Favorite Scene – Another Miss Oh – First Kiss

If I’ve got only a moment there are certain scenes I watch for a quick hit of kdrama goodness.

Today’s Favorite Scene is the first kiss from the series Another Miss Oh episode 9.  There is an intense interchange that charges their passionate first kiss.

The setup – Our leading lady, Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin), is tired of pursing our leading man, Park Do Kyung (Eric) only to have him reject her. The previous evening Do Kyung decided he wanted to date Hae Young. He went to tell her, but that came grinding to a halt when he saw Hae Young with her former finance, Tae Jin.

Here’s the intense exchange that starts everything….
The next day Do Kyung walks down the street and Hae Young comes up behind him. She tells him she’s moving out. He says nothing. Hae Young asks what he was planning tell her. Do Kyung says he’s got the security deposit money for her. Hae Young asks if he is mad at her. Do Kyung asks if she seeing Tae Jin again. Hae Young says yes. Do Kyung says “I’m starting to get angry at you”. He demands “how can you run back to the man that dumped you?” Hae Young counters that Tae Jin was in jail. Do Kyung can’t believe it. “You’re forgiving him because he was in jail? Tae Jin was just too embarrassed about his own personal bankruptcy!” Hae Young yells “I know Tae Jin prioritizes his pride over his love for me! But I need a man, and I’ll take any man right now”. Hae Young will take any man to hold herself back from throwing herself at Do Kyung. Hae Young yells “it’s all because of you! You make me crazy. You make my heart want to explode!” Do Kyung walks away. Hae Young calls him a coward and a terrible person.

Here’s where the video starts…
Hae Young runs after him. She hits Do Kyung with her bag. Hae Young goes at him, pushing and clawing. Do Kyung grabs her arm and shoulder. They go at each. He lifts Hae Young and she bites his hand. Hae Young goes at him again and Do Kyung yells “stop it!” They pant and stare at each other.  Do Kyung looks at the hand she bit. He gives her a look of disdain, turns and starts walking. Hae Young hits Do Kyung with her purse again. Hae Young goes at him again.

Do Kyung pushes her against the wall and holds her arms up. In the heat of the moment, he stares at her. Hae Young stares at him. He kisses her with passion and she kisses him back! Oh my, was a passionate kiss! Wow, there is sizzle! They end up hugging after a spectacular kiss.

Do Kyung pushes away from her and puts his hands up like what the heck did I just do? Hae Young can not believe he’s pulling away from her. Do Kyung grabs his jacket and walks away. Hae Young stands there shocked and disappointed. Do Kyung grabs his head as he walks away. Hae Young stares stunned watching him walk away.

Typically you don’t see that kind of intense exchange much less watch it ignite into a passionate kiss. This couple lit it up! 

Article on the kiss from Eric’s perspective quoted him The first kiss scene in the drama was in Episode 9. It was a late one, and it was an intense point in the drama where a lot of pent up emotion was released at once, so I was really happy when I saw it in the script,” said Eric. “When [the scene finally came around], I was worried because I thought it would be too difficult. Director Song Hyun Wook told us he wanted minimal cuts, and a dirty, no-holds-barred fight between a man and a woman, so Seo Hyun Jin and I made a couple of promises to each other beforehand, and we shot the scene in one take.

Article quoting Director Song Hyunk Wook “The kiss scene was going to be a rough one according to the scenario. They were emotionally engaged and as soon as the cameras started rolling, they got really into it. They didn’t just focus on the kiss but Do Kyong wrapped his arms around Hae Young’s waist and they hugged each other after the kiss as well. They really seemed like they wanted each other”.

Check out the video of this scene via this link or the cued embedded video below.

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4 comments on “Favorite Scene – Another Miss Oh – First Kiss
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It is interesting to see the perspective from Eric and the director–thank you for including those perspectives. This 💋 definitely goes on my list of best Kdrama kisses. It may very well be the most passionate. This couple had a slow and rough start, but their relationship was more passionate and intense than the typical drama. Hae Young was a willing and active participant in the kissing! No lampposts here! ❤


  2. Haha that scene was indeed intense
    😆 actually all of their kissing scenes are 😊


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