won finally reaches Seo Woo by calling her cell phone. She asks him to read her the texts that she’s been receiving and gives him the passcode to her phone. Seo Woo opens the phone and reads Ha Won’s text messages per her request. He reads the text from Ha Won’s stepsister and decides not to convey them verbatim. Instead he tells Ha Won that she’s expected to join for dinner tomorrow. Ha Won is thrilled to have a dinner invitation. They meet to exchange cell phones. Seo Woo recognizes Ha Won as the woman Hyun Min brought to Grandfather’s wedding. To avoid her suffering, he deletes stepsister’s messages before he returns the cell phone to Ha Won. In return Ha Won gives Seo Woo his cell phone. Gleefully Ha Won asks Seo Woo to confirm that her father will be there for supper tomorrow night and her step sister wants her to attend. Uncomfortable with the lie but refusing to hurt Ha Won with her stepsister’s hateful words, Seo Woo confirms this. Anybody else feel that Ha Won is naïve to believe her stepsister would have changed her mind about Ha Won given their last encounter? We don’t have much information on what Seo Woo’s issue is. I wonder how much depth they will give this character.

c4k_ep2_10b c4k_ep2_10a

Ha Won stays in a sauna and texts her father she’ll see him tomorrow. The next day as she walks to work and a gaggle of reporters surround her and demand to know if she’s really engaged to Hyun Min. Ha Won states she has no relationship with Hyun Min. The reporters keep questioning her and Ha Won struggles to leave their circle. Hyun Min appears looks into her eyes and says she should come with him. The reporters go into a feeding frenzy as Hyun Min gets in his car with Ha Won and drives away. Clueless about other’s feelings, Hyun Min tells Ha Won he’s awesome. Why? He saved her from the reporters and brought her to national fame just by being with him. Ha Won is not happy with how her life has altered since she agreed to pretend to be his fiancée. She demands he tell reporters they are not in a relationship. Hyun Min declares that within five minutes he can have her name erased from the Internet. Ha Won doesn’t believe him. Hyun Min says she needs to learn to trust him. Hyun Min calls the owner of the largest portal and threatens to pull his ads if Ha Won isn’t erased from articles. He bats his eyes at Ha Won and says she must’ve fallen him up with him after that phone call. He preens and says he can’t believe how cool he is. Ha Won is upset that portals can be altered that easily. I guess she was one of those people that always trust what she reads on the Internet. Ha Won thanks Hyun Min and gets out of his car.

As Ha Won walks along the street she gets a phone call saying that her father removed her mother’s urn.

Ji Woon returns to his old car repair shop but the mechanics aren’t happy to see him and ask him to leave. He doesn’t understand why they want him to go. They say it’s better that he not know. As he walks away a mechanic friend offers him some money and tells him not to come back. They all promised his Grandfather that they would never see him again. The mechanic says they were all well paid and says his Grandfather is a powerful man. Ji Woon tells the mechanic that he should’ve gotten as much money as he could have before he sold him out. His friend has the good grace to look chagrined. Ji Woon walks away and he doesn’t look happy. That really blows Ji Woon’s former coworkers selling out for money. We’d all like to think that an offer of money would be easy to refuse to keep your ethics but until you get there I guess you don’t know.

c4k_ep2_10d c4k_ep2_10c

Ji Woon sits on his bike and looks at the river. Assistant Lee shows up. Ji Woon asks if the power Grandfather referenced is the power to buy people. Assistant Lee says his Grandfather would erase everything Ji Woon holds dear if he could. Assistant Lee says he’ll not be able to live as he pleases anymore. The two men stare at each other. Would you want a Grandfather that would be willing to destroy what you love in life to bend you to his will?


Hyun Min has drinks with his friends. They tell him that blowing his meeting with his arranged fiancé was unwise. They point out that he has two cousins that could easily take his place as heir.

Ji Woon rents a room and while staring at his ID card with the hated last name of Kang he throws his wallet away. Really? He threw his wallet away? That’s unrealistic.

Grandfather tells his new wife that Ha Won is not Hyun Min’s fiancé. He then says he asked Ha Won to live at the mansion with his grandsons. His wife asks why he likes Ha Won so much. Grandfather tells his wife that sometimes he wonders who controls his life, himself or his money. He respected how Ha Won was unaffected by offers of money. He says she’s more worthy than his grandsons. Assistant Lee reports to Grandfather that the issue with Ji Woon may be solved but Ha Won is a tougher nut to crack. Grandfather is not surprised.


Ha Won returns to her home and finds her stepmother and stepsister simpering with kindness towards her as her father sits at the dining room table. She gets right to the point and asks her father where her mother’s urn is. Her father refuses to answer so Ha Won finds the urn on her own. Ha Won asks her father why he didn’t pay the crematorium fees. Ha Won says she used her own money to cover the debt. Angry, her father asks why waste good money on a dead person? He says those ashes are not a big deal. Angry, Ha Won declares that he took her mother’s final resting place and then her ashes too. Her father tells her she’s being rude in front of her stepmother who loves her and cares for her. Stepmother offers to use some of the college money she saved for both girls. Ha Won says that stepmother said only one of the girls could go to college, and it wasn’t her. Her stepmother tells her not to lie in front of her father. Ha Won asks where her belongings are. Her stepmother says Ha Won’s belongings are in her bedroom that she shares with her stepsister. Ha Won says no her mother makes her live on the balcony. Stepmother says Ha Won is only trying to make her look bad in front of her father. Livid her father yells at her for upsetting his wife, her stepmother who is only treated her with loving care. Ha Won can’t believe her father cannot see the duplicity in his wife. Ha Won’s father slaps her. Ouch! Then her father says “I never should have raised someone else’s child”. OMG! Tears in her eyes Ha Won asks her father what he’s talking about. Her father says he is not her biological father. Ha Won asks that I’m not your daughter? Her father confirms that. Her stepmother and stepsister are practically giddy that they are not family. Ha Won turns to leave. Her stepmother tells her that her father’s only angry in this moment. But then she whispers to Ha Won that everything will be fine once she leaves. Ouch!

Ha Won walks out into a cold rainy night. She remembers a happy moment from her childhood. She walks away from the home she grew up in. Grandfather calls her and asks if she’ll accept his offer now. He invites her to live in the mansion.

Ji Woon sits in his tiny room alone. He receives a text that says everything is about to change at the mansion, come see for yourself. Ji Woon leaves his room.

Hyun Min receives the same text, everything is about to change at the mansion, come see for yourself. Hyun Min leaves the club.

Seo Woo receives the same text, everything is about to change at the mansion, come see for yourself. He tells his manager that Grandfather needs him to go to the mansion. The manager instructs the driver to turn around and drive them to the mansion.


At the mansion Ha Won stands outside in the rain. She asks her mother if it’s okay if she lives there. Assistant Lee puts an umbrella over her and says “let’s go inside”. All three cousins arrive in their various vehicles intersecting at Ha Won. Assistant Lee tells Ha Won “there’s one condition you must adhere to while living at the mansion.” The three cousins get out of their vehicles, impervious to the rain, and stare at Ha Won.

My Thoughts

Decent second episode but not as much fun as the first. The second episode was designed to have key characters hit rock bottom so they would agree to Grandfather’s plan to live together in the mansion. Because of that the fun was minimal in this episode. I was ready for the episode to end because it looks like the good stuff will happen when they all live together. Fingers crossed that’s true. That made this episode feel less important. Sidebar…I’m wondering, how is a smart man like Grandfather fooled by his fifth wife?

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) wanted to return to his former life but it wasn’t as easy as he imagined. I felt sorry for him when he returned to the car shop only to find that the mechanics had sold him out by taking money from Grandfather in exchange for rejecting him. One day Ji Woon will know that if someone’s willing to sell you out for money, they weren’t really your friend anyhow. But at this moment, it hurt. I like the irony of Ji Woon asking Ha Won for money when she asked him for money the previous episode, though only to cover the costs of what he bought at the convenience store. Plus, Ji Woon tossed lots of money in Ha Won’s face in the first episode only to be without cash in this episode. How did he pay for the room? I thought his credit cards were frozen. I saw potential between Ji Woon and Ha Won this episode.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) got knocked down hard this episode. The big surprise for Ha Won was that her father was not her biological father. The guy didn’t treat her well and now we know why. Her stepmother and stepsister were thrilled with the reveal of this secret. As I said in the recap Ha Won believing that her stepsister would be kind to her was ridiculous. They made her sleep on a balcony, they made her clean, cook, without thanks for years. At least with Ha Won out of the house her step relatives will have to fend for themselves now. I say good riddance to a rotten family. We have two birth secrets – who is Ha Won’s father and Ji Woon’s birth secret.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) used Hye Ji to ruin meeting his arranged fiancé. I had to give the arranged fiancé props for knowing exactly the kind of man Hyun Min was. But even she couldn’t take a passionate kiss with another woman right in front of her face. Hyun Min and Ha Won have great chemistry. Their exchange in the car after he pulled her away from the reporters was good, one of the few cute moments in this episode. Hyun Min is so self-centered but he completely embraces it making him charming while he does it. But you could see that when his friends pointed out that ruining the first meeting with the arranged fiancé could leave him open to losing his status with one of his other cousins, he was concerned. Who was in the childhood picture he looked at after recalling Hye Ji’s set down?

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) couldn’t resist Hyun Min’s kiss. What was the line from Beautiful Mind? “The body doesn’t lie”. Hye Ji’s body still wants Hyun Min and so she relished his kiss until she realized he used her to irritate someone else. When she mentioned that she still believed he had decency left in him, you had to wonder what happened 10 years ago?

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) couldn’t hurt Ha Won so he lied to her. Unfortunately, that lie made Ha Won believe her stepsister felt positive about her. But in the end it didn’t matter as Ha Won’s father torpedoed her. Not sure what the point of this character is other than to be the third of three cousins.

I’ll answer my own question from the last recap…Who is the fourth knight? Assistant Lee. I like this stoic character. He could loosen up a bit, but he’s efficient, and it appears that he cares though it is subtle at this point.


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9 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 2 Recap
  1. allenif says:

    Thanks for the recap. However, you keep on interchanging Hyun Min’s name to Hye Jin.

    “Hye Ji has drinks with his friends. They tell him that blowing his meeting with his arranged fiancé was unwise.”

    “Hye Ji receives the same text, everything is about to change at the mansion, come see for yourself. Hye Ji leaves the club.”

    Sorry to cut your post.

  2. jienkim says:

    Reblogged this on jienkim.

  3. studiomarie says:

    I have missed your recaps since BM. I love how you go beyond merely reciting the scenes and add your own spin to it. Your insights are fun to read and often mirror my interpretation. This reminds me a bit of Boys over Flowers. However I think the heroine in Cinderella brings the same charm I found endearing in BM. I can’t put my finger on what it is yet. Keep writing. Keep fighting!

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    GRANDPA AND GOLD-DIGGER GRANNY—Grandpa witnessed Ha Won taking down both Hyun Min and Ji Woon. Good for Ha Won that she is not annoyed with Grandpas sense of humor and familiar with “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Gramps has his grandsons pegged: player, thug and good for nothing (that one might be a little harsh, but it is gramps perspective). When Grandpa remarked to Gold-Digger Granny “who controls his life, himself or his money” I would reply money, money, money. Simply because of the way Grandpa uses his money. I wondered the same thing as you “how is a smart man like Grandfather fooled by his fifth wife?”

    DISENGAGED DAD, EVIL STEPMOTHER AND STEP SISTER—These women are unbelievable, step mom won’t her Ha Won with her tuition even though she had saved enough money (probably Ha Won’s dad’s money). I think it is hilarious that Yoon Na thinks the video crew is there for her to film a YouTube video. IN YOUR FACE step mom and sis that Ha Won is the object of their interest. How dare the snotty Yoon Na call Ha Won a mooch? Yoon Na’s nasty mother did nothing to stop her—aren’t these two mooching of Ha Won’s dad? Who is the authority figure in this mother-daughter relationship?

    The duplicity of the Steps is astounding as they deceive dad with moving Ha Won’s things from her balcony room to Yoon Na’s room—like she always stays there. What a clueless man that he thinks his wife has been treating Ha Won with love and kindness. Why did Ha Won’s dad remove her mom’s urn from the charnel house, just when she paid up the fees? I was so furious and heartbroken that Ha Won’s dad told her that he was not her father (could this be a conspiracy from Grandpa Moneybags to get his way?). Why didn’t dad just abandon her when her mother died? Wouldn’t you have some feelings for the sweet child you had raised, even if you are not the bio dad? The writers have done an excellent job in making us HATE this family! 😡

    HYUN MIN looked like he was intrigued with Ha Won as she stripped off herself with the accoutrements of her makeover. While Hyun Min used money to lure Ha Won to be his date; unlike most of his women she didn’t take the bling with her, this could very well be a first for him. You gotta love the one shoe left in the driveway reminiscent of Cinderella.

    I can hardly believe he had the gall kissed Hye Ji to get out of his match making date. I’m glad to she could see through him and it seems he might have a tinge of remorse. There has to be a backstory to the identity of the third person in Hyun Min’s childhood picture. Is he another brother or a friend and the fact that he is no currently in JW’s life—is that the reason he broke up with Hye Ji?

    JI WOON, with a chip on his shoulder, I’m guessing he is sick of gold-diggers, but he none the less grudgingly helps Ha Won look for her things. I feel bad for him try to return to his old life, but gramps keeps trying to control him. Since cutting of Ji Woon’s money didn’t work, gramps bought Ji Woon’s shop buddies. I’m not a fan this domineering grandfather. You asked “Would you want a Grandfather that would be willing to destroy what you love in life to bend you to his will?” My response is NO WAY IN HELL!

    You asked how Ji Woon paid for his hotel room—Grandpa paid for it and had Ji Woon’s things removed from the room and held at the concierge desk. The hotel clerk told him “You are checked out” and would not give him another room as his card was declined.

    SEO WOO and Ha Won finally connect and trade phones, but not before deleting the flaming text messages from Yoon Na. This cousin has a kind heart.

    ASSISTANT LEE—We don’t know much about him except he is Grandpa’s go to guy with all the information. Is he another cousin, possibly illegitimate? I can’t wait to see where this goes–he may be the most handsome of all.

    HA WON—I also ❤ Ha Won’s moxie with Ji Woon going from being pinned to the wall by him to pinning him to the wall. Ha Won has come across Ji Woon three times (convenience store, wedding and Movie Theater), doesn’t that make their meeting fate in Kdramaland?

    She finally got beat down enough and was left homeless so where else could she go but Sky House. So far she is shaping up to be the stereotypical poor, overworked Kdrama heroine. I think she just might have the moxie to whip these boys into shape!

    SKY HOUSE—Honestly, I don’t get the draw of the text “everything is about to change at the mansion”. The only think that brought any of the boys is the threat of being cut off financially or as heirs. Although I'm not sure that is the case for Ji Woon.

  5. kjtamuser says:

    “When Grandpa remarked to Gold-Digger Granny “who controls his life, himself or his money” I would reply money, money, money.”
    * I love your term “Gold Digger Granny”. Yes, money does control Grandpa’s life but he does care for his grandson’s even if his primary motive is to appoint his successor.

    “The writers have done an excellent job in making us HATE this family! ”
    * I agree. I am hoping they fall off the face of the series now that Ha Won has left their dreadful house.

    “unlike most of his women she didn’t take the bling with her, this could very well be a first for him. You gotta love the one shoe left in the driveway reminiscent of Cinderella”
    * I agree Ha Won is unlike any woman he’s knows. The shoe was a lovely ode to Cinderella. I like how the writer has referenced it but is this series is not Cinderella the fairy tale.

    “Ha Won has come across Ji Woon three times (convenience store, wedding and Movie Theater), doesn’t that make their meeting fate in Kdramaland?”
    * Correct! I loved the way he had to ask her for cash at movie theater. Their interaction over noddles looked fun. They have potential.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur Grandpa loves his grandchildren. I suspect Assistant Lee or Ha Won may also be one of his grandchildren. Assistant Lee seems to be the fourth knight–is he another Kang cousin or will he be one of the knights vying for Ha Won? Forget the ‘no dating’ rule–you know they will chase her–they are already intrigued. Who is Ha Won’s bio dad? Could she be a granddaughter? That would put the kibosh on any romance with the Kang cousins.

      My guess is Ha Won’s bio dad will be linked to Grandpa; we’ll have to wait and see if it is a blood relationship. I am extremely suspicious that dreadful dad was paid off by grandpa, just like Ji Woon’s mechanic “friends”, to motivate Ha Won to do his will. If so, he becomes even more despicable. 😡 What if the dreadful dad we met the episode really is her bio dad? If so and he sold her out, he needs to go directly to HELL, he does not get to pass “GO”, he does not get to collect $200, because devil is past due in collecting his soul.

      • kjtamuser says:

        I also wondered about Ha Won’s real father and if there is a blood connection to Grandpa. Would Assistant Lee have unconvered this in his background check? As you noted this would thwart romance between Ha Won and the cousin. We shall see…

        I concur on the 4th Knight.

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