Beautiful Mind Episode 10 Recap

Young O continues his evolution in this superb episode.

Beautiful Mind Episode 10 Recap 



A youthful Young O is told by a female classmate that she likes him. She describes her heart racing every time she sees him. Young O, logically curious about a racing female heart, asks if he can touch her heart. The girl takes offense thinking he wants to feel her breasts. She slaps him and leaves. She tells a male friend about the incident. When Young O runs around the track at school he thinks about all the chemical reactions a body in love has. The male friend comes up and pushes him to the ground. The girl pulls him away. Young O gets up, continues running, and thinks “it’s fine”.

Present Day…

Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) wakes to find her brother playing video games in her bedroom. He should be studying for the bar exam but playing games at his sister’s place is more to his liking. Jin Sung tells him to take time to relax as she kneads his knotted shoulders. But Jin Sung stretches her foot and turns the PC off telling her brother “runaway teens are my specialty.” Her brother gives a cry of agony as his game is abruptly ended. Jin Sung walks up to her brother and hugs him just like Young O hugged her yesterday. Her brother asks what are you doing? Jin Sung asks her brother if a guy hugged me like that, what would it mean? Her brother asks if someone hugged her like that. Fooling no one, Jin Sung denies it. Instead she claims it’s for her case she’s working. Her brother plays along and says then the guy must have been pick pocketing her wallet. Jin Sung says no the guy didn’t pick pocket her wallet. Her brother says then you are leaving out some important information. Jin Sung says the guy told her that he can’t feel anything. Her brother asks how could she let a guy like that live? He hugged you firmly and then said he felt nothing? Her brother states that the man just told her that she is not attractive to him. He once again says she can’t let such a man live. Jin Sung says all then I should be angry right? Her brother agrees she should be angry. Her brother says you must be angry at the doctor that did that. She says it wasn’t her. The brother says after she leaves the room I guess I better pay my future brother-in-law a visit. He says his sister’s cute.


Jin Sung tells herself the hug meant nothing. She’s over it. As she walks out of the house she sees Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) waiting for her. She pretends to forget her cell phone and turns around. Young O is surprised as she walks away from him. Doesn’t Jang Hyuk look terrific in sunglasses? I’m really enjoying the flirt factor these two are giving us. He catches up with Jin Sung. She pretends that she just noticed him. She asks why he stopped by this morning. Young O says he’s there to keep his promise. He says you told me to call if I win. She realizes he must be referencing the lottery ticket she gave him. She is pleased for him and surprised that he won. She asked how much he won. He grabs her hand and puts $2.50 worth of coins in her hand. Young O asks for her feedback on how a woman would feel in a certain situation. He describes a woman that has met a man 10 times, handcuffed him, threw herself in water, etc. Jin Sung tries to interrupt but he will not yield. Young O says that just now the woman ignored the man waiting outside her home. She ran away like she didn’t see him. Her vision is fine, she doesn’t have a facial recognition disorder (ha!), why did she do that? Jin Sung says why do you keep doing this to me? She asks what am I to you? Do you like teasing me? Am I a joke to you? Jin Sung says “that’s what a woman would probably want to say in this certain situation”. Ha! They both smile and laugh. Have I mentioned I dig Jang Hyuk’s smile? Young O says that’s why I need you, you’re like my Wi-Fi, the patient’s feelings that you were able to ascertain was a help when I treated him. Jin Sung says then I should be happy right? Young O says it’s your emotions, feel whatever you feel. Young O tells her in the future he’ll be expecting her continued assistance. He says whenever he has any questions about someone’s emotions he’ll go to her. He tells her don’t be surprised to see him or ignore him next time. He asks if Jin Sung understands what he’s saying. Jin Sung understands. Young O puts on his sunglasses, flashes a devilish smile and leaves Jin Sung. That scene totally worked. It was cute, they were playfully uncertain with each other, there is real potential for this twosome.

In his office Jin Sung recalls taking his lotto ticket to the convenience store clerk who says that he did not win anything. He carefully puts the lottery ticket in his desk drawer with this cache of Jin Sung memorabilia.

Young O’s father’s colleague talks to Dr. Chae. Recall we met this character last episode. This doctor knows that Young O’s father botched his brain surgery leaving him unable to feel emotions, thereby creating the situation where Young O’s father declared he would take care of the orphan Young O. The doctor shows Dr. Chae the CT scan from the young patient Young O. He tells Dr. Chae to look carefully at the frontal lobe. The doctor notes if medical technology had been what it is today, this error never would have occurred. Dr. Chae is surprised. The other doctor says I’m interested to see how Dr. Lee and his son will react when they meet me again. Of course it’s completely inappropriate for these two gossipy doctors to be talking about this case.

bm_ep10_2_3c bm_ep10_2_3b bm_ep10_2_3a

A young patient that felt faint at school and dizzy comes into the ER. He calls Dr. Yang mister; which Dr. Yang takes as an insult because he’s not that old. The child asks what it takes to get into medical school. When Dr. Yang tries to fist bump the child the boy pulls away in pain. The boy’s mother arrives frantic. She hugs her son and tells him they need to go home. Dr. Yang tells her they can’t leave yet. The boy needs a CT scan. He says the process won’t take long. The mother says her son needs to get to school, they don’t have the time. Dr. Yang says your son’s head hurts, why aren’t you worried? The mother says her son is just acting, or it is a stress headache. Young O arrives and tells the mother he will make the diagnosis. Dr. Yang runs to Young O and tells him the woman is the boy’s guardian. Young O states that only a doctor can judge whether or not the boy is an actual pain or not. He examines the boy. Young O tells the mother she’s mistaken if she thinks she knows everything about her son. The mother takes offense and takes her son out of the emergency room. But the boy falls down. Young O examines the boy and says there is internal bleeding in the brain. He declares they have to perform emergency surgery. After she watches her child taken into surgery she calls her husband. Her husband’s reaction causes her to pretend this isn’t a big deal. She catches Young O before he goes into perform the surgery and asks if her son will be okay. The mother says she’s not 100% sure what created this situation. Young O says you say you know everything about your child yet you don’t know why he’s here? He says once surgery is over, they’ll know exactly what is happening to the child. The woman looks nervous.

During surgery the doctors see that the boy has been repeatedly injured. Is this an abuse case? Dr. Yang asks Young O why he shaved nonsurgical sites. Young O explains people lie, but the body doesn’t. If the child was abused, his body which show this. The surgical team is appalled when he shows major bruising on the boy.


A reporter finishes a closer on the regenerative research stating it would be amazing if the children of this world never had to deal with Alzheimer’s or heart disease. The chairman and Dr. Chae complement the reporter on his fine closing words. Dr. Chae tells the reporter they will help poor people receive treatment for free. The reporter understands and says that’s what everybody does when they want free publicity. The chairman asks him out to dinner. The reporter declines stating his schedule won’t allow it. The chairman says it’s too bad you can’t make an exception for me. Dr. Chae intercedes and says the reporter doesn’t do favors that’s why he is respected and trusted.

Later the chairman complains that all reporters are rude. The chairman makes himself instant coffee which Dr. Chae declines. Dr. Chae states this reporter is trusted with the spotless personal life. The chairman calls the reporter annoying and boring. Dr. Chae points out that with the reporter’s endorsement, the nation will believe in their research.

Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) and his cohort are looking for patients for clinical trials of the regenerative research. Dr. Hyun tells Dr. Lee that they want to choose the best patients so they can show that the regenerative treatment works. Dr. Lee questions whether or not Dr. Hyun believes the research is a miracle worker. Dr. Hyun says when we start treating patients for real it is no longer research; it is a product. That is an excellent point. Dr. Chae enters the room, Dr. Hyun leaves. Dr. Chae says cryptic words to Dr. Lee about doctor’s noble intentions. Dr. Lee asks why he saying this. Dr. Chae states “I may not be noble, but I’m straightforward about wanting money, which makes me more decent than those that lie to themselves about noble intentions”.


The boy pretends to be asleep and Young O gets him to wake up by pretending to call another doctor about another surgery to wake the boy. Got to love the “call me” sign Young O makes. Recall he did that last episode with Jin Sung. The boys eyes pop open and he tells Young O he’s awake. Young O tells the boy that people can lie, but the body cannot. Young O asks the boy who hits him, is it his mother or his father? The boy claims no one when hits him. Young O touches the tender spot. He tells the boy your body doesn’t lie. He makes the boy repeat the phrase. He and the boy kind of high-five. Young O repeats his question, who hit you? He gently prompts the boy to tell him. The mother rushes into the room and asks Young O what he’s doing to her son. Okay that’s a ridiculous reaction. This is the surgeon that just save your son’s life. It’s obvious he’s talking to your son. Yes, her reaction says quite a bit. The mother says she needs to talk to Young O outside the room. She tells him she’s going to file a formal complaint. Young O cannot talk to her son without her being present. Young O makes the point abuse victims need privacy to discuss this. The mother is outraged at Young O’s statement about abuse. She asks Young O if he thinks she beats her child. Young O says he doesn’t care about her, he only cares about protecting his patient. The child’s guardian must keep him safe and free from future infections. He worked hard to save the child, he doesn’t want post-operative incidents to ruin his efforts. The mother says the most dangerous person to her son is Young O.

bm_ep10_2_7b bm_ep10_2_7a

As Young O walks away Min Jae says to him the kid must be cute. She says it’s the first time she’s ever seen him so interested in a patient after surgery. Young O says the child is at the mercy of his parents. Young O tells her cuteness doesn’t affect him because he can’t feel emotions and he’s a psychopath. Zing! I love it that Young O throws Min Jae’s words back in her face. Young O and Min Jae hear the mother raising her voice to the child and asking who he told. Min Jae tells him if he wants to know how child abuse affects the brain, come see her. Young O reminds her that he has a hard time controlling his rage. He says wants her to imagine how hard he is trying to not hurt her right now. He pats her shoulder and walks away. What is her game? What does she want from him? If we go with the she wants him out of the hospital, which seems logical, what is she trying to gain by ingratiating herself with him again?

Young O calls Jin Sung and says ”I need Wi-Fi, please come see me.” Simply darling! Jin Sung tells herself she should transfer herself to the mountains so she’s not at Young O’s beck and call. As she exits the police station she sees Young O waiting for her. She walks over to him. He asks her a series of multiplication questions. She’s impressed that he’s able to do even the hard ones. She asks if he calculated the answer in his head. He states he counted the answer on his fingers. He had the time to do so because she took so long to reach his side. Ha! He tells her he’s got a difficult question to ask her but before they get to that, they should eat. In one of the saddest pickup lines even but darling for Young O, he says she looks low on glucose. She has no come back. And who would?

At the eatery she tells him the boy was definitely hit. Young O asks why the boy would defend his parent, someone who is either abusing him or protecting his abuser. Jin Sung states that a child’s love for a mother is like a first love. Not every memory the child has of his mother is bad. If his mother abuses him, she isn’t always abusing him. In his heart, the boy loves his mother. Jin Sung says it’s hard to give up loving the first person you’ve ever trusted. Jin Sung says our mothers are the first people we meet in life. They are our first loves. Young O says it’s easy for normal people like you to see that. Young O says when he was a child he thought normal people with emotions were like aliens. He thought they had an antenna he couldn’t see. They could communicate with each other in ways he didn’t understand. He thought he was the only one from planet Earth. Jin Sung says earthlings have Wi-Fi, so you can easily connect where ever you are. I love how the writer explained that concept by tying into Young O’s Wi-Fi statement to Jin Sung. She says she will come to the hospital tomorrow with a child abuse detective. She says let’s stop worrying about the child and enjoy our meal. Young O asks if she thinks he’s worried about the child. Jin Sung says yes, she thinks that he is worried.

The next day Jin Sung arrives with a child abuse detective. She asked to speak to the boy and his guardian. Jin Sung says they got a report of child abuse. Dr. Yang says if what his mother does is child abuse, every mother would be in prison. Jin Sung says that Young O believes it is a case of child abuse, prolonged child abuse. That gets Dr. Yang’s attention, and he leads Jin Sung to the boy’s room. But the boy is gone. Dr. Yang is worried about Young O’s reaction once he learns the boy has left the hospital.

The mother drags the boy through the hospital parking lot. The boy asks why he has to leave the hospital when he is still in pain. The mother says you have to be strong, just like your dad. The boy complains about his head hurting. His mother calls him a crybaby. The mother tells him with angry fervor that they are doing everything to make the boy’s life perfect. She grabs his wrist and yanks him violently. The boy starts to cry. The boy pees on the ground. The mother goes to strike the boy, but Young O is there and stops her hand from striking her son. With fervor Young O tells her not to strike her son. Angrily she says let me go! Young O won’t and tells her not to touch his patient. He goes to take the boy back to his room, and the mother collapses to the ground. Young O examines the mother. A man rushes up to Young O and demands to know what he’s doing to his wife. OMG! It is the circumspect reporter, he’s the abuser! Awesome plot point writer!

The mother is brought into the emergency room. Young O orders an MRI. Dr. Yang is star struck when he sees the reporter. Angry at Young O’s treatment of his wife, the reporter demands a different doctor. Dr. Yang agrees. Young O firmly tells Dr. Yang to get the tests run. The reporter grabs Young O as he walks away. He declares Young O is the reason why his wife is in the hospital. He declares that Young O assaulted his wife, and he will make him pay. Young O tells the reporter/husband that his wife has a brain tumor and an issue with the right frontal lobe. Young O states the tumor makes his wife prone to mood changes and anger which has caused her to abuse their child for the past six months. So the wife is the abuser, not the husband, even better of a plot point writer! The husband stares at this in disbelief at Young O. Then he sees his son staring at him.

It’s time for the surgeons to gather and chat about the latest hospital gossip. I’ve grown to love these little bullpen sessions by the surgeons. Of course they’re talking about the reporter, the abuse, the tumor. One doctor admits that Young O could be right about his diagnosis and how it caused the abuse. LOL, another surgeon strokes another surgeons foot then asks, doesn’t Young O have an issue with his frontal lobe? Good question! Another surgeon says Young O is a psychopath. Dr. Yang wonders if the woman was admitted due to the brain tumor or Young O’s assault? Obviously Dr. Yang is thinking since Young O has the same frontal lobe issue, he could become violent and abusive just like the mother. The reporter overhears their discussion.


The reporter goes to the chairman and asks for a favor, to help mitigate the bad press. He tells the chairman he helped him yesterday, it’s the chairman’s turn today to help him. Never one to shy away from manipulating the situation to his benefit, the chairman agrees to discuss the matter. The reporter says Young O’s words stigmatized his family. The chairman says everybody has a difficult time dealing with Young O. The reporter says he’ll have to use the power of media to deal with Young O. The reporter says he overheard that Young O is a psychopath. That gets the chairman’s attention. The reporter says that Young O assaulted his wife in the parking lot, and he’s got the security camera video to prove that. He says the hospital is trying to cover it up by claiming there is abuse in his family. He promises that he won’t be the only one to suffer, the regenerative research will take a hit too. That gets the Chairman’s attention.

The chairman tells Young O to back off from investigating the reporter’s family. Young O’s response? He points to the patient’s responsibility rules, that the hospital issues, that doctors must adhere to. Young O says it is a doctor’s responsibility to contact the police in cases of child abuse. The chairman’s response? You are no longer the child’s doctor, so back off. The chairman says if you disagree then leave the hospital. The chairman tells Young O that the reporter knows that he’s a psychopath.

The surgeons get together and chat this time over pizza, noting that the hospital chose the regenerative research over Young O. I think to myself that the hospital chose regenerative research money over protecting a child. They asked Dr. Hyun his opinion but he just leaves the room.

bm_ep10_2_10b bm_ep10_2_10a

Young O orders another CT scan for the boy. He’s upset to learn the child is no longer in his room. He’s just about to dash out of his office when Jin Sung and the boy arrive. Jin Sung tells Young O that she’s going to wait investigating until the boy’s mother is better. She tells the boy she’ll see him later. The boy asks Young O if his mother is very sick. Young O asked the boy if he wanted to become a doctor so he could cure his mother. The boy nods his concurrence. Young O shares that sometimes illness hides a person’s true self. I love that thought. I see the validity in that statement. Young O tells the boy that he should have told someone about the abuse, at least his father. The boy states he was afraid that his father would get angry at his mother and he would lose his mother. Then he would be alone. That hits home doesn’t it Young O? Young O tells him to go back to his room. The boy asks Young O to escort him. As they make their way down the hall Young O pulls the boy into a hug to avoid an oncoming gurney. Another good hug from Young O.

Min Jae explains to the boy’s parents that the only one that can successfully operate on the wife is Young O. Needless to say the wife is not excited about this. The husband says if Young O is the only surgeon that can do the operation, they’ll transfer to another hospital. Min Jae is blunt, Young O is the best, any other surgeon would pose a greater risk to your wife. The husband says then they’ll be transferring to another hospital. In the hallway the husband tells his wife she can never admit to the abuse. Another example of appearances taking priority over a person’s life. How can the wife be anything but disappointed in her husband?


Young O meets with the husband and tells him that originally he thought he was the abuser. Young O says his son was the real problem because he was afraid exposing the truth would destroy his family and isolate him. Young O asks the father where was he when all this was going on? Young O says he should admit to his domestic neglect. Awesome line! Young O says the boy needs treatments so his frontal lobe does not develop complications. Young O says those complications would bring his son’s fears to reality. Do you want your son to become like me? The wife walks into the room and tells Young O to proceed with the operation. She asks Young O to help her. The husband rushes to his wife. The wife says she will divorce him after the operation. Bam! The wife says “I need you to consent for the operation”. The husband says “why do you decide if we will divorce”? The wife says “you said it yourself my illness or our son’s abuse is not your concern. Your problem is that I’m your wife”. She tells Young O “you will be doing my surgery”. She says “I didn’t mean to abuse our son. I’ll get therapy too”. The husband tries to intervene. The wife yells “I’m going to be a good mother to our son”! The wife asks Young O during the surgery to remove the memories of her abusing her son. Wow, that was powerful.


After the surgery is complete Young O’s father asks him if he really did this surgery ignoring the chairman’s order? Young O confirms he did that. His father slaps his back and tells him he did a good job. OMG! Who’s more surprised, Young O or me? Maybe daddy dearest really isn’t the monster of this series. Young O’s father says that the responsibility is to the patient first. Young O holds out an olive branch to his father and says you were right; doctors need to empathize with their patients. Now it’s his father’s turn to be surprised. Young O says he was able to do the surgery not because he’s a brilliant surgeon, but because he had empathy for the child. OMG! Can Young O have empathy? His father asks did he really have empathy for the patient? Young O says the child reminded me of my childhood. That wipes the smile off his father’s face. Young O walks away. I wonder if they are leading up to when Young O finds out about his father’s medical error if he’ll turn into like a rampaging Incredible Hulk?

The former colleague asked Dr. Chae if he’s curious about the past between Young O and his father.


The wife, the son and the husband thank Young O for helping them. The husband suggests they meet for a drink one day. Young O states he doesn’t like alcohol but thanks him for the gesture. The family leaves with smiles on their faces. The boy returns to Young O’s office and tells him “I’ll never forget you, I’ll become a good doctor like you no matter what”. Holy smokes, that turned my tears on! Young O tells him not to remember him or the memories of this time of his life. He tells the boy to live well. He almost touches the boy’s head. He shoos the boy out of his office. Young O calls Jin Sung and says he needs Wi-Fi.


Jin Sung and Young O walk along the river. Young O tells her it was amazing, the boy said nothing yet he knew what the child was thinking. Jin Sung seems distracted. Young O asks if she’s listening to him and he turns to face her when he asks. Seeing a ball come their way, Jin Sung grabs him and pulls him into a protective hug. She backs away and says you didn’t feel anything right? I didn’t either. She goes to throw the ball back and Young O holds her arm. He asks “What is this feeling? I want to make an effort. It may be impossible. But for once, I’d like to make an effort”. Jin Sung is excited and says that Young O’s training may be over. She asks if Young O felt love for his patient. Young O says no. He stares at her and says… It’s you. She stares at him, he stares at her, and I’m one happy viewer.

My Thoughts 

Superb Episode. The awakening in Young O is real. I’m totally stoked about that. This lack of empathy or lack of emotion regarding Young O is a plot point that may not be intractable. And as a viewer, this is exactly what I want. I don’t care about an absolute plot point getting tossed so this character can grow and maybe even fall in love. Again I say this is what I want as a viewer to happen.

The abuse plot point was excellent. What made this plot point strong was how it mirrored parts of Young O’s childhood. That made Young O’s interest and willingness to do the right thing for the boy, not because he’s the greatest surgeon ever, realistic. I really liked the layers of this story. At first you learn the boy has been abused, then you wonder if it’s the mother, then you wonder if it’s the father, then you learn it’s the mother but she has a medical condition, then you learn the boy desperately wanted his family to stay together so he would not be alone, then you learn the husband is willing to sacrifice his wife’s health to keep the abuse a secret, then you see the wife stand up for herself and demand surgery and be willing to admit to the abuse and get therapy so she never hurts her son again. That is a terrific sequence of events that culminated with the family leaving the hospital intact and on the road to recovery.

The powers that be still want Young O gone. The chairman gave Young O express orders not to do the surgery. But Young O did what was best for the patient. Young O could simply point to the patient Bill of Rights and likely make the case that according to hospital policy he correctly put the patient first. I just don’t buy that the chairman, without medical background, could make the best choice for the patient. Then we got Dr. Chae who knows the truth behind Young O and his father. I’m completely ignoring why the former colleague has come forward now, maybe that will be explained later, but it is what it is. Dr. Chae has explosive ammunition against Young O and his father. You can guarantee he will use it. If Young O were to ever get a tattoo, it should be a bull’s eye because he’s definitely got a target on his back.

Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Young O made me believe that he felt for Jin Sung. Even though the writer has been hammering that Young O has no empathy or emotions, that didn’t sit well with me as an absolute. In fact, if Young O can’t evolve, what’s the point of this show? So I relish the reveal that Young O can and is evolving. Something tells me Min Jae will not be happy that Young O has developed real feelings for Jin Sung. I found it strange that she was pro Young O when talking to the husband and the wife. She’s been so harsh to him, why the change? Young O’s interactions with the boy the mother and the father were great. You could see that Young O had a passion to help the boy, determine the abuser, and then help the mother when he understood that she had a medical condition. When he sat down with the father he rightly pointed out the father played a role in the abuse by neglecting his family. Jang Huck’s interactions with the young boy were beautiful. Jang Hyuk, I need your Wi-Fi!

Park So Dam as Jin Sung got a surprise when Young O admitted he cared for her. That moment was worth the price of admission, though there were so many other things that were great in this episode. This truly was the icing on the cake. I love the way she griped about being Young O’s Wi-Fi yet she came every time he called. I love the way she fretted about what his hug could mean. I love the way she ran from him while she fretted about the hug. I love the way she interacted with the boy in a tender and kind manner. That’s the key to this character… she is kind… and to Young O she’s the flame and he’s the moth.

Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk searched for research patients. His emotional shutdown and strict focus on work showed the strain this character is under.

Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, had a moment of positive connection to his son. When he told Young O that he did the right thing by doing the surgery even against the chairman’s orders the surprise on Young O’s face indicated positive words from his father are few and far between. Then Young O gave him a positive moment but then yanked the rug underneath him when he said the boy and his issues reminded him of his childhood. I think it has been clearly revealed that Young O’s father is not a monster of this series.

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  1. studiomarie says:

    OMG. I don’t know what is worse waiting for a new episode of BM or your recap. I love the way you add another layer to the already complicated story. I read Shelley’s Frankenstein in college. I see that the writers understood the story. Many people think of the Boris Karloff’s movie portrayal. The story is more than that. I won’t bore you with the details. Thanks so much again. I’m going to miss you when this series ends. M


    • kjtamuser says:

      I have never read Frankenstein or seen a movie so my understanding is based on references. Maybe I should read the book.
      Glad you enjoying this series like I am. Thank you for the compliment on the recaps. When a series has this much depth (and Jang Hyuk), I relish writing the recaps.
      Who knows maybe I will recap a series you will watch in the future.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome review. Thank you. Beautiful Mind is one of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long time because it’s different. The difference is exponentially more powerful with Jang Hyuk in the lead (and I’m relieved he took the role). Thank you for this outstanding review. It’s like rewatching the episode all over again. 🙂


  3. Halima says:

    Thanks for the quick upload plus it was very detailed I liked that about your piece 👍👍


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    i loved the recap!!! i’m also a sucker vor this OTP!!!!!


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    OMG…….I like this thank you for your recap


  6. Jane Tilly says:

    PSYCHOPATH VS. SOCIOPATH—I’m not sure if it is an issue with translation, captions, or actual Korean words used, but I keep hearing both psychopath and sociopath being used to describe YO and his behavior. While these conditions are similar, a psychopath is biologically impaired, whereas a sociopath is generally considered less dangerous and a product of their environment, including upbringing. An article I read on Psychology Today’s website indicated that “Psychopaths are also not good at detecting fear in the faces of other people” and a high threshold for disgust. They also show a “lack of remorse or shame” and are “notorious for their lack of fear”. Psychopaths have a “pathologic egocentricity [and incapacity for love]”. Psychopaths devalue speech by “inflating and distorting it toward selfish ends”. The murderous Dr. CSH seems to fit that description better than YO. Our YO has been truthful, sometimes to the point of offending others with his bluntness. Even though YO was not born that way, his condition is biological, due to Dad’s malpractice, so he cannot be a sociopath. If anything Daddy dearest’s upbringing helped YO lead or appear to lead a ‘normal’ life.

    I don’t think YO is a psychopath—an unstable and aggressive (dangerous) person. YO seems to have some cognitive empathy from reading body language and has slightly abnormal behavior, we have only seen him exhibit violent behavior (antisocial) on rare occasion that were triggered by specific events: as a young man at the surprise birthday party and after he was blindsided by MJ. He also has a desire to be normal or at least appear normal and makes efforts towards that end—a psychopath would not care about the perception of others or bother to make an effort to appear ‘normal’, unless it suited his selfish purposes.

    DR. EVIL–err CHAE—Interesting that Dr. CSH said in regards to the regenerative research “I may not be noble, but I’m straightforward about wanting money, which makes me more decent than those that lie to themselves about noble intentions”. At least he is honest, oh except that minor detail of getting Dr. Kim to kill all the potential whistleblowers in the OR, you know the motorcycle man and Dr. Shin. By the way whatever happened to motorcycle man’s missing heart?

    You called it—IT IS “completely inappropriate” for Dr. CSH and Dr. Wheelchair to be discussing YO—they are not his doctors and should not have access to his records. What does Dr. Wheelchair have in mind when he said “I’m interested to see how Dr. Lee and his son will react when they meet me again”? Wheelchair was ambulatory in the flashbacks—Why is he in a wheelchair? Did YO or Daddy dearest play a role in him becoming wheelchair bound? Is Dr. Wheelchair seeking revenge? Will Dr. CSH beat him to the punch in using this information for his own purposes?

    CHOI YO SEOB & FAMILY—What a poor, sweet boy, doing everything to protect his mom, including seeking a medical career to heal her. It was shocking when YO shaved YS’s head in non-surgical places to expose the bruises. How can the mom yank YS out of the hospital the day after he had BRAIN surgery? Especially since YO told her YS needed to be protected from impact and infection. BTW the pee came from the mom, as a symptom of her tumor, not from YS. How can YO grabbing the mom’s arm to keep her from striking her child be considered an assault on YO’s part? The circumspect Reporter Choi initially seems to be more concerned with his image than the health of his family.

    I ❤ how YO pressed YS for the truth with “people lie, but the body never lies” to get him to divulge his abuser. Poor little YS was scared that exposing the truth would destroy his family and leave him isolated. I ❤ that YO advised that Mom should admit to domestic abuse and Dad admit to domestic neglect so that YS can get the psychological help he needs, otherwise YS might turn out like YO. This was a “terrific sequence of events that culminated with the family leaving the hospital intact and on the road to recovery. “

    GREEN EYED KIM MIN JAE—Glib MJ taunted YO about his patient and I ❤ his in-your-face reply. “Zing! I love it that Young O throws Min Jae’s words back in her face”. Then YO threatens MJ “I am incapable of controlling my impulses, violent nature or rage” and how hard it is to hold back to urge to do something to her. If he really was a psychopath, he would not be holding back…I’m just sayin’

    I was taken back a bit when MJ told reporter Choi that YO was the best surgeon to perform his wife’s surgery. I have been wondering since jealousy reared her ugly green head last episode, when MJ saw an interaction between YO and JS, what is MJ’s end game? Is she angry that he might have real feelings for another woman, still crushing on him, or is she trying to finish destroying him personally and professionally?

    DADDY DEAREST—I was so pleasantly surprised to see Daddy dearest tell YO ‘good job' with a slap on the back. YO EMPATHIZED WITH HIS PATIENT!!! YO told his dad that YS’s experience as a child was not foreign to YO…does that mean YO was physically abused by daddy dearest, because I pretty sure he was mentally and verbally abused, or was YO referring to the fact that he was isolated?

    YOUNG SUNG WI FI CHRONICLES— Is it sweet or stalker-like behavior for YO to keep a JS memorabilia drawer? Just when I think it is kind of sweet, I recall a couple of my friends of that each had a stalker. JS keeps telling herself that the hug (at the end of episode 9) meant nothing…uh huh keeping telling yourself that honey and you MIGHT eventually believe it. You have to ❤ that YO lied about the lottery ticket as an opportunity to call JS. YO called JS out for ignoring him and walking the opposite direction. I liked the flirtatious banter between them and YO’s “devilish smile”. YO tells JS “that’s why I need you, you’re like my Wi-Fi” and thus we begin the “Wi-Fi” chronicles.

    Between YO being a physician and emotionless he easily got away with the low blood sugar (cheesy) line. As JS explained Yo Seob’s protection of his mother “it’s hard to give up loving the first person you’ve ever trusted”, I couldn’t help but think this is also a reflection YO’s relationship with his dad. Isn’t YO’s worry about his young patient YS a demonstration of emotion? What about the protective instinct he had to pull YS out of the way of the oncoming gurney.

    YO proudly disclosed to JS that he had empathy for his patient. My heart was pounding as YO revealed that he wanted to make an effort. In response to JS asking him if he felt love for his patient and he exclaimed “It’s you”. I did the dance of JOY! I concur that YO having “no empathy or emotions, that didn’t sit well with me as an absolute”. Could YO really experience happiness? I’m so pleased that YO is having an “awakening”.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I don’t think YO is a psychopath—an unstable and aggressive (dangerous) person. YO seems to have some cognitive empathy from reading body language and has slightly abnormal behavior, we have only seen him exhibit violent behavior (antisocial) on rare occasion that were triggered by specific events: as a young man at the surprise birthday party and after he was blindsided by MJ. He also has a desire to be normal or at least appear normal and makes efforts towards that end—a psychopath would not care about the perception of others or bother to make an effort to appear ‘normal’, unless it suited his selfish purposes..”
      * Absolutely I want to believe he is not a psychopath. The writer takes liberties in having YO exhibit behaviors/growth that a psychopath could not. This is similar to the empathy/emotionless murkiness the writer has indulged it. I just have to turn off my brain and go with whatever the writer dishes up in each episode.

      “How can YO grabbing the mom’s arm to keep her from striking her child be considered an assault on YO’s part?”
      * I had that same thought too. Her actions were assault. His actions were to protect the child from assault. In this series YO’s actions are constantly twisted by others into horrible actions, when that isn’t the truth. It amps by empathy for YO every time it happens.

      “or was YO referring to the fact that he was isolated?”
      * In that moment, I thought YO was referencing isolation.

      “YO tells JS “that’s why I need you, you’re like my Wi-Fi” and thus we begin the “Wi-Fi” chronicles.”
      * The “Wi-Fi” chronicles (love that term) are so much fun to watch. I love it when Jang Hyuk can be playful in a scene.

      “Isn’t YO’s worry about his young patient YS a demonstration of emotion?”
      * YO has demonstrated emotion too many times to count in this series. I have to turn my brain off and just go with it.

      ” “It’s you”. I did the dance of JOY! I concur that YO having “no empathy or emotions, that didn’t sit well with me as an absolute”. Could YO really experience happiness? I’m so pleased that YO is having an “awakening””
      * I too loved that “it’s you” moment. Jang Hyuk can bring such intensity in a glance. And yes, yes, yes…YO deserves to evolve.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur that throughout this series YO has exhibited behavior that is not consistent with being a psychopath. It could be:
        ° that YO’s condition is due to a medical mishap, so the symptoms don’t exactly mirror someone born as a psychopath; which could make it possible to learn and grow
        ° YO isn’t really a psychopath; this is my hope, although not very realistic.
        ° the writer did not thoroughly research the nature of a psychopath

        I can’t wait for more Wi-Fi chronicles and to see where this couple goes…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Beez says:

        Other than the brief moment of Young Ho feeling good about himself because of Jing Sung’s words to and about him, I don’t see Young Oh having real unselfish feelings for her yet. The mad dash down the escalator seems to have been “I felt something! Let me hurry and hug her to see if something is really happening!” And ultimately, that’s narcissistically about himself so…
        Funny how Young Oh’s assessment of what love is seems more about physical attraction (which he totally should be having unless frontal lobe affects that as well?)

        But unless the show says that the damage dad inflicted didn’t total obliterated YO’s frontal lobe, or offers a realistic scientific reason why he can now feel, I’m not buying it. While I usually love wrapped up happy endings, this show deserves better than the pat “everything works out in a fantasy way” because it’s been so real (compared to my usual Kdrama rom-com crack). I think it would be interesting to see Young Oh left as he is but having an attachment to Ji Sung.

        As to Daddy Dearest, I agree with Jane Tilly that I think dad had abused Young Oh verbally and physically. Young Oh has shown too much fear of his dad and dropped too many clues -especially this latest one in Ep 10 with the abused child where we all went “so Dad is ok after all… no!… wait a minute… What!?”


        • kjtamuser says:

          “While I usually love wrapped up happy endings, this show deserves better than the pat “everything works out in a fantasy way” because it’s been so real (compared to my usual Kdrama rom-com crack). I think it would be interesting to see Young Oh left as he is but having an attachment to Ji Sung.”

          With 14 versus 16 episodes, we should all assume the drama will have some loose ends. I wonder if the writer will alter episode 14, then end the drama with an epilogue that shows what was planned for the original 16 episode ending.


    • Beez says:

      Thanks JT for adding some clarity to the definitive of sociopath/pyschopath.


    • Beez says:

      Oh yeah, about YO grabbing Tumor-Abuser Mom’s arm – while it wasn’t an actual assault, JH brought an intensity to his anger at her that felt like he WANTED to assault her. I have not seen anger expressed like this on any, ANY television show or movie. Yeah there have been far more violent characters but I felt his anger. If she hadn’t ceased and decisited in her assault on the kid, I was sure he would’ve clocked her out cold!

      (I am not finding violence, I’m only commenting on JH’s acting.)


  7. prettysup says:

    Have you heard the news that KBS is considering shortening this due to Olympics ? I am so upset


    • Jane Tilly says:

      NO NO NO! Don’t let it be so!

      Liked by 1 person

    • kjtamuser says:

      That is dreadful news. Are the ratings for this show poor? Is that why they’d consider this? No way they’d shorten a drama that was a ratings hit.


      • prettysup says:

        Yeah the ratings in Korea are quite bad, although international reception of it is great


        • kjtamuser says:

          I wonder if the international ratings will make a difference. You’d think that the network would get a cut of the fees and advertising revenue from the international outlets.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        This series snagged me with the first episode–only a small percentage of shows that have captivated me so quickly. With Jang Hyuk as the leading actor, great acting, intriguing story–the way the layers of the backstories have been slowly peeled away, the dichotomy of individual characters, and the evolution of YO and JS’s relationship–how could it not be doing well?

        Could low ratings be due to the deeply flawed nature of main characters? The display of the greedy nature and unethical actions of the hospital chairman and those responsible for the ‘not ready for prime time’ research? This is a dark and intriguing drama not a warm and fuzzy make your feel good drama.


    • Zema Noru says:

      What? no! boo! my favourite ice cream flavour was discontinued because too many people were afraid of trying something different and a wee bit intimidating so they settle for the same old, same old. I’ll be upset if BM turn out like that maple-bacon crunch ice cream I love and miss to bits.

      on another note, someone tell me if our YO doesn’t remind you of sherlock holmes (bbc version)– “I’m not a psychopath, Anderson, I’m a high-functioning sociopath, do your research.”


  8. Lolo0323 says:

    I love these recaps… following you…


  9. Elizabeth says:

    KBS has shortened it to 14 episodes. It’s regrettable really. All I can say is that it’s certainly not the fault of the two leads. It seems KBS has shortened it to 14 episodes because of ratings and to accommodate the Olympics.

    I was pretty upset, but at least I have four more episodes.


  10. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve really enjoyed looking at Jang Hyuk’s brown eyes in this drama. I will miss that when it’s over.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that Jang Hyuk has an intensity to his stares that is mesmerizing. He’s like the cobra that can hypnotize its prey. And I mean that in a nice way!


  11. A.D.DO! says:

    I am livid at KBS for lopping off episodes of this beautiful drama. They don’t know a good thing when they have it, obviously. I never have and never will watch any of that other crap they have on there. I take that back…I did try watching other dramas and they were ridiculously bad, stupid, and silly.
    Our beloved JANG HYUK, though, will probably enjoy the few more weeks off with his family before starting ORDINARY PEOPLE.


    • kjtamuser says:

      You put it well…this is a beautiful drama, with a complexity that requires viewers to think. I’m loving the layered story populated with morally vapid characters that all want to get YO, and the budding relationship between YO & JS.


      • Beez says:

        I hope the unexpected happens as it does sometimes when, through necessity, creative people have to unexpectedly compensate for short time, running out of needed materials, etc. Sometimes the very problem results in something better. Maybe the cut episodes will force a well thought out and tight ending.

        I’m just hoping.

        I’m just hoping for a silver lining that helps this show avoid the 16th episode curse and allows it to go out with the quality it has had so far.


        • kjtamuser says:

          I’ve got to think positive too. Maybe this provides the writer the opportunity to retool the 14th episode, cut excess, and give the series an ending that won’t make the viewers cringe.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Beez, I hope you are right! ❤ A well thought out ending would be awesome! It could be the silver lining the darks clouds KBS has sent our way!

        Liked by 1 person

  12. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez….Right on!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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