Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 6

Joon Young goes missing. No Eul searches for him. Will she find him?

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 6

uf_ep6_1auf_ep6_1b Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and No Eul (Bae Suzy) are driving in his car. She asks where he’s taking her. He says he doesn’t know but she’s not getting out of the car.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) gets onto a treadmill next to his father, Choi Hyun Joon. His father asks what’s troubling him. He says he has a friend and his friend’s younger brother (Ji Tae and Joon Young) like the same woman (No Eul) but their father (Hyun Joon) has a bad relationship with her family. So his friend (Ji Tae) had to give up on the girl (No Eul). But the little brother (Joon Young) took her hand (No Eul) and ran off. His father says it sounds like a story from the drama. Ji Tae gets off the treadmill and suggests he and his father drink together.

Joon Young and No Eul end up at the ocean. She goes to convenience store and buys some soju. She takes it to the beach and begins to drink.

uf_ep6_2b uf_ep6_2a

No Eul’s brother calls No Eul but she doesn’t pick up, because her phone is in Joon Young’s car and she’s on the beach. No Eul’s brother calls Choi Ha Roo (Hyun Joon’s daughter). He warns her not to do physical injury to No Eul. He further states anybody that posts mean comments about No Eul will receive his retribution. Ha Roo is instantly angry at his accusation. She demands to know his address so she can send her father and the cops. He provides his address, and says come on by, then hangs up. Nice exchange!

Ha Roo calls her father but Ji Tae picks up. She starts to explain but thinks better of it and hangs up. Ji Tae’s father is drunk and the two men had home.

No Eul has drunk multiple soju bottles while Joon Young watched. She can’t find her phone so he offers his.

Ji Tae’s mother isn’t overly thrilled to see her husband so drunk. She chides Ji Tae not to let him drink that much.


The person No Eul calls is Ji Tae. When he answers she drunkenly cries “don’t you know how hard it was for me all this time? I tried to pretend that I didn’t like you, but it was hard. Why are you so nice to me? Why did you worry about me? Why did you buy me food and clothes? And now you reject me in front of tons of people! How humiliating! Why do you make me confused? What is so great about you anyhow? Your older than Joon Young and have less money. What right do you have to reject me? Can’t you reconsider? I’m a good catch. I’ll treat you well. Will you be my boyfriend?” During this whole diatribe Ji Tae says nothing but the tears in his eyes say he is affected. Fed up Joon Young grabs his phone and ends the phone call. No Eul tries to grab the phone back but he won’t give it to her. They tussle a bit and in anger he throws his phone in the ocean. That was a little excessive.

Ji Tae looks at his passed out father and says “this is all your fault. It’s because of what you did that I can’t be with her.”

No Eul demands Joon Young retrieve her phone from the ocean. He tells her that was his phone not hers but in her drunken state she just doesn’t get it. No Eul staggers into the water and Joon Young is forced to retrieve her slinging her over his shoulder then plopping her on the beach. I must say No Eul is annoying when drunk. I’m not the only one annoyed because Joon Young grabs her coat and says “do you not see me? I just did something crazy for you! But you don’t see me.“ No Eul can only cry for Ji Tae.

The next morning No Eul wakes up in an unfamiliar room and unfamiliar clothes. As she staggers out of the room she finds her clothes drying outside. The lady that rented the room tells her that she was drunk last night and threw up on her clothes. The lady continues that the husband went through quite a bit to get the room and the clothes for her. No Eul is startled that someone pretended to be her husband. When the lady describes the husband, she realizes it was Joon Young. Now she’s angry that Joon Young changed her clothes while she was passed out.

No Eul goes to Joon Young’s car but he’s not there and her phone is dead. After taking her phone to get charged, she sees that she and Joon Young made headlines leaving the concert last night. On a bus back to Seoul No Eul calls her brother. He pretends he knows nothing about the scandal and she doesn’t enlighten him.

We see that No Eul’s brother really isn’t at school. He vows to hurt Joon Young the next time he sees him.


No Eul reviews her call history and sees that Ji Tae did not try to call her last night. No Eul thinks about calling him but then has a flashback to her throwing up over herself and Joon Young.

Ji Tae is an important business meeting and gets angry with the man making the presentation. He tells the employee he better shape up or ship out.

uf_ep6_5b uf_ep6_5a

Joon Young’s manager calls No Eul. He demands to know where Joon Young is because he’s not answering his phone. She’s accused of seducing Joon Young. Angrily she retorts she did not seduce Joon Young. Aware of the stares, she lowers her voice and claims she’s the victim here. No Eul has another flashback to Joon Young cleaning her up last night. We see that Joon Young asked the lady to put the clothes on No Eul but she refused forcing Joon Young to take care of it himself. He’s hesitatingly adorable as he changes her clothes. No Eul hangs her head in shame at the memory.

Joon Young’s mother and her employees post anti-fan comments. Joon Young’s manager is not happy when he catches them. They have it out. She accuses him of taking Joon Young from a solid career path. He counters any sane mother would be grateful for what he’s done for her son. She counters that he could’ve bothered any other kid in Korea why did it have to be her son? He calls her psychotic. Joon Young’s uncle arrives and grabs him telling him to shut up. Frustrated Joon Young’s mother screams, would everybody just leave Joon Young alone? Outside her restaurant Joon Young’s mother worries about her son and wonders who the girl is. Someone texts her the picture of Joon Young’s father at his concert. We see Joon Young’s father’s wife watching Joon Young’s mother’s restaurant. She asked her assistant why Joon Young went to the hospital recently.

uf_ep6_7b uf_ep6_7aJoon Young’s father talks about top celebrities in Korea. Joon Young is mentioned as the most popular. Hyun Joon mentions his daughter is a big fan of Joon Young.  When he sees a woman that looks like Joon Young’s mother, he excuses himself to follow the woman. But the woman isn’t Joon Young’s mother. It’s another woman that he had an encounter with. Obviously he had the encounter with her to substitute for Joon Young’s mother. Isn’t it the lady that No Eul got footage of? In profile she did look like Joon Young’s mother.

No Eul’s friend tells her the internet is buzzing with negativity about her. She yells at Joon Young’s manager when he calls her. Subtly is not her strong suit.

uf_ep6_8b uf_ep6_8a

Ha Roo surprises No Eul’s brother at his work. Ha Roo wants to know why is trying so hard to protect No Eul. What’s their relationship? He refuses to divulge that No Eul is his sister. Ha Roo wants to know where No Eul is because Joon Young has it been heard of since he left with No Eul. Ha Roo is worried that No Eul did something to Joon Young. Irritated at her idiotic logic No Eul’s brother lifts her up and puts her in the trash bin. Ha!

No Eul has a flashback to seeing Joon Young wash her clothes. Joon Young’s manager calls and wants to know where he. She tells him that he was no longer at the rooming house when she woke up but his car was still there when she took the bus back to Seoul. No Eul texts the address to the manager. As No Eul nears her apartment she sees a gaggle of reporters waiting. As No Eul hides from them Ji Tae comes up behind her and motions her to come with him.

uf_ep6_9b uf_ep6_9a

At their favorite eatery Ji Tae puts his baseball cap on No Eul. She quips that he’s probably jealous that she’s the one getting all the intention…if only he’d stayed last night instead of ditching her. No Eul calls him a coward, despicable, and says he never should’ve come back as he’s the one that let go of her. To his credit Ji Tae can only agree with her assessment. He says that he can’t believe that he’s with her now either. No Eul is surprised when Ji Tae says she called him last night. No Eul says her phone log doesn’t show that she called him. Ji Tae says she used Joon Young’s phone. He wants to know if Joon Young was next to her when she called him. No Eul doesn’t remember. She asks what she said to him. He claims not to remember. He steps out to take a call.

Ji Tae’s fiancé, Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father), is the call. Ji Tae pretends that he’s at work and not available. She asked whether or not he went to Joon Young’s concert yesterday. He denies it. He wants to know why she’s interested. She says someone she knows says that they saw him at the concert. Ji Tae says he’s too busy to go to a concert like that. We see Jung Eun looking at a photograph of Ji Tae holding No Eul’s arm after the concert. So she knows he’s lying. He asks her out to dinner for the following evening.

uf_ep6_10b uf_ep6_10aNo Eul has a flashback to her phone call to Ji Tae. No Eul has another flashback of Joon Young sleeping next to her in the room. She turns her back on him and thinking she is asleep Joon Young says “this girl turns her back on me it’s obvious she’s never once cared for me. She wants a guy that threw her away. What should I do? Should I try and convince you I’m the guy for you? I may have waited too long to tell you that I like you. Should I give up and let you return to him?”

When Ji Tae returns to the restaurant after talking to Jung Eun, the table is empty and No Eul is gone.

No Eul takes a taxi to the ocean town. She approaches Joon Young’s car but he’s not there. His manager approaches and says he can’t find Joon Young either. They argue about Joon Young. He can’t believe that she rejected Joon Young so publicly.

uf_ep6_11auf_ep6_11b No Eul returns to the rented room and asks the lady if she knows where Joon Young is. The lady says Joon Young paid for the room, told her to give No Eul hangover soup and left. As she sits alone in the room she berates herself for creating the situation. No Eul has a flashback to Joon Young sitting quietly in the room while she sleeps. No Eul imagines Joon Young in the room with her. No Eul sees a picture in the room that Joon Young might have been staring at. No Eul takes the picture to the lady and asks where the picture was taken. The lady says it’s an island across the sea accessible via a 40-minute boat ride. No Eul waits by the ferry for the first boat of the morning. No Eul convinces a local fisherman to give her a ride to the island. No Eul searches the island for Joon Young but can’t find him. No Eul calls his manager again but they cannot find Joon Young either. His manager is worried.

uf_ep6_12f uf_ep6_12e uf_ep6_12d

Finally, No Eul finds Joon Young. At a beautiful overlook No Eul finds Joon Young asleep on a bench. No Eul yells at Joon Young and wakes him up. No Eul tells Joon Young she’s crazy to search for him so diligently. No Eul details everything that she went through to find him. Joon Young walks away from her but she blocks his path. She says “you’re thinking all of this is the dream right? It’s not. I’m here. I came all this way to find you”. Joon Young just stares at her and says nothing. No Eul thinks Joon Young will come to his senses if she pinches him. She goes to pinch him but he grabs her arm. Joon Young tells her to leave. No Eul is surprised that he wants her to go. Joon Young repeats his request that she leave the island. Joon Young walks away from her. No Eul stands there stunned.

My Thoughts

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) took care of No Eul when she got drunk and wept about losing Ji Tae. Joon Young is a bit of a hothead, but No Eul is too, so they are well matched there. To his credit, Joon Young cares for No Eul. He took care of her when she got drunk, ranted to Ji Tae asking him to accept her feelings, tried to retrieve the phone from the ocean, then passed out and threw up. Not a stellar evening for Joon Young. He went above and beyond to take care of the woman he cares for. Unfortunately, that evening was the definition of a big gesture (declaring his feelings at the concert) falling flat and handing him heartache when she rejected his feelings and instead confessed to another man.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) proposed to Ji Tae but he rejected her proposal. I was surprised that she was that upset over Ji Tae’s rejection. I didn’t think that she liked him that much. I thought her brother wanted her to like him, but she didn’t feel that way for Ji Tae. Because that was my opinion, her drunken sobbing was annoying. Unfortunately, she’s a hothead and often says things in anger. To be fair, Joon Young is a hothead too, so they are alike in that. In general No Eul is a clichéd kdrama leading lady, and that’s not a compliment. I look forward to the writer letting her evolve into a woman that I like and that likes Joon Young. I do like her brother. He’s interesting to watch, loyal to No Eul but sees her clearly.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) couldn’t stay away from No Eul. He told his father about two brothers liking the same girl but the older being unable to get involved because of his father. I think that Ji Tae tells himself that, but is it true? I don’t know if Ji Tae would have to give up his status to date No Eul. Yes, his father’s past actions are a stumbling block to a relationship with No Eul, but if handled properly, it could be dealt with and resolved. I still don’t understand why he’s in a relationship with Jung Eng when his parents approved him breaking the relationship. She’s the hit and run driver, what does Ji Tae gain by shackling himself to her? Jung Eun knows he was lying. It will be interesting to see what she does in retaliation.

 Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) had it out with Joon Young’s manager. It appears that the reason she cut Joon Young out of her life is really because she’s upset that Joon Young didn’t keep his promise to become a prosecutor to help the everyday person be able to obtain justice. I thought there would be more to her actions than disappointment that he chose a different career path. Frankly, completely rejecting your son because he didn’t keep a promise he made when he was in his youth, is excessive. At least his mother appeared throw her hands up and decide not to continue the anti-fan antics. The interesting plot point for this character is Hyun Joon’s unresolved feelings for her and his wife’s fear and anger that he’ll return to her. Let’s turn our brains off to accept that Hyun Joon can’t locate Young Ok.

The fifth song of the OST is “I Miss You” by Hyo Rin and can be viewed via this link or the embedded video below:

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7 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 6
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    DADDY LONG LEGS—It is clear from Ji Tae’s confession to drunken dad that he likes NE, but is unable to pursue due to dad’s actions.

    I concur with NE, since Ji Tae rejected her he should not show up in front of her again. Sending mixed signals is ‘no bueno’ dude. Maybe it’s time to cease your Daddy Long Legs role—especially since you fiancé has photographic evidence of you holding No Eul’s hand. Your jealous fiancé is in a one-sided love with one murder under her belt; what’s to keep her from going after No Eul, the object of your affection?

    ANGRY MOM—I’m about done with this harsh mama. Parents don’t like some of the things kids do, but shouldn’t they still unconditionally love the child? ‘Come on mama, it’s not like he is a gangster or criminal. He is living an honest and lucrative living! Quit punishing him already!

    COUPLE WITH THE MOST CHEMISTRY—At this point No Jik and Ha Roo are the couple with the most chemistry—this is another doomed relationship due to HR’s dad covering up the murder of NJ’s dad. I ❤ when No Jik asked Ha Roo why he would get in trouble for 'properly sorting the trash'—awesome comeback No Jik! :p

    BAD DRUNK—No Eul is a whiney, bad drunk. There was no clue until her confession to Ji Tae last episode that she even liked him. It is bad form to confess to someone, while the person who you rejected is right next to you—especially using the rejected person’s phone. Even when No Eul is sober her temper is such that she brings attention to herself by yelling at Joon Young’s manager multiple times “Subtly is not her strong suit.”

    At least when she started to remember her drunken stupor recalled Joon Young wondering out loud if he waited too long to confess that he liked her. I think she recognized him as being sincere. Joon Young took care of drunken No Eul after No Eul handed Joon Young “heartache when she rejected his feelings and instead confessed to another man.” I’m disappointed that No Eul didn’t even try to find Joon Young before he headed back to Seoul. Joon Young has every right to be angry! At least No Eul came back to find Joon Young.

    • kjtamuser says:

      JT – “Sending mixed signals is ‘no bueno’ dude.” “Your jealous fiancé is in a one-sided love with one murder under her belt; what’s to keep her from going after No Eul, the object of your affection?”
      I had to laugh at the mixed signals line. Good point about JT’s fiance taking matters into her own hands…it could happen.

      Young Couple ” I❤ when No Jik asked Ha Roo why he would get in trouble for ‘properly sorting the trash’—awesome comeback No Jik!”
      Yes, this was the cute scene of the episode. No Jik is rising to favored status.

      NE – “No Eul is a whiny, bad drunk” “I think she recognized him as being sincere.”
      After watching Another Miss Oh and their chorus of drunk characters, I can say that No Eul is a caricature of a drunk person.
      As the character said himself, JY may have waited to long to approach her. No Eul has an established life and she’s wary of him. I’m hoping now that NE realizes that JY was kind when he took care of her, that she’ll be able to open herself to the possibility of dating JY. Now she’s needs to get back on his good side.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        It would not be a proper Kdrama if NE spurns JY until the end…she’ll come around to

        I’m sure we have only seen the beginning if the JY-NE-JT love triangle. There are plenty of twists and turns ahead.

  2. yuhuu says:

    anyone know the song when Joon Young throw his phone to the sea??

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