Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 12

Everyone decides to pursue justice in their own way in this good episode.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 12

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) remembers a song his mother used to sing whenever she was happy. That song inspired him to have a vision for a home that he wanted to live in with the woman that he loved. He’s inspired to make that home a reality and to live the remaining days he has, with the woman he loves, No Eul. There is a series of texts from No Eul counting down how close he is to coming to get her, but he doesn’t come, and she tells him they should end it. This must be from when she texted him while she was in jail.

No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won), finds his sister in her room and wants to know where she’s going. No Eul (Bae Suzy) is packed and declares that she’s going to leave the country.

uf_ep12_1b uf_ep12_1a

Joon Young pulls down the picture of the home that he wants to live in, and says this dream has died too, like so many others. As Joon Young follows the lawyer he ruminates that his last days are better spent returning truth and justice to No Eul. I’m not going to disagree with him on that. No Eul needs to be released from the chains of the past so she can live in the present and beyond. If Joon Young gives that to her before he dies, that is a gift of love.

The lawyer tells Joon Young that the real culprit of the hit-and-run was caught. Joon Young says he knows that the man convicted wasn’t the real culprit, and that’s who he’s after. The lawyer doesn’t want to cooperate. But Joon Young keeps following him telling himself that freeing No Eul from her past will give her a future.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) intercepts the cab that No Eul and her brother are in before they can head to the airport and leave the country. He yells that No Eul should get out of the cab immediately. Ji Tae pays the cab driver to pull their luggage out of the trunk and leave. Ji Tae asks No Eul’s brother to take the suitcases into the house. No Jik complies but tells Ji Tae he’ll need to explain why he dropped off the face of the planet and soon. Ji Tae says he’ll explain everything. No Eul gets mad that Ji Tae is ignoring her wishes. No Eul asks Ji Tae what’s with you? You disappeared and now you appear out of nowhere. Ji Tae says he heard that Assemblyman Choi’s wife threatened her and that’s why she’s trying to run away. No Eul says if you know I’ve been threatened then you should not try and stop me. I can’t lose my brother like I lost my father. She demands to know if he’ll take responsibility for her missing her plane. Ji Tae says he’ll help her with these people who are scarier than even she could imagine. No Eul says these kinds of people they can’t fight. Ji Tae yells these people are my parents! Ji Tae says that Assemblyman Choi is his father. Ji Tae says that Assemblyman Choi’s wife is his mother. Ji Tae says he’s their son. No Eul laughs and tells him that’s a pretty funny joke.

Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father), her family, and friends are at an elegant engagement party. There’s only one thing missing… Ji Tae.

When Ji Tae doesn’t respond, No Eul realizes he’s telling the truth. She is stunned. She asks why he doesn’t go by his given name. Ji Tae admits that he lied about his name. No Eul starts to back away from him. She tells him to stop following her and leave her alone. She walks away gobsmacked that trusted Ji Tae lied to her about who he was.


Now we see what happened after Joon Young hit Ji Tae the previous evening. Joon Young admits he stole No Eul’s flash drive and almost got her killed. Then he turns his ire on Ji Tae and yells his parents threatened No Eul and she’s trying to leave the country. Joon Young asks whose sin is greater?

People begin to fidget at the engagement party wondering where Ji Tae is.

Ji Tae ignores the phone call from his mother.

Ji Tae’s mother puts down the phone and Ha Roo whispers her brother must be crazy to miss this engagement party. Ji Tae’s father looked pained he looks over at Jung Eun’s father.

Joon Young continues to stalk the lawyer even offering a birthday gift for his daughter and a charming smile, to learn the name of the real culprit. The lawyer walks away after telling Joon Young that the real culprit is in jail. While trying to visit his daughter in the hospital, his daughter’s mother rejects the lawyer as a real father and tells him to leave. Dejected, the lawyer reaches down to pick up his rejected birthday gift. A nurse runs up to another nurse and says Joon Young is visiting the little girl in room 61. The lawyer knows that’s his daughter’s room.

uf_ep12_3c uf_ep12_3b uf_ep12_3a

Joon Young turns on the charm as he offers the lawyer’s daughter a birthday gift. She looks at him suspiciously not really aware of who he is. Soon Joon Young has everyone in the room under the power of his charm. Joon Young tells the little girl he’s a fan of her father. That gets the little girl’s attention. Joon Young gushes how honorable her father is, though lacking in fashion he mocks. The father watches all of this from the doorway.

Later Joon Young finds the lawyer alone. The lawyer asks why Joon Young lied to his daughter. Joon Young says he does respect the lawyer because he’ll identify the real culprit in No Eul’s father’s hit-and-run accident. Joon Young tells the lawyer he understands that he even though he rejected the deal Assemblyman Choi offered him which would have covered all costs for his daughter’s expensive surgery, he was fired, and hid this fact from his family. The lawyer still doesn’t want to cooperate. Joon Young admits he’ll be dead soon, and the truth will be hidden forever after his death. Joon Young tells the lawyer he can take his burden, so the lawyer can release it. Joon Young tells the other big truth, that Assemblyman Choi is his father. Joon Young says Assemblyman Choi doesn’t know that he is Joon Young’s father. Joon Young also admits that the woman he loves, No Eul, is the daughter of the man killed in that hit-and-run accident. That gets the lawyer’s attention. Joon Young says he can hold grudges and will haunt him if he doesn’t help them. That was a good scene. Joon Young calmly and clearly laid out all the intricate pieces. Woo Bin portrayed the perfect mixture amount of determined and persuasive.

uf_ep12_4b uf_ep12_4a

No Eul walks the streets and ends up at Assemblyman Choi’s house. She buzzes and asks to see him and his wife but the maid tells her no one is home. Ji Tae drives by the front of the house and spots No Eul. He stops the car and watches her declare her frustration at the situation to the front door audio system. When No Eul screams her frustration that they sent Ji Tae to spy on her. She declares she’s not the scary one in this situation, they are. When she falls to her knees, Ji Tae finally gets out of the car to go help her.

Ji Tae’s mother and sister drive home from the engagement party that Ji Tae did not attend.

Ji Tae’s father and Jung Eun’s father have a conversation. Jung Eun’s father asks if Ji Tae is seen another woman. Ji Tae’s father denies this. Jung Eun’s father demands that Ji Tae meet with his daughter today. Jung Eun’s father says only he and Jung Eun will be able to break the engagement. Jung Eun’s father stands to leave and states no matter how late, Ji Tae must come to his daughter tonight. They will be engaged. He leaves. I guess forcing your own reality upon others is a favorite pastime of characters in this series.

Jung Eun returns the dress in anger telling the sales clerks that because of the terrible dress she did not get engaged. Talk about living in an alternate reality, Jung Eun is totally lying to herself that the dress was the problem. No, I don’t feel sorry for her.


No Eul asks Ji Tae if his parents would be upset if they were to date. Ji Tae confirms this. No Eul says if I were to date you, your parents’ world would crumble right? Ji Tae confirms this. No Eul says would that be the ultimate revenge against your parents? Ji Tae says nothing. No Eul says we should date. They stare at each other. I like that scene and No Eul’s calm rational analysis. It shows another side of No Eul, one where her brain comes up with a plan to cause pain to Ji Tae’s parents.

A rejected Jung Eun drinks alone. She takes her bottle of booze out by the pool, and promptly falls in. I like the camera work showing the bottle of booze landing perfectly upright in the bottom of the pool. No, I don’t feel sorry for her.


Wait a minute, Joon Young pulls her from the depths of the pool. Where did he come from? Joon Young tells her she still has much to do before she could die. When Jung Eun’s posse shows up, Joon Young walks away. He recalls his conversation with the lawyer who finally told him that there’s no evidence to convict anyone else. He asked the lawyer who the real hit-and-run driver was. The lawyer finally caves and names Jung Eun as the hit-and-run driver. So that’s why Joon Young happened to be there. I must say Woo Bin looks great in dripping wet clothes.


They film a promo for Joon Young’s bucket list. Joon Young, his management team, and the new PD have a pleasant dinner together. No surprise but Joon Young’s management team fired No Eul as the PD. They can’t believe Joon Young is being so cordial about this.

No Eul’s former boss visits her in her home and asks her to tell Ji Tae that he tried to hire her, but she refused his offer. No Eul’s former boss says the only assignment he has is one she would not want. It’s working for a notoriously difficult star, Seo Yoon Hoo. He leaves. No Eul calls her former boss and says she wants the difficult assignment.


Assemblyman Choi is egged by protesters upset that he shut down their businesses. He asks them if their businesses were properly licensed by the government. The protesters admit they were not licensed, but it’s been like that for years. As Assemblyman Choi declares he gave the business owners sufficient time, Ji Tae enters the lobby and questions if that’s really true. Surprised, Assemblyman Choi turns and watches his son accuse him of using his office to shut down the businesses. Angry, Ji Tae’s father tells him to drop the act of sympathizing with the common man. Ji Tae counters that his father should be more sympathetic, after all, his parents ran a food stand. That was a good scene. Good interaction between Ji Tae and his father. I don’t know who was more surprised that Ji Tae attacked his father in public, his father or me.

In his office, Assemblyman Choi asks Ji Tae if his misbehavior is due to the stress of the engagement. Assemblyman Choi admits he misbehaved long ago. Ji Tae tells his father he will not be marrying Jung Eun. Ji Tae says he won’t live his life based on what his parents want anymore. Ji Tae stands and tells his father that if he wants to kick him out of the company or home, just let him know. Ji Tae leaves the office and his father wonders what just happened. Another good scene. All the key characters are being so calm as they strike new paths to get the results they want.

Jung Eun is surprised to see Ji Tae’s mother. She offers Jung Eun a project she was going to have Ji Tae handle for. Jung Eun says that the engagement has been broken off by Ji Tae. His mother rejects that saying Jung Eun and Ji Tae are engaged. Ji Tae’s mother takes Jung Eun’s hand and says she’s going to start giving her more of her company’s work and sharing the family secrets, because they are family. Ji Tae’s mother is definitely living in an alternative reality.

uf_ep12_8b uf_ep12_8a

The notoriously difficult star, Seo Yoon Hoo, is not happy to have No Eul as his producer. He is interested when he learns that Joon Young made advances to No Eul. LOL when No Eul’s former boss says that Joon Young’s taste in women can be bizarre. He says No Eul’s appearance mimics a homeless person. But when No Eul enters the room everyone sees a pretty, flirty, and perky producer. Egad who is this? I love that No Eul is willing to do what it takes.

uf_ep12_9b uf_ep12_9a

Joon Young’s uncle finds Joon Young’s mother packing up food for him. He tells her to forget Joon Young, a kid that yells at his mother, and doesn’t appreciate her. Joon Young’s mother tells her brother to back off and mind his own business. Smiling her brother tells he will drive her to Joon Young’s house. Once they get to Joon Young’s house they argue about whether or not they should ring the bell or just leave the food. Assemblyman Choi drives up behind them. He’s stunned to see Joon Young’s mother, the woman he loved that got away. He gets out of the car and approaches them. He calls her name. She turns, this time she’s the one stunned to see him.


No Eul’s brother leaves school only to find No Eul’s friend trying to look stealth ready to escort him home to keep him safe. As they start to leave together, Ha Roo arrives and demands to know who the weird woman is. Ha! No Jik asks why she’s there. Ha Roo asks why he ignored her texts. No Jik counters that they don’t have the kind of relationship where they casually text each other. No Eul’s friend hoots at his cutting response. Ha Roo says she thought they had gotten close. No Jik says they had not. Once again No Eul’s friend has to laugh. Ha Roo demands to know who she is and why she’s holding his hand. No Eul’s friend enjoys giving Ha Roo is set down stating she can hold his hand, put her arm around his shoulder, or smack his bottom all she wants because they have a close relationship. Upset, Ha Roo blurts out that she likes No Jik.


No Eul films Seo Yoon Hoo, but the high-heeled shoes she sported to look pretty cut into the back of her feet. As she hobbles back to her car, Ji Tae appears. He chides her for wearing uncomfortable shoes. He starts to take care of her feet but she stops him. He counters that they are dating, and he should do this. Ji Tae puts the bandage on and tells No Eul not to overdo. Suzy looks lovely.


Seo Yoon Hoo knows Jung Eun. They have dinner together and Jung Eun thanks him for working the film. As they stroll after dinner Seo Yoon Hoo insults Joon Young. Joon Young surprises them by interrupting their conversation. Joon Young says he’s changed his mind and has agreed to play the main role in the film. Joon Young says he’s not as much of a jerk as Seo Yoon Hoo is. Needless to say, Seo Yoon Hoo doesn’t like that. Seo Yoon Hoo gets a call and has to leave. Joon Young says good night to Jung Eun. She stops him and says that she knows this isn’t the first time they’ve met. Joon Young says he was going to pretend they had never met. Jung Eun introduces herself. Joon Young introduces himself. Ji Tae walks into the lobby with No Eul on his back (he’s giving her a piggy back due to her hurt foot). They all stare at each other.

My Thoughts

Best episode of the series. I liked how this episode got out of the morass of Joon Young liking No Eul or Ji Tae liking No Eul or No Eul unsure about either man. This episode focused on setting things in motion so that No Eul could get justice. And what’s really interesting is that No Eul came up with her own plan to do this, Ji Tae got on board with that plan and started doing his own thing, and Joon Young came up with his own plan to get justice for No Eul. This episode was more satisfying because it eacg plot point was more intriguing. I must credit the writers for surprising me once every episode, but this episode had multiple surprises and several excellent interactions between our characters.

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) decided to pursue justice for No Eul.  He continues not to let her know that he is thinking about her and working to help her. I like his commitment to make things right for No Eul before he dies. That is love. He was determined to use the truth and his charm to learn the name of No Eul’s father’s hit and run driver from the reticent lawyer. Now he knows it is Jung Eun. He turns his considerable charm to Jung Eun, knowing he’ll need to get her to confess because the evidence of the crime is long gone. But will he be able to handle No Eul and Ji Tae dating?

 No Eul (Bae Suzy) came up with a decent plan to get revenge on Assemblyman Choi and his wife. I was pleasantly surprised that No Eul exercised her brain and with a cool head suggested that Ji Tae date her to drive his parents crazy. When she took the job to work with difficult Seo Yoon Hoo, I thought she was well suited to that, because she’s had practice dealing with Joon Young. You have to wonder if she was so worried about Assemblyman Choi’s wife, isn’t she more worried about her reaction once she learns that Ji Tae is dating her?

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) publicly argued with his father. He didn’t attack his father personally but professionally, which cut deeper. Then he did not apologize to his father in their private discussion after that. Instead he left his father’s stunned that his kind considerate son had turned on him. Then there’s the little matter of Ji Tae not showing up to his own engagement party, because he was convincing No Eul not to leave the country. Even though Jung Eun’s father demanded that Ji Tae see her, it doesn’t look like that happened. I like the way that he told No Eul that if they were going to be dating, he should help her like a real boyfriend. The fact that he gets to stick it to Joon Young only makes it sweeter. But we know he does care about No Eul. Ji Tae is taking a risk, because his mother is like a volcano. Who knows how she’ll erupt when she finds out that Ji Tae is involved with No Eul. The thing that will send her over the edge is when she finds out that her husband has found Joon Young’s mother.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) finally did something nice for Joon Young.  She took food to his house. She got the surprise of her life when her former lover found her there. Will she still see Assemblyman Choi as a paragon of virtue and perfection or will she remember Joon Young’s illuminating facts about him?

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee Seo Won) had one cute moment with Ha Roo. I do like this young couple. His insults to Ha Roo were effective but not mean. It was also one of the better moments for No Eul’s best friend. But then Ha Roo shocked him when she admitted she liked him. Granted it was a little odd that she arrived outside his school, but I guess she felt like the kitten had bonded them so that an unexpected visit was acceptable.

The eleventh song of the OST is sung by Honey G. Check out “My Love” via this link or the embedded video below:

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2 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 12
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—No Eul’s friend picking up No Jik from school is a reminder of evil witch’s threat—I think No Jik is clueless to the looming danger. I ❤ the interchange between Ha Roo, No Jik and his noona. Noona slapping No Jik’s butt really riled Ha Roo, provoking her to confess she likes No Jik and had me rolling on the floor! 😛

    ENGAGEMENT PARTY DUMPING—I was surprised Ji Tae, who seem to be kind and caring, stood up his fiancée Jung Eun at the engagement party, which embarrassed his family. I thought he would have had the courtesy to at least warn the fiancée ahead of time—this is a turning point for Ji Tae’s character. It looks like Ji Tae is really going to do whatever he wants, consequences be damned! On the other hand I am glad to see the antagonists be served a bit of retribution, even if it was cold (from the perspective of justice for No Eul). I loved your comment about how the characters in this series “forcing your own reality upon others is a favorite pastime”. As you mentioned several characters are living in an alternative reality—doesn’t it also mean they are “uncomfortably clueless”?

    I cannot figure out why the bratty chaebol Jung Eun didn’t send someone else to return her dress. She just compounded her embarrassment by throwing a tantrum at the bridal shop. When Jung Eun was not having a tantrum, running over random, unsuspecting pedestrians, she was killing a bottle of hard liquor. It was really cool looking the way “the bottle of booze landing perfectly upright in the bottom of the pool.” I didn’t feel sorry for her either.

    CHAEBOLS RECEIVE SOME COMEUPANCE—The whole evil gang got their first serving of comeuppance by Ji Tae not showing up to the engagement party. The bride and her father were angry and the rest were embarrassed, I suppose their second helping was from Ji Tae not showing up later as well.

    I was also surprised, but pleased Ji Tae gave the next serving to his father by standing up to him and call out that CHJ’s parents ran a food cart in public. To his credit, Ji Tae is doing exactly what he said he would—living for himself and even told his father to fire him if he wanted to.

    CHJ gets his last serving of the episode when he found his long lost love in front of Joon Young’s house. Why is he there? Will the clueless assemblyman finally figure out Joon Young is his son?

    Jung Eun gets the last serving of the episode with her (former?) fiancé showing up in front of her piggybacking a stunning No Eul. IN YOUR FACE SISTER!

    NO EUL MOVES ON—Once No Eul learned of Ji Tae’s parentage I can hardly believe she is wants to go out with Ji Tae simply to rankle his parents. Does she not recall the CHILLS from the evil witch’s threat last episode? I suppose she thinks she can trust Ji Tae to protect her brother as he has been looking out for them over the last 10 years. I’m not so sure No Jik will, once he learns the truth of Ji Tae’s identity.

    It was nice to finally see a side of No Eul that showed she cared about her appearance—all for the sake of a job. I find it ironic both Joon Young and Ji Tae fell for her in her frumpy mode. Will they have competition from Yoon Hoo?

    REVERSAL OF AFFECTIONS—While cutting off communication with No Eul has been selfish (Joon Young hiding his involvement in No Eul’s accident), his motive of trying to set things right is not selfish. I concur Joon Young might be better off spending his remaining time helping No Eul become “be released from the chains of the past” so she can move on. Who knows, maybe Joon Young’s “gift of love” maybe it will lead to the opportunity to him to feel worthy of loving her.

    I find it interesting Ji Tae started to pursue No Eul after excoriating Joon Young about his pursuit of her. Ji Tae is moving from selfless to selfish. The difference is Ji Tae confessed the identity of his parents, although he is still hiding that tiny matter of his fiancée being the culprit in the hit and run of No Eul and No Jik’s dad. I just cannot understand why Ji Tae would allow No Eul to be put in the cross hairs of both his mother and fiancée as he should be well aware of the kinds of things those two are the capable of doing.

    Joon Young was tenacious in his stalking of the former prosecutor to ultimately get the truth about the culprit of the hit and run. I suppose he rescued Jung Eun from the pool so she would be able to eventually pay the price for killing No Eul’s dad. Looks like Joon Young might try cozying up to the murderous vixen for the purpose of getting her to incriminate herself.

    The episode had a noteworthy ending with Ji Tae piggybacking No Eul coming across Jung Eun (oh if looks could kill; but wait she already has) and Joon Young paired up…Let the games begin…


  2. kjtamuser says:

    “Noona slapping No Jik’s butt really riled Ha Roo, provoking her to confess she likes No Jik and had me rolling on the floor”
    * That was a darling moment! I agree that NJ is clueless of the danger he is in. Thank goodness he’s supported by women that love him.

    “As you mentioned several characters are living in an alternative reality—doesn’t it also mean they are “uncomfortably clueless”?”
    * Yes, those with alternative realities aren’t necessarily happy / comfortable with their lives.

    “I was also surprised, but pleased Ji Tae gave the next serving to his father by standing up to him and call out that CHJ’s parents ran a food cart in public. ”
    *JT went up a notch with his willingness to chuck his family’s cocoon. But as you noted “Ji Tae is moving from selfless to selfish.”, JT’s actions have his needs first.

    ” Does she not recall the CHILLS from the evil witch’s threat last episode?”
    * Good point, rankling JT’s mother stirs up a wasp’s nest. I was glad to see NE taking action even if it is a bit misguided.

    “Looks like Joon Young might try cozying up to the murderous vixen for the purpose of getting her to incriminate herself.”
    * As with NE, JY is taking action instead of letting his dreadful management team control him.

    “Let the games begin…” I concur!


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