Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 5

Joon Young makes a bold move and it creates an opportunity for him.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 5

The filming begins and No Eul (Bae Suzy) asks Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) if he only had a year to live, what’s the first thing that he would want to do? Joon Young says “let’s say only have three months to live. I would live recklessly. I would get revenge on those that look down on me. I would get rid of everyone that I don’t like.” No Eul tells him that doesn’t go with the theme of the film which is to be uplifting to teens. Joon Young says “I would go to clubs and seduce women. I’d sleep with a different woman every night.” No Eul asks if this project is a joke to him. Joon Young says “I’m not joking. I’m being honest. I could do anything if I were going to die soon…Do you want to go out with me No Eul? Let’s pretend I’ll be dead in three months, let’s have a passionate romance for those three months.” She stares at him, he stares at her. Joon Young says “let’s have a dangerous passionate romance for three months.” She stares at him, he stares at her. The director interrupts saying this was only a test filming day. He assumes that Joon Young is joking. Joon Young tells him he’s not joking. Joon Young asks No Eul, will she date him? Trying to play this as a joke No Eul simpers that she’d like to go out with him, she’s thrilled he asked her out. The crew tells her to stop. Instead No Eul asks should they start going out today? Joon Young laughs and shakes his head. What does that mean?

uf_ep5_1b uf_ep5_1a
Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) finds No Eul upset and believing that she’ll get fired from the documentary. No Eul says she’s in trouble because she took something Joon Young said seriously as a joke. Ji Tae tells or maybe it’s all for the best. Maybe you should stop filming the documentary. No Eul’s grateful that Ji Tae cares for her and her brother. No Eul suggests that he hire her for his wife. Ji Tae stares at her in agony because that’s exactly what he’d like to do, but he can’t.

Joon Young learns that she’ll be replaced as producer soon. Joon Young’s manager tells him he put No Eul in a terrible situation at the shoot. Joon Young tells his manager to call the CEO and demand that No Eul be rehired otherwise he won’t continue with the project.

uf_ep5_2c uf_ep5_2auf_ep5_2b
Ji Tae starts drinking and No Eul says she’ll take back the proposal if it is driving him to drink. She jokes with him but Ji Tae will not respond. Frustrated, she gets up and leaves. No Eul leaves her phone at the table. Outside the eatery No Eul says to herself her first day filming and her first proposal all ended up as a disaster. No Eul shakes her head and walks away. Ji Tae tells the proprietress, ignoring her overtures, that he doesn’t deserve No Eul. That’s why he can accept her proposal. He realizes No Eul left her phone and heads out after her. He can’t find No Eul. Her phone goes off and Ji Tae answers it. Joon Young is surprised when a man answers No Eul’s phone. Joon Young asks who he speaking to. Ji Tae asks who he speaking to. Joon Young is not thrilled to learn what No Eul calls him in her contact list. Ji Tae boldly tells him if this is Joon Young don’t bother calling back because you got her fired. Joon Young doesn’t take that kindly and tells him to back off. Joon Young asks if this is her husband. No Eul realizes she left her phone and returns to the eatery. Ji Tae won’t answer if he is her husband. No Eul grabs the phone out of Ji Tae’s hand. She answers the phone and an irritated Joon Young hangs up. No Eul is puzzled why Joon Young called. Ji Tae calls her, grabs her phone, and sees that he is “husband” in her contact list. Ji Tae says one day she’ll meet the right man for her. No Eul tells him he should be man enough to reject her out right instead of pretending to be a nice guy. No Eul tells him she never wants to see him again. No Eul strides away. Ji Tae isn’t happy the conversation ended like that.

uf_ep5_3b uf_ep5_3a
No Eul wonders why Joon Young called her. No Eul starts to send Joon Young a text apologizing for her behavior but can’t bring herself to hit send. No Eul spots Joon Young’s car and approaches. He rolls down the window and makes a comment so that she knows he knows what her contact name is for him. No Eul’s a bit miffed that he got her address from the production team. Joon Young asks about her husband. He starts to roll up the window but No Eul grabs it and says “who would want to marry me? I don’t have a husband, I don’t have kids, I don’t have a place to live, money or pride. Thanks to you this happy state I’m in will continue because you got me fired”. Joon Young smiles. No Eul doesn’t understand what about this is funny and takes offense. No Eul calls herself crazy for sharing and walks away. No Eul receives a phone call saying that she is not being replaced as the PD for the project. No Eul learns it’s because Joon Young vouched for her. No Eul walks back to his car, but he drives away.

It’s the next day and Joon Young wakes up after sleeping on the floor in front of his bed. We are treated to another shirtless shot (thank you PD). Joon Young gets ready to leave.

No Eul is concerned that her brother is not eating enough. He takes her sisterly concern in stride. He warns her that Joon Young’s fans are not to be trifled with. He warns her that there trying to dig up dirt on her and won’t be afraid to use it. He receives a text from Ha Roo asking to meet so he can tell her about PD No Eul. He shows the text to his sister. Ha Roo receives a text wanting to know what she will do with the information about PD No Eul. We see that text was actually sent by in No Eul not her brother. He grabs the phone away from his sister. Ha Roo calls and No Eul holds out her hand for the phone but he rejects the call and puts the phone in his pocket. Ha Roo is incensed that he won’t pick up her phone call. No Eul follows her brother out of the house demanding to know Ha Roo’s phone number. He says she’s just a girl that’s obsessed with Joon Young because she’s a fan. He tells her not to fall in love with Joon Young. No Eul is stunned that he would even suggest that. Her brother wisely says you’ll be spending a lot of time with him, and you might start to like him. No Eul tells him that would never happen. The brother says they live in different worlds. He says she’ll get hurt if she falls for Joon Young. Her brother says he’d like it if No Eul liked Ji Tae because he is a nice guy and suits her. He heads off to school, and gives his sister an affectionate wave.

Ji Tae remembers her proposal from last night. It makes them smile. He tells himself to snap out of it.

Ji Tae and his father, Choi Hyun Joon, play a game until his sister, Choi Ha Roo, comes home. She tells her father that Joon Young is having a concert tonight and she’d like him to attend with her. Her father is not interested in attending Joon Young’s concert. Ha Roo presses that it could improve his popularity. Ji Tae, irritated by all this Joon Young talk, tells his sister to go study and stop bothering father. Ha Roo is surprised by his harsh tone. Ji Tae tells her she should stop spending so much time at the Joon Young fan club. That’s going too far and Ha Roo tells him Joon Young is her life and Ji Tae needs to back off. Father is not happy at the tone Ha Roo uses with her brother. She correctly points out Ji Tae’s tone to her wasn’t correct either. She stalks away. Ji Tae apologizes for his flash of anger. His father muses that Ji Tae never gets mad, why not? His father laughs, glad to see his son get mad about something. His father says he should buy Joon Young a meal.

Joon Young complains that his mother, Shin Young Ok (Jin Kyung), changed the passcode to her house. He complains she didn’t call him back. Her mother says she’s busy. He invites her to his concert. She tears up the tickets and drops the shredded pieces at his feet. Ouch, that is harsh! He tries to stop her from leaving in grabs her arm. She pulls away and demands to know why he’s calling her mother. She asks since when have you treated me like your mother? She angrily says you dropped out of school and became a celebrity without even asking me! Joon Young asks what’s wrong with being a celebrity? His mother scoffs that all his money doesn’t matter, he promised to become a prosecutor and protect the everyday person. She asks if he’s ashamed that he broke his promise. Joon Young says a guy like him should be a prosecutor. He tells his mother that he left tickets for her at the door and turns to leave. She calls after him “I’ll never attend your concert”. He smiles saying to himself his mom sure is harsh. I don’t think I’d be so good-natured if my mother treated me like that.

No Eul attends the concert and films the excitement before the concert. Ji Tae watches her, upset that she’s working the project.

Before the concert Ha Roo complains about her brother’s harsh treatment. She’s stunned when her father shows up. He’s even wearing the Joon Young shirt that Ha Roo gave him, cute! Ha Roo makes the point that her session with Joon Young keeps her out of trouble. Her friend takes the self the of the three of them.

The concert begins. No Eul films the concert. Joon Young sings. We see his mother did not attend the concert. Little does he know his father is at his concert. Ji Tae watches his brother sing jealous to see him singing to No Eul. She remembers her brother’s warning not to fall for Joon Young. But she can’t help it, the song affects her. Father leaves the concert and reminisces about a young Joon Young approaching him about becoming a prosecutor. He looks at the poster of Joon Young and says I guess you decided not to be a prosecutor. His wife gets the news that her husband attended Joon Young’s concert. It upsets her.

Joon Young’s uncle gives his sister (Joon Young’s mother) some money. He tells his sister that Joon Young didn’t quit law school to help his child. He says Joon Young quit law school first, for reasons unknown. He says after his child got in trouble then Joon Young used to signing bonus to help. Joon Young’s mother stares at her brother as he strides away.

uf_ep5_7b uf_ep5_7a
At a break during the concert everyone fawns over Joon Young in his dressing room. No Eul shows up to film his break. She asks what are his thoughts about the concert. He asks who was the man? She asks what man? He says the man that picked up your phone last night. He asks if that man is her boyfriend. No Eul ignores his questions and tells him that he has an international fan base at the concert tonight. Joon Young asks if the man is her boyfriend. Irked and trying to get him off the subject No Eul asks what he normally eats on a day gives a concert. But Joon Young won’t be deterred. He asked how long she’s been dating that man. No Eul tries again and asks what he does when concerts are over. Joon Young asks what does the guy look like? Fed up No Eul yells he’s not my boyfriend! Joon Young smiles and says good job before ending his break and returning to the concert.

Joon Young sings and looks at No Eul during the song which Ji Tae notices. The stage goes dark. A sign is illuminated saying “the person that I love is here today”. The crowd goes wild, each girl sure that she is the one he loves. Another line appears on the sign “that’s why I’m trying to muster my courage to tell you today.” The fans get even more excited. The curtain drops and behind Joon Young is an orchestra for the big finale of the song. No Eul continues to film. Joon Young walks over to where she’s filming and pulls No Eul onto the stage. The stage lifts. He stares at her. She stares at him. He finishes the song which says “I like you. I love you.” He hands her a stuffed bear. No Eul remembers when he gave her a stuffed bear in high school when he pretended to be her boyfriend. He finishes the rest of the song staring into her eyes and she does the same. Ji Tae leaves, unhappy with what he’s seen. Don’t worry he’s not alone, Ha Roo (and I’m sure many other fans) is not happy that the chosen woman is not her. But when her friend shows her a picture of Joon Young giving No Eul the stuffed bear in high school, she’s stunned. In fact, everyone is surprised that an article with the picture is posted as Joon Young sings to No Eul. His managers aren’t happy. But Joon Young isn’t happy either, he was rejected. His manager demands to know what the article is about. Joon Young looks surprised at the posted article. The article discloses No Eul’s private information. The backlash begins. Comments are posted saying that No Eul stole Joon Young’s girlfriend in high school, that she’s a gold digger, etc. Joon Young wants to know who posted the article. He’s not happy at the vicious comments. His people tell him the comments aren’t the problem, No Eul’s private information becoming public knowledge endangers her.

After the concert, Ha Roo is in the bathroom washing up as No Eul enters to do the same. After she splashes cold water on her face she looks up to see many girls staring daggers at her. She looks at Ha Roo who is distinctly displeased. No Eul tries to smile. Ha Roo calls her a witch. Ha Roo throws water in her face. No Eul yells at Ha Roo’s retreating back. Then No Eul sees a gaggle of unhappy Joon Young fans staring at her. No Eul tries to make light of Joon Young taking her onstage and singing to her. No Eul tells them it was fake.

uf_ep5_10d uf_ep5_10c uf_ep5_10b uf_ep5_10auf_ep5_10e
As No Eul leaves the bathroom a camera crew is waiting for her. No Eul asks what they’re doing and demands that they stop recording her. The reporter congratulates her for receiving Joon Young’s special attention. She asks if it’s true that they dated in high school. No Eul demands to know who saying that. The reporter tells her the Internet is full of stories about her and Joon Young. She holds up her phone with such a story. No Eul is stunned. The camera records her reaction. Ji Tae intervenes and puts his hand over the camera and tells them to stop recording and start checking their facts. He pulls No Eul away from the camera crew who take off after them. As they exit the concert hall Joon Young is waiting for her. He takes in the scene of Ji Tae holding her arm. The two men stare at each other. Joon Young looks at her. The camera crew rushes up to record the moment. Joon Young walks up to Ji Tae and asks if he’s her husband. Joon Young says he doesn’t care about things like that. He reaches for her. Ji Tae blocks his access to No Eul. Ji Tae asks Joon Young if he’s okay with their interaction being recorded. He says everyone is going to think this is real. Joon Young looks at the camera crew are recording this (though they can only see Ji Tae’s and No Eul’s backs (and Joon Young’s face)). Joon Young smiles and says it doesn’t matter. He asks Ji Tae if he can handle the publicity. He says the reporters will dig up dirt on him. A fan recognizes Joon Young, calls his name, and others rush to surround them. Everyone seems to have a camera and the flashes light up the area. Joon Young pulls down the bill of his baseball cap, releases No Eul’s arm, and covers his face. Joon Young sees the opportunity and grabs No Eul’s hand and pulls her away. The cameras flash and record their getaway.

My Thoughts

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) made a big gesture for No Eul. Declaring your affections at a concert, when the girl has no idea that you like her, and does not know if she is willing to take the risk to be with you, is a bonehead move. But Joon Young reaped the benefits when he and Ji Tae faced off over No Eul. Joon Young astutely understood that he could weather the publicity but maybe Ji Tae could not. He was right. Ji Tae released No Eul. Joon Young took full advantage by pulling No Eul away. I must say that whole scene felt like it was in slow-mo.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) proposed to Ji Tae but he rejected her proposal. I was surprised that she did propose to Ji Tae. I’ve never seen anything remotely romantic between the two of them. I’m guessing this was a proposal of convenience “a.k.a. a marriage of convenience”. She’s got to have an inkling that Joon Young is a decent guy. I mean he got her job back when she was unfairly fired for his ridiculous suggestion they date for three months (it was ridiculous that he proposed dating during filming). Her brother gave her two bits of good advice: watch out for Joon Young’s fans and don’t fall for Joon Young. But when she was at the concert and Joon Young was obviously singing to her, No Eul felt a pull towards him that she could not deny.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) lapsed into jealousy. I was a little disappointed to see how quickly Ji Tae became the jealous half-brother. He’s the one that had the opportunity to say yes to No Eul, but he declined. Then he spent the rest of the episode working and watching Joon Young put the moves on No Eul. I guess it doesn’t matter to him that he created the opportunity for Joon Young, he just can’t stand to watch Joon Young take advantage of it. I did think the interchange between Ji Tae and his father when they were playing the game together was cute. In fact, when Ji Tae’s/Ha Roo’s/Joon Young’s father showed up at the concert, that was pretty cool.

 Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) is mad because Joon Young didn’t become a prosecutor. She’s upset that Joon Young didn’t keep his promise to become a prosecutor to help the everyday person be able to obtain justice. Frankly, completely rejecting your son because he didn’t keep a promise he made when he was in his youth, seems excessive. I can’t believe how cheerful and persistent Joon Young is in his interactions with his surly mother. When her brother told her that Joon Young stop becoming a prosecutor before he helped his cousin, that seemed like new information to her. Will it change anything?

The fourth song of the OST is “Only U” by Jung Gi Go. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.

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4 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    DADDY LONG LEGS— Ji Tae continues to be Daddy Long Legs in attempt to save No Eul from what he sees as an evil Joon Young. Considering Ji Tae sees Joon Young as the cause of No Eul’s accident and does not have a clue what is in Joon Young’s heart. Color me surprised that No Eul proposed to Ji Tae —his initial reaction appeared to be that he was not interested, but when the ahjumma was ranting on No Eul, he reply he was not worthy of No Eul. That tells me he does like No Eul and has considered the possibility of a future—my guess would be that his dad’s cover-up of death of No Eul’s dad is holding him back. Oh yeah and that pesky impending arranged marriage to a murderer. I think Ji Tae is jealous of Joon Young, but I see his primary motivation

    Ji Tae seemed like a sullen stalker as he stood in the concert setting overseeing No Eul and was not a happy camper with Joon Young’s proposal event. The livid reaction Ji Tae’s mom had finding out her husband attended Joon Young’s concert tells me that she know EXACTLY who Joon Young is. How long has Mrs. Choi known that her husband has another son? Is Mr. Choi really clueless that he has a son? It would appear that if he knows he has a son, he has no clue it is Joon Young.

    ANGRY MOM—What is the problem with Joon Young’s mom? Is she just cantankerous about Joon Young dropping out of law school or is there more backstory. I would like an explanation as I am leaning towards getting my hate on for being so harsh on her son. I concur “I don’t think I’d be so good-natured if my mother treated me like that.” When mom’s oppa explained Joon Young quit law school for unknown reasons. I’m hoping we see the concert scene again another perspective: Joon Young’s mom showing up.

    SKEPTICAL NO EUL— No Eul’s naming conventions for her cell phone are interesting: ‘husband’ for Ji Tae and a disrespectful name for Joon Young. I think No Eul had no clue that Joon Young really liked her 10 years ago in high school and 5 years earlier when they reunited in Seoul. No Eul views their interactions as being a joke or staged. No Eul’s history with Joon Young makes it difficult for her to believe him to be serious about “let’s have a dangerous passionate romance for three months.”

    Little bro Ni Jik is a savvy kid who understands how dangerous Joon Young’s fans can be towards No Eul as the PD of the documentary AND advising No Eul to NOT fall for Joon Young. He is watching out for his noona as best as he can.

    JOON YOUNG & THE PROPOSAL EVENT— Hmmm…CAM_18 (oh yes…I did make note of the camera #) captures Joon Young walking around the house shirtless…as you said “thank you PD”. Woo Bin has a nice voice; I wonder if he will have any tracks on the soundtrack? Woo Bin is playing Joon Young as the same kind of flippant character that he played in The Heirs. I get the sense he doesn’t care about any effect his action have as he is dealing with his cancer death sentence. The problem is he is not considering what he is doing to No Eul. But as you stated with the last episode “Silly girl, this writer is all about the guy’s needs and wants.” Joon Young’s actions have/will have a profound effect on No Eul—being scrutinized by the media and his fan girls.

    The proposal event was a nice effort on Joon Young’s part to show No Eul that he is declaring his love for her, since she has been skeptical. However, I think the teddy bear was a mistake—it is a reminder to No Eul that his advances/intentions are a joke; a repeat of him giving her a teddy bear in high school—using her to solidify his breakup with her friend.

    How in the world can the internet be full of No Eul’s information before the concert is even over? Ji Tae swooped in to be No Eul’s hero and then capitulated to Joon Young with the threat of having his life scrutinized, which would mean his real identity would be exposed. I don’t think Ji Tae was being selfish in his retreat, but rather being protective of No Eul to keep from finding out Ji Tae is the son of her mortal enemy—OK, on second thought, maybe there is a little selfishness…


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Color me surprised that No Eul proposed to Ji Tae”
      * Concur. No Eul seemed to put Ji Tae in the friend zone

      “Is Mr. Choi really clueless that he has a son?”
      * I think everyone knows about Joon Young but Mr. Choi

      “No Eul’s history with Joon Young makes it difficult for her to believe him to be serious about “let’s have a dangerous passionate romance for three months.”
      * Excellent point that I did not see previously. Joon Young is reaping what he sowed.

      “However, I think the teddy bear was a mistake—it is a reminder to No Eul that his advances/intentions are a joke; a repeat of him giving her a teddy bear in high school—using her to solidify his breakup with her friend.”
      * Another excellent point. I seem to have difficulties seeing things from No Eul’s perspective because character is not appealing to me at this point. I hope this changes soon.

      “I get the sense he doesn’t care about any effect his action have as he is dealing with his cancer death sentence. The problem is he is not considering what he is doing to No Eul. ”
      * I agree that his focus is inward on his limited time to live and he is not thinking about what his reemergence does to No Eul.

      * Woo Bin have a track on the OST. It is the sixth song.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I feel sympathy for No Eul for all she has gone through. I did not find her appealing to begin with, but I have seen glimmers of softness in her character and she is starting to grow on me…I’m convinced she will become appealing. She may even pursue Joon Young now she has had a glimpse of his sincerity.


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