Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 9

No Eul admits her feelings…finally.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 9

Walking along the river No Eul (Bae Suzy) recalls Joon Young’s declaration to his mother that he loved her. No Eul recalls Joon Young’s declaration during and after the concert and how Joon Young took the hand that Ji Tae dropped. No Eul recalls Joon Young frustrated statement that after all he’s done for her, she still doesn’t see him. Actually that’s one of my favorite lines that Joon Young is said, you still don’t see me? No Eul recalls Joon Young’s late-night confession, while she slept, that he cares for her but she cares for another who doesn’t treat her right. No Eul recalls Joon Young taking care of the burn on her finger. No Eul recalls Joon Young’s declaration of love and kiss. Good grief woman, what more evidence do you need that this man loves you?

No Eul calls Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and tells him this once, she’s decided to trust him. Joon Young springs up in disbelief and excitement. He tells her to stay where she’s at and he’ll come to her. He drives to the river.

uf_ep9_1auf_ep9_1b Joon Young arrives at the river and spots No Eul immediately, a big smile crosses his face. But when he walks towards her his vision gets blurry. He closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes and he sees No Eul clearly. He walks to her and smiles. Who could resist that smile? He hugs her and smiles. While he hugs her his vision gets blurry.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) arrives at the local eatery and gives the proprietress a large check to cover all the meals that No Eul has consumed there. He tells her he’s not returning. He says he’ll never see No Eul again.

We are treated to a vignette of Joon Young hugging No Eul, who has yet to return his hug, but she does stand there agreeably. Then we see Joon Young’s father sitting by his wife’s bedside. His wife opens her eyes and sees her husband dutifully by her side. That’s exactly she wanted from this “illness”. Then we see Joon Young’s mother sleeping alone in Joon Young’s old room.

Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father) preps a lovely plate of food and finds Ji Tae watching her. He strides to her and kisses her with passion. This is what she’s been waiting for and she responds.

uf_ep9_2b uf_ep9_2a
Joon Young’s vision finally clears up just as No Eul asks if he’s going to spend all night hugging her. He asks if she’s available to do that. She pushes him away playfully. Joon Young asks what No Eul said to him on the phone. She hesitates then tells him she’s not really going to trust him but she will trust the man that provides her paycheck. This puts a smile on Joon Young’s face. He tells her she’s pretty. She makes a fish face. He tells her she’s even prettier. He asks if she’ll hit him if he kisses her. She vows to kill him. That puts a smile on Joon Young’s face. She strides away. He tells her he’ll see her tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. I don’t know about you but I adore his smile and feel this character deserves some happiness. I look forward to when No Eul responds to his affections.

The next day at a beach photo shoot Joon Young and Kim Yoo Na (Lee Elijah) are prepped. Joon Young cannot take his eyes off of No Eul when she arrives. A gaggle of reporters hoping to interview Joon Young and Yoo Na about their purported romance are there. Joon Young’s manager asks the reporters to be quiet and patiently wait for an opportunity to speak with the two stars. The photo shoot begins but a drone enters the shot. The director gets irritated and orders the drone out of the shot. Unfortunately, the drone hits No Eul. Anyone else noticed every time No Eul trips and falls, hits her head, or any mishap, she makes the same sound?

uf_ep9_3auf_ep9_3buf_ep9_3d uf_ep9_3c
At the press conference, No Eul films along with the other reporters. Joon Young stares at No Eul. The reporters asked Joon Young and Yoo Na to make a statement about their romance. Yoo Na says something benign about appreciating the reporters being there for them. The reporters ask for a statement from Joon Young. He says that even though they are celebrities, they are human beings, and have a right to privacy. He goes on to say that when he falls in love, he doesn’t want to see his woman harassed and hated (he’s looking at No Eul while he saying this) and it makes him wonder if he should stay in this industry. Joon Young says this is the only interview he’ll give on the subject of his love life and asks the reporters to stop being nosy. Joon Young gets up and leaves. One reporter asks No Eul what it was like to be harassed by Joon Young’s fans. No Eul has no comment. Another reporter asks No Eul if Yoo Na is the shield and No Eul is the real love interest. No Eul says she likes somebody else that is cooler than Joon Young. The reporter doubts her words. No Eul says that she’s actually a fan of another big star, Seo Yoon  Hoo.

In her car No Eul frets that she brought up another star in in her denial. Joon Young gets in the car and tells her he was surprised that she was such a fan of Seo Yoon  Hoo. Joon Young says don’t you know he’s a playboy? No Eul frets that he needs to get out of the car before someone sees him. Joon Young asks her to describe her ideal man because he’ll turn into that person. No Eul frets that he needs to leave. Joon Young says this doesn’t matter, everyone will find out about your lie. He asks if he’s her type and if she really likes him. She calls his manager and tells him that Joon Young got into her car. Joon Young grabs the phone and ends the phone call. Before he gets out of the car Joon Young tells her everything that will happen now will be her fault. No Eul sees that Joon Young left something behind for her on the car seat.

Ji Tae looks at rings in the jewelry store. He tells the store clerk he’s looking for a gift for his mother. He gets a phone call.

Ji Tae’s mother meets with her brother-in-law. It appears he is comfortable asking her for money. She chides him that she just recently gave him some cash. He brings up the fact that she’s on a different level than Joon Young’s mother. The man says he feels terrible that he sent Joon Young’s mother away on her orders. That’s interesting! Ji Tae’s mother’s tries to end the meeting by handing him an envelope of cash and getting up to leave. The man is not satisfied with the amount of money in there and says it’s too bad his brother doesn’t know that he has a famous son. The man also makes the statement that his brother is calling a child his that is not his son. Holy smokes! Does that mean that Ji Tae’s father is someone else? That’s a big development. That gets Ji Tae’s mother upset. She calls her secretary to transfer him money into her brother-in-law’s bank account. She sees Ji Tae. He takes the phone from his mother’s hand and tells the secretary not to transfer any money into the brother-in-law’s account.

At home Ji Tae’s mother asked how much he knows. Ji Tae claims he knows everything. He says he knows that Joon Young is his father’s son. He takes his mother’s hand and urges her to confess to her husband that brother-in-law has threatened her for many years. Ji Tae’s mother doesn’t want to do that because she’s afraid her husband will leave her. She maintains she liked her husband before Joon Young’s mother liked him. She declares she’s the one that made her husband into the man he is today. She says Joon Young’s mother would have brought him down to her level. Ji Tae believes her and believes his father will understand why she did what she did. But she lives in fear that her husband will leave her for Joon Young’s mother. She knows he can’t forget about her. She believes if he knew there was a child, he would definitely return to Joon Young’s mother. Ji Tae declares that even though he’s not related by blood to his father, the man is his father. So Ji Tae really does know everything, including the fact that he is not biologically related to his father. That surprises me.

Ji Tae calls his father, Choi Hyun Joon, and tells him that he loves him. Ji Tae tells his father he’s found a great bar they can meet in secret after work so mother never knows. His father is thrilled with the suggestion and tells Ji Tae he’s the best son ever. So now you see that Ji Tae has more to protect than just keeping Joon Young from No Eul. He’s trying to protect his mother, and he’s trying to keep his relationship with his father intact. That’s a heavy burden to bear. In this moment I feel sorry for him.

Ji Tae recalls declaring to his mother that he’s going to tell his father everything. He tells his mother they can’t live in constant fear of what his father’s brother will do or whether or not father will reject them if he knows the truth. He believes father won’t leave his mother. She’s was left by Ji Tae’s real father and she doesn’t want to go through that again. She asks Ji Tae to give her three months to clear everything up. Wow that certainly makes me think she’s going to try and relocate Joon Young’s mother after Joon Young dies in three months to eliminate the competition. She tells her son that Joon Young will be dead in three months. Ji Tae asks what she means. His mother admits that Joon Young is deadly ill.

No Eul films Joon Young and asks what’s on his bucket list. He says he wants the woman in front of him to admit that he’s her type. Ha! No Eul says she’ll edit that part out. Joon Young says he wants the woman in front of him to admit she loves him. No Eul turns the camera off and tells him to stop fooling around. Joon Young says he’s not fooling around. Joon Young’s manager interrupts and says it’s time for him to leave for his photo shoot. He invites No Eul to join them but she says she’ll return to Seoul instead. Joon Young stalks away in anger. No Eul sees that he left her cheese sticks. Recall she gave his dog a cheese stick.

uf_ep9_5b uf_ep9_5a
During a photo shoot Yoo Na asks Joon Young if they should really start dating. She wants to know what kind of relationship he has with No Eul. Yoo Na says his rejection of her is offensive. Joon Young tell her she started this mess by agreeing to pretend they were dating. He thanks her for protecting No Eul. She pushes him away and anger. Yoo Na trips over a cord which causes a light to fall directly in Joon Young’s path.

As No Eul drives away Joon Young’s manager stops her and says Joon Young was injured at the photo shoot and is now at the hospital. He asks No Eul to go to the hospital while he wraps things up. She agrees. He leads a dazed No Eul to the white van and tells the driver to take her to the hospital. No Eul asked the driver if Joon Young’s injury is serious. The driver says his life is in danger. The driver pulls over. No Eul ask why he stopped. He gives a lame excuse about needing coffee. This makes No Eul angry. She tells him to take her to the hospital immediately, she has something to say to Joon Young. No Eul gets out of the van and strides to the driver side telling him to get out, she’ll drive to the hospital. The driver gets out of reveals himself to be Joon Young. He asks why she’s crying. He asks what she wanted to tell him. He asks if she was good to finally confess her feelings. No Eul kicks him and strides away. Joon Young moans he did get hurt but it just wasn’t that serious. Joon Young asks why she keeps denying her feelings. She trips and falls over. This character trips quite a bit. As Joon Young tends to No Eul she notices he indeed was hurt. You can see the compassion in her eyes. Joon Young admits he just wanted to have some time with her before he went to the hospital. That touches her heart and No Eul kisses his cheek. Yes, reciprocal feelings! No Eul admits Joon Young is his type. No Eul admits she likes Joon Young. She berates him for wanting to have time with her before he went to the hospital. She calls him an idiot. That touches his heart and Joon Young kisses her. It takes a moment, but she does participate! Yes, reciprocal kisses! It starts to snow during the kiss which is apropos.

Ha Roo tries to convince her father to take her to a festival while her driver drives. She spots No Eul’s brother walking along the side of the road and asked the driver to stop and let her out. She approaches him and says you’re in high school? He confirms this. She says he tricked her. Unruffled he counters she never asked if he was in high school. He’s holding an adorable kitten, how can she not see that? No Eul’s brother asks if Ha Roo has money. She assumes he’s trying to scam her. Next we see the two of them watch the kitten eat. He tells her that he doesn’t know whose cat it is but he suspects it was abandoned. That touches Ha Roo’s heart. He asks Ha Roo to watch the cat until he gets out of school. She asks why should she. He tells her pretty people are also kind. Excellent line! She takes the cat. I really like this young couple I think they’ve got something between the two of them that is just darling.

uf_ep9_7auf_ep9_7b Joon Young’s manager takes his mother to where Joon Young is supposedly dying. When she realizes it’s a department store she gets angry and tries to leave. Joon Young holds up outfits and tells his mother she’s getting an award for raising a top star. He buys all the outfits. Joon Young’s mother tells him not to think that everything is good between them. Joon Young says that Assemblyman Choi will be there. That wipes the smile off his mother’s face.

Joon Young’s uncle is decked out in a tuxedo (supplied by Joon Young) and ready to escort his mother to the event. Meanwhile Joon Young’s mother sits outside her restaurant. Joon Young watches her from his car wondering what’s going on with his mother.

No Eul is editing film. She learns Joon Young’s mother is going to get an award at the festival. She decides to attend.

uf_ep9_8auf_ep9_8c uf_ep9_8b Lots of big stars arrive at the festival including Joon Young, though his mother is not with him. No Eul’s brother calls and asks when she’ll be home. She tells him that she’s at a video shoot and she may be late. Her best friend grabs the phone and tells her it’s the anniversary of her father’s death. Her brother takes the phone back and says father will understand that you’re busy. Her best friend grabs the phone back and comments that making money is more important than honoring your dead father. No Eul has tears in her eyes. I liked the juxtaposition of the fantasy of being a star and being a girl that forgot her father’s anniversary. Suzy emoted believable sadness.

No Eul’s brother tells her best friend that he’s been trying to call Ji Tae but his number is disconnected. Little does he know that Ji Tae is standing in front of the front door with wine to honor the anniversary. But Ji Tae decides he can’t enter and leaves the wine on the porch.

Ha Roo, her father and mother drive to the festival. Ha Roo is thrilled to attend to see all the celebrities. Ha Roo’s mother asks if Joon Young will be there. Her father surprised that his wife knows who Joon Young is. Ha Roo lies and says Joon Young won’t be there due to other commitments. Ha Roo’s mother lies and says she was hoping to meet him.

When they arrive at the festival Ha Roo’s mother tells her she has to go home immediately. Ha Roo understandably does not like that decision. She’s there, why can’t she go in? Ha Roo’s father doesn’t understand why Ha Roo can’t go in now that they’re here. Her mother is adamant Ha Roo must leave. The kitten falls out of her purse and she runs after it. Let’s turn our brains off that she brought the kitten to a festival. Ha Roo’s father tells his wife to go in. His wife wants to know if Joon Young will be there. Her husband confirms that Joon Young will be here. She demands to know why he lied. He says because he didn’t want Ha Roo to go home without seeing Joon Young. He leads his upset wife into the festival.

uf_ep9_10auf_ep9_10b The kitten finds No Eul sitting alone and forlorn about her father’s anniversary. The kitten knocks over the bottle of soju at the make shift memorial she prepared. She berates the kitten for eating her father’s food. Ha Roo finds her and berates her for berating the kitten. The two women recognize each other. Ha Roo sees the spilled food and offers to reimburse No Eul. She throws a bill on top of the food. Angry that her father’s memorial has been defiled, she walks over and taps Ha Roo’s head. Ha Roo gets angry that No Eul touched her. No Eul says that she should apologize for her rudeness. Ha Roo’s father calls out to her. Ha Roo tells her father that No Eul hit her. Ha Roo’s father asks what’s going on. No Eul stares at him knowing that he was the man that helped the hit-and-run driver (Jung Eun) that killed her father get away with it. The irony of seeing him on the anniversary of her father’s death! No Eul asks Ha Roo’s father if he remembers her. Perplexed Ha Roo’s father asks if they met before. Ha Roo says that this woman is trying to ingratiate herself with Joon Young. Ha Roo’s father sees the spilled food and asks if his daughter did it. Ha Roo says she didn’t do it, the cat did. No Eul says today is the anniversary of her father’s death. Ha Roo’s father realizes this was a makeshift memorial. He takes out his wallet and offers No Eul additional cash and an apology for the cat’s behavior. No Eul just stares at the money.

Joon Young arrives and says that No Eul deserves an apology. Ha Roo’s mouth falls open stunned that the star she loves is right in front of her. No Eul stares at the man she cares for striding towards her. Joon Young takes the money out of his father’s hands, throws it to the ground and demands an apology. Everyone stares at the two men, who stare at each other.

My Thoughts

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) finally heard No Eul admit that she cares for him. I was glad to see Joon Young finally get some love. His mother is so cold and No Eul had been skittish and standoffish, it wasn’t fair to Joon Young. I liked how he tricked her into admitting her feelings when she learned that he had been injured. But he was pleasantly surprised when she openly showed caring for him when she saw his injuries. And the bonus was a lovely kiss from her, the first time she kissed him. We’re halfway through this series and I’m ready to see this couple act like a couple. Joon Young was respectful to Yoo Na even when she told bald-faced lies to the reporters about their involvement. Joon Young’s mother continues to frustrate me though Joon Young takes it better than I do. I feel sorry for him that he tries so hard with this woman who rejects him under the feeble excuse of his career choice. It was nice to see Joon Young stand up for No Eul with his father. Woo Bin does anger well.

 No Eul (Bae Suzy) finally admitted that she liked Joon Young and kissed him. It’s been a long time coming for No Eul to drop her guard and begin to trust Joon Young and her feelings for him. I don’t mind her brusque ways with him, that’s fine, but I’m ready to see Joon Young treated with kindness. This seems to be majorly lacking in his life. No Eul was understandably upset when she missed her father’s anniversary ceremony but she took matters into her own hand and created a makeshift memorial. Too bad it was tainted by snotty Ha Roo who could use someone to teach her basic manners. Is No Eul’s brother the man for the job?

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) carries the burden of not being biologically related to the man who thinks he is his father. I was completely surprised to learn that Ji Tae knew he was not Mr. Choi’s biological son. Once we learned that Ji Tae had a different father, I thought Ji Tae would be shocked with this news sometime during the series, but no, he knows this secret. I felt for Ji Tae as he tried to help his mother admit the truth, but her fear won’t allow it. She let it slip that Joon Young only has three months to live. Ji Tae kissed his fiancée Jung Eun with passion seeming to commit to her and their relationship. I still don’t understand why he’s involved with her to the point he has to sacrifice his personal happiness and marry her.

 Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) rejected Joon Young yet again. This character gets the short end of the stick from the writer who gives her a flimsy reason to reject Joon Young. She clings to that anger like it’s a shield against her child and I’m getting tired of it. She needs to open her eyes and see that her son loves her, and give him the love he richly deserves. The only positive thing you can say about this character today was that she did come when she thought Joon Young was physically ill. Why is she so afraid to show herself to Choi Hyun Joon?

The eighth song of the OST, a ballad, is sung by Tei. Check out “From When and Until When” via this link or the embedded video below:

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4 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 9
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME—NE finally admitted her feelings…we know from the flashbacks she liked JY since high school. JY get some happiness with NE’s declaration and subsequent confirmation of her interest with his scheme of being the van driver, including a nice 💋 kiss…seriously how could you not recognize the deep tones of his voice…especially if you’ve been crushing on him for years.

    JT finally breaks ties with NE and literally kisses up to his murderess fiancée. Are you correctly sensing that I am not fondly or ardently keen on the fiancée that literally got away with murder and is living care free, while her victim’s family is continuing to suffer from the loss of their parent who was their caretaker and breadwinner?

    FASCINATING DEVELOPMENTS—Choi Hyun Joon’s brother is an interesting character; not only was he the one who sent JY’s mom away, but he is keeping TJ’s Mommy dearest secrets from his own brother with a blackmail payoff—WOW that’s a brother with filial piety—NOT! Does CHJ know that TJ is not his son? TJ is apparently aware of this fact and seems to be trying to stop his uncle from blackmailing his mom—what will be the backlash from not paying the blackmail? Since I do not like TJ’s mom I hope it comes back to bite her butt BIG TIME! TJ’s desire to protect others is admirable and he is carrying a big burden that his clueless dad should be shouldering. Is CHJ really clueless or is he just pretending to be ill-informed to keep the boat from rocking?

    HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY—I realize only NJ is in high school, but I also like the darling relationship that is brewing between him and HR.

    ANGRY MOM—JY’s mom just can’t seem to get over herself…she denies her brother the opportunity to flaunt his new tux and more importantly, even though she showed up, she denied JY’s desire to fulfill mom’s wish by boasting how well her son turned out to CHJ without any assistance from him. The problem is that if he doesn’t even know JY is his son, it would not have the effect she wanted. I wonder what kind of threats (mortal?) she was given by TJ’s mommy dearest to keep her from showing up in front of CHJ? 😡 I am very tired of her abuse towards her son—this needs to change—NOW!

    MAKESHIFT MEMORIAL—The Choi family (okay it was initially the kitty, HR and then CHJ) disrupted NE’s improvised memorial for her dad’s death anniversary. NE is further insulted by the stereotypical chaebol response that cash fixes everything. I was pleased and HR was dumbfounded when JY came to NE’s defense. At this point in time CHJ has no grasp of the significance of his actions and NE’s identity. How can CHJ survive as a politician with his UNBELIEVABLE cluelessness?


    • kjtamuser says:

      ” Are you correctly sensing that I am not fondly or ardently keen on the fiancée that literally got away with murder and is living care free, while her victim’s family is continuing to suffer from the loss of their parent who was their caretaker and breadwinner?”
      * Yes, I sense this. You are not alone!

      ” Since I do not like TJ’s mom I hope it comes back to bite her butt BIG TIME! TJ’s desire to protect others is admirable and he is carrying a big burden that his clueless dad should be shouldering. Is CHJ really clueless or is he just pretending to be ill-informed to keep the boat from rocking?”
      * JT’s mother must pay eventually. She has a crazy look in her eye that worries me.
      * JT is a protector but are his parents worth protecting?
      * JT’s father is clueless. I can’t fathom how.

      “I am very tired of her abuse towards her son—this needs to change—NOW!”
      * This character is almost as set in her ways as JT’s mother, and that is NOT a compliment!


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