Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 4

Joon Young makes No Eul an interesting offer…what will she say?

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 4

The Present:

uf_ep4_2a uf_ep4_1a

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) drives the bridge crossing the Han River searching for No Eul (Bae Suzy). He spots her looking over the bridge and cannot ignore his worry that she might commit suicide. What Joon Young doesn’t know is that she is trying to take a picture of two idols, not go over the bridge. When Joon Young reaches No Eul, he pulls her away from the railing, and yells “I’ll do the documentary!” She’s a bit stunned, not knowing why he’s changed his mind.

The Past:

No Eul fights for her life in the operating room after being hit by a car but survives the surgery. The doctor tells her brother (Joon Young overhears) that his sister survived the surgery and will make a full recovery. Joon Young cries in relief. Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) sighs in relief.

Because he knows his father has done bad things, Joon Young decides not to follow his father’s career path. To that end, he drops out of law school.

The Present:


No Eul gets ready for the first day of shooting the documentary by applying makeup and doing her hair. Joon Young gets ready by staring into a mirror wrapped in a towel (thank you producer).

uf_ep4_3a uf_ep4_3b

Joon Young enjoys watching No Eul take selfies outside his door via the video camera. If she only knew everything she did was being watched. But why doesn’t she know this? Her friend shows up and gives her quality earrings to wear. No Eul complains that Joon Young will continue to be mean to her. No Eul tells her friend that Joon Young was wrong to think that she would commit suicide, he just misunderstood the situation, she could never leave her brother. No Eul finally presses the doorbell but nobody opens the door. No Eul calls Joon Young’s manager and he promises to look into it. Joon Young finally opens the door. No Eul tells him the filming crew will be there shortly. Joon Young tells her he called the crew and sent them away. He’s changed his mind, he’s not doing the documentary. No Eul asks why he changed his mind. Joon Young says it is because he thought she was going to jump off a bridge. No Eul maintains he’s the one that misunderstood, she didn’t deceive him. Joon Young counters she should’ve cleared up the misunderstanding instead of letting him believe something that was wrong. No Eul lamely says she forgot. She admits she was actually taking a picture of two idols but because Joon Young pulled her away she wasn’t able to get the shot, losing valuable income. Joon Young offers to compensate her and asks for her bank account number. No Eul demands 100 million. Joon Young tells her he could’ve given her a lot more including cars, homes, or everything he has. Joon Young yells at her “you should ask me for more money!” She tells him he’s a jerk for flaunting his money when she has so little. No Eul kicks him and leaves. Joon Young’s dog jumps on her.

Joon Young carries her into his house and unceremoniously dumps her on his couch. He explains to his manager that she fainted when his dog charged her. Joon Young’s manager gets concerned when she doesn’t wake up. Joon Young notices red spots on her and tells his manager to call the doctor.


The doctor tells Joon Young that No Eul has a severe dog allergy. He treats her and says she’ll be fine in a day. The doctor notices Joon Young looks well. Joon Young thinks the doctor may have misdiagnosed him. The poor dog gets tied up outside.

Joon Young watches No Eul sleep in his bed. Her phone rings and the contact name that is displayed is “hubby”. Joon Young looks at No Eul wondering who is calling her. It’s Ji Tae. He’s at an apartment that would be perfect for No Eul and her brother to live in. Her brother is blunt that he and No Eul don’t have enough money to live in this nice of an apartment. Ji Tae lies and says they’d be doing a friend a favor, so the apartment is free. Her brother doesn’t think that the apartment is a good idea. He’s concerned that No Eul would consider this good fortune and not change her money centric ways. Her brother says they will both continue to live with their friends until they can afford a reasonable apartment. Her brother is blunt, Ji Tae would make a great brother-in-law but No Eul doesn’t think about him like that. He says his sister only likes rich guys. He gives Ji Tae some money for a new jacket.

Ji Tae arrives at his family’s home for dinner. His arranged marriage fiancé, Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father), is there and has cooked up a storm much to the surprise of his mother and sister, Choi Ha Roo, who calls her a show off. Ha Roo complains to her father, assemblyman Choi Hyun Joon (who is also Joon Young’s father), that Jung Eun must be pretending to be perfect, but she can’t be really perfect. Ji Tae’s father tells him to complement Jung Eun’s efforts for the evening meal.


Ji Tae recalls asking his parents to end the arranged marriage to Jung Eun. He doesn’t like or love Jung Eun. He points out that his parents married for love. His father asks if there is another woman. Ji Tae says no, there is no other woman. He tells his father he understands that Jung Eun’s father is an important friend. But this marriage will impact his life. His father agrees to cancel the engagement. He says his son’s happiness is more important than his dream.

uf_ep4_6b uf_ep4_6a

Ji Tae finds Jung Eun in the library. He thinks her for working hard to create a lovely dinner. She says if “you want to thank me, kiss me”. He doesn’t. Jung Eun tells him he has no passion for her. He doesn’t deny it. She starts to leave the room but he stops her. He tells her they should just get married, skip the engagement, and go directly to marriage. The obvious question is why is he doing this if his parents would let him out of this arranged marriage? Jung Eun asks, “do you love me?” Ji Tae says “as long as you don’t push me away, I’ll never leave you.” Jung Eun says then I’ll just have to be the one that loves in this relationship. That’s what I call selling yourself short. She kisses him. You can tell he’s not into it (no active participation).


Joon Young wakes from a nap and finds No Eul eating ramen in his kitchen. Sheepishly No Eul says she woke up and was hungry. Joon Young asks if fainting is her trademark. He’s got a point, she fainted out on the road. No Eul says because of a car accident, she’s got a weak immune system. No Eul asks him if his earlier offer of a car, a house, or money still stands. He asks what she wants. No Eul asks for 100 million, when she sees his disapproving face she lowers it repeatedly promising to get out of his life. Joon Young tells her that she should work and earn her money, not trying get handouts. No Eul says “I’d love to work with you just lost me the job by refusing to do the documentary”. Joon Young says he’ll do the documentary. No Eul doesn’t believe he means it. Joon Young calls the producer and tells him he’ll do the project. The producer tells him to call in the morning because he might change his mind during the evening. Ha! Joon Young proves he is serious by telling the producer to make the severance extravagant. The producer is surprised and No Eul is too.

Ji Tae gets a gift coupon for sneakers from No Eul. He calls her and she says that she has mooched off of him enough. He asks if she got a job. No Eul explains she will produce Joon Young’s documentary. That wipes the smile off his face though she doesn’t know it. Does he know that Joon Young is his brother? When he doesn’t answer she assumes that he fell asleep because it is late. Is he romantically interested in No Eul?

Joon Young builds a doghouse for his dog. He tries to convince his dog of the positives, but his dog isn’t buying it.

Joon Young cleans the house thoroughly to remove his dog’s hair. Why he rescinded the request that the housekeeper do this, is beyond me.

uf_ep4_8b uf_ep4_8a

No Eul’s boss asks her to return to work to produce a film they were just commissioned to make. She thinks he only wants her because she’s doing a project with Joon Young. He offers to increase her salary and make her a full-time employee. No Eul’s boss steps out to take a phone call. He tells the caller, Ji Tae, that No Eul will likely take the offer Ji Tae is funding. Ji Tae is pleased and promises cash in return.

The next morning Joon Young is sick as a dog. He struggles through a shower thinking “why now? I’ve been fine. I’ve been strong. No Eul is coming over today. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. Why? Oh yes, the deal I made with God long ago. I’ll give up all my happiness, if she is saved.” Joon Young really seem to be in agony during that scene. I was a bit surprised that his realization that his promise to trade his life for No Eul’s was part of that scene in such a subtle manner. You’d think that would have been a big realization.

No Eul thanks her former boss for the offer but declines it. He reiterates the salary and the benefits. She says thanks but no thanks. Her time is committed to Joon Young.

uf_ep4_9auf_ep4_9b uf_ep4_9c

No Eul’s former boss calls Ji Tae to let him know the bad news. Ji Tae hangs up on him. Ji Tae recalls her words “if a man like you becomes assemblyman there is no hope for this country.” In flashback, Ji Tae recalls watching Joon Young listen to No Eul’s phone call to his father. Ah, he was there that night. I was wondering why he was at the hospital when she was brought into emergency. He watches her walk down the street. Ji Tae sees Joon Young watching No Eul walk away. Ji Tae sees Joon Young looking at the motorcycle and snatch No Eul’s purse.  Ji Tae sees the car hit No Eul. Ji Tae sees Joon Young turn and stare in horror at No Eul prone on the ground. At the hospital Ji Tae sees Joon Young who leaves his cell phone. Ji Tae hands Joon Young’s cell phone over to a private detective and asks he learn everything about the owner. Ji Tae says the owner almost killed his girlfriend to protect Ji Tae’s father. Present day, Ji Tae looks at the report from the private detective who identifies Joon Young as the cell phone owner. The report also states Joon Young is his father’s son. This causes Ji Tae pain.


Joon Young goes to his doctor and says he now knows the disease is real. The doctor is surprised it is progressing that quickly. The doctor wants Joon Young to check into the hospital for treatment. Joon Young refuses. Instead he wants pain medication so he can hide his illness. Joon Young calls his mother, but she doesn’t answer the phone. Instead his mother texts that she’s in a meeting. He doesn’t believe her.

Joon Young’s mother and two restaurant employees are anti-fans posting negative comments about him on the Internet. Joon Young’s uncle tells them to stop but it is obvious this is a long-standing situation. The other two employees leave and Joon Young’s uncle asks his sister, Joon Young’s mother, what Joon Young’s father with think about her mistreatment of their son. Joon Young’s mother declares “Joon Young didn’t become a celebrity because he wanted to be one! Joon Young took the signing bonus to help your son, who was in trouble.“ Joon Young’s mother storms away, while her shocked brother watches her, surprised that she knew of Joon Young’s efforts to save his son. Her restaurant employee tells her that Joon Young knows that they are anti-fans and refuses to sue because he doesn’t want to sue his own mother.


Meanwhile Joon Young’s fan club meets unhappy about the anti-fan efforts. When Ha Roo learns that the producer of the documentary is a woman, she’s unhappy. The rest of the fan club decide they should slander her. Ha Roo says the producer’s name is No Eul. No Eul’s brother happens to be working at the coffee shop and overhears. The fan club decides to find out everything they can about No Eul. No Eul’s brother approaches Ha Roo and says he knows No Eul. She wants the dirt right there and then. He demurs and asks for her phone number and promises to call her after work. That was sly.

No Eul reviews the goals of the documentarian which is to highlight 10 famous people to persuade young suicidal teens that they’ve got something to live for and they too can reach for the stars and enjoy life by sharing their “bucket lists” (things they want to do before they die). Joon Young interrupts and suggests she put it in simpler terms. No Eul doesn’t think she can put it any simpler. No Eul states we want to give suicidal teens hope that even though their life is hard, it’s worth living. No Eul says that Joon Young’s bucket list will show what he’s living for and inspire the teens. She waxes poetic about how no one should lose hope and live life brave. Joon Young is not happy about the concept for the film. He leaves the meeting.

Everyone is worried that Joon Young will change his mind about participating in the project. No Eul declares she’ll try and convince him. Joon Young comes back and surprises everybody when he says “let’s start filming.”


The filming begins and No Eul asks Joon Young what is on his bucket list. He says nothing. No Eul suggests he consider if he only had a year to live, what’s the first thing that he would want to do? Joon Young continues to say nothing. No Eul again prompts him to share. Finally Joon Young says “let’s say only have three months to live. I live recklessly. I get revenge on those that look down on me. I get rid of everyone that I don’t like.” No Eul tells him that doesn’t go with the theme of the project which is to be uplifting to teens. Joon Young says “I would go to clubs and seduce women. I’d sleep with a different woman every night.” No Eul asks if this project is a joke to him. Joon Young says “I’m not joking. I’m being honest. I could do anything if I were going to die soon…Do you want to go out with me No Eul? Let’s pretend I’ll be dead in three months, let’s have a passionate romance for those three months.” She stares at him, he stares at her. Everyone in the room stares at them.

My Thoughts

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) participates in the documentary. Let’s be honest, the best part of this episode was the last three minutes when Joon Young has to grapple with his bucket list. When No Eul asked him if he only had a year to live what would he do little did she know that that hit too close to home for Joon Young. I liked his answer of living recklessly, that seemed real. Then he asked No Eul to date him for three months, assuming he only had three months to live. That surprised her. Was the three-month window Joon Young’s best guess on how long he could hide his illness? You definitely had to turn your brain off when after major agony he tells his doctor that all he needs is pain medication. If he’s in that much pain, the pain medication would have to be very strong which would affect his behavior. Again I say, we will suspend our brains and just go with it.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) decided to stick with producing the documentary with Joon Young. I was a little surprised when she decided to reject the double the salary full time employee offer her former boss gave her (though we know it was actually Ji Tae making the offer). That shows that No Eul keeps her promises.

Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) was the most interesting character of the episode. We learned he found out that Joon Young helped cause No Eul’s accident to save to save Ji Tae’s father. That prompted Ji Tae to investigate why, and much to his surprise he found out Joon Young is his brother. We knew that Ji Tae was pretending to be poor and help out No Eul and her brother, and he continued that this episode. I like the fact that No Eul’s brother rejected the apartment, not wanting a hand out. Ji Tae’s protectiveness cost him to try and block No Eul from working with Joon Young. Is he jealous of Joon Young? Is he romantically interested in No Eul? And why is he in a rush to marry Jung Eun when his parents agreed to end the arranged marriage contract?

 Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) is Joon Young’s antifan.  She gave a little bit more detail why she doesn’t speak to Joon Young. But again we don’t know the whole story. Because she couldn’t reject her son just because he took a job to help his cousin.

The third song of the OST is the ballad “My Heart Speaks” by Kim Na Young and can be viewed via this link or the embedded video below:

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8 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 4
  1. DracoMama says:

    Can’t help but wonder if Joon Young’s being the indirect cause of No Eul’s accident may have also influenced his decision to drop his dreams of becoming a prosecutor. He actually committed a crime by stealing a motorcycle, stealing a purse, and indirectly causing a traffic accident. Good episode, and I’m really enjoying the story. Thanks for the recap!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Good idea. That is possible. The writer prefers to dole out information in layers so we may continue to learn more about Joon Young’s decision drivers to abandon law.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    NO EUL—seems to be the cliché down and out female lead. Her accident didn’t have just an impact on her life, but on JY’s life. I think JY dropped out of law school due to his OWN actions, motorcycle & purse theft which led to NE’s accident, not because of his bio dad’s actions. I wondered why JT was at the hospital—it isn’t until later in the episode we see that JT witnessed JY’s actions and the accident. I wonder…who got NE to the hospital…was it JY or JT?

    SMILE YOU’RE ON CANDID CAMERA!—you would think that someone in the media industry would have a clue that you can be watched by the doorbell camera—by the way NE that is a hideous outfit that your friend stuck in the 2000s picked out for you. NE made a fool of herself and revealed the misunderstanding that JY took as deception. Pororo’s defense of his master kept NE from leaving immediately. Poor little puppy has to pay the price for NE’s allergy by moving to the doghouse. I think it is sweet that JY clean up the dog hair for NE, but “Why he rescinded the request that the housekeeper do this, is beyond me.” My thoughts exactly!

    DADDY LONG LEGS aka CHOI JI TAE—JT was the most interesting character this episode. At least one Choi family member has a conscience. Looks like JT is trying to make up for Daddy dearest’s cover up the hit and run of NE’s dad. I’m glad little bro NS has the sense to not accept the apartment. JT is stuck in an engagement for an arranged marriage to non-other than JE, the hit and run culprit, newly returned from her exile. Was JT asking to get out of the engagement a flashback or contemporary? JT’s lack of response to JE’s advances almost…almost makes me for sorry for this entitled snot, who got away scot-free with killing NE’s dad. There was mention in this episode that there were 3 witnesses—of which NONE stood up for the truth. JT’s little sis thinks the fiancé is perfect—little does she know… Ha Roo is just another bratty chaebol child who wants to dig up the dirt on NE—HR will be getting a lot more than she bargained for and she will be one more person to dump on NE.

    I was a bit surprised NE did not take the job offer with benefits that was offer via Daddy Long Legs. Especially since JY had been wishy-washy about participating in the documentary and the job offer seemed pretty solid. JT does not want NE working with JY as not only does he know JY is his half-brother, but more importantly is aware JY has culpability for NE’s accident. I think JT’s action are out of guilt for this father’s actions, but whether or not it has turned into liking NE is a good question. In kdramaland JT is guilty by the association of his father—I do think at this point in time if NE knew his dad is the crooked former prosecutor, she would turn her back on him in a heartbeat. For that matter, what happens when NE finds out JY’s bio dad is the crooked former prosecutor—at least JY wasn’t raised by him.

    LOL—the dinner pic you posted has a wall hanging that makes Ji Tae look like a big-brained alien! :p Go ahead…you know you want to scroll back up and have a laugh!

    SHIN JOON YOUNG—Oh my…Woo Bin has buffed up since “The Heirs” thank ❤ you for the eye candy Mr. Producer! JY thinks he is saving NE, but he was really just ruining her opportunity for capturing celebrities. These cameos were Woo Bin’s costars in ‘Twenty’. JY is clearly as annoyed as I am that NE looks at almost everything in terms of $CASH$.

    It seems that if JY had previously been diagnosed with cancer, he would have already been experiences symptoms in the first couple of episodes, so it looks like we have the kdramaland caveat “we will suspend our brains and just go with it”. It is bad enough that JY’s mom doesn’t want to talk to him or serve him at her restaurant, but is enlisting his cousins to post anti-fan comments about JY just seems low. There has to be more backstory than JY dropping out of law school. How long is he going to wait to tell mom about his cancer. The longer he waits the worse mom’s guilt will be.

    I find it odd that JY has been targeted to do a ‘pep talk to suicidal teens’ documentary. Could a suicidal teen get the message “even though their life is hard, it’s worth living” by hearing celebs’ bucket lists? Wouldn’t hearing about celebs' bucket lists, which would be a bit more grandiose than the common person’s bucket list, make them even more depressed because they are less achievable? Does that mean once the teen finishes their own bucket list items it will be okay to commit suicide? How does having 1 year to live correlate to suicide—other than the obvious fact of being dead at the end? OK, yeah I am quite annoyed at this concept. I think this is another “we will suspend our brains and just go with it” moment.

    I’m surprised it only took 3 minutes for JY to come to grips with the reality of needing a bucket list. Unfortunately for NE, JY’s bucket list is not what she is looking for—living recklessly, taking revenge, clubbing and seducing women.

    I do think that JY likes NE and has since they were in high school and we saw in an earlier episode that she was crushing on him before her friend dated him. I can see where JY would like to have a “passionate romance” with NE, but would it really be fair to her to get attached, just to have him die? If JY really wants to do this he should inform NE about his illness and let her decide if she wants to participate.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I wonder…who got NE to the hospital…was it JY or JT?”
      * What I like about this writer in these opening episodes is that there is a layered reveal. We don’t just see the entire scene, it generally takes 2 times to know what really happened.

      “by the way NE that is a hideous outfit that your friend stuck in the 2000s picked out for you”
      * What you said!

      “. Was JT asking to get out of the engagement a flashback or contemporary?”
      * I thought it was flashback but why JT continued with the engagement is beyond me.

      “I do think at this point in time if NE knew his dad is the crooked former prosecutor, she would turn her back on him in a heartbeat”
      * It will be interesting to see her reaction to JT’s “guilt by association”. NE’s reaction to JY actions of choosing his father over NE should be interesting in the latter episodes.

      ” Ji Tae look like a big-brained alien!”
      * LOL!

      “yeah I am quite annoyed at this concept. I think this is another “we will suspend our brains and just go with it” moment.”
      * Ditto, an example of lazy writing.

      ” I can see where JY would like to have a “passionate romance” with NE, but would it really be fair to her to get attached, just to have him die? If JY really wants to do this he should inform NE about his illness and let her decide if she wants to participate.”
      * Silly girl, this writer is all about the guy’s needs and wants. If mega hot JY wants to romance NE for 3 months, it’s all good.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I’m surprised there would be lazy writing in a pre-produced series–I see so much potential left untouched. No bueno writernim! 😦


        • kjtamuser says:

          I wonder if pre produced means everything is done the same except the post production editing may have more time. If so the writer may only produce a handful of episodes prior to the start of production and write the remaining episodes furing production.


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