Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 8

More push and pull between our threesome of Joon Young, No Eul and Ji Tae. 

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 8

uf_ep8_1b uf_ep8_1a
Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) tells No Eul (Bae Suzy) that he loves her. She tells him to stop acting. Joon Young thinks about Ji Tae’s words of warning that his past actions make him unworthy of No Eul. He tells her again that he loves her. No Eul says her brother warned her about getting involved with Joon Young, that he would only hurt her, that they live in different worlds. Joon Young kisses her. Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) listens on the other side of the wall wanting to intervene, but knowing he has his own baggage and he rests his head on the wall. When Joon Young ends the kiss, he pulls away, looks into No Eul’s eyes, and tells her “I’ve never used or toyed with you. Look at me and trust in my words. I love you.” She turns to leave. With tears in his eyes he asks her to stay. She thinks about it, but she walks away. She leaves his house and has to stop to regain her composure. Ji Tae watches her walk away. Joon Young stands the courtyard of his home upset, frustrated, and hurt. As No Eul walks home, Ji Tae shadows her. At one point she crouches down, clasps her knees and tries to sort through what just happened. Ji Tae watches her wanting to help but knowing this moment is hers alone. The scene where she bends down and thinks about it was effective, you could feel that she was affected by the exchange with Joon Young. Also I was surprised that Ji Tae just let the whole scene play out between Joon Young and No Eul without interfering as well as providing her escort home without her knowledge.

No Eul’s friend watches the television interview of Kim Yoo Na (Lee Elijah) who claims that she’s involved with Joon Young. Yoo Na and Joon Young share the same management; therefore, she is saying what the management team has told her to say. Recall we did see in the first episode she’d like more than a friendship with Joon Young, but he shot her down. No Eul pretends to know all about this relationship and calls it fake per Joon Young’s information. No Eul’s friend tells her brother has been worried about No Eul’s reaction.

Joon Young’s management team finishes watching the interview with Yoo Na. Joon Young’s manager doesn’t like that the entertainment company is lying about this relationship. Joon Young’s manager also worries about No Eul. In the end they all wonder when Joon Young will come storming in the office outraged at what they’ve done. The fact that he said nothing worries them.

uf_ep8_2b uf_ep8_2a
No Eul’s brother, No Jik, is mystified when his classmates are grateful that he has such a generous older brother who provided lunch for them and the teachers. Confused, No Eul’s brother states that he does not have an older brother. When he’s called to the office he finds Joon Young chatting with all the teachers, who are star struck.

uf_ep8_3b uf_ep8_3a
No Eul’s brother goes to the roof to contemplate this. Joon Young finds him on the roof. Joon Young is happy to see him again, offering his hand in friendship. No Eul’s brother ignores Joon Young’s outstretched hand. He’s not impressed that Joon Young bought the students and teachers lunch. He asks Joon Young to provide his bank account number so he can pay off the lunch cost in installments. Joon Young tells him he likes No Eul. In fact, he likes her so much he has a hard time sleeping and eating. He asks No Eul to help him by telling his sister to look at him, trust him, and take a chance on him. Unmoved, No Eul’s brother tells Joon Young he’ll pay off the lunch cost by sending the money to Joon Young’s entertainment company. He walks away leaving Joon Young alone and without an ally. Joon Young tried but failed to get No Eul’s brother to endorse him. But No Eul’s brother has been straightforward the whole way that he wants her involved with Ji Tae. I do look forward to the truth about Ji Tae being revealed.

No Eul can’t get Joon Young out of her mind. Can you blame her?

Ji Tae can’t get Joon Young and No Eul out of his mind. His assistant recommends that Ji Tae back off and stop interfering. His assistant says once his fiancée finds out No Eul really is, and No Eul finds out Ji Tae really is, and Ji Tae’s parents find out No Eul really is… Ji Tae’s world will implode. Ji Tae doesn’t want to hear it.

Joon Young drives to No Eul’s house. As he sits in the car and ponders what to do next, he sees Ji Tae walking up the street with a bag in his hand. Both men spot each other. Ji Tae walks up the steps to No Eul’s door. Ji Tae goes to ring the doorbell but Joon Young beats them to it. Joon Young offers Ji Tae a smirk the tells Ji Tae he won’t let him easily muscle his way back into No Eul’s heart. When No Eul opens the door she only sees Joon Young and immediately goes to shut the door. But Joon Young inserts his foot and she’s unable to shut it. Joon Young smiles at her in the most darling way! I melt for that smile.

uf_ep8_4c uf_ep8_4b uf_ep8_4a
Inside the apartment Ji Tae tries to feed No Eul the porridge he brought. Dryly Joon Young comments that No Eul can feed herself. No Eul tells Ji Tae that she’s not hungry right now. He tells her she looks dreadful and needs to eat. When No Eul goes to take a bite Joon Young intervenes and eats the porridge meant for her. Irritated with both men, she tells them to leave, grabs her jacket, and goes. Neither man knows that she trips down the stairs. They are too busy sniping with each other over No Eul. Joon Young asks why Ji Tae is involving himself, when he rejected No Eul the night of the concert. Ji Tae asks if Joon Young’s high profile girlfriend would be upset knowing he was pursuing No Eul. Joon Young laughs and says he doesn’t even have Yoo Na’s phone number. Joon Young tells Ji Tae that no one needs a license to love. If you love them, you love them. Worthiness has nothing to do with it. Ji Tae smiles and says I the same must apply to me right? He thanks Joon Young for his simple advice. Joon Young stares at him and asks who are you? Why do you wear such an expensive watch with such cheap clothing? Why are you hanging around No Eul? Ji Tae refuses to answer his questions. Instead he says are both unworthy men who like the same woman. Ji Tae looks at his phone and sees that he’s missed a call. When he calls he learns from his sister, Ha Roo, that their mother has passed out. I thought the interchange between all three was decent, but the interchange between the two men was good. They were like two dogs circling a single bone. Joon Young asked the right question, why are you hanging around a woman that you rejected? Ji Tae’s response indicated that he’s changed his mind. But when Joon Young noticed the expensive watch, Ji Tae had no response for that. I do look forward to the truth about Ji Tae being revealed.

When Ji Tae arrives at the hospital his fiancée, Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father), is there with his mother. Irritated, he asks why she’s there. She was giving his mother a ride when she passed out. Angry, Ji Tae asks what Jung Eun did to make mother passed out. Jung Eun is shocked at the accusation. Choi Ha Roo (Ji Tae’s sister) enters the room and says Jung Eun did nothing wrong. Ha Roo says where were you when I called? Jung Eun apologizes to Ji Tae for not taking better care of his mother. Ha Roo snaps it’s not your fault, my dad is away on business, and Ji Tae would pick up the phone when I called. Ha Roo cries if you hadn’t been here mom could’ve died. Jung Eun hugs Ha Roo. Jung Eun tells Ji Tae the initial diagnosis is related to the kidney. Ji Tae says nothing. Ha Roo is angry that her brother is ignoring the woman that saved their mother’s life. Jung Eun tells Ha Roo to calm down, her brother was working and unable to pick up his phone. Will Ji Tae continue to be trapped in a relationship with Jung Eun that he does not want?

uf_ep8_5b uf_ep8_5a
Joon Young finally locates No Eul eating. He peers at her through the window. She looks like a deer caught in headlights when she sees him. He motions for her to eat and come out when she’s done. Wanting to avoid talking to Joon Young, No Eul stuffs herself with food. Tired of waiting Joon Young enters the eatery and tells No Eul that he knows somebody that can help her with her indigestion. He guides her out of the eatery. No Eul gets angry at his high-handed ways. Joon Young plays Mr. innocent saying he only wants her to feel better. Joon Young tells her it’s time for them to go and he grabs her hand. No Eul tells him to stop holding her hand. Joon Young counters that is not going to drop her hand today so she just better come with him. She calls him crazy, he doesn’t dispute it and leads her away. That was a cute interchange between the two of them. Joon Young was the one that brought the cute but No Eul did her part as the outraged maiden.

No Eul wants Joon Young to leave her alone. Joon Young says in three or four months he’ll leave her alone forever. But for now is going to stick by her. No Eul says she’s going to go back and establish a relationship with Ji Tae. She claims shall pester Ji Tae until he takes her. Joon Young acts unconcerned and tells her to go for it. Joon Young says he doesn’t care who she likes, because he doesn’t have the time to be jealous. Joon Young drives No Eul to his mother’s restaurant. He tells No Eul that his mother is a pro at ridding people of indigestion. Joon Young’s mother reads the online articles about her son and Yoo Na. She’s not happy when her son walks in holding No Eul’s hand. In fact, Joon Young has a death grip on No Eul’s hand. She closes the restaurant so she can deal with the situation. No Eul introduces herself to Joon Young’s mother. His uncle asks if she’s the gold digger. Ha! Joon Young explains that No Eul has indigestion and they came for his mother’s help. No Eul states she’ll buy medicine; she won’t trouble his mother. No Eul assures his mother they are not in a romantic relationship. Joon Young’s uncle begs to differ saying that she’s the first girl Joon Young is ever brought to meet his mother. Joon Young’s says it’s just like I told your mom. No Eul says he’s a little crazy from all injuries he’s gotten acting. Joon Young says “I’ve cared for her for nine years. Now I know I love her”. No Eul says she doesn’t feel the same. Tired of the interchange, Joon Young’s mother stands up and says she’s going to reopen the restaurant, she’s tired of listening to the two of them say stupid things. No Eul assures his mother that she’ll avoid him no matter how much he woos her. Joon Young doesn’t like that. Joon Young’s mother sees that No Eul he really does have indigestion and decides to help her. No Eul’s a bit of a was about the finger prick. No Eul asks if Joon Young’s mother hates her. Joon Young’s mother says as long as she continues to know her place, they won’t have any problems.

Joon Young has a drink with his Uncle who asks why he fell in love with a poor girl. Joon Young also wonders why he fell in love with a poor girl. His uncle says that Joon Young’s father didn’t fall for O rich or well educated college girl, he felt for your mother. His uncle says one day he’ll forget about No Eul.’s uncle says his father forgot about his mother. He notes that if his father wanted to find his mother, he could. That’s an excellent point, I thought that many times.

Ji Tae’s father, Choi Hyun Joon, arrives at the hospital. Ji Tae and Jung Eun are there to greet him. Jung Eun recommends that Ji Tae change out of this poor boy clothes and into his normal clothes or someone will catch on. Jung Eun asks Ji Tae if he likes No Eul so much that is willing to reject his beautiful clothes to put on shoddy clothes to be on the same level as her. Like normal Ji Tae ignores her and tells her that he’ll send her home. She doesn’t particularly like that.

The doctor tells Ji Tae’s mother that she’s looking good and he’s going to send her home the next day. That’s not what she wants to hear. She tells the doctor he’s going to revise his story and state that because of her kidney transplant, and the age of the transplanted kidney, the best thing her family can do for her is not to stress her out. She asked the doctor to tell her husband that he must do anything to upset his wife because she may not be able to survive another surgery. Ji Tae’s father bursts into the hospital room and asked the doctor what the status of his wife is. The doctor says that it’s not all good news. Ji Tae’s father asks if there’s a problem with the transplanted kidney. Then he asks what do I need to do.

As Ji Tae changes into his expensive clothes he recalls Jung Eun telling him that they’ll be married within a month. Jung Eun proposes getting married on the same date his parents got married. Jung Eun says Ji Tae’s mother loved the idea. Ji Tae feels trapped.

uf_ep8_8auf_ep8_8b Joon Young asks his mother if she thinks No Eul was like her when she was young. He tells his mother he won’t leave No Eul in the lurch. He won’t want her worry about their status differences. He tells her that he won’t let No Eul run away from him the way she ran away from his father. Joon Young says that No Eul go no matter what anybody says. He declares even after he dies he will let her go. He’s been to do what he wants from now on. His mother finally turns and looks at him.

Joon Young’s uncle says that Joon Young made looks like a star with no cares, he’s actually a little boy that just wants his mother to make him a meal, though she refuses to do so. She asked why the relationship between Joon Young and his mother is bad. The uncle says when Joon Young rejected career path a prosecutor and went to actor, his mother had a fit and stop talking to him.

Joon Young drives No Eul home. He tells her that his mother had him when she was unmarried. He says he’s never had a relationship with his father. Says his mother used to work in a bar and pour drinks. He tells her more stories about his mother. He asks Ji Tae if he seems like a guy beyond her reach. No Eul thanks him for curing her indigestion and wishes him a safe drive phone. Joon Young watches her go into her home. Wow, the parallels between No Eul and Joon Young’s mother are obvious. Both women care for him but withhold their affection.

Ji Tae and his father sit vigil by his mother’s bedside. Ji Tae’s father tells him to go home and take care of his sister.

When he gets home he gets a text from No Eul inviting him to eat noodles with her. Ji Tae gets a call from his father who promises to be good in the future. Ji Tae’s father is grateful that Jung Eun was there to help his wife.

At the eatery the proprietress tells No Eul must be tough to be rejected by two men. She tells No Eul she’s going to have to lower her standards if she wants to get a man. She asked No Eul who she’s meeting today. No Eul says she’s meeting Ji Tae. That surprises the proprietress. The food is delivered but Ji Tae isn’t there. Ji Tae doesn’t answer when Ji Tae calls him. How many times will this guy get a reject her?

When Joon Young returns home his management team is there. They apologize for misleading everyone that he was dating Yoo Na. Joon Young surprises them by telling them they probably did the right thing.

Joon Young goes to his room, flops on his bed, and thinks about No Eul.

While No Eul waits in vain her Ji Tae. No Eul mutters that she was going to ask Ji Tae to stop her from getting involved with Joon Young. She says it’s all his fault now. She leaves the eatery.

Ji Tae still standing stuck at the street corner straddling’s wishes and what he thinks he has to do. It looks at all the missed calls from No Eul and clutches the phone as once again she slips through his fingers.

Joon Young lays on his bed forlorn, but that all changes when No Eul calls him. He jumps in his car and drives to her. The look of hope on his face is sweet. As he drives recalls telling No Eul that he’ll come to her right now so she can say whatever she has to say to him in person.

uf_ep8_11a uf_ep8_11b uf_ep8_11c
Joon Young arrives at the river and spots No Eul immediately a big smile crosses his face. But when he walks towards her his vision gets blurry. He closes his eyes and thinks to God “you misjudge me if you think this illness will make me give her up.” When he opens his eyes and see No Eul clearly. He walks to her and smiles. He hugs her and smiles. While he hugs her he thinks “come at me with everything you’ve got. I’ll never despair, be sad, or surrender.”

My Thoughts

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) loves women that withhold their love. When Joon Young took No Eul to meet his mother, it became clear that No Eul was very similar to his mother. No Eul is hung up on the fact that she is in a different socioeconomic class than Joon Young. Joon Young’s mother was hung up on the fact that she was in a different so she economic class than Joon Young’s father. No Eul has run away from Joon Young’s love. Joon Young’s mother ran away from Joon Young’s father’s love. But Joon Young has an astoundingly positive attitude in dealing with both of these prickly women. He also seems to have endless patience with these two women. Joon Young had several cute moments this episode. The first one was when he muscled in on Ji Tae’s visit to No Eul. Loved when he ate the porridge that Ji Tae had intended for No Eul. I also thought the one on one confrontation between Ji Tae and Joon Young was good. Both these men care for No Eul. But only one will win her favors. I also liked it when Ji Tae patiently waited outside the eatery for No Eul to eat. Finally, he grabbed her and took her to meet his mother, a significant moment in a relationship. Joon Young is wearing his heart on his sleeve. Who could resist that smile, those eyes, that heart?

 No Eul (Bae Suzy) is scared to love Joon Young. When he told her that he loved her, she babbled about their different socioeconomic classes and her fears that he was playing her. She even got to treat of two guys battling for her affections when Ji Tae and No Eul why both showed up on her door. But in the end this is too much for her. So she went back to her comfort zone, which was choosing Ji Tae. But with the secret life that Ji Tae has, once again he let her down and she felt rejection. Then the choice was obvious. She called the man that refused to go away and says he loves her. Now I don’t know if she’s ready to say let’s date or if this is going to turn out not to be as positive his Joon Young hopes, but I’m ready for her to give him a chance. This is episode eight, the midpoint of the series, it’s time to stop running away and start getting together.

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) was once again trapped by his life. Ji Tae thinks that he’s trapped by his parent’s expectations, his engagement, and his high-powered job. But actually Ji Tae has the power in all of these, to change expectations, to end an unhealthy relationship, and keep his high-powered job. But Ji Tae secretary made a good point that bringing No Eul into his world has the potential to implode it. His mother is insanely jealous of Ji Tae’s father’s former girlfriend. Ji Tae’s fiancé is jealous of Ji Tae’s secret girlfriend. So just as Joon Young had the parallel of liking the poor girl just like his father, Ji Tae is in the same situation. Then you add the two jealous women in his life, who would willingly hurt No Eul or Joon Young’s mother and it’s a bit of a mess. Just like Joon Young is wrong to pursue a relationship with No Eul not being honest about his brain tumor, Ji Tae is wrong to pretend to be somebody that is not a consistently letdown No Eul. He deserves to lose her. In fact, the reason he’s lost her is because of his behavior and his choices.

 Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) had a moment with Joon Young. When he poured out his heart to her about his feelings for No Eul, his mother couldn’t help but be affected. Because Joon Young drew the parallels between himself and No Eul and his mother and his father. Joon Young’s mother should be proud of him for introducing the woman he loves to her, and showing her respect by doing so. It’s too bad that the reason she rejected Joon Young was because he walked away from becoming a prosecutor just like his father. It does make his mother seem ridiculous that she would completely reject him for a career change, but there it is.

The seventh song of the OST, a perky pop tune, is sung by Wendy & Seulgi. Check out “Don’t push me “ via this link or the embedded video below:

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4 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 8
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    DUPLICITOUS LIFE OF JI TAE/HYUN WOO—JT about gave himself away by showing up in front of his family in his slumming clothes. You mentioned “Will Ji Tae continue to be trapped in a relationship with Jung Eun that he does not want?” JT chose to be engaged to the murderess. Was his choice based on paternal loyalty, JT thinking NE could never be his because of her father, or both? Now he has to live with his choice…or does he?

    Looks like both of his parents have taught him well about being two-faced: his dad having multiple affairs, but maintaining the squeaky clean family image for his political life and his mother for at the very least asking the doctor to pretend she is not okay to get her husband’s attention. I get the impression that JT is older than JY, which would mean dad had JY after he was married. We saw in an earlier episode that JT’s mom knows JY is her husband’s child, but I’m not sure if bio dad has a clue about JY.

    JOON YOUNG MAKES HEADWAY ON TWO FRONTS—While the kiss at the beginning of the episode didn’t seem to have the effect JY intended, it was later apparent it had an impact on NE. We saw the best interaction between mother and son for JY. You make an interesting observation that JY patiently loves women (moms and NE) who withhold their love from him.

    BATTLE FOR NO EUL— Neither JY nor JT (Jane Tilly in this case) liked his agency giving him a cover story with the starlet. JY’s efforts to get NJ on his side backfired, NJ is not buying it. I laughed at JY eating the porridge JT intended for NE. JY has suspicions of JT as he called out JT for the expensive watch.

    I cannot blame NE for not being able to JY out of her mind—I don’t I could stop thinking about him either. Despite the years that JT had been her daddy long legs, after JT’s recent rejections NE made the obvious choice of choosing JY, the man who consistently stood by her since they have been reunited.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Looks like both of his parents have taught him well about being two-faced: his dad having multiple affairs, but maintaining the squeaky clean family image for his political life and his mother for at the very least asking the doctor to pretend she is not okay to get her husband’s attention.”
      * Excellent point. JT (and JY) do not have winner parents. JT’s parents lead by example and he has followed it, though to his credit he does have a heart. Not sure you could say that about his mother.

      “I cannot blame NE for not being able to JY out of her mind—I don’t I could stop thinking about him either. Despite the years that JT had been her daddy long legs, after JT’s recent rejections NE made the obvious choice of choosing JY, the man who consistently stood by her since they have been reunited.”
      * Absolutely, who could resist JY? JT made it easy for NE to pick JY with his behavior.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree JT has as a heart, evidenced by him been trying to make reparations for his dad’s decision that denied NE & NJ justice for the death of their father. My question is why is JT willingly and knowingly engaged to culprit of the death of NE & NJ’s father? JT does not treat his fiancée with much more than common courtesy and sometimes not even that—what is the point of being engaged to someone who you visible show distain towards?


    • kjtamuser says:

      Even though his parents told him he did not have to keep the engagement, JT appears to be doing so because of the connection between his father and JE’s father.


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