Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 11

No Eul is disappointed by Joon Young in this episode.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 11

Joon Young’s uncle berates his son, Joon Young’s manager, for locking Joon Young in his room. His son tells him they’re only trying to stop Joon Young from visiting No Eul who is in prison for attempted murder of Assemblyman Choi. Joon Young’s uncle is stunned to hear No Eul tried to kill Assemblyman Choi.

Joon Young’s mother, Shin Young Ok (Jin Kyung), softly touches his face. Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) wakes, looks, and sees his mother’s face. He cries. His mother is angry that her son is locked in his home by greedy men. She tells him she will take him to the hospital. Joon Young tells her he has to go to No Eul. He asks her to help him. Joon Young cries and asks her to help him get to No Eul. His mother says he needs to get well is going to go get him medicine. To stop his mother from leaving Joon Young tells her that if he only stayed by Assemblyman Choi’s side, he never become the vile man he is today. Upset he yells that this is all his mother’s fault.  Joon Young’s uncle reads him the riot act for yelling at his mother. He defends his sister saying that she did everything she could so that Joon Young would not grow up to be a bastard child. And that she made plenty of sacrifices for him along the way. His uncle calls him a diva. His mother tells her brother to leave the room. Joon Young tells his mother that if she won’t help them, he’ll crawl to No Eul. She leaves the room. That’s gotta be bitterly disappointing for No Eul. Sorry mom I feel no pity for you. 

No Eul (Bae Suzy) is surprised to see Joon Young outside of her cell. She asks what took him so long. He apologizes. She tells him she wasn’t trying to kill Assemblyman Choi. Joon Young wiped her tears and tells her he believes her. He tells her it’s time for them to go on their trip they planned to take. She can’t believe he wants to leave now, but he does. They hold hands and the cars they drive away for the trip. Gosh it’s nice to see her be nice to him. It’s been a long time coming. He takes it to a beach where there is a cabana set up with food and comfortable seating. Joon Young tells No Eul spend the century here before we have to go back to reality civil hide in a place where no one can find us. He pulls her against him she feels the safety of his arms, finally she has a protector. It is revealed all of this is just a lovely daydream the No Eul is having in her cell. It was a nice daydream, perfect for where they’re at in their relationship.

So Joon Young did not break the window of his bedroom and stares at the Legion of security men keeping them captive in his own home. I must say I completely disagree with his manager and CEO literally locking them in his own home, they’re doing this for themselves not Joon Young.

Joon Young’s mother dazed and unable to function thinking about the words that Joon Young said to her.

No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won), sits outside the police station upset that he cannot help his sister. Her best friend frets that they don’t know any lawyers, and bemoans that Ji Tae is no longer in their lives. Little do they know Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) is sitting in his car and watching them. Ji Tae must be able to lip read because his window is up and he can’t hear them. No Eul’s brother says he can’t take it if his sister cries, he’s never seen her cry before. So No Eul has always been strong for her brother.

uf_ep11_3b uf_ep11_3a
The police let No Eul out to see her brother and her best friend. She pretends being in the cell is loads of fun. No Eul’s brother asks if she tried to kill Assemblyman Choi. She assures him she did not. Her best friend wonders why Joon Young hasn’t made an appearance in support. Her brother tells the friend not to mention Joon Young. Her friend tells No Eul that her brother went to Joon Young’s house to appeal for help, but to no avail, he wouldn’t even open the door to her brother. No Eul lies and said that Joon Young just called her and said he would be coming soon to get her out of jail.

Instead No Eul returns to her cell wondering if Joon Young will ever come to help her. She wills him to come and help her.

Joon Young’s manager tells him he can starve himself to death, but he won’t get out of this room, those are direct instructions from his mother.

Distracted Joon Young’s mother cuts herself with a knife. She remembers Joon Young’s words about Assemblyman Choi. She leaves the restaurant.

uf_ep11_4b uf_ep11_4a
Ji Tae asks his father to drop the charges against No Eul. Ji Tae’s father doubts he has the guts to risk helping No Eul. As a test, he dares his son to tell the world that his father covered up a hit-and-run accident, ruined a girl’s life, and his parents live the high life. Ji Tae’s father says if he can’t say those words to the world, then he needs to admit he’s a coward, and keep his mouth shut, just like his father did so many years ago. Ouch! Great scene between these two. I’m still somewhat surprised that Assemblyman Choi is allowing the attempted murder charges to stick when he told his secretary the previous evening not to press charges. I guess backing down from the current situation is unacceptable to Assemblyman Choi.

uf_ep11_5b uf_ep11_5a
Joon Young’s mother arrives at his house and her nephew complains that Joon Young will not eat anything. Joon Young’s mother bursts into the Joon Young’s bedroom and tells him that Assemblyman Choi is a great man, better than they are. She demands to know who besmirches Assemblyman Choi’s name. Joon Young says he’s seen with his own eyes how vile Assemblyman Choi is. Joon Young asks his mother; why did she love a scum like that? Ouch! Joon Young’s mother refuses to believe him saying that Assemblyman Choi is a great man. Joon Young says that Assemblyman Choi framed another person in the hit-and-run accident that killed No Eul’s father so a rich man and his daughter could get off without penalty. Joon Young says he thought that No Eul had buried that horrible truth, but last night it bubbled up and she acted. Joon Young says No Eul is living in hell, while Assemblyman Choi ignores what he did and lives in heaven. Joon Young says Assemblyman Choi should not be able to get away with that, right? Proving herself once again a stellar mother, Joon Young’s mother says he’s crazy and willing to do anything for that gold digging No Eul. She yells that No Eul is bastard that could never live up to a great man like Assemblyman Choi. Ouch! She yells at Joon Young that Assemblyman Choi is his father. Joon Young yells back he knows that. He admits that once trying to shield his father from justice, he almost killed No Eul. His mother stares at him in disbelief. I see so little that makes Joon Young’s mother a likable character. She’s living in a fantasy world and willing to sacrifice her present day son for past picture of the man she once loved. That’s nuts, misguided, and reprehensible.

As Joon Young’s mother drives away from his house we see that she asked Joon Young if that’s why he stopped his path to become a prosecutor like his father. Joon Young confirms this.

Assemblyman Choi and Joon Young both stare out the windows of their offices and bedrooms.

Meanwhile poor No Eul sits alone in a prison cell waiting for someone to help her. She continues to believe that Joon Young will come and get her.

uf_ep11_6b uf_ep11_6a
Joon Young’s manager finally lets him out of the house. He goes to Assemblyman Choi’s house much to the surprise of his wife and daughter Choi Ha Roo. In fact, this is probably his wife’s worst nightmare. The wife ends up telling Joon Young that her husband is not home. Ha Roo asks her mother why she lied. When her father comes out she tells him that Joon Young is here. That doesn’t make her mother happy. Her father doesn’t understand why Joon Young would come to his house. Recall Joon Young’s father who does not know Joon Young is his son. But Joon Young is admitted to the house and his father says to his wife and daughter he’ll speak with Joon Young privately in his office.

uf_ep11_7b uf_ep11_7a
His father asks why he came. He asks if Joon Young came because of No Eul. Joon Young confirms he’s there for her. His father says attempted murder isn’t a petty charge. So even if he withdrew his claim, the police would still pursue the charges. Joon Young wants to know why the charges were changed from reckless driving to attempted murder. His father says it’s because she tried to kill me. Joon Young asks why would she want to kill you? His father doesn’t know and No Eul isn’t talking. Joon Young makes the excellent point that if No Eul wanted to kill him she would not have swerved away from him. Joon Young shocks him by saying he would not have swerved. I’m assuming Joon Young is saying that by empathizing with No Eul. If he were in her shoes then he would’ve wanted justice for his father. The wife listens at the door. Joon Young’s father thanks him for coming to visit because he’s a big star. Then in an offhand way, he thanks him for saving his life. Joon Young says I regret doing that. Ouch! His father says I don’t know why but I feel strangely close to you and my daughter is a big fan so I’d like to have a meal together sometime. Joon Young puts down a flash drive and tells his father he hopes they never have to see each other again. As he walks down the hall Joon Young stares at the family portrait of his father, his wife, Ji Tae, and Ha Roo. It’s a family he’ll never be a part of, or so he thinks.

His father looks at the flash drive and sees the videotape of himself exiting the bar with the woman that looks just like Joon Young’s mother.

Joon Young leaves the house and sees Ji Tae walking into the house. Ji Tae asks why he’s here. Joon Young says he came to blackmail his father. Ji Tae wants to know if he succeeded. Joon Young says he doesn’t know.

Joon Young’s father calls the police to drop the charges but his wife interrupts the phone call telling him not to drop the card charges or No Eul will try and kill him again.

uf_ep11_8b uf_ep11_8a
Ji Tae calls Joon Young and tells him that if No Eul had taken the flash drive to a broadcasting company five years ago or if Joon Young hadn’t taken the drive from her five years ago in this situation would not be what it is today. Ji Tae says if everyone had just been punished for what they needed to be punished for five years ago, that No Eul would have a completely different life today. Ji Tae yells you don’t deserve her either! Livid Ji Tae says you don’t have the right to make her smile, you don’t have the right to be by her side, you don’t have the right to make her happy. You have no right to her, just like me! You cannot help the fact that Assemblyman Choi is your father, just like me. Joon Young says nothing and hangs up. That was practically a powerhouse moment for this series. Ji Tae passionately denied his brother the right to have No Eul, for the same reasons he can’t have her. The question is if Joon Young continues to pursue No Eul, will Ji Tae do anything about it?

It’s morning, No Eul is released from jail. Her best friend rushes her offering the traditional tofu. They both wonder where No Eul’s brother is. Turns out he’s injured his ankle and was almost hit by a car. No Eul’s friend tells her to stop waiting for Joon Young, he doesn’t want to associate with somebody that just went to jail. No Eul’s brother shows up driven by the woman that almost hit him. But the big surprise is the woman who exits the backseat is Assemblyman Choi’s wife. She wants to take No Eul’s brother to the hospital to have his ankle checked out. But in the guise of caring for No Eul’s brother, she instead makes a threat. No Eul sees the threat.

Ji Tae learns that No Eul was released from jail that morning. And good news, his engagement party is in the afternoon.

Meanwhile Joon Young plays video games and tries not to think about things, like No Eul. His manager tells him that No Eul was released from jail. Joon Young thinks about the words that Ji Tae spat at him last night. He can’t deny that the Ji Tae spoke a version of the truth and is miserable about it.

No Eul comes to the house. Joon Young’s manager tells her to leave. No Eul says she’s not going to leave. Joon Young’s manager says that Joon Young didn’t come to see her when she was in jail, and that should tell her everything. Then the manager lies that Joon Young said he never wanted to see No Eul again. She calls him a liar. But you can tell the words bother her.

No Eul’s friend calls Joon Young and asks why he didn’t visit No Eul in jail. Joon Young doesn’t give much of an excuse. She lays into him for treating No Eul badly. She says she wishes she had stopped No Eul from going. Joon Young wants to know where No Eul was going.

Meanwhile No Eul walks home. She recalls her conversation with Assemblyman Choi’s wife (we can just call her the evil witch) in which she demands No Eul never see her again. She threatens No Eul asking if she wants to see how far she’ll go to protect her family. She continues her threat stating No Eul’s brother is a nice boy, and will continue to stay a nice boy, as long as No Eul stays away.

Later Joon Young calls Ji Tae. They meet outside of Ji Tae’s house. Ji Tae asks why Joon Young wanted to see him. Joon Young punches him.

Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father) and her father are ready for the engagement party. Her father boasts that she’s loved Ji Tae for 20 years, and today she becomes engaged to him. Jung Eun admits she’s nervous.

No Eul decides to leave the country. Her brother’s not happy about the decision. She says even a foreign land is better than where they’re at today. He doesn’t want to go. No Eul tells him that she’ll go without him. She gets in the cab. She stares at him. He relents and gets in the cab with her. She tells the cab driver to take them to the airport. A cab blocks their cab. Ji Tae gets out of the cab in his engagement party finery. He opens the door and tells No Eul that she cannot leave. He orders her out of the cab.

uf_ep11_13b uf_ep11_13a
A lawyer has a hard time paying for his lunch. But Joon Young intervenes and covers the costs. Turns out this lawyer was the prosecutor during No Eul’s father’s hit and run trial. Joon Young reveals his identity and asked the lawyer who was the real hit-and-run driver. Joon Young clarifies his question; who did Assemblyman Choi protect?

My Thoughts

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) believed Ji Tae’s accusations that he was not worthy of No Eul. This caused him to not reach out to No Eul. While I understand that he was literally held captive while No Eul was in jail, he also didn’t let her know that he was thinking about her, and trying to help her behind the scenes. That kind of radio silence is never good for a relationship, especially when the other person in the relationship is in major trouble and hears nothing from her supposed boyfriend. I did like when Joon Young went to confront his father with the video evidence of his interactions with another woman. That blackmail did the trick, and got No Eul out of jail. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know that Joon Young did this for her. Instead she thinks that he rejected and ignored her plight. The strong scene for Joon Young this episode was his interaction with his mother. He finally told her that his father wasn’t worthy of her worship. She didn’t believe them. He then had to give solid proof that his father was not the man his mother believed him to be. Joon Young has not won the parent lottery in either his father or mother.

 No Eul (Bae Suzy) was dumped but didn’t want to believe it. How terrible to have your new boyfriend cut you out of his life, without having the guts to do it in person. Or at least that’s what No Eul thinks. She did try to stay strong and believe in Joon Young when his manager lied to her face that Joon Young never wanted to see her again. But she couldn’t deny the fact that Joon Young had not reached out to her in her time of need. She took her tattered pride and walked away. How crazy is Ji Tae’s mother? She directly threatened No Eul through her brother. And No Eul understood the seriousness of that threat. Her response? Leave the country.

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) had his best scene of the series. His diatribe to Joon Young was terrific. Ju Hwan had passion and conviction. Ji Tae floored his brother with the revelation that he knew that Joon Young took the purse from No Eul years ago with the flash drive and contributed to her being hit by a car. He tried to guilt Joon Young from ever seeing No Eul again, with the “you are not worthy” argument. It looked like it was working, but Joon Young decided to hit his brother to let him know he wasn’t just walking away from No Eul. On the eve of his engagement, Ji Tae elected to stop No Eul from leaving the country. What can he offer her?

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) finally learned that Joon Young’s father wasn’t picture-perfect as she believed. Joon Young had to build a strong case for her to even hear the possibility that his father wasn’t the greatest man that ever lived, as his mother believed. I continue to have a very hard time with this character, she’s delusional, caustic, and willing to throw her son away for a fantasy belief in a man she knew over 20 years ago. I just can’t get over the fact that she’s willing to reject her son because he didn’t live up to her expectations.

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee Seo Won) didn’t know it but Ha Roo’s mother threatened him. He is No Eul’s weak spot and she’ll do anything to keep him safe. Even if it means fleeing the country keep her brother out of the clutches of Ji Tae’s mother. What will he think when Ji Tae reveals who he really is?

The tenth song of the expansive OST (that I’m enjoying), is a ballad, sung by Hwanhee. Check out “Love Hurts” via this link or the embedded video below:

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2 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 11
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    ANGRY MOM—Just when I thought Joon Young’s mom had come to her senses, she turned her back on him again because of No Eul. For a moment it looked like moms was regretting leaving her son imprisoned, possibly coming to her senses, when she dismissed her son’s firsthand witness of CHJ’s corruption with a rant about magnificence of CHJ. Astute observation “That’s nuts, misguided, and reprehensible” that a mother would take the side of the man who abandoned her in her impoverished pregnant state over her own son, Was CHJ really clueless about his illegitimate son—I’m not convinced. I think I am done with this “uncomfortably clueless” mother.

    PSYCHOTIC MOM/EVIL WITCH—When Ji Tae’s mom stepped out of the car that hit No Jik—I got chills!!! Evil witch drove her threat right down to No Eul’s heart— No Eul got the message LOUD and CLEAR!

    CAJONES FOR JI TAE— Ji Tae’s dad showed his true colors when his reply to Ji Tae upon receiving Ji Tae’s threatening request to clear No Eul was a dare to expose the truth—I hope Ji Tae has the cajones to do it!

    Did Ji Tae blow off his engagement party to show up in front of No Eul to keep her from fleeing? That is what the previews indicate. I think Ji Tae offers grief for No Eul because not only the father who raised him but what is scarier is the wrath of the evil witch. I am also curious about how No Jik and No Eul will react to Ji Tae’s true identity.

    NO APPARENT KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR FOR NO EUL— No Eul remained optimistic throughout her jail time about Joon Young’s imminent rescue. This time it was No Eul’s turn to be abandoned and “uncomfortably clueless” Joon Young’s blackmail efforts secures her release from incarceration.

    GOB SMACKED JOON YOUNG— Joon Young has had a rough couple of days…cancer symptoms increasing, girlfriend put in jail on embellished charges, imprisoned in his own home, smacked down by his mom and discovery that his deepest, darkest, regretful secret was known to someone else—his rival.

    Color me surprised that Joon Young’s first stop after gaining his freedom was the Choi household to blackmail bio dad.

    Joon Young was gob smacked when Ji Tae revealed that he knew Joon Young was the catalyst for No Eul’s injury 5 years ago. The incident spurred Ji Tae into becoming ‘daddy long legs’ for No Eul & No Jik. Joon Young wallows in misery feeling unworthy of No Eul. Shouldn’t he let No Eul decide if he is worthy? Sometimes self judgement is the harshest.

    Will Joon Young find the cajones to compete with Ji Tae for No Eul?


    • kjtamuser says:

      “When Ji Tae’s mom stepped out of the car that hit No Jik—I got chills!!!”
      * She’s crazy and could easily be spun up to put JY’s Mom or No Eul at risk.

      “Color me surprised that Joon Young’s first stop after gaining his freedom was the Choi household to blackmail bio dad.”
      * I was surprised and proud that JY blackmailed his father for the woman he loves.

      * It’s JY’s secrecy about helping her that bugs me. But you put it perfectly…
      “Joon Young wallows in misery feeling unworthy of No Eul. Shouldn’t he let No Eul decide if he is worthy? Sometimes self judgement is the harshest”


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