Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 10

No Eul and Joon Young are on the brink of some quality time, but things don’t go as planned.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 10

At the festival Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) listens to his manager try and convince his mother to attend to accept an award but she refuses. Woo Bin looks great in a tuxedo. His manager asks if he can introduce Joon Young to a mother who will treat him right. I’m all for that! Joon Young is surprised to learn that No Eul is at the festival and goes to find her.

Joon Young sees No Eul (Bae Suzy) confronting Choi Hyun Joon (Joon Young’s father (who doesn’t know Joon Young is his son)) and his daughter, Choi Ha Roo. No Eul asks Ha Roo’s father if he remembers her. Perplexed Ha Roo’s father asks if they met before. Ha Roo says that this woman is trying to ingratiate herself with Joon Young. Ha Roo’s father sees the spilled food and asks if his daughter did it. Ha Roo says she didn’t do it, the cat did. No Eul says today is the anniversary of her father’s death. Ha Roo’s father realizes this was a makeshift memorial. He takes out his wallet and offers No Eul additional cash and an apology for the cat’s behavior. Joon Young can’t believe his father has insulted No Eul with an offer of money. No Eul stares at the money. Joon Young arrives and says that No Eul deserves an apology. Ha Roo’s mouth falls open stunned that the star she loves is right in front of her. Joon Young takes the money out of his father’s hands, throws it to the ground and demands an apology be issued to No Eul. His father says Joon Young should apologize for his rude behavior towards him. He asks if that’s how his parents raised him. Joon Young says Mr. Choi should acknowledge his rudeness and asked for forgiveness, that’s what his parents taught him. Mr. Choi won’t apologize and calls Joon Young insolent. He hoped Joon Young would come back to the prosecutor’s office as he promised because he was waiting for him. He yells at Joon Young telling him to work on his character even though he is a big star. He’ll talk to him after Joon Young apologizes. Mr. Choi takes Ha Roo and they leave.

Joon Young asks why she came when he said not to. He’s enraged when she picks up the money his father threw to the ground. No Eul says she should’ve asked for more money. Joon Young takes the money rips it up and throws it to the ground. When No Eul goes to pick it up he stops her. She gets mad and says this is who I am. They stare at each other. She picks up the ripped money and tells him to stop interfering in her business. Joon Young’s manager arrives and tells him the CEO is looking for him. He strides away. No Eul finishes picking up the money.

uf_ep10_3auf_ep10_3b Back in the dressing room Joon Young borrows his manager’s phone to call his mother. She barks at his manager saying she won’t becoming but she’s actually at the festival in the ladies room all dressed up. Joon Young asks what he did wrong. I love that Woo Bin is trembling with suppressed emotion. He asks the question, what was so wrong with becoming a celebrity instead of a prosecutor? He learned while studying to be a prosecutor they need to put criminals away and be moral, but he isn’t up to their standards. He yells he does not have the right to become a prosecutor. His mother finally finds her voice and asks why Joon Young doesn’t have the moral fortitude to be a prosecutor? She pauses then asks is it because I used to work in a hostess bar? She tells him she had to work at the hostess bar to survive. Joon Young says his mother need not attend the festival, he won’t accept the award. Joon Young starts to changes clothes much to the dismay of his management team. His mother wipes the lipstick off her mouth. So glad Joon Young asked the question we’ve all been wondering…why did his mother reject him for a career change? Unfortunately, the answer was not forthcoming.

Joon Young, in his street clothes, decides to leave the festival and won’t listen to his manager who tries to stop him from leaving. His manager is told the CEO passed out. Joon Young leaves the festival. His manager goes to see if the CEO is okay.

No Eul is gone when Joon Young goes to where he last saw her. No Eul gets into the van to head back to work. She looks at the crumpled torn money in her hands.

Mr. Choi’s wife isn’t feeling well so he asks for their car to be brought around.

Joon Young searches for No Eul. Joon Young calls No Eul. Still in the van, she doesn’t answer his call. She doesn’t see everyone but Mr. Choi get in their car. Mr. Choi’s wife is surprised her husband is not coming with them. He says he has obligations and must attend the festival. As he leans in to kiss his wife, Joon Young’s mother crosses in front of the car. She doesn’t see him and he doesn’t see her. A car behind the van honks for No Eul to move. She sees Mr. Choi on the phone, happy him without a care. She grips the steering remembers a moment with her father when she doctored her grades. She recalls the cover-up of her father’s hit-and-run and learning that Mr. Choi changed the outcome of the case. She recalls her father’s death. As she pulls out into the road, she approaches Mr. Choi with the intent to hit him. At the last minute, Joon Young pulls his father out of the way and No Eul swerves into a pole. Joon Young and his father are fine. Joon Young approaches the van and sees No Eul unconscious and bleeding.

He takes her to the emergency room, frustrated when he doesn’t get the quick response of care for No Eul.

Ha Roo sings a Joon Young song on the way home annoying her mother who instructs the driver to turn off the radio. Ha Roo tells her mother that her father embarrassed her in front of Joon Young. Her mother calls the secretary and learns that Joon Young saved her husband from being hit by a car.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) learns of his father’s incident and isn’t happy.

Mr. Choi wonders why No Eul tried to hit him. His assistant says the police will investigate. Mr. Choi says there’s no need, and instructs him to let this matter go no further. His assistant says he sent thanks Joon Young for saving Mr. Choi.

Joon Young is bandaged up, with an injured shoulder from saving his father. Ji Tae arrives. He’s not in the poor clothes he normally sports, but in his real rich clothes. Ji Tae offers Joon Young’s business card and reveals his real identity. He thanks Joon Young for saving his father’s life. That gets Joon Young’s attention as he looks at his stepbrother. Ji Tae says his father is why he gave up on No Eul. Joon Young acts unconcerned that Mr. Choi is Ji Tae’s father. Joon Young pulls out the IV and leaves the hospital room.

No Eul is asleep in her hospital room with a bandage around her head and a neck brace around her neck. Joon Young’s enters the room and watches her sleep.

Ji Tae fingers the business card that Joon Young refused to take out of his hand.

Joon Young takes No Eul’s hand while she sleeps. He apologizes for leaving her alone when he strode away from her in anger.

The next day No Eul sits in her hospital room bandages and neck brace gone. Her brother calls her. She lies she’s in the editing room at work. He worries she’s working too hard. He tells her to take care of herself. He spots Ha Roo sitting alone in a playground.

No Eul’s brother, No Jik (Lee Seo Won) asks Ha Roo to return the cat. She says the cat is gone. Angry he pulls the swing she’s sitting on up to him so they are face-to-face. He demands to know if she lost the cat or if she threw the cat out. Ha Roo says the cat ran away when she stepped out to get coffee. No Jik doesn’t believe her. She insists it’s true. She can’t help herself and tells him that he’s handsome. No Jik pushes her back and she falls down. No Jik strides away.

uf_ep10_7auf_ep10_7b uf_ep10_7c
No Eul recalls Joon Young asking her to take a trip with him. Joon Young packs some things. He recalls asking No Eul to “go away to a place where no one can find us, just for a month. Let’s spend a month as if we were the only two people on this planet”.  Who wouldn’t love that offer? He promises to make all the preparations. Joon Young buys some lingerie, sleepwear, and clothing for No Eul. She in turn gets cleaned up and borrows make up. When he returns to her hospital room initially he thinks she’s gone but instead she’s primping in the bathroom. That puts a smile on his face. She gets dressed in the clothing that he bought her. She asks him if they can stay away for a year instead of a month. He pauses knowing his medical condition will kill him before that, but he smiles and agrees. Echoing the words she said to him previously, she asks if she would get hit if she wanted to kiss. He smiles, saying that a kiss isn’t enough. Then he swoops down and kisses her. There is participation in this kiss.

uf_ep10_8b uf_ep10_8a
In the parking lot Joon Young wraps his scarf around No Eul and tells her to wait while he gets the car. As he approaches the car, he stumbles and experiences blurry vision. He sinks next to the car. As No Eul waits for Joon Young, the police approach her and tell her that she’s under arrest for attempted murder of Mr. Choi. While Joon Young struggles to get up and the police read No Eul her rights and lead her away. No Eul calls out to Joon Young, he hears her, and struggles to stand and clear his vision. Inside the police car No Eul calls for Joon Young. Finally able to stand Joon Young sees No Eul in a white car being driven away from him. As she looks out the back window he falls down.

No Eul arrives at his house, calls his lawyer about No Eul, and takes his medicine. When No Eul goes to leave his bedroom, he finds the door locked by his manager, under orders from the CEO of the entertainment company. As Joon Young yells in frustration, and pounds on the door, his manager yells that he can’t lose everything over some girl. He pleads with his manager to open the door but to no avail.

The police asked No Eul why she tried to kill Mr. Choi. She refuses to talk frustrating the police officer. I like her moxy!

Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father) cooks her father. He appreciates her talents. She promises to cook for him even after she’s married to Ji Tae. Jung Eun asks what happened to the man that she hit with her car so long ago. Her father wants to know why she’s asking now. Jung Eun admits she dreamed about the man. Her father tells her the man died. Jung Eun heard he went into a coma. Because he was poor, it was probably better for his family that he died versus racking up big hospital bills. Her father agrees. Then they continue to enjoy their dinner and their time together.

Mr. Choi is not happy to learn that his wife called the cops on No Eul.

Ji Tae asks his mother if she is the one that requested charges be filed against No Eul. Seeing her son’s displeasure, she sends the maid away so they can have a private conversation. Ji Tae says having No Eul arrested is an immature reaction to the situation. Ji Tae’s mother says father will be home soon and directs him to wash up. If I were Ji Tae that would thoroughly irritate me my mother not answering my questions and leaving the room.

uf_ep10_10b uf_ep10_10a
Ji Tae follows his mother into her bedroom and declares she’s the one that covered up the incident three years ago. The incident where No Eul found evidence about the company’s slush fund. Ji Tae barks that No Eul was correct but his mother still sued her for defamation. Because No Eul was poor she lost, had to take out loans to pay the retribution, and is now in debt to loan sharks. That’s interesting, that Ji Tae’s mother put No Eul in debt. Though No Eul’s father did like to gamble, I guess his debts were not the crippling ones that No Eul still struggles to deal with. This is another thing that Ji Tae carries as a burden. No wonder he wanted to help No Eul but realized he also had to keep a certain amount of distance from her. Ji Tae did not win the parent lottery. Again his mother ignores him and tells him to go it cleaned up for dinner. Outraged Ji Tae demands to know if she feels any guilt for what she did to No Eul. Ji Tae says if she had any humanity in her she should feel guilty and apologize to No Eul for her actions. Ji Tae’s mother says nothing.

Mr. Choi finally remembers who No Eul is.

No Eul sits in the prison cell.

Joon Young stands trapped in his bedroom. He hears the intercom go off, it is No Eul’s brother. No Jik pleads with Joon Young to help his sister. He’s desperate, Joon Young is the only person he knows that can help his sister. No Jik begs Joon Young to help repeating his request through tears. Joon Young’s head starts to fill with ringing and he falls to the floor. The house phone rings but he manages to answer. It’s his lawyer. Joon Young asks if his lawyer knows where No Eul is. The lawyer knows which police station she’s at. Joon Young tells the lawyer to get her out. The lawyer says he can’t do that. Joon Young asks why not. The lawyer tells him the CEO directed him not to become involved. Frustrated, Joon Young writhes in agony. You have to ask why Joon Young did not respond to No Eul’s brother’s pleas prior to his head ringing and immobilizing him. The fact that Joon Young’s manager’s literally locked him in his room, took away his cell phone, and directed his lawyer to stand down, is major interference in Joon Young’s life. Maybe that’s the way they’ve always operated, but it isn’t doing Joon Young any favors today.

Joon Young’s mother berates her brother for wearing his tuxedo for three consecutive days. Joon Young calls, using his home phone, and his uncle answers even though his mother tries to stop him. His uncle realizes that something’s wrong with Joon Young. His mother gets a concerned look on her face. His uncle hands the phone to his mother. Joon Young asks his mother to help him.

Joon Young’s uncle and mother speed to his house. His uncle is furious that the CEO made Joon Young literally a prisoner in his own home. Joon Young’s mother finds Joon Young passed out on the floor of his bedroom.

uf_ep10_12b uf_ep10_12a
In the prison cell No Eul dreams that her father is in the cell with her. She cries as she admits that she took Mr. Choi’s money and tried to forget about what he did to her father. She says she was desperate and had to do something to save her brother. Her father hugs her and tells her she did well. She sobs that things are hard. She asked her father to take him where he is.

Joon Young’s mother softly touches his face. He wakes, looks, and sees his mother’s face. He cries. His mother is angry that her son is locked in his home by greedy men. She tells him she will take him to the hospital. Joon Young tells her he has to go to No Eul. He asks her to help him. Joon Young cries and asks her to help him get to No Eul.

No Eul cries in her cell.

My Thoughts

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) couldn’t support No Eul like he wanted to. I like that Joon Young is not a perfect person. After supporting No Eul by demanding his father apologize to No Eul, he then berates No Eul for taking the money his father offered. I certainly understand him being upset that No Eul took that money, but his ultimatum was not a smart thing. Ultimatums rarely work out well when people issue them, and this time was no different. But then Joon Young got a chance to redeem himself by suggesting that he and No Eul run away together for a month. When she suggested a year, he hesitated knowing he would be around that long, but didn’t tell her that. Does he really think that he could cover up is increasingly debilitating symptoms? I don’t think Joon Young is thinking, he’s running away from his problems, and hoping to get quality alone time with the woman he loves. Is also interesting that Joon Young realized No Eul intended to hit his father, and threw himself at his father to knock him out of the way. Did he do that to save his father or No Eul or both of them? Then when No Eul was arrested, Joon Young became a literal prisoner in his own home. We have to suspend our brains that he didn’t use the home phone to call somebody when he wasn’t in agony. But when he learned that the lawyer was refusing to help No Eul because the CEO ordered him to stand down, Joon Young was forced to call his mother. And for the first time, probably the first time in their five-year separation, his mother responded to his needs, and came to help him. Woo Bin does an excellent job with anger and outrage. He also scores in the tender moments. He’s stuck with the character that isn’t always written to fully use his brain, but he has to do what we do, ignore it and make it work.

 No Eul (Bae Suzy) was on the brink of escaping with Joon Young but the police arrested her. I was surprised that No Eul considered and tried to run over Mr. Choi. Appropriately she ran into a pole instead of the man. I liked her dream in the prison cell when she told her father that she felt guilty for taking the Choi’s money. You could sense that she was desperate and took the cash so that she and her brother could make ends meet. But the guilt of that decision reared its ugly head. I liked how the writer had No Eul crying in her cell at the end of the episode and Joon Young crying in his bedroom at the end of the episode. Also there was the parallel of Joon Young calling his mother, and No Eul calling her father (albeit in a dream) for help during this trying time.

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) did not win the parent lottery. The writer surprised me again this episode when Ji Tae confronted his mother about suing No Eul and leaving her destitute and riddled with debt. Ji Tae is absolutely correct to rage at his mother for her selfish uncaring behavior. His mother is only concerned with herself and manipulating her world so that those she doesn’t want and it are eliminated and those that she does want around her she keeps (even if she has to manipulate them to stay by her side). Ji Tae’s mother lives in fear and won’t listen to reason. I also liked that Ji Tae went and introduced himself to Joon Young as the real him. He took off his mask of a poor guy, and revealed who he really was. Even better was that Joon Young didn’t care, and left the room to see No Eul. That had to sting that Joon Young deemed Ji Tae’s reveal of no importance in his life.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) finally heard her son’s pain because of her rejection. Joon Young asked the right question, why was she so angry that he stopped pursuing a path to be a prosecutor. She in turn could not believe Joon Young’s stance that he wasn’t worthy to be a prosecutor. Finally this character started to reach out to her son, first by attending the festival (though no one knew she went) and second by rushing to his side when he weakly asked for her help. This proves that she loves her son and is willing to take action in his behalf, it’s about time.

No Eul’s brother No Jik (Lee Seo Won) is one of my favorite characters of the series. He is no nonsense. He is gentle with Ha Roo but doesn’t put up with her selfish ways either. I must say that Ha Roo has little to recommend her. She’s a brat. But still there is something between the two actors in their scenes that I like. But above all, he loves his sister and wants what’s best for her. When he went to Joon Young for help, that was definitely a last resort, and how disappointing had to be when Joon Young did not respond to his pleas. It’s going to be hard for him to trust Joon Young, when he saw firsthand that Joon Young did not come to his sister’s aid. Hopefully when he realizes that Joon Young was trying to help her, he will be able to drop his anger and see Joon Young as the man who loves his sister.

The ninth song of the OST, a pretty ballad, is sung by Kim Bumsoo. Check out “I Love You” via this link or the embedded video below:

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4 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 10
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I have come to the determination the name of this drama should be “Clueless”.

    RETRIBUTION AGAINST/FOR THE NO FAMILY NEMESIS—I feel bad NE is so broke she picked up the blood money, against JY’s ultimatum. I suppose NE regretted her decision to take the blood money and that is why she decided to mow down CHJ when the opportunity popped up before her eyes.

    I get the feeling that JY’s rescue of CHJ was more concerned the ramification for NE than his bio dad. I’m glad JT revealed his true identity to JY. JT stating “his father is why he gave up on No Eul” was a subtle hint to JY, as JY is likely clueless that JT knows the identity of JY’s bio dad.

    Meanwhile the culprit of Mr. No’s death, JT’s fiancée is glad (?!?) Mr. No died since he would have been a burden on a poor family—UNBELIEVABLE! I want this murderess in prison before this series is over.

    CHJ was going to let the near miss ‘accident’ go away, but was not a happy camper when he found out his wife filed a complaint. The eavesdropping CHJ finally got an “AH HA!” moment when he overheard JT confront his wife about the arrest and the slush fund defamation case where NE was found to be liable. More burden for JT to shoulder since no one else in the Choi family is taking responsibility. Your observation “Choi Ji Tae did not win the parent lottery” hits the nail on the head!

    Holy smokes this mommy dearest is truly an astonishing piece of…work. She deserves to live in fear. Will CHJ acknowledge this his wife’s activities and his wrongs against NE & NJ or will he continue to play his ‘clueless’ role? This man is either entirely clueless or his does a whole lot of pretending to be clueless—I think it is a little of both. I think I mention in my comments for episode 9 it is hard to believe a clueless individual could survive being a politician—in an effort of full disclosure, I MAY be biased against politicians. Is there a politician out there that does NOT have at least a little larceny in his/her soul?

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—Did HR lie about the kitty? HR likes the high schooler NJ. This budding romance doesn’t have much of a good chance since her dad is the No family nemesis. Maybe her bio dad is also someone other than CHJ—whatcha been doin’ mama? I will enjoy this sweet romance while it lasts.

    ANGRY MOM—The $64,000 question for JY is “why did his mother reject him for a career change?” We finally got to see her show some concern about her son. Did we actually see a change of heart with mom coming to JY’s rescue from being held prisoner in his room? Will it last?

    LET’S MAKE OUR ESCAPE—There was kisses 💋 and excitement at the thought of escaping everyday life. I was bummed that JY and NE did not get out of Dodge before the police scooped her up and cancer knocked him down. I agree NE showed her moxy by not responding to the police and we now know that she has learned this from the school of hard knocks (hello slush fund defamation case). It seems she got the forgiveness from her father for taking the blood money in her dream/vision. I commiserate with her despair for taking the blood money, the loss of her father, persecution by the Choi family and being locked up in a cell not knowing JY is doing everything he can to rescue her.

    Who are these people who think that can seize JY’s cell phone, direct his lawyer to bow out and lock up JY, who is a sane adult, in his bedroom? Was his so clueless that he could not tell JY was sick and not just upset? Moms to the rescue.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I have come to the determination the name of this drama should be “Clueless”
      * Would that be Uncomfortably Clueless?

      “I get the feeling that JY’s rescue of CHJ was more concerned the ramification for NE than his bio dad. ”
      * Concur. At this point, JY is disgusted with his father.

      “JT’s fiancée is glad (?!?) Mr. No died since he would have been a burden on a poor family—UNBELIEVABLE! I want this murderess in prison before this series is over.”
      * I was shocked by this heartless self serving statement by JE and the concurrence by her father.

      “Holy smokes this mommy dearest is truly an astonishing piece of…work.”
      * Your tact is commendable

      “Who are these people who think that can seize JY’s cell phone, direct his lawyer to bow out and lock up JY, who is a sane adult, in his bedroom? ”
      * Self-serving leeches in JY’s life. I had to wonder why JY did not use his home phone while he was feeling good.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    “Uncomfortably Clueless” is PERFECT!

    Would the murderess be glad if her dad died, relieving her of the burden of having his fortune spent on caring for him? Probably not, but she is heartless enough, she just might be glad to inherit more money…


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